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Exercises of Derivation and Word spelling
EX1. Complete the following sentences by adding a prefix to the words. 1. Rose said that it was ___fair if Dad gave me a dictionary but gave her

only a diary. 2. The mother ___dressed the baby, then put him in a basin of warm water. 3. Though he didn’t win any medals in the last sports meet, he was not ___couraged. 4. It’s ___possible for anyone to finish the work within such a short time. 5. Please don’t ____understand what I have said. 6. This cloth would be ___visible to anyone who was ___fit for the office he held EX2. Add a negative prefix to each group to create words with opposite meaning. ____-appear ability agree honest ____-usual expected experienced willing happy lucky fortunately ____-convenient correct capable visible ____-possible polite mature ____-stop smokers ____-understand take fortune lead EX3. Do you know the meaning of the following prefixes? Can you list more words with these prefixes? Come on ! re—retell en--encourage post--postwar pre—pre-reading under--underground over--overwork sub--subway Sino—Sino-American EX4. Suffix 加后缀时的拼写规则: ①以不发音 e 结尾的去掉 e 再加后缀→ ②以辅音字母+У 结尾的变У 为 i 再加后缀 satisfy→satisfied ③以重读辅元辅音节双写最后一个字母再加后缀 sun→sunny adj. –able (加在名词、 动词后) “可----的”“能-----的” knowable valuable --ful (加在名词后) ①“充满时的量”handful mouthful spoonful ②“富有----的” “充满---的”careful hopeful ←→--less careless hopeless (use\ power\meaning) --ive active creative attractive --al natural national environmental --ous dangerous adventurous famous --ish childish selfish --an American Indian --y “多-----的” cloudy windy icy unforget___

n. ⑴adj.→n.

①+ness sadness illness darkness ②-ent→-ence different→___________ patient→___________ (absent\present\dependent\silent) -ant→-ance important→___________ distant→___________ ③+ity able→______active→_________similar→_______ equal→____ movement agreement government entertainment

⑵v. →n. ①+ment ②

act→action collect invent attract direct product protect suggest express impress

celebrate→celebration communicate educate graduate pollute contribute translate liberate

inform→information transport examine explore admire organize combine

⑶表示“人” --er worker\writer\dancer\player --or visitor\director\inspector\translator --ant servant\assistant --ist artist\pianist\journalist\cyclist --ian musician\historian\comedian\librarian adv. --ly (区别 adj) --wards forwards\backwards\sunwards\northwards

EX5. Word spelling (义→性→形) 1. Tom didn’t pass the mid-term test because of his __________(粗心)care 2. Although they are twins, they often have __________ (分歧)in doing things together. differ 3. More and more __________ (西方人)are becoming interested in China. Western 4. Learning to speak a foreign language can ________(丰富) one’s life. rich 5. He is a doctor with ________(耐心). patient 6. .__________(不幸), an accident happened to his brother. fortune 7. October 1st is our N_________ Day. nation 8. WTO stands for the World Trade O______________. organ 9. China’s athletes won the most medals in Doha A_______ Games last year. Asia 10. He is a good p________. He often practices playing the piano. Piano

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