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高一年级英语自主学习检测试卷 (M1&M2)
注意:1-35 题涂卡;第二卷(主观题)直接做在试卷上。 一.单项选择(20 题) 1. I don't want to make him monitor. He doesn't study hard. _______, he does not help others. A. However B. B

esides C. So D. But 2. This is the best way I could think of __________people getting into the dangerous areas. A.stopping B to keep C. to stop D. Keeping 3. I'll show you the magazine ______ I bought the other day. A.who B.that C.what D.where 4. His wife is always finding ________ with him, which makes him very angry. A.wrong B.fault C.problem D.mistake 5. He fell asleep with all the windows ________. A. Closed B.close C.closing D.to close 6.I still remember the days ________ we studied together. A. that B. which C. where D . when 7. The Swede did not understand the questions ________ were asked in French. A. where B. who C. in which D. which 8. He got well-prepared for the job interview, for he couldn?t risk _______ the good opportunity. A. to lose B. losing C. to be lost D. being lost 9. A new ______ bus service to Pudong Airport started to operated two months ago . A. normal B. usual C. regular D. common 10. This is the very film _______ I?ve long wished to see. A. that B. which C. who D. what Keys: 1—10 BCBBA// DDBCA 11—20 BADAB ; DAADC) 11. Finally she _______ that Tom was guilty. A. was convinced of B. was convinced C . convinced D. was convincing 12. --- Do you know Beijing well? --- No . It is the first time I ______ here? A. have been B. go C. went D. should go 13.By the time Jack returned home from England , his son ______ from college. A. graduated B. has graduated C. had been graduating D. had graduated 14.The talk was held in a friendly _______ and everybody seemed to be satisfied. A. atmosphere B. feeling C. situation D. surrounding 15.I don?t think I?ll need any money but I will bring some _______. A. for some reason B. in case C. after all D. on purpose 16.It is reported that the government has ____ the poor in some African countries ____ food , clothes and medicine. A. supplied; to B. offered; with C.offered ; to D. supplied ; with 17. --- Guess what , we ?ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this summer. --- How nice! You _____ a different culture then.

A.will be experiencingB. have experiencedC. have been experiencingD. will have experienced 18.She didn?t want to go to the lecture , so she ______ an excuse. A made up B.made out C. put up D. put out 19. ______ at the airport , he telephoned his wife and told her what he would do when he got home. A. Once arrived B. As soon as he reached C.When he got D. Upon arriving 20.” Life is like walking in the snow “ , Granny used to say , “ because every step _____. “ A. has shown B. is showing C. shows D. showed 二.阅读理解: (15 题) A Have you ever had travel problems because your airplane was late? It is a common problem and it is getting worse. Airport delays make people angry and cost the country billions in lost work time. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the government agency that oversees air travel. They studied the problem of airline delays. They found eleven major problems and proposed eleven ways to fix them. Some of the problems are caused because different regions of the country do things differently. The regions don't talk to each other enough. Some of them need new computers. Also, more planes are flying. A strong economy has more people using airplanes to get around. Airplanes are a form. of mass transportation now, like trains and buses were in the past. More planes in the airport cause delays. The airport in San Francisco is a good example. It is growing fast. Many people go through San Francisco to get to other places around the world. Ron Wilson of the San Francisco International Airport says, "If you've got 18 flights that all want to take off at 8:00 a. m. and you're on the 18th plane in line, you're going to 'be 40 minutes late." Weather is another main reason for delays. Weather causes about 70% of delays. Fog or freezing rain can cause delays. The first thing the FAA wants to do is to take control away from the regions during heavy traffic times and bad weather. A national center would make decisions on things that affect the whole country. The FAA also wants to put more distance between planes in the sky when the weather is bad. This rule could cause even more delays. The FAA knows that their solutions will not cure the problems with airport delays. But, they hope to make things better. There are just too many planes, too few traffic controllers, and not enough new technology. 21. FAA found that some of the delay problems are caused by ______ between to regions. A. different languages B. technical misunderstanding C. misunderstanding of the rules D. lack of communication 22. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a reason for airline delays? A. A growing number of flights B. Bad weather C. A growing population D. Lack of new technology 23. From the passage we can infer that ___________________. A. FAA is a national center which controls all the flight matters. B. FAA has taken control to solve airport delays C. in San Francisco, each plane will delay about 40 minutes D. safety rules during bad weather may cause more delays. 24. Which of the statements best gives the idea of the passage?

A. FAA should make decisions to stop airport delays. B. Airport delays are on the rise. C. Travel problems cost billions in lost work time. D. FAA has taken control of air traffic mationwide. (21---24 DCDB) B Living abroad to study can certainly be an interesting experience but is that alone a good enough reason for spending years far away from home? To make the experience truly worthwhile, there has to be a goal behind the decision to study abroad. This may be a wish to perfect language skills in a foreign language environment, or a clever move in your career development. You must also consider the costs, not just of living and studying abroad, but of applying. Most universities now charge application fees for international students. If after considering these points you are sure that you want to apply to study abroad, your next step is to choose the right programme of studies. Research your choices and select carefully. You must do your homework well. Most universities have information online but you can also email and ask them to send you more details. You can find a lot of information on school ranking from education websites. But read carefully. Different universities emphasize different strengths. Don?t just think about the university?s reputation (名声); look for the most suitable for your goals. Next, you must deal with a large pile of paperwork. This involves filling in application form, preparing your school records, and getting reference letters. Reading the instructions and requirements of the universities carefully is of great importance. Sadly, many fine applicants get kicked out in the first round, simply because they don?t follow the application procedure properly. Money is another important consideration. Some scholarships are provided by governments, others by schools and colleges. This information, again, can be found on the Internet. If you find a scholarship that is suitable for you, follow the application procedure carefully; the earlier you apply, the better your chance of getting it. 25. According to the article, studying abroad is truly worthwhile because ______. A. it is an interesting experience B. it is fun to travel around the world C. it is an opportunity to develop your career D. all your friends are doing so 26. A school ranking list tells you ______. A. how much the courses cost B. the names of all the professors C. how good the school is compared to others D. where the school is located 27. What are the three basic steps when you apply? A. Buy an airplane ticket, read the instructions and requirements, and study. B. Prepare reference letters, prepare school records, and fill in the application form. C. Prepare school records, do paperwork, and work hard. D. Write a reference letter, do paperwork, and study. 28. The underlined phrase “get kicked out in the first round” in Paragraph 3 means ______. A. fail to get to the next round B. lose money in the first round (25---28.CCBA) C If you do not use your arms or your legs for some time, they become weak; when you start using them again, they slowly become strong again. Everybody knows that. Yet many people do not seem to know that memory works in the same way. When someone says that he has a good memory, he really means that he keeps his memory in practice by using it. When someone else says that his memory is poor, he really means that he

does not give it enough chance to become strong. If a friend says that his arms and legs are weak, we know that it is his fault. But if he tells us that he has a poor memory, many of us think that his parents are to blame(责备), and few of us know that it is just his own fault. Have you ever found that some people can't read or write but they have better memories? This is because they cannot read or write and they have to remember things; they cannot write them down in a little notebook. They have to remember days, names, songs and stories; so their memory is the whole time being exercised. So if you want to have a good memory, learn from the people: practise remembering. 29. The main reason for one's poor memory is that ______ A. his memory is not often used B. he does not use his arms or legs for some time C. his father or mother may have a poor memory D. he can't read or write 30. If you do not use your arms or legs for some time, ______. A. you can't use them any more B. they will become stronger C. they become weak and won't become strong until you use them again D. they become weak but they slowly become strong again 31. Some people can't read or write, but they usually have better memories, because ______. A. they have saved much trouble B. they have saved much time to remember things C. they can't write everything in a little notebook D. they have to use their memories all the time 32. Give the best title (标题)for this passage. A. Don't Stop Using Your Arms Or Legs B. How To Have A Good Memory C. Strong Arms And Good Memories D. Learn From The People (29---32 ACDB ) D

Restaurant Assistant manager Waiting staff Telephonist
The ideal persons must have certain experience gained in a high quality hotel. Please call personnel on 071—722—77333,or send your CV (履历) to: Regents Park Hilton,Lodge Road, London NW87 JT LONDON RECENTS PARK HILTON JOIN THE STARS! FOOD SERVERS The biggest and busiest restaurant in London is seeking additional stars for its team of devoted professionals.If you have experience in high volume restaurants and are looking for a challenge, then come on down for an interview. Interview day is on Friday, 26th MAY from 12 noon to 7 p.m. Planet Hollywood is located at 13 Coventry Street,London,WI SECRETARY Busy chartered lawyers require experienced / efficient secretary , accounts , typing experience and an excellent telephone manner;essential shorthand useful. Please send CV to:BOX No.9246 o/o evening standard classified,2 Derry Street, Kensington W85EE. USE YOUR LANGUAGES AND EARN 450-1200P.W We are one of the largest business publishers in Europe and have limited vacancies for intelligent young people in our London advertisement sales office.

Enquiries from German,Spanish and eastern European speakers especially welcome. Phone Andrew Warburton on 071-753-4300 NURSE WANTED For9—month—old boy.Artist/Prof family Notting Hill. 3 days per week.Some extra hours possibly required. Knowledge German/Hungarian advantage not must 071-221—7375 TRAVEL COMPANY Vacancy for self-confident person to look after booking for our Caribbean hotels. Salary based on applicant's experience & suitability. Please send CV to: Lan Taplin,MRILTD,9 Galena Road,London,WGOLX Or telephone 071-721-43642 33. The reading materials above offer information most useful to a person who_______. A. works for business companies B. speaks several foreign languages C. is just out of work D. runs a hotel or restaurant 34. Most of the advertisements emphasize the importance of_______. A. knowledge B. techniques C. diligence D. experience 35. Which of the following does NOT agree with what is said in the above advertisements? A. THE STARS is the name of a famous restaurant in London. B. CV might refer to a brief self—introduction. C. Andrew Warburton?s office prefers those who speak other European languages besides English. D. The secretary for the third advertisement must be energetic. ( 33---35 CDA)

注意:1-35 题填涂在答题卡上;第二卷(主观题)直接做在试卷上。

第 二 卷 ( 主观题 )
一.从方框里选择适当的短语并用其正确形式填空(10 题)
go out; look back on; according to; result in; provide…with; donate…to…; be supposed to; fall out; ask about; work out 1. If you _________________the past, you will understand your parents better. 2. The great mother decided to _____________the kidney(肾) of her dying son ________a sick boy in the hospital. 3. The speaker _________________have arrived by now. What might have happened to him? 4. His hair began to _______________though he was only in his late thirties. 5. I spend at least one hour ________________in the gym every day. 6. When __________________what was going on, the girl started to cry. 7. _________________the weather report, there will be another rainstorm in the next few days. 8. People in the earthquake-stricken areas _______________________daily necessities.(用品) 9. The lights ___________________already by the time we got to the cinema.

10. The kind of poison can ___________________illness or even death. 答案:1 look back on 2.donate…to 3.is supposed to 4 fall out 5.working out 6 asked about According to 8. are/ were provided with 9.had gone out 10 result in

二.句型转化: (10 题)
1. When I attended the first meeting, I was required to write a poem and I had to read it out to the group. They required _______ ________ __________ a poem and ________ it out to the group when I attended the first meeting. 2. When he was asked why he was late, he didn?t say a word. When _______ why he was late, he _______ ________. 3. Children should not play in the street. Children _______ not ______ _______ play in the street. 4. Work hard at your lessons and you will pass the examine. ______ ______ Work hard at your lessons,_________ pass the examine. 5 .I live in the room whose window faces south. I live in the room _______ _________ _______ ______ faces south. 6. people have reported that they saw a wild man-like creature in the Himalayas. People have ________ ______ a wild man-like creature in the Himalayas. 7. He will take charge of the company before the new manager arrives. He will be _______ _______ _______ the company before the new manager arrives. 8.We plan to go through the desert on camels. We plan to go through the desert ________ __________ 9.Whenever she talks to him, he doesn?t know what to say. Whenever she talks to him, he is _________ _______ _______ for words. 10.As soon as he arrived at the hotel, he called to tell her. _________ _________ ________ at the hotel, he called to tell her. (1. me to write…read 2.asked…didn?t answer 3.are…supposed to 4.If you…you will 5. the window of which; of which the window 6 reported seeing 7.in charge of 8. by camel 9.at a loss 10 Upon/ On his arrival )

三.动词填空(填一词或多词) (10 题)
1. Missing the bus means _________ ( wait ) for another 30 minutes. 2. My doctor suggested I should eat less food ________(contain) too such sugar, salt or fat. 3. I thought the work was difficult ________ (deal with ) , but as a matter of fact, it is easy. 4. I can't tell you exactly when he ________(arrive); it will be around five o'clock in the morning 5. He had his eyes _______ ( check) by a doctor. 6. She said she _________( read) the book before. 7. This is the first time that I __________(be) to the Great Wall. 8. The band played many songs, some of my favourite __________ (include). 9. He ____________ ( call ) him three times so far but hasn't reached him successfully.

10. To our joy, she made a quick _________ (recover) from her illness. ( 1.waitng 2.containing 3.to deal with 4.will arrive 5.checked 6.had read 7.have been 8.included 9 has called 10.recovery )


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