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上海市2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空练习(9)

完型填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1 一 20 各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。 Sometimes pleasures of life are so simple that I take them for granted, things that I've considered as my right, instead of a blessing. I 1 this after a friend of mine, who served there. as a volunteer, invited me to pay a visit to Honduras. The night before I set off, I decided a warm bath would help calm my and help me sleep. So I.3 the. hot water handle on the tub(浴盆)and waited. . . and waited. It took forever for the hot water to work its way through the pipes,so I late at night. What an 5 experience! 6 the beautiful countryside. 4 the bath 2 nerves

On the five-hour drive to my friend's home, I On my arrival, she took me to some families, who were in great houses

7 ,living in stick-and-mud

and sleeping on dirt floors. 8 ,even in these terrible conditions,everyone I met had a smile on their face. They were so nice as to 9 we stay for coffee. Among them were two women beside a dirty pond. One pushed dirt back with a stick water into a bucket. I shot a coffee, , Suddenly,one little girl ran towards us, 12 a mango(芒果)in each hand. The one in her left 11 toward the heavens,“Dear Lord, please don't let them offer 10 the other dipped the


hand was half eaten 13

had mixed with the dirt on her skin and small streams of 14 hand and offered me the other

mango-mud ran down her wrist. She held out her mango, which I my friend

15 accepted. Her eyes danced and joy spread into a smile.When we left,

pointed at a small stream beside their home and said,“That is where they is also

16 .It

where the animals drink and defecate(排便) . ”I have to s 盯 I had never been so 17 . The evening I returned home, I went into my bathroom. The image of that poor little girl 18 my mind.Her bath would only take place in the cold, dirty. water in the stream. I eased into my tub filled with warm water, enjoying this simple pleasure.Clean water wasn't my 19 ;

it was a blessing, one I. was determined to 20 with others. 1.A. accepted B. realized C. imagined D. proved 2. A. worried B. disturbed C. excited D. delighted 3 .A. touched B. twisted C. opened D . removed

4 .A.broke through B.ran through C.looked through D.rushed through 5 .A. awful B. interesting C. amazing D. unusual 6. A. took up B. took in 7. A. debt B. pain C. took out· D. took over

C. pleasure D. poverty

8 .A. Still B. Rather C. Besides D. Thus 9. A. command B. suggest C. insist D: recommend

10. A. after B. when C. until D: while 11 .A. dream B. whisper 12. A. holding B: taking C. prayer D. glance C. pressing D. liftin

13,A.. Sweat B. Water C. Juice D. Coffee 14. A. right B. left C. dirty D. clean 15,A. unwillingly B. gladly C. cautiously D. coldly

16. A: play B. drink C. swim D. bathe 17; A. angry B. happy C. sad D. calm 18..A. crossed B. inspired C. slipped 19. A. treasure, B. right D. changed

C. possessi D. favor

20. A. share B. meet C. combine D. provide 【参考答案】1—20、BCBDA BDACD CACAB DCABA

完形填空填空练习 完形填空。阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的四个选项《A、B. C 和 D》中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 The concept of solitude(独处) in the digital world is almost non-existent. In the world of digital technology, e-mail, social networking and online video games, information is meant to be 36 . Solitude can be hard to discover 38 37 it has

been given up. In this respect, new technologies have

our culture. 39 as we’ve known

The desire to be connected has brought solitude to a(n) it. People have become so can often be contacted 40

in the world of networks and connections that one

41 they’d rather not be. Today we can talk, text, e-mail, 42 43 , but from our mobile phones as well. on digital technology simply because 44 it would make them an 46 . From this point

chat and blog(写博客), not only from our Most developed nations have become

they’ve grown accustomed to it, and at this point not outsider.

45 , many jobs and careers require people to be

of view, technology has changed the culture of work. Being reachable might feel like a 47 to those who may not want to be able to be contacted at all times.

I suppose the positive side is that solitude is still possible for anyone who 48 wants it. Computers can be shut 49 and mobile phones can be turned off. The 50 , as well as disadvantages.

ability to be “connected” and “on” has many Travelers have ended up 51

on mountains, and mobile phones have saved countless 52 and forced to answer unwanted calls

lives. They can also make people feel or 53 to unwanted texts.


Attitudes towards our connectedness as a society


across generations. Some

find today’s technology a gift. Others consider it a curse. Regardless of anyone’s view on the subject, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like advancements in technology. 36. A. updated 37. A. though 38. A. respected 39. A. edge 40. A. sensitive 41. A. even if 42. A. media 43. A. bent 44. A. finding 45. A. Also 46. A. connected 47. A. pleasure 48. A. slightly 49. A. out 50. A. aspects 51. A. hidden 52. A. trapped 53. A. turn 54. A. vary 55. A. beyond B. received B. until. C. once B. shaped B. stage B. intelligent B. only if B. computers B. hard B. using B. Instead B. trained B. benefit B. hardly B. down B. weaknesses B. lost B. excited B. submit B. arise B. within C. shared D. before. C. ignored C. end C. considerate C. as if C. databases C. keen C. protecting C. Otherwise C. recommended C. burden C. merely C. up C. advantages C. relaxed C. confused C. object C. spread C. despite D. preserved D. balance D. reachable D. if only D. monitors D. dependent D. changing D. Somehow D. interested D. disappointment D. really. D. in D. exceptions. D. deserted D. amused D. reply D. exist D. without D. collected. 55 daily

参考答案:-------完形填空 36—55: CCBCD ABDBA ACDBC BAD 完形填空填空练习 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。

Until 1954 it was thought that no man could run one mile in less than four minutes. As years 1 ,the record came closer and closer to four minutes and Roger Bannister, a 2 ,began to believe be might

young English

3 this almost magic barrier. 4 chance.

It was a cold afternoon on May 6 ,1954,when Bannister knew be had a Bannister had been real 6 5

hard and was very fit, but the weather conditions were a 7 later, Bannister said,“On the way to the track

to him. Describing the

the wind blew strongly. As I 8 for the start I glanced at the flag. It moved 9 now. This was the moment when I made my decision.” “The gun fired. My legs 10 to meet no resistance, as if I was 11 forward

by some unknown force. The noise from the faithful 12 gave me greater strength. I felt the 13 of a lifetimes had come.” “I was driven on by a all its energy 14 of fear and pride. My body had long since used up

15 it went on running just the same. This was the critical moment

when my legs were strong enough to carry me over the last few yards as they 16 could have done in previous years. When I leapt at(冲向)the 18 . “ I knew I had done it, even before I 19 the time. The announcement came. 17 tape, I fell, almost

‘Result of the one mile?Time, three minutes?’the test was 20 in the noise of excitement.” ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.A.passed along ) 2.A.coach ) 3.A.defeat ) 4.A.real ) 5.A.competing ) 6.A.eagerness ) 7.A.accident ) 8.A.did up ) 9.A.safely )10.A.seemed B. passed down B .athlete B. move B. lucky B. training B. pleasure B. event B .made up B. heavily B. used C. went by C. captain C. beat C. serious C. fighting C. relief C. issue C. put up C. thinly C. happened D. went over D. judge D. break D. false D. attending D. worry D. topic D. lined up D. gently D. had

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 11.A.dragged ) 12.A.mass ) 13.A.moment

B. drawn B. residents B. period B. collection B. but B. ever B. lasting B. unconscious B .told B. involved

C. pulled C. crowd C. while

D. pushed D. team D. date D. classification

) 14.A.concentration ) 15.A.so ) 16.A.never ) 17.A.starting ) 18.A.unconcerned ) 19.A.offered

C. combination C .or C. even C. finishing C. unknown C. announced C. lost D. as

D. still D. running D. unnoticed D. beard D. spread

( ) 20.A.stuck

36.C。as time went by 随着时间的推移。 37.B 由下文可知,Bannister 是一位田径运动员。 38.D break the barrier 打破这一障碍。 39.A Bannister 知道真正的机会来了。 real 真的,真实的,符合语境。 40.B 承接上文。Bannister 为此机会一直在进行辛苦的训练。 41.D 由 but 表转折可知,天气状况是他所担心的一件事。 42.B event 指具有重要意义的“历史事件” ,也可引申为一般的“重大赛事” 。 43.D line up 排队等候;do up 包扎,重新整修;收拾齐整 make up 化妆,虚构;put up 搭 建,.举起,抬起。 44.D 根据下文, “这是我下定决心的时刻”可知风现在应该是轻轻地吹拂着。与上文“在

去跑道的路上风刮得很猛”形成对比,现在风平静下来,是比赛的好时机。 45.A 由下文 as if 可知,我的双腿看起来没有遇到任何阻力。 46.D 好像我被一种无形的力量推着往前跑。 47.C 从上文 noise 可知,应该是人群中发出来的呼声。crowd n.人群, 群众,一伙 48.A 我感到一生中期盼的时刻来了,moment 时刻。 49.C 由下文 fear and pride 可知,应用 combination。 50.B 根据语境“我已经用光身体所有的能量,但我还在同样地奔跑。 ” ,可知此处应为转折 的逻辑关系。 51.A 与首段首句相呼应,可知:以前从来没有人打破这一纪录。 52.C the finishing tape 终点线,为固定短语。

53.B 从文章的语境可知,此处应用 unconscious 意为“无知觉,毫无意识” 。 54.D 在我听到时间之前我就知道我做到了。 55.C be lost in sth 沉浸在;消失在??之中。 该句话意为“其他的人沉浸在兴奋的欢 呼声当中” 。

完形填空填空练习 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 A young man was getting ready to graduate from college, for many months he had ___1__a beautiful sports car in a dealer’s showroom, and _2__his father could well __3__it, he told him that was all he wanted. On the morning of his graduation day his father called him into his own study and told him how __4_ he was to have such a fine son. He handed his son a beautiful gift box. __5_but slightly disappointed , the young man _6__ the box and found a lovely book, __7_ , he raised his voice at his father and said. ”_8__ all your money you give me a book?” And rushed out of the house __9_ the book in the study. He did not contact(联系)his father for a whole year __10__ one day he saw in the street an old man who looked like his father. He __11_ he had to go back home and see his father. When he arrived at his father’s house, he was told that his father had been in hospital for a week. The moment he was about to__12_ the hospital, he saw on the desk the __13__new book ,just as he had left it one _14__ ago, he opened it and began to __15_ the pages. Suddenly, a car key__16__ from an envelope taped behind the book , it had a tag(标签)with dealer’s name, the _17__dealer who had sports car he had __18_ on the tag was the __19__ of his graduation ,and the _20__ PAID IN FULL ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. expected ) 2 A. finding ) 3. A. afford B. enjoyed B. proving B. offer C. admired C. deciding C. keep C. proud C. Careful D. owned D. knowing D. like D. moved D. Curious

) 4. A. encouraged B. comfortable ) 5. A. Nervous B. Serious

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 6. A. packed ) 7. A. Angrily ) 8. A. At ) 9. A. toasting ) 10. A. until ) 11. A. learned ) 12. A. get to ) 13. A. much ) 14. A. year ) 15. A. clean ) 16. A. lost ) 17. A. old

B. opened B. Eagerly B. From B. putting B. as B. realized B. search for B. still B. month B. read B. came B. same

C. picked up C. Calmly C. With

D. put aside D. Anxiously D. To D. leaving D. unless D. admitted D. leave for D. quite D. day D. count D. dropped D. new D. met D. met D. card

C. forgetting C. before C. recognized C. turn to C. hardly C. week C. turn C. appeared C. special C. found C. date C. date

) 18. A. remembered B. desired ) 19. A. picture ) 20. A. word B. place B. information

36. C 他羡慕销售展厅的运动赛车。选 admired。 37 D 知道他父亲??,选 knowing。 38 A 买得起,选 afford。 39 C 根据下文 such a fine son,可知:父亲多么自豪,骄傲,选 proud。 40. D 打开之前应是“充满好奇” 41. B 根据 and found,此前应为“打开礼盒” 选 opened。pack,捆,pack up 打包;pick up 收拾均不合句意。 42. A 礼物不是想要的赛车,根据 raised his voice at his father 可知生气,选 Angrily 43. C “有那么多钱,你就送我一本书?”选 With,具有。 44. D 冲出房间,把书留在了书房。选 leaving,49 选项处还有依据 left it。 45. A “一整年他都没有联系他父亲,直到有一天??” 选 until。 46. B 上文老人看上去像他父亲,让他 “意识到”?, 选 realize。 47. D 他正要动身去医院,选 leave for 出发到?去。 48. B 此处为离开一整年了,看到书桌上依然很新的书,选 still。

49. A 根据 45 选项句,一年没有和父亲联系了,选 year。 50. C 根据后面的 pages,此处应为“翻书页”的意思,选 turn。 51. D 突然,从一个信封里掉出一把汽车钥匙,选 dropped。 52. B 正是他想要的运动赛车的销售商,选 same,相同的,同一个。 53. B 就是他想要的,选 desired。 54. C 标签上除了,还应有日期,即毕业的日期,选 date。 55 A “款已付讫”字样,选 word。


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