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课时作业(六) Task & Project


Task & Project

1.I'll be sending them a donation in ________ (感激)of their help. 2.Take whatever ________ (措施)you consider best. 3.Spending has ________ (减少)slightly this year. 4.Each year Americans ________(消耗)a high percentage of the world's energy. 5.Telephone calls came ________(大量涌入)in from all over the country. 6.His lecture ________(变化)over a number of topics. 7.We had to ________(排队)up for an hour for the tickets. 8.Plants can ________(吸收)carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 9.I believe that this struggle is going to go on and it might well be decided in the next ________(十年). 10.After a long journey,we came to a forest ________(保护区). Ⅱ.单项填空 1. The government has promised to take ________ to help the laidoff workers find new jobs. A.stop C.measurement B.means D.measures

2.Bill wasn't happy about the delay of the report by Jason,and ________. A.I was neither C.I was either B.neither was I D.either was I

3.This restaurant has become popular for its wide ______ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets. A.division C.range B.area D.circle

4. (2013· 孝感高二质检)Plants absorb sunlight in the daytime and at the same time ________ oxygen. A.set off C.take off B.let off D.turn off

5.The company's position ________ overtime is made clear in their contracts. A.due to C.but for B.with regard to D.in spite of

6.She has already tried her best.Please don't be too ________ about her job.

A.special C.unusual

B.responsible D.particular

7.It has been reported that exports of that company have decreased ________ 3%. A.to C.with B.by D.at

8.I'd appreciate ________ if you would turn the radio down. A.that C.this B.it D.you

9.They have several plans________to achieve our aim of keeping the river clean. A.in the way C.under way B.by the way D.in their way

10.(2012· 南阳高二检测)There was an earthquake and,________,there were tidal waves. A.in addition C.in fact B.in particular D.in place

11.________ home last night,the news came that my mother was ill. A.On my arrival C.While I got to B.On arriving D.When I got

12.Opening the door,I found my father ________ in his chair,completely ________ a magazine. A.seated;absorbing in C.sat;absorbing to B.sitting;absorbed in D.seating;absorbed to

13.Although the number of the cars ________,a number of people who hold a strong sense of protecting nature ________ willing to go to work on foot. A.has raised;is C.has raised;are B.have risen;are D.has risen;are

14.The driver is required by law,no matter who he is,________ the seat belt while on the road. A.wearing C.to wear B.worn D.wear

15.(2013· 北碚高二调研)________,let me express my great thanks to our teachers. A.Not in the least C.Last but not least Ⅲ.阅读理解 There are over 500 known active volcanoes in the world and thousands of extinct volcanoes.Volcanoes are found on every continent except Australia.There are about 80 active B.At the least D.At least

volcanoes under the oceans.Volcanoes are both terrifying and fascinating.In order to understand why volcanic eruptions happen.it is necessary to know some things about how the Earth is made. The part of the Earth we live on is an 18milethick layer of solid rock called the crust.Beneath the crust,in a layer called the mantle(地幔),it is hot enough to melt some of the rock,creating magma(岩浆). When the magma finds cracks in the Earth's crust,it rises up.Gas bubbles(气泡)inside the magma grow bigger and try to escape as the molten rock gets closer to the Earth's surface.When the gas bubbles can't be held back any longer,the volcano erupts.Imagine shaking a soda bottle until the gas inside blows the cap off,and you can understand something of how a volcano erupts.If the magma is runny,and the gas can escape easily,the eruption is gentle.But if the magma is thick,the gas has to build up more pressure to escape.Then the eruption is explosive. When a volcano erupts, the molten rock that flows from it is called lava.The lava may run for some distance,or it may pile up near the volcano,making the mountain larger. During an explosive eruption, pieces of rock are thrown from the volcano.Scientists call these pyroclasts( 火山碎屑 ) . The smallest pyroclasts are called ash.Ash is often thrown into the atmosphere by the force of the eruption.Larger rocks,about walnut(胡桃)size,are called lapilli, Italian for“little stones”. The largest pyroclasts are called blocks if they are solid, or bombs if they are molten. Volcanoes have been a major force in the formation of our planet for thousands and thousands of years.Today geologists continually observe active volcanoes for signs of eruption.Using modern instruments,they are usually able to issue a warning before the volcano erupts. 1.The author explains how the volcano erupts by ________. A.making a comparison C.using figures B.telling a story D.asking questions

2.The underlined word“it”in Paragraph 3 refers to the “________”. A.crack C.mantle B.crust D.magma

3.Whether the eruption is explosive depends on ________. A.the temperature of the crust B.whether the magma is thick C.whether the magma is near the mantle D.the number of gas bubbles inside the magma 4.We learn from Paragraph 5 that ________. A.ash is smaller than pyroclasts

B.bombs are about walnut size C.blocks are larger than lapilli D.lapilli exist in the atmosphere 5.The passage is most probably taken from ________. A.National Geographic B.Entertainment Weekly C.Health D.TV Guide Ⅳ.任务型阅读(每空格只能填 1 个单词) Scientists find that hardworking people live longer and healthier than average people. Why is work good for health? It is because work keeps people busy, away from loneliness. Studies show that people feel unhappy, worried and lonely when they have nothing to do. Instead, they feel happy when they are busy. Work serves as a bridge between man and reality. Through work, people come into contact with each other. This is helpful to health. The loss of work means the loss of everything. It affects people spiritually and makes them liable to disease. Besides, work gives one a sense of achievement. Work makes one feel his value and status in society. When a writer finishes his writing or a doctor successfully operates on a patient or a teacher sees his students grow, they are happy beyond words. From the above, we can learn that the more you work, the happier and healthier you will be. Let us work hard and study well and live a happy and healthy life. 1.____________is Good for Health Finding 2.______ Keeping people busy, away from 3.________ Situation have nothing to do be busy Serving as 5.______between man and reality Work→People 6.______with each other.→It is helpful to health. The loss of work→losing everything→affecting people 7.________ →making people liable to disease Giving one a sense of 8.________ (1)one feeling his value and status in society Feeling unhappy and worried 4.________ Hardworking famous people live longer and healthier than average people.

(2)a writer 9.________ his writing (3)a doctor successfully operating on a patient (4)a teacher seeing his students grow 10.______ The more you work, the happier and healthier you will be.

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