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Part II Vocabulary (10 minutes, 10 points) Section A Directions:In each item, choose one word that best keeps the meaning of the sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word. Mark out your choice on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 16.All the people in the United States want tougher gun-control legislation . A.parliament B.law C.ban D.order 17.He had an aptitude for painting when he just began his middle school. A.a latitude B.an interest C.a talent D.an ambition 18.City police Sunday arrested former Mayor Richard Weekly on a long list of bribery, official misconduct, fraud and corruption charges. A.deceit B.murder C.privilege D.accident 19.Excellence in serving the retail customers is the only pathway to success in the increasing competitive retailing industry. A.rigorous B.rigid C.serious D.rival 20.They all think that the prices of personal computers will soon plunge . A.leap B.dip

C.sink D.fall 21.It is now believed that the dramatic changes in family structure, though regrettable, are impossible to reverse. A.striking B.emotional C.horrible D.sensational 22.Behind the mask we may discern traits of craftiness (狡猾,诡计 多端) in his business dealings. A.acknowledge B.evaluate C.recognize D.resemble 23.Capital punishment was abolished some years ago in some states of the U S. A.decorated B.created C.improved D.eliminated 24.The inquiry concerning the accident was handled by the chief of police. A.gossip B.investigation C.requirement D.record 25.In a bullfight, it is the movement, not the color of objects that arouses the bull. A.confuses B.excites C.scares D.diverges Section B Directions:In each question, decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Mark out your choice on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 26.John found a lost dog on the street and _____ the local station to broadcast a poignant (令人动情的) appeal for the dog's owner to come forward.

A.informed B.reminded C.notified D.startled 27.The newly-elected president is determined to _____ the established policy of developing agriculture. A.go after B.go by C.go for D.go on 28.Nowadays advertising costs are no longer in reasonable _____ to the total cost of the product. A.connection B.correspondence C.correlation D.proportion 29.Although I tried to concentrate on my homework I was _____ by the noise from the next door. A.interfered B.disturbed C.distracted D.interrupted 30.The heavy rain brought the _____ to a halt and everybody went home. A.procedure B.prosecution C.prosperity D.procession. 31.They brought togerther a group of objects drawn from various parts of the museum to _____ the whole lifestyle of a region or a historical period. A.represent B.repeal C.describe D.present 32.Vice-President Johnson became President of the United States following the death of John F.Kennedy and was _____ elected to a full term in 1964. A.obviously B.subsequently

C.simultaneously D.randomly 33.Ms.Green has been living in town for only one year, yet she seems to be _____ with everyone who come to the store. A.accepted B.admitted C.admired D.acquainted 34.This book had made a great _____ on literature and art. A.implication B.impress C.impact D.impulse 35.We shall go ahead, _____ to your approval. A.dependent B.conditional C.customary D.subject Part III Reading Comprehension (50 minutes, 30 points) Directions:There are 6 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. Questions 36~40 are based on the following passage. It is an everyday observation that animals are born,grow,and mature then begin to lose some of their capabilities, and finally die. This loss of capabilities is progressive, irreversible(不可改变的) ,and common for all members of a species and is called aging.In humans it shows in many ways,some very visible:decline in height,shrinkage of muscle, thinning and graying of hair, and wrinkling of skin.Internally, and even more significantly, there is the progressive loss of cells in the brain, kidneys, and other vital organs.This cell loss has resulted in stoppage of a vital process. Whatever the reason,important tissues ranging from the muscles to the brain shrink and become less competent with age.Many of these changes are reflected in functional declines.Not only do nerve cells at levels from the brain to the spinal cord diminish, but also those that remain conduct impulses at a slower rate so that the reaction time of the older animal is slowed.Memory often shows a decline. Another widespread decline is in the loss of cells involved in the

hearing process.The loss is most marked for high pitches and may require the assistance of a battery-operated hearing aid.More subtle are such declines as those in the processes involved with being immune to disease, which result in a lessened ability of the older organism to cope with infection.Indeed,pneumonia(肺炎) is one of the most common causes of death among the elderly population of most nations. Mixed with true aging processes are disease processes that may be so common as to be mistaken for aging.For instance, the buildup of deposits of fatty materials in arteries (动脉) tends to be progressive with aging; everything else being equal,the narrowing of arteries results in such serious illnesses as stroke or heart attack,occurring with increasing frequency as an individual ages. It is now recognized that atherosclerosis (动脉硬化) is the result of many factors,not only genetic but also environmental high blood pressure,high saturated-fat diets,and smoking, the effects of which become more obvious with the passage of time .It is therefore an age ? related,but not a universal aging process and can thus usually be controlled. 36.As far as aging is concerned, _____ . A.the changes inside human body are more important than external changes B.the loss of competence is more significant than that of cells C.the shrinkage of muscles is more significant than the decline in height D.the thinning of hair is less important than the wrinkling of skin 37.Which A.The B.The C.The D.The of the following is a functional decline? reduction in brain nerve cells. decline in memory. loss of cells in hearing process. shrinkage in muscle tissue.

38.Pneumonia is closely related to _____ . A.the decline in cells of the spinal chord B.the slower rate of reaction C.the decline in the immune system D.the loss of cells in kidneys 39.It is agreed that a person is more likely to suffer from atherosclerosis _____ . A.as he becomes older B.if his immune system does not work properly C.when the cells of his brain and spinal chord decline D.when the cells in his kidneys decline in number

40.Which of the following statements about atherosclerosis is NOT true? A.If a parent suffers from it, it is most likely that the child also does. B.If a person has high blood pressure, he is more likely to contract(患)it. C.If a person smokes,he is most likely to contract it. D.If the environmental factors are properly controlled,it will be prevented. Questions 41~45 are based on the following passage. A report of a “shooting” created a major stir and a minor mystery yesterday afternoon when police cars and emergency vehicles gathered on the 1000 block of Anta Barbara Street. After questioning numerous witnesses,officers reconstructed this chain of events,according to Sergeant Nick Katzenstein. About 2 p.m. an elderly man was walking along the sidewalk when he came upon three young women sitting on a wall next to a market. One of the women-boyish looking with short hair-was showing the others something that looked like a puncture mark on her upper arm. The man said,“are you all right?”but got no answer. So he continued on until he met a woman friend and told her that a boy near the market was getting a shot. The woman misunderstood.She telephoned police and reported that a boy was being shot.That brought several officers in police cars, firemen in a rescue truck and doctors in an ambulance with siren blaring to the scene. Officers couldn ? t find either a victim or the woman who had reported the shooting. They questioned the three young women sitting on the wall. An auto had backfired (回火) in the parking lot,one of the three recalled .Perhaps that was the “shot”.Several other people were questioned,but none could shed light on the shooting. Finally officers found the woman who had made the report. She directed them to the “boy” on the wall, who then recalled having showed her friends a newly received “shot” (注射) on her arm as the elderly man was walking past. 41.The “shooting” reported yesterday _____ . A.went unnoticed B.caused great trouble C.attracted public attention D.caused great tension 42.Why did the man ask the “boy”:“Are you all right?” A.Because the “boy” told the other two girls that she was shot on the arm. B.Because he saw the “boy” looked pale when he went past.

C.Because he heard a shot and saw a mark on the “boy's” arm. D.Because the “boy” showed him a puncture mark on her arm. 43.When the police asked other people on the scene, _____ . A.they remembered there was a backfire from a car B.they said they did not remember any shot C.they told the police to ask the three girls D.they remembered the old man had said something 44.It turned out what was considered as a shot was _____ . A.fired by a gun in the parking lot B.a story made up by the old man C.a story made up by the woman D.a loud sound given out by a car 45.The passage is _____ . A.a news report B.an newspaper commentary C.an essay D.a humorous story Questions 46~50 are based on the following passage. The 15th and 16th centuries were a period of radical social,political,and intellectual developments. The explorations of the world; the Reformation, with its emphasis on individual faith; the rise of commercial urban society; and the dramatic appearance of new ideas in all areas of culture stimulated the development of a new philosophical world view. The medieval view of the world as a hierarchical (层次的) order of beings created and governed by God was replaced by the mechanistic picture of the world as a vast machine, the parts of which move according to strict physical laws, without purpose or will. The aim of human life was no longer looked on as preparation for salvation (拯救) in the next world, but rather as the satisfaction of people's natural desires. Political organizations and moral principles ceased to be regarded as reflections of God's command and came to be seen as practical devices created by humans. In this new philosophical view, experience and reason became the sole standards of truth. The first great spokesman for the new philosophy was the English philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon, who attacked reliance on authority and verbal argument and criticized Aristotlian (亚里士多德的) logic as useless for the discovery of new laws. Bacon called for a new scientific method based on inductive generalization from careful observation and experiment. He was the first to formulate rules of inductive inference. The work of Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo was of even

greater importance in the development of a new world view. Galileo brought attention to the importance of applying mathematics to the formulation of scientific laws. This he accomplished by creating the science of mechanics, which applied the principles of geometry to the motions of bodies. The success of mechanics in discovering reliable and useful laws of nature suggested to Galileo and to later scientists that all nature is designed according to mechanical laws. 46.The new philosophical world view was that _____ . A.the world was hierarchical with man at the bottom B.the world was a hierarchical order of beings created and governed by God C.the world was built on strict mechanical physical laws D.the world was a giant machine which man was unwilling to build 47.Before A.were B.were C.were D.were the 15th and 16th century, moral principles _____ . stricter than laws looked on as God's orders seen as practical devices regarded as people's natural desires

48.What was the first step in the new philosophy? A.Inference. B.Generalization. C.Authority and verbal argument. D.Observation and experiment. 49.According to the new philosophy, truth should be judged by _____ . A.moral standards B.its practicality C.experience and reason D.all of the above 50.Galileo _____ . A.brought people's attention to mathematics B.was the greatest contributor to the new world view C.formulated reliable and useful laws of nature D.applied geometry to the motions of stars Questions 51~55 are based on the following passage. The first contests resembling the World Series were held during the 1880s, when the leading baseball clubs of the two major leagues-the National League and the American Association-agreed to play in exhibition games following their regular seasons. The name “World Championship Series” arose during this period,when promoters and journalists sought

to arouse interest among fans.These championship series were often unsuccessful,marked by disorganization,weak fan support,and disputes among baseball clubs.The series was not held every year and ended completely after the 1891 season, when the American Association broke up. The American League was founded in 1901 and became the chief competitor of the National League.The first World Series was held in 1903,when Barney Dreyfuss,owner of the NL champion Pittsburgh Pirates,challenged Henry Killilea,owner of the AL champion Boston Pilgrims,to a best ? of ? nine ? game series.The first game was played in Boston , Massachusetts,on October 1,before a crowd of more than 16000 fans. The 1903 World Series was a tremendous success.Thousands of fans attended every game,traveling by train between the two cities, and the players responded with exciting performances.The following year, however,the series was not held. 1904 the Boston Pilgrims were scheduled In to play the New York Giants.But Giants owner John T.Brush and manager John J.McGraw had quarreled repeatedly with the founder and president of the American League, Ban Johnson.As a result, the Giants refused to play. Public criticism was so great that the Giants, who were again NL champions the next year,agreed to play the AL champion Philadelphia Athletics in the 1905 World Series.The two leagues created an agreement that became the foundation for modern World Series competition.The Giants won the series in five games. The most famous World Series in history took place in 1919,when the Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox in eight games.The following year,seven White Sox players were accused of fixing,or intentionally losing, the series in return for bribes from professional gamblers.The seven players were banned from baseball for life. Buck Weaver, who did not take a bribe,was banned because he knew of the fix and did not report it. The 1919 team became known as the Black Sox. 51.The first World Series took place _____ . A.in 1903 B.in 1880s C.in 1919 D.in 1905 52.Which of the following was NOT a factor that made the series in the 1880s unsuccessful? A.The American League was not created yet then. B.Some clubs quarreled with each other. C.People did not show much interest in such series. D.The series were not well organized.

53.Why was the 1904 Series not held? A.Because the Series was not exciting enough. B.Because both of the teams involved refused to play. C.Because one team involved disagreed about some matters. D.Because the two teams involved quarreled about the schedule of the Series 54.The public was dissatisfied in 1904 and 1905 because _____ . A.the World Series was not as well organized as expected B.the Giants should be the champion of 1905 C.the two leagues did not reach an agreement earlier D.the 1904 Series was not held because of personal disputes 55.The public called the 1919 White Sox team Black Sox because _____ . A.it lost the 1919 Series B.it took money from the opponent team C.all its members were involved in bribery D.seven of its members took money from gamblers Questions 56~60 are based on the following passage. Dog shows are divided into benched and unbenched events involving one or more breeds, groups, and classes of purebred dogs. At benched shows, before and after judging, the dogs are displayed to the public on benches or platforms set up in individual stalls. At unbenched shows the dogs are exhibited in judging rings and around the grounds of the event. In all dog shows, the breeds are divided into seven groups-sporting,hound, working, herding, terrier, toy, and nonsporting. The standards for judging the entries differ with each breed. Typical criteria include shape of head, placement of ears,color, gait, and texture of coat. Dogs entered in a particular class are taken into the judging ring by their owners or handlers.After the dogs have been gaited, or walked at different speeds, and examined by the judge, they are placed in classes. The dogs placed first in each of the classes compete for winners, who receive points toward their championship based on the number of dogs in their particular breed that have been in competition at the show. To become an official AKC show champion, a dog must accumulate 15 championship points under at least three different judges. Dogs that attain their championships are entitled to have the two letters “Ch”carried before their name. Following the judging of the winners,classes, dogs that already have won their championship compete, along with the winners for best of breed and best of opposite sex. Each best of breed competes in its respective group, and the dog placed first in each of the seven groups competes for the award “best in show ,”which is the final judging at any allbreed dog show.

56.Benched events in dog shows _____ . A.use benches during the performance of the dogs B.divide the participant dogs into different breeds C.use platforms for dogs to jump on and off during performance D.aim to place dogs into different groups 57.To become an AKC show champion, a dog _____ . A.has to win at least 45 championship points B.has to be placed first in each of the classes C.has to wear the proper kind of coat made by its owner D.has to win 15 championship points under three different judges 58.The letters “Ch”(the last sentence in paragraph 2) most probably stand for _____ . A.championship B.champion C.challenger D.charm 59.The last step in an allbreed dog show is _____ . A.to hold the closing ceremony B.to compete for the award “best in show” C.to compete for an official AKC show champion D.to compete for getting a “Ch”before the dog ? s name 60.What is the subject matter of the passage? A.Dog racing. B.Allbreed dog shows. C.Dogs as pets. D.Benched dog shows. Questions 61~65 are based on the following passage. On November 30 a Russian attack destroyed the Turkish fleet at the Black Sea port of Sinope, resulting in a public outcry in Britain and France.In March 1854, after Russia ignored their demand to retreated from Moldavia and Walachia, Britain and France declared war. They were later joined by the Italian kingdom of Sardinia who,needing help in their plans to drive out Austria from the smaller Italian kingdoms, hoped to gain favor with Great Britain and France. On June 3, Austria, to Russia's dismay, threatened to declare war unless Russia retreated its troops from Moldavia and Walachia. Russia complied on August 5,and Austrian troops occupied the territory. The allies then decided on a campaign against Sevastopol in the Crimea, headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet,and their forces landed in the Crimea in September 1854. Despite bloody victories over the

Russians at the Alma River, Balaklava, and Inkerman, the war went on, as the Russians refused to accept the allies ? peace terms. Finally, on September 9,1855,Sevastopol fell, but only after Austria threatened to enter the war did Russia agree to make peace. The Treaty of Paris, signed on March 30,1856,was a major setback for Russia's Middle Eastern policy. Russia was forced to return southern Bessarabia and the mouth of the Danube to Turkey; Moldavia,Walachia, and Serbia were placed under an international rather than a Russian guarantee and the Russians were forbidden to maintain a navy on the Black Sea. In military terms, the war was a tactless, needlessly costly affair. The commanders on both sides proved remarkably unsuitable, wasting lives in senseless engagements. Supply services for both armies were affected by inefficiency and corruption, and medical services were terrible. The British nurse Florence Nightingale won fame by her efforts to improve the care of the sick and wounded, but more men died of disease than in battle. Nevertheless, the war was an event of major significance in European history. 61.Why did Italy go to the war? A.Because it wanted to please Britain and France. B.Because it was urged by Britain and France. C.Because Austria forced it to do so. D.Because Russia threatened to invade it. 62.When Austria was to declare war _____ . A.Russia retreated its troops B.Russia felt dismayed C.Moldavia and Walachia gave it their territories D.Russia had already been driven out by France and Britain 63.In September 1858, Russia accepted the allies's peace terms when _____ . A.Austria went into war B.the allies won over Russia at the Alma River C.the allies defeated Russia's Black Sea Fleet D.Austria threatened to declare war on it 64.According to the Treaty of Paris, _____ . A.Russia retreated its troops completely from the Middle East B.Russia gave back some land it took from Turkey C.Russia could keep its fleet on the Black Sea D.Russia promised to give Moldavia permanent peace

65.Why did Russia lose the Crimean War? A.Because Austria went into war. B.Because the allies were too strong. C.Because its army commanders were incompetent. D.Because many of its soldiers died of disease. Part IV Cloze Test (15 minutes, 10 points) Directions:There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. On the night of the play, Albert was at the hall early and he was already made ? up and dressed in his policeman's 66 long before the end of the first act. He certainly looked the part all right, he thought as he admired himself 67 the mirror. He even 68 if he should go out into the street to see what 69 he made on people out there. Just for a 70 ,of course! Then he was seized with a sudden 71 of stage fright. How could he 72 all those people in the audience? He put his head in his hands and tried to 73 his lines. He had only a very small part, but his mind was a complete 74 . A 75 on the door made him look up. He felt really alarmed. He was 76 to go on stage in the second act. Had he missed his entrance and ruined the play for everybody? But it was only the producer, who noticed 77 a state he was in. She suggested he 78 go and stand near the stage where he could watch the play and follow in his script at the same time. It was a good way of getting 79 his nervousness, she said. She was right, it seemed to 80 . In fact, the more he watched the play, the more he became involved in it, so that he began to 81 himself part of it. At last the moment came for him to go on stage. 82 suddenly the producer was by his side again. This time. she looked worried as she placed a hand on his arm to 83 him back.“Is there anything the 84 ?”he asked. “I'm afraid you ? re going to be disappointed.” said. “They've jumped she three pages of the script and have 85 out on your part completely.” 66.A.clothing 67.A.in 68.A.doubted 69.A.response 70.A.game 71.A.attack 72.A.meet 73.A.read B.uniform B.on B.knew B.image B.fun B.horror B.face B.refresh C.suit C.with C.thought C.impression C.joke C.shock C.appear C.remind D.coat D.from D.wondered D.conception D.laughter D.impulse D.gaze D.remember

74.A.gap 75.A.bump 76.A.compelled 77.A.which 78.A.should 79.A.away 80.A.happen 81.A.feel 82.A.Therefore 83.A.hold 84.A.anxiety 85.A.left

B.nothing B.knock B.due B.where B.would B.out B.try B.treat B.But B.seize B.trouble B.omitted

C.blank C.crash C.ready C.how C.could C.over C.win C.anticipate C.Then C.restrain C.matter C.forgotten

D.vacancy D.smash D.obliged D.what D.might D.through D.work D.think D.Almost D.push D.wrong D.missed

Paper Two Part I Error defection and correction (10 minutes, 10 points) 1. Just as the (A) tool is the basis of physical and (B) mechanical science, so (C) fire is (D) the basis of chemical science. 2. The population of many Alaskan cities has (A) as many as (B) doubled in (C) the past (D) three years. 3. The old school is still having (A) about the same amount of (B) students as (C) it had a hundred years ago when (D) it was first founded. 4. It was years after (A) I had visited (B) my hometown, and (C) I was determined to enjoy my stay (D) . 5. Among (A) all the works (B) of art shown in this exhibition hall the thing I like the most (C) is the needle-work produced (D) by the workers of Suzhou. 6. It is more important that the explanation is supposed to (A) be clear (B) than that (C) it (D) should cover every possible exception. 7. Myths are accounts of important events that (A) are supposed to occur (B) sometime (C) during a culture's (D) formative years. 8. There (A) will come a day when (B) all of us will be living (C) in cities quite unlike ones (D) of the present. 9. The minister said at the press (A) that the foreign policy of the country would remain (B) the same which (C) party was in power (D) . 10.I have no idea of Mr. Smith (A) having been promoted (B) to the new post. You should tell (C) me about it earlier (D) .

Part II Translation (15 minutes, 10 points) Directions:Translate the following passage into English. 世界要和平,国家要发展,社会要进步,已成为不可抗拒的时代潮流。各国 人民只有共同努力, 坚持走和平与发展的道路,在和平共处五项原则的基础上建 立和平、稳定、公正、合理的国际政治经济新秩序,持久和平才有可能。 Part III Guided Writing (30 minutes, 15 points) Directions: In this part, you are to write within 30 minutes a conposition with Fire Accidents In Big cities as its title. Your composition should contain the three points given below with a length of 100 words or so. Please remember to write clearly. 1.Present situation 2.Possible reasons 3.What measures to be taken to prevent fire accidents 13.在职人员申请硕士研究生学位

Part II Vocabulary (10 minutes, 10 points) Section A Directions:In each item, choose one word that best keeps the meaning of the sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word.Mark out your choice on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 16.Gazing at other eyes generally signals a request for information and perhaps affection, but embarrassment can result from too long a mutual gaze. A.sharp B.shared C.common D.threatening 17.It is reported that in China about one million school age children drop out of school each year and 80 percent of our country's annual drop-outs are from families too poor to keep their children in school. A.handbook B.manual C.yearly D.numerous

18.We could probably greatly reduce the risks associated with nuclear power by simply exercising more care and common sense. A.endanger B.prevent C.eliminate D.decrease 19.In most states in Europe, the curriculum is initially and largely determined at national level. A.course of study. B.resume C.major D.activity 20.We should lend our hands to the pathetic orphans, helping them back to school to study. A.sympathetic B.pitiable C.smart D.deserted 21.The two psychologists had to modify the American Sign Language somewhat in order to accommodate the chimpanzees’(黑猩猩) spontaneous gestures. A.change B.abort C.shorten D.enhance 22.One word describes what makes Singapore work: discipline . A.punishment B.regulation C.unemployment D.salary 23.Both a person’s heredity and his environment help to shape his character. A.relative B.education C.nationality D.surroundings 24.John and Tom have been able to reconcile their difference and are a happy family again. A.settle B.arrange

C.balance D.pacify 25.Sometimes a dictionary designates a noun as attributive, which means that it can be used to describe another noun or name its attributes. A.converys B.defines C.indicates D.explains Section B Directions:In each question, decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked.Mark out your choice on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. 26.I felt _____ to death because I could make nothing of the chairman's speech. A.fatigued B.tired C.exhausted D.bored 27.Plato's teaching had a profound _____ on Aristotle. A.effect B.affect C.affection D.animation 28.This washing machine is _____ to the other washing machines on the market. A.super B.advantageous C.superior D.beneficial 29.The first, second and third prizes went to Wang, Li and Zhao _____ . A.differently B.equally C.partially D.respectively 30.People find that expected noises are usually more _____ than unexpected ones of the like magnitude. A.manageable B.controllable

C.tolerable D.perceivable 31.When the engine would not start, the mechanic inspected all the parts to find what was at _____ . A.wrong B.trouble C.fault D.difficulty 32.The construction of the high way is well within our _____ and finances. A.probabilities B.activities C.capabilities D.responsibilities 33.Accuracy and expressiveness are the two _____ in translation, the first is to express the exact thought of the original article and the second is to make the translation readily understood. A.acquisitions B.requisites C.requests D.inquiries 34.The TV commentators ?(评论员、解说员)job is to make sure that viewer does not miss some point of interest, to help him focus on particular things, and to _____ the images on the TV screen. A.exhibit B.demonstrate C.expose D.interpret 35.Too often, careless use of words _____ a meeting of the minds (意 见一致) of the speaker and the listener. A.encourages B.prevents C.destroys D.offers Part III Reading Comprehension(50 minutes,30 points) Directions:There are 6 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through

the center. Questions 36~40 are based on the following passage. Electronics and computer systems are currently used in advanced traffic management to improve traffic control.Traffic along major highways in some cities is monitored by remote cameras,radar,or sensors in the roadway.A central computer system analyzes the information.If roads are crowded,traffic flow can be improved by automatically adjusting traffic-signal timing,controlling traffic flow on freeway ramps(坡道),or providing information to drivers by means of electronic signs along the roads. Advanced traveler-information systems are currently available in some new automobiles. These are navigational systems into which drivers enter their destination.An electronic map then displays the best route on a small screen,or a voice provides directions along the route,including directions on when to turn.These systems use a transponder,or a transmitting and receiving device,in the vehicle, and a satellite-based global positioning system to discover the exact location of the vehicle along its route. Automated vehicle-control technologies are currently under development to improve highway safety. These devices are aboard the vehicle and can alert a driver to an upcoming danger or,in an emergency,can ignore the actions of the driver.A radar system has been adapted for use in school buses that detects the presence of a person near the vehicle and then warns the driver.Radar and sensors are also used to detect another vehicle in the driver's blind spot-that is,in a position that is not visible in the mirrors.The most ambitious ITS project is the automated highway,on which vehicles can travel at high speeds and at close intervals by means of on-board radar,vehicle-position and engine sensors,actuators(启动器)for acceleration and braking,and computer links between vehicles. 36.In a central computer system,the purpose of putting sensors in the roadway is _____ . A.to analyse information B.to find out traffic accidents C.to catch speeding drivers D.to obtain traffic information 37.The navigational systems help the drivers by _____ . A.sending to them information about the destination B.adjusting traffic signal timing C.finding out the best route for them D.discovering the direction in which they are driving

38.A transponder _____ . A.is a vehicle that can move all by itself B.is a device fixed in cars C.is a satellite based global positioning system D.is an electronic map 39.An automated safety device aboard the vehicles _____ . A.can display the best route B.can guide the car over emergency C.can help improve traffic conditions D.can detect the driver's blind spot 40.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.The ITS project aims to build vehicles that can travel without drivers. B.In the future ITS system cars can handle each other automatically. C.The ITS system can detect the presence of a person near a vehicle and warns the driver. D.The ITS system will be able to alert drivers to upcoming danger. Questions 41~45 are based on the following passage. In the simplest terms,a market is the palce where seller meets buyer to exchange products for money.Traditional markets still function in many parts of the world.Even in the United States,during summer months,there are farmers' markets where direct selling and buying take place between producers and consumers.Most service industries still operate at this market level. Manufacturing industries and most agricultural enterprises are more distant from the consumer.Their products pass through several hands-truckers,warehouse workers,wholesalers,and retailers before reaching the final consumer. Products,or commodities are usually divided into two types:consumer and industrial. Consumer goods are those that are sold to final users,the customers.These goods include food,clothing,automobiles,television sets,appliances,and all those things people go to stores to purchase. Industrial goods are those that are sold to companies or other businesses for use in manufacturing or other purposes.Automobile makers buy many of the parts used to assemble cars.A tire manufacturer buys rubber,synthetic or otherwise,with which to make tires. Eventually these materials will end up in the hands of final users:the owners of the cars.The nature of industrial goods depends on the nature of the goods to be made for final users.The price of industrial goods and raw materials will influence the price of final goods,those that the consumer buys.

41.It can be inferred that _____ . A.most of the products exchanged at traditional markets are consumer goods. B.most of the products bought and sold at traditional markets are industrial goods C.most farmers lived far away from marketplaces and never sold their products directly. D.most service industries have not yet developed mature markets for their products. 42.Medical equipment sold to doctors is an instance of _____ . A.consumer product B.industrial product C.raw material D.direct exchanged product 43.By saying “Manufacturing industries and most agricultural enterprises are more distant from the consumers”(para.2),the author means _____ . A.their products are never sold directly into consumers' hands B.they usually build their factories far away from markets C.they usually need agents to sell and deliver their goods into consumers' hands D.they have used trucks to carry their products to consumers' hands 44.Paper sold to a publishing industry _____ . A.will influence the price of paper industry B.is a product delivered to the final user C.is a consumer product D.is an industrial product 45.A wholesaler(para 3,the second sentence)is _____ . A.a person who sells a great variety of foods B.an agent who deals with industrial products C.a person that manages big stores and factories D.an agent that buys and sells goods in great quantities Questions 46~50 are based on the following passage. Lighthouse,structure from which light is projected at night,or which serves as a marker by day,to guide ships sailing in coastal waters.Constructed at important points on a coastline,on isolated or sunken rocks,and at entrances to harbors,lighthouses have been employed to safeguard boats since early times.The earliest known,built on the Mediterranean Sea,were constructed in the 7th century BC .Perhaps,the most monumental lighthouse built in ancient times,one of the so-called

Seven Wonders of the World,was the Pharos at Alexandria.Ancient lighthouses were simple structures with beacon fires on them.Moderm lights are powered by electricity and are frequently equipped with various types of electrically powered fog signals and auxiliary radio navigation systems.Lights used may vary in power from 10 candlepower to 28 million candlepower,depending on the importance of the traffic they serve,customary weather conditions,and the requirements of visibility.In areas where it is impractical to construct buildings to house a beacon,lightships and lighted buoys are often used. Modern lighthouses project light rays produced by geowing lamps.The light is concentrated and projected by a series of revolving lenses(镜).The type of lens most frequently used in the past was the dioptric lens,or Fresnel lens,which consisted of a central glass disk,surrounded by concentric glass rings that gradually decrease in thickness as they recede from the center.When a series of dioptric lenses are placed on a revolving frame with a lamp at its center,it produces a flash for each lens at each revolution of the frame. Today most lighthouses use rotating beacons similar to those found at airports.These beacons usually consist of high-powered light source,a reflecting mirror on one side of the light source,and a condensing lens on the other .In the U.S.,maintenance of lighthouses, lightships, lighted buoys, and other aids to navigation is the responsibility of the U.S.Coast Guard. 46.It can be inferred from the first sentence that _____ . A.a lighthouse is only useful for guiding ships sailing along the coast B.a lighthouse is useful only in the daytime C.a lighthouse is always built along the coastline D.a lighthouse can be used as a signpost in the daytime 47.On which of the following places is a lighthouse usually built? A.On an isolated rock along the coast. B.On a sunken ship at a harbour. C.On a rock under the surface of water. D.On water where it is most dangerous to sail ships. 48.Which of the following is TRUE? A.The greatest ancient lighthouse was built in the 7th century B.C. B.Modern lighthouses use a variety of colours to send different signals. C.Some lighthouses can only be as bright as candles. D.The more important a lighthouse is,the brighter it usually is.

49.With the dioptric lens, _____ . A.the glass is usually thick and bright B.the lens revolves following the sunlight C.the lamp is turned on when the lens revolves D.the glass at the rim (边沿)is the thinnest 50.The duty of the U.S.Coast Guard is to _____ . A.make sure lighthouses work properly B.build lighthouses and other aids for navigation C.also safeguard lighthouses at airports D.is now developing high-powered lighthouses Questions 51~55 are based on the following passage. The machine age,which began with the Industrial Revolution and continues to this day,developed from a group of inventions,of which the most important include the use of fossil fuels such as coal as sources of energy,the improvement of metallurgical(冶炼的)processes,the development of electricity and electronics,the invention of the internal-combustion engine,and the use of metal and cement in construction work.Current developments in the use of energy promise to introduce a new age in human inventiveness. Early inventors were usually isolated and unable to support themselves through their inventions.In some cases,although two individuals working independently achieved the same innovation at the same time,only one was recognized for the discovery.For example,the American inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent on the telephone on the same day. Today most modern inventions and discoveries take place in large research organizations supported by universities,government agencies,private industries,or privately funded foundations.Because of this,ascribing any single invention to a specific person has become difficult.Researchers in modern laboratories are often members of a project;the planning and development of the project is usually the work of many individuals.The atomic bomb,for example,was developed during World War Ⅱ under the guidance of a small group of leading scientists of many nationalities who directed a much larger group of scientists and technicians,most of whom were unaware of the purpose of the project. 51.The development of electronics is a creation that _____ . A.belongs to the machine age B.is part of the Industrial Revolution C.is a common effort of groups of scientists and technicians D.comes from a group of inventions

52.Bell was universally known as the inventor of telephone because _____ . A.he was more famous than Elisha Gray then B.his telephone model was better than Gray's C.his model was patented before Gray's D.Gray worked in an isolated laboratory 53.Modern inventions often take place in large research organizations so _____ . A.they have to get sufficient money from several agencies B.it is not easy to identify the specific inventor C.it is very difficult for any single person to direct a project D.they need more scientists and technicians 54.The example of the atomic bomb illustrates the fact that _____ . A.many scientists are often not aware of the purpose of their research B.modern inventions and discoveries are often the common efforts of many scientists C.a small group of scientists can guide the work of a large group of scientists D.modern scientists do not care about the application of their research 55.The passage is mainly about _____ . A.the machine age B.the Industrial Revolution C.human inventiveness D.characteristics of modern inventions Questions 56~60 are based on the following passage. A dialect is a variety of a language spoken by an identifiable subgroup of people. Traditionally,linguists have applied the term dialect to geographically distinct language varieties,but in current usage the term can include speech varieties characteristic of other socially definable groups.Determining whether two speech varieties are dialects of the same language,or whether they have changed enough to be considered distinct languages,has often proved a difficult decision Linguists usually cite mutual intelligibility as the major criterion in making this decision.If two speech varieties are not mutually comprehensible,then the speech varieties are different languages;if they are mutually intelligible but differ systematically from one another,then they are dialects of the same language. There are problems with this definition,however,because many levels of mutual intelligibility exist,and linguists must decide at what level

speech varieties should no longer be considered mutually intelligible.This is difficult to establish in practice. Intelligibility has a large psychological component:If a speaker of one speech variety wants to understand a speaker of another speech variety,understanding is more likely than if this were not the case.In addition,chains of speech varieties exist in which adjacent(相邻的) speech varieties are mutually intelligible,but speech varieties farther apart in the chain are not.Furthermore,sociopolitical factors almost inevitably influence the process of distinguishing between dialects and languages. In ordinary usage,the term dialect can also mean a variety of a language that is distinct from what is considered the standard form of that language.Linguists,however,consider the standard language to be simply one dialect of a language.For example,the dialect of French spoken in Paris became the standard language of France not because of any linguistic features of this dialect but because Paris was the political and cultural center of the country. 56.According to the passage,in modern linguistics,a dialect is a language variety in terms of _____ . A.geography B.social group C.speaking rather than writing D.both A and B 57.Two varieties are linguistically considered two languages when _____ . A.they reveal some systematic distinctive features B.they are quite different though mutually intelligible C.their speakers can not understand each other D.they are mutually intelligible though different 58.The dividing line between two languages or two varieties _____ . A.is determined by the judgment of the speakers B.is quite arbitrary C.may be determined by political factors D.is determined by the distance between them 59.The word that is closest in meaning to “intelligible” in the last sentence of paral is _____ . A.mutual B.comprehensible C.definable D.identifiable

60.Linguistically,the standard language _____ . A.is officially established B.is very formal C.is a variety of that language D.is the political dialect of the language Questions 61~65 are based on the following passage. Roller Skating is a recreation and sport of gliding over a surface on roller skates,which have wheels built onto a special boot.Formerly,roller skates were made of metal wheels attached to frames that were fixed onto conventional shoes.Roller skating is popular throughout the world,especially in North America,Europe,and Austra,and has increased in general popularity since the 1930s with the building of indoor rings.The introduction in the 1970s of plastic wheels,which allow for greater freedom of movement and more intricate maneuvers,increased the popularity of roller skating,both indoors and outdoors.Manufacturers borrowed further from the design of ice skates to produce in-line skates,also called Rollerblades after a principal manufacturer of the equipment.The wheels on in-line skates are arranged in a single row,and the faster skates became popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Another modification of roller skates is the skateboard.Skateboards are small,narrow boards,about 60 cm long and 25 cm wide,and are made of wood or a manufactured material such as plastic or fiberglass.The boards are mounted on four wheels and require balance to ride,in a technique similar to surfing. The four main types of competition in roller skating are artistic skating,speed skating,roller hockey,and the roller derby.Artistic skating includes figures similar to those of ice skating and dancing with a partner.Speed-skating contests take place over various distances.Roller hockey is played informally or on special rings,according to rules similar to those of ice hockey. The invention of roller skates is usually attributed to Joseph Merlin,a Dutchman of the early 18th century,who conceived the idea of adapting ice skating for dry ground by affixing wooden spools to a supporting plate .The first skates with metal wheels were made in 1763;the first modern,so-called rocking skates,which enable a person to move easily through alternate shiftings of weight,were patented in 1863 by the American inventor James Leonard Plimpton.More durable ball-bearing skates with ball-bearing wheels were introduced later in the 19th century.These popularized roller skating. 61.From the first and third paragraph,we learn that roller skating _____ . A.is similar to surfing

B.takes place on a plastic board C.is developed from ice skating D.uses blades gliding over a surface 62.Plastic wheels made roller skating all the more popular chiefly because _____ . A.they became less expensive B.they were lighter C.they made more skills possible D.they allowed faster movement 63.The skateboard _____ . A.is a balancing device B.is the playground of the game C.is a new sport D.is a technique similar to surfing 64.In roller hockey, _____ . A.the team that scores more wins B.the sportsman that uses the least time wins C.the sportsman that skates the farthest wins D.the team that is capable of most complicated skills wins 65.Roller skates started _____ . A.in the early 18th century B.in the latter part of the 18th century C.in the latter part of the 19th century D.in the late 19th century Part IV Cloze Test (15 minutes,10 points) Directions:There are 20 blanks in the following passage.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D on the right side of the paper.You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage.Then mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center. Do you find getting up in the morning so difficult that it's painful?This 66 called laziness,but Dr.Kleitman has a new explanation.He has proved that everyone has a daily energy 67 . During the hours when you 68 your work you may say that you're ‘hot'.That's true.The time of day when you feel most 69 is when your cycle of body temperature is 70 its peak.For some people the peak comes during the forenoon.For 71 it comes in the afternoon or evening.No one has discovered why this is so,but it 72 such familiar monologues(自言自

语)as:Get up John!You'll be late for work again! The possible explanation to the trouble is that John is at his 73 and energy peak in the evening, 74 family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives realize 75 these energy cycles mean,and which cycle each member of the 76 has. You can't change your energy cycle,but you can learn to make your life 77 it better. 78 can help,Dr.Kieitman believes.Maybe you're sleepy in the evening but feel you must 79 late anyway.Counteract(对换)your cycle 80 by habitually staying up late than you want to. If your energy is low in the morning but you have an important job to do 81 in the day, 82 before your usual hour.This won't change your cycle,but you'll get up steam and work better at your low point.Whenever possible,do 83 work in the afternoon and 84 tasks requiring more energy or concentration for your 85 hours. 66.A.might be B.must be C.need be D.can be 67.A.circle B.recycle C.cycle D.crisis 68.A.go through B.see through C.break through D.labour through 69.A.energetic B.active C.strenuous D.idle 70.A.on B.at C.over D.in 71.A.other B.another C.one another D.others 72.A.owes to B.leads to C.leads into D.attributes to 73.A.temper B.thought C.temperature D.mood 74.A.Much B.Many C.Such D.More 75.A.how B.that C.which D.what 76.A.house B.family C.home D.room 77.A.fit B.adopt C.like D.look 78.A.Hobby B.Characteristic C.Interest D.Habit 79.A.stay away B.stay out C.stay at D.stay up 80.A.to extent B.to some extent C.to the extent D.to an extent 81.A.early B.daily C.yearly D.monthly 82.A.rise B.raise C.arise D.arisen 83.A.usual B.routine C.normal D.average 84.A.Keep B.maintain C.save D.hold 85.A.clearer B.harder C.sharper D.easier Paper Two Part I Error Detection and correction(10 minutes 10 points) 1. The custom of visiting (A) friends,relatives and neighbours on (B) New Year's Day is one of the Old World traditions (C) that has taken on (D) a new form in the United states. 2. The revenue deriving from (A) tourism will be greatly (B) increased in the (C) next ten years, provided that (D) the business is well organized.

3. Not everyone (A) has the chance of doing something (B) heroic or to become (C) great,but every man wants to do more to live his life to the full (D) . 4. The committee (A) are discussing (B) the problem for (C) a whole afternoon but they (D) have not yet reached an agreement. 5. This year will be (A) difficult for (B) this organization because it has less money and volunteers (C) than it had (D) last year. 6. X-rays are able to (A) pass through objects and thus (B) make visibly (C) details that are otherwise impossible to observe (D) . 7. How I wish John knew (A) how to apply grammatical rules properly and recognizes (B) the fact that he is nearly (C) always in the wrong (D) . 8. Great Salt Lake is fed by (A) fresh-water streams,which are (B) about four or five times as (C) salty as the ocean (D) . 9. It is heartening to see millions on the earth (A) who had nothing but (B) a record of misery and hunger to have (C) the chance to improve (D) their life. 10.They overcame all the (A) difficulties and fulfilled the plan two months ahead of (B) time, that (C) is (D) something we had not expected. Part II Translation (15 minutes,10 points) Directions:Translate the following passage into English. 今天,越来越多的妇女走出家门参加工作,除了传统的经济方面的原因之 外,我们还发现,环境优越的妇女参加工作是为了施展抱负,发挥个人才能,还 有的妇女则是希望通过参加社会活动冲出家庭小天地的束缚。 但对所有的妇女而 言,参加工作都是为了获得独立。 Part III Guided Writing (30 minutes,15 points) Directions:In this part,you are to write within 30 minutes a composition with Global Awareness of Grain Shortage as its title.Your composition should contain the three points given below with a length of 100 words or so .Please remember to write clearly. 1. Present situation(grain outpout 粮食产量,grain in stock 粮食库 存,starve,suffer from hunger 挨饿) 2. Possible causes (population explosion 人口爆炸, natural disasters 自然灾害,less cultivated land 耕地减少,crop failure 收成减少)

3. Measures(control population growth 控制人口增长,expand cultivated land 扩大耕地面积,save on food 节约粮食)

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