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高中英语必修三unit2 Healthy eating--language points

Do you know the food?

muscle mutton bacon

barbecued mutton kebabs

Do you know the food?

peaches lemon




Do you know the food?




carrots garlic

1 empty (反义词)._____________, full 2 fry (形容词)_____________ fried place 3 happen (同义词) take ___________ ought not to / oughtn’t to 4 ought to (否定形式 )_______________ 感到失落,感到沮丧 5 feel frustrated ________________ be/ get tired of 6. 对…感到厌恶____________________ 7 减肥___________,( put on weight lose weight 反义词 )__________ 8 curious(名词) ____________ curiosity 9 host (反义词)_________ hostess 10 amaze(形容词) amazed ______________ /amazing (词组) ____________ be amazed at

11 get away with被放过 _______________ ,(做坏事)不受惩罚 12 说谎_____________ tell a lie 折扣 13 discount _________( 反义词)_________ premium 赢回 14 win…back___________ energy 15 energetic(名词) _________ 上演,上映,在进行 16 be on________ 17 predict ________( 名词)_______ 预言 prediction


1.diet n. 节食 日常饮食 a balanced diet 均衡的饮食 be/go on a diet节食, 控制饮食
A balanced diet is important for health.

She has been on a diet for a week, so she is very weak now.

He is too fat. He has to ___________ go on can a diet or he ’t get out from the door.

diet和food的区别: diet 指的是习惯的食物或规定的食物,特指维持健 康的食物,如病人的疗养食物,减肥者的食物; food是一般指凡能吃能喝的具有营养的东西。
diet 1. The doctor has ordered me a special ______. 2. Too many sweet ______ foods will make you fat. diet is necessary for good health. 3. A balanced _______ 4. The sick man can’t live without _______, but he food must have a _____ without sugar. diet

2. balance v. 使均衡,收支平衡 Try to balance your diet by eating more fruit. 多吃一些水果, 使饮食均衡。

n. 平衡,天平
Keep a balance of nature 保持生态平衡

Please keep a balance between your work and family.

She lost her balance and fell over.

adj. balanced “平衡的”,“均衡的” You ought to have a balanced state of mind. 你应该保持心态平衡。

Everyone ought to have a balanced state of mind. 每个人都应该保持心态平衡。 Can you balance yourself while skating? 滑冰时你能保持身体平衡吗? Please gain a better balance between work and play. 请争取把工作和娱乐更好地结合起来。

3. 好奇心 n.


curiosity adj. curious

对??感到好奇 be curious about


At the age of 90, he remained curious about the world.

My baby is always curious about my glasses.

The two kids showed great curiosity about what was in the pram(婴儿车).

What can be put inside?

show great curiosity about 对……显示出莫大的好奇

with curiosity (=curiously). 好奇地

satisfy one’s curiosity 满足某人的好奇心
The baby looked at the funny dog with curiosity (=curiously). To satisfy his curiosity, Out of curiosity, he went to it and asked,” What are you laughing at?”

4. 说谎 躺








The boy who ____ lay under the tree _____ lied to me laid an egg this morning. that his cock _____

5. 打折, 折扣


a discount shop

a discount price


I got a 10% discount on these books.
I bought these books at a 10% discount.

6. strength: 名词,主要含义有: ①力量;力气 ②勇气;决心 ③影响力;实力;威力 ④优势

She’s well aware of her strengths and 优势 weaknesses as an artist. She didn’t have the strength to walk any 力量;力气 further. Political power depends upon economic strength. 影响力;实力;威力 She has a strong inner strength. 勇气;决心

strengthen vt. 加强,增强

strenghten one’s confidence

strengthen your muscle

7. consult

咨询; 请教; 商量 ;查阅

consult sb about sth.

consult with sb about sth 和某人商量某事

Have you consulted your lawyer about this?

You should consult with your parents about your decision.

consult a map/ a dictionary

8. debt
be heavily in debt 负债累累 还债 还清债务

pay one’s debts
pay off one’s debts

out of debt
be in one’s debt


欠某人人情 It's much easier to get into debt than to get out of debt. 借债容易还债难。

9.benefit n.利益;好处; v.有益于;有助于;受益 adj.有利的;有益的 benefit sb./sth.对某人/物有益 beneficial benefit from/by...从……中受益 be of to sb.对某人有益 the benefit of...为了……的利 benefit 益 for be to...对……有益/有帮 beneficial 助 benefits unemployment 失业救 济金

benefit The new railway will ______________ the village people. benefit from The village people will _______ _______ the new railway. of My holiday wasn’t ______ much benefit to me . be of + 抽象名词 be of use= be useful
be of importance= be important be of value= be valuable be of help= be helpful

10. limit 限制,限定,界限
Vt. limit sth (to sth) 我正在减肥,所以我把我的早餐限定为一个苹果。 I am on a diet, so I limit my breakfast to an apple. n. a limit (to sth)

There is a limit to life, but there is no limit to 人的生命是有限的,但是为人民服务是无限的。 serving the people.
Adj. 有限的 limited
无限的 limitless

11. Combine 结合,组合,联合,混合
combine A with B 使A与B结合

combine A and B
新的教学方法寓教于乐。 The new teaching method combines education with pleasure. He wants to marry a woman who combines talent and beauty. 他想找一个才貌双全的女人做妻子。


n.间谍;侦探;侦察 v.侦探;监视;看到;找出

spy She is a ______. spy on others. He is a detective. He always ____ ____ spy on 暗中监视; 窥探

spied______. on Look! The baby-sitter is being ______

1. ought to do ought to do 比should 语气强,否定式为 ___________________ ought not to do ought to have done =_____________________ should have done 你本应该说实话的,但是你没有。 You ____________________________________. ought to have said the truth, but you didn’t. 你本不应该打他的,毕竟他不是个小孩了。 ____________________________________ You ought not to have beaten him. After all, he is not a child any more

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2.get away with(做了某事)而不受惩罚;携带……跑掉 get 解释清楚,使人了解 across get on/with进展;与……相处 along 走动;(消息)传开 get around/round get down 开始,着手 get sb. 使沮丧;使悲伤 to (1)If you cheat in the exam,you’ll never get away down with it.考试作弊必予追究。 ? (2)News soon that he had resigned. ? 他辞职的消息很快传开了。 got around

The robbers robbed the bank and got away with a lot of money.
get away with sth. = steal sth. and escape with it 偷携某物潜逃。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3.cut in down砍倒;削减;压缩 cut 插嘴;突然插入 off cut 切掉,剪下;切断,断绝 cut out 切掉;删掉 through cut 开辟(出路或通道) cut up切碎;使痛心in into cut halves/cut half切成两半 cut short使停止,中断;打断;制止


We need to cut the article down to 1000 words.

The doctor told him to cut down on drinking.

cut down a tree


cut up the meat

Many westerners are cutting back (on spending).

4. earn one’ living (by…) =make one’s living by =live by...

He earned his living by begging from door to door.
经常和earn搭配的名词除了living, money还有 fame, respect, a place等。

林书豪的努力和技术为他在NBA赢得一 席之地 Lin’s hard work and good skills earned him a place in the NBA. He and his wife each ___ 10 yuan an hour. A. earns B. earn C. spends D. takes

5.glare at 怒目而视 易混辨析 glance,glare,stare (1)glance指“快速地看某人或某物 一眼”,强调动作。 (2)glare指“怒视”。 (3)stare指“由于生气、害怕或吃惊 而睁大眼睛注视某人或某物”。 一言辨异 The young lady at the man glanced at her and was so angry staring that glared she at him.

1,Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated.

v-ing 形式短语做伴随状语,表示和谓语动作同时发生

She buried her head under the pillow, crying ___. (cry) The children came into the sitting-room, singing and dancing _____________________. (sing and dance) Nora stood at the bus stop, _________________. reading a newspaper 娜拉站在公共汽车站旁看报纸. _________________________ Standing on the top of the hill (站在山顶上), you can have a better view of the city. Written (write) in a hurry, the article is not so _________ good.

“We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, ____out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked

The man is at the bus stop, waiting for the bus.

2.He couldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies!
? 句式提取:have+复合结构 ? have sb.do sth.叫某人做某事 ? have sb./sth.doing sth.使某人做……,使某物 正处于…… (1)叫人做某事 (2)遭遇某种(不幸的)事情 (3)与can’t,won’t连用,且主语为第, 一人称 时,表示“不容许,不许可” (4)表示“把……做完”,主语也可自己, 参加完成 ? have+宾语+to do (have的意思是“有”)

The wife has her husband standing for one hour and holding a stick as a punishment.

我不容许你这样与你的父母说话。 I won’t have you speaking to your parents in this way. 他不容许女儿晚回家。 He won’t have his daughter arriving home late.

1. It was freezing, so they had the fire______ all night long. A. to burn B. burned C. burn D. burning 2. You’d better have someone else _______ the computer. I’m busy now. A. to repair B. repaired C. repair D. repairing 3. His computer won’t start, so he must have it________ . A. to repair B. repaired C. repair D. repairing 4. I can’t go out with you, for I have a computer____. Tom need it tomorrow. A. to repair B. repaired C. repair D. repairing 5. You should understand the traffic rule by now. You have had it often enough. A. explaining B. to explain C. explain D. explained

3.“Nothing could have been better.” he thought. 他想,“再没有比这些更好吃的了”. 用比较级形式表示最高级的意义 1. Nobody loved money better than he. 2. I think nothing is more pleasant than traveling. 3. I can’t think of a better idea. 4. I can’t feel better today. 5. I can’t agree with you more. --- How did your father feel when he saw what a mess you had made? angrier (angry) --- He can’t be _______.

There is nothing better than a good rest when you are tired.

4.Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. ? must have done表示对已经发生的事进行肯定的猜测, 意为“一定做了某事”。 ? 否定形式为: can’t / couldn’t have done
The ground is wet. What happened last night?

He played basketball all day, so he couldn’t have finished homework. It must have rained last night.

完成句子: 1. 你吃鱼时应该要小心。 ought to be careful You ___________________ when you eat fish. 2. 你不该吸这么多烟,你在糟蹋自己的身体。 ought not to smoke You ________________________ so much. You are ruining your life. 3. 老师们应当特别关注那些跟不上班级发展的同学。 ought to care for those who can’t keep Teachers _________ up with the class. 4. 保持匀衡的饮食是很重要的。 It’s important to ____________________ keep a balanced diet .

完成句子: 5. 在我们班级里没有人比她有更好的嗓音。 better voice than Nobody has a ______ ______ her in our class. 6. 他对电视上的广告感到厌烦。 He ___________ is tired of advertisements on TV. 7. 那两个人站在那里,怒视着对方。 glaring at each other. The two men stood there, __________ 8. 没有人能够犯了法而不受惩罚。 get away with breaking laws. Nobody can _____________

1. 当他很穷的时候,他欠下了债务。 2. 生命是有限的,但学问是无限的。 3. 这个城市的大多数人都是在汽车厂工作来谋 生的。 4. 大量工人得益于劳动法。 5. 我不会让你在考试作弊的事情蒙混过去的。 1. When he was poor, he was in debt. 2. Life is limited, while knowledge is unlimited. 3. Most people in the city earn their living by working in the car factory. 4. A large number of workers benefit from the Labor Law. 5. I won’t have you getting away with cheating in the exam.

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