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1.deserve+n. 应受... deserve a reward 应受奖励 deserve a punishment 应受惩罚 2.deserve doing 值得被做 He deserves punishing 他罪有应得 3.deserve to do 值得做... Your suggestion deserves to be considered/consideraton 你的建议值得被考虑 4.deserve ill/well of 有罪于/有功于

…put you into the action put sth into practice put sth into action

imagine. a. imagine doing sth想象,设想 imagine living 1).She couldn’t_____________ in a place like that. 她很难想象生活在像那样的一个地方。 2) imagine sb. doing

Not only… but also…
2) 3)


Not only 放在句首,所在分句用部分倒 装。 Not only A but also B= B as well as A Not only…but also连接并列主语时,谓 语动词的数“就近原则”。 but also中的also 可省去 ;but also 也可 换成but …as well。

Not only the students but also the

teacher was against the plan.
Not only the teacher but also the students were against the plan.

他不但喜欢英语,也喜欢汉语。 He likes not only English but also Chinese. _____ _____ _____ _____ like English, but also Chinese. Not only does he 否定词放在句首,主句用部分倒装,常见的否定词有: never, hardly, seldom, scarcely, barely, little, nowhere, in no way, at no time, not only, in no case, not until等等。 ? Never shall I do this again. ? Little did he know who the woman was. ? In no way can they leave freely. ? Nowhere could they find the lost child.

Not until the early years of the 19th century ________what heat is. A. man did know B. man knew C. didn’t man know D. did man know

Never before ________ in greater need of modern public transport than it is today. A. has this city been B. this city has been C. was this city D. this city was

sense 感觉,辨别力,观念,意识 a sense of honour / humor / justice 荣誉/幽默/正义感 Tip: come to one’s sense 神智恢复正常 common sense 常识 in a sense 在某种意义上 make sense 有意义,讲得通 make sense of 理解明白 there is no sense in doing sth. (做某事)没道理

upon prep. 在……后立即,一…… 就…… e.g. Upon/On his arrival in Paris, the famous star was warmly welcomed by his fans. 那位明星一到巴黎就受到影迷 的热烈欢迎。 Upon/On hearing of his parents’ death, he fainted. 一听到他父母去世的消息, 他晕倒了。

到达峰顶时,观众心中将会涌起一种愉悦感 和成就感。 ______reaching Upon ________the top of the mountain, a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement will be experienced. Upon/On +n./doing : as soon as sb. does sth. , the moment sb. does sth. 一??就??

Fill in the blanks without changing the meaning of the sentence ? As soon as I arrived, I went to see my former teacher. _____ _____arrival I went to see my On my ______, former teacher. ? As soon as they heard the scream, all rushed out to see what was happening. _____ ________ the scream, all rushed On hearing out to see what was happening.

design 及物动词 vt. 1. 设计;构思:绘制 Architects design buildings. 建筑师设计房屋。 2. 打算将...用来(计划、谋划) The experiment is designed to test the new drug. 实验的目的是试验新药。

不及物动词 vi. 设计,画图样;当设计师 He designs for our dress department. 他在我们的服装部当设计师。 名词 n. 1. 图样,图纸[C][U] 2. 设计术;制图术[U] She attended a school of dress design. 她就读于一所服装设计学校。 3. 图案;花纹[C] I like the design of that rug. 我喜欢那地毯的图案。

To add to the virtual world of RealCine, …
add to=increase
? The

增加, 扩建

bad weather added to our difficulties. ? add sth.to sth. 添加 ? If the tea is too strong, add some water to it. ? add sth. up 加起来 ? Please add all the figures up. ? add up to 总计,合计 ? The cost for the holiday added up to 3000 yuan.

1) Thousands of new books from abroad added to have been ________the school library. add to 2) Setting off fireworks can_______ the atmosphere of the festival. 3) You must have made a mistake when you added up _______ the bill _____, because the added up to bill____________ more than 1000 yuan.

8. give out (1) 散发(光,热,气味等) The flowers in the garden give out pleasant smell. (2) 用光,耗尽 When the student made the same mistake again, my patience gave out. (3) 精疲力尽 After climbing up the mountain, I gave out. (4) hand out 分发 In order to go to school, the 7-year-old boy made money by giving out leaflets in the street.

give away give off
give over give up

赠送;泄露(秘密); 放出(光、烟、气味等)
交付,托付 戒除(习惯等);放弃

give in to sb./sth. 屈服于,投降于

What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has _________? (2005 山东) A. given out B. put out C. held up D. used up

Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may _______ the shocking ending. (2003 北京) A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give off

9.Both the headsets and the gloves are connected to the RealCine computer system. 耳机和手套均与RealCine电 脑系统相连接。 ? be connected to与……相连接 Tip: connect A with / to B A与B连接起来 A be connected with B A与B有关系 ? 请接邮政局. Connect me with the post-office. ? 警察认为他与那起谋杀案有关. The police thought he was connected with the murder.

C She is connected ____ a noble family. A.to B.by C.with D.from

注意:当要表达“把A与B连接起来’’ 时,用介词to和with都可以;但要表达 “A与B有联系’’时,只能用with。

winning adj. 制胜的,获胜的

the leader of the winning party

Peter scored the winning goal.

put forward (1) 提出,建议 It’s reported that Nanjing has put forward the general plan for city-building. (2) 拨快 The clock has stopped. Please put forward the hands of it. (3) 推荐 I’d like to put forward one of my friend for the position.

be disappointed by/at/about/with 1). The old man was disappointed by his ___________ disappointing son. 那位老人对那个令他失望的儿子感到失 望。 disappointed 某人感到失望 disappointing令人感到失望 2). Are ____you really __________________ disappointed about/at losing the game?

convenience 1. at your convenience在您方便时得 Please call me back at your convenience. 2. at your earliest convenience 在您方便时请早日…,得便请尽早… 3. make a convenience of someone 利用某人(的善良忠厚或热情待人等 adj. convenient convenient 方便的,句子的主语不是是人 It’s convenient for me to come at that time.

需要强调的是, 如果想表达“如果你方便”时,

If it is convenient for you to …

13. Besides this, … besides :prep. in addition to, as well as 除……之外(还有) 辨析:1) except, besides (prep.) 在肯定句中: besides:除……之外(还有) except: 除……之外(但不包括在内)
They all went there besides Tom. 除汤姆去了以外,他们也都去了。 They all went there except Tom. 他们都去了,只有汤姆没去。

在否定句中 besides=except I don’t care for anything besides/except this. 除了这个,我不要别的了。

辨析 2):except, except for ,except that 1). except“除……之外”,但其后的事物 (或人)不包括在内, 指从整体中排除。 2). except for“除了……”,指对整体主要部 分的肯定,对except for后面的部分作局 部否定,起修正句子主要意思的作用。 3).except that“除了,只是”后跟从句。

We all succeed except him. (we, him 属于同类) He is a good man except for hot temper. (man, temper不属于同类)

besides/ except/ except for/ except that Exercise 1).I have learned three foreign languages, besides _______ English. Except 2). _______ Tom, they all went to the park. 3). Your composition is very good except for ____________some spelling mistakes.

except that 4). I did not tell him everything __________ I needed the money.

辨析:3. except, but but: 除…之外,意思同except,常于不定代词 连用,或与疑问代词连用 All but him agreed to the plan.
besides 还可作adv. =in addition, what’s more 而且,此外 I don’t like the color of the dress. Besides, it’s too expensive.

For example, firefighters could be trained using RealCine without the risk of sending them into a burning building. (P43) ? risk n. take a risk (of) ? 尽管暴风雪, 渔民们冒险出海。 Despite the storm, the fishermen took a risk of sailing out into the sea.

risk v. risk sth/doing sth ? 当他从火中救出小孩时冒着生命危险.

He risked his life when he tried to save the child out of the fire.


How can I risk hurting his feelings?

provide sth for sb =provide sb with sth供给 某人某物
provided The government ________the poor
with children ____books and clothes.

provided =The government _______ books
for/to and clothes __

the poor children

More jobs ___ the school-leavers in the B

A.will be provided with
B. will be provided to

C. were to provide to
D. are supplied to

供给某人某物 provide sth for/to sb =provide sb with sth supply sth for/to sb = supply sb with sth offer sth to sb = offer sb sth

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