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Ⅰ. Definition(定义)

词、数词、动词过去分词、动词的-ing 形式、副词、介词短语、形容词、不定


Eg. (例子)

The person stood in front of you just now is my headmaster. 名词充当表语


I didn’t know that it was you at that time. 当时我不知道那是你。 The door remained closed. 门仍然关着。
动词过去分词充当表语 动词- ing形式充 当表语


Mary’s daily job is cleaning the house.


The house is not only large but also beautiful.



When I went to your house, you were out.


副词充当表语 介词短语充当 表语

No one was in the dorm, when she arrived.


My job is to teach you English. 不定式充当表语 我的工作是教你们英语。 The reason why he came late was that his clock didn’t work. 从句充当表语 他迟到的原因是他的闹钟坏了。

Henry was an American businessman. 主语 连系动词 表语 Henry met an American businessman. 主语 谓语 宾语 (及物动词)



The question is difficult. (表) The question is who will do it.


2. 表语从句的构成
主语 + 系动词 + 引导词 + 简单句




he did it.

What I want to say is that I am tired
表语从句放在连系动词之后,充当复合句中的 表语。

可以接表语从句的系动词有: 1: be(being,been,am,is,are,was,were)

2: feel , seem , look, appear ,sound, taste , smell 3: stand , lie , remain ,keep, stay 4: become ,get , grow , turn ,go ,come, run,fall 5: prove, turn out

连接词:that / whether /as if /as though (if不引导表语从句) 连接代词:who / whom / whose / which / what 连接副词:when / where / why / how / because

Predictive clause 表语从句 1. that 1) that 在从句中不担任句子成分,无实际意 义,一般不能省略 2)在表“建议,劝说,命令”的名词idea, suggestion, request, proposal 等后面的表 语从句中,谓语动词用“should + 动词原 形”,should可省略 1) My opinion is that it’s getting better and better. 2) My suggesstion is that we (should) start early tomorrow.

whether在表语从句中表“是否” ,但不充 当句子的成分。if 不能引导表语从句. 如: 1.What the doctor really doubts is whether my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. 2. The question is whether it is worth doing.


现在唯一要弄清楚的是他是否拐卖妇女儿 童。
All that is to be made clear is whether he abducted and sold women and children.


他提出的第一个问题是: 儿子无出息,父 母也不光彩,是否如此?
The first thing he put forwards was whether a worthless son was a disgrace to his parents.

as if, as though 引导的表语从句

as if/though引导的表语从句常置于连系动词look, seem, sound, be, become等后面,常用虚拟语气, 表示不存在的动作或状态。
e.g. It

sounds as if/though somebody was knocking at the door.

主语+连系动词(look/seem/appear……) +that/as if从句




*as if/as though引导的表语从句如果是事实, 就用陈述语气,如果与事实不符,就用虚 拟语气(主句一般现在时从句就用过去式, be的话变成were。主句是过去式,从句用 过去完成时)。 It looks as if he were her own father.(与事实 不符) Dark clouds are gathering. It looks as if it’s going to rain.

As /as if、as though
The situation is not as it seems to be.

She looks as if she is worried about her father’s disease.

It was as though he were mad.

because引导表语从句通常只用于 “This/That/It is because…”结构中。
My anger is because you haven’t written to me for a long time. 你为什么不来出席座谈会?是病了么?
Why were you absent from the forum? Was it because you were ill?

that, why 与 because 引导表语从句时的区 别





虽然三者均可引导表语从句,但 that 没有词义, 而 why 和 because 有自己的意思;另外,虽 然 why和 because 都可引导表语从句,但前者强调 结果,后者强调原因。如: The reason was that you don’t trust her. 原因是你不 信任她。 The fact is that they are angry with each other. 事实是 他们生彼此的气。 He was ill. That’s why he was sent to the hospital. 他 病了,所以被送到医院来。 He was sent to the hospital. That’s because he was ill. 他被送到医院,是因为他生病了。

填 空 : The reason why we didn't trust that him is ______ he has often lied.
reason 做主语时,表语从句只能用 that 引导, 不能用 why

The reason (why…/for…)is /was that…. The reason is that……
The reason why he was late was that he missed the train by one minute this morning (当主语是reason时,表语从句要用that引导而不是because)


主语为reason 时,表语从句连接词用that, 但以it, this, that 开头做主语的句子,则 可用because。
The reason for his being late was that he missed the early bus. She was late this morning. That was because she missed the early bus.

* The reason ____ why he was late was that he
missed the early bus.

例题2: B The reason why he failed is ________he was too careless. A. because B. that C. for D. because of

主句主语为reason, 只能用that引导表语从句, 不可用because.

连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whatever, whichever 连接副词 where, when, how, why。 The problem is who we can get to replace her.

The question is how he did it.
问题是他是如何做此事的。 That was what she did this morning on reaching the attic.

That is where he was born.

where, when, why, how引导的表语从句

连接副词where, when, why, how除在句中起连接作用 外,在从句中还充当时间、地点、方式、原因状语, 本身具有词义。 e.g. That’s where I can’t agree with you.
This is why Sara was late for the meeting.

This is how they overcome the difficulties.
My strongest memory is when I attended an American wedding.

问题在于如何使古为今用,如何使洋为 中用。
The question is how the past is made to serve the present and foreign things are made to serve China.

That was when I was in charge of mess.

This is where the basic lies.

It was why he should not be found of corruption.

表语从句的常用句型: ? 名词主语+be+that从句
The fact is that I was in the garden when the robbery happened.

作主语的名词通常有表示事实、真理的 名词fact, truth 或表示看法观点的名词 idea, opinion, belief, view, feeling, suggestion, plan等。 suggestion, proposal, advice, requirement 等词后的表语从句要用虚拟语气 (should)do。


如: 1.The fact is that our team has won the game. 2.The truth is that she was the very person who informed against her husband. 3. My opinion is that we should discuss it with them.


The trouble is where we can get the things we need.


wh- 引导的主语从句+be+that 从句
What surprised me most was that all the pupils were unusually quiet.


This / That + be +wh-疑问词引导的从 句
This is how you make the Italian pizza.


表语从句中的 that 不能省略 表语从句中只能用 whether 不能用





2.---Are you still thinking about yesterday's game?

---Oh, that's_______ .
A. what makes me feel excited B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I feel about it D. when I feel excited 解析: 这是由what 引导的一个表语从句, 在从句中充当主语,这句话的意思为:那是 使我感到兴奋的事。故答案为A。


2.---I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.

---Is that_______ you had a few days off?


A.why B.when C.what D.where

解析:这是一个由why引导的表语从句, 表示原因.这句话的意思是"这就是你离 开的原因吗?"。故答案为A。

4.When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly_______ he A wants .
A.what B.which C.when D.that

解析:这是一个宾语从句,wants后面缺少宾 语,Always give the monkey exactly what he wants是一句谚语,意思是"永远给予他人他确实 想要的东西"。故答案为A。

1. 表语从句的构成: 引导词+简单句 2. 引导词:

连词that, whether, as ,as if 连接代词who, what, which 连接副词when, where, how ,why

3. 3个注意点: ①if 不引导表语从句
②主语为reason时,引导词用that ③语序

1. The question is ________ we will have our sports meet next week. A.that B. if C. when D. whether

2.The reason why he failed is ________he was too careless A.because B. that C. for D. because of 3. Go and get your coat. It’ s ________you left it A. where B. there C. there where D. where there

4.The problem is _________to take the place of Ted A. who can we get B. what we can get C. who we can get D. that we can get 5. What I want to know is ______ he likes the gift given by us. A.that B. if C. whether D.不填 6. The reason is_________I missed the bus. A. that B. when C. why D. what

B 10.The problem is_______ he has enough time. A.if B.whether C./ D.that C 11.He made a promise_______ he would help me. A.what B.when C.that D.which B 12.I remember_______ this used to be a quiet village. A.how B.when C.where D.what

13.It is generally considered unwise to give a child_______ B he or she wants. A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.wherever

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