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1.不可否认 It is undeniablethat./There is no denying that. 2.采取措施 take effectivemeasures to do sth./something effective must be done to. 3.充分利用 make full use of/take advantage of 4.大有裨益 do good to/be beneficial to 5.导致引起 lead to/give rise to/contribute to 6.对??有害 do harm to/be harmful to 7.奉献社会 make contributions to society 8.毫无疑问 Undoubtedly/There ia no doubt that 9.交流思想 exchange ideas/emotions/information 10.交流情感 exchange emotions 11.解压减负 relieve stress/burden 12.经济负担 financial burden 13.开阔眼界 widen one's horizen/broaden one's vision 14.课业负担 too much homework/heavy burden of homework 15.普遍认为 It is commonly believed /recognized that 16.恰恰相反 in contrast/on the contrary 17.热烈讨论 have a heated discussion/debate 18.投身于 be devoted to 19.心理负担 psychologicalburden with

20.扬长避短 adopt one's good pionts and avoid the shortcomings 21.引起关注 draw public attention 22.与某相比 compared with/in comparison

23.与时俱进 keep pace with times 24.自然资源 valuable natural resources 25.综合素质 comprehensivequality 26.遵守秩序 observe public order/observe discipline 27.把时间精力放在??上 focus one's time and energy on 28.不可推卸的义务 unshakableduty 29.产生有利影响 have positive effects on 30.产生不利影响 have negative effects on 31.持不同态度 hold different attitudes towards this issue 32.考虑到多方面因素 take many factors into account/consideration 33.扩大知识面 expand one's scope of knowledge 34.切实减轻我们的课业负担 effectively reduce our heavy homework assignments 35.身心两方面 both physically and mentally 36.我们生活的各方面 in all aspects of human life 37.因特网方便快捷 It's convenientand efficientto use computer and the Internet.

高考英语知识点:英语作文 结尾万能公式
1、高考英语作文结尾万能公式一:如此结论 说完了,毕竟要归纳一番,相信各位都有 这样的经历,领导长篇大论,到最后终于冒出个 “总而言之”之类的话,我们马上停止开小差, 等待领导说结束语。也就是说,开头很好,也必 然要有一个精彩的结尾,让读者眼前一亮,这样, 你就可以拿高分了!比如下面的例子:

因为这里虽然也是废话,但是却用了一个很经典 的虚拟语气的句型。 Obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem. 这里的虚拟语气用得很经典,因为考官本 来经常考这个句型,而如果我们自己写出来,你 说考官会怎么想呢? 更多句型: Accordingly, I recommend that some

Obviously(此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from

measures be taken. Consequently, to solve the problem,

politeness and respect for others. some measures should be taken. 如果读者很难“显而见之”,但说无妨, 就当读者的眼光太浅罢了! 从复现的频率来看,此点是高考对形容词、 更多过渡短语: 副词考查的第一大热点。解答此类题关键是要分 to sum up、in conclusion、in brief、 on account of this、thus 更多句型: Thus, it can be concluded that?, Therefore, we can find that? 2、高考英语作文结尾万能公式二:如此建 议 如果说“如此结论”是结尾最没用的废 话,那么“如此建议”应该是最有价值的废话了, 析具体的语境,结合基本词义、搭配等来选择正 确的答案。 经过统计, 常见常考的形容词和副词有 (按 频度排列):even; interested; interesting; yet; hardly; just; therefore; though; too; very; common; effective; either; ever; fair; however; less; more; nearly; only; purposefully; rather; still; such; surprised; surprising 考点 1: 在具体的语境中辨析形容词与副词的语义

还有以下形容词和副词应当熟悉和掌握: a good many; a number of; acceptable; accidentally; actively; adequately; already; another; anxious; anyway; ashamed; attentively; bad; badly; besides; better; but; careful; changeable; cheap; comfortable; convenient; eagerly; easy; encouraging; enha-ncing; equal; even though; eventually; fairly; far; fewer; following; formally; friendly; gen-erously; gradually; heavily; historic; hopefully; immediately; inaccessible;

① as + 原级 adj. / adv. + as 表示 “和??一样”及 not as / so + 原级 adj. / adv. + as 表示“不如??”。例如: (94 全国) John plays football as well as, if not better than, David. The piano in the other shop will be cheaper, but not as good. ② as + 原级 adj. + a(n) + n. + as 表示“跟??一样”。例如: (2001 全国) It‘s generally believed

individual; inevit-able; initial; instead; that teaching is as much an art as it is a invisible; largely; never; next; no; science. normal; nowadays; obviously; ordin-ary; other; otherwise; patient; plenty of; prac-tical; promoting; proper; quickly; readily; reasonable; remote; seldom; seriously; short; so; stimulating; traditional; unavailable; unav-oidable; unfavorable; unfortunately; usual; va-rious; weak; well 考点 2:考查形容词、副词的比较级、最高 级及前面的修饰语 ④ the + 比较级, the + 比较级表示 【备考清单】 1) 比较级、最高级的选用及应用范围 比较级、最高级常用于表示两者或多者间 的比较。复习中须注意如下句型的用法: “越??,就越??”。例如: (93 上海) It‘s believed that the harder you work, the better result you’ll get. ③ 比较级 + than 表“比??更”及 less ?? than 表示“不如??”。例如: This year they have produced less grain than they did last year. This road is wider than that one. (2003 北京) Our neighbour has as big a house as ours.

⑤ the +比较级+ of the + 名词 / 代词 表示两者中“较??的”。例如:

quite possible / impossible My hometown is much changed.

Who is the younger of the two boys? much to my surprise(很让我吃惊) ⑥比较级 + 比较级 (越来越??) 。 ___ 例 如: Our country is getting stronger and stronger. Things became worse and worse from then on. (94 全国) If there were no ⑦用 the last 表示“最不可能的”、“最 不适合的”、“最不希望的”等。例如: The last thing I want to do is to offend you.我最不愿意做的就是惹你生气。 He is the last man I want to see.他是 我最不希望见的人。 ③ 最高级可用序数词、much、 by far、 2) 形容词、副词原级、比较级、最高级 前的程度状语 Africa is the second largest continent. ① 注意一些形容词或副词前的特定修饰 语。例如: (2004 广东) Sometimes it was a bit boring to work there because there wasn‘t always that much to do. (那样多) I quite like it. They are quite different / wrong. The Pacific is by far the largest ocean. I like this film the very best / much the best. 考点 3:形容词作表语,形容词、副词作后 置定语 nearly、 almost 等词修饰。例如: examinations, we should have a much happier time. (2000 上海) You‘re standing too near the cinema. Can you move a bit farther? This is by far the better. be well worth doing (很值得做) ② 比较级前常可用 still, even, much, far, a lot / little / few / bit, rather, any, a great deal, so far, by far, no 等 词修饰。 (注意 more 不用于修饰比较级)。例如:

【备考清单】 1)形容词用于系动词后作表语 在最近几年高考试题中系动词加形容词作 表语的情况出现过很多次。高考对此点的考查集 中于区别到底是系动词还是一般动词并选择合适 的形容词,而不是副词作表语。常见的联系动词 有如下三类: 表示感觉的系动词: sound, look, taste, appear, smell, feel, seem 等 表示变化的系动词:become, fall, get, turn, grow, make, come, go 等 表示状态存在的系动词:remain, keep, stay, continue, prove, lie, stand 等。例 如: 2)形容词、副词作后置定语 【备考清单】 常见的几种修饰语后置的情况有: ①形容 词修饰 something, nothing, anything, everything 等不定代词时要后置。②present 作 “出席的”时只作后置定语。③表语形容词如 alive, asleep, awake, alone 等只能作后置 定语。④副词修饰动词时, 放在动词之后。修饰 形容词或副词时, 放在被修饰词之前。enough 修 饰形容词、副词时要后置,修饰名词时可放在名 词的前后。形容词短语修饰名词作主语时要后置。 用 and 或 or 连接的形容词作定语时要后置, 起

强调作用。表数量的词作定语时要后置。副词修 饰形容词的特殊词序, “so, as, how, too + 形容词 + 单数可数名词”。 考点 4:倍数表达法 【备考清单】 三种常见倍数表达法: 1)倍数 + as + 原级形容词 + as ??。 例如: This road is three times as long as that one. 2)倍数 + the size / length / width / depth / height of ??。例如: The river is five times the width of that one. 3)倍数 + 比较级 + than + 被比较对象。 例如: The sun is a million times larger than the earth. 考点 5: 多个形容词作定语时的排序问题及 语序不同意义不同的词组 【备考清单】 多个形容词作定语时的排序 一般遵从如下规律:

如果两个以上的形容词修饰一个名词时, 与被修饰的名词关系较密切的形容词靠近名词; 如果几个形容词的密切程度差不多,则音节少的 形容词在前,音节多的在后。例如:a small wonderful gift 常用的顺序为: 限定词+描绘性形容词 (beautiful) +大小、 长短、高低等形容性形容词+(large, long, high)+新旧(old)+颜色(red)+产地(Chinese) +材料 (wood) +用途 (writing) +被修饰名词 (desk) 记住以上规则是必要的,但还应多阅读、 多体会,增强语感是关键。例如: all these last few days 最近的这些日 子 some beautiful little red flowers 一 些美丽的小红花 a high red brick wall 一堵高高的红砖 墙 a beautiful white Japanese military jeep 一辆漂亮的白色日本军用吉普车 其中限定词的排列顺序为:

other / another / more,形容词的排列顺序为: 大小、长短、高低、新旧、颜色、产地、材料、 用途、类别等。 尽管以上给出了排序的基本规律,但由于 所涉及的词太多,想要记清楚确实有难度。下面 给出四句口诀辅助记忆: 所有这些词, 顺序往后数; 美小圆旧黄,法国木书房。 上面口诀中前两句主要用于解决排在最前 边的多个限定词之间的顺序。它可以应用于 all (所有) these (这些) last (顺序) few (数 量) days 短语中。这个短语基本上可以体现多个 限定词之间的先后顺序。口诀后两句可对应一句 话“This is a charming small round old yellow French wood reading room.”其中多个形容词之 间的先后顺序基本上可以在这一句中得以体现, 而且汉语歌诀的形式将使记忆更形象、更深刻。 利用以上歌诀时最好是“抓两头”,即牢记排在 最前边的限定词及排在最后边的形容词,如产地、 材料、用途等,则能轻松突破此难点。 考点 6:考查形容词与副词区别, 易混词 带有-ly 的形容词、副词及复合形容词 【备考清单】

all / both / half / double / 倍数词 / 分数词 + 冠词 / 指示代词 / 物主代词 / 名词 所有格 / some / any / no / every / each +基 数词 / 序数词 / little / few / last / next / 1)注意如下有无-ly 的形容词和副词的意 义区别:

wide / high / deep(具体的意义)宽 / 高 / 深 widely / highly / deeply(抽象意义)广 泛地 / 高度地 / 深深地

He got up late, so he was late for school again. Can you see that straight road? Go

most 十分、非常 / 最多(大)的 mostly 主要地、绝大多数地、多半

straight along this road, you‘ll find the supermarket at the end. This maths problem was hard. I thought

close 靠近地 closely 密切地、仔细地 late 迟的,迟到的 lately 最近、近来 direct 直接(主要用于谈论路程和时间, 和 straight 意思相同) directly 直率地、立即 2)注意合成形容词本质上是一个形容词, 其合成部份中的名词不能变为复数形式。例如: He wrote a two-thousand-word report.

hard and got the answer at last. 【精选试题】 名校模拟题及其答案 1. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard _____ voice. A. a better D. the best 2. Professor White has written some short stories, but he is _____ known for his plays. A. the best B. more C. better D. B. a best C. the better

His uncle is 6 feet tall. He is a forty-year old man.

the most 3. The plane flew smoothly ______ in the

3)“名词+ ly”构成的是形容词,而不是 副词。 这类形容词有 friendly, lovely, weekly, monthly, daily 等 4)有些词既可以作形容词也可以作副词。 例如:

sky and people spoke ______ of the experienced pilot. A. high;high high;highly B. highly;highly C.

D. highly;high

4. —— What do you think of the concert?—— Oh, it was______success.

A. a very really

B. quite a

C .so


C.feeling tired but soundly but sound


5. I haven‘t seen______ this since I collected stamps. A. as old a stamp as as C. stamp as old as a 6.The task is too much for me, so I can‘t carry on ______any longer. I must get some help. A. singly D.lonely 7. Have your working conditions improved? B.simply C.alone D. as an old stamp B. so an old stamp

9. We must keep our room clean, for dirt and disease go______, you know. A.hand in hand C.from time ti time B.step by step D.one zfter another

10. How are you getting on with your classates? ——______. I‘ve got to know them all. A. Far better C.Very comfortable B.Much pleased D.Very good

11. It is always difficult being in a foreign country, __________if you don‘t speak the language. A.extremely B.naturally

——No,___than before, I‘m afraid. A. no better C.not worse B.a little batter



12. It is generally believed that teaching is ___________it is a science. A.an art much as C.as an art much as B.much an art as

D.no worse

8. To their great relief,the missing child returned home, ______, after an absence of two weeks.

D.as much an art as

13. It is re ported that the United A.felt tired and sound soundly B.tiring and States uses _____ energy as the whole of Europe.

A. as twice much as

B. twice much

C. twice

18.—Are you going to have a holiday this year? —I'd love to. I can't wait to leave this place ______. A. off B. out C. behind D. over

D. twice as much

14. John Smith,a successful businessman, has a ______car. A. large German white German B. large white

19. There were a lot of people standing C. white large German white 15. This _____girl is Linda‘s cousin. A. pretty little Spanish little pretty C. Spanish pretty little pretty Spanish 16. Mr. Smith owns _____collection of coins than anyone else I have ever met. A. larger D. a large 17.—Did you enjoy yourself at the party? —Yes. I‘ve never been to ______one before. A. a more excited C. a more exciting B. the most excited 22. (2008 年天津市十二区县重点学校高 三毕业班联考 (二) , 英语, 3) My daughter cares more for new clothes than anything else in the D. the most exciting A. eventually occasionally B. constantly C. B. a larger C. the larger —— No,I only go there ______ because it‘s too far away from my house. D. little A. even B. ever C. just D. never B. Spanish 20. I thought she was famous, but none of my friends have ______heard of her. D. German large at the door and the small girl couldn‘t get _______ A. between D. beyond B. through C. across

21. (2008 年天津市十二区县重点学校高 三毕业班联考(一),英语,33)——You don‘t go to that supermarket quite often, do you?

D. frequently

world, so she is very _______ about what she wears. A. special D. particular 23. (2009 年东北三省三校第一次联合模拟 考试英语试题,英语,24)Well, that‘s just the deal. ______ price will be out of my reach. A. The higher highest B. A higher C. The B. strict C. especial

A. good; good better; better

B. well; better


D. better; good

27. (2008—2009 学年度南昌市高三第一次 模拟测试卷,英语,31)The increase of the number of the students makes the limited computers not ______ to each student. A.available C.helpful B.affordable


D. A highest

28. (湖北省黄冈中学 2009 届高三第一次 模拟考试,英语,28)Food safety is ________

24. (唐山市 2008—2009 学年度高三年级 第一次模拟考试, 英语, 20) Much to my surprise, the eight-year-old boy fixed my computer within ten minutes. A.skillfully C.normally B.immediately

important, so the government spares no efforts to prevent food pollution. A.strongly D. naturally B. reasonably C.highly


39.(四川省资阳市 2009 届高三上学期第 一次模拟考试, 英语,8)10,000 dollars is a

25.(银川一中 2009 届高三年级第一次模 拟考试,英语,33)Attention, coffee lovers! We have for you, the best coffee machine _____ invented.

large sum of money,but it is still ______than we need for a new house A.very few fewer D.far less 30. (山东省莒南一中 2008—2009 学年度 高三第一学期学业水平阶段性测评,英语,22) B.very little C.far

A. ever nowadays

B. already

C. even


26. (2008 学年绍兴一中第一次高考模拟试 卷,英语,36)It is ______ to spend money in preventing illnesses by promoting healthy living rather than spending it trying to make people ______ after they are ill. Wouldn‘t it be for you to pick me up at four o’clock and take me to the airport.

A.free D.convenient



6. C【解析】句意:这项任务对我来说太 重了,我再也不能单独自己做了,我必须找个助 手。Singly 各自的,一个一个地;simply 简单的,

答案与解析 1. A【解析】容易误选 D,认为最高级前要 用定冠词。 其实此题最佳答案为 A, 该句可视为?I have never heard a better voice than her voice 之省略,全句句意为“她唱得多好啊!我从未听 过她这么好的声音”。

仅仅,只不过;alone 独立,单独;lonely 孤独 的,寂寞的。 7. A【解析】你们的工作条件改善了吗? ——没有, 和以前一样(不好)。 no+比较级+ than 表示“两者同样不??的意思”。 8. D【解析】句意:使他们宽慰的是,丢

2. C【解析】此题首先不宜选 B 或 D,因为 well known 的比较级和最高级通常是 better known 和 best known,有时也可以是 more well known 和 most well known,但通常不能是 more known 和 most known.至于是选 A 还是 C,这就要 看语境。由于句中涉及的只有 stories 和 plays 两个对象,故应选比较级。 3. C【解析】 high in the sky 是个形容 词短语,意为“高高地在天上”。同时,speak highly of 是个词组,表示“高度赞扬”的意思。 4. B【解析】 quite a , quite some 用 以指人或物不寻常,如 We had quite a party. (我们的聚会不一般。)It must be quite some car.(那辆车可不比寻常。) 5. A【解析】表示“象这么旧的邮票”可 用以 下形式表达:as old a stamp as this; a stamp as old as this; 否定句中前一个 as 可 用 so.

失的孩子两周后又重返家园,虽然很疲惫但很健 康。形容词作状语表示伴随或结果,不表示动作 的方式。 9. A【解析】句意:我们必须保持室内卫 生,你知道脏乱与疾病是分不开的。hand in hand——happenning together and closely connected 密切相关的,同时发生的。本句还可说 成:Dirt goes hand in hand with disease. 10. A【解析】句意:——你和你们班的同 学相处的如何?——好多了,我和他们都认识了。 答语为省略句,补全后应为:I‘m getting on far better with my classmates. 11. D【解析】本题考查副词的词义辨析。 注意掌握词语的准确含义,结合语境进行分析。A 项意为“极端地”; B 项意为“自然地”; C 项“基 本上”;D 项“尤其,特别地”。根据句意“如果 你不会讲(它的)语言,在国外你就总会困难重 重”可知答案。

12. D【解析】本题可从考查形容词的同级 比较点入手。在同级比较 as?as 句式中,如果 as 后面的形容词作定语且其所修饰的名词前有不定 冠词时,该冠词须置于形容词之后,即形成“as + 形容词+a / an + 单数可数名词 + as”结构。这 道题在名词专题中也有解析,不同的是观察视角 不同,应注意培养发散思维。 13. D【解析】表示倍数的 twice(两倍) 要放在第一个 as 前,即“倍数+as+形容词(+名 词)+as”。故选 D. 14. B【解析】 large 是“大小”,German 是“产地”,white 是“颜色”;其排列顺序应当 是“大小+颜色+产地”。故选 B. 15. A【解析】 pretty 是描绘性形容词, little 是表示大小的形容词,Spanish 是表示国 籍的形容词,所以,它们的排序是 pretty little Spanish. 16. B【解析】由 than 可知要用比较级, 排除选项 D;又因 collection(收藏品)是可数 名词,此处为单数又不是特指,要用不定冠词 a. 17. C【解析】由 yes 可知,“我从未参加 过(比这个晚会)更令人兴奋的一场晚会了。” 指晚会是“令人兴奋的”,排除选项 A 和 B;由语 境可知是隐含式比较级:以往经历过的任何一次 与这一次晚会相比,排除 D. 18.C【解析】考查副词。leave?behind 是 固定搭配。

19. B【解析】 get through (=pass)中 的 through 可以是副词,表示“通过”。 20. B【解析】考查副词用法。因为 ever 用于否定语、疑问句或条件句中,表示“在任何 时候(=at any time)”,即 not?ever = never 从不,从来没有。 21. C【解析】句意:——你不经常去超市, 是吗?——不经常去,我只是偶尔去,因为超市 离我们家太远。Occasionally——sometimes, but not regulary and not often 偶尔; eventually ——at last, in the end 最后, 终于; constantly ——all the time, or very often 不断地,经 常地;frequently 频繁地,经常地。 22. D【解析】 special 特殊的;strict 严厉的;especial 专门的;be particular about sth 对??很挑剔;符合题意。这句话的意思是: 我的女儿对新衣服和一切新事物都很关心,因此 她对穿着很挑剔。 23. B【解析】 句意:好了,成交了,再 高了就超出了我的支付能力了。根据题意,并不 是进行比较,因此不用比较级,排除 A 和 C,而 是表示“再”,冠词 a+比较级表示此意。 24. A【解析】 skillfully 技巧熟练地, 符合题意。由 Much to my surpris 可推测出 the eight-year-old boy 应该技巧熟练。Immediately 立即的;normally 正常的;nervously 紧张的。

25. A【解析】句意强调“我们今天准备的 是曾经最好的” ever 曾经;already 已经;even 甚至;nowadays 如今;后三项不符合题意。 26. C【解析】有 than 可知前面一个空应 用比较级,因此排除 AB, 根据题意第二个空也应 用比较级,是生病前后病人身体健康状况的比较。 27. A【解析】available 可以得到的, 可 达到的, 可用的; affordable 买得起的; helpful 有帮助的;acceptable 可以接受的;根据句意,A 项符合题意。 28. C【解析】 strongly 强壮地,强烈的; reasonably 合情合理的;highly 高度地, 很好, 非常;naturally 自然的;句意是食品安全非常重 要,因此政府不遗余力预防食物污染。 29. D【解析】由 than 可知应用比较级, 排除 AB,数量多少应用 little 比较级为 less. 30. D 【解析】 free 自由的, 空闲的; vacant 空缺的, 空白的; handy 便于使用的, 便利的, 可 携带的, 轻便的;convenient 方便的,D 项符合 题意。

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