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Many Chinese kids,known as “leftbehind” children,hardly ever see their parents, because their parents are migrant workers. Li Ling,11,is a leftbehind child.Her parents have been working in Zhejiang for 10 years, while she lives with her grandparents in Guangdong.She was reunited with her parents last Spring Festival.As the number of migrant workers in China increases,the number of leftbehind children is rising fast.Li is one of the 61.02 million leftbehind children under 17.They account for 37.7 percent of rural children and 21.88 percent of all Chinese children. “The large number of leftbehind children has already become a social issue.If left unsolved, it will cause serious problems,”Wang Zhenyao,director of the China Philanthropy Research Institute,told China Daily.The education level of adults supervising (监督) these children is generally not that high.They can only take care of the children’s personal safety and daily living, being unable to care for their educational and spiritual needs.Meanwhile,the absence of parental support will make some leftbehind children lack selfconfidence.They may be slower in physical and emotional growth than their peers.Others may even become “problem youths”. To solve this problem,the government is taking action.For instance,30 provinces and cities have allowed certain children to attend school and take the college entrance exam in the city where their parents are.However,Wang suggested that the country do more,such as making policies encouraging migrant workers to work in their hometowns.He also said that a wellbalanced child welfare system is needed.“These children are the future of the nation, so they deserve our loving care and protection,” Wang said. 语篇解读 随着进城务工人员数量的增加, 留守儿童的数量也迅速上升。 留守儿童问题 已不容忽视,急需进一步解决。 1.Leftbehind kids hardly see their parents because________. A.they are poor and in rural areas B.they are brought up by their grandparents C.their parents are making a living in other cities D.their parents don’t go back home on Spring Festival 解析: 细节理解题。 根据第一段中的“hardly ever see their parents, because their parents are migrant workers”可知,留守儿童见不到父母的原因是父母去了其他城市打工,应选 C 项。 答案: C

2.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.Li Ling hasn’t seen her parents for about 10 years. B.Leftbehind children have become problem youths. C.There are 61.02 million leftbehind children in China. D.Much remains to be done to settle the leftbehind kids issue. 解析: 细节理解题。根据最后一段的内容可知,要解决留守儿童问题还需要做许多工 作,故选 D 项。 答案: D 3.The purpose of the passage is________. A.to criticize the migrant workers who leave their children at home B.to focus on the present situation of leftbehind children C.to worry about the present situation of leftbehind children D.to call on the government to educate the migrant workers 解析: 写作意图题。通读全文可知,本文主要侧重于介绍留守儿童的现状,因此选 B 项。 答案: B 4.In which column of a newspaper can we most probably find this passage? A.Education. C.Entertainment. B.Society. D.Employment.

解析: 文章出处题。本文主要从社会角度介绍留守儿童的现状,因此本文可能在报纸 的社会专栏里找到。 答案: B

As the longer life and rapid decrease in the laborage population are expected,extending the retirement age is a wise choice for the government.This is why at the Third Plenum (全会) of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China it was agreed that there should be a study on the subject. It is undoubtedly necessary for the government to adjust its policies to meet the challenge of an increasingly aging society.According to the government,China’s senior citizens above the age of 60 will reach 200 million, about 14.8 percent of the population, by the end of this year, and the figure is expected to grow to 248 million by the year of 2020 and more than 400 million by 2050, when they will account for 30 percent of the population.Meanwhile,extending the retirement age will result in several benefits—slowing the rapid increase of the retired, reducing the rapid decline

in experienced workers and keeping the laborage population at a considerable size for stable economic development. However, before the policy is drawn up there will need to be thorough research, so there can be careful consideration of the interests of all parties to make sure that the new policy does not harm the interests of workers in different jobs. There are 112 million workers who do heavy physical labor and may not be willing to put off their retirement to a later age.And the opinions of government employees and other whitecollar workers will also need to be listened to before a policy is introduced to extend their retirement to a later age. No doubt it will be impossible to please all,but it should be possible to make the policy acceptable to the most.Anyway,any extensions that will hopefully help reduce the negative influences of our increasingly aging society also need to be fair. 语篇解读 这是一篇时文报道, 介绍了中国对推迟退休年龄方面的探讨以及各界对这一 话题的反响等。 1.The text mainly tells us________. A.China is going to enter an aging society B.China has planned to extend the retirement age C.extending the retirement age will bring about multiple benefits D.all people agree to accept the policy 解析: 主旨大意题。全文围绕中国人口老龄化的问题,探讨推迟退休年龄这一话题, 介绍了各界人士的态度。 答案: B 2.Which of the following is true? A.China’s old people above the age of 50 will be about 14.8 percent of the population. B.There will be about 248 million elders by 2050. C.Extending the retirement age may reduce the experienced workers. D.Extending the retirement age may contribute to the economic development of China. 解析: 正误判断题。第二段说中国 60 岁以上的人口将达到人口总数的 14.8%(A 错); 到 2050 年 60 岁以上的人口将超过 400 million(B 错);而推迟退休年龄能减缓有经验的工作 者数量的快速下降(C 错);这些好处有助于中国的经济发展(D 正确)。 答案: D 3.What can be inferred from the text? A.All the workers will be pleased with the policy. B.The whitecollar workers go against the policy. C.There can be many difficulties in extending the retirement age.

D.The government should please all so as to give up the policy. 解析: 推理判断题。 第四段说从事繁重体力劳动的工人可能不愿意推迟他们的退休年 龄(A 错); 政府雇员和白领阶层的观点也应该听一听, 但没有依据推断白领阶层的看法(B 错); 最后一段说政策不可能让所有人都满意(D 错);从文章的叙述看,要实行这一政策会遇到各 种困难(C 正确)。 答案: C 4.What is the author’s attitude towards the policy? A.Doubtful. C.Optimistic. B.Objective. D.Opposed.

解析: 观点态度题。从文章的叙述可以看出,作者只是客观地介绍了这一时文报道以 及各方的态度,因此选 B,表示“客观的”。 答案: B

With 10,600 bicycles in circulation,Paris city officials are hoping the program will provide people with more environmentally friendly transportation. It seems both Parisians and tourists are taking advantage of the program.Since its launch a little over two weeks ago,Vé lib has already seen almost half a million rentals.And,with the addition of 10,000 more bikes and 700 more stations in the next 12 months, city officials expect at least 200,000 regular users by year end. Parisian Olivier Bioret has already gone for a spin on one of Vélib’s vehicles and plans to make use of them more often. “It’s a real pleasure—when, like me, you don’t have space enough in your flat to have your own bike—to be able to discover,to cross Paris and not have to take the subway,” he said. As a socialist and longtime green activist,Mayor Bertrand Delanoe regards Vé lib as just a part of his plan to reduce car traffic and,thus,lower pollution by 2020. Apart from its environmental benefits,Vé lib is also being praised as a way of collecting money for the city,for all the money from rentals goes to the city government. Paris is not alone in its attempt to profit from the power of the bicycles. Across the globe, cities such as Barcelona, which stated its bikeshare program in March with 1,500 vehicles and 100 stations,and New York,which launched a fiveday trial program last month,are using bicycles as a way to cut back on both traffic and pollution. However,it remains to be seen whether people’s acceptance of these programs is simply a passing fashion or whether this movement has the power to take root and transform the face of public transportation around the world.

语篇解读 本文是一篇新闻报道, 主要报道了巴黎开展的为市民提供租借自行车服务以 倡导环保并缓解交通压力的活动。 5.The real purpose of Vé lib is________. A.to help people save money and space B.to make some money for the city government C.to provide convenience to both Parisians and tourists D.to reduce traffic and pollution in the city 解析: 写作意图题。根据文章第五段中的“as just a part of his plan to reduce car traffic and,thus,lower pollution by 2020”可知,此项活动是为了推进巴黎的环保式交通,即缓解 交通压力,减少污染。 答案: D 6.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.There will be 700 stations in one year’s time. B.There will be over 20,000 bikes in use in a year. C.In the first two weeks there were nearly a million rentals. D.There will be 200,000 regular rentals each day by year end. 解析: 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“With 10,600 bicycles in circulation”和第二段中的 “And,with the addition of 10,000 more bikes...in the next 12 months”可知,已有 10 600 辆自 行车, 在未来 12 个月内会新增 10 000 辆, 所以在未来一年内会有 20 600 辆自行车投入使用, B 项表述正确。 答案: B 7.We can know from the passage that________. A.other cities also have such programs B.Parisians can use the bicycles free of charge C.Paris sets an example to many other cities D.Paris is the first city to start such a program 解析: 细节理解题。通过对文章倒数第二段的整体理解可知,全球有一些城市,如

Barcelona 和 New York 也开展了类似的活动。 答案: A 8.As to the future of the program,the author is________. A.critical C.uncertain B.optimistic D.negative

解析: 观点态度题。根据文章最后一段“However,it remains to be seen...”可推知, 作者对这一活动的前景并不确定。critical 意为“批判的”;optimistic 意为“乐观的”;

uncertain 意为“不确定的”;negative 意为“负面的”。 答案: C

Peter,a high school student,was pretty busy with school,and he was on the soccer team.High school was hard, because everyone wanted to have nice clothes, hang out, drive cars, and all these cost money.Peter’s father was the sort of guy that believed you had to earn whatever you got, so he wasn’t just about to hand over lots of money for Peter to use to have fun.So, he had to get a job. During his freshman year summer vacation, his classmate got him a job working on a hay (干 草) farm.He threw hay up into wagons as the tractor drove around fields,and then they stacked (剁起) it in the hot barn.It was a hot,lowpaying job. He once worked a few nights a week at a grocery store.He put things on the shelf.It was a lot of lifting and carrying,and his arms were strong from this and the previous job.It was dull and didn’t pay much. He took some time off when soccer got serious, but the following summer he tried working at a lumber yard.It was hot outside, but he got a lot of exercise lifting and carrying things like boards and drywall.He also learned a lot about building supplies.It still didn’t pay well. From there,he spent a year doing some tutoring for a friend of the family,but that was piecemeal.His first real job came the last year at school,when he fixed registers and worked on computers at a big box store.It was his favorite job yet,but it still didn’t pay well. What Peter realized with all of these jobs was that he needed a better paying job!The only way to get that was to get trained or educated.He could go to school and get a 2year degree in an office or technical position.His other choices were going to a 4year college or joining the army.He wasn’t sure what he was going to do yet,but he knew he had to do something.Jobs were a lot of work, money was hard to earn, but he liked staying busy and being able to buy things.Peter wanted the most out of life,and that meant education. 语篇解读 本文是一篇记叙文。 一个名叫 Peter 的高中生想要买好看的衣服、 出去闲逛、 开车,而这一切都需要钱。于是他就想自己挣钱来满足这些需求。然而打了五份工之后,他 依然收入微薄。最后,他终于意识到要想找到一份好的工作,唯一的途径就是接受培训或接 受教育,所以他现在必须好好学习。 9.How many jobs had Peter taken? A.Three. C.Five. B.Four. D.Six.

解析: 细节理解题。 文章中提到 Peter 打了五份工: 第二段第一句提到“...his classmate

got him a job working on a hay (干草) farm”;第三段第一句提到“He once worked a few nights a week at a grocery store.”;第四段第一句提到“...but the following summer he tried working at a lumber yard.”;第五段提到“...he spent a year doing some tutoring for a friend of the family...”; 及“His first real job came the last year at school,when he fixed registers and worked on computers at a big box store.”。 答案: C 10.All the jobs Peter had taken had one thing in common:________. A.They didn’t pay well B.They were dull and tiresome C.They needed hard labour D.They were done during his vacation 解析: 细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句“It was a hot,lowpaying job.”,第三段最 后一句“It was dull and didn’t pay much.”第四段最后一句“It still didn’t pay well.”以及第 五段最后一句的“...but it still didn’t pay well.”可知, Peter 所做的这些工作的收入都不太好。 答案: A 11.________was the most important for Peter if he wanted a good job. A.Confidence C.Opportunity B.Education D.Wisdom

解析: 细节理解题。根据最后一段第二句“The only way to get that was to get trained or educated.”以及最后一句“Peter wanted the most out of life,and that meant education.”可知, Peter 如果想得到收入更好的工作就要接受培训或者接受教育,如果他想充分享受人生就必 须要去学习。 答案: B 12.We can learn from the text that________. A.Peter knew what to do with his future B.Peter’s father didn’t care about him C.it was very hard for Peter to make his choices D.Peter was determined to do whatever he liked 解析: 推理判断题。 根据最后一段第一、 二句“What Peter realized with all of these jobs was that he needed a better paying job!The only way to get that was to get trained or educated.” 可知,他最需要的是学习。由此可推知,Peter 知道该怎么面对他的将来了。 答案: A

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