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选修七|Module 1 Basketball


一、背词汇 [常用词汇] (1)conflict n. (2)winner n. (3)loser n. (4)fault n. (5)match n. (6)doubt n. (7)confidence n. (8)defeat v. (9)impress v. (10)bump v. (11)compete v. (12)injure v. (13)throw v. (14)score v. (15)host v. (16)delighted adj. 冲突 赢家 失败者 过错 比赛 怀疑 信心 战胜 给人留下印象 猛碰;撞 竞争 受伤 投,掷 得分 主持 高兴的 [亮点词汇]

(1)advocate v. (2)applaud v. (3)essential adj. (4)significant adj. (5)equal adj. (6)be to blame for (7)build up one’s body/strength (8)have a talent for 二、学写句(按要求完成句子并背诵) 苏华与李江在抢球时相互发生了碰撞。 Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other while they were trying to catch the ball.?使用状语从句的省略形式? Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other while trying to catch the ball.

提倡 鼓掌,赞赏 必要的 有意义的 能胜任的;平等的 应该为某事负责任 强身健体 有??天赋

李江同样应该为这次争吵负有责任。 Li Jiang was also responsible for the quarrel.

Li Jiang was also to_blame_for the quarrel.

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.They say that he is a talented (天才的) musician. 2.Though he has made great progress, yet he thinks he isn’t awesome (了不起的). 3.The man was badly wounded and needed an immediate (立即的) treatment. 4.This proposal deserves (值得;应得) serious consideration. 5.The cars were being sold at an average(平均)price of D|S11,000. 6.Please let us know if you are unable to attend (出席,到场) 7.You should learn to face any frustration (挫折) and failure. 8.I’d committed (保证) myself and there was no turning back. 9.Typical (典型的) of the Scottish, Burns has a reputation for being funny and charming. 10.The rumours of an attack were later confirmed (证实). (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.The union said that they would take action to defend (defence) their members’ jobs. 2.We should take the weather into consideration (consider). 3.Golf has gained popularity (popular) among the wealthy in my country.

4.He burst into tears instantly (instant) he heard the news. 5.Human beings should follow natural (nature) rules. 6.Without passion, people won’t have the motivation (motivate) or the joy necessary for creative thinking.(2012· 上海高考单项填空) (Ⅲ)语境填词 1.Japan should apologise to the Chinese women who suffered a lot in World War Ⅱ. It is reported that the old lady, Yin Yulin, couldn’t close her eyes if Japan didn’t make an apology to them. (apologise) 2.Many parents feel some teachers are not reliable and they can’t rely on them to look after their children, because of several teachers’ bad deeds in the kindergarten. (rely) 3.Feng Xiaogang was appointed as the chief director of 2014 Spring Festival Gala. So many singers and actors wanted to make an appointment with him to attend the Spring Festival Gala. (appoint)

1.I keep practising and I’m improving all_the_time (一直). 2. In 1879, Oxford University in England asked Prof. James Murray to serve as editor for what was to be the most ambitious dictionary in_the_history_of ( 在 ?? 历 史 上 ) the English language.(2012· 山东高考阅读 B) 3.They can then take their knowledge back to their homelands and if_necessary (如果有必要 的话) come back from time to time to clear doubts or to update themselves.(2013· 江西高考阅读 B) 4.Some owners will leave their animals outside for a long period of time, thinking that all animals are_used_to (习惯于) living outdoors.(2012· 全国卷Ⅱ阅读 A) 5.Big Brothers Big Sisters is_based_on (根据,以??为基础) the simplicity and power of friendship.(2012· 江西高考阅读 C) 6.A headline on the front page draws readers’ attention_to (引起某人注意??) the full story inside. 7.The old man’ s son can’ t legally take_possession_of (拥有) the company until he signs the will (遗嘱). 【短语归纳】 1.in the history of 2.grow up 3.all the time 4.if necessary 在??历史上 成长,长大 一直 如果有必要的话

5.be rude to 6.be/get used to 7.draw sb.’s attention to 8.take possession of 9.be based on

对??粗鲁 习惯于(某事物) 引起某人注意(某事物) 占有,占据,拥有 根据,以??为基础

1.But there is no doubt that he deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation”. 但是毫无疑问,他无愧于“一代杰出球员”这一称号。 [解读] there is no doubt that ...“毫无疑问??”,是一个常用的句型,that 引导的从句

作 doubt 的同位语。 [仿写] 毫无疑问,微博正在改变着我们的生活方式。 There_is_no_doubt_that microblog is changing our way of life. 2.To do this, he told Yao to be more aggressive and, if necessary, to be rude to his teammates. 为达到这个目的,他告诉姚明要更富有攻击性,必要的话,对他的队友粗鲁一些。 [解读] if necessary 是省略形式,相当于 if it is necessary“如果有必要的话”。

[仿写] 如果有必要的话,你可以用这些参考书。 You can use these reference books, if_necessary.

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.defend v.防守;防御;保护;辩护 [教材原句] What are the guards doing — attacking or defending? 后卫在干什么——进攻还是防守? (1)defend sb./sth.(from/against ...) defend oneself (2)defence n. in defence of 保护某人/某物(免遭??) 自卫;为自己辩护 防卫,防守;辩护 为了保卫;为??辩护

①They needed more troops to defend the border against possible attack. 他们需要更多的部队来保卫边境地区免受可能的攻击。 ②You have to know how to defend yourself. 你必须懂得如何保护自己。

2.attend v.上(学);出席;参加;照顾;护理 [ 高 考佳句 ] One day, he gathered up all his strength and decided to attend a job

interview.(2013· 山东高考阅读 A) 一天,他鼓起勇气决定参加一次工作面试。 [一词多义] 写出下列句中 attend 的含义 ①Li Qun was ill and didn’t attend school.上学 ②The patient has two nurses attending on him.护理 ③Aunt Wang asked me to attend her baby while she was away.照顾,照看 ④The meeting was attended by 90% of shareholders.参加,出席 (1)attend school/church attend a meeting/lecture attend a wedding/funeral (2)attend on/upon attend to 上学/去教堂(名词前无冠词) 出席会议/听演讲 参加婚礼/葬礼 服侍,照料 照顾;处理,对付;注意;关心

⑤Our teacher used to bring us to attend a science lecture in the hall twice a term. 我们老师过去每学期带我们到大厅听两次科学报告。 [辨析比较] attend, join, join in, take part in

试一试 选择以上单词填空 ⑥My brother attended a law school in order to attend to some law cases. Yesterday he attended/took_part_in the meeting held in his class. He joined_in the discussion whether they would join a theater club. At last, most students signed for it, including my brother. 辨一辨 attend join join in take part in 主要指参加会议、仪式、婚礼、葬礼、典礼或上课、上学、做礼拜、听报告 等,强调的是“参加”这一动作本身,不强调参加者的作用 表示加入某个团体、组织等,并成为其中一员 参加某些小型的活动或比赛等,也可以用于 join sb. in sth. 参加群众性活动、会议等,参加者持积极态度,在活动中起作用

[链接高考] (2011· 湖南高考)It is the most instructive lecture that I ________ since I came to this school. A.attended C.am attending B.had attended D.have attended

解析:选 D 句意:这是我到这个学校以来听过的最有教育意义的演讲。根据后面的状 语从句 since I came to this school 可知, 此处应用现在完成时。

3.deserve v.应得;值得 [高考佳句] No matter how ordinary a job is, it plays a part in society and therefore deserves our due respect.(2013· 广东高考读写任务) 不管一份工作多么普通,它都在社会中起着一定的作用,因此,它值得我们给予应有的 尊重。 (1)deserve attention/consideration/sympathy 值得注意/考虑/同情 deserve blame/punishment (2)deserve to do deserve doing = deserve to be done 该受责备/惩罚 值得做;应该做 值得(被)做

①If you do wrong, you deserve punishment. 如果你做错事,就应受罚。 ②They certainly deserved_to_win that match. 他们当然应该赢得那场比赛。 [名师指津] deserve doing 是用主动形式表示被动意义,相当于 deserve to be done,有类

似用法的还有 want, need, require, be worth 等。 ③These suggestions deserve considering/consideration. →These suggestions deserve_to_be_considered. 这些建议值得考虑。 [联想归纳] 试写出 deserve 的形近词 ①reserve ②observe ③serve ④preserve 4.appoint v.任命,委派,约定 [高考佳句] Sam has been appointed manager of the engineering department to take the 保留 注意到,观察 (为??)服务,供应,提供 保护,保存

place of George.(2012· 重庆高考单项填空) 山姆已经被指定代替乔治的职位,担任工程部的经理。 (1)appoint sb.to sth. appoint sb.(as)+职位 appoint sb. to do sth. (2)appointment n. have an appointment with sb. make/keep an appointment 挑选某人做某工作或任某职位 任命某人担任??职位 委派某人做某事 任命,委派;约定 和某人有约 约定/遵守约定

①Two experts have just been appointed to look into food safety.

已经委派两位专家调查食品安全问题。 ②I’d like to make_an_appointment with Doctor Evans. 我想预约埃文斯医生。 [链接高考] (2013· 北京高考)I have an appointment ________ Dr.Smith, but I need to change it. A.to C.with B.off D.from

解析: 选 C 句意: 我与史密斯医生有约, 但是我需要改变一下。 have an appointment with sb.表示“和某人有约”。 二、间考词汇自识记 1.average n.平均,平均数 adj.平均的,平常的,普通的 with an average of on average the average of 平均为 平均 ??的平均数

He watches three movies a week on average. 他平均一周看三部电影。 2.instant adj.立刻的;即刻的;(食品等)速食的 n.瞬间,刹那 for an instant the instant = as soon as NBA. 一听到特雷西· 麦克格雷迪从 NBA 退役的消息,许多球迷都哭了。 3.commit v.犯(错误,罪行);使承担义务,保证;答应,承诺 commit a crime/mistake commit oneself to Women commit fewer crimes than men. 女性比男性的犯罪率低。 [单词对点集训] Ⅰ.单项填空 1. (2014· 济宁一模) Some countries have laws against traditional crimes ________ computers, but others have no laws against cyber crime at all. A.committed used C.committing to use B.committed using D.committing using 犯罪/错 委身于,专心致志于 片刻,一瞬间 一??就??

Many basketball fans burst into tears the instant they heard Tracy McGrady retired from

解析:选 B 句意:一些国家立法禁止传统的使用电脑的犯罪,然而其他的一些国家根 本没有这样的法律。 固定短语 commit crimes 意为“犯罪”, 因此用 committed 作 crimes 的后

臵定语,using computers 与 crimes 之间为主动关系,故用 using computers 作 committed 的逻 辑主语。 2.(2014· 浙江瑞安模拟)Chinese men ________ weigh 1.6kg heavier than 10 years ago, and women 1.8kg heavier, according to a survey published by the Chinese Nutrition Communication Conference. A.on condition that C.in place B.on average D.on behalf

解析:选 B on average 意为“平均起来”,符合题意。on condition that“如果”;in place“适当的, 适合的”;on behalf of“为了??的利益,代表”。 3. Just use this room for the time being, and we’ ll offer you a larger one ________ it becomes available. A.the instant C.as far as B.unless D.until

解析:选 A 句意:你只是暂时使用这个房间,一有房间,我们就会给你提供一个大一 点的。the instant“一??就??”,引导时间状语从句,符合题意。 4.The old CCP member has gained the title of “Model Party Member”, which is an honor that he ________ most. A.possesses C.reserves B.deserves D.acquires

解析:选 B 句意:这位老党员获得了“模范党员”的称号,这是一个他最应得的荣誉。 deserve“应得”,符合句意。possess“拥有”;reserve“保留,预约”;acquire“获得”。 Ⅱ.多维演练 1.defend 面面观 (1)用 defend 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①More and more women today have learned to arise in defence of their legal rights. ②I simply reacted to his statement, defending myself by means of an explanation. ③When Helen criticized me, Chris came to my defense. (2)单项填空 Our milk powder is especially suitable for children under 6, as it helps a lot to build the body’ s natural ________. A.reservation C.variety B.defence D.heritage

解析:选 B 句意:我们的奶粉尤其适合 6 岁以下的孩子,因为它对增强孩子的自然抵 抗力大有好处。defence“防御,抵抗”,符合句意。reservation“预订”;variety“种类”; heritage“遗产”。

2.attend 点点练 (1)选词填空 attend/join/join in/take part in ①All children between the age of 5 and 16 must attend school. ②His brother joined the army two years ago. ③Many excellent athletes from all over the world will take_part_in the 31th Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. ④We invited him to join_in our discussion. (2)单项填空 On Christmas Eve, there were so many customers that the shop assistants couldn’t________ them all. A.apply to C.attend to B.appeal to D.commit to

解析:选 C 句意:在圣诞节前夕,顾客太多了以至于售货员应接不暇。attend to 此处 表示“接待”。apply to“申请,请求”;appeal to“上诉,引起兴趣”;commit to“忠于”。 3.appoint 万花筒 (1)用 appoint 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①We have appointed a day to meet again. ②I have an appointment with him at four o’clock. ③Who will be appointed to be the chairmanship when Mr. Bell leaves? (2)用 appoint 的相关短语完成小片段 Xiao Li made_an_appointment with the manager and arrived at the appointed time. Later, he was_appointed_as a more important post.

1.draw sb.’s attention to 引起某人注意(某事物) [经典例句] I tried not to draw attention to the weak points in my argument.(牛津 P93)

我尽量使人不觉察到我论证中的软肋。 pay attention to ... 注意??

fix/focus/concentrate one’s attention on/upon ... 注意力集中在?? devote one’s attention to ... attract/catch one’s attention 把注意力放在?? 引起某人的注意

bring ...to one’s attention = call one’s attention to ... 使某人注意?? When you have dinner with friends, you will often notice someone paying more attention to

his mobile phone.(2013· 安徽高考阅读 D) 当你和朋友在一起吃饭时,你会经常注意到有人更多地在看他们的手机。 2.take possession of 拥有;占有;占据 [经典例句] You cannot legally take possession of the property until three weeks after the contract is signed.(牛津 P1334) 契约签署三周以后,你才能合法取得这份产业的所有权。 have possession of 拥有

come into sb.’s possession = come into the possession of sb. 落入某人之手,为某人所有 in possession of in the possession of sb. 占有;拥有 为某人所有

①On her father’s death, a vast fortune came into her possession. 她在父亲死后继承了大量财产。 ②We have bought the house, but we can’t have possession of it before July. 我们买下了这所房子,但到七月份才算实际拥有。 [名师指津] in possession of 表示主动, 其主语通常是人, 意为“(某人)拥有、 占有??”;

in the possession of 表示被动,其主语通常是物,意为“(某物)被??占有”。 ③The young man is in possession of the company. →The company is in_the_possession_of the young man. 这家公司为这个年轻人所拥有。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 take possession of, draw sb.'s attention to, be rude to, in the history of, be based on 1 . With his wise thoughts about nature and the world, Confucius is a great thinker in_the_history_of China. 2.If someone in the chat room is_rude_to you, your instinct (本能) is to fire back in the same manner. But try not to do so. 3.The success of the competition has been in two aspects — to draw the world’ s attention_to the problems of homelessness and also to help participants live a better life. 4.A wise decision is always based_on true facts and reasonable judgment. 5.Mr. Smith is a success as a businessman; he takes_possession_of several big companies. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 广西玉林模拟)In yesterday’s football game, our school football players performed well — they were in ________ of the ball most of the time.

A.favor C.memory

B.need D.possession

解析:选 D 句意:在昨天的足球比赛中,我们学校足球队表现出色——他们在大部分 时间里持有球。in possession of 意为“拥有,占有”,符合题意。 2.The coach asked his staff to ________ the large group of journalists waiting for him to announce his training plans. A.adapt to C.refer to B.attend to D.appeal to

解析:选 B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:教练让他的队员关照一下那一群等着他宣布训 练计划的记者。adapt to“适应”;attend to“关照,照顾”;refer to“谈到,提及”;appeal to“呼吁”。

But there_is_no_doubt_that he deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation”. 但是毫无疑问,他无愧于“一代杰出球员”这一称号。 (1)there is no doubt that ... (=no doubt)“毫无疑问??”,这是一个常用句型,that 引 导的是同位语从句,用来说明 doubt 的具体内容。 ①There is no doubt that the reform of medical system has a great influence on Chinese society. 毫无疑问,医疗制度的改革对中国社会有着很大的影响。 (2)含 doubt 的常见句型还有: There is some doubt whether ... ??不太确定;不确定是否?? I have no doubt about sth./that ... I doubt whether/if ... I don’t doubt that ... 我确定/相信?? 我怀疑是否?? 我不怀疑??

②There is some doubt whether their football team will win the match. 他们的足球队是否能赢得这场比赛还不太确定。 ③I don’t_doubt_that my father will come to watch my performance, but I doubt whether he can come on time. 我确信爸爸会来看我的演出,但我不确定他能否按时来。 [名师指津] doubt 作动词讲时,在肯定句中接 if/whether 引导的宾语从句;在疑问句和

否定句中接 that 引导的宾语从句。doubt 作名词讲时,通常在肯定句中接 whether 引导的同位

语从句;在疑问句和否定句中接 that 引导的同位语从句。 [句型对点集训] Ⅰ.完成句子 1.爱迪生是第一位创建现代研究和发展中心的科学家。 Edison was the_first_scientist_to_build a modern research and development center. 2.如果有必要的话,我可以熬一整夜来完成这项工作。 I’ll stay up all night, if_necessary,_to get the work finished. 3.然而我有时也需要乡村的和平与安宁。 But there_are_times_when I need the peace and quiet of the countryside. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.I never doubted ________ you could succeed in setting a new world record. A.whether C.that B.if D.what

解析: 选 C 谓语动词 doubt 前有否定词 never 修饰, 所以要用 that 引导后面的宾语从句。 2. (2014· 东北三省四市一联)________ at the party, I found Tina seated alone in the front row. A.Arriving C.Arrive B.To arrive D.Arrived

解析:选 A 句意:一到晚会上,我就看到 Tina 一个人坐在前排。根据语境可知,此处 需要一个时间状语,arrive 与主语 I 之间是主动关系,所以应用现在分词作状语。

词的转化和词的后缀 1.(2014· 威海市模拟)With time and patience, you’ll ________ come to realize that the Southern American football is different from the European football in many ways. A.sensitively C.automatically B.immediately D.gradually

解析:选 D sensitively 表示“敏感地,易生气地”;immediately 表示“即刻,马上”; automatically 表示“自动地”;gradually 表示“逐渐地,逐步地”。结合选项的词义可知,D 项符合语境。 2.(2014· 石家庄高三一模)Kate is a(n)________ singer. She won several awards at an early age. A.enthusiastic C.optimistic B.gifted D.creative

解析:选 B 句意:凯特是名有天赋的歌手。她小时候就获得好几个奖项。gifted“有天

赋的”,符合句意。enthusiastic“热心的”;optimistic“乐观的”;creative“有创造性的”。 3.(2014· 枣庄市模拟)The factory produced many famous cars, none of them ________ to foreign countries. A.ship C.shipped B.to ship D.shipping

解析: 选 C 句意: 这家工厂生产了很多著名的汽车, 但是没有一辆出口到国外。 none of them ________ to foreign countries 是一个独立主格结构,ship 用作动词,意为“用船运”, 与 none of them 之间是动宾关系,故用过去分词。 4.(2014· 合肥市高三模拟)________, even when both parents are lefthanded, there is still only a 26% chance of their children being lefthanded. A.Accidentally C.Hopefully B.Naturally D.Interestingly

解析:选 D 句意:有趣的是,甚至当父母两人都是左撇子的时候,他们的孩子成为左 撇子的机会仍然只有 26%。accidentally“意外地”;naturally“自然地”;hopefully“有希望 地”; interestingly“有趣地”。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 山东潍坊高三联合考试)—It is reported that he was sentenced to life in prison for economy crime. —Really? ________ People would cheer for it. A.It all depends. C.What’s wrong? B.So what? D.He deserves it.

解析:选 D 句意:“据报道他因为经济犯罪被判终身监禁。”“真的吗?他真的是罪 有应得。人们肯定会为之欢呼雀跃。”由语境可知,D 项“他活该”正确。 2. (2014· 西安标准化考试)Do you think he will be glad to receive the book about the secret of ________ nature as ________ birthday present? A.the; a C.the; the B./; the D./; a

解析:选 D 句意为:你认为他收到有关自然奥秘的书作为一份生日礼物会高兴吗?第 一空 nature 意为“自然”,前面不使用冠词;第二空泛指“一份生日礼物”,所以应用不定 冠词 a。 3.________ an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it sooner or later. A.Based B.Basing


D.To base

解析:选 B 句意:如果你在做一个重要的决定时感性大于理性,那你迟早会后悔的。 you 与 base 之间构成逻辑上的主动关系,故用 base 的现在分词形式。 4.Some actors are talented ________ art, but they are addicted ________ drugs, ________ damages their fame. A.in; to; which C.to; for; that B.for; in; that D.for; to; which

解析:选 A 句意:一些演员在艺术上很有天赋,但是他们吸毒成瘾,毁了他们的名声。 be talented in“对??有天赋”;be addicted to“对??上瘾”;which 引导非限制性定语从 句。 5.Was it not until you began to work ________ how much time you had wasted? A.did you realize C.did you not realize 解析:选 B B.that you realized D.that you didn’t realize

本句是 not until 强调句型的一般疑问句形式。强调句式的一般疑问句是

“Is/Was it+被强调部分+that/who/whom+句子剩余部分(用陈述语序)?”,据此可排除 A、 C 两项,语序不对;再由于该句式中 not 已随 until 前移,that 后应用肯定形式,故 B 项正确。 6.(2014· 淄博实验中学模拟)There is some doubt among people ________D|S749 is too much for an iPhone 5. A.that C.what B.whether D.if

解析: 选 B 句意: 许多人怀疑花 749 美元买个 iPhone 5 是否太贵了。 “There is some doubt whether ...”是固定句型,doubt 是名词,后面跟 whether 引导的同位语从句。 7.(2014· 济南市教学质量检测)My computer is out of order. Can you tell me the ________ news about the Diaoyu Islands? A.lately C.later B.latest D.latter

解析:选 B 句意:我的电脑坏了。你能告诉我一些关于钓鱼岛的最新消息吗?latest 为 形容词,意为“最新的”,符合句意。lately 为副词,意为“近来,最近”;later 为副词,意 为“后来”;latter 为形容词,意为“后者的,后面的”。 8.No. 50 High School is as new as No. 48 High School. ________, it is more beautiful. A.If anything C.If necessary B.If something D.If so

解析:选 A 句意:50 中和 48 中一样新,如果有什么不同的话,那就是它比 48 中更漂 亮。if anything“如果有区别的话”,符合句意。

9. (2014· 河北普通高中教学质检)The man talks as if he knew the truth about the car accident. ________ he knows nothing about it. A.Actually C.Obviously B.Really D.Generally

解析:选 A 句意:那个人谈起来好像知道这次车祸的真相。事实上,他什么也不知道。 根据句意应选 actually“ 事实上 ” 。 really“ 确实地,的确 ” ; obviously“ 显而见地 ” ; generally“通常地”。 10.He had a talent for music and was ________ conductor of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the age of 30. A.assigned C.recommended 解析:选 B B.appointed D.honoured

appoint sb.(to be) sth.意为“任命某人为??”。assign“布臵,分派”;

recommend“推荐”;honour“尊敬,给??以荣誉”。 Ⅱ.完形填空 (一) A millionaire, Peter, became blind because of an illness. The doctor told him that only by having a cornea transplant surgery (眼角膜移植手术) could he __1__ his sight. Peter offered a large amount of money for the cornea, but he didn’t get any __2__. Because Peter was too proud of his wealth and had done many unkind things, he had a bad __3__. All of them __4__ Peter as soon as donors (捐赠者) heard his name. One day, Peter felt his way to the little square before the hospital. He raised his head to enjoy the sunshine. However, he saw nothing but darkness. Just then, someone __5__ him all of a sudden. Peter became annoyed, so he cried, “Don’t you have eyes? Don’t you see who you hit? I’m millionaire Peter!” The answer was from a boy, “Sorry, sir. Please forgive me! ” Peter then said, “I can forgive you, but you must chat with me!” The boy agreed. Peter nodded happily and his face lit up with a smile. Peter asked, “Is the scene here beautiful?” The boy began __6__ it, “How beautiful! The green grass, the blue sky, and the beautiful flowers everywhere ...” Peter began to __7__ that boy as he was listening. __8__ he became impatient, shouting toward the sky, “Oh, my God, the little boy is so poor, nothing but a pair of eyes! Why do you give him light?” At this moment, a lady interrupted Peter, “You are __9__! My son is too poor to have eyes. What he just described is what I told him! ” __10__, Peter sat on the square, tears running down his face. Since then, the city charity would receive a large amount of money every year. The donor was

the very millionaire named Peter. 语篇解读:本文是记叙文。乐观、善良的盲童让恃财自傲、作恶多端的大富翁 Peter 变 成了一个乐善好施的人。 1.A.rescue C.regain B.keep D.catch

解析:选 C 由第一句中的“became blind”可知,此处指“恢复(regain)”视力。 2.A.response C.reward B.attention D.benefit

解析:选 A but 表转折关系,说明他出价高也无人“回应(response)”。下一段也是提 示。 3.A.reputation C.habit 解析: 选 A B.attitude D.experience 由 “...had done many unkind things”可知,Peter 做了很多坏事,“名声

(reputation)”不好。 4.A.worried about C.looked after B.listened to D.turned down

解析:选 D 结合上文内容可知,捐赠者一听他的名字,就“拒绝(turned down)”了。 5.A.stopped C.hit B.called D.shook

解析:选 C 由 Peter 所说的“Don’t you see who you hit?”可知,有人突然“撞(hit)” 了他一下。 6.A.observing C.imagining B.reading D.describing

解析:选 D 由男孩说的话可知,他在给 Peter“描绘(describing)”周围的风景。倒数第 二段中的“What he just described”也是提示。 7.A.ignore C.respect B.support D.envy

解析:选 D 由 Peter 质问上帝的话“你为什么给这个孩子光明”可知,他开始“嫉妒 (envy)”男孩。 8.A.Especially C.Strangely B.Suddenly D.Regularly

解析:选 B 由语境可知,“突然(suddenly)”,心理失衡的 Peter 狂躁不已,朝着天空 大喊。 9.A.sensitive B.wealthy



解析: 选 C 由后面的“My son is too poor to have eyes”可知, 男孩的妈妈说 Peter 说得“不 对(wrong)”。 10.A.Satisfied C.Disappointed B.Astonished D.Delighted

解析:选 B 由“tears running down his face”及最后一段 Peter 的变化可知,听到实情,他 大为“震惊(astonished)”。 (二) (2014· 合肥一中质检)Diana Velez does everything with maximum effort — and at maximum speed.That __1__ learning a new language, completing two certificates and opening a store.

When arriving in Canada in 2008, she had one __2__: to have what she had back home in Colombia.“I didn ’ t want country,”she said.“I properly.” Diana quickly realized that making her dream of shop ownership in Canada a going to school to get the __6__ meant __7__ education and certification.“My experience of owning a shop __8__ in my abilities, but I couldn’t speak the __10__ all to __3__ what I do, like so many who come to a new __5__ myself

__4__ to open a store here in Canada but knew I had to

and working as a designer in Colombia gave me language and I had to

__9__ how to do things in Canada.It was like having to

over again,” said Diana. __11__ , she found just the help she needed for her relaunch ( 重新开张 ) continuing education at George Brown College.She began taking Skills in Fashion Certificate and Diana met with the language harrier, she was always going after her __12__

__13__ for both the Essential

the Image Consulting Certificate in May 2009.__14__ __15__ while at college.

By the end of October 2009, she had completed all certificate requirements.Within two years __16__ in Canada, Diana at last achieved her __17__ goal when her new store __18__. opened its doors in Toronto’s Sheppard Centre.She was on the fasttrack to Looking back, Diana, a fashion (时装) designer, set, the education she received from the college, and is very happy doing what she is doing. 语篇解读:本文是一篇夹叙夹议文,主要讲述了一个移民加拿大的设计师奋斗成功的故 事,从而启迪我们:无论做什么事,只要全力以赴,全速前进就一定会成功。 1.A.requires C.includes B.encourages D.advises

__19__ her achievements to the goal she __20__, the efforts she made.Now Diana

解析: 选 C 根据“learning a new language ...”之后的列举和前面提到的“everything”可知, 此处答案为 C 项,意为“包括”。

2.A.goal C.choice

B.memory D.problem

解析: 选 A 根据下文“to have what she had ...”可知, 此处不定式表示目的, 故答案为 A, 意为“目标”,由此两者形成呼应。 3.A.continue C.change B.choose D.lose

解析:选 C 根据常识可知,许多人去了新地方,都会有一个新的开始,但是戴安娜与 众不同,她并不想改变自己所做的事情。这与下文她重新在加拿大开商店形成呼应。故选 C。 4.A.demanded C.agreed B.decided D.hesitated

解析:选 B 此处与上句她不想改变相呼应,她决定开一个商店。这与下文她所做的努 力相呼应。decide 意为“决定”,符合语境,故选 B。 5.A.teach C.enjoy B.prepare D.persuade

解析:选 B 根据下文内容可知,戴安娜接受教育,最终取得成功,说明一开始来到一 个人生地不熟的地方还是有很多东西要准备的,故答案为 B。 6.A.reality C.challenge B.fact D.wonder

解析:选 A 根据固定搭配 make one’s dream a reality“梦想成真”可知,答案应为 A。 7.A.physical C.primary 解析:选 D B.private D.necessary 要想梦想成真就意味着要上学接受一些必要的教育和得到相应的证书。

necessary 意为“必要的”,符合语境,故选 D。 8.A.pressure C.influence 解析: 选 D B.judgment D.confidence 在哥伦比亚开过店和做过设计师的经历让她对自己的能力充满信心。

confidence in sth.意为“在某方面有自信”,符合语境,故选 D。 9.A.put away C.learn about B.depend on D.look into

解析:选 C 此处与上句要去学校学习相呼应,说明戴安娜在加拿大必须要学会如何应 对很多事情,这就是一个重新学习的过程,故答案为 C。 10.A.advance C.suffer B.start D.work

解析: 选 B 根据“It was like having to __10__ all over again”可知, 这就像一切重新开始。

start 意为“开始”,符合语境。 11.A.Naturally C.Luckily B.Gradually D.Clearly

解析:选 C 根据下句“she found just the help”可知,她恰好找到了帮助,由此可见在异 国他乡她很幸运,luckily 意为“幸运地”,符合语境,故答案为 C。 12.A.through C.before B.for D.with

解析: 选 A 根据语境可知, 戴安娜是通过继续教育找到了办法。 through 意为“通过”, 符合语境。 13.A.notes C.chances B.responsibilities D.courses

解析:选 D 根据固定搭配 take a course“学习课程”可知,应选 D 项。 14.A.Though C.Since B.As D.Once

解析:选 A 虽然戴安娜遇到了语言障碍,但她??though 意为“尽管,虽然”,符合 语境。 15.A.around C.ahead 解析:选 C B.back D.out go ahead 意为“向前冲”,充分表现了戴安娜全力以赴的性格,与文章第

一段的开头相呼应,故答案为 C。 16.A.adventure C.performance B.arrival D.journey

解析:选 B 在戴安娜到达加拿大两年后,终于实现了理想??arrival 意为“到达”, 符合语境。 17.A.original C.another B.common D.distant

解析:选 A 她达到了最初的目标,与上文形成呼应。original 意为“最初的”,符合语 境。 18.A.success C.glory B.wealth D.happiness

解析:选 A 根据上句内容可知,戴安娜达到自己最初的目标,由此踏上了成功的快车 道。与文章第一段相呼应。success 意为“成功”,符合语境。 19.A.adds C.devotes B.connects D.owes

解析: 选 D 当回顾往事时, 戴安娜把她所取得的成就归功于她最初设臵的目标。 owe ...to 意为“把??归功于”,符合语境。 20.A.after all C.at least B.above all D.at first

解析: 选 B 最重要的是她所付出的努力。 与文章第一段中的“maximum effort”相呼应。 above all 意为“最重要的是”, 符合语境。 故选 B。 after all“终究, 毕竟”; at least“至少”; at first“最初”。

Module 2

Highlights of My Senior Year


1.They were trying to catch the ball. 他们奋力抢球。 2.Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other. 苏华和李江撞在了一起。 3.They started shouting and yelling at each other. 他们开始相互吵了起来。 4.It was Su’s fault, but Li was also to blame. 是苏的错,但李也应受到责备。 5.It was winning and losing that they cared too much about. 对于输赢,他们太在意了。 6.We should be kind to one another. 我们应当彼此友善。 7.It is essential to enjoy a harmonious life. 享受和谐的生活是绝对重要的。 1.连接 1、2 句,使其成为含 while 引导的状语从句的复合句 Su_Hua_and_Li_Jiang_bumped_into_each_other_while_trying_to_catch_the_ball. 2.连接 4、5 句,使其成为含 because 引导的状语从句的复合句

It_was_Su’s_fault,_but_Li_was_also_to_blame_because_it_was_winning_and_ losing_that_they_cared_too_much_about. 3.连接 6、7 句,使其成为含非限制性定语从句的复合句 We_should_be_kind_to_one_another,_which_is_essential_to_enjoy_a_harmonious_life.

选用“to be honest, as a matter of fact, then, to avoid such conflicts”过渡词语衔接成文。 Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other while trying to catch the ball in a match.Then they started shouting and yelling, and it turned into a horrible quarrel. To_be_honest,_it was Su’s fault but Li was also to blame because it was winning and losing that they cared too much about.They were not calm enough and both said some really mean things.As_a_matter_of_fact,_blocking, pushing and bumping are just part of a tough game. To_avoid_such_conflicts,_we should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoy a harmonious life.

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.He finished his school depending on the scholarship (奖学金). 2.We are keen(渴望的)that our school should get involved too. 3.After school, we take part in a lot of activities (活动). 4.You’d better step back and let them settle (解决) their own disputes. 5.There is no problem for me to be punctual (准时的) for work though the workplace is far from my home. 6.We elected (选举) him as our school captain by a show of hands last week. 7.Turn the music down! We don’t want to upset (使心烦) the neighbours. 8.Thousands of people slept outdoors (在户外), fearing that the buildings they lived in might collapse. 9.He claims he has evidence which could prove his innocence (清白). 10.We all cheered (欢呼) as the team came onto the field. (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.I found a suitable (suit) place for the party. 2.Married women have traditionally (tradition) been treated as dependent on their husbands. 3.Young people should learn to be competitive (compete).

4.You should have confidence in yourself and your abilities (able). 5.This is one of the regulations (regular) made by them. 6.It was really considerate (consider) of your brother not to play the guitar while you were preparing your lessons. (Ⅲ)语境填词 1.Blackpool is the top tourist attraction in England. A number of visitors from all over the world are attracted by the attractive scenery. (attract) 2.Compared with developed nations, developing countries are confronted with more pressure and challenges. (develop)

1.In_my_view (在我看来) it’s not the best to select staff.(2013· 上海高考听力) 2.He may win the competition, in which case he is_likely_to (有可能) get into the national team.(2013· 辽宁高考单项填空) 3.As_far_as_we’ re_concerned (就我们而言), there are basically no hard and fast rules about public speaking. Your audience can be your friends.(2013· 新课标全国卷Ⅱ任务型阅读)

4 . The potential for MOOCs to deliver education is obviously vast — they could be_considered_as (被认为是) a huge step forwards in widening participation. (2013· 湖南高考阅 读填空) 5 . What ’ s more, I can learn some learning skills and methodologies, which play_an_important_part_in (在??中起重要作用) my study process.(2012· 山东高考写作) 6.My parents want me to take extra maths lessons at the weekend, but I want to relax and have_fun (玩得开心). 【短语归纳】 1.in my view 2.be likely to do 3.look back at 4.get on with ... 5.have fun 6.as far as I am concerned 7.be considered as 8.play an important part in ... 我认为;在我看来 有可能 回顾,回忆 与??相处 玩得开心 就我而言 被看作是,被认为是 在??中起重要作用

1.Meanwhile, I find myself looking back at my senior year, and thinking about all the

wonderful things that have happened. 同时,我发觉自己在回顾自己高中最后一年的时光,追忆所有发生过的美好往事。 [解读] “find+宾语+宾补”结构。 [仿写] 真正喜欢汽车的人发现这些小的改进令人兴奋。 People who really care about cars find_these_small_improvements_exciting.(2012· 重庆高考 阅读 E) 2.It’s a great pity that it’s probably the last time this will happen. 真遗憾,这样美妙的夜晚很可能不会再有了。 [解读] It’s a pity that ...“真遗憾,真可惜”。

[仿写] 你竟然这么快就离开,真遗憾。 It’s_a_pity_that you should leave so soon. 3.It was not until the 1920s that pompoms began to play an important part in cheerleading. 直到 20 世纪 20 年代,彩线球才在拉拉队队员的表演中发挥重要作用。 [解读] 此句为包含有“not ...until ...”句式的强调句型。 [仿写] 直到我完成表格后才发现,一半的问题和我没关系。 It_was_not_until_I_competed_the_form_that I realized that half the questions were not relevant to me.

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.settle v.解决;处理;定居;停留;平静,放松 [教材原句] Something else I’ve greatly enjoyed is working as a peer mediator, someone

who helps students to settle problems that they have with other students. 另外一件我非常乐意做的事情是做同伴调解人,就是帮助学生们解决同学之间的问题。 (1)settle down settle down to (doing) sth. settle in/into ... settle on/upon (2)settlement n. settler n. (使)平静;(使)稳定;定居 安心去做某事;专心做某事 迁入(新居);习惯于?? 决定;同意;(鸟等)停于 安顿;定居;解决;协议 移民;殖民者

①When I settled in Chicago, my new city seemed so big and unfriendly. (2012· 安徽高考完形) 当我定居在芝加哥时,我发现这个新的城市如此之大而且不友好。

②With so many children talking and laughing, I couldn’t settle_down_to my work. 这么多孩子又说又笑,我不能专心工作。 [辨析比较] settle, solve

试一试 选择以上单词填空 ③We must think of ways to solve the problem as soon as possible. ④Their quarrel was settled in a friendly way. 辨一辨 settle “解决,处理”,其对象通常是某种争端,后常接 affair, matter, business, argument, disagreement, dispute, issue, quarrel 等 “解答,解决”,侧重的是给出一个答案,后常接 problem, difficulty, riddle, puzzle, mystery 等


2.suit v.合适;适合;相配;合心意 n. 套装 [教材原句] day of the prom. 我找到了一件非常适合我的晚礼服,毕业舞会那天还专门做了头发。 (1)suit sb.(fine)(很)合某人的意;对某人(很)合适 suit ...to ... a suit of (2)suitable adj. be suitable for ... be suitable to do ... 使??适合于?? 一套?? 适当的;相配的;恰当的 适合于?? 适合做某事 I found a dress that suited me perfectly, and had my hair specially done on the

①He can suit his conversation to whoever he’s with. 无论跟谁说话,他都能说到一块儿。 ②Many of the fish caught for sport are_not_suitable_for eating, so they are thrown away.(2013· 江西高考阅读表达) 许多为了娱乐而钓来的鱼并不适合食用,所以它们又被扔掉了。 [名师指津] suit 多指“合乎要求、口味等”,也可表示(衣服等)颜色、款式、花样等适

合;fit 多指“衣服等尺寸、大小合身、合适”;match 意为“使相称,使匹配”,指事物在 大小、色调、性质等方面的相配。 ③The coat fits you well, but I don’t think the colour suits you, because its colour doesn’t match your shoes. 这件外套你穿很合身,但我认为颜色不适合你,因为它的颜色与你的鞋子不搭配。 3.attract v.吸引;引起(兴趣、关注等)

[高考佳句] The Forbidden City attracts a constant stream of visitors every day, especially during national holidays.(2013· 福建高考单项填空) 紫禁城每天都吸引着络绎不绝的游客,特别是在国庆节期间。 (1)attract sb.to ... attract sb.’s attention (2)attraction n. tourist attraction attractive adj. 把某人吸引到?? 吸引某人的注意力 吸引;吸引力 旅游胜地 有吸引力的;引起兴趣的; (人)迷人的,有魅力的

①What first attracted me to her was her sense of humour. 她首先吸引我的是她的幽默感。 ②I can still recall the excitement of being invited to dance with the most attractive boy at the school party.(2013· 天津高考阅读 D) 我仍然能够想起在学校派对上被邀请与最有魅力的男生一起跳舞时的激动。 [链接高考] (2010· 江苏高考)Thousands of foreigners were ________ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A.attended C.attracted B.attained D.attached

解析: 选 C 句意: 在上海世博会开放当天, 成千上万的外国人被吸引到此处。 attract sb. to“把(人等)吸引到??”,此处为其被动语态。attend 表示“参加”,是及物动词,不必加 to,而且要用主动形式,所以 A 项错误;attain“达到”,be attached to 表示“附属于”,都 不符合语境。 4.consider v.认为;考虑 [教材原句] In America, the development of social skills is considered as important as the

development of intellectual skills. 在美国,社交能力的发展和智力水平的发展被视为同等重要。

? to do sth. ? ? ? (1)consider??认为?sb.?to be doing sth. ? ?to have done sth. ? ??考虑??doing? sth.
(2)consideration n. take sth. into consideration under consideration 考虑;关心;因素 考虑某事 正在考虑之中

?认为?... ?as/to be?...

①Not until he retired from teaching three years ago did he consider having a holiday abroad.(2012· 辽宁高考单项填空) 直到三年前教学退休他才考虑去国外度假。 ②Safe driving is good driving because it takes_into_consideration the lives of other people. 安全驾驶就是很好的驾驶,因为考虑到了他人的生命。 [联想归纳] “把??看作,认为??是??”表达多 regard ... as ... recognize ... as ... 二、间考词汇自识记 1.keen adj.渴望的,热切的,热心的;敏锐的,灵活的 be keen to do sth. be keen on ... 渴望做某事 热衷于?? look on ... as ... think of ... as ... treat ... as ...

If you like astronomy, you may be keen on collecting stamps describing the stars, planets, spacecraft, spacemen, etc.(2012· 江西高考阅读表达) 如果你喜欢天文学,你可能会热衷于收集画有恒星、行星、宇宙飞船、宇航员等的邮票。 2.develop vt.发展,开发;冲洗照片 vi.进步 with the development of develop the habit of 随着??的发展 养成??的习惯

With the development of the Internet, less communication will be done by regular mail. 随着互联网络的发展,用普通电子邮件的交流就少了。 3.cheer v.欢呼;喝彩;加油 cheer up cheer sb. on Cheer up! It can’t be as bad as all that. 振作起来!情况不会那么糟。 [单词对点集训] Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 成都模拟)—I’m thinking of my driving test tomorrow. I’m afraid I can’t pass it again. —________. I’m sure you’ll make it this time. A.Cheer up C.No problem B.Good idea D.Go ahead (使)高兴起来,(使)振作起来 (在比赛中)为某人加油

解析: 选 A 句意: “我正在想明天的驾照考试, 我恐怕我又不能通过。 ”“振作起来。 我确信你这次会通过的。”Cheer up“振作起来”,符合题意。

2.(2014· 济南一中等四校高三联考)So far this year, Chinese scientists ________ a new irrigation technology that consumes 50 percent less water than drip A.have developed C.are developing B.had developed D.developed irrigation technology.

解析:选 A 句意:到今年为止,中国科学家们已经开发了一项新的灌溉技术,它比原 来的滴灌技术要少消耗 50%的水。由“So far this year”可知,应用现在完成时。 3.(2014· 淮北模拟)Dolly wants to cycle round the world and she is really keen ________ the idea. A.on C.at B.for D.with

解析: 选 A 句意: Dolly 想骑自行车环游世界, 她真的痴迷于这个想法。 be keen on ...“热 衷于??”,符合题意。 4.(2014· 山西四校联考)No matter how much money you possess, it can’t ________ a healthy body. A.compare C.defeat 解析:选 D B.suit D.match 考查动词辨析。句意:无论你有多少钱,它都比不上一个健康的身体。

match“与??相匹敌, 和??不相上下”, 符合句意。 compare“比较, 对比”; suit“适合”; defeat“打败,战胜”。 Ⅱ.多维演练 1.settle 面面观 (1)用 settle 和 solve 的适当形式填空 ①It was no easy thing for him to solve the difficulty. ②There’s only one way to settle the argument, and they know it. (2)用 settle 的相关短语完成句子 ①三年前他们搬到了济南并在那里定居了。 They moved to Jinan three years ago and settled_down there. ②鸟停在电线上。 The bird settled_on the wire. (3)单项填空 This is neither the time nor the place to play. Let’s ________ and attend to the business in hand. A.come up C.settle down B.turn off D.cut in

解析:选 C 句意:这不是玩的时间和场合,咱们坐下来专心完成手头的工作吧。come

up“被提到,被考虑”;turn off“关上,关闭”;settle down“开始专心于(工作、活动等), 着手认真做某事”;cut in“插嘴”。故 C 项符合句意。 2.attract 万花筒 (1)用 attract 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①Venice is one of the great tourist attractions of the world. ②He felt himself so powerfully attracted to the scientific ideal. ③Since my childhood I have found that nothing is more attractive than reading, which is my favorite. (2)单项填空 (2014· 济南一中高三联考)As ________ tourist attraction, the Summer Palace does have ________ strong attraction to visitors from home and abroad. A.the; / C.a; / B.the; a D.a; the

解析:选 C 第一空,颐和园作为“一个”景点,是泛指;第二空,attraction 在此意为 “吸引力”,是不可数名词,且也不表特指。故选 C 项。 3.consider 多棱镜 (1)用 consider 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①Considering what she had done for us, we consider her to be a very considerate and caring person. ②Taking everything into consideration,_we can say that our plan has worked out well so far. ③The Internet is considered to have changed most people’s life. (2)单项填空 My daughter is considering ________ a digital camera, which is considered ________ a great help to her work. A.buying; to be C.to buy; being B.buying; being D.to buy; to be

解析:选 A 句意:我女儿正在考虑买一部数码相机,她认为相机对她的工作帮助很大。 第一个空处的 consider 表示“考虑”,后接名词或动名词作宾语;第二个空处的 consider 表 示“认为”,consider sb./sth. to be/as 为固定搭配,表示“认为??是”。

1.have fun 玩得开心(=have a good time/enjoy oneself) [高考佳句] Those against fishing also say that it is a blood sport, which means that an

animal must die so that a human can have fun.(2013· 江西高考阅读表达) 那些反对钓鱼的人还认为钓鱼是一项带有血腥味的娱乐活动, 意思是说人类为了玩得开

心,动物必须死亡。 have fun with sb. have fun doing sth. make fun of for fun 和某人玩得开心 做某事很开心 取笑;嘲弄;开??的玩笑 为了好玩

①We drove all the way to the beach, just for fun. 我们一路开车到海滩,只是为了好玩。 ②Jonathan insists that it is not necessary to make a huge impressive kite to have fun making and flying kites.(2012· 安徽高考阅读 D) 乔纳森认为,完全没有必要通过制作一个巨大的、令人印象深刻的风筝来享受做风筝和 放风筝的乐趣。 [名师指津] fun 表示“乐趣, 玩笑”是不可数名词, 前面不能用冠词 a, 但可用 great, much,

a lot of 等对其进行修饰。 2.be likely to do sth.可能会做某事 [教材原句] Older teenagers are more likely to get summer jobs or go camping with a group of friends. 年龄稍大点的孩子更有可能找份暑期工作或者和一帮朋友去野营。 It is likely that ... sth./sb.is likely to do ... It’s possible/probable that ... It’s possible (for sb.) to do sth. 可能会?? 某物/人可能会?? 可能会?? (某人)可能会做某事

He is_likely_to set a world record in the future. →It is possible for_him_to set a world record in the future. →It is probable that he will set a world record in the future. 他在将来有可能会创造一项世界纪录。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空

be likely to, as far as I'm concerned, have fun, play an important part in, 1.The new teacher is getting_on_well_with the students. 2.As_far_as_I’m_concerned,_his suggestion is very significant.

get on well with

3.Studies show that people are more likely_to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. 4.I think maths is playing_a more important_part_in the new test system.

5.You must go out and have_fun with your friends, otherwise you will lose them. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.—I am going to Shanghai on a free trip this weekend. —________ A.Have fun! B.It is none of my business. C.You must have been cheated. D.So what? 解析:选 A 句意:“这周末我将免费去上海旅游。”“祝你玩得高兴!”Have fun“玩 得高兴”,符合句意。 2.________I’m concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn, the more equipped for life you are. A.As far as C.As much as B.As long as D.So long as

解析:选 A 句意:在我看来,教育是和学习相关的。你学的越多,你就越具有适应生 活的能力。as far as I’m concerned“就我而言,在我看来”。as/so long as“只要”;as much as“和??一样多”。 3.(2014· 兰州模拟)John was ________ to win the 200meter race, but he fell to the ground and missed the chance. A.maybe C.probable B.possible D.likely

解析:选 D 句意: 约翰有可能赢得 200 米比赛, 但他摔倒了,错过了机会。 be likely to do sth.“很可能做某事”;possible 和 probable 不能用人作主语。

Meanwhile, I find_myself_looking_back_at my senior year, and thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened. 同时,我发觉自己在回顾自己高中最后一年的时光,追忆所有发生过的美好往事。 (1)find oneself+宾语补足语,通常表示“在事先毫无知觉的情况下突然发现自己处于某 种状态”。宾语补足语常由介词短语、现在分词、过去分词、形容词或副词充当。 ①I found_myself_having more fun than I had in years. 我发现自己多年来从未玩得这样开心过。 (2)find+sb./sth.+宾语补足语,表示“发现某人/某物??”。 ②We find the story (to be) very interesting. 我们发现这个故事很有趣。

③She returned to her home to find her back door forced_open. 她回到家中,发现后门被强行打开了。 (3)find + it + adj./ n. + to do sth. 表示“发现/认为做某事??”。 ④At my age I would find_it_hard_to_get another job. 在我这个年纪,我觉得很难找到另一份工作。 [句型对点集训] Ⅰ.完成句子 1.直到生了重病,他才意识到健康的重要性。 It was not_until he got seriously ill that_he_realized the importance of health. 2. ——你为什么没告诉我那件事呢? ——我确实告诉你了,但你可能忘了。 —Why didn’t you tell me about it? —I did_tell_you,_but you may have forgotten. 3.当他醒来时,他发现自己躺在大街上。 When he woke up, he found_himself_lying in the street. 4.你不能再多停留些时间,真是遗憾。 It’s_a_pity_that you can’t stay longer. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.When I got off the crowded bus, I found my pocket ________ and the disk in it with the important documents gone. A.picked C.missing B.stolen D.lost

解析:选 A 句意:当我从拥挤的公交车上下来时发现我的口袋被人掏了,存有重要文 件的硬盘也随之不见了。pick one’s pocket“从某人的口袋里偷东西,扒窃”。steal, miss 和 lose 的对象都不应该是 pocket,而是丢失的具体的东西。find sth. done“发现某物被??”。 2.As teenagers, it is not until we are able to face difficulties bravely ________ we are mature enough. A.which C.that B.when D.whether

解析:选 C 考查强调句型。题干考查的是“It is/was not until ...+that ...”的强调句型, 由此可知,空格处应该使用“that”。故答案选 C 项。

主语从句和表语从句 1.(2014· 四川省巴蜀名校联合测试)Everyone is different and that is ________ makes our

world much better. A.that C.who B.which D.what

解析:选 D 考查名词性从句。句意:每个人都是不同的,这使我们的世界更加美好。 分析句子结构可知,此处应用 what 引导表语从句,且在从句中作主语。 2.It remains to be seen ________ this plan is practical enough to keep the project going. A.whether C.where B.how D.when

解析:选 A 考查主语从句。句意:这个计划是否足够实用,以使这个项目继续下去还 有待观察。it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 whether 引导的从句。whether“是否”,符合句意。 3. Faced with difficulties, you should believe your confidence is ________ makes a difference. A.what C.which B.that D.whether

解析:选 A 句意:面对困难的时候,你要相信你的自信会有很大的影响。分析句子结 构可知,空格处应为表语从句,作 is 的表语,且表语从句中缺少主语,故用 what。 4.(2014· 山西高三四校联考)________ is known to all is that effective measures should be taken to deal with the problem of the overexploitation of our resources. A.What C.As B.It D.Which

解析:选 A 分析句子结构可知,空处引导主语从句,且在从句中作主语,所以用 what 引导。注意区分以下结构:As is known to all, effective measures should be ...,其中 as 引导非 限制性定语从句;It is known to all that effective measures should be ...,其中 it 为形式主语,真 正的主语是 that 引导的主语从句。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 福建六校模拟)—Good afternoon. I’m from the repair company. I received your call that there is something wrong with your air conditioner. —________. Come in please. The air conditioner is in the living room. A.That’s right C.No problem B.That’s OK D.My pleasure

解析:选 A 根据语境可知,此处表示认可对方的话,故应用 That’s right“没错”。 That’s OK“没关系”;No problem“没问题”;My pleasure“(对别人表示感谢的一种礼貌 回答)不客气”。

2.—What has made John look like lacking sleep? —________ he had to prepare for the coming exam and stayed up last night. A.For C.That B.Because D.What

解析:选 C 考查名词性从句。分析句子结构可知,答语是回答问句中主语“what”的, 故此句是一个主语从句,空处为引导词,且在从句中不充当成分,故选 C 项。 3.(2014· 枣庄模拟)I consider ________ the party until Saturday evening, and it is considered ________ practical. A.putting off; being C.to put off; being B.putting off; to be D.to be put off; to be

解析: 选 B 句意: 我考虑把晚会推迟到星期六晚上, 这被认为很切合实际。 consider doing sth.“考虑做某事”;sb./sth. be considered (to be/as)... “某人/某物被认为是??”。 4.(2014· 哈师大附中高三模拟)America is a ________ country and it needn’t introduce ________ science and technology from ________ countries, like China. A.developed; advanced; developed B.developing; advanced; developed C.developed; advanced; developing D.developed; advancing; developing 解析:选 C 句意:美国是一个发达国家,并且它不需要从像中国这样的发展中国家引 进先进的科学技术。developed“发达的”;advanced“先进的”;developing“发展中的”。 根据句意可知选 C。 5.(2014· 东北三校模拟)Generations from now, people will ________ at this period of time and remark at what an exciting era it must have been. A.look upon C.look into B.look after D.look back

解析:选 D 句意:当后人回顾今天这段历史时,他们一定会感叹这是一个多么激动人 心的时代。 look back at“回顾”。 look upon“旁观, 视作”; look after“照顾”; look into“调 查,窥视”。 6.(2014· 威海文登一中模拟) ________ the issues that arose over the talk last week, both sides announced their better cooperation in the future. A.To settle C.Settling B.Having settled D.Settled

解析: 选 B settle 和 issues 之间是动宾关系, 和 both sides 之间是主谓关系, 所以用 settle 的现在分词形式, 而且 settle 这个动作发生在 announced 之前, 所以用现在分词的完成式 having done。

7.(2014· 潍坊高三模拟) Even today I still remember the great fun we had ________ games on the beach in those happy days. A.play C.playing B.to play D.played

解析:选 C 句意:甚至今天,我仍然还记得在那些快乐的日子里,我们在海滩上尽情 地玩游戏的情景。have fun doing sth.“开心、快乐地做某事”。 8.(2014· 太原高三一模)It was not until he got to his office ________ he remembered leaving the key home. A.which C.when B.where D.that

解析:选 D 句意:直到到了办公室他才想起他把钥匙落在家里了。“not ...until ...”句型 的强调句形式为“It is/was not until ...that ...”,本题考查的就是这个句型。 9. (2014· 济南历城二中模拟)It hasn’ t been made clear ________ the new underground line is to be open to traffic. A.when C.what 解析:选 A B.that D.where 句意:新的地铁线路何时开放还不清楚。句中 it 是形式主语,空处引导的

是主语从句。根据句意可知选 when。 10.—Jack failed the driving test again. —The question is ________ we can help him avoid making the same mistake. A.why C.what B.how D.that

解析:选 B 句意:“杰克又没通过驾驶考试。”“问题是我们如何能够帮助他避免犯 同样的错误。”根据语境并分析句子成分可知,空处引导表语从句,并在从句中作方式状语, 故选 B 项。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2014· 浙江温州高三联考)We’re so well educated — but we’re useless students who have lost the ability to do anything practical.The only thing we’ve mastered is consumption.

Large numbers of students have entered higher education in the past 10 years, but despite being the most educated generation in history, it seems that we’ve grown increasingly ignorant when it comes to basic life skills. Looking back on my first couple of weeks of living in student halls, accommodation. I consider myself lucky to still be alive.Unfamiliar to freshers, there are many hidden dangers in the dirty corners of student

I have survived a couple of serious boiling egg incidents and lots of cases of foodpoisoning, probably from dirty kitchen counters.Although some of my clothes have fallen victim to ironing experimentation, I think I have now finally acquired all the domestic skills I missed out in my modern education. In 2006 and 2010, the charming educationist Sir Ken Robinson gave two very amusing talks in which he discussed the importance of creativity in education.Robinson’s main that our current education viewpoint is

system dislocates people from their natural talents.I would like to

go a step further and propose that besides our talents, the system takes away what used to be passed from generation to generation — a working knowledge of basic life skills. Today’s graduates may have earned themselves honor in history, law or economies, but when it comes to simple thingslike putting up a shelf to hold all their academic books, or fixing a hole in their ontrend clothes, they have to call for help from a professional handyman or tailor. Since the invention of the Internet, it has never been easier for people to access information, but our highly specialized education has made us more onesided than ever. I suggest that we start with the immediate reintroduction of some of the most vital aspects of “domestic science” education, before the current lack leads to serious accidents in student halls. 语篇解读:本文是一篇议论文。阐述了中国当前教育存在的主要问题,即学生受教育程 度越来越高,但实际生活技能却越来越差,所以作者建议要及时对学生进行“家政”教育。 1.People call us useless students for the reason that ________. A.what we’ve learned is beyond consumption B.we are educated generation C.we’ve entered higher education D.our living skills are so poor 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句可知,没有生活技能的学生是无用的学生。 2.Which is NOT one of the incidents the writer had during the first few weeks in student halls? A.He was seriously burnt by boiled eggs. B.He was accidentally poisoned by food. C.He damaged his clothes while ironing. D.He was severely beaten by freshers. 解析:选 D 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的内容可知,A、B、C 项都是作者提到的遭 遇,而 D 项没有提到。故选 D。 3.According to Robinson’s opinion, our current education ________. A.focuses on the importance of creativity B.dislocates people from their natural talents C.has equipped students with basic life skills

D.has followed the tradition properly 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据文章第五段的第二句可知应选 B。 4.Why are the graduates poor at basic life skills? A.Because they are not interested in them. B.Because they have little relevant practice. C.Because they are affected by the Internet. D.Because they are easy to be onesided. 解析:选 B 推理判断题。根据第五段的最后一句可知,作者认为现代教育体制忽视了 原来代代相传的基本生活技能,故选 B。 5.The main purpose of writing the passage is that ________. A.there is no need to introduce “domestic science” B.it’s time we did something to current education C.more attention should be paid to natural science D.accidents should be prevented in student halls 解析:选 B 写作意图题。本文是一篇议论文,文章开头提出了论点即本文讨论的问题, 然后分析了产生该问题的原因,最后一段提出了解决问题的办法,也就是写作本文的目的, 即提醒大家对于当代教育存在的问题,我们应该做些什么。 B (2014· 山东省泰安市模拟)“I don’t want to buy a traditional yearbook.I can keep and share memories of my high school on the Internet.” You may often hear this from many American high school students now.Instead of buying a book, more and more students choose to sign up at MyYearbook.com. MyYearbook.com was created by two teenagers, Catherine Cook and her brother, 18yearold David Cook, in 2005.It had about 950,000 members in a year.The site allows people to create a profile with separate sections for high school, college, graduate school and professional life.Students who sign up are linked to other people at their school.Acting as their own editors, they can select friends from their classmates.The site also connects students through clubs and sports pages.Like other socalled socialnetworking sites, it allows members to show photos and post messages.Students can do lots of things that oldfashioned yearbooks can’t offer, listening to music and watching videos. Catherine and David developed the idea because they thought that their own yearbooks weren’t good enough and were too expensive.“We just think yearbooks are obsolete,” said Catherine Cook, 16.“If you think about it, all you’re going to do with it is put it on the shelf and never really look at it.” Many American teenagers want different things out of their yearbooks.They like the idea of creating an online yearbook.That is the reason why MyYearbook.com is becoming more and more popular. including

Some people, however, still wonder if this free website can ever truly replace the traditional printed book of high school memories — even for the generation that has grown up with the Internet.Some students would like to be the users of MyYearbook.com as well as buying a traditional yearbook.The “war” between the tradition and the new technology will never end.Everyone is free to choose what he prefers and even has both. 语篇解读: 更多的美国高中生不再选择买传统的年刊, 而是选择使用 MyYearbook.com 这 个在线年刊网站。 6.What can be the best title for the text? A.Going online for yearbooks B.How to select yearbooks C.Two clever students in America D.A famous socialnetworking site 解析:选 A 标题归纳题。通读全文可知,文章主要介绍了一个在线的年刊网站,故 A 项为最佳标题。 7.Students who sign up at MyYearbook.com ________. A.can select friends from society B.can make friends through school clubs C.can do anything traditional yearbooks can’t offer D.can’t listen to music and watch videos 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的倒数第三句可知,在 MyYearbook.com 网站 上注册的学生可以通过“俱乐部”来结识朋友。故选 B。 8.MyYearbook.com is becoming popular because ________. A.it was created by two American teenagers B.it allows to create a profile with separate sections C.teenagers like the idea of creating an online yearbook D.it is free of charge and is easy to access 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据文章第三段的最后两句可知 C 项正确。 9.Catherine and David thought traditional yearbooks were ________. A.oldfashioned C.wellinformed B.newlydeveloped D.multifunctional

解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的最后一句可知,Catherine 和 David 认为传 统的年刊已经过时了,故选 A。 10.According to the author, ________. A.the traditional yearbooks are out of date

B.MyYearbook.com can truly replace the printed yearbooks C.all teenagers should use the online yearbooks D.both traditional yearbooks and MyYearbook.com are OK 解析:选 D 推理判断题。通读文章最后一段,作者写到也有学生选择买一本年刊,或 者既有在线的,也有纸质的,以及根据文章的最后一句可推知,作者认为传统年刊和在线年 刊都可以成为人们的选择方式。故选 D。 Module 3 Literature

第三层级——背范文、学润色,让作文洋气十足 (2013· 湖南高考)请以下列词语为关键词写一篇英语短文。 match winner loser result 内容:1.自己或他人的一次经历;2.你的感受。 注意:1.必须使用所给 4 个关键词;2.词数不少于 120 个;3.不能使用真实姓名和学校名 称。

Today was a fine day and never will I forget the special day ( 倒装句式 ) . I was chosen to be a member of the football match team of Grade 3 and sent to take part in the school football match.I was excited believing I would earn the most scores (现在分词短语作 状语).But in the first round I had my leg hurt ( 过去分词作宾补 ) and had to give up the game.I was sad to be a loser.My best friend Tom came up to me, saying “You are great! You still played for a few minutes even after your leg was hurt.You are the really winner.” I couldn’t believe my ears.For me the one scoring the most ( 现 在 分 词 短 语 作 定 语 ) is the really winner.But Tom said “the one who still tries his best in spite of bad condition (定语从句) is the real winner.You know with the determination, you will change the result sooner or later.” I am deeply impressed by his words.I want to say to him “Thank you.”

Last term, I took part in a marathon hosted by the school.So_good_was_I_at_running (我非 常 擅 长 跑 步 。 使 用 倒 装 句 式 ) that I had confidence to win the match.When approaching the finish line, I found that one of my competitors fell down and got injured._I_could_have_chosen_to_leave_him_al one(我本可以选择不管他。 使用“情态动词 +have done”形式) and dashed to the end, but I stopped to help him.There was no doubt that the result was not so good and people called me loser. However, winner_as_I_was_not (尽管我 不是赢家。使用 as 引导的让步状语从句), I found that I was also very delighted and satisfied.Sometimes it_is_kindness_rather_ than_grades_that_plays_a_more_significant_rol e_in_our_life (在生活中更有意义的是善举而 不是成绩。使用强调句式).Though I was a loser in the match, I was a winner in my life.

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.He is strong, because he has good appetite (食欲). 2.It is unfair that he gets very little in reward (报酬) for his hard work. 3.Sam has attained (获得,达到) the highest grade in his English exam. 4.He worked hard and accumulated (积累) a lot of fortune. 5.Hanging (闲逛) out will always be a pleasant experience.(2012· 辽宁高考任务型阅读) 6.They sat there, mourning (悼念) their beloved dead relatives. 7.The dustman got up early to empty the dustbins (垃圾箱). 8.He touched me with his finger, whispering (低声地说) to me in my ear, “The teacher is

coming.” 9.Seize (抓住) the chance, otherwise you’ll regret it. 10.The hotel guests tried their best to escape (逃跑) from the burning building. (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.In order to make a lot of money, some people hunt rare animals illegally (legal). 2.This perfect work makes the audience lost in astonishment (astonish). 3.A much better way must be found to achieve an equal distribution (distribute) of the resources. 4.Tom Hanks ranks as one of Hollywood’ s most popular actors. Moviegoers (去看电影的人) eagerly (eager) anticipate the opening of his new pictures. 5.Some high schools require community service (serve) to give the teenagers a taste of real world and create a habit of volunteering. 6.Lack of food supplies and wanted by the police, the terrorists made a desperate (desperation) attempt to hijack (劫持) a plane to Iran. (Ⅲ)语境填词 1.With the intention of becoming famous and rich, many ordinary people intend to take part in some TV shows, such as The Voice of China. (intend) 2.All the parents are concerned about their children, but some teenagers ignore their parents’ concern and make them disappointed. (concern)

1.The other two boys jumped up with fright, staring_at (凝视) Tom.(2013· 江西高考阅读 A) 2.In 1973, kidnappers took his 16yearold grandson, and demanded a_large_amount_of (大 量的) money for his safe return.(2013· 山东高考阅读表达) 3. Not only can the environment of a country suffer_from (遭受) the sudden growth of tourism. The people as well rapidly feel its effects.(2013· 江西高考阅读 D) 4.The names of the successful candidates will be_put_up (张贴) on the college notice board. 5.When the child let_go_of (放开) his mother’s hand he fell down. 6.To make your wall color choices better, pick_out (挑选,挑出) furniture that will provide a visual contrast. 7.The boy looked at him in_astonishment (惊奇地) and said nothing. 8 . Then they brought these problems to_the_attention_of ( 使 某 人 关 注 某 事 ) the administration. 【短语归纳】 1.stare at 2.in astonishment 凝视,盯着看 惊讶地,吃惊地

3.in a ...voice 4.a huge/large amount of 5.bring sth. to the attention of sb. 6.be cruel to 7.pick out 8.suffer from 9.put up 10.let go of

用??声音(说) 大量的 使某人关注某事 对??冷酷 挑选,挑出 遭受 张贴 放开,放弃

1.No sooner had the boy spoken these words than the warden hit him on the head with the soup spoon. 孩子的话刚出口,大师傅就操起汤勺狠狠地敲打他的脑袋。 [解读] no sooner ...than ...“一??就??”。

[仿写] 她一看完那个关于已灭绝物种的电视节目,就立志加入野生动物保护组织。 No_sooner had she watched the TV program on the extinct species than she made up her mind to join the wildlife protection organization. 2.Only then did Oliver understand his situation. 只有在那时奥利弗才明白自己的处境。 [解读] only 修饰状语放在句首时句子要用倒装语序。

[仿写] 只有投入全部精力,你才会成功。 Only if you put all your heart into it will_you_succeed.

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.hang v.绞死;吊死;悬挂 [教材原句] “They’ll hang that boy,” said a gentleman in a white jacket. “他们会把那个孩子绞死,”一个穿着白色夹克的绅士说。 ①Christmas was coming. “Don’ t expect any presents this year, ” Dad said, pointing at the socks I hung in the living room.(2012· 重庆高考阅读 A) 圣诞节马上就要来临了。“今年不要期望得到任何的礼物,”父亲指着我挂在卧室里的 袜子说。 hang up 挂断(电话)

hang out/about/around


hang on = hold on(打电话时)别挂断;坚持;等一下,停一下;抓紧 ②The line was engaged and the operator asked if I’d like to hang on. 电话占线,话务员问我是否愿意稍等一下。 [名师指津] hang 作不同意义讲时,其过去式和过去分词不相同。 hang 意义 绞死、吊死 悬挂、垂下 过去式 hanged hung 过去分词 hanged hung 现在分词 hanging hanging

[ 巧学助记 ]

It ’ s unfair !不守规则的 “ 吊起 ”(hung, hung) ,而守规则的却被 “ 绞

死”(hanged, hanged)。 2.reward n.酬谢;奖赏;赏金 v.酬谢;奖励 [教材原句] The next morning a notice was put up on the door of the workhouse, offering a reward to anybody who would employ Oliver Twist. 第二天早上在车间的门上贴出了一张通知:给任何一个雇用奥利弗的人提供一份奖赏。 (1)as a reward for ... in reward for ... give/offer a reward to sb. for sth.?? give/offer sb. a reward for sth. (2)reward sb. for (doing) sth. reward sb. with ... (3)rewarding adj.
? ?

作为对??的回报 为了酬谢或报答?? 为某事而给某人报酬 为某事报答/奖赏某人 用??报答/回报某人 值得做的;有益的

①May I offer you a reward for your kindness?(2012· 浙江高考完形) 我可以为你的善良给予一定的回报吗? ②When asked for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it very interesting and rewarding.(2012· 安徽高考单项填空) 当被问到他对他的教书工作的看法时,菲利普说他觉得它非常有趣和值得做。 [辨析比较] reward, prize, award

试一试 选择以上单词填空 ③All the Olympic winners received a gold medal as a(n) award. ④They will offer a reward of one hundred thousand dollars for information about the case. ⑤The Chinese Team won the first prize in swimming competition. 辨一辨

reward prize

指对有功绩的事的报答或酬谢,用于讽刺时可指“对坏事的报应” 通常表示“给予竞赛获胜者或彩票中奖者的奖品或奖金”,可以分等级,如一等 奖、二等奖等 指在学习或工作中达到了获奖所要求的条件而由官方或上级决定授予的奖励或荣 誉,也可分等级


3.intend v.想要,意欲,打算 [教材原句] every month. 几年后,皮普才知道一位不知名的人每月都会给他一些钱。 (1)intend to do/doing sth. intend sb. to do sth. had intended to do/that?? intended to have done be intended for ... (2)intention n.
? ?

Some years later, Pip learns that an unknown person intends to give him money

打算做某事 打算让某人做某事 本来打算做???事实上没做成? 为??打算(或设计)的 意图,目的,打算

①Also, to improve our English and get more students interested in English, I intend to organize some activities at school.(2013· 天津高考书面表达) 为了提高我们的英语和使更多的学生对英语感兴趣,我还打算在学校组织一些活动。 ②We had_intended_to arrive at our destination at 9 o’clock, but we didn’t because of the traffic jam. 我们本来打算在 9 点钟到达目的地,但是由于交通堵塞我们晚点了。 二、间考词汇自识记 1.serve vt.端上(饭菜等);为??服务 vi.服役,供职 serve as serve sb. ?with? sth.?? serve sth. to sb.
? ?

充当;担任 用某物招待某人

The old couch in his room can serve as a guest bed. 他房间的旧沙发有时充当客人睡的床。 2.seize v.(突然猛烈地)抓住,攫取;(用武力)夺取,占领 seize a chance /an opportunity seize sth. from sb. 抓住机会/机遇


Don’t hesitate; seize the opportunity that comes along. 别再犹豫了,一有机会就抓住它。 [单词对点集训]

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Yesterday, I came across my former classmate, but his name ________ me, which made me embarrassed. A.forgot C.escaped B.missed D.reminded

解析:选 C 考查动词辨析。句意:我昨天偶然碰到我以前的同学,但是我记不起来他 的名字了,这让我非常尴尬。escape 表示“被忘掉”,符合句意。 2.Dinner is ________ from six to nine in that restaurant. For twenty years this practice has ________ unchanged. A.eaten; lasted C.given; kept B.served; remained D.ordered; developed

解析:选 B 句意:那家饭馆从 6 点到 9 点供应晚饭。这种做法 20 年来一直保持不变。 serve 意为“上(饭菜),供应”;remain 意为“保持,仍然”,符合句意,故选 B 项。

Ⅱ.多维演练 1.hang 面面观 (1)用 hang 的适当形式填空 ①The murderer was hanged last week. ②A photograph of a handsome soldier hung on the wall. ③There were several expensive suits hanging in the wardrobe. (2)单项填空 (2014· 石家庄市高三模拟)—I guess I must leave now. See you tomorrow. —________! I have some important information for you. A.Hang on C.All right B.Never mind D.Take care

解析:选 A 句意:“我想我现在必须离开了。明天见。”“等等!我有一些重要的信 息要告诉你。”根据句意可知,Hang on“等等,等一下”正确。 2.reward 点点练 (1)用 reward, prize, award 的正确形式填空 ①His movie won several awards at the film festival, which was beyond his wildest dream. ②My sister won the first prize for her singing. ③The mayor has offered a reward of D|S5,000 to whoever can win the competition. (2)介词填空 ①They rewarded the winners with gifts of fruits and flowers.

②The owner has offered a reward for the recovery of the stolen goods. ③He was given a medal as a reward for his good service. (3)单项填空 Anyone providing information which leads to the recovery of the painting will be ________. A.awarded C.gained B.rewarded D.included

解析:选 B 句意:任何人只要提供找回这幅画的信息都将受到奖赏。reward“奖赏, 奖励”,符合题意。award“授予”;gain“获得”;include“包括”。 3.intend 万花筒 (1)完成句子 ①Happy: And Other Bad Thoughts 这本书是专为有年龄小的孩子的父母而设计的。 The book Happy: And Other Bad Thoughts is_intended_for parents with young children.(2012· 辽宁高考阅读 A) ②我本来打算给你打电话,但是我太忙了就没有打。 I had_intended_to call you, but I was too busy to do so./ I intended_to_have_called you, but I was too busy to do so. (2)单项填空 (2014· 乌鲁木齐诊断测验)—Jane, I was told that you were going to speak at the meeting yesterday! —Yeah, I ________ to, but time did not permit. A.have intended C.intended B.was intending D.had intended

解析:选 D 答句句意:昨天“我”本打算在会上发言的,但时间不允许了。由答语可 知,intend 所表示的动作发生在 did not permit 所表示的动作之前,应用过去完成时。

1.in astonishment 惊讶地,吃惊地 [教材原句] He stared in complete astonishment at the child and held on to the pot for support. 他瞪着那个孩子,完全惊呆了,手里抓着锅以求站稳。 (1)to one’s astonishment (2)astonish v. What astonishes sb.is ... (3)astonished adj. be astonished by/at ... 使某人吃惊的是 使吃惊;使惊讶 令某人吃惊的是?? 震惊的,惊讶的 被??惊吓;对??吃惊

be astonished to do sth.


①What astonishes me most is the threeyearold child, Zhang Junhao should be so clever. 最令我吃惊的是三岁的张俊豪竟然如此聪明。 ②I was_astonished_at being so familiarly addressed (称呼).(2012· 福建高考完形) 我对别人对我如此熟悉的称呼感到吃惊。 [链接高考] (2010· 辽宁高考)We were astonished ________ the temple still in its original condition. A.finding C.find B.to find D.to be found

解析:选 B 句意:看到寺院仍处于原始的状态,我们感到非常震惊。空格处为动词不 定式作状语,表示原因,故选 B 项。 2.a huge amount of 大量的 [教材原句] Dickens always had a huge amount of energy. 狄更斯总是精力充沛。 ①She spent a huge amount of money on that coat. 她花了大笔的钱买那件衣服。 ②There is a huge amount of coal to be sent there. → There are huge amounts of coal to be sent there. 大量的煤要运往那里。 [名师指津] a huge amount of 修饰不可数名词,“a huge amount of+不可数名词”作主

语时,谓语动词用单数; “huge amounts of+不可数名词”作主语时,谓语动词用复数。 [联想归纳] (1)修饰可数名词复数:many, a good/great many, a good/large number of; (2)修饰不可数名词:much, a good/great deal of, a large amount of, large amounts of; (3)既可修饰可数名词复数又可修饰不可数名词: a lot of, lots of, a quantity of, quantities of, plenty of。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 bring sth. to the attention of, suffer from, be cruel to, in astonishment, a huge amount of 1.The reporters did what they could to bring this case to_the_attention_of the mayor. 2.—I find our teacher is rather strict with us. —Actually, my boy, your future boss will be_cruel_to you. 3.Many companies are suffering_from a shortage of skilled staff. 4.The teacher was worried about the boys in her class, for they spent a_huge_amount_of time

playing computer games. 5.The boy is looking at him in_astonishment and says nothing. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Large amounts of money ________ spent on the magnificent building, but the poor ________ not allowed to have a single room. A.was; were C.was; was B.were; were D.were; was

解析:选 B amounts of 修饰不可数名词作主语时,谓语动词用复数。the poor 是“the +形容词”结构表示一类人,其作主语时谓语动词用复数。 2.(2014· 咸阳高三模拟)Her mother was looking for her keys all day, but to her________, when she came home, the keys were in the door. A.sorrow C.astonishment B.desperation D.disappointment

解析:选 C 句意:她妈妈一整天都在找钥匙,但是让她吃惊的是回到家时钥匙就在门 上。 to one’ s astonishment 为固定搭配, 表示“令某人吃惊的是”, 符合句意。 sorrow“悲伤”; desperation“绝望”;disappointment“失望”。

No_sooner had the boy spoken these words than the warden hit him on the head with the soup spoon. 孩子的话刚出口,大师傅就操起汤勺狠狠地敲打他的脑袋。 (1)no sooner ... than ...引导时间状语从句, 表示“一??就??”。 在这个主从复合句中, 主句动作先发生,用过去完成时,从句动作用一般过去时。no sooner 位于句首时,主句要用 部分倒装语序。和 no sooner ... than ...类似的还有 hardly ... when ..., scarcely ... when ...等。 ①I had no sooner got back to the kitchen than the doorbell rang again. →No_sooner_had_I_got_back_to the kitchen than the doorbell rang again. 我刚走回厨房,门铃又响了。 ②We had hardly started when it began to rain. 我们刚出发,就开始下雨。 (2)表示“一??就??”的其他结构还有: as soon as; the moment/minute/instant ...; immediately/instantly/directly ...; on/upon (doing) sth. 等。 ③As soon as the music began the girls started to dance. 音乐一响,姑娘们就开始跳舞。 ④The instant (that) I reached the platform the train began to move.

我一到站台,火车就开动了。 [链接高考] (2011· 辽宁高考)He had no sooner finished his speech ________the students started cheering. A.since C.when 解析:选 D B.as D.than no sooner ...than ...“ 一 ?? 就 ??” 为 固 定 句 型, 故 D 项 正 确 。

hardly ...when ...也表示“一??就??”。 [句型对点集训] Ⅰ.完成句子 1.他刚到车站,汽车就走了。 No_sooner had he got to the station than the bus left. 2.直到我的一位同班同学拍了一下我的肩膀,我才回过神来。 Not_until one of my classmates patted me on the shoulder did I come to myself. 3.他正笑着的时候,门突然开了,他妻子走了进来。 He was_smiling_when the door opened and his wife came in. 4.只有当核对完你的身份,你才能允许进来。 Only when your identity has been checked will_you_be_allowed_in. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 天津模拟)No sooner ________ down on bed ________ the telephone rang. A.had he lain; than C.did he lie; than B.had he lied; when D.had he laid; before

解析:选 A 句意:他一躺在床上,电话就响了。固定句式 no sooner ... than ...“一?? 就??”,要求 no sooner 后面的主句部分用过去完成时的部分倒装形式,即 no sooner had +主语+done,故选 A 项。

2.(2014· 长沙高考模拟)Only when he returned ________ that the war had ended and the army had come back. A.we tell C.did we tell B.we told D.were we told

解析:选 D 句意:只有当他回来时,我们才被告知战争已经结束,并且军队已经回来 了。only 强调时间状语放在句首时须倒装。另外我们是“被”告知,应用被动语态。

倒装和强调 1 . (2014· 山东省滨州市北镇中学模拟 )By Friday, most teens are very tired. But then

________ the more tiring weekend when they have to take outofschool lessons. A.is coming C.will come B.comes D.has come

解析:选 B 句意:到周五,大多数青少年都非常疲倦。但是然后是更让人疲惫的周末, 周末他们必须上校外课程。当时间副词 now, then 开头,后面的动词是 be, come, exist, fall, follow, go, lie, remain, seem, stand 等,而主语又是名词时,需要构成完全倒装句。 2.—I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rude to you. —You ________ something not very nice to me, but that’s OK. A.have said C.were saying B.had said D.did say

解析:选 D 句意:“很抱歉,我不应该那么粗鲁地对待你。”“你的确对我说了不好 听的话,但是没有关系。”由题意可知,say 是过去发生的动作,故用一般过去时;did say 为其强调形式。 3. It was with great excitement one morning in July ________ the young man read a classified advertisement. A.when C.who B.that D.which

解析:选 B 整个句子为一个强调句型,是对“with great excitement one morning in July” 部 分 进 行 强 调 , 依 据 强 调 句 型 的 结 构 “It is/was + 被 强 调 部 分 + that( 对 人 强 调 时 可 用 who)...”,空白处应该使用“that”。 4.________ about the man wearing sunglasses during night that he was determined to follow him. A.So curious the detective was B.So curious was the detective C.How curious was the detective D.How curious the detective was 解析:选 B 句意:那个侦探对于夜里戴墨镜的那个人如此好奇以至于他决定跟踪他。 “so ... that ...”句型中,如果将“so+形容词/副词”臵于句首,主句主谓需部分倒装,故选 B 项。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 青岛一模)—I’ve got something weighing on my mind. Could you give me some advice?

—________. Tell me all about it and I’ll do what I can. A.Don’t mention it C.No problem B.No way D.Forget it

解析:选 C 句意:“我有些心事,你能给我一些建议吗?”“没问题,都告诉我吧, 我会尽我所能(帮助你)的。”由句意可知 No problem“没问题”正确。Don’t mention it“不 用谢”;No way“没门”;Forget it“没关系,不必在意”。 2.(2014· 淄博质检)________, Frank never seems able to do the work satisfactorily. A.As hard he tries C.As hard as he tries B.Try hard as he might D.Try as hard as he might

解析:选 B 考查倒装。句意:尽管弗兰克尽力地去尝试,但他似乎永远不能把工作做 得满意。as 表示“尽管”,用来引导让步状语从句时,可用“动词(+副词)+as+主语+助 动词”的特殊倒装形式。 3. We had ________ to arrive at the destination by noon, but we were caught in the traffic jam. A.advised C.intended B.persuaded D.managed

解析:选 C 句意:我们本打算中午前到目的地,但遇上了交通堵塞。intend“打算,目 的”,符合句意。advise“建议”; persuade“劝说,说服”; manage“设法完成”。 4.(2014· 浙江五校高三联考)“It’s________ pity that you didn’t come to the party”, she said in ________ low voice. A.a; / C./; a B.a; a D.a; the

解析:选 B 第一空为抽象名词具体化,a pity 表示“一件令人惋惜的事情”;第二空 in a low voice 意为“低声地”。 5.(2014· 潍坊寿光中学模拟)Bread and butter ________ for breakfast in many Chinese homes nowadays. A.serve C.is served B.serves D.are served

解析:选 C serve“端上(饭,菜)”,是及物动词,bread and butter 作主语时,谓语动词 用单数形式。 6.—Mum, where is my raincoat? —Oh, I forgot to tell you. It ________ behind the kitchen door. A.would hang C.is hanging B.has hung D.hung

解析:选 C 由句意可知,衣服现在挂在厨房的门后面,故用进行时。此处 hang 为不及

物动词,强调状态,不强调动作。 7.(2014· 海口高三模拟)________ money has been spent in building the modern library, where we can read books in our spare time. A.A great number of C.A good many B.A large amount of D.Quite a lot

解析:选 B 句意:大量的钱都花在建造这家现代化图书馆上了,在这儿我们业余时间 可以读书。此句要用 a large amount of 与不可数名词 money 连用。 8.It was not until she had arrived home ________ her appointment with the doctor. A.when she remembered C.did she remember B.before she remembered D.that she remembered

解析:选 D 直到到家后她才记起和医生的预约。对含有 not ... until ...的句子进行强调 时,应将 not 连同 until 一起提前臵于被强调部分中,构成“It be not until ... that ...”句式,that 不能被 when 代替,故选 D。 9.(2014· 开封第一次质检)No sooner ________ the top of the hill ________ we all sat down to rest. A.had we reached; when C.had we reached; than B.reached we; than D.had we reached; then

解析:选 C 句意:我们一到山顶就坐下来休息。no sooner ... than ...“一??就??”, no sooner 位于句首时,主句应用部分倒装语序,故选 C。 10.(2014· 日照一中模拟)Maybe you have travelled to many parts of the world, but nowhere else ________ striking attractions. A.you can see so many C.you can see such many B.can you see such many D.can you see many such

解析: 选 D nowhere“任何地方都不”, 位于句首时构成部分倒装, 可排除 A、 C 两项; 可以说 so many 但不可以说 such many,such 为形容词,可直接修饰名词。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 (2014· 威海市高三模拟 )Every day for the last two weeks, Huang Huang, the dog, has repeated the same tragic (悲剧的) routine. Sniffing (嗅) from seat to seat, the lonely dog searches a bus in spite of the trouble yet in the hope of picking up his missing master ’ s scent ( 气味 ). But his master never comes. In a heartbreaking refusal to face the truth that he has almost certainly been abandoned by his master, the loyal dog has returned to the same bus stop every day for the past 15 days. Every day he has waited patiently in line for the bus to arrive, boarded with other passengers and then searched the seats. Drivers say he spends ten hours every day searching any bus that passes. But finally, as night

falls, he gives up and disappears into the darkness, only to return the next day to start again. According to bus staff interviewed by local paper, Huang Huang has appeared at the stop consistently (一贯地) for the past 15 days. “Every day I go to the stop five times, and every day that dog will jump on my bus to give it an inspection,” a conductor said. “At first I thought he was looking for food, but later I realized that he was looking for its owner.” And he’ s now become something of a local celebrity (名人) in the city after one person filmed his painstaking searches on a mobile phone and posted it online. His newfound fame will not be of a comfort to the lonely dog as his owner is yet to be found. A bookseller named Fung said he thought he had seen Huang Huang standing with his owner in the car park around a month ago. “We’re worried that his owner might be looking for him and might come back to him,” Fung said. “Such a loyal dog ... Who would be willing to part with him? I can only hope that he quickly be reunited with his owner and won’t have to wait here at the bus stop every day.” 语篇解读:近日一只小狗受到人们的关注,最近几周里,他每天都等候在与主人分别的 车站,搜遍每一辆公交车,试图寻找失踪主人的气息。 1.What is the main idea of the passage? A.The dog has been abandoned by his master. B.The dog jumps on the bus every day. C.The dog has become a local celebrity. D.Loyal dog searches for his missing owner. 解析:选 D 主旨大意题。文章主要描述了忠犬寻找主人的故事。 2.The dog boards a bus to ________. A.find food C.tour around the city B.look for his owner D.become famous

解析:选 B 细节理解题。从文章第二段第一、二句可知答案。 3.The underlined word “abandoned” in Paragraph 2 probably means “________”. A.rejected C.thrown away 解析: 意为“抛弃,遗弃”。 4.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text? A.The dog works hard every day to search for a master. B.A book seller perhaps saw the dog’s owner. C.The fame the dog had got brought him a comfort. D.The dog failed to find his owner in the end. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。从文章第五段最后一句可知选 B 项。 B.allowed D.taken away 选 C 词义猜测题。根据上下文可知 abandon

5.What is the people’s feeling towards the homeless dog? A.Careless. C.Disappointed. B.Sympathetic. D.Pleased.

解析:选 B 推理判断题。纵观全文可知人们很同情这只忠诚的狗。 Ⅲ.阅读表达 (2014· 威海高三模拟)[1]Eating out in a great local restaurant is one of people’s favourite pastimes. Busy schedule plus a variety of inexpensive and tasty options make this a weekly or even daily habit. It’s no secret that China has had some problems with food safety in the past. Therefore, when choosing a restaurant, you may consider whether the restaurant appears to be clean and serves safe food. You’ve probably never thought about the safety of the utensils (器皿) ... until now. [2]On March 17th, actor Huang Bo posted a disturbing picture on his microblog that has been making many people question if disposable (一次性的) chopsticks are really safe to use. Huang explained that after trying to wash a set of disposable chopsticks, the water turned yellow and released a strong, unpleasant smell. [3]It would seem that there are good reasons for people to be concerned. According to Dong Jinshi, the secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, the color and smell of the chopsticks may be a result of exposure to sulphur (硫) and other dangerous chemicals. [4]Huang was obviously alarmed by his experience and urged his microblog followers to use reusable chopsticks instead of those disposable ones.“It is not about saving the environment anymore, it is about saving your own life,” he wrote. [5]Although there is insufficient (不充分) data to explain exactly how it may affect our health, who would want to take the risk? Unwilling to wait for studies and analysis, many people have already decided to get rid of disposable chopsticks for good. That’s definitely good news for China’s trees. [6]It takes 20 million trees each year to feed China’s disposable chopstick habit. Those numbers have even caught negative international attention from organizations like Greenpeace, which has started a campaign against the chopstick problem, claiming it is responsible for 1.18 million square meters of deforestation (滥伐森林) each year. [7]Whether you do it for the trees or you do it for your health, smarter, greener way to go! 1.What does Paragraph 1 advise us to do? (no more than 10 words) (To)_Pay_attention_to/Think_about_the_safety_of_the_utensils./We_should_pay_attention_to_th e_utensil_safety. 2.What was the alarm Huang Bo got from his experience? (no more than 8 words) (The)_Disposable_chopsticks_are_dangerous/harmful(to_health) . /(The)_Disposable_chopstic it seems that ________ is the

ks_are_not_safe. 3.What does the underlined word “it”(Paragraph 5) refer to? (no more than 5 words) using_disposable_chopsticks/the_use_of_disposable_chopsticks 4.What’s the result of using disposable chopsticks according to Paragraph 6? (no more than 5 words) Deforestation. 5.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 7 with proper words. (no more than 5 words) choosing/using_reusable_chopsticks Ⅳ.写作 (2014· 日照高三检测)最近你们班就“网络是否应该实名制”进行了热烈的讨论。请你根 据以下要点向《二十一世纪英文报》写一篇报道,并谈谈你的观点。 1.赞同:可有效管理网络,防止网络犯罪,增强网民责任感。 2.反对:个人信息可能被盗、误用,网民不敢表达自己的真实观点。 注意:1.词数 120~150;开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2.可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 参考词汇:网民 netizen Recently our class has had a heated discussion about whether Network Realname System should be taken._______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 参考范文: Recently our class has had a heated discussion about whether Network Realname System should be taken. People differ in their opinions of such a system. Some people agree that the system would be useful, as they believe it would help manage the network effectively. A Realname System could help stop online crime and protect copyright in our country. More importantly, the system would increase people’s sense of responsibility as netizens. However, others disagree with the idea of such a system. One reason is that Internet users’ personal information could be stolen or misused. In addition people fear that netizens may become afraid to express themselves freely, thus limiting their freedom on the Internet. For my own part I believe it is high time that a network

real name system was enforced. It would improve the network environment and create a more harmonious society. Module 4 Music Born in America

第一层级——背词汇、学写句,让作文有话可说 一、背词汇 [常用词汇] (1)virtue n. (2)action n. (3)faith n. (4)fame n. (5)respect n. (6)reputation n. (7)unite v. (8)donate v. (9)defeat v. (10)launch/start a campaign (11)suffer v. (12)precious adj. (13)meaningful adj. (14)set up (15)thanks to (16)call for 美德 行动 信念 名声 尊敬 名声 团结 捐助 战胜 发起一项运动 遭受 宝贵的 有意义的 建立 多亏 需要,要求 [亮点词汇] (1)convey v. (2)indifferent adj. 传达 不关心的

(3)definitely adv. (4)in the face of (5)in need (6)spare no efforts to do sth. (7)rather than (8)contribute to (9)raise one’s awareness (10)come across 二、学写句(按要求完成句子并背诵) 他们刚到车站就遇见了那位年轻 人。 They met the young man as soon as they got to the station.? 使 用 hardly ...when ...的倒装句式? Hardly had they got to the station when they came across the young man.

肯定地 面对 在贫困中的;在危难中的 不遗余力做某事 而不是 有助于;导致 唤醒某人 偶遇

我只要见到有人需要帮助, 我就会尽力去 帮助他。 If I see someone in trouble, I will do my best to help him.

Whenever I see someone in_need,_I will spare_no_efforts to help him.

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.An increase in cars has resulted in the decline (下降) of public transport. 2.The peasants arose (起来) against their masters. 3.As you approach (靠近,接近) the town, you’ll see the college on the left. 4.I knocked loudly in the vain (枉然的,徒劳的) hope that someone might answer. 5.The deadline (截止时间) for applications is July 1st; don’t miss it. 6.They worked hard day and night and managed to finish the job ahead of schedule (计划 表). 7.We were delayed at the airport. Otherwise (否则) we would have been here by lunchtime. 8.We were deeply touched (触动) by her contribution to the protection of the animals. 9.Among her many virtues (美德) are loyalty, courage, and truthfulness. 10.California boomed (繁荣起来) when gold was discovered there. (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空

1. It’ s not a hotel in the conventional (convention) sense, but rather a whole village turned into a hotel. 2.Compared to the older generation, young migrant (migrate) workers have less affection for the countryside and farmlands. 3.He had a wide mouth and humorous (humor) grey eyes. 4.Online shopping sometimes causes us trouble more than simply provides us with convenience and a refreshing (refresh) way of life. 5.Just a month before the earthquake the school practiced an emergency (emerge) drill showing the children how to calmly find their “safe place”. 6.It is reported that a similar technique (technical) can be applied to the treatment of cancer. (Ⅲ)语境填词 1.People’s life here is full of harmony and at the same time, human and nature make a harmonious picture. (harmony) 2.The educator was devoted to the educational cause of the motherland and we looked up to him as a shining example of devotion to the educational cause. (devote)

1.Rather_than (而不是) recycle and reduce our energy, we had to think of 365 different green things to do and this was no easy task.(2013· 辽宁高考阅读 B) 2.For thousands of years, Polynesian people lived on the remote island of Nauru, far_from (远离) western civilization.(2012· 山东高考阅读 A) 3.Devoted_to (对??专一,专注) his scientific work, he has no time to care for his family affairs, which, of course, his wife always complains about. 4.Most of the people who attended the speech were_bored_with (厌烦) it and left the room earlier. 5.You should take_advantage_of (利用) your child’s love of computer games to purchase those that require a lot of reading and avoid those that are simply computerized video games. 6.Some owners wish they could try_out (尝试) the car in a race track. 【短语归纳】 1.side by side 2.be bored with 3.in order 4.take advantage of 5.rather than 6.try out 7.be blessed with 并排,并肩 厌烦 有序地 利用 而不是 尝试 有幸

8.come out 9.far from 10.beg for 11.be devoted to

出版 完全不,远离 乞求,请求 对??专一,专注

1.At the beginning, MCs often performed for hours, repeating words and phrases and then improvising. 起初,这些节目主持人常常表演数小时,重复同样的单词和短语,然后即兴表演。 [解读] repeating words and phrases and then improvising 为现在分词短语作伴随状语。

[仿写] 我们依靠自己的力量克服了所有的困难。 Relying_on our own efforts, we overcame all our difficulties. 2.The next time I heard the song, I was in the cinema, waiting for the film to start. 当我再次听到那首歌时,我正在电影院里等待电影开始。 [解读] the next time 在句中作复合连词,引导状语从句。

[仿写] 下次你来这儿的时候,请把你昨天买的书给我带来。 The_next_time_you_come_here,_please bring me the book you bought yesterday. 3.My message is that it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, fat, thin, old and young ... 我想告诉大家的是,不管你是黑人还是白人,肥胖还是瘦小,年长还是年幼,这些都不 重要?? [解读] [仿写] 任心。” “It_doesn’ t_matter whether a man is high, rich and handsome. What is most important is that he should be wise, hardworking and responsible,” the host, Meng Fei said. It doesn’t matter ...“??没有关系/不重要”。 主持人孟非说:“男人是否高富帅并不重要,重要的是他聪明、能干而且有责

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.decline n. & v.衰退;下降;减少;谢绝,婉拒 [教材原句] Secondly, people were bored with the pop music of the day — disco music and

rock music were both in decline in the mid1970s. 其次,人们厌倦了当时的流行音乐——20 世纪 70 年代中期迪斯科和摇滚乐都在走下坡

路。 (1)fall into (a) decline be in decline on the decline (2)decline to do sth. 开始衰退 处于下降/衰退中 在衰退;在消减 拒绝干某事

①Oil production has already peaked and is_in_decline in some 50 nations. 大约在 50 个国家,石油生产已达到顶峰并且在下降。 ②In spite of many invitations, he would always decline to visit Oxford.(2012· 山东高考阅读 B) 尽管多次受到邀请,他总是婉言谢绝访问牛津大学。 [名师指津] 表示“增加”或“减少”的幅度常用介词 by;表示“增加到”或“减少

到”常用介词 to。 [联想归纳] 表示“增加”的动词或动词短语常见的有:rise, increase, go up 等;表示“减少”的动词 或动词短语常见的有:fall, drop, decrease, decline, go down 等。 [链接高考] (2012· 浙江高考)According to scientists, our mental abilities begin to ________ from the age of 27 after reaching the highest level at 22. A.differ C.fail B.shrink D.decline

解析:选 D 句意:据科学家说,我们的思维能力在 22 岁达到顶峰后,从 27 岁开始下 降。decline“下降”,符合句意。 2.arise vi. (arose, arisen)引起,产生;出现;起床;起身 [高考佳句] A number of high buildings have arisen where there was nothing a year ago but ruins.(2012· 山东高考语法和词汇知识) 很多高楼在一年前还是废墟的地方拔地而起。 [一词多义] 写出下列黑体部分的含义 ①When you break promises, some problems will arise.出现 ②Misunderstanding arising from/out of the lack of communication can be cleared up.由 于??而产生 ③We arose early on Christmas morning.起床 ④When I arose from the chair, my father and Eleanor’s father were in deep conversation.起 身 3.harmony n.融洽,一致;协调

in harmony with ... out of harmony with ... live in harmony ①His tastes are in_harmony_with mine. 他的爱好和我的相同。

与??协调 与??不协调 和睦相处

②Rules help us live together in harmony, because they show us the right way to treat others.(2012· 广东高考完形) 规则帮助我们和谐地生活在一起,因为它们告诉我们怎样正确地对待他人。 4.devote v.为??付出时间/努力/金钱等 [教材原句] The fans are devoted to their stars. 歌迷们非常忠实于他们的明星。

? one’s ? ?life ? ? (1)devote? +to energy? ? time? ? ? ?money ?
(2)devoted adj. be devoted to (3)devotion n.


(doing) ...


挚爱的;忠实的 献身于;专心致志于;热爱 深爱;忠诚;奉献,献身

①For ten years Nyad devoted herself to becoming one of the world’s best longdistance swimmers. (2012· 天津高考阅读表达) 十年来,纳艾德致力于使自己成为世界上最长距离的游泳健将之一。 ②Professor Field was_devoted_to the exploration of the frontier of medicine. 菲尔德教授致力于探索医学研究的新领域。 二、间考词汇自识记 1.emerge v.出来,出现,显露,暴露 emerge from emerge as The sun emerged from behind the clouds. 太阳从云层后面钻出来。 2.virtue n.美德,优点;贞操 by/in virtue of sth. 凭借,依靠,由于 从??中产生/暴露/出来 以??出现

have the virtue of


He said his plan had the virtue of being the easiest to implement. 他说他的计划的优点是最简单易行。 3.vain adj.自负的,自视过高的;徒劳的,无效的;不成功的 in vain be vain of sth. 徒劳 对??感到自负

Day after day she waited in vain for him to telephone her. 日复一日, 她徒劳地等待他的电话。 [单词对点集训] Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 济南五校联考)The system can actually warn us ________ when our behavior might lead to a negative outcome, so that we can avoid making a mistake. A.in advance C.in charge B.in brief D.in vain

解析:选 A 句意:当我们的行为可能导致消极的结果时,这个系统能够提前给我们发 出警报,让我们避免犯错误。这里用 in advance 表示 “ 提前 ” 。 in brief“ 简言之 ” ; in charge“主管,照管”;in vain“徒劳,无结果”。 2.Her biggest pride is that, in ________, she does not panic. A.peace C.comfort B.emergency D.amazement

解析:选 B 句意:最令她骄傲的是,身处险境,她毫不慌张。in peace“平安地,安静 地”; in emergency“在紧急情况下”; in comfort“舒舒服服地”; in amazement“吃惊地”。

Ⅱ.多维演练 1.decline 面面观 (1)介词填空 ①The intense competition from overseas has caused the textile industry to fall into a decline. ②The prices of houses in our area have been in decline. ③The sales of Toyota in China have been on the decline. ④The number of tourists to the resort declined by 10% last year. (2)单项填空 He ________ to go to the cinema with me, saying that he was busy going over his lessons. A.declined C.tended 解析:选 A B.promised D.approved 句意:他拒绝和我去电影院,说他忙着复习功课。 decline to do“拒绝

做??”,符合句意。promise“许诺”;tend“倾向,趋向”;approve“同意”。 2.arise 点点练 (1)用 arise, arouse, rise, raise 的适当形式完成小片段 One of the problems that arose from the nuclear accident in Japan is that the price of salt rose sharply, because some salt businessmen raised the price on purpose, saying there would be short of salt. At last, the government aroused the worried people via media’s real report. (2)单项填空 Those who want to say anything more ________ your hand and then ________ to speak. A.arise; raise C.raise; arise B.raise; rise D.rise; raise

解析:选 B raise 是及物动词,此处表示“举起”;rise 是不及物动词,此处表示“站 起来,起立”。arise 表示“出现”,是不及物动词。 3.harmony 万花筒 (1)完成句子 ①所有的野猫和当地居民及游客相处得十分融洽。 All the wild cats live_in_harmony_with both local residents and tourists. ②这音乐和她的歌不和谐。 The music is out_of_harmony_with her songs. ③他的爱好同她的爱好协调,这使得他们很融洽。 His tastes were in_harmony_with hers, which brought them into harmony. (2)单项填空 (2014· 唐山一中高三模拟)We are looking forward to ________ a better society ________ with nature. A.making; in a harmony C.building; in harmony 解析:选 C B.build; in the harmony D.create; on harmony

句意:我们希望构建一个与大自然和谐共处的更好的社会。 look forward

to“盼望着”,其中 to 为介词,所以其后应用动名词;in harmony with 为固定搭配,表示 “与??和谐/一致”。 4.devote 多棱镜 (1)用 devote 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①The judge praised the firefighters for their bravery and devotion to duty. ②Guangzhou has devoted itself to innovative development, attracting strategic new industries and meeting the challenges presented by traffic. ③After my retirement I shall continue to be devoted to the cause. (2)单项填空

Trading leather handbags is the business ________ the Greens have been devoted over the past decade. A.what C.in which B.where D.to which

解析:选 D 句意:卖皮手提包是格伦夫妇在过去十年里一直从事的生意。分析句子成 分可知,此处应填入连接词引导定语从句。由句意可排除 A、B 两项。the business 是先行词, be devoted to 为固定短语,所以此处应用 to which 来引导。

1.rather than 而不是 [高考佳句] Rather than feeling excited by this drive through the mountains, I found it depressing.(2013· 湖南高考阅读 B) 乘车穿行在大山中,我并没有感到快乐,却觉得很压抑。 prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.?? (1)

would do sth. rather than do sth.? ? 宁愿做某事而?不愿做某事 ? ? would rather do sth. than do sth. 更确切地说 除??之外 很,非常,超过,不仅仅是


(2)or rather other than more than

①I prefer to walk there rather than take a bus. → I would walk there rather_than take a bus. → I would_rather walk there than take a bus. 我宁愿步行去那儿而不愿坐车去。 ②Mailboxes were sometimes used for things other_than mail.(2012· 浙江高考阅读 D) 信箱有时是用于除邮件之外的东西的。 [名师指津] rather than 连接两个名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应与 rather than 前面的

词在人称和数上保持一致。 [链接高考] (2011· 全国卷Ⅰ)The form cannot be signed by anyone A.rather than C.more than ________yourself.

B.other than D.better than

解析: 选 B 句意: 这个表格不能由除你以外的任何人签字。 rather than“而不是”; other than“除了”; more than“多于,超过”; better than“优于”, 故选 B 项。 2.take advantage of 利用;利用??的机会


Some social scientists suggest that Westerners should take advantage of the

ancient Chinese wisdom to make up for the drawbacks of Western philosophy.(2012· 辽宁高考阅读 C) 有些社会科学家认为,西方人应该充分利用中国古代智慧来弥补西方哲学的不足之处。 have an advantage over have the advantage of gain/have/win an advantage to one’s advantage/to the advantage of sb. ①It will be to your advantage to study abroad. 留学将对你有好处。 ②In his opinion, email has_an_obvious_advantage_over the telephone because the former can helps one reach a group of people at a time conveniently. 在他看来, 电子邮件比电话有着明显的优势, 因为电子邮件可以很方便地帮助一个人一 次联络一群人。 [联想归纳] “take+名词+介词”短语一览 ①take care of ②take charge of ③take interest in ④take possession of ⑤take the_place of [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 take advantage of, rather than, be bored with, be devoted to, be blessed with 1.Take_advantage_of class time to listen to everything the teacher says. Real listening in class means less work later. 2.In my opinion, it is the coach rather_than the players that is to blame. 3.I am_blessed_with a happy family: There are few occasions when family members are uncertain about our roles. 4.The boy is_bored_with playing the piano every day, because he doesn’t have interest in it. 5.Yuan Longping has been_devoted_to the hybrid rice research for more than 40 years. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 桂林十八中模拟)To enjoy the scenery, Bob would spend long time on the train ________ travel by air. A.other than B.apart from 照顾 掌管 对??有兴趣 拥有 代替 比??有优势;胜过 有??的优势 胜过,优于 对某人有利

C.instead of

D.rather than

解析:选 D 句意:为了欣赏风景,鲍勃愿意坐花时间长的火车,而不愿坐飞机旅行。 other than“除??之外”;apart from“除??之外(还)??”,两者皆不合题意。 2.He made such rapid progress in English study just because of the________he took of his every spare minute. A.charge C.place B.possession D.advantage

解析:选 D 句意:他在英语学习中进步如此之快是因为他充分利用了他业余时间的每 一分钟。本题中空格后面的部分是定语从句。从句中包含有短语 take advantage of“利用”, 其中 the advantage 作先行词。take charge of“管理”;take possession of“占有”;take place of“代替”。

My message is that it_doesn’t_matter if you’re black, white, fat, thin, old and young ... 我想告诉大家的是,不管你是黑人还是白人,肥胖还是瘦小,年长还是年幼,这些都不 重要?? It doesn’t matter (to sb.)+从句,意为“??(对某人来说)没有关系/不要紧”。 ①You will have more success if you study regularly, so try to develop a routine. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got long.(2013· 安徽高考完形) 如果你定期学习英语,你就会获得更多的成功,所以要努力养成一种惯例。如果时间不 长也没有关系。 (1)It matters a lot/a great deal+从句 It doesn’t matter. what matters ... (2)a matter of ... as a matter of fact What’s the matter? to make matters worse ??非常重要 (口语)没关系。 要紧的是?? ??的问题 实际上,事实上 (口语)怎么了? 有什么麻烦? 更糟糕的是

②What matters is whether you can adapt to the new environment. 重要的是你是否能适应新的环境。 ③ And to_make_matters_worse,_its new owner had no plans to give it the funds it required.(2013· 山东高考阅读 D) 而且更糟糕的是,它的新主人并没有给它所需要的资金的打算。 [句型对点集训] Ⅰ.完成句子

1.我一到那儿就打电话让我的一位朋友来接我。 The_moment_I_got_there,_I called one of my friends to pick me up. 2.只要工作人员打扮得整齐,他们的头发多长不要紧。 As long as staff members are wellgroomed, it_doesn’t_matter how long their hair is. 3.车子坏了,更糟糕的是,天开始下起雨来。 The car had broken down, and to_make_matters_worse,_it was beginning to rain. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 浙江五校高三联考)You can take the rest of the pie with you.________, I wish you would, since I’m on a diet. A.On the other hand C.As a consequence B.As a matter of fact D.On the contrary

解析:选 B 句意:你可以带走剩下的馅饼。事实上,因为我在节食,所以我希望你带 走它。on the other hand“另一方面”;as a matter of fact“事实上”;as a consequence“结 果”;on the contrary“正相反”。根据句意可知 B 项正确。 2.(2014· 潍坊三县联考)All of us have read thrilling stories in which the hero has only a limited time to live. Such stories set us ________, ________ what we should do under similar circumstances. A.thinking; wondering C.thinking; to wonder B.to think; wondering D.to think; to wonder

解析:选 A 句意:我们都读过扣人心弦的故事,故事中的主人公只能活一段有限的时 间。这样的故事让我们思考,在类似的处境下我们该做些什么。第一空,set sb. doing sth.“使 某人处于某种状况”,为固定用法;第二空为现在分词作伴随状语。故 A 项正确。

时间状语从句和省略 1.(2014· 安徽六校联考)He is only too ready to help others, seldom, ________, refusing them when they turn to him. A.if never C.if not B.if ever D.if anything

解析: 选 B 句意: 他非常乐意帮助别人, 当别人求助于他的时候, 如果曾经有过的话, 他很少拒绝他们。if ever“如果曾经有过的话”,符合句意。 2.—When did you get home last night? —It was almost midnight ________ we arrived home. A.that B.before

C.since 解析:选 D

D.when 句意:“你们昨晚什么时候到家的?”“我们到家的时候差不多是午夜

了。 ”答语中“It was almost midnight”为主句, 空处引导时间状语从句, 应用连词 when。 注意: 此题容易误选 that, 误把答语当作强调句型。 如果是强调句型, 应是“It was at midnight that we arrived home”。 3.(2014· 东营胜利一中模拟)—Did you tell her the bad news? —Yes, but I’d rather ________. A.didn’t C.not have B.not D.hadn’t

解析: 选 C 句意: “你告诉她这个坏消息了吗?”“是的, 但我宁愿没有告诉过她。 ” 答句补充完整是“Yes, but I’d rather not have told her the bad news”。 would rather (not) have done 表示“宁愿过去(没)做过??”。在省略句中,have 不可省略。 4. (2014· 郑州高三质量预测一)We shouldn’ t drink ________ we drive and we mustn’ t drive if we’ve drunk. A.unless C.until B.before D.while

解析:选 B 句意:开车前我们不应喝酒,而如果喝酒了就一定不要开车。根据句意可 知,此处应用 before 引导时间状语从句。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 济南教学质量检测)—Shall we watch the news or the talk show? —________ Either will do with me. A.It all depends. C.It’s all right. B.It doesn’t matter. D.It’s up to you.

解析:选 D 由答语中的“对我来说都行”可知,应选 D,意为“由你来决定”。It all depends“那得看情况”;It doesn’t matter“没关系”;It’s all right“没关系”。 2. Misunderstandings ________ from lack of social communication, unless ________ properly, may lead to serious problems. A.arisen; handling C.rising; handled B.arising; handled D.risen; handling

解析:选 B 句意:由于缺乏社会交流而造成的误解,如果得不到恰当的处理,可能会 导致严重的问题。misunderstandings 与 arise 之间为逻辑上的主谓关系,所以第一个空用 arise

的现在分词形式,arise from 意为“由??产生”。handle 与 misunderstandings 之间为逻辑上 的动宾关系,所以第二个空用 handle 的过去分词形式。 3.(2014· 胶州一中模拟)It was time to go to work, Mr. Smith quit ________ his paper and changed his clothes. A.read C.to read 解析:选 B B.reading D.to reading quit“停止”,其后跟动词作宾语时,应用 v.ing 形式。

4.—Would you like to go to the cinema with me now? —I’m sorry I won’t, because it is too late now. ________, I would go with you. A.Besides C.Otherwise B.However D.Therefore

解析:选 C 根据答语句意“对不起,我不能,因为现在太晚了。否则的话,我会跟你 一起去的。”可知,应选 C。otherwise“否则;不然”,表示一个含蓄条件,相当于 if it were not so late。 5.(2014· 济南外国语学校模拟)It doesn’t matter ________ you pay by cash or credit card in this store. A.how C.what B.whether D.why

解析: 选 B 句意: 在这个商店中用现金或信用卡支付都可以。 it 是形式主语, whether ... 是真正的主语。whether 引导主语从句,意为“是否”,其他选项都不符合句意。 6.(2014· 青岛一中模拟)The girl phoned her father working in the city ________ she got the admission notice. A.once C.the moment B.unless D.before

解析:选 C 句意:这个女孩一收到入学通知书就给她在城里打工的父亲打了个电话。 the moment 为从属连词, 表示“一??就”。 once“一旦”; unless“除非”; before“在?? 之前”。 7.(2014· 三明一中高三检测)________ to his research work, the professor cared little about any other things. A.Devoting C.Having devoted B.Devoted D.To devote

解析:选 B 句意:由于专心于他的研究工作,教授几乎不关心任何其他的事情。该原 因状语若用状语从句表达应为:As he was devoted to his research work,即 be devoted to 结构, 故非谓语动词形式为 devoted。

8.—You didn’t wait for Elizabeth last night, did you? —Yes, but we ________.She didn’t come at all. A.don’t have to C.need to B.needn’t have D.should have

解析:选 B 答句为省略句,we needn’t have 后省略了 waited for her。 9.(2014· 西安标准化练习)Our school has planted different kinds of trees and flowers, ________ a beautiful and peaceful environment for students. A.create C.to create B.creating D.created

解析:选 B 句意:我们学校已经种植了各种不同的花草树木,为学生创造了一个美丽 而平静的环境。“创造”这个动作与谓语动词同时发生,所以用现在分词作伴随状语。 10.(2014· 河北石家庄高三一模)It’s been years ________ I enjoyed myself so much as last night. A.since C.before B.till D.after

解析:选 A 句意:我已经有好几年没有像昨晚一样玩得那么高兴了。since“自从”, 符合句意。 Ⅱ.完形填空 (一) I’ve just had a conversation with my son who is in senior high school. He complained about having to go to summer school in the summer vacation and I tried to explain the __1__ of this to him. A research shows that over the long summer vacation students often __2__ much of what they have learned during the previous academic year. They __3__ enjoying themselves and relaxing before the start of the new term. I can __4__ this in a way but the problem is that they lose concentration and study is the last thing in their mind. The research indicates that the first few weeks of the new semester have to be __5__ to revising what was taught before the vacation. This clearly wastes time. The second waste of time is that the rate of learning is slower after the long summer vacation. It is just like an athlete that has been injured or stopped training for a while. When he starts training again, he realizes he has lost so much fitness and it is very __6__ work. Students who __7__ study altogether in the summer find it very hard to get back into the routine of school life at the beginning of the new term. There is no __8__ in my mind that summer school is of great benefit to students. I would say, however, that summer school should mix study and fun so that going to summer school is a(n) __9__ experience. In this way, students can come back for the new school year feeling refreshed

and __10__ that they have not forgotten the valuable knowledge they gained during the previous school year. 语篇解读:本文是议论文。作者在文中论述了学生在暑假参加暑期班的好处。 1.A.benefits C.answers B.problems D.lessons

解析:选 A 在第二至三段,作者列举了两条“学生应该在暑假参加暑期班”的理由。 最后一段中,作者重申自己的观点——summer school is of great benefit to students。由此可知 此处应选 benefits,作者给儿子讲暑假参加暑期班的好处。 2.A.leave C.forget B.gain D.review

解析:选 C 根据下文中的“they lose concentration, revising what was taught before the vacation”及“wasting time”可知,本句是说:研究表明,暑假期间,学生往往会忘记前一学年 学到的很多知识。这也是本段的主题。 3.A.wait for C.think about B.insist on D.concentrate on

解析: 选 D 结合本段的主题, 此处应该是说学生在新学期开始之前只顾玩乐。 concentrate on sth.“集中精力做某事”。 4.A.refuse C.predict B.guess D.understand

解析:选 D 根据转折连词 but 以及其后的内容可知,作者是说他在某种程度上能够理 解这种行为。 5.A.addicted C.opposed 解析:选 B B.devoted D.accustomed 研究表明,新学期的前几周得用来复习暑假前教授的知识。

devote ...to ...“把??用于??”,符合语境。 6.A.rewarding C.exciting B.dangerous D.hard

解析:选 D 根据上文的“lost so much fitness”可知,一名运动员受伤或有一阵子不参加 训练,当他重新开始训练时,他会发现自己很不适应,训练变得困难。 7.A.complete C.abandon B.conduct D.continue

解析:选 C 根据“find it very hard to get back into the routine of school life at the beginning of the new term”可知,本句说的应该是那些暑假期间不学习的学生。故选“abandon(完全放 弃)”。

8.A.doubt C.evidence

B.wonder D.way

解析:选 A 根据全文的论述可知作者认为暑期班对学生大有裨益。There is no doubt that ...“毫无疑问??”。 9.A.necessary C.enjoyable B.common D.essential

解析:选 C 作者认为,暑期班应该寓学于乐,这样,参加暑期班就可以成为“令人愉 快的(enjoyable)”经历。 10.A.curious C.surprised 解析:选 B B.confident D.natural 根据“refreshed(精力充沛的)”以及“they have not forgotten the valuable

knowledge they gained”可知,此处应选“confident(自信的)”。 (二) (2014· 东北三省四市第一次联考)For a long time I saw happiness as a huge banner (旗帜) across the finish line of a long race. I felt that only when I __1__ certain things could I finally be happy in my life. Most of the time I felt like a tortoise believing that being slow and __2__ would win the race. At other times I would __3__ like a rabbit trying different side roads at a dangerous __4__ hoping to reach that banner a little faster. __5__, I began to see that no matter how long I raced towards it, the banner was never any __6__. I finally decided one day to __7__ and take a break. It was then that I saw my __8__ sitting beside me. It had been with me as I __9__ hard to support my family, as I played with my children and heard their __10__ and even when I was __11__ with my wife at my side looking after me. It had been with me as I raced towards that stupid banner. I just didn’t have the __12__ to see it. There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “Tension is what you think you should be. __13__ is who you are.” Perhaps we all should stop our race towards the __14__ life we think we should have and __15__ the life we have now. Happiness will never be found under some banner far away. It will be found __16__ your own heart, soul and mind. It will be found when you __17__ that others love you just as you do. Don’t be a tortoise or a rabbit when it comes to your happiness. Be a playful puppy and carry your stick of __18__ with you everywhere you go. __19__ yourself out of the race and realize that when it comes to love and happiness you are __20__ there. 语篇解读:本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。作者通过自身经历诠释了一个道理:人们经常认为 只有取得了某些成就, 过上理想中的完美生活才会幸福。 其实幸福就在平凡而琐碎的生活中, 而且早就在你我身边。 1.A.forgot B.missed



解析:选 D 长期以来,“我”认为幸福就是通过终点线的成功。因此,只有取得一些 成绩,“我”才认为生活是幸福的。 2.A.safe C.calm B.steady D.quiet

解析:选 B 根据龟兔赛跑的故事可知,B 项正确。“我”经常希望像乌龟那样,靠沉 稳赢得比赛。 3.A.act C.jump B.run D.walk

解析:选 A 由下文“like a rabbit trying different side roads ...” 可知,“我”在其他的时候,表现得像兔子一样,总愿意抄近路到达终点,故 A 项正确。 4.A.place C.speed B.height D.time

解析:选 C 由下文“hoping to reach that banner a little faster”可知,既然是想更快到达终 点,肯定是以一种危险的速度前行,故选 C。 5.A.Generally C.Unfortunately 解析: 选 B B.Gradually D.Firstly

generally“ 一般地 ” ; gradually“ 逐渐地 ” ; unfortunately“ 不幸地 ” ;

firstly“首先地”。由语境可知,“我”逐渐意识到了??故 B 项正确。 6.A.clearer C.closer B.lower D.smaller

解析:选 C 由上文“no matter how long I raced towards it”可知,那个目标从来没有离 “我”更近一些,故选 C。 7.A.settle in C.stop by B.start off D.sit down

解析:选 D settle in“安顿,适应”;start off“开始”;stop by“顺便访问,停在?? 旁”;sit down“坐下”。根据下文“take a break”可知,此处表示坐下来休息。 8.A.happiness C.success B.goal D.friendship

解析: 选 A 根据上文和此处的强调句式可知, 此时“我”才明白幸福就在“我”身边。 故 A 项正确。 9.A.studied C.exercised B.fought D.worked

解析:选 D 由下文中“hard to support my family”可知,“我”努力工作赚钱养家时,幸

福就在“我”身边。 10.A.laughter C.stories B.complaints D.breathing

解析:选 A 由上文“I played with my children”可知,“我”与孩子玩耍时感到了幸福, 那么听到的一定是快乐的笑声。 11.A.lonely C.sick B.tired D.hungry

解析:选 C 由下文中“with my wife at my side looking after me”可知,甚至当“我”生病 时,有妻子在身边照顾,“我”也是幸福的,故 C 项正确。 12.A.courage C.wisdom B.chance D.strength

解析:选 C 由上文“as I raced towards that stupid banner”中的“stupid”可知,幸福一直在 “我”身边,只是“我”没有那份才智去发现这一点。 13.A.Stress C.Failure B.Relaxation D.Pain

解析:选 B 根据上文“Tension is what you think you should be.”可知,此处应为与 tension 相对的 relaxation,故 B 项正确。 14.A.real C.common B.perfect D.colorful

解析:选 B real“真正的”;perfect“完美的”;common“普通的”;colorful“彩色 的”。根据语境可知,也许“我们”都应该停止追求自以为值得自己全力以赴的某种生活, 所以此处应该是略带贬义的自以为完美的生活。 15.A.enjoy C.improve B.change D.create

解析:选 A enjoy“享受”;change“改变”;improve“改善”;create“创造”。此 处指“我们”应该停止追求自以为完美的生活的脚步,所以,“我们”应该享受我们现在所 拥有的生活。 16.A.from C.over B.on D.in

解析:选 D 由语境可知,幸福在你的心里,在你的灵魂里,在你的脑海中。 17.A.realize C.hope B.believe D.admit

解析:选 A 由语境可知,当你意识到别人爱你像你爱着别人那样时,幸福就来临了。 18.A.sorrow B.responsibility



解析:选 D 由语境可知,此处指让人们做一只爱玩耍的快乐的小狗,无论去哪都衔着 那根快乐的骨头,故 D 项正确。 19.A.Carry C.Push B.Make D.Take

解析: 选 D 根据文中多处提到的 race 可知, 人们应该把自己从那个竞赛中解脱出来后, 故 D 项正确。 20.A.never C.already B.still D.ever

解析:选 C 由语境可知,把自己从那个竞赛中解脱出来后,你就会发现自己已经处于 爱和幸福之中,故 C 项正确。 Module 5 Ethnic Culture


1.A terrible earthquake happened. 发生了一场可怕的地震。 2.It destroyed almost the whole school. 它几乎毁掉了整所学校。 3.Help has come from all parts of the country. 全国上下伸出援手。 4.Great changes have taken place in our school. 我们学校已发生了很大变化。 5.Wellequipped teaching buildings have been built. 设施齐全的教学楼已经建起。 6.A new library has also been set up. 还盖了一座新图书馆。 7.The whole nation unites together in the face of difficulty and danger. 全国人民团结起来一起面对困难和危险。 8.Nothing can defeat us. 没有什么能击败我们。

1.用分词短语连接 1、2 句 A_terrible_earthquake_happened,_destroying_almost_the_whole_school. 2.用介词短语 thanks to 连接 3、4 句 Thanks_to_the_help_from_all_parts_of_the_country,_great_changes_have_taken_place_in_o ur_school. 3.用 as well as 连接 5、6 句 Wellequipped_teaching_buildings_as_well_as_a_new_library_have_been_set_up. 4.连接 7、8 句,使其成为含 only if 引导的条件状语从句的复合句 Only_if_the_whole_nation_unites_together_in_the_face_of_difficulty_and_danger,_nothing_ can_defeat_us.

选用“for example, in addition, fortunately”过渡词语衔接成文。 A terrible earthquake happened, destroying almost the whole school.Fortunately,_thanks to the help from all parts of the country, great changes have taken place in our school.For_example,_wellequipped teaching buildings as well as a new library have been set up.In_addition,_new desks and chairs have been offered to us by a local company.Only if the whole nation unites together in the face of difficulty and danger, nothing can defeat us.

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.She inherited (继承) a little money from her grandfather. 2.Water splashed (飞溅) into the bucket from the tap. 3.Have you fastened (关紧) all the doors and windows? 4.He tried to adjust (适应) himself to the new life there. 5.Most native (本地的) speakers of English are found in the United Kingdom. 6.He tried to dance, but was too clumsy and awkward (笨拙的). 7.She folded (折叠) the letter so that it would fit into her bag. 8.The shareholders want more say in how the company is run(管理,经营). 9.Some have described the United States as a melting pot where various racial and ethnic (种 族的,民族的) groups have been combined into one culture. 10.An strong earthquake up to magnitude 7.0 struck Ya’an, Sichuan Province on April 20th, 2013, causing great loss of people’s lives and property (财产). (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空

1.Hold the hope firmly (firm) and I’ll pull you out. 2.Do some stretches to loosen (loose) your muscles. 3.The boy managed to climb out of the car, apparently (apparent) unhurt. 4.Only then did I realize that it was foolish (fool) to break away from my friends and never contact them. 5. The doctor suggested he cut down on fat by combining regular exercise with a varied (vary) diet. 6.The new genome will make it possible to better protect genetic diversity (diverse). (Ⅲ)语境填词 1.The young couple didn’t have much money to buy new furniture,_because they had spent too much in furnishing their house. (furnish) 2.There are 56 minorities in our country and there are some minor differences between them. (minority)

1.White set_off (出发,动身) from Trafalgar Square, in London, on 19th June 2004 and was back 299 days later.(2012· 上海高考阅读 A) 2.During the school holidays, we’d explore the countryside on our bicycles, hoping to come_across (偶然遇见) the unexpected.(2012· 福建高考完形) 3.Adjusting_to (适应) the tropical heat was more difficult than they had expected. 4.The Miao Nationality has_a_population_of (有??人口) about 9 million, of whom most live in Guizhou and Yunan. 5.Then, in_the_distance (在远处), we saw a tiger, and Kamal told me to be very quiet. 6.To the visitors’ surprise, the meeting room built in the 1960s is still in_use (在使用).

【短语归纳】 1.in use 2.come across 3.put sb. up 4.think over 5.have a population of 6.in the distance 7.set off 8.adjust to 在使用 (偶然)遇见 留宿某人,让某人过夜 仔细考虑 有??人口 在远处 出发,动身 适应,调整

1.The old town is on the side of a mountain and opposite it is the 5,500 metre Yulong Xueshan Mountain, its peak covered with snow. 古城依山而建,对面是海拔 5 500 米的玉龙雪山,山顶覆盖着皑皑白雪。 [解读] “名词+过去分词”构成的独立主格结构作状语。 [仿写] 若全面考虑,她的建议比你的建议有价值。 All_things_considered,_her suggestion is of greater value than yours. 2. The sky is clear blue and I don’ t think I’ ve ever seen anything else so beautiful in my life. 这里的天空碧蓝如洗,我想我一生中从未见过这么美的景色。 [解读] 句中“否定词+现在完成时+so ...”结构表示最高级意义。 [仿写] 我以前从未见过这么多人来我们学校参观。 I have_never_seen_so_many_people visit our school before.

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.minority n.少数民族;少数 [经典例句] For a minority, the decision was a disappointment.(牛津 P1105)

这个决定令少数人失望。 (1)a minority of be in the/a minority (2)majority n. be in the/a majority the majority of 少数的 占少数 多数,多半 占多数 大多数的

①Only a minority of the class voted for the plan. 班里只有少数学生投票赞成这项计划。 ②Boys are very much in_the_minority in the dance class. 在舞蹈班上男孩子占极少数。 [名师指津] minority/majority 作主语,强调整体时,动词用单数形式;强调群体中的每

一个个体时,动词用复数形式;the minority/majority of+n.作主语时,谓语动词视 of 后的名词 的单复数而定。 ③She says that the_majority_of those who come to her are dealing with some pretty heavy issues, and they expect her not only to listen, but also provide real answers.(2013· 湖南高考阅读简

答) 她说来找她的人大多数是处理一些非常沉重的问题,并且他们希望她不仅仅聆听,还要 她提供真正的答案。 [链接高考] (2011· 湖南高考)Onethird of the country ________ covered with trees and the majority of the citizens ________ black people. A.is; are C.are; are B.is; is D.are; is

解析:选 A 句意:这个国家的三分之一被树木覆盖,而且大多数公民是黑人。在第一 空中,onethird of the country 指“一个国家的三分之一”, 后面的谓语动词应用单数形式。 在第二空中,the majority 后面的 citizens 为复数意义,故谓语动词用复数形式。 2.run v.控制;管理;跑;开动(机器等),运转;延伸;褪色;流,淌,行驶 [教材原句] For example, it is the women who run Naxi society, and until recently, Naxi

women inherited all property. 例如,管理纳西族社会的是妇女,而且现在还是由纳西族的妇女来继承全部财产。 [一词多义] 写出下列句中 run 的含义 ①They learnt not only how to run a coffee shop but also how to deal with their affairs.(2010· 全国卷Ⅰ)经营 ②I’m afraid the colour ran when I washed your new skirt. 褪色 ③The machines run day and night. 运转 ④The Yangtse River runs into the East China Sea.流,淌 ⑤The road runs north.延伸 ⑥A shuttle bus runs frequently between the inn and the country club.行驶 run across run after run away from run into run out in the long/short run 偶然遇见某人或发现某物 追赶某人;追逐某物 逃离;逃避 遇到;撞上;遇到(困难) 花光,用完;耗尽;结束 从长期/短期来看

⑦When I was 8 years old, I once decided to run away from home.(2013· 湖南高考完形) 在我 8 岁时,我曾决定离家出走。 ⑧Have you nearly finished?Time is running_out. 你快做完了吗?时间快到了。 [链接高考]

(2012· 江苏高考)—OK, I’ve had enough of it.I give up. —You can’t ________ your responsibilities. A.run off with C.run out of B.run up against D.run away from

解析:选 D 句意:“好了,我已经受够了,我放弃。”“你不能逃避你的责任。”run away from 意为“逃离,逃避”,符合语境。 3.adjust v.适应,使适应;调整;调节 [高考佳句] 津高考阅读 A) 确保它们处于良好的工作状态并进行适当地调整。 (1)adjust to ... adjust oneself to ... adjust sth.to sth. (2)adjustment n. make adjustment to ... 适应?? 使自己适应/适应于?? 为配合??而调整?? 调整;调节 对??进行调整 Make sure that they are in good working order and adjusted properly.(2012· 天

①We should learn to adjust_ourselves_to the society. 我们应该学会适应社会。 ②Because of the economic crisis, they had to make some adjustments to the price of bananas. 由于经济危机,他们不得不对香蕉的价格进行了一些调整。 4.furnish v.为(房屋或房间)配备家具;提供,供应 [教材原句] The tent was furnished with a few mats on the floor, and a low table with a teapot. 帐篷里配备了一些家具,地上铺着几块地毯,一张矮桌上放着一把茶壶。 (1)furnish ...with ... furnish ...to/for ... be furnished with ... (2)furniture n. a piece/an article of furniture a suit of furniture 用??装备??;给??提供/供应 为??提供?? 备有??,安装有?? 家具(集合用法,为不可数名词) 一件家具 一套家具

①And I will also spend on a classic piece of furniture. Quality lasts.(2013· 新课标全国卷Ⅰ 阅读 A) 我也会把钱花在一件经典的家具上。因为好的质量经久耐用。 ②The room was_furnished_with the simplest essentials, a bed, a chair, and a table.

房间里只布置了最简单的必需品,一张床、一把椅子和一张桌子。 二、间考词汇自识记 1.native n.当地居民 adj.出生地的;土生土长的 be native to (指动植物等)原产于某地的

The tiger is native to India. 这种虎原产于印度。 2.fasten 缠住”) fasten sth. to sth. fasten one’s attention on 把某物固定/贴/钉在另一物上 集中注意力于 v.缚紧,系牢,扎牢,固定(某物),使(某物)牢固;(其引申义可表示“盯住,

The dressmaker used a pin to fasten the pattern to the cloth. 裁缝用大头针把纸样别在布料上。 3.awkward adj.尴尬的,为难的;困难的;笨拙的 make things awkward 使事情变得棘手

He could make things very awkward for me if he wanted to. 要是他想的话,他本可使我处境尴尬。 [单词对点集训] Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 湖北武昌区高三调研)As the plane was getting ready to take off, we all ________ our seat belts. A.tied C.fastened B.attached D.connected

解析:选 C 句意:当飞机准备起飞时,我们都系紧了安全带。fasten“系紧,缚牢”, 符合句意。tie“系,拴”;attach“系,贴”;connect“连接,联系”。 2.(2014· 青岛二中模拟)The shy girl felt ________ and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher’s questions. A.amazed C.curious 解析:选 B B.awkward D.amused 句意:这个腼腆的女孩没能答出老师的问题,她感到既尴尬又不舒服。

awkward“尴尬的”, 符合句意。 amazed“惊奇的”; curious“好奇的”; amused“逗乐的”。 3.This kind of plant is ________ to that region. A.typical C.special B.characteristic D.native

解析:选 D 句意:这种植物是那个地区特有的。be native to “某物是某地特有的”,

是固定搭配。 Ⅱ.多维演练 1.minority 面面观 (1)用 minority 的相关短语完成句子 ①美国只有少数家庭没有汽车。 Only a_minority_of America households don’t have a car. ②在这件事情上我们占少数。 We are_in_the_minority on this issue. ③大多数的当地人从他们支持的医疗改革中受益。 The_majority_of the local people get benefit from the medical reform which they are in favor of. (2)单项填空 (2014· 安徽蚌埠模拟)It is reported that onethird of the food Americans eat ________ upon foreign raw materials and the great majority of the people ________ used to it. A.depends; get C.depend; get B.depends; gets D.depend; gets

解析:选 A 第一空的主语是 onethird of the food,谓语动词的数与 food 保持一致,应 用单数形式;第二空的主语是 the great majority of the people,谓语动词的数与 people 保持一 致,用复数形式,表示“大多数人,大部分人”。 2.run 点点练 (1)写出下列句中 run 的含义 ①The machine runs smoothly.运转 ②They ran the kindergarten extremely well.经营 ③Tears ran down her cheeks as she told us about her sufferings.流,淌 ④The buses run every five minutes.行驶

⑤The road runs parallel to the river.延伸 ⑥The shirt runs easily.褪色 (2)单项填空 —What have you done with my cat? —I’m terribly sorry. I’ve ________ it. Believe me, it’s an accident. But I’d like to pay for it. A.run after C.run for B.run over D.run across

解析:选 B run after“追赶”;run over“碾轧过去”;run for“竞选”;run across“碰 到”。由句意可知“猫被碾轧”,故用 run over。

3.adjust 万花筒 (1)用 adjust 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①These desks and seats can be adjusted to the height of any child. ②You will have to make adjustments to your thinking if you are to survive in office. ③Adjusting to living alone after the divorce was more difficult than he had expected. (2)单项填空 According to experts, China needs to ________ its onechild family planning policy to fight against a worsening gender (性别) imbalance and an aging population. A.arrange C.adapt 解析:选 D B.apply D.adjust arrange“整理,安排”;apply“申请,应用”;adapt“使适合,适应,

改编”;adjust“调整,修正”。根据题干结合选项的词义可知,D 选项符合语境。 4.furnish 多棱镜 (1)用 furnish 及其派生词的适当形式填空 ①The room was furnished with a desk, telephone and hat stand. ②The only piece of furniture he has in his bedroom is a bed. (2)单项填空 All the furniture here ________ to our school, so no chair and no desk ________ permitted to be taken away. A.belongs; is C.is belonged; is 解析:选 A B.belong; are D.belongs; are

belong 是不及物动词,排除 C;furniture 是不可数名词,排除 B;and 连接

的单数名词 chair 和 desk 被 no 修饰时谓语动词用单数,故选 A 项。

1.in use 在使用 [教材原句] The Naxi language is the only hieroglyphic language still in use and is over 1,000 years old. 纳西语是仍在使用的唯一的象形文字,(到现在)已经有一千多年的历史了。 (1)come into use make (full/good/the best) use of put ...to use be out of use It’s no use doing ... 开始被使用 (充分)利用 加以使用 不再使用 做??无用

(2)use ...for ... use up ①It is no use crying over spilt milk. (谚)覆水难收。

用??做?? 用完

②They make_use_of advertisements to plug the new product. 他们利用广告广为宣传这种新产品。 2.set off 出发,动身;引起;使开始做;燃放(烟火、鞭炮等);衬托;使更漂亮 [教材原句] George and I looked at each other, then set off after her. 乔治和我对视了一下,然后跟着她出发了。 [一词多义] 写出下列句中 set off 的含义 ①Having said farewell to their friends, they set off for home.出发,动身 ②Hong Kong’s stock market fell, setting off a global financial crisis.引起 ③On New Year’s Eve,the company set off many fireworks, which made the children excited.燃放(烟花、鞭炮等) ④Her plain blue dress was set off by a feathertrimmed (羽毛装饰的) hat.衬托;使更漂亮 [联想归纳] “动词+off”短语一览 ①pay off 还清;回报 ③give off 放出 ⑤take off 起飞;腾飞;脱掉 ⑦get off 下车/船/马/飞机等 [链接高考] (2013· 湖北高考)In much of the animal world, night is the time ________ for sleep — pure and simple. A.set aside C.set off B.set down D.set up ②show off 炫耀 ④turn off 关掉 ⑥put off 推迟 ⑧cut off 切断

解析: 选 A 句意: 在很多动物世界里, 夜晚完全是用来睡觉的时间。 pure and simple“完 全是,不折不扣是”。set aside“留出,拨出(时间等)”,符合句意。 [短语对点集训] Ⅰ.选词填空 in use, set off, in the distance, adjust to, have a population of 1.She tried her best to adjust_to the life there, but failed to make any difference. 2.The little market town, Hay, has_a_population_of 1,500 and no fewer than 39 bookshops. 3.He could see the tall chimneys of the factory in_the_distance. 4.If you want to catch that train, we’d better set_off for the station immediately.

5.Seriously damaged, the bridge is no longer in_use. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2014· 成都高三诊断)As the road to the airport is under reconstruction, we’d better ________ early to avoid the traffic jam. A.pay off C.put off B.set off D.take off

解析:选 B pay off“还清”;set off“动身,出发”;put off“推迟”;take off“脱 下,起飞”。此处表示早点动身以避免堵车,因此选 B 项。 2. (2014· 太原模拟)My parents and I are flying to London for a holiday and I’ ll ________ the chance to practice my spoken English. A.come up with C.get along with B.make use of D.get tired of

解析:选 B 句意:我父母和我正准备飞往伦敦度假,我将利用这个机会练习我的英语 口语。 make use of“利用”,符合语境。 come up with“找出”;get along with“与??相 处”;get tired of“厌倦”。

The sky is clear blue and I don’ t think I’ ve_ever_seen_anything_else_so beautiful in my life. 这里的天空碧蓝如洗,我想我一生中从未见过这么美的景色。 句中“don’t ...ever ...so ...”结构表示最高级意义。 下列结构均表示最高级意义: so+adj./adv.? ? ? (1)完成时+never+?so+adj.+a/an+n.? ? ?such+a/an+adj.+n. ①I have never met such a kindhearted person before. 我从来没有遇到过这么好心的人。 (2)否定词+so ...as ... ②No one is so deaf as those who won’t listen. 最聋者莫过于不听劝说的人。 any other+单数名词? ? ?all the other+复数名词? (3)比较级+?than+? anyone else/any of the other+复数名词? ? ?the rest of+复数名词或不可数名词

③He studies harder than any other student in his class. 他比班上其他任何学生学习都要刻苦。 (4)否定词+比较级(+than ...) ④He has never spent a more worrying day. 他度过了最担心的一天。 ⑤There is no greater love than that of a man who lays down his life for his friends. 一个人为朋友而放弃生命的爱是最伟大的爱。 [链接高考] (2011· 四川高考)—How was your recent trip to Sichuan? —I’ve never had______one before. A.a pleasant C.a most pleasant B.a more pleasant D.the most pleasant

解析:选 B 句意:“你的四川之行怎么样?”“再好不过了。”否定词加比较级往往 表示最高级的概念。故选 B。 [句型对点集训] Ⅰ.完成句子 1.所有的工作都完成了,你们可以休息了。 All_the_work_done,_you can have a rest. 2.我从没看过那么惊险的电影。 I have_never_seen_so thrilling a movie. 3.不管困难多大,他们都不会半途而废。 They wouldn’t stop halfway however_great the difficulties might be. 4.这个村子前面有一条小河潺潺流过。 In front of the village runs_a_small_river. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.—How did your final examination go? —I couldn’t feel any ________ about it! And my parents have been proud of me, too. A.worse C.better B.best D.worst

解析: 选 C 答语的第二句话暗示答话人对其期末考试的结果非常满意; 否定词加形容 词的比较级表达最高级含义,所以用 better。此处意为“我感觉好得不得了”。 2.—Are you pleased with what he has done? —Not a bit. It couldn’t be________. A.so bad B.much better

C.any worse


解析:选 C 答语中的 Not a bit 表示“一点儿也不”,由此可知,第二个说话人认为他 做的事情糟糕透顶,此处是否定词与比较级连用表示最高级含义。

过去分词作状语和短语动词 1.________ with the increasing unemployment, many people went on strike in most of the European countries. A.Facing C.Faced B.Being faced D.Having faced

解析:选 C 此处考查 be faced with ...短语,意为“面对??”,放句首时 be 动词可以 省略 。空格处 是过去分词作 状语,相 当 于 many people were faced with the increasing unemployment,故选 C 项。 2.(2014· 厦门适应性考试)How everything ________ in your life all depends on how hard you work; there is no such thing as a free meal. A.breaks out C.turns out B.goes out D.throws out

解析:选 C 句意:在你生活中,事情结果如何全取决于你的努力程度,天下没有免费 的午餐。break out“(战争、火灾、疾病等)突然暴发”;go out“外出;熄灭”;turn out“最 终结果是;最终成为”;throw out“扔掉,丢弃”。根据句意应选 C 项。 3.(2014· 四川省宜宾五校模拟)A recent study has ________ an unexpected conclusion that the African elephant should be divided into two different species. A.kept up with C.caught up with 解析: 选D B.made up with D.come up with

句意: 最近的一项研究得出一个意外结论, 非洲象应被分成两个不同种类。

keep up with“跟上”; make up with“和好”; catch up with“追上”; come up with “提出”。 D 项符合句意。 4.________ not to drive after drinking, some drivers are still trying their luck, which is really dangerous. A.Being reminded C.Having reminded 解析:选 D B.To remind D.Reminded

remind 和其逻辑主语 some drivers 是动宾关系,也就是说,司机就是被提

醒的,故用 remind 的过去分词形式作状语,故选 D 项。

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014· 潍坊五校联考)—Have you been wasting time chatting online recently? —________. I’ve been studying hard and I need a break. A.Not really C.Not to worry B.Don’t mention it D.Never mind

解析: 选 A 根据空后内容可知, 第二个说话人说他学习很努力, 需要放松一下。 Not really 表示语气较弱的否定,意为“不完全是”;Don’t mention it“不客气”,用于回应别人的感 谢;Not to worry“不要担心”;Never mind“没关系,不用担心”,用于安慰对方。根据语 境可知应选 A 项。 2.(2014· 成都七中模拟)________ furniture you have got in your apartment! I am green with envy. A.How beautiful a C.How beautiful B.What a beautiful D.What beautiful

解析:选 D 句意:你家中的家具多么漂亮啊!我太妒忌了。furniture 为不可数名词, 故选 D 项。 3.The money collected should be made good use ________ the people who suffered a lot in the earthquake. A.of to help C.to help B.to helping D.of helping

解析:选 A 句意:筹集来的钱应该好好地加以利用,以帮助那些在地震中饱受苦难的 人。make good use of 构成固定短语,句中为其被动语态;后跟不定式作目的状语。 4.(2014· 济宁一模)The number of students in our class ________ more than 50 and the majority of them ________ from the countryside. A.are; is C.is; are B.are; are D.is; is

解析: 选 C 句意: 我们班有 50 多个学生, 并且大部分都来自农村。 the number of ... “?? 的数量”,用作主语时,其谓语动词应用单数;the majority of ...“??的大多数”,用作主 语时,其谓语动词取决于 of 后面的名词,此时 them=students,是可数名词复数,其后动词 显然应用复数,故应选 C。 5.(2014· 济南历城二中模拟)It would be very safe if you ________ the door ________ to the garden. A.fasten; led C.fastened; leading B.will fasten; leads D.fastened; to lead

解析:选 C 由主句的谓语动词形式 would be 可知该句是对将来动作的虚拟。故从句谓

语动词应用 fastened, leading to the garden 作定语修饰 the door。 6. (2014· 山东省实验中学模拟)—How do you find James Cameron’ s 3D version of Titanic? —Fantastic! It can’t be ________ and has brought us a wonderful experience. A.as impressive C.most impressive B.more impressive D.so impressive

解析:选 B 句意:“你认为詹姆斯· 卡梅隆的 3D 版的《泰坦尼克》怎么样?”“妙极 了!不仅给我们留下深刻的印象,还带给了我们精彩的体验。”否定词+比较级=最高级。 根据“Fantastic!”可知,电影很棒。can’t be more impressive 意为“最令人印象深刻的”, 符合语境。 7.The couple ________ a health centre in Cambodia, ________ their sevenyearold son was born. A.run; which C.run; where B.control; where D.control; which

解析:选 C 句意:这对夫妇在柬埔寨开了一家健康中心,他们七岁的儿子出生在那儿。 run“经营,管理”,where 引导非限制性定语从句。control“控制”。 8.(2014· 青岛二中模拟)________ playing dumb with teachers. They know their students very well. A.It’s no use C.It’s no wonder B.There is no doubt D.There is no need

解析: 选 A 句意: 对老师装傻是没有用的, 他们太了解学生了。 It’ s no use doing sth.“做 某事没有用”,符合句意。 9.(2014· 天津和平区一模 )________every day, our web provides readers with the latest news. A.To update C.Updating B.Update D.Updated

解析:选 D 句意:我们的网络每天都更新,给读者们提供最新的消息。update 的逻辑 主语是 our web,并与之构成动宾关系,所以用过去分词表示被动含义。 10. (2014· 济南市五校模拟) ________ about the student, the teacher called his parents to find out why he was so often absent from class. A.Concerning C.Concerned B.Concern D.To concern

解析:选 C 句意:因为担心这个学生,老师打电话给他的家长想查明他为什么如此经 常地逃课。be concerned about“担心??”,此处用过去分词作状语。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 A

(2014· 江西省红色六校高三第二次联考)Drive through any American city or suburb, and you will see large space where huge stores are grouped together, sometimes even under one roof.The sight of such huge stores would have been unusual for our grandparents, who shopped in small neighborhood stores.There shopping areas reflect some major changes in American society. The construction has been continuing of new over supermarkets the past and shopping centers years.Supermarkets forty

continue to appear because they offer the shopper a wide choice of products in one place — anything from food to small appliances.Because of the large amount of goods sold, supermarkets can offer lower prices than small neighborhood stores can.The convenience and value of large stores and shopping areas make them an important part of the way of American shopping. With the rise of supermarkets and shopping centers, American society has experienced some changes.Most obviously, many small neighborhood stores have disappeared, driven out of business by the large stores.Now Americans use cars even more in order to get to and carry products from the shopping centers, which are typically located farther from many homes.Another change is perhaps the least easy to describe.Americans_are_now_more_isolated.In the neighborhood store, the owner knew about the customers and their families.People in the neighborhood could gather and talk there.Now Americans shop in huge spaces, where no one knows anyone else.Supermarkets have made shopping more personal. It is clear that the number of supermarkets and large shopping areas is still increasing.The pattern of “bigger is better” will probably continue into the future. 语篇解读:社会的变迁是多方面的,购物区由邻里店发展到远距离的大型购物广场,自 有其原因所在。 “大即好”这种观念将会一直延续下去, 大型购物广场在将来也会一直存在。 1.A major change in American society listed in the passage is ________. A.the development in the neighborhood B.the place for shopping C.the development in the suburbs D.the relationship between shop owners and customers 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第一段内容可知,购物地点的改变是文章中谈到的主要 改变:购物的地点由小商店变为大型购物广场。 2.Compared with small neighborhood stores, supermarkets ________. A.are located everywhere B.are built far away from each other C.sell various goods at lower prices D.have limited space for further development 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第二段第三句可知,应选 C。

3.Now Americans do shopping ________. A.in typical neighborhood stores B.in faraway supermarkets or shopping centers C.in stores where they can chat with the owners D.in stores within walking distance 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第三段第三句可知,应选 B。 4.The underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 means ________. A.shoppers in supermarkets usually don’t know each other B.supermarkets are a good place for shopping C.supermarkets are controlled by machines D.shoppers will easily get lost in supermarkets 解析:选 A 细节理解题。从画线部分后边的内容可以看出,以前在小邻里店购物时, 邻居们可以聚在一起说话,商店的主人也都认识大家。现在大型购物广场的数量还在增加, 购物时,大家都互不认识,故选 A。 5.The author believes ________. A.people will try to be friendly while shopping in supermarkets B.supermarkets and large shopping centers will continue to exist in the future C.supermarkets will probably no longer exist in the future D.neighborhood stores are equal to supermarkets in convenience 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据文章最后一段的内容可知,大型购物广场的数量还在增 加,在将来会继续存在,所以选 B。 B (2014· 淄博高三模拟)On a day off recently, I took my 11monthold son to town for some shopping. I’ve accepted the fact that going out with him comes with lots of baggage and a ’four wheel drive’ carriage so I won’t need to carry all 10 kilos of him on me. After a nice long period of shopping, the staircases stopped suddenly. In front of us — a short flight of stairs. It’s funny how you don’t think much about staircases — seeing people going up and down in a constant stream — that is until you’re pushing a carriage with a fat boy in it and bags hanging from every handle. I had no choice but to push my son down those stairs as carefully as I could. As I started down, I was hoping someone would stop to help us. Then two young men coming up my way met my gaze and I was so sure they were going to help this crazy mother going down the steps with the fat baby in carriage. Before I could open my mouth, they looked at me and walked right past me! I was deeply saddened. Which is why, I couldn’t agree more with Adrian Tan, who wrote this month’s Voice — “Really Useful Schooling”. I strongly recommend anyone to read it. The important lessons he

pointed out that should be taught in schools cannot be said better. Manners — the world will be a better place if our kids learn this early on. It’ s not just about minding_your_Ps_and_Qs,_it’ s about having consideration and being mindful of people around you. All of us are part of society. The local newspapers in Singapore would always proudly publish the top students who scored top marks for PSLE and ’O’ Levels examinations. These geniuses would be praised for their book smarts, their talent for literature, mathematics and sciences. The question I’d like to ask is,

would they help a mother with a carriage? 语篇解读:本文为一篇夹叙夹议文。作者是一位 11 个月大的孩子的母亲,她通过自己用 童车推孩子去购物,在下楼梯时急需帮助而没有人理会的经历,说明对人们进行素质教育的 紧迫性和必要性。 6.From the first paragraph, we can learn that ________. A.the author is used to holding her baby to do some shopping B.the author gets used to shopping with her baby in a carriage C.it is difficult for the author to push her baby in and out of shops D.the author prefers to leave her 11monthold son at home alone 解析:选 B 推理判断题。由第一段第二句中的“a ’four wheel drive carriage’”可知, 作者常常用童车推着自己的儿子去购物,故选 B。 7.What did the author do when the staircases stopped suddenly? A.She struggled to push her son down the stairs. B.She had no choice but to ask someone for help. C.She did nothing but wait for electrical lift. D.She asked two young men to help her politely. 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据第二段第四、五句可知,本题选 A。 8.What did the author think of Adrian Tan’s words? A.She didn’t agree with his points. B.She was doubtful about his ideas. C.She agreed with his ideas very much. D.She thought his opinions were unrealistic. 解析:选 C 细节理解题。由第三段首句可知,作者非常同意 Adria Tan 的说法。 9.What does the underlined phrase “minding your Ps and Qs” in Paragraph 3 probably mean in the text? A.Keeping your promises. B.Caring about your behavior. C.Caring about other people.

D.Concerning the society. 解析:选 B 句意理解题。根据画线部分所在句子的句子结构和后半句句意“还要对你 周围的人多考虑多关心”可推知,前半句句意为“这不仅仅是要注意你的行为举止”,故选 B 项“注意自己的行为举止”。 10.The last sentence intends to tell us that ________. A.students should love mathematics and sciences B.the newspaper should advocate the geniuses C.intelligence is more important than responsibilities D.children should care about people around them 解析:选 D 推理判断题。根据最后一段的意思可知,最后一句中的 they 指代学生们, 故本句意为:我想要问的问题是:他们会帮助一位推着孩子的母亲吗?而由第三段倒数第二 句可知,作者说最后一句的意思是要求学生们多关心周围需要帮助的人。

Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage


(2013· 江苏高考)请根据你对以下两幅图的理解,以“Actions Speak Louder than Words”为 题,用英语写一篇作文。

参考词汇: banner (横幅) stump (树桩) 你的作文应包括以下内容: 1.简要描述两幅图的内容; 2.概述你对两幅图中不同做法的理解; 3.举例说明两幅图对你的启示。 注意: 1.可参照图片适当发挥;

2.作文词数 150 左右; 3.作文中不得提及有关考生个人身份的任何信息,如校名、人名等。 Actions Speak Louder than Words ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Actions Speak Louder than Words Actions Speak Louder than Words People celebrate Earth Day differently.In picture 1, a man is trying to put up a banner on a lonely tree Look at the pictures above.In picture 1, a man is hanging a banner, which_says_“HAPPY EARTH_DAY” (写着“快乐的地球日”。使用定语 从句) with many cut stumps standing around.In picture the Earth

surrounded by stumps (过去分词作定 2, a couple is planting a tree on their own to celebrate 语), but in vain, while picture 2 shows a couple happily planting trees (while 引 导的并列句). The message conveyed here (过去 分词作定语 ) is clear: “Actions speak louder than words.” Our earth is suffering severe damage.Should we just pay lip service or take practical measures to protect it? The answer is definitely the latter.Immediate action should be taken (被动句式), like stopping cutting down trees, to better the environment. Actions are important in other fields, too.Instead of shouting empty slogans, it is more meaningful to donate books and sports goods to children in need (it 为形式主语). Day.It_is_obvious_that_the_smile_covers_their_faces_ all_the_time (很明显,他们一直笑容可掬。使用 it 作形式主语).In my opinion, compared to the man in picture 1, the couple in picture 2 contributes more to environment protection undoubtedly. In contemporary society, we_have_been_ advocating_the_good_qualities_of_humans_such_as_r espect_and_helpfulness (我们一直在倡导诸如尊重和 互助这样的人类美德。 使用现在完成进行时). But the fact is that we have done so

little.So_indifferent_have_we_become (我们已经变得 如此漠不关心。使用倒装句式 ) that we choose to ignore people who need help when_walking_by (路过 时。使用省略句式).The phenomenon that we don’t respect the elderly any longer is common, too.All these remind us to take action to remain the precious characteristics, not just by words.It_is_the_ action,_rather_than_words_that_really_matters ( 重 要 的是行动,而不是话语。使用强调句式).

(Ⅰ)单词拼写 1.On the table were the remains (剩饭) of the evening meal. 2.His work was judged objectively as well as subjectively (主观地). 3.The company is planning to enlarge (扩大) its production scale. 4.Trust and honour(荣誉)are not gifts; we have to earn them. 5.I’m not going to put myself at the mercy (任凭??摆布) of the weather. 6.I will recommend (推荐) you as his secretary. 7.Few of the early manuscripts have been preserved (保存). 8.In the last few months many practice exams have been held to sharpen (改进) the students’ examination skills. 9.A family break allows you to spend precious (宝贵的) time together. 10.Do not undertake (承担) a project unless you can finish it on time. (Ⅱ)用所给词的适当形式填空 1.He smiled suddenly, exposing (exposure) a set of amazingly white teeth. 2.Though the girl had been suffering from the blood disease, she acted as if nothing had happened to her while facing her friends and relations (relate). 3.Since the chairman announced the proposal (propose) without consulting with other members of the board in advance, an objection was raised at the meeting. 4.I warned them they could get seriously ill, but they both ignored (ignorance) my advice. 5.It looks as though a compromise agreement (agree) has now been reached. 6.A completely new situation will arise when the examination system comes into existence (exist). (Ⅲ)语境填词 1. The scientist Yuan Longping has made a great contribution to the world and this contributed to his becoming famous. (contribute) 2.As an assistant,_she always assists the manager in dealing with problems. So the manager thinks highly of her assistance. (assistance) 3.Thanks to the investment of the company, the local economy has developed rapidly. As a result, more and more investors come to invest here. (invest)

1.In order to learn it well, apart_from (除??之外) English class, I took an active part in English corner and other afterclass English activities, which benefit me a lot.(2012· 山东高考写 作) 2.Secondly, recreational fishermen contribute_to (有助于) the economy. They spend money

on equipment and other items, and they also spend it indirectly by paying taxes on their equipment and fuel.(2013· 江西高考阅读表达) 3.We continue to listen to and remind_ourselves_of ( 使我们自己想起 ) words such as “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” and childhood tales such as Cinderella and Goldilocks.(2012· 全国卷 Ⅰ阅读 D) 4.The Norwegian, very probably seeing this as pushiness, will keep backing away — which the Latino will in_return (反过来) regard as coldness.(2012· 全国卷Ⅰ完形) 5.In_case (倘若,如果) you don’t know, poke greens are a weedtype plant that grows wild, especially on poor ground.(2013· 湖南高考阅读 B) 6.In ancient, without the advanced technology, the agriculture had to be at_the_mercy_of (受??支配) the weather. 【短语归纳】 1.apart from 2.at the mercy of ... 3.contribute to 4.go through 5.remind sb.of ... 6.in return 7.be honoured for ... 8.in case 除??之外 受??支配 导致;有助于 获准;经过程序 使某人想起?? 反过来;作为(对??的)回报 因??而受到尊敬 倘若,如果;以防万一

1.They are a precious part of our cultural heritage — it is of vital importance that we do something. 它们是我们文化遗产中极其宝贵的部分——因此我们采取行动就显得尤为重要。 [解读] be of+n.= be+adj.结构。

[仿写] 取得的经验对我们将很有价值。 The experience gained will be_of_great_value to us. 2.Some areas are almost completely covered in weeds, causing serious damage. 不少地方杂草丛生,破败不堪。 [解读] causing serious damage 是现在分词短语作结果状语。

[仿写] 他们的车遇上交通阻塞,因而耽误了。 Their car was caught in a traffic jam, thus causing_the_delay. 3.The site is extremely expensive to maintain and it will cost between three and five million yuan to repair it.

这个遗址保护起来是极其昂贵的,要花三至五百万元来修缮。 [解读] [仿写] to maintain 为不定式的主动形式表达被动意义。 他得知无法赶上火车,很是烦恼。

He was annoyed to_learn that he would not be able to catch the train.

一、常考词汇细点拨 1.contribute v.促成;捐助;贡献;投稿 [教材原句] Pollution from nearby cement factories has also contributed to the problem. 附近水泥厂产生的污染对此也难逃其咎。 (1)contribute to contribute ...to/towards ... (2)contribution n. make contributions to ... 有助于;促成;为??做贡献 向??捐赠;向??投稿 贡献;捐献;捐助 为??做贡献

①How did Dr. Minor contribute to the dictionary?(2012· 山东高考阅读 B) 迈纳博士为这本词典做出了怎样的贡献?


②Many people contributed money to the poor boy, which contributed to his returning to school. A writer wrote a story about this and contributed it to a newspaper. 许多人给这个可怜的男孩捐钱, 这使他重新回到了校园。 一位作家写了一篇关于此事的 故事并把它投到了报社。 2.recommend v.建议;推荐 [教材原句] They have recommended that the site be closed and repaired. 他们已经建议关闭遗址并对其进行维修。 recommend sth. to sb.?? recommend sb. sth. recommend sb. as ... recommend doing ... recommend sb. to do ...
? ?

向某人推荐某物 推荐某人当?? 建议做?? 建议某人做??

recommend that ... (should) ...


It is/was recommended that ...(should)... 有人建议 ①It is such a great hotel that I would recommend it to any friend of mine who is going to Beijing.(2012· 陕西高考短文改错) 它是那么好的一个旅馆,我会把它推荐给我的任何一个来北京的朋友。 ②I recommend writing your feelings down on paper. 我建议把你的感受写下来。 [名师指津] 在 recommend 表示“建议/劝告”时,后接从句;It is/was recommended that 从句中的谓语动词要用虚拟语气,即 should+动词原形,其中 should 还可省略。 ③The committee has recommended that the training program (should)_be_improved. 委员会建议培训计划应当改进。 [联想归纳] 后接宾语从句,谓语动词用“(should+)动词原形”类动词常见的有: 一坚持:insist 二命令:order,command 三建议:advice,_suggest,_recommend 四要求:request,_require,_demand,_desire [链接高考] (2013· 浙江高考)Eye doctors recommend that a child’s first eye exam ________ at the age of six months old. A.was C.were B.be D.is

解析: 选 B 此处考查的是 recommend 后面宾语从句中的虚拟语气, 根据语法规则可知, 从句中谓语应用“should+动词原形”,其中 should 可以省略,故选 B 项。 3.ignore v.忽视;不理;不管 [高考佳句] Most drivers usually ignore the speed limit unless they think the police will stop

them.(2013· 上海高考听力) 大多数司机通常忽视速度限制,除非他们认为警察会拦住他们。 (1)ignorant adj. be ignorant of (2)ignorance n. in ignorance of ... 不了解的,无知的 不知道?? 无知 对??不知道

①People who live in the city are often ignorant_of rural life. 居住在城市里的人往往不了解农村的生活。

②It might be better to keep her in ignorance of what has happened. 不让她知道发生了什么事也许更好。 二、间考词汇自识记 1.preserve v.保护;保存 preserve ... from ... nature preserve 保护??免受?? 自然保护区

The ancient Egyptians knew ways to preserve dead bodies from decay. 古埃及人懂得保存尸体、使之不会腐烂的方法。 2.mercy n.任凭??的摆布 at the mercy of without mercy 受??支配,任由??摆布 毫不留情地,残忍地

After the boat’s motor failed, they were at the mercy of the weather. 船的马达坏了,他们只能听命于天气了。 3.undertake vt.承担,担任,从事;许诺,同意;着手,开始 undertake to do sth. He undertook to finish the job by Friday. 他保证星期五之前完成这项工作。 [单词对点集训] Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Mr. Collins ________ to look after the children while his wife could go to the fit club with two of her friends. A.attempted C.undertook B.led D.assured 保证去做某事

解析:选 C 句意:柯林斯先生承担了照料孩子的任务,这样他妻子就能够与她的两位 朋友去健身俱乐部了。attempt to do sth.“尝试做某事”;lead 后接介词 to,表示“导致,引 起”;undertake to do sth.“承担做某事”;assure“向??保证”,后面不接不定式。 2 . (2014· 西安标准化练习 )One way to ________ species under threat of extinction — whatever the cause — is to remove them to zoos and parks and breed them t

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