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First wealth is health. 健康是人生的第一财富

n. 日常饮食 (C)

go / be on a diet 节食

put sb on a diet 使..节食 A balanced diet
v. 控制饮食

diet oneself


diet sb


Explanation in Reading
1. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated.
-ing 形式短语做伴随状语 He placed two tables together, spreading all the papers out on them. Pretending to look frightened, I backed towards the door.

She buried her head under the pillow, ______.crying (cry) The children came into the sittingroom, singing and dancing (sing and _________________. dance)

1) Nora stood at the bus stop,
reading a newspaper __________________.

2) ___________________________, you Standing on the top of the hill can have a better view of the city. 站在山顶上, 你能更好地看到这个城 市。

3) Olive came ______________________ running to the building. 奥丽夫跑步来到大楼前。 4) “We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, ____ out of the window. A A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked

frustrated 是形容词,意为“ 失 望的,失意的” 他感到既失意又恼火。 He feels frustrated and angry. frustrate v. 使挫败, 使不成功 The bad weather frustrates our hopes of having a picnic. 坏天气使我们野餐的愿望无法实现。

2. What could have happened? Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. could have done 表过去本能够做某事 must have done 主观上对过去情况的一种肯定
猜测,意为“一定做过某事” 情态动词+have done must have done 过去一定做 may have done 过去可能做 can’t/couldn’t have done 过去不可能做

? She must have arrived home by now. ? Judging from her appearance and manner, she couldn’t have been over fifty years old.

3. “Nothing could be better.” he thought. =All his foods could be best. 他想,“再没有比这些更好吃的了”。

此句是用比较级的否定形式表示最高级含义。 e.g.1)---How are you getting on? (你怎么样?) ---Nothing could be better. (再好不过了) 2)---Did you sleep well last night?

---Never better, like a rock. (再好不过)

3)--How did your father feel when he saw what a mess you had made? angrier -- He can’t be _______. (angry) 4) Nobody loved money better than he. 5)I think nothing is more pleasant than traveling. = ________________________________ Travelling is the most pleasant thing.
2) 当你疲劳的时候,没有什么比好好休息一 下更好的了。 There is nothing better than a good _________________________________ rest when you are very tired. _________________________________

4. Tierd of all that fat? tire 1) v.使疲倦,厌烦 The long walk tired the child. She never tired of talking about her son. 2) tired adj.累的, 疲劳的; 厌烦的, 烦倦的 be/get tired of 对…厌烦 be tired with/from 因..感到疲劳 Are you tired of doing the same thing every day? We are tired from/with the extra work.

3) tire sb. out be tired out 筋疲力尽 The long lecture tired the students out. We were tired out when we got there. 5.lose weight 减轻体重,减肥 put on weight 增加体重 If you are not too fat, you needn’t lose weight. He has put on a lot of weight since last year.

6. Curiosity drove Wang Peng inside.
drive: vt. 驱赶 (动物), 驱使……

We at last drove the enemy out of our
country. 我们最后把敌人驱逐出我们的国家。 那噪音令我发疯。 The terrible noise drove me mad.

7. curiosity n. 好奇心 Curiosity drove us to learn more! have curiosity to do sth 有做某事的好奇心

out of curiosity
satisfy one’s curiosity curious adj. 好奇心的 be curious about sth be curious to do it is curious that ….

满足某人的好奇心 好奇做某事 对…好奇 ….很好奇

8. Wang Peng was amazed at this and especially at the prices. amaze v. 吃惊,使吃惊 e.g. It amazed me to hear that you were leaving. be amazed at…. 对……感到惊讶, 惊愕 e.g. You would be amazed at how difficult it was.

9. It cost more than a good meal in his restaurant. @ cost表花_____,作主语的是______ “钱” “物” sth cost/costs (sb) sth @ spend既可指花 _____,又可指花_____。 “钱” “时间” 在主动语态作主语的应当是_____, 宾语可 “人” 以是money, energy, time。 常用句型为: 1)sb. + spend + 宾语 + on + sth. 2)sb. + spend + 宾语 + (in) doing sth.

@ take 一般表花 ______,常用于句型: “时间” ___________________________ It takes sb. some time to do sth. @ pay 一般表 _______,在主动语态中做主 “付钱” 语的应当是______,其宾语有三种形式: “人” sb. sb. pay(s)/payed some money sb. some money for sth.

1) How much does it ____? cost spent 2) She _____ a lot of money on books. 3) It _____ her 20 minutes to go to school. takes

= she _____ 20 minutes to go to school. takes

Every year she spends about $1000 on books. 4) ___________________________________


5) 她付给他20元买了一件衬衫。 She paid him 10 yuan for the shirt. ___________________________________ 6) 老板已付给我1000元了。 The boss has paid me 1000 yuan. ___________________________________

9. He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! 他可不能让 咏慧哄骗人们!

can not have sb doing sth “不能容忍某人做某事” 1) 我不容许你这样说。 I can’t have you saying so. 2) 他不容许女儿晚回家。 He won’t have his daughter arriving home late. 此处的have用在否定句中, 特别是用在will not, can not 等之后。

have sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事 Eg: She had us working day after day. have sb do sth 让某人做某事 She had her daughter work in shanghai. have sth. done 使某事被做 Eg: I had my watch fixed yesterday.

1. It was freezing, so they had the fire______ all night long. A. to burn B. burned C. burn D. burning 2. His computer won’t start, so he must have it________ . A. to repair B. repaired C. repair D. repairing

b) get away with doing sth. (informal): not
be punished for sth. 不因某事受惩罚 I won’t have you getting away with cheating in the exam.

get away with sth.

steal sth. and escape with it

The robbers robbed the bank and got away with a lot of money. 这些盗贼抢了银行, 携巨款潜逃。 receive (a relatively light) punishment 受到(较轻的处罚) He was so lucky to get away with a fine for such a serious mistake. 他犯了如此严重的错误, 侥幸只交了罚 款了事。

10. lie n. 谎话
tell lies to sb = tell a lie to sb vi. 说谎;躺;位于
She lay on the grass, looking into the sky. 她躺在床上,望着天空。 Don’t believe her! she always lies. 不要相信她,她总是说谎。 Shanghai lies in the east of China. 上海位于中国的东部。

动词原 形 lie lie lay



躺;卧 放置; 产卵

lay laid

过去分 词 lied lain laid

现在分 词 lying lying laying

规则的说谎;不规则的躺, 躺下就下蛋;下蛋不规则。

The child said that he had ____the pen on the desk, but I thought he _____to me. A. lain; lied B. lied; lain C. lied; lay D. laid; lied

11. He had better do some research. research n. & v.研究;调查;探索 do research into / on 对……进行研究/调查 research (into/in/on)


They are doing some research on some social problems.

They’re researching (into) ways of
improving people's diet.

11. Want to feel fit and energetic?
feel 在这里用做系动词, fit为表语,

1) feel + adj. 摸起来有…感觉 The water feels cold.

2) feel + 宾语+不定式(省to)/现在分词

e.g. He feels his health improve /

3) feel+(it)+宾补+不定式(真正宾语)
e.g. She feels it necessary to tell them the news.

12. Our food gives you energy all day! 【考点】energy在此为不可数名词, 意 为“精力; 能量”。 【考例】—You are always full of ____. Can you tell me the secret? —Taking plenty of exercise every day. (福建 2007) A. power B. strength C. force D. energy

【点拨】考查名词辨析。根据题 意此处指精力。power动力, 权力; strength力气, 力量; force力, 武力。 故选D项。

12.The competition between the two

restaurants was on! on作副词与be连用时,可以表示以下几个意思: (1)(电灯、水等)开着 (2)正在进行,举行 (3)上演,演出 灯都亮着。

①The lights were all on.
他们家的电视总是开着。 ② The TV is always on in their house. ③电影院在上演什么片子? What's on at the movie? The film had been on for five minutes when I got to the cinema.

13. The competition between the two restaurants was on! on作副词与be连用时,可以表示以 下几个意思: (1) (电灯、水等)开着 (2) 正在进行,举行 (3) 上演,演出

① 灯都亮着。 The lights were all on. ② 他们家的电视总是开着。 The TV is always on in their house. ③电影院在上演什么片子? What’s on at the movie? ④ 我到电影院的时候,电影已经开演五分 钟了。 The film had been on for five minutes when I got to the cinema.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

a balanced diet in different ways be full of ought to lose weight be tired of be amazed at

8. get away with 9. tell a lie 10. far too much fat 11. even though 12. keep fit / healthy 13. win….back 14. do some research

II. 用适当的介词或副词填空。
1. Since you are dishonest, how can you expect to win her _____? back 2. Most people who pay attention __ what to they eat are trying to lose weight. 3. These books will provide us ____ all the with information we need.

4. These goods will be sold ____ a at
discount. 5. She told a lie and she would not get away ______ it at last. with 6. A: The two sides were fighting. B: The fight between the two sides was _____. on

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