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第一单元词汇复习(会读会翻译) tidy lend round nervous deal can day rain term actress cotton singer like are dress comb piano have wear today your face pupil dislike pea husband Miss hate pod pal either awful violin wool music pleasure introduce thank photo walk young good get cotton jeans winner blouse iron fair

local correct England new you


university help feel never twenty(序) lose(过分)

school look have coat

who is

little friend

camera purple



two(序) say(过分)

three(序) feel(过) stop(过) like(反)

five(序) buy(过) play(过分)

class(复) foot(复)

draw(过) tooth(复)


shop(过) photo(复)

student(同义) piano(复) 短语:make

many/much(比) invite(现分) a deal.


be fun to do . try to do. be ready to do . in in the back at home. end

be happy to do. January . doing weekend write of other . . .a . go more be few

play the piano . a little scared . be made of . like . days all out look . in year of the like. be good talk of . . at. to . on be spend

following . both go out for

round. bed . hold

down . . one



question .

come so

over . young

one ,….the

go to university . have


Kate and Peter like sports. In summer they swim


and in winter they skate. They are planning a skate trip for this weekend, but they don’t know about the weather. It’s 7:30 now and they are listening to the weather report on the radio. The weather is giving the weather for the weekend. Friday is going to be cold and cloudy, but it’s not going to rain. The temperature is going to be below zero. It’s going to snow on Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday are going to be cold and sunny.” Now Kate and Peter are happy. The weather is going to be very nice for a skate trip. They are going to have a gook time on the hills.
第二单元测试 单词:subject bit car cry black present group language download everything

art yet pair happy this

future half mother cotton homework

watch project shop often

except painter really

text become

noon which

social bus long shirt physics district

supper holiday hurry

famous while smart

party tomorrow boat noise

aloud central

secret festival

ocean relax

row shelf



southern carry admire

tonight examination


discussion clock

remember culture


.词型变换。 beautiful(比.最) teach (过) (过分) (现分) (复) good/well (比.最) run(名)

paint(名) except (同义) win(名) leaf(复) stop(过) see you

old(比) tell(过) fun (形) forget(过) himself(复) travel(名) write carry knife


study(过)bring(过) late(比) way(复) be good at he isn’t

短语:be late for 1.I don’t think


Tom ,___ ___?(反意)

2.They can write sentence in English ___ ___? 3.We speak English everyday,___ ___?

4.Her sister likes going shopping,___ ___? 5.Mr.Wang bought a car for me ___ ___?

6.He has never come here before,____ ____? 7.Don't open the door,___ ___? 8.Let's go there quickly,___ ___? a lot of for. half like be surprise. so interesting . homework. for. learn make sb. do. a few . about at noon . how to do . . write to sb. be short . . . at 4. look

be good an hour .

in the hall a picture of

in two minutes turn off such as. .

help…with .

. give a talk

have an exam what about

colder than .


1.I'm good at English.(同义) I___ ___ ___English. 2.Tom is good at playing football.(同义) Tom___ ___ _____playing… 3.I have written 3 letters.(一般) ___you____ three letters ?

4.He has told me a lot about you.(否定) He_____ _____me a lot about you 5.Danny has already bought many pictures.(否定句)

Danny___ ____ ____ many pictures____. Channel 1 Channel 2 18:00 Around China 17:45 Computers today

18:30 Children’s programmer 18:10 Foreign arts 19:00 News 18:30 morden English 19:30 Weather report 19:00 Animal world 19:40 Around the world 19:25 In Asia 20:10 TV play: sisters 20:20 sports 21:00 English for today 21:00 Sports player: Yao Ming 21:15 Pop music 21:45 English news 21:55 Talk show 22:05 On TV next week 第三单元复习 单词:mid dinner style wish city travel leaf huge harvest exciting favourite Chinese foot come most fit candle usual tape fun know many lovely drawer mail wonder lively mean feast late anyway same now fashion dessert return lunch moon size turkey celebrate clothing

grandma meet

grandparent word world heavy cardboard culture .词型变换。

soon our grocery jacket


beautiful gathering carry half

together quarter secret

Canadian noise

Thanksgiving artist shelf

conversation relax smart


beautiful (比.最) paint(名) old (比) tell(过) teach (过) good/well (比.最)except(同义) fun(形) write(过)(过分) (名) win(名) forget(过) carry(现分) run(名) play

study(过)bring(过) way(复) box (复数) happy (副词) fix(单三) dig stop

leaf(复) (过)



late(比) blow (过去式)

travel(名)autumn (同义词) pass (单三) buy (过去式)

three (序数词) early (反义词) (过分) 试穿 特殊的东西 in November in different ways

same (反义词) cloth (复数)

tomato(复) 吹灭 离家在外 在十月 家谱 in fashion think of famous popular

the same size as what size

The world’s forests become smaller and smaller . People are still cutting down the trees . Why is this happening ? There are two reasons —— land and wood . People need land for animals and crops . People want wood , too . People in every country need

wood .Wood is used for buildings or made into furniture . But most places in the forests are not good for animals or crops . The soil in the forests is very thin . When trees are cut down , the soil is washed away by rain or blown away by wind . Soon there is nothing left but sand . Then more land will be needed and more trees will be cut down . Who can we blame (责备) for the lost forests ? The answer is : all of us . There are too many people in the world . Look around .Maybe you are lying on a bed or witting on a chair . They are made of wood . 第四单元复习

cinema wrong sew main skill

truth show

cross football

job bakery mail block box


smell complete master

safe bank treat

centre floor tailor customer ask lose post paint



opposite through these begin


housework cartoon eat much poor entrance drink safe

regular card usually find white

yummy luck make matter birthday thirsty time

those small


through horse map way snow special key

leg hot year future job

rich diary

work teacher driver doctor more 在去……的路上 迷路 fun . 词) 经过


pleased birthday horse house acrosss 一张纸在第二个路口向右转 walk along. sun(形容词) cost(过去式) a lot of

在……对面 get to know.

cross the street. their(名物) good(比较级) by(同音词)

two(序数 I (名物)

same(反义词) 短语互译 迷路



get to know. 在去….的路上

walk by \ along the sidewalk 五分钟的路程 一张纸 在….对面



This is a true story . It happened to a friend of mine a year ago . While my friend , Peter , was reading in bed , two thieves (贼) climbed into another room . It was

very dark , so they turned on the light .Suddenly they heard a voice behind them . What’s up ?” “What’s up ? ” someone called . The thieves turned off the light and ran away as quickly as they could . Peter heard the noise and came downstairs quickly . He turned on the light . but he couldn’t see

anyone .The thieves were already gone . But Peter’s parrot , Henry , was still there . What’s up , Peter ?” He called . “Nothing , Henry ,” Peter said and smiled , “go back to sleep .” 第五单元复习 scary overcome fact rich goal carefully engineer yearbook build pilot model between lock experience someday crop but strict speak hello use put country give spell(过) wife(复) hobby fast(反) key(复) rich(反) read fear advice correctly improve encourage with here say height choose step spell lawyer clear punish about her keep

hobby farmer

somewhere wife kid

building ambition wise phone why other

nobody path

choice actor guess

yourself but at in own easy lazy


problem maybe another learn

sorry or

language write


识记词型: careful (副) big(比) (过) say(过) (复) (副) 词) but(同义) know(过分)

choose(过) leaf(复)

care (形容) watch(单三) nine (序)

big(比.最) class slow

old(比最) act(人) teach (过) reply (近义词) be (过分)

choose (过) advise (名词)

wife (复数)


predict(名词) visit(名

改错(10 分) 1.He has three friend . 2.Li Ming like fish. we.

3.Give she a book.

4.This is a photo of





rice. 6.How







love Danny.

8.She showed a photo for me. 9.I buy a pen yesterday. 10.Jenny asks me help her.

Man has a big brain(大脑). He can think, learn and speak. Scientists one thought that men are different from animals because they can think and learn. They know now that dogs, cats and birds can learn too. They are beginning to understand that. They make noises when they are afraid, or angry or unhappy. Apes(猿) can understand some things more quickly than human, one or two of them have learnt a few words. But they can not join words to make sentences. They can not think like us because they have no language. Language is a wonderful thing. Man has been able to build a modern world because he has language. Every child can speak his own language very well when he is four or five, —but no animal learns to speak. How do children learn it ? Scientists do not really know. What happens inside our body when we speak? They do not know. They only know that man can speak because he has a brain. 第六单元复习 recently lazy repeat fox opportunity race dictionary information programmer backwords how where forwards excellent television therein story amazing dig common alphabet western exactly tongue foreign journalist translator


meaning knowledge scientist apartment thing


method article

company professor America

important represent diplomat what







family mouth 界各地

buy hand 超过


great see


desk radio


remember 寻找 查字典 投入

month 世 事实

build 继续努力

station 放弃



对。。感性趣 。 choose (名次) 词) 义词 ) blow

slowly (比) mean teach

job (同)

过去式 过去分词: 2.foreign 5.worker(动 job(同 key(复数)


3.person (形容词)

4.meaning(动词) scientist(名词)



most(原 级)

television (简 写)

phone(完全形式) 官方语言 两年前 tlak do. with 听广播 全世界 sb. one

examination (简写) 查字典 在互联网上 more time. more 用英语 造句 write 翻译 the door to to me. 停止做某事 the world sb. . to sb,.

encourage live

an idea.



something new. Of all the things we eat and drink, water is the most important. Not many people realize this but it is quite true. The Human(人类) body goes without food for a long time, but two or three days without water usually results in death. Many people do not understand how much water the human body needs to work properly and many people do not drink enough, especially in hot weather. Most people drink when they are thirsty, but we often need more water, especially if we have been taking exercises. percent of water. Most people need about five to seven litres A man’s body is 65 to 75 of water every day, but we

do not need to drink this amount(数量) because a lot comes from the food we eat. Or we do not have enough water, we feel thirsty and may become ill. Do you know what the

best drink is ? Yes, cold water. 第七单元复习 real club print guy garden land prize riddle adult chess stick lot field compete even proud seem launch collection side sign giant moment lend nice live enjoy skate ask rock glue alone spare wood strange adult myself cover instruction trade bring member guess reason digtal yo-yo visit

parking wide take

memory Germany watch hear

anymore find think

ordinary borrow information find tell

smoke ski

computer stay advice with

Internet hour

knowledge short see

because write begin

be covered be famous for

deal with

do with be filled with not…anymore much information 1.hobby(复数) 词) 。 词) in one’s

be proud of spare time




in Germany

feel proud

seem to do 3 build(过去式) 6 I (名物) 7 she (宾格) 4 they(反身代 8 sell (反义

2 really (形容词)

5 confidence (形容词) 9 enjoy (形容词) photo(复)

10 popular (比较级) proud(副) lose(过)

词型: (复) buy(反) hobby build(过) popular(比) we(反身) smell she


sit(现分) enjoy(形)

(过) send (过分) (反身) he(反身)

we(反身) them(主)

第八单元复习 chat unique

online sense

suppose born

describe relative

ourselves title


personal Geek SOS

strength knit


Christmas himself stage confidence sing clever bakery that this win

decorate agree opera challenge quite

spelling notice strive almost wide tidy

spirit fall

impossible loser sound continue

end dance

accept joke

college final clean

confident high final piano

themselves nurse

microphone true yet



foolish slow just fast hope open wish English minute his look mine hers from food

west( 形 容 词 )_______ take( 反 义 词 )______we( 宾 格 )_____fun ( 形 容 词 )________ left( 复 数 )_________heavy( 反 义 词 )_______easy( 副 词 )________ 分)_________catch(单三)_______I(宾格)__________run(名) 心_______到达___________ 为某人欢呼_______ window____________看比赛 Merry Christmas give a 一双跑鞋 report be proud of look hit( 现

person(形)________当 out of wait and the for





be confident in make sense join a club add…to 1.I’m make sentences feel proud go through give up on. no matter what be full of Play…against (翻译)

I know for sure back home.

2.I’m in Class3 Grade 8 this term. 3.There are 900 hundred students in our Grade. 4.My class has 55 pupils. 5.I was happy to see your e-mail.

6.He lives with his family. 7.You look like an actress.

8.I can help you takes photos after school. 9. I play the violin. He likes football. 10.I hope to see you sometime. 11.We have learned a lot. 12.It’s time for class. It’s time to have class.

13.I have lived Canada for 15 years old. 14.I want to know about China. 15.Do you want to be a painter. 16.Don’t be late.

17.Have you ever seen the book ? 18.My favourite 19.What’s 20.It’s your subject favourite for is me very is art. subject ? to study important. to the cinema ? English well.

important maths


22.Can you tell me the way 23.What 24.Could 25.This is 26.I don’t 27.Where 28.How



do to

for you ? Jenny ? that ?

I speak Danny know does does

speaking. Who’s how to get

to the park ?

she live ? Tom go to work ?

29.He 30.Give 31.Give

asked me

us four

not more

to sit books.


me another


books. is want ? for my son. green.

32.One is 33.What

red , the other size do for you

34.I’m looking

a coat


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