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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料(新课标专用)Book1 Unit4 Word版含解析

Unit 4


Ⅰ.语境填词 1.The Olympic Games were one of the most important ________(事件) in our ________(国 家). 2.The ________(dirt) surroundings will bring ______(灾难)to the people nearby. 3.The ________(destroy) was ________(极度的) after the terrible earthquake. 4.The train left the ________(轨道) and hundreds of passengers were injured. 5 . I believe you have the ability to distinguish what is ________( 有用 ) and what is ________(无用). 6.The soldiers were busy ________(营救) the people ________(陷入困境) under the ruins. 7.______(电) was cut off in the ______(灾难) area. 8.I had thought I would go and ____________(祝贺)her on her success,but words failed me.I could hardly ________(表达) my feelings. Ⅱ.选词填空 think much of,right away,instead of,cut across,run out of 1.They have ________________ their money and have to go back. 2.________________ cooking at home,they went out to eat every day. 3.I usually ________________ the park on my way home. 4.He didn’t ________________ my advice. 5.This problem should be solved ________________. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.一听到那个好消息,我兴奋的不能入眠。 On hearing the good news,I was ________ excited ________ fall asleep. 2.这部电影和我预料的一样精彩。 The movie is ______________________ I expected. 3.广泛阅读的人将会大大提高英语水平。 ________________ read widely will improve their English greatly. 4.作为一个中国人,我们为我们国家所取得的成就感到非常自豪。 As a Chinese,we are very ________________ the achievement our country has made. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Some parents are just too protective.They want to ________ their kids from every kind of danger,real or imagined. A.spot B.dismiss C.shelter D.distinguish 2.He sent his ________ to me ________ my winning the first prize in the competition. A.congratulations;on B.congratulations;for C.celebrations;on D.celebrations;for 3.His car ________ severe damage in the accident. A.suffered from B.suffered of C.suffered D.suffering from 4.He spoke in such a ________ manner that all of the children were very ________. A.frightened;frightening B.frightened;frightened C.frightening;frightened D.frightening;frightening 5.They ________ all the dead branches from the tree.

A.cut away B.cut across C.cut in D.cut into 6.The old man was well ________ because he was always ready to help others. A.thought about B.thought of C.thought over D.thought 7.The boys only brought a little food and was soon ________.So they had nothing to eat. A.run out B.run into C.run out of D.run off 8.________ want to take part in the game should sign your name here. A.Anyone who B.Those who C.One who D.No matter who 9.We are ________ that a pupil from our school has won a prize in the competition. A.proud B.proud of C.pride D.pride of 10.The larger flat is almost ________ the smaller one. A.as twice large as B.twice as large as C.twice as larger as D.as twice larger as

1.burst vi.炸破;爆发;突然发生;突然发作; vt.使破裂,使炸裂;n.(感情等的) 爆发 【归纳拓展】 burst into+n.突然爆发;闯入…… burst out doing sth.突然开始做…… burst into laughter=burst out laughing 突然大笑起来 burst into tears/cry=burst out crying 突然大哭起来 (1)My English teacher’s humor was such as to make every student burst into laughter. 我的英语老师的幽默就是如此(好笑),以致于每一个同学都会哈哈大笑起来。 (2)Hearing the news, she burst out crying/burst into tears.听到那个消息, 她突然哭了起来。 【活学活用】 (1)Last night the room ________________ but nothing was taken away. 昨晚有人闯入房间但没带走任何东西。 (2)I ________________ them,thinking that the room was empty. 我以为房间是空的,没想到打扰了他们。 (3)He________ on our conversation with the news________ we would have a listening test the next week. A.burst out;which B.burst in;that C.burst forth;which D.burst up;that 2.destroy vt.破坏,毁灭 【归纳拓展】 destructive adj.引起破坏的,破坏性的 destroyer n.破坏者,毁灭者 destruction n.毁坏,毁灭 Now there are so many wolves that they are destroying their own food supply. (2010· 江苏,阅读理解 B) 当今狼的数量如此众多以致于他们在日渐毁灭自己的食物供应。

【活学活用】 (1)An atom bomb ________________ a city. 一颗原子弹能摧毁一座城市。 (2)The earthquake ________________________. 地震毁了那所学校。 (3)Yesterday he had an accident and his car was ________.It needs repairing. A.damaged B.burnt C.destroyed D.ruined 3.bury v.埋葬;掩埋;隐藏 【归纳拓展】 bury oneself in sth.使陷入;埋头(工作、学习) bury one’s face in one’s hands 双手掩面 be buried in (doing) sth.专心致志于某事 be buried in thought 在沉思中 The UK,for example,is running out of areas for burying this unnecessary waste. (2010· 山东,阅读理解 B) 比如说英国,就在逐渐用光掩埋这些不必要垃圾的场所。 【活学活用】 (1)The true facts ______________________ a secret government report. 事实真相被掩藏于政府的一个秘密报告中。 (2)She was sitting with her head ________________________. 她坐着埋头看报纸。 (3)I________ myself in my studies.In return,I gained great success.(2011· 安庆月考) A.placed B.hid C.laid D.buried 4.at an end 结束,终结 【归纳拓展】 come to an end 结束(作谓语) at the end of 在……尽头(末)(指时间或空间) by the end of 到……末为止(与现在完成时连用) in the end 最后,终于(作状语) By the end of last year,we had learnt 3,000 English words.到去年年底,我们已学了 3 000 个英语单词。 【活学活用】 (1)It has rained four days ______________. 已连续下了四天雨了。 (2)________next year,you’ll have been an experienced teacher. (2011· 咸阳市调研) A.At the end of B.By the end of C.At an end D.In the end 5.a number of 许多,大量 【归纳拓展】 a (great/good/large) number of 用来修饰可数名词复数。 表示“许多,大量”的其他表达方式:


? ? a great/good many?+复数名词+复数谓语 ? ? quite a few
quantities of? ?+可数或不可数名词+复数谓语 masses of ? There are masses of plants in the garden.花园里有很多植物。 【活学活用】 (1)Doctors studying the human brain have given ________________ examples of this amazing power of aphasics.(2007· 浙江,阅读理解 B) 研究人类大脑的医生给了很多例子来证明失语症患者的这种令人惊讶的能力。 (2)Quantities of/Masses of food ____ on the table. 饭桌上有许多饭菜。 (3)________ sunshine and some rainfall promise a good harvest of fruits and vegetables this year. A.A large quantity of B.Large quantities of C.A large number of D.A good many 6.In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat. 译文 _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:too...to... 关于 too...to...结构的其他用法: (1)too...to...与 not 或 never 连用时,不定式为肯定意义。not/never too...to...意为“并不 太……所以能……”。 (2)too...to...前面有 only,but,all 时,only too,but too 和 all too 相当于 very,后面的不 定式也表示肯定。 【活学活用】 (1)But I am ________________________ to get the best fruit.(2008· 陕西,完形填空) 但是我年龄太大不能爬到高处摘到最好的果子。 (2)__________________________,he stared at the floor. 他眼睛盯着地面,紧张得答不上来。 (3)It is never ________________________ our prejudice. 抛弃偏见永远也不会太晚。 (4)I cannot thank you________ much to express myself.I owe my success to you. (2011· 绍兴模拟) A.so B.very C.too D.as 7.Then,later that afternoon,another big quake which was almost as strong as the first one shook Tangshan. 译文 __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:as...as 结构 adj./adv.?原级? ? ? ? ? (1)as+?adj.+a/an+单数名词?+as... ? ?many/much+名词 ? ? as...as one can/could=as...as possible 尽可能…… (2)用表示倍数的词或其他程度副词作修饰语时,放在 as 的前面。其结构是:倍数+as +adj./adv.(原级)+as I think your suggestion is as valuable as theirs.(2009· 上海,概括大意题)

我认为你的建议和他们的一样宝贵。 【活学活用】 (1)This is ________________________ the other is.这个例子和另一个例子一样好。 (2)I can carry ________________________ you can.你能搬多少纸我就能搬多少。 (3)My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours , but it is ________________________.(2009· 四川,19) 我叔叔在乡下的房子比我们的小,但是比我们的贵两倍。 (4)After the new equipment was introduced,they produced________machines last year as the year before.(2010· 郑州模拟) A.as twice many B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as

[写作句型公式] 1.Were/Should/Had+主语+其他+主句 Were I you,I would have gone there yesterday. 如果我是你的话,我昨天就去那里了。 Had it not been for him,all the people on board would have been killed. 如果没有他的话,车上所有的乘客都会遇难。 2.only+状语(从句)+倒装句 Only when agriculture is fully developed can industry have sufficient materials and markets. 只有农业充分发展了,工业才有足够的原料和市场。 3. Never/Hardly/Seldom/Barely/Rarely/Scarcely/Little...+助动词/情态动词/be 动词+主语 +其他 Never before has this city been in greater need of modern public transport than it is today. 这个城市从来没像现在这样急需现代化交通工具。 [日常交际用语] 7.it isn’t my cup of tea:not to be the sort of thing that you like 不对胃口的事物;不感兴趣的东西 Jazz just isn’t my cup of tea—I prefer classical music. 我不喜欢爵士乐——我喜欢古典音乐。 8.cut:said by the director of a film to tell everyone to stop acting,stop filming etc.停;停 拍 “Good enough!Cut,”said the director. 导演说,“足够好了!停拍。”

课前准备区 Ⅰ.1.events;nation 2.dirty;sufferings 3.destruction;extreme 4.track 5.useful; useless 6.rescuing;trapped 7.Electricity;disaster 8.congratulate;express Ⅱ.1.run out of 2.Instead of 3.cut across 4.think much of 5.right away Ⅲ.1.too;to 2.as wonderful as 3.Those who 4.proud of Ⅳ.1.C [shelter 意为“保护, 庇护”; spot 认出, 定位; dismiss 开除; distinguish 区别。 ] 2.A [congratulations 后跟介词 on;celebration 庆祝。] 3.C [suffer 此处用作及物动词,意为“经受,遭到”。]

4.C [frightening 令人恐怖的;frightened 害怕的。] 5.A [cut away 砍掉,剪掉,其他不合句意。] 6.B [be well thought of 对……评价好,看法好。] 7.C [run out of 意为“用完”,此处用于被动语态。] 8.B [those 是定语从句的先行词,指人,表复数,而 A 项后面谓语动词应为单数,C 项也应是单数。] 9.A [proud 是形容词,后面接的是 that 从句,因此不能带 of。] 10.B [表示倍数的词与 as...as 连用时,倍数词放在前面。] 课堂活动区 1.活学活用 (1)was burst into (2)burst in on (3)B [burst in on sth.(突然)打断……,为固定用法;we would...应为 news 的同位语, 应用连词 that。故选 B 项。] 2.活学活用 (1)would destroy (2)destroyed the school (3)A [damage 一般指损坏后价值或效益会降低,这种损坏是部分性的,可以修复; destroy 指毁灭性的破坏;ruin 意为“毁灭”。根据“It needs repairing.”可知应选 A。] 3.活学活用 (1)are buried in (2)buried in a newspaper (3)D [由后句可知,应是“我埋头学习”;bury oneself in sth.埋头于某事,符合句意。] 4.活学活用 (1)on end (2)B [由句中将来完成时可知,状语应是“到明年年底”。故选 B 项。] 5.活学活用 (1)a number of (2)were (3)B [sunshine 和 rainfall 为不可数名词, 故只能选 A 或 B。 谓语动词 promise 为复数, 因此,B 为正确答案。] 6.在农家大院里,鸡甚至是猪都紧张得不想进食。 活学活用 (1)too old to climb high (2)Too nervous to reply (3)too late to give up (4)C [句意为:我非常感谢你的好意……。too 与 cannot 连用,表示肯定的意思。] 7.接着,在下午晚些时候,又一次强度几乎和第一次一样的地震在唐山爆发了。 活学活用 (1)as good an example as (2)as much paper as (3)twice as expensive (4)C [该题考查的是倍数表达法,其结构应为:倍数+as...as...,故选 C 项。]

Ⅰ.单项填空(建议用时 8′) 1.________our earth,or else it will be no longer fit for us to live on.(2011· 淄博模拟) A.Protecte B.To protect C.Protecting D.Protect 2.—What happened? —Oh,a bee appeared on Kate’s dress,and her sudden________ of cry scared us. A.break B.burst C.attitude D.express 3.—What happened to the priceless works of art? —________. A.They were destroyed in the earthquake B.The earthquake was destroying them C.They destroyed in the earthquake D.The earthquake were to destroy them 4.________ deep down in the earth,the dead forests rotted away and became coal. (2011· 烟台模拟) A.Burying B.Buried C.To bury D.Having buried 5.Our government are taking firm measures to make pollution________. A.to the end B.put to an end C.in the end D.without end 6.There are ________ books in our school library;however,________ of them are old. A.a large number of;fourfifth B.a good number of;fourths five C.the large number of;four fifths D.a large number of;four fifths 7.It is________ for us to deal with. A.an enough difficult situation B.such a difficult situation C.too difficult a situation D.so difficult a situation 8.I know Jack spends at least as much time reading as he________.(2011· 南允一中月考) A.does writing B.is writing C.writes D.does to write 9.This area experienced ________ heaviest rainfall in ________ month of May. A./;a B.a;the C.the;the D.the;a 10.— Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? —Thank you.________. A.It couldn’t be better B.Of course you can C.If you like D.It’s up to you 11.The place ________ interested me most was the Children’s Palace. A.which B.where C.what D.in which 12.The girl cried because she ________ the elevator. A.has trapped in B.had trapped by C.was trapped with D.was trapped in 13.The boys,________ could not reach the shelf,went to look for something to stand on.

A.the tall of whom B.the tallest of whom C.the tallest one D.the tallest of them 14.—I passed the driving test! —________! A.Congratulation B.Congratulations for you C.Congratulations D.Congratulation on you 15.________ the rockets coming into being,the Space Age began,________ China is sure to play an important role.(2010· 济南统考) A.As;when B.With;at which C.With;in which D.As;while Ⅱ.完形填空(建议用时 16′)

One of my father’s favorite sayings as I was growing up was “Try it!” I couldn’t say I didn’t like __16__,whatever it might be,__17__ I tried it.Over the years I’ve come to __18__ how much of my success I owe to my __19__ of those words as one of my values.My __20__ job was just one I decided to try for a couple of years until I __21__ what I wanted to do as a career(职业).__22__ I believed I would work for a few years,get married,stay home and raise a family,so I didn’t think the job I took __23__ that much.I couldn’t have been more __24__.I mastered the skills of that beginning level position and I was given the opportunity( 机会 ) to__25__ through the company into different __26__.I accepted each new opportunity with the __27__,“Well,I’ll try it;if I don’t like it I can always go back to my __28__ position.”But I was with the same company for the past 28 years,and I’ve __29__ every career change I’ve made.I’ve discovered I __30__ a large number of different talents(才能) and skills that I never would have thought were within me had it not been for my being __31__ trying new opportunities.I’ve also discovered that if I __32__ what I’m doing and work hard at achieving my __33__, I will succeed.That’s why I’m so __34__ to be a part of CareerFables.com.I think __35__ has come and I am determined to make it a success. 16.A.everything B.something C.everybody D.somebody 17.A.until after B.ever since C.so that D.long before 18.A.consider B.argue C.include D.realize 19.A.suggestion B.explanation C.acceptance D.discussion 20.A.hard B.best C.extra D.first 21.A.determined B.examined C.experienced D.introduced 22.A.Actually B.Gradually C.Finally D.Usually 23.A.helped B.required C.expressed D.mattered 24.A.careful B.mistaken C.interested D.prepared up 25.A.look up B.take up C.move D.put up 26.A.situations B.choices C.directions D.positions 27.A.thought B.reply C.action D.advice 28.A.easier B.newer C.earlier D.higher 29.A.permitted B.counted C.organized D.enjoyed 30.A.show B.possess C.need D.gather 31.A.lucky for B.slow at C.open to D.afraid of 32.A.think of B.give away C.believe in D.turn into

33.A.business 34.A.excited 35.A.dream

B.goal B.curious B.time

C.fortune C.surprised C.power

D.growth D.helpful D.honor

Ⅲ.阅读理解(建议用时 8′)

Recently,scientists attending a meeting in Chicago presented new studies showing how food and its production affect global warming.They offered some suggestions for how to eat in a more environmentally friendly way. For many years,scientists have warned us that our planet is getting warmer.If current trends continue , animals may start to die off and life could get very difficult for everyone.The temperature is rising because humans have been releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,which surround the planet and keep heat from escaping.One of these gases is carbon dioxide. Most carbon dioxide we produce comes from the process of making and eating food,the scientists reported in Chicago.The production of meat contributes to a lot of carbon dioxide.And much of meat’s contribution comes from beef,which is responsible for releasing even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The process of making a hamburger, for example, requires a lot of energy.A cow has to be fed and raised,and cow’s wastes are a major source of greenhouse gases.After the cow is killed,the meat has to be processed and shipped to a consumer,which takes fuel.And most of the cow won’t even be used for meat people eat. By the time a hamburger finally lands on a dinner plate,it has taken a heavy toll on the environment.It is believed that the process of making a halfpound allbeef burger adds about 19 times the weight of hamburgers in carbon dioxide. The message is clear:We can greatly reduce the production of greenhouse gases by eating less beef.Other kinds of meat like pork and chicken do less harm to the environment—at least in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases released.Nathan Pelletier,a scientist at Dalhousie University in Canada,reported that if everyone in industrial countries ate chicken instead of beef, we would cut the Earth’s greenhouse gases by more than half. All kinds of meat,the scientists reported,are harder on the planet than vegetables.To grow and eat a pound of potatoes, for example, sends less than one quarter pound of carbon dioxide into the air.So shifting our diet to less meat and more vegetables may do the world some good. 36.The text mainly tells us ________. A.what we eat can affect the whole planet B.the way we live affects the environment C.how we can save energy on the Earth D.how we can produce environmentfriendly food 37.What is likely to happen if the climate is getting warmer according to the passage? A.Sea level will continue to rise sharply. B.Human beings won’t have enough food. C.It would be very hard for man to survive. D.All the animals and plants will disappear. 38.Why does the author mention the process of making a hamburger? A.To show meat is usually part of a hamburger. B.To illustrate that our food contributes to greenhouse gases. C.To prove making a hamburger is a complex process.

D.To suggest a lot of energy is needed to make hamburgers. 39.The author believes one effective way to fight global warming is ________. A.we should eat no pork and no chicken B.we should eat more chicken than beef C.we should eat not meat but vegetables D.we should eat less meat and more vegetables 40.Which of the following statements would Nathan Pelletier agree to? A.Eating pork and chicken is more environmentally friendly. B.Meat consumption is the main cause of greenhouse gases. C.People in industrial countries consume more beef than fish. D.Eating more beef is a more efficient way to save more energy.

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.D 2.B [burst(感情的)爆发。] 3.A [答句句意为:——艺术品在地震中被毁灭了。因此需用被动结构。] 4.B [过去分词短语作状语。] 5.B [过去分词短语作宾补。] 6.D [a large/good number of 可修饰可数名词,而“五分之四”应为 four fifths。] 7.C [too...to...太……而不能……。] 8.A [考查 as...as 的用法。从句中 does 代替 spends,介词 in 省略了。] 9.C 10.A [It couldn’t be better 意为:太好了!表示很高兴接受别人的帮忙。] 11.A [which 用作关系代词,在定语从句中作主语。] 12.D 13.B [由句子结构可知,两个逗号之间为一个非限制性定语从句,故排除 C、D,三 者及三者以上当中最高的一个要用最高级,故选 B 项。] 14.C 15.C 得分策略 得分点3:“祈使句+and/or ?else?+陈述句”结构 [经典例题] ________ with farmers in the country in your summer vacation,and you will learn a lot about farming. A.Work B.Working C.To work D.Having worked 错因分析 有些考生会认为前面是非谓语动词短语作状语, 于是误选 B、 C 或 D; 其实, 前后两句之间有 and 连接,说明前面应该是一个独立的句子,故答案为 A,构成祈使句。 [得分笔记] “祈使句+and/or (else)+陈述句”是一个常考句型。and/or (else)前面的祈 使句表示一个条件,相当于 if 引导的条件状语从句,而 and/or (else)后面的句子表示一种结 果。在这个句型中,and/or (else)前面的祈使句如果带有比较级修饰的名词,可将谓语动词省 略,构成“比较级+名词+and+陈述句”结构。 Ⅱ.完形填空 16.B 17.A 程。] 19.C [此处强调的是“我”对父亲的那些话的接受,故选 C 项。] [此处 something“某事”,指不确定的事情,符合题意。] [本句是“not...until...”句型。]

18.D [结合本句中的“Over the years”和“come to”可知此处是指“我”逐渐意识到的过

20.D 21.A 23.D 24.B 25.C 升”。] 26.D 27.A 错误。] 28.C 29.D 变。] 30.B 31.C 32.C

[根据本句中的“until”可知“我”在选定职业之前只是想先找一份工作暂时工作两 [“我”决定先暂时尝试一份工作,工作两三年后再“决定”自己的职业。] [此处 matter 表示“要紧,有重大影响”。] [本句中否定词与比较级连用表示最高级含义。] [“我”掌握了岗位要求的技能后又得到了“升迁”的机会,此处 move up 表示“提 [因为“我”敢于尝试新的挑战,所以在公司中被提升到不同的“职位”。] [根据本句后半句引号中的内容可知这是“我”当时内心的“想法”。文章中没有提

三年,由此可判断此处是指“我”的“第一”份工作。] 22.A [结合上一句中的“a couple of years”和本句中的“a few years”可知,应选 A 项。]

到“我”需要回答别人的询问,所以 B 项不正确;此处显然也不是给别人的建议,因此 D 项 [“我”当时抓住机会去尝试,心想如果不喜欢所从事的工作,总可以回到“先前 [在不同的岗位学到很多不同的技巧。由此可知“我”非常“喜欢”每一次职业改 [此处是指“我”在不同的工作岗位上得到了锻炼。] [此处 open to 表示“思想开明的”。上文提到父亲的话对“我”产生了重要影响, [此处是指“我”“相信”自己所从事的工作。]


所以此处强调的不是幸运,因此 A 项不恰当。] 33.B [“我”认为如果相信自己所从事的工作并持之以恒地为实现目标而奋斗,就可以 成功。achieve one’s goal 表示“实现目标”。] 34.A 比“兴奋”。] 35.B [“我”认为“时机”已经来临并决定在工作中取得成功。] 得分策略 一、完形填空题型的易错知识 做完形填空题型时,常犯错误有: 1.孤立地就题答题,忽视语境关系; 2.不能合理地运用背景知识和社会常识进行解题; 3.不能把握句子之间的逻辑关系; 4.没有全局观,忽视语篇情感; 5.不能把握文章的主旨大意; 6.忽视语篇中的语法现象。 二、完形填空题型的复习策略 1.复习和巩固英语语法、英语短语和惯用法搭配方面的知识。 语法知识掌握得越熟练,阅读速度就越快,对文章的理解就越全面、深刻。完形填空不 直接考查语法,而是通过考查考生的理解程度,间接地考查语法知识。短语和惯用法要作为 一个知识体系来记忆,平时阅读时要注意词义相近、词形相仿的词汇的辨析,以便有意识地 培养和锻炼自己的辨析能力。 2.掌握答题技巧,提高语篇理解能力。 完形填空题的主旨在于考查阅读理解能力, 这种能力要靠平时的科学训练才能取得。 考 [由上文可知“我”此时已经是一名成功人士,此处表示“我”为目前的成就感到无

生要学会运用扫读、略读和跳读等阅读技巧来加快阅读速度;要善于抓住语篇的关键词、关 键句、主题句和结论句,以助于理解文章的语篇结构。 3.加强逻辑推理的方法训练,提高自己的逻辑思维能力。 要善于用已知信息推出未知信息, 从而恢复文章的原貌。 另外做完形填空题切忌边看短 文,边选答案,这样解题容易脱离上下文孤立地看句子,从而易选出错误的答案。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 36.A [主旨大意题。文章的第一段通常表明文章的话题。结合本文第一段和全文的 内容可判断出文章的话题是食物对全球气候的影响。] 37.C [细节理解题。根据文章第二段的内容可知,如果全球变暖的趋势持续下去,动 物可能开始灭绝, 人类的生存更加困难。 C 项的陈述与第二段中的“life could get very difficult for everyone”意义相符。] 38.B [推理判断题。第三段的第一句告诉我们:科学家们认为,人类在食物生产的过 程中制造了大量的二氧化碳, 而二氧化碳正是造成温室效应的气体之一。 在第四段中作者用 制作汉堡的例子来证明自己的观点。] 39.D [细节理解题。根据最后一段的内容可知,科学家发现所有的肉类对地球的危 害都比蔬菜大, 饲养动物比种植蔬菜消耗的能量多得多。 因此, 如果我们能少吃肉多吃蔬菜, 就会对地球有益。D 项的陈述符合最后一段的意思。] 40.A [推理判断题。根据文章倒数第二段中 Nathan Pelletier 所说的话可知,鸡肉比牛 肉释放的温室气体要少一些。] 得分策略 如何解答阅读理解中的细节理解题? 高考考查文章中的事实与细节一般有:时间、地点、人物、事情、经过(排序)、结果、 识图、数据推算、信息比较及例证辨别等。这类题的题干和正确答案在含义上等同于原文中 某部分内容,但通常表达方式不同。事实细节题源自阅读材料,做题时要忠实于阅读材料, 应紧扣阅读材料解答,不能脱离原文,不能想当然地依赖自己的文化背景知识,而应该在文 章中找出相应的内容,并根据相应内容做出选择。 做细节理解题型的方法一般是先用寻读法找出与问题相关的词语或句子, 再对相关的部 分进行细读,确定正确答案。

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