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《金版新学案》2012高考英语 Module 4 Great Scientists课件 外研版必修4

Module 4 Great Scientists 伟大的科学家

1.He is an important political________(人物) in Indian history.

答案: figure
2.His work is good in respect of quality but bad in respect of______(数量). 答案: quantity

3.The director cast her in a________(主要的) part when she was a young unknown of 16. 答案: leading

4.If you look________(直接的) ahead,you’ll see the church in the

答案: straight
5.The country is heavily dependent on its exports of________(农业 的) commodities. 答案: agricultural

6.I’m busy now.Please make a________(简短的) speech. 答案: brief

7.He was________(诊断) with cancer so he was filled with despair.
答案: diagnosed

8.When the boiler________(爆炸),he was hurt by the steam.
答案: exploded

9 . Surgeons have made a great________( 突 破 ) in the kidney transplantation. 答案: breakthrough

10.He needs a high income to________(供养) such a large family. 答案: support

1. be known for... 2.earn one’s living 3. come to power 4. by accident convert to 5. 6. bring up 7. as a result of 8. at war with 9. bring in 10. well done 因??而出名/闻名 谋生 掌权 偶然

培养;养育 由于??的结果 与??作战 带来;引进 做得好

1.But _____ ________ wanted to use rockets in battles.

答案: not everybody

2.He thought that the________ ________ ________people was to have more rice and to produce it more quickly. 他想,养活世人的关键是更多更快地生产水稻。 答案: key to feeding

3 . In the ricegrowing world , the Chinese scientist , Yuan
Longping,is________ ________ ________.

答案: a leading figure

4 . ________ ________ ________ ________Yuan Longping’s discoveries , Chinese rice production________ ________47.5

percent________ ________ ________. 由于袁隆平的发现,中国的水稻产量在20世纪90年代增长了47.5%。 答案: As a result of;rose by;in the 1990’s

5 . Or was he carried miles into space , ________ ________
________ ________ ________?还是他被带到了数英里之外的太空,成 了世界上第一位宇航员? 答案: becoming the world’s first astronaut

figure n.数字;外形,体形;人物,名人;vt.& vi.计算

(教材原句P104)In the rice—growing world,the Chinese scientist,
Yuan LongPing,is a leading figure. 在水稻种植领域,中国科学家袁隆平是一位杰出人士。

?a key figure关键人物 (1)? ?keep one’s figure保持体形

(2)figure out 计算出;想出;理解

①The figure is now approaching 6.5 billion people!

②Every woman wants a slim figure these days,especially here in
Canada. 如今,每个女性都想拥有苗条的身材,在加拿大尤其如此。 ③ In the ricegrowing world , the Chinese scientist , Yuan Longping,is a leading figure. 在水稻种植领域,中国科学家袁隆平是一位杰出人士。

④Have you figured out how much the trip will cost?
旅行要花多少费用你算出来没有? ⑤I couldn’t figure out what I had done to annoy my boss. 我不明白自己做了什么让老板生气。

1.(湖北高考)The present situation is very complex,so I think it will

take me some time to________its reality.
A.make up C.look through 解析: B.figure out D.put off


才能够弄清楚它的实际情况。make up编造;figure out弄清楚,弄明白; look through浏览,快速查看;put off推迟。由句意可知B项正确。 答案: B

support v.支持;支撑;资助;维持;供养;养活;证实;(戏)
替……当配角;[U] 支持;拥护;供养;生计

(教材原句P32)The research was supported by the government.

(1)support one’s family养活家人 support one’s opinion支持某人的观点 (2)in support of sb./sth.支援某人/某事

①These measures are strongly supported by environmental groups.

②If you raise it at the meeting,I’ll support you.
如果你在会上提出这些问题,我将支持你。 ③I will support myself after graduation from college. 我大学毕业后要自力谋生。 ④He has a large family to support.他要养一大家人。 ⑤Only a few people spoke in support of the proposal. 只有几个人表示支持这一提议。

2.(2011· 银川模拟)—Mum,I have finished my homework.

—Oh.If you________not to disturb me,you can watch TV.
A.offer C.guarantee 解析: B.support D.want


—哦,如果你保证不打扰我,你可以看电视。offer(主动)提供;support 支持,扶持;guarantee保证;want想要。根据语意,C项符合。 答案: C

quantity n.量;数量;数目,数额

(1)a quantity of 大量的
?不可数名词 quantities of+? 许多的,大量的 可数名词复数 ?

in quantity 大量的 (2)quality n.质量

①Now many companies are more concerned with quality than with

②The year 2009 is a wonderful year for TV plays,in terms of both
quantity and quality. 2009年的电视剧无论从数量上还是质量上都相当好。 ③Large quantities of information have been collected. 已经收集了大量信息。 ④It’s a lot cheaper if you buy it in quantity. 如果你大量购买要便宜得多。

a quantity of后同样可接不可数名词或可数名词的复数形式。但当

它作主语时谓语动词一般根据其所修饰的名词而定,而quantities of作主
语时,不论其后的名词可数或不可数,谓语动词都用复数。 ⑤A quantity of money has been spent in bringing up his children. =Quantities of money have been spent in bringing up his children. 他在教育孩子方面花了许多钱。

3.(2009· 福建卷)—Why does the lake smell terrible? —Because large quantities of water________. A.have polluted C.has been polluted B.is being polluted D.have been polluted




“正被污染”,故排除;large quantities of后加名词作主语时,谓语动
词的数应与quantities保持一致,故排除C项,答案为D项。 答案: D

escape n.& v.逃跑;逃脱;逃避 (教材原句P39)The Chinese discovered that the gas escaping from

the tube could lift it into the air.

(1)escape (doing) sth.逃脱(做)某事
escape from/out of...从??逃跑,逃走

escape one’s attention/notice逃过某人的注意,被某人忽视
(2)have a narrow escape九死一生 a fire escape紧急出口,安全门 make one’s escape逃跑

①Whoever breaks the law won’t escape punishment/being

②The fire spread quickly but luckily all the people managed to
escape from the burning house. 火势蔓延得很快,但幸运的是所有的人都设法从燃烧的房子里逃 出来了。 ③It might have escaped your notice,but I’m very busy at the moment.也许你没注意到,可我此刻非常忙。 ④He had a narrow escape.他九死一生。

4.In the face of the big fire in Moscow in 2010,many people in the

firestricken areas moved out________.
A.to escape burning C.escaping burned 解析: B.to escape being burned D.escaping from burning


们搬了出去以免被烧伤。由句意可知空格处为目的状语,故用动词不定 式的形式,可排除C、D项,此处表示“逃脱被烧”,故B项正确。 答案: B

clear vt.使清澈,使清楚,扫清;vi.变清澈;(天)变晴;(烟雾)消散;

(教材原句P39)When the smoke cleared Wan Hu and his chair had
disappeared. 当烟雾消散后,万虎和他的椅子已无影无踪了。

(1)clear the table 收拾桌子
clear one’s throat 清清嗓子

clear one’s mind of doubt 消除心中疑团
(2)clear away 把??收拾走,清除掉 clear up (天气)转晴 clear sth.up 整理,使??整洁 (3)make...clear清楚表明,讲清楚

①My main responsibilities were clearing tables and washing dishes. 我的主要职责是清理餐桌和洗碗。

② It was several hours before the road was cleared after the
accident.事故过去12小时后这条道路才被疏通。 ③It’s time your toys were cleared away. 现在该收走你的玩具了。 ④I hope it clears up this afternoon.我希望今天下午天气放晴。 ⑤They cleared up the misunderstanding and made up. 他们消除误会和好了。

⑥It was clear to everyone that the war would not end quickly.

不借助面部表情就能清楚地表达自己的观点会很难。 _______________________________without using facial expressions can be very difficult. 答案: To make yourself clear

come to power掌权;执政 (教材原句P37)Albert Einstein left Germany when Hitler came to power and went to work in the US. 希特勒执政时,爱因斯坦离开德国去美国工作。

in power当权

take power当权;执政
beyond one’s power不能胜任

within/in one’s power有能力;力所能及

①Things became worse since he came into power.

②The party came to power at the last election.
这个政党是在上次大选中当选执政的。 ③I will do everything in my power to help you. 我将尽全力帮助你。 ④She has a lot of power over the people in her team. 她对队里的人有很大的影响力。 ⑤I’m afraid it is beyond my power to do what you’re asking.


6.He________for ten years but still doesn’t want to leave office.

A.has been in power
C.took office 解析:

B.has come to power
D.came into power


四个选项都有“当权,执政”的意思,只有be in power可以与表示一段 时间的状语连用,其他三个选项均表示瞬间动作,不能与表示一段时间 的状语连用。 答案: A

bring in请来,带进;引进,赚钱,收割庄稼

bring about引起;导致 bring back归还;使记起;使恢复 bring down使落下;降低;减少

bring up教育;养育;提出;呕吐

①New ideas have been brought in since China was opened to the
outside world.中国自对外开放以来,引进了很多新的思想。

②Could I just bring in some members of the audience to get their
views?我可以邀请一些观众来听取他们的意见吗? ③The thief was brought in,with his hands tied back. 那个贼双手反绑着被带了进来。 ④He brings in an extra hundred dollars a month from his new job. 他的新工作使他每个月多赚100美元。 ⑤I shall bring up this question at the next meeting.


7.Thanks to the Reform and Open policy,we have been________

much modern technology.
A.brought in C.bringing in 解析: B.brought about D.bringing about


术”。句子中所用的时态是现在完成进行时(have been doing),表示动 作在过去发生,现在仍在进行,还可能继续下去。 答案: C

8 . The policeman ________two thieves caught stealing in the

A.brought up
C.brought in 解析:

B.brought into
D.brought out

bring短语辨析。bring up 教育,养育,呕吐,提出,

bring...into...固定短语,bring sth.into line使某事物一致,bring in 请来, 带进来,收入,bring out 阐释,出版,发挥。句意为:警察带进来在超 市里被发现行窃的两个小偷。 答案: C

(教材原句P39)Or was he carried miles into space,becoming the

world’s first astronaut?还是他被带到了数英里之外的太空,成了世界
上第一位宇航员? becoming the world’s first astronaut是现在分词短语,在此处作结 果状语。现在分词短语作结果状语,只能放在主句后面。 ①Her parents died,leaving her a lot of debts. 她的父母去世了,给她留下很多债务。 ②It rained heavily,causing severe flooding in that country.


辨析:现在分词和动词不定式作结果状语的区别 (1)现在分词作结果状语通常表示一个自然而然的、意料之中的结 果。 Many trees had been blown down by the high winds,blocking roads.许多树被狂风刮倒,堵住了道路。 (2)不定式作结果状语表示一个出乎意料的结果。其前常加only以

I rushed to the school,only to find it was Sunday. 我跑到学校,结果却发现那天是星期天。

9.(2011· 沈阳模拟)Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start

of the year,________a record US $57.65 a barrel.
A.have reached C.to reach 解析: B.reaching D.to be reaching


32%,达到每桶57.65美元的纪录。由前面一句话表述的内容可知后面为 结果,reaching为现在分词作结果状语。 答案: B

(教材原句P39)But not everybody wanted to use rockets in battles.但

everyone,everything,both连用时,皆表示不完全否定。 ①Not all friends can share in sorrows as well as joys. 并非所有的朋友都能同甘共苦。 ②All these books are not popular with people. 这些书并非全都受人们的欢迎。 ③Everyone is not here.并不是人人都在这里。

no,none,no one,neither表示全部否定。

④None of us was allowed to go there.我们全都不让去那里。
⑤Nothing in my life impressed me so deeply as my first visit to the Great Wall.我的一生中,印象最深的就是第一次参观长城。

10.(2010· 江西卷)Swimming is my favorite sport.There is ________

like swimming as a means of keeping fit.
A.something C.nothing 解析: B.anything D.everything


没有什么能比得上游泳了。本题考查不定代词。根据上文可知,空格处 需要一个表示否定意义的词,所以C为答案。 答案: C

11 . I agree with most of what you said , but I don’t agree

C.something 解析:



not...everything并非都。 答案: A

1.他希望靠卖饮料来谋生。 He hopes to______________________________drinks. 答案: earn his living by selling

2.由于交通堵塞,他开会迟到了。 He was late for the meeting________________a traffic jam. 答案: as a result of


Jinan is________________“Quan City”________________its 72
springs. 答案: known to us as;for

It is cheaper to buy goods______________________.

答案: in large quantities
5.如果天气放晴,我们可以出去散步。 If the weather__________,we can go out for a walk. 答案: clears up

6.由于碰上了交通堵塞,所以他们耽搁了。 They were caught in the traffic jam,thus________________. 答案: causing the delay

1.(2011· 厦门质量检测)The UN officials say it could be many

weeks and even months________a deal is reached.
A.before C.when 解析: B.after D.as 考查时间状语从句。句意为:??在协议达成之前还需

许多星期甚至几个月。before意为“还需过(多久)才会??”。 答案: A

2.(2011· 陕西宝鸡检测)Though it is 30 years________we last met,
I still remember the scene________we got separated on a rainy day.

C.since;when 解析:


考查时间状语从句和定语从句。“It is/has been+一段时

间+since从句”为固定句式,表示自从上次干某事到现在有多长时间了。 scene作先行词且定语从句中需要地点状语,故用where。 答案: D

3 . (2009· 海 卷 )You can’t borrow books from the school 上
library________you get your student card.

C.while 解析:



是否,假如;while在??同时;as当??时候,均不合题意。 答案: A

4.I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long,but it’ll still be some
time________Brian gets back.

C.till 解析:



要过一段时间才能回来。本题应注意句型:It will be+一段时间+ before+从句,意为“要过多久才??”。 答案: A

5.The house was greatly damaged by the truck.We’d better leave
things________they are until the police arrive.

C.though 解析: 答案:


leave things as they are意为“顺其自然”。 B


1.(2010· 绵阳市第三次诊断)After saying goodbye,the couple
moved off and________in the crowd. A.was lost C.had lost 解析: B.were lost D.to lose

考查动词的时态和主谓一致。主语是the couple,谓语动

词应用复数形式;空中的时态应与moved off一致,此处应用be lost,表 示“消失在人群里”。

答案: B

2.(2010· 成都第一次诊断)At present Internet addiction________a
mental disorder rather than just a bad habit in many countries.

A.is considered
C.considers 解析:

B.was considered

考查时态和语态。Internet addiction与consider之间存在

被动关系,故应用被动语态;再根据前面的时间信息At present可知, 此处应用一般现在时。 答案: A

3.(2011· 辽宁大连双基)Mr Li said those who had failed ________
further training and a second chance to pass the exam the next week.

A.were given
C.were to give 解析:

B.had given
D.would be given


间状语the next week可知,give这个动作发生在表示过去将来的某一个 时间里,所以D项符合题意。 答案: D

4.(2011· 安徽安庆二模)—________the football match might be put

—Yes.Well,it all depends on the weather.
A.I had been told C.I’m to be told 解析: B.I’ve told D.I’ve been told


在,所以用现在完成时态;“我”和“告诉”之间是被动关系,所以用 被动语态。 答案: D

5.(2011· 北京西城综合)—Do you like the material?
—Yes,it________very soft.

A.is feeling
C.feels 解析:

D.is felt


用于被动语态,尽管有时其汉语意思有被动意味。 答案: C

6.(2011· 西安二次质检)What I wanted to know was when and

where the meeting________.
A.was holding C.was to hold 解析: 答案: B.had held D.was to be held

从逻辑上说,“会议”应是被开,故用被动式。 D


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