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熟词生义 英语

熟义 生义 1.absent (adj.缺席的) adj.茫然的,恍惚的 He looked at me in an absent way. 2.abuse (熟义:v.滥用;漫骂) She is quite a successful career woman, but actually she is much abused at home. v.虐待

3.Accommodate (熟义:住宿,留宿) This hotel can accommodate more than 500 guests. vt.容纳

He accommodated me when I asked him for change. v.准予,提供 4.ache (熟义:v.&n.疼痛) He was aching for home. v.渴望 5.act (熟义:v &n.行动) It takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act. vi.起作用

? 6.address(熟义:n.地址 v.写地址) ? It is said that our headmaster will address the meeting.
Vt.向……发表演说;直接向……说话 ? 7.acknowledge(熟义:承认;道谢) ? He acknowledged me by lifting his hat.

? 8.across (熟义:prep.越过) ? The two roads cut across each other. prep.与…交叉,与…成十字

? 9.advance (熟义:v.& n.前进,推进) ? She asked for an advance on her salary. n.预付款

? 10.advise (熟义:vt. 建议) ? Please advise us of the arrival of the goods.

? 11.against (熟义:prep.逆着,反对;倚,靠; 碰) ? The picture looks nice against the white wall.


? ? ? ?

12.age (熟义:n.年龄) v.(使)变老 Worry aged him rapidly. 13. air (熟义:n. 空气) Don’t air your troubles too often. v.抒发;倾诉;播送

? There was a comfortable air about her n.样子,神态,气氛 room. ? 14.alive (熟义:adj.活着的) ? The streets are alive with people.

? 15. allow (熟义:vt.允许) ? Your plan allows only 5 minutes for transferring. Can we manage? vt.(为了…)预计,估计 ? 16.alone (熟义:adv.单独地,一个人地) ? She alone was able to answer the question.

? 17.amount (熟义:n.量) ? The cost amounted to $ 200.


? What you have said amounts to a plain refusal. v.相当于 ? 18. announce (熟义:宣布) ? A warm sunshine announces the coming of 显示,预告 spring. ? 19. appreciate (熟义:v.欣赏;感激;感谢) ? I appreciate that I may be wrong.

? This land has appreciated in value. v.抬高……价格,涨价

? 20. arrival (熟义:v.出席;参加) ? All stood up to welcome the new arrival. n.到达的人或物

? 21.attend (熟义:v.出席;参加) ? The nurse attended to him day and night. v.看护;治疗 ? 22. arrest (熟义:vt.逮捕) ? The new medicine arrested the spread of vt.停止;阻止 the disease.

? 23. assume (熟义:vt.假定,以为) ? He will assume the directorship of the project. vt.担任 ? 24.balance (熟义:n.& v.平衡) ? I must check my bank balance. n.差额;余款 ? 25. bar (熟义:n.棒,条;吧间) ? Poor health may be a bar to success in life. n.障碍 ? 26. become (熟义:v.变得,变成) ? Her new hat certainly becomes her. vt.适合,适于

? 27. behavior (熟义:n.举止;行为) ? The behavior of this computer is moderately good. n.性能,特点 ? 28. blank (熟义:adj. 空白的; n. 空白) ? The stranger returned my greeting with a ? blank look. adj.没表情的;空虚的;没兴趣的 ? 29.blue (熟义:adj.& n. 蓝色) ? His songs always make me feel blue.


? 30. beside (熟义:prep.在……旁) ? Beside your earlier work this piece seems rather disappointing. prep.与……相比 ? 31. build (熟义:v.建设) ? The athlete has a solid build. n.身材;体形 ? 32. capital (熟义:n.首都,首府;资本) ? Our capital task at the moment is to persuade her to calm down. adj.极严重的,根本的

? ? ? ? ? ?

33. cause (熟义:v.致使) n.事业 We are struggling for revolutionary cause. 34. celebrate (熟义:vt. 庆祝) vt.称颂,赞扬 He celebrated her for her courage. 35.check (熟义:vt.检查) We should check the spread of the disease.

? 36.choice (熟义:n.选择) ? Some of his remarks are really choice. adj.斟酌得当的

? ? ? ?

37.civil (熟义:adj.公民的,国内的) He is a civil person. adj.彬彬有礼的,有礼貌的 38. class (熟义:n.班级) It is no doubt that the professional classes do a much better job than those who are not. n.阶级,阶层;等级

? 39.climate (熟义:n.气候) ? The cultural climate here is somehow a little upsetting. n.风气;思潮;倾向

? 40. cloudy (熟义:阴的,多云的) ? Who did it still remains cloudy. adj.不明朗的,不清晰的

? ? ? ?

41. coach (熟义:n.教练) She coached me in English. v.辅导,指导 42.command(熟义:v.命令,指挥) His bravery commanded our respect. v.博得,赢得 ? 43. contain (熟义:v.含有,包含;克制) ? The man was later contained by the police. v.制服

? He is too excited to contain his laughter.


? 44. count (熟义:n&v.计算,数) ? There are 10 people in the classroom counting two teachers. vt.包括 ? It is not how much you read but what you read that counts. vt.有价值,重要 ? She was counted among the greatest dancers. vt.以为,视为

? 45. couple (熟义:n. 一对,一双;一对夫妇 ? 或情侣) ? The dining car was coupled onto the last v.联合,连接 coach. ? 46.course (熟义:n.课程;过程) ? The main course was a vegetable stew. n.一道菜 ? 47.cross (熟义:v.跨越,横穿 n.十字) ? Don’t be cross with him. After all, he meant to help. adj.生气的

? ? ? ?

48.cut (熟义:vt. 割) His rude remarks cut me. vt.伤(某人的)感情 49.damage (熟义:v& n.损坏) He claimed $ 7,000 damages from the taxi company. n.赔偿金(复数)=compensation ? 50.dash (熟义:v.猛冲) ? Being badly ill, he was dashed to hospital. Vt.急送 ? His mother dashed him into going to school every day. vt.催促

? 51. dawn (熟义:n.拂晓 v.破晓,天亮) ? The truth began to dawn on him. v.开始明白

? 52.desert (熟义:n.沙漠) ? He deserted his wife and children and went abroad. v.抛弃,离弃 ? 53.develop(熟义:v.发展;开发;研制) ? Did you have the films developed? v.冲印 ? developed disease/habit v.逐渐形成

? 54.difficult (熟义:adj .困难的) ? You must get the permission of your difficult ? grandmother before getting married. adj.难以取悦的,不易满足的 ? 55.dismiss(熟义:v.解雇,开除) ? He just laughed and dismissed my suggestion as unrealistic.


? 56.down (熟义:adv.向下,在下面) ? I paid $ 1,000 down on the car. adv.作为首期付款

? 57.drive (熟义:v.驾驶) ? Hunger drove her to steal. v.迫使某人(做不好或不快的事)
? 58.elect(熟义:v.选举,推选) ? She elected to become a lawyer. v.选择(做)

? 59.embarrass(熟义:vt.使尴尬) ? What embarrasses your making an early start? Vt.阻碍 ? 60.employ(熟义:v.雇佣) ? The police employed force to open the door. v.利用,使用 ? 61.engage(熟义:vt.从事) ? A personal computer engages his interest now. Vt.吸引

? 62. entertain(熟义:vt. 款待) ? He entertained a belief that his son would rise in the world. Vt.怀有,怀抱 ? 63.even (熟义:adv.甚至,更) ? The road wasn’t even. adj.平的,平坦的,平滑的 ? Her teeth were white and even. adj.一致的;齐的;同样的 ? The score is now even. adj.对等的;均等的,相等的

? The car went with an even motion. adj.均匀的;平稳的 ? She evened the edges by trimming them. vt.使平坦;弄平 ? Our team evened the score in the last minute. vt.使相等 ? 64.excite (熟义:vt.使激动) ? The recent discoveries have excited new interest among doctors. Vt.激起

? 65. excuse (熟义:n.借口 v.原谅) ? He was excused from piano practice. v.免除某人的职责

? 66.express (熟义:v.表达) ? His express wish was that you should come here by air. adj.明确的 ? Is there an express from Nanjing to Shanghai? n.快车

? ? ? ? ? ?

67.fail(熟义:v.失败) Our water supply failed. v.不足;缺乏 He is failing in health. v.衰退,衰弱 His health is failing. He failed to lend her a hand. v.未能 Words fail me. v.无能为力

? ? ? ?

68. fashion (熟义:n.时尚,时装) He behaves in a peculiar fashion. n.方式 69. fast (熟义:adj.& adv.快的/地) His tears fell fast.

adv.接连不断地;快速不断地 ? 70.fever(熟义:n.发烧,发热) ? He is in a fever of her arrival. n.狂热,高度兴奋

? ? ? ? ? ?

71.fill (熟义:v.填满) His answer did not fill our need. vt.满足 72.find(熟义:vt.找到) The court found him guilty. vt.判决 73.fine (熟义:adj.美好的;很棒的;晴朗的) There’s a fine distinction between the meanings of the two words. adj.微妙的 ? 74. fix(熟义:v.固定;安装;修理) ? The extraordinary man fixed our attention. vt.吸引

? 75. follow(熟义:v.跟着;仿效) ? He followed a legal career. v.从事(某职业);遵循(某生活方式)

? ? ? ?

76. fond (熟义:adj.喜欢的;慈爱的;深情的) Fond parents will spoil their child. adj.溺爱的 77.force(熟义:vt.强迫) The policeman forced the knife from the criminal’s hand. vt.夺取

? 78.foreign(熟义:adj.外国的;外交的) ? The subject is foreign to me. adj.不熟悉的 ? Telling lies is foreign to her nature. adj.和……格格不入
? ? ? ? 79. form(熟义:vt.形成) I can not form an opinion about it. vt.想出 80.freeze(熟义:v.结冰,凝固) v.不许动 Freeze! Or I’ll shoot.

? 81.gain(熟义:v.获得;赢得) ? Don’t worry. My watch gains. We still have (钟表)快 time. ? The car gained speed gradually. vt.增加(速度,重量)

? 82.go(熟义:vi.去;变得) ? This information goes to prove my point. vi.对……有助于

? 83.grade(熟义:n.年级) ? He got excellent grades in exams. n.等级;分数 ? Eggs are graded from small to extra-large. v.分等级;给分数 ? ? ? ? 84.green (熟义:adj.绿色的,青的) Greens are vital to our health. n.(pl.)绿色蔬菜 85.ground (熟义:n.地面) He has strong grounds for more money. n.理由

? 86. handsome (熟义:adj.英俊的;端庄的) ? I hope I will get a handsome present on my birthday. adj.(礼物/行为)出手大方的,慷慨的 ? 87.heavy (熟义:adj.重的) ? My father is a heavy smoker. ? The traffic is especially heavy today.

? 88.height(熟义:n.高度;身高) ? In the height of the summer many people choose to visit the seaside. n.顶点;极度 ? 89. hit (熟义:v.击中,打击) ? The film Hero by Zhang Yimou is quite a hit of this year. n.成功;红极一时的人或事 ? 90. hold (熟义:vt.握住,抓住;抱住) ? His promise still holds. vi.适用,有效

? 91. hot (熟义:adj.炎热的) ? We’re waiting for the hot news on the election results. adj.最新的 ? 92.hunt (熟义:v.追猎;猎杀(鸟兽)) ? Please hunt the cat away from the garden. Vt.驱赶 ? 93. ill (熟义:adj.生病的) ? It is no good speaking ill of others. adj.&adv.坏的/地

? 94.immediate (熟义:adj.立刻的,即时的) ? Is there a post office in the immediate adj.最接近的 neighborhood? ? 95.industry (熟义:n.工业;产业) ? His success was due to industry. n.努力;勤勉 ? 96. intelligence (熟义:n.智力,脑力) ? Scientists manage to get important intelligence thanks to satellite. n.情报,信息(尤指有军事价值的)

? 97. interest (熟义:n.兴趣) ? Our family has an interest in the business. n.利益;股份

? 98.introduce (熟义:v.介绍) ? The new law was introduced in 1991. v.初次投入使用或运作,实施 ? He introduced his speech with a joke. v.以……开始

? 99. invent (熟义:v.发明) ? He invented an excuse for his being late. v.捏造,虚构

? ? ? ?

100.invite (熟义:v. 邀请) Don’t leave the window open, for it’s inviting v.吸引;招引 thieves to enter. The dishes are really inviting. adj.诱人的

? 101.jam (熟义:果酱) ? He jammed four apples in his pocket. Vt.塞进 ? The accident jammed the main road for two Vt.堵塞 hours. ? There are traffic jams on this road every day. n.堵塞 ? 102.job (熟义:n.工作) ? Removing the table is quite a job. n.费力的事 ? He jobbed his son into the position. Vt.做零工;假公济私

? 103.jump (熟义:v.& n.跳) ? Last week the prices of goods jumped. n.& v.大幅度上涨

? 104.keep (熟义:v.保持,保留) ? Your coffee shop seems to be well kept. v.经营;开设
? 105.kid(熟义:n.小孩) ? Take it easy. I’m just kidding. v.开玩笑;欺骗

? 107.know(熟义:vt.知道) ? He is always quick to know his friends and Vt.辨别,认出 enemies. ? 108.land (熟义:vi.登陆;降落) ? He landed a contract for building a factory. Vt.获得 ? 109.late (熟义:adj.迟到的/地;晚的/地) ? She missed her late husband very much. adj.已故的

? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

110.lecture (熟义:v& n.讲课;演讲) Do stop lecturing me. v.& n.训斥;教训 111.let (熟义:v.让) The couple decided to let off the smaller flat v.出租 at a lower price. 112.level (熟义:n.水平,水平线;强度) Not all the parts of our life long journey are level. adj.水平的,平坦的;同一水准的 113.library (熟义:n.图书馆) Pro. Lin has a large library of books. n.收藏;收藏量

? ? ? ? ?

114. lift (熟义:v.抬高) Can you give me a lift ? n.搭便车 His report gave us a lift. n.鼓舞 115.lose (熟义:v.失去;丢掉) Please hurry! My watch loses ten minutes. vi.(钟表)慢(与gain相对)

? 116. lot (熟义:n.量,批) ? It’s difficult for us to find a parking lot outside some shopping centers. n.(某种用途的)场地

? 117. marry (熟义:v.结婚,与某人结婚) ? This poem marries theme and style well. Vt.使紧密结合,使混为一体

? 118.make (熟义:v.制造,使……) ? We can make 10 more kilometers by night fall. Vt.前进
? 119.mean (熟义:V.意思是,意味着) ? It’s mean of you to eat up all the apples. adj.自私的,卑鄙的,吝啬的

? 120.mend (熟义:n.修理;修补) ? The patient is still mending slowly after the v.痊愈;改善 operation. ? 121. message (熟义:n.信息,口信) ? I’d like to see a film with a message. n.教益;寓意 ? 122. might (熟义:modal v.或许) ? I use all my might to open the door. n.力量,权威

? 123.minute (熟义:n.分钟) ? They held a minute inspection of the grounds. adj.微小的,详细的;仔细而准确的

? 124.mix(熟义:vt.混合) ? He mixes very little with his wife’s friends. Vt.交往,来往
? 125. note (熟义:n.笔记) ? Learn the notes by heart. n.台词 ? I noted that her hands were dirty. v. 注意

? 126.novel (熟义:n.小说) ? Job sharing is still a novel concept and it will take a while for employers to get used to it. adj.新颖的 ? ? ? ? 127.open (熟义:v.开;adj.开着,打开的) They left the matter open. adj.未解决的 128.own (熟义:vt.拥有) He owned the child as his daughter. Vt.承认

? 129.paragraph (熟义:n.段落) ? There is a paragraph about the accident in the local newspaper. n.(报纸上的)短片报道 ? 130. part (熟义:n.部分;零件,角色) ? In order to raise money, he had to part with some of his most treasured possessions. v.分手;放弃;卖掉 ? 131.party (熟义:n.聚会;党派) ? The solution is acceptable to both parties. n.(契约或争论的)一方(当事人)

? 132.pass (熟义:vt. 通过) ? I have no idea what passed in my absence. vi.发生,产生

? ? ? ?

133. pay (熟义:v.付钱) He says farming doesn’t pay these days.vi.合算 134. peach (熟义:n.桃树,桃子) He has peached me and all the others to save his life. vi.告发,告密

? 135. plant (熟义:n.植物;工厂) ? My parents planted a garden with apples at the foot of the hill. vt.种植,栽种某物 ? 136.policy (熟义:n.政策) ? He took out a fire insurance policy for his n.保险单,保险凭证 house. ? 137. pool (熟义:n.水池;水塘) ? If we pool the ideas, we may find a better solution to the problem. v.集中使用

? 138. position (熟义:n.位置;职位) ? What’s your position on the problem? n.立场;观点

? 139.pound (熟义:n.磅;英镑) ? No one can stand continuous pounding on n.猛击;连续重击 the head. ? 140. produce (熟义:v.生产) ? Please produce your ticket for inspection. v.拿出;出示

? 141. promise (熟义:v& n. 许诺) ? The dark clouds promise rain. v.有……的希望;使……有可能

? 142. pronounce (熟义:v.发音) ? The judge pronounced against her appeal. v.宣称;宣布;判决
? 143. put up (熟义:v. 建设;张贴) ? Could you put me up for the night? Vt.留某人住宿

? 144. rate (熟义: n.比率,速度) ? These potatoes rate among the best. v.对……作出评价;被评价为

? 145.read (熟义:v.阅读) ? I didn’t read mother’s thoughts at that time. 理解;领会
? 146.reflect(熟义:v.映出;反射;表现) ? I need time to reflect on your offer. v.沉思;思考(on/upon)

? 147. remember (熟义:vt.记住) ? Please remember the waitress. Vt.送(人)礼物,付小费(给人)

? 148.rest (熟义:v& n.休息) ? She rested her head on his shoulder. v.把……依靠在
? 149.round (熟义:prep.& adv.环绕,围着adj. 圆形的) ? We are losing the game in the last round due to our complacency(自满,自得). n.回合;局;轮;场

? 150.safe(熟义:adj.安全的) ? He is a safe man. You can count on him. adj.谨慎的;不冒险的

? 151.say(熟义:vt. 说) ? Say that war breaks out, what will you do? v.假定
? What he had done said that he was an honest man. v.说明,表明

? 152. scholarship (熟义:n.奖学金) ? A writer with great scholarship can achieve great success. 学问;学识;学术成就 ? 153.second (熟义:det.& adv. & n.第二) ? Mrs. Smith proposed the vote of thanks and Mr. Jones seconded. v.随声附和 ? He raised a proposal that is seconded by few. v.赞成

? 154.see (熟义:vt. 看到) ? This century has seen two world wars. Vt.有……的经验;经历,体验
? 155.seize(熟义:vt. 抓住,强夺) ? I couldn’t seize the meaning of his remarks. Vt.掌握,把握 ? 156.shape (熟义:n. 形状) ? Though aged, the woman is still in good shape. n.状态;状况

? 157.shoot (熟义:v.射击;射中) ? The trees give out new shoots in spring. n.嫩芽;新枝

? 158.shoulder (熟义:n.肩膀) ? Young people should learn to shoulder the v.承担 duty. ? 159.soul (熟义:n.灵魂) ? Hardly a soul is seen in the village.

? ? ? ?

160.sound (熟义:n.声音) It is important to have a sound body. adj.健全的 My wife is a sound sleeper. adj.酣睡的 161.spare (熟义:adj.多余的;备用的;空余 的 v.吝啬;拨出,抽出) ? He spared the thief. v.饶恕;放过 ? 162.spring (熟义:春天;泉水) ? Fast food restaurants are springing up all v.猛然跳起;涌出 over the city.

? ? ? ?

163.stamp(熟义:n.邮票) He stamped (his feet) in anger. v.跺脚,顿足 164.start (熟义:v.开始;发动;开创) He started up from his seat.

v.猛然跳起;突然移动 ? 165.steal (熟义:v.偷) ? He stole a glance of her in the mirror.


? ? ? ?

166.strength (熟义:n.力气) Maths is not my strength. n.强项 167.succeed (熟义:v.成功) He will succeed Foley as a speaker of the White House. v.继任 ? Jim has just succeeded a large fortune from v.继承 his uncle. ? 168.surprise (熟义:v.&n.使惊讶,惊奇) ? Our troops surprised the enemy in the midnight. v.出奇不意地袭击或发现

? 169.sustain(熟义:vt.维持) ? I sustained a broken leg in the accident. Vt.遭受

? 170.sympathy(熟义:n.同情) ? Annie’s sympathies lie firmly with the workers. n.(pl.)赞同,支持
? 171.team (熟义:n.对;组) ? Would you like to team up with us? v.(与某人)一起工作,合作

? 172. tell(熟义:v.告诉) ? She cracked a smile that told her joy. v.显示;显露

? 173.thorough(熟义:adj.彻底的,完全的,深 入的) ? She is a very thorough worker. adj.做事深入细致的 ? 174.ticket(熟义:n.票) ? The new driver got a ticket for speeding. n.罚票,罚款单

? 175.tie (熟义:vt. 栓,系) ? They tied with the visiting team in the game. vi.打成平手

? 176.touch(熟义:n.& v.接触) ? I feel a touch of tenderness from mom’s words. n.少许,微量 ? Vegetables were touched by the frost. Vt.伤害

? 177. treat (熟义:n.& v.对待;处理;治疗) ? Her son’s visits are a great treat for her. n.(难得的)乐事 ? It’s my treat this time. n.款待;请客
? 178.understand(熟义:vt.理解) ? I understand that you are planning to go to Africa. Vt.据闻,知悉,了解 ? 179.uniform (熟义:n.制服) ? The boxes are uniform in weight. adj.相同的,一致的

? 180.vehicle(熟义:n.交通工具) ? We must find out the vehicle of the disease n.媒介,载体 at first. ? 181.vote(熟义:n.&v.投票,表决) ? I vote that we go home. v.(口语)建议 ? 182.walk (熟义:v.&n.行走;步行) ? This society welcomes people from all walks of life. n.行业(walk of life)

? 183. wander(熟义:v.漫游;游荡;漫步) ? Don’t wander from the point. v.离开原处或正道

? ? ? ?

184.wear (熟义:v.穿戴) The girl always wears a happy smile. Vt.表露 185.weather(熟义:n.天气) China may be able to weather the financial crisis in much better shape than many other developing countries. v.经受住,平安的度过

? 186. weigh(熟义:v.称……的重量;重达) ? Please weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing this! v.权衡;斟酌 ? 187.weight(熟义:n.重量) ? How much weight will be attached to his decision? n.分量,重要性 ? 188.will(熟义:modal v.表将来或意愿) ? He showed great strength of will. n.意志力;意愿 ? What did it say in the will? n.遗嘱

? 189.with (熟义:prep.与……,以……) ? With more money I would be able to buy it. prep.若是 ? 190. work (熟义:v.& n.工作 ) ? I believe your plan will work. v.起作用

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