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A级 1. What a lot of works I have to finish today! 2. Both Marx and Engels were Germen. 3. What a beautiful weather we are having recently! 4. Most of them are woman doctors. 5. He wrote a three-hundred-words report. 6. There are four baskets of apple in that room. 7. This computer cost me eight thousands yuan. 8. Mr. Zhang looks very happy today. He has got many good news from here. 9. This hat of my father's is rather old. 10.He made many mistakes in his composition because of careless. B级 1. Will you please make a room for the lady outside? 2. The number of the students in our school are increasing. 3. She has made some progresses in English. 4. His work is better than anyone else. 5. We've missed the last bus. I'm afraid we have no way but to take a taxi. 6. He dropped the coffee's cup and broke it. 7. He gained his wealths by printing works of famous writers. 8. I spent last weekend with the Palmers. 9. My brother has had one of his tooth taken out. 10.You'll find this map of great valuable in helping you to get round London.

7. What's the date today? ---- It's February the two. 8. John arrived at 7:00 and Tom arrived at 6:00. So John was the first to arrive. 9. What time is it by your watch? ---- It's a half past seven. 10. About two-fifth of the students are from the countryside in this school. B级 1. When he was in his forty, he moved to America. 2. People lived a hard life in forties. 3. What date is it? ---- It's the twenty-first of June. 4. The city has a population eight million. 5. It took me one and a half hour to finish the work. 6. The hero of the story is an artist in his thirtieth. 7. Shortly after the accident, dozens police were sent to the spot to keep order. 8. I have seen a lot after five thousand mile of journey, but have learned very little. 9. Three-tenths of forty is twenty. 10. Five pounds of apples doesn't cost two dollar.

A级 1. She gave the books to you, him and I. 2. Whose dictionary is this? ---- It's my. 3. This is Tom's cap, not yours. 4. I haven't brought the dictionary with me. Will you lend me your? 5. Kate and her sister went on holiday with a cousin of hers. 6. He is too young to look after he. 7. He always helps others. This is why we trust him. 8. That took him three hours to finish the homework. 9. Who is that man? ---- He is a teacher. 10. They were both very tired, but none of them would stop to take a rest. B级 1. It is me who am going to help her. 2. He thinks more of others than of oneself. 3. We had better ask the president himself about it. 4. That is exactly all what I want to tell you.

A级 1. There are three hundreds and sixty-five days in a year. 2. The sun is 93 millions miles away from the earth. 3. This company has two hundred of workers. 4. Hundreds of people attended the party last night. 5. The boy wrote a two-hundred-words composition. 6. "I" is the nine letter of the English alphabet(字母表).

5. What she said is the same as us. 6. The weather in summer in Beijing is hotter than it in Guangzhou. 7. He runs faster than anyone in our class. 8. I don't think that possible to master a foreign language in a short time. 9. Each of them knew about the plan because it was kept a secret. 10. He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows, most of those hadn't been cleaned for at least a year.

A级 1. The teacher told that the sun rose in the east. 2. I will speak to him when I will see him next Sunday. 3. I will get everything ready before my boss come back. 4. Does your mother has lunch at home? 5. He was writing a letter at the moment, I believe. 6. He can't be waiting us. 7. I am looking at the sky, and I see a strange star. 8. I haven't seen her since two months. 9. She has gone to Beijing several times. 10. Jane is doing some cleaning this time yesterday. B级 1. If it won't rain, we will go to visit the zoo. 2. The new secretary will supposed to report to the manager as soon as she arrives. 3. When I was at college I spoken three foreign languages, but I had forgotten all except a few words of each. 4. The police found that the house has been broken into and a lot of things stolen. 5. The volleyball match will be put off if it rain. 6. Mary is making a dress when she cut her finger. 7. This is the first time I had been here. 8. You can join the club when you will get a bit older. 9. Mother promised she will buy me a bike. 10. ---- We could have walked to the station. It was so near. ---- Yes. A taxi wasn't at all necessary.

A级 1. The door was widely open. 2. I'll help you as more as I can. 3. He is as tall a fellow as his elder brother. 4. Mike didn't speak clear so we couldn't understand him. 5. John swims better than I, but he doesn't swim as good as my brother. 6. He works hardly. 7. He runs very fastly. 8. Harry worked good here yesterday. 9. He was deep moved by what she said. 10. A plane is flying highly in the sky. B级 1. Don't make any changes till farther notice. 2. It's colder in Tianjin than Beijing, though Tianjin is father to the south and nearer to the sea. 3. I'll try and be careful in future. 4. We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining hardly. 5. They had to dig deeply to find water. 6. I know the government thinks high of his invention. 7. He often comes to work early and leaves off lately. 8. What he said sounded prettily interesting. 9. The Emperor opened his eyes widely but still saw nothing. 10. I firmly believe you are right.

A级 1. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith are teacher. 2. Both coffee and beer is on sale in the shop. 3. Either the students or the teacher are to blame. 4. Not only the students but also their teacher don't know about it.

5. Mr. Green besides his sons like sports. 6. Each of the books costs five yuan. 7. More than 30 percent of the surface are covered by water. 8. A new type of machine are on show now. 9. She is one of the teacher who have been to America. 10. Four hours are enough to do the work. B级 1. The questions raised by the boy is very important. 2. The teacher and writer are her friend. 3. Tom, together with Mary and Alice, are going to swim this afternoon. 4. Neither of these words are correct. 5. About 70 percent of the students is from the south, and the rest of them are from the north and foreign countries. 6. Machines of this new type is made in Wuhan. 7. The windows which faces south are all broken. 8. She is the only one of the students who have been invited to the party. 9. When and where to hold the sports meet is not decided yet. 10. The number of people invited was fifty, but a number of them was absent for different reasons.

1. What fool he is! 2. Hard does the animal make any movement. 3. Hero as he is an, he has some shortcomings. 4. Often we warn them not to do so. 5. Only when the war was over, were he able to go back to work. 6. No sooner had he arrived there when he fell ill. 7. Scarcely has he finished when someone came in. 8. Not only was everything he had taken away from him, but also his German citizenship. 9. Here is the keys to number twenty-two. 10. Among them were a soldier who was wounded in the stomach.

A级 1. Walk is good exercise. 2. We must practise in speaking English. 3. He hasn't finished read the novel. 4. I enjoy myself working with you. 5. Would you mind fill out this form? 6. I'm sorry I missed see you while in Beijing. 7. He was busy to preparing his lessons. 8. When my father heard this news, he could help laughing. 9. Thank you for tell me the news. 10. I don't feel like go to a film. B级 1. It's no use explain such things to the little child. 2. I've been looking forward coming to Beijing for a long time. 3. They failed to pass the exam last time. I regretted not be able to help them. 4. I think it useless go to such a place. 5. I'm sorry to have kept you wait. 6. I have no idea of their have done such a thing. 7. He apologized for he not being able to come. 8. Mrs. Harley has a habit of asking question and then not listen to the answers. 9. --- It's getting very late. Maybe we shouldn't go.

A级 1. Here is comes the bus. 2. Out did rushed the children. 3. Away he went. 4. Only then did I realized that I was wrong. 5. Hardly had I reached the bus stop than the bus started. 6. Little he care about what others think. 7. I saw the film last week. So does she. 8. I have never been there, neither had he. 9. Nearby was two canoes ( 独木舟) in which they had come to the island. 10. Not until Mr. Smith came to China didn't he know what kind of a country she is. B级

--- No. Let's go. Getting there late is better than not arrive at all. 10. It's important for parents and children to learn how to get through to each other and skills in understanding and be understood.

A级 1. This is the museum where I once visited. 2. The pencil with that he is writing is his. 3. This is the house where I lived in last year. 4. The first book which I read was Gone With the Wind. 5. Everything which we saw there was interesting. 6. She heard a terrible noise, that made her swallow her heart. 7. The doctor, who the nurse is talking to him, is leaving for Africa next month. 8. Who is the woman who shook hands with you just now? 9. Do you still remember the days we spent together? 10. All what is needed is a supply of oil. B级 1. Is this the book which you're looking? 2. I don't like the way which you speak to her. 3. The word "write" has the same pronunciation like the word "right". 4. He was one of the students who was praised by the teacher at the meeting. 5. The child who parents died is called an orphan. 6. The weather turned out to be fine, which was more than we could expect. 7. Is this the museum where you paid a visit to the other day. 8. Which of you can think of a situation which this idiom is often used? 9. He soon spent the money, most of it was earned in a dishonest way. 10. The days when we were together without any worries are gone and I'll always remember the days when we spent together.

3. If she will come or not is still a question. 4. Whom will go is important. 5. Which team will win the match is still unknown. 6. They are just that I shall have. 7. The question is whether it worth doing. 8. We heard the news our team had won. 9. The fact when he had not said anything surprised everybody. 10. He was interested in all what he had seen at the exhibition. B级 1. It is a pity she has made such a mistake. 2. Is that you told me really true? 3. He made quite clear that he wouldn't change his mind. 4. What did you suppose that his father was? 5. I don't doubt whether it is true. 6. You have no idea that how worried I was! 7. During the first hundred years of my stay in the sea, I made a promise that if anyone set me free I would make him very rich. 8. The reason why I have to go is because she will be disappointed if I don't. 9. He asked how many I paid for the violin. 10. Since you have seen both fighters, who you think will win.

A级 1. I'll let you know as soon as they will arrive. 2. If it won't rain tomorrow, we'll have a picnic. 3. They had written three letters since they came back. 4. By the time we got home, I have forgotten all about it. 5. The light went out while we are having supper. 6. So far I know, there are five people killed in the accident. 7. Since that everybody is here, let's start our class. 8. I am happy as long as you happy. 9. Now that you are all here, let's try and reach a decision. 10. The young soldier was taken to the hospital because of he had been wounded seriously

A级 1. Which she was chosen made us very happy. 2. That we need is more time.

on the battlefield. B级 1. It is a long time after I saw you last time. 2. I was shopping at Folry's while I met an old friend. 3. She has made greater progress than we expect. 4. He asked me to stay which I was. 5. I don't know whether it will rain or not, but if it will, I shall stay home. 6. She comes to talk to me whenever she felt lonely. 7. ---- What was the party like? ---- Wonderful. It's years when I enjoyed myself so much. 8. Why do you want a new job when you had got such a good one already? 9. Mother was worried because little Alice was ill, especially as Father was away in France. 10. The WTO cannot live up to its name while it does not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind. 答案 名词 A 级 1. works -- work or jobs 2. Germen – Germans 3. a 4. woman – women 5. three-hundred-words -- three-hundred-word 6. apple – apples 7. thousands – thousand 8. many – much 9.正确 10. careless -- carelessness B级 1. a 2.are – is 3.progresses -- progress4. else -- else's 5. way – choice 6. coffee's – coffee 7. wealths – wealth 8. 正确 9. tooth – teeth 10. valuable -- value 数词 .A 级 1. hundreds – hundred 2. millions – million 3. 将 of 划 去 4. 正 确 5. two-hundred-words -- two-hundred-word 6. nine – ninth 7. two – second 8. first – second 9. 将 a 划去 10. two-fifth -- two-fifths B级 1. forty – forties 2. 在 in 后加 the 3. 正确 4. 在 population 后加 of 5. hour – hours 6. thirtieth – thirties 7. 在 dozens 后加 of 8. mile – miles 9. twenty – twelve 10. dollar -- dollars

代词 A 级 1. I – me 2. my – mine 3. 正确 4. your – yours 5. hers – theirs 6. he – himself 7. This – That 8. That – It 9. Who – What 10. none -- neither or both -- all B级 1. me -- I 2. oneself – himself 3. 正确 4. what -- that or 划去 all or 划去 what 5. us – ours 6. it – that 7. 在 anyone 后加 else 8. that – it 9. Each – None 10. those -which 副词 . A 级 1. widely – wide 2. more – much 3. 正确 4. clear – clearly 5. good -- well 6. hardly – hard 7. fastly – fast 8. good – well 9. deep – deeply 10. highly -- high B级 1. farther – further 2. 在 than 后加 in 3. 在 be 后加 more 4. hardly -- hard & heavily 5. deeply – deep 6. high – highly 7. lately – late 8. prettily – pretty 9. widely – wide 10. 正确 时态 A 级 1. rose – rises 2. 将 when I 后 will 划去 3. come – comes 4. has – have 5. was -- is 6. 在 waiting 后加 for 7. 正确 8. 在 months 后加 ago 9. gone – been 10. is -- was B级 1. won't -- doesn't 2. will – is 3. had – have 4. has --- had 5. rain – rains 6. is -- was 7. had – have 8. 将 you 后 will 划去 9. will – would 10. 正确 主谓一致 A 级 1. teacher – teachers 2. is – are 3. are – is 4. don't -- doesn't 5. like – likes 6. 正确 7. are – is 8. are – is 9. teacher – teachers 10. are -- is B级 1. is – are 2. are – is 3. are – is 4. are – is 5. is – are 6. is – are 7. faces -- face 8. have – has 9. 正确 10. them was -- them were 倒装句 A 级 1. 将 is 划去 2. 将 did 划去 3. 正确 4. realized – realize 5. than – when 6. 在 Little 后加 does 7. does – did 8. had – has 9. was – were 10. didn't -- did B级 1. 在 What 后加 a 2. Hard – Hardly 3. 将 an 划去 4. 在 Often 后加 did 5. were – was 6. when – than 7. has – had 8. 正确 9. is – are 10. were -- was 动名词. A 级

1. Walk---Walking 2. 将 in 划去 3. read---reading 4. 将 myself 划去 5. fill---filling 6. see---seeing 7. to---with 8. could---couldn't 9. tell-telling 10. go---going B级 1. explain---explaining 2. forward 后 加 to 3. be---being 4. go---going 5. wait---waiting 6. have---having 7. he---his 8. listen---listening 9. arrive---arriving 10. be---being 定语从句 A 级 1. where -- that / which 或 where 2. that – which 3. in 4. which -- that 或 which 5. which -- that 或 which 6. that – which 7. him 8. who -- that 9. 正确 10. what -that B级 1. looking 后加 for 2. which -- that 或 which 3. like – as 4. was – were 5. who -whose 6. 正确 7. where -- that / which 或 where 8. which – where 9. it – which 10. when -that / which 或 when 名词性从句 A 级 1. Which – That 2. That – what 3. If – Whether 4. Whom – Who 5. 正确 6. that -- what 7. it 后加 is 8. news 后加 that 9. when – that 10. what -- that 或划去 all 或划去 what B级 1. pity 后加 that 2. that – what 3. made 后加 it 4. 划去 that 5. whether – that 6. 划去 that 7. 正确 8. because – that 9. many --- much 10. who 后加 do 状语从句 A 级 1. 将 will 划去 2. won't -- doesn't 3. had – have 4. have – had 5. are – were 6. far 后加 I 7. 将 that 划去 8. you 后加 are 9. 正确 10. 将 of 划去 B级 1. after – since 2. while – when 3. expect – expected 4. which – where 5. will – does 6. felt – feels 7. when – since 8. had – have 9. 正确 10. while – if

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