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Test 1 (2013· 江西师大附中、鹰潭一中高三年级联考) “Just take a deep breath.” “Don’t think about it.” “You’re more likely to die in a car wreck

on the way to the airport than you are in a plane crash. ” These are just some words given to people with a fear of flying.But as Tom Cruise, playing Lt.Daniel Kaffee in the movie A Few Good Men, said, “I get sick when I fly because I’m afraid of crashing into a help.” But there’s a new application that just may.Today,the a partnership between VALK Foundation,a Dutch group that’s large mountain.I don’t think Daniel will

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Leiden University ,launches the app in the

US.The VALK Foundation was one of the first centers for fearofflying research and treatment in the world and is the organizer of three world conferences on fear of flying. The foundation said the app,called Flight App VALK,is the first scientificallydeveloped, webbased treatment for people who suffer from mild to moderate fear of flying. “The fearofflying application we have created aims to transfer all of the knowledge we have developed through our program into a mobile application that will help ease travelers’ fears ,” said Dr.Lucas Van Gerwen,director of the VALK Foundation.Dr.Van Gerwen is also a psychologist and professional pilot with more than 30 years experience. The foundation said up to 30% of adults are fearful fliers.Flight App VALK is designed to help relax passengers before and during flights by educating users about flight safety and turbulence.It explains the sounds and sensations they can expect during departure,flight and landing.And,if a passenger’s flight stress reaches a panic level,they press a special panic audio and written information to help decrease flight stress button which provides

levels.Most importantly, Flight

App VALK can be used during the flight in the airplane mode.Once downloaded ,the program does not require the Internet connection in the air. 1.By saying the words at the beginning of the passage ,people are expected to________. A.decrease their fear of flying B.get rid of their doubt about the plane C.have a good time on their flight journey D.use some medicine to cure their fear of flying 2.Flight App VALK is aimed to________. A.help passengers experience the fear of flying B.help relax passengers before and during flights C.treat people who suffer from mild fear of flying D.teach people the basic knowledge of taking flight 3.According to the passage,the VALK Foundation________.

A.is a group focusing on psychology on the flight B.was the first center to do research into fear of flying C.organizes the world conferences on fear of flying annually D.focuses on researching and offering treatment on fear of flying 4.In which column of a newspaper can we read this passage? A.Culture. C.Technology. B.Entertainment. D.Education. Test 2 (2013· 江西省南昌市高三二模) Parents say that honesty is the best policy,but they regulaly lie to their children as a way of influencing their behavior and emotions ,finds new research from the University of Toronto and the University of California. Surprisingly little has been published on the subject of parental lying ,so Gail Heyman,professor of psychology at the University of California,Diem Luu,a former student of the University of California , and Kang Lee , professor at the University of Toronto , set out to explore the underresearched phenomenon.They asked US participants in two related studies about parents lying to their children—either for the purpose of promoting appropriate behavior or to make them happy. In one of the studies,many parents reported they told their young children that bad things would happen if they didn’t go to bed or eat what they were supposed to.Other parents reported inventing (橡

magical creatures.One explained,“We told our daughter that if she wrapped up all her pacifiers 皮奶嘴) like gifts,the fairy would come and give them to the children who needed them. ”

In the other study,the researchers surveyed college students’ recollections about their parents’ lying and obtained is unacceptable. The researchers refer to this practice as “parenting by lying” .“We are surprised by how often parenting by lying takes place,” said Lee.Though Heyman thinks that there are occasions when it is appropriate to be less than truthful with a child,she urges parents to think through the issues and consider alternatives before using lies. “Children sometimes behave in ways that are disruptive or are likely to harm their longterm interests,”said Heyman.“It is common for them to try out a range of strategies,including lying,to stop them. However , parents should be concerned about consequences to children’s beliefs about honesty.” the possible longterm negative similar results: parents often lie to their children even as they tell them that lying

5.The subject of parental lying________. A.was not allowed to be researched in the past B.attracts little attention because it is common C.hasn’t got many published results about it D.is becoming more and more popular 6. The study of Gail Heyman, Diem Luu and Kang Lee was focused on parents’ lies that________.

A.aim to cover their mistakes B.lead children to hate them C.aim to give children a positive influence D.make children get used to lying 7.What does Heyman think of parental lying? A.It is a great parenting strategy. B.Parents should think twice before using it. C.It usually does more good than harm. D.Parents should do something to make up for it after using it. 8.In which part of a newspaper would you most probably find the passage? A.Business. C.Technology. B.Education. D.Fashion.

Test 3 (2013· 厦门市高三质量检查) DEAR AUNTY, My husband’s niece is 13 and who I would call “a_handful”.She wants to stay with us for a

while,and her mother and grandmother have told me what a great influence I would be on her.Her visit, no doubt, would bring about a long list of demands, and she’d want to bring a friend too.I don’t feel comfortable to host her,but I don’t know how to tell my husband’s family members without hurting their feelings. —Reluctant Aunt Dear Reluctant, Let’s get you out of this mess.Your husband’s family is demand and sugarcoating it making a request that borders on a the

with selfserving flattery ( 恭维).Put your foot down,and tell

truth.Say you don’t feel equipped or comfortable to host 绝).Under no

the little darling ,and regretfully decline (拒 attempts to change your

circumstances should you take part in any discussion that

mind through flattery. DEAR AUNTY, I have two stepdaughters,21 and 24.On holidays,the her sister’s name on the older one always buys me gifts but adds

card.I feel insincere to thank the younger daughter—I’d rather get no gift

than be a part of this pretence.Is it tacky (俗气的) to ask the 24yearold to stop giving her sister credit while it isn’t deserved?Will the younger one ever learn to be thoughtful? —Mindful Mum Dear Mindful, Lighten up!Your older stepdaughter is a considerate and generous sister who covers for and protects her younger sister.Good for her!The girls’ relationship is between them.As for your role ,you can’t punish anyone into being thoughtful.You can ,however,model thoughtful behavior.Spend some

time with her,and get to know her better. 9.The underlined part “a handful” would probably mean a person who________. A.is difficult to deal with C.is easy to get along with B.enjoys making friends D.gets easily influenced

10.AUNTY suggested that Reluctant Aunt________. A.kindly host the guest C.politely turn down the request B.discuss with her husband D.try to meet all the demands

11.Which of the following is TRUE about the second case? A.Mindful Mum is very proud of her two stepdaughters. B.The two stepdaughters always buy Mindful Mum gifts. C.AUNTY thinks the older sister should be punished. D.The older stepdaughter cares for her sister. 12.In which section does the passage most probably appear in a magazine? A.Entertainment. C.Health. B.Advice. D.Food & Recipes.

语篇解读 文章主要介绍了一种可以减少乘客飞行恐惧的应用软件,且使用非常方便。 解析: 细节理解题。 根据文章第一段第四句“These are just some words given to people with a fear of flying.”可知,这些话是送给那些有飞行恐惧症的人的,是为了减轻他们对飞行的恐惧,故 A 项正确。 答案: 解析: A 细节理解题。根据第五段第二句中的“Flight App VALK is designed to help relax and during flights”可得出 B 项正确。

passengers before 答案: B

解析: 细节理解题。 根据第二段最后一句“The VALK Foundation was one of the first centers for fearofflying research and treatment in the world and is the organizer of three world conferences on fear of flying.”可知 D 项正确。 答案: D

解析: 文章出处题。文章主要介绍了可以减少乘客飞行恐惧的一款飞行软件,故最有可能 在科技版面见到这篇文章。 答案: 语篇解读 C 家长总是告诫孩子不要撒谎, 但家长自己却又不时地对孩子撒谎, 这样做好吗?

解析: 细节理解题。从文章第二段第一句中的“Surprisingly little has been published on the subject of parental lying”可知,关于家长撒谎的话题并没有多少公开发表的研究,故选 C 项。 答案: C

解析: 推理判断题。从第二段最后一句中的“either for the purpose of promoting appropriate behavior or to make them happy”可以推知,他们主要研究的是父母那些想给小孩子积极正面影响 的谎言,故选 C 项。

答案: 解析:

C 推理判断题。从文章最后两段尤其是倒数第二段中的 “she urges parents to think

through the issues and consider alternatives before using lies”可以推知,Heyman 建议家长在撒谎前 要三思而后行。 答案: B 解析: 文章出处题。从全文内容和文中多次提到的 parents 和 children 可推断,本文最可 能出自报纸中的教育专栏。 答案: B 语篇解读 本文刊载了两封写给 AUNTY 的求助信以及 AUNTY 的回复。

解析: 词义猜测题。根据文中的“Her visit,no doubt,would bring about a long list of demands,and she’d want to bring a friend too.I don’t feel comfortable to host her”可知,画线部分 表示“一个很难应对的人”,故选 A 项。 答案: 解析: A 细节理解题。根据第一封求助信的回复中的 “Say you don’t feel equipped or

comfortable to host the little darling,and regretfully decline (拒绝).”可知,AUNTY 的建议是委 婉地拒绝这一请求,故选 C 项。 答案: C

解析: 细节理解题。根据第二封求助信的回复中的“Your older stepdaughter is a considerate and generous sister who covers for and protects her younger sister. ”可知,D 项正确。 答案: D

解析: 文章出处题。根据信的内容可知,写信人是在向 AUNTY 求助并寻求建议,故 B 项正确。 答案: B


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