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2015年《南方新高考》高考英语(新人教版,广东通用)一轮总复习配套课件:必修4 Unit 5 Theme parks

Unit 5 Theme parks

theme central various cartoon whichever amusement swing 运用词汇(会 attraction tourism wherever unique preserve settler athletic 认,会写,理解 minority cloth jungle creature sunlight advance advanced 意思,会运用) brand admission shuttle souvenir various kinds of 各种各样的…… make one's dreams come true 使梦想实现 travel through space 在太空遨游 fairy tale 童话故事 cartoon character 卡通人物 与本单元词汇 no wonder tourism is increasing 难怪旅游业在发展 相关的作文常 indoor and outdoor theatres 露天或室内的剧院 用表达 have fun in doing sth.尽情干某事 be modelled after the same pattern 根据同一模型制造的 run a farm 经营农场 survive an airplane crash 坠机后求生 in the jungle 在丛林中

advanced science and technology 先进的科技 in advance 提前 up-to-date information 最新的信息 hands-on learning 实践的学习机会 come to life 复苏/开始有生气 Tickets are available online.可以在网上购票。 the perfect mix of fun and learning 娱乐和学习完美的结合 to one's amusement 令人好笑的是 provide sb.with sth.=provide sth.for sb.给某人提供某物

与本单元词汇 相关的作文常 用表达

Noun center/centre 中心 variety 品种

Verb center 集中 vary 使不同

Adjective central 中央的;中心的 various 不同的;各种各样的

Adverb centrally 中央地

preserve 保护区 preservation 保存,保 preserve 保存;保留 留;维护 length 长度;长 advance 进步;前进 fantasy 幻想;怪念头 lengthen 延长 advance 前进;促 进;提前 long 长的 advanced 先进的;高级的 fantastic 奇异的;极好的 long 长久地;遥远地

根据所给的中文或首字母填写单词。 amusement 1 . To my ________________ ( 好笑), he waited for half an

hour in handstand.
preserve 2.We have to take effective measures to ________________ (保护) the environment. advances/progress ( 进 步 ) in 3. There have been great __________________ medicine in the last 50 years.

4 . As a famous historical and cultural city, Beijing has attractions quantities of historical ________________. admission to the 5 . His son failed to gain the __________________ university of his choice. swings 6. He ________________ (摆动) his arms as he walks.

unique 7 . The tranquil beauty of the village scenery is __________
(绝无仅有的). souvenir 8. Please accept this little gift as a ________________. athletic 9 . Most ________________ ( 运动的) activities are about individual effort. 10.This hotel is equipped with a _________________ heating central system.

1.西班牙曾以其强大的舰队而著称。 be famous/known for its strong armada. Spain used to ____________________ 2.那个文静的女孩自从当上售货员后变得活跃起来。

come to life The quiet girl has ________________________ since she
worked as a saleswoman. 3.机场为旅客提供了各种食品。 provided/supplied the passengers ________ The airport _______________ with

various foods.

4.难怪他从不担心此事,原来他早就知道了。 No wonder ____________________ he never worried about it.He knew it already. 5.这栋古色古香的大楼完全仿造了唐代风格。

modelled The building, with rich ancient flavor, is totally ________
after the style of Tang Dynasty. ________ 6.不要靠近起火的大楼,否则你会受伤。 get close to Don't ________________________ the burning building, or you'll get hurt.

not only but also Mr.John can speak _____________ English ______________ Chinese. 8.我们不得不提前交付租金。 in advance We had to pay the rent ________________. 9.她就像童话里的公主。 fairy tale She was like a princess in a ________________.

To my great amusement , his false beard fell off. ________________________

原句 1 Some parks are famous for having the biggest or longest roller coasters, others for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture. 有些公园因为有最大或最长的过山车而闻 名,另外一些则是因为展示了某种文化景象而闻名。 本句中的“some..., others...”意为“一些……另一些……”,

“are famous” 1.有些学生喜欢用电脑作为辅助的(assistant)教学方法,其

他学生则喜欢用粉笔加黑板的传统方式。 Some students are fond of being taught in a modern way with __________________________________________________ computer as an assistant, others in a traditional way using __________________________________________________ chalks and blackboard. __________________________________________________

原句 2 Dollywood, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the southeastern USA, is one of the most unique theme parks in the world.位于美国东南部风景秀丽的烟山山脉中的多莱坞,是世界 上最独特的主题公园之一。 介 词 短 语 “in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the southeastern USA”在句中作地点状语。地点状语一般位于句末, 但当状语较长时可以提前,并经常与被修饰的词用逗号隔开,

2.那个纯朴的(rustic)渔村位于遥远宁静的小海岛之上,是 他朝思暮想的地方(one's desirously yearning place)。 That rustic fishing village, on a remote and peaceful small __________________________________________________ island, is his desirously yearning place. __________________________________________________

运用本单元的短语和句型用 5 个句子把下面的段落翻译 成英文, 并背诵之。 你现在身处恐龙主题公园。这个公园是仿造恐龙时代的生 活而建造的,因为它是根据一种古老而又已经在几百万年前灭 绝了的生物——恐龙而建的。来到这里,你能找到各种各样的



Now you are in a dinosaur theme park.The park is modelled

after life in the days of dinosaurs because it is based on a kind of
old creature, which






ago—dinosaur.Coming here, you will find various kinds of
dinosaurs, which lived in the Jurassic.All the exhibits are so vivid that all the dinosaurs seem to have come to life.I'm sure that anyone who comes here can not only have fun but also learn something about dinosaurs.

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