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(Gogo版 )第一至第八册重点单词归类表

(Gogo 版 )第一至第八册重点单词归类表

1.量词短语 1) 可数的物品: a box of chocolates/ a bag of chips / a box of tissues

a pack of cards / a bunch of flowers / a pair of sunglasses / a pair of socks 2)不可数的物品:a carton of ice cream / a carton of milk / a piece of candy / a bar of soap/ a loaf of bread / a can of cola / a tube of

toothpaste / a roll of toilet paper/ a bottle of shampoo 2.指点方向:turn right turn left go straight 3 . 方 位 介 词 短 语 : across from of in at on over under park cross the street in front

next to behind

between bus

4. 地 点 名 称 : bank stop office museum bookstore fair

shopping mall grocery store hair salon subway station traffic hospital at work light

toy store candy


store corner museum

street history beach swimming


pool restaurant 5. 词: tired scared

movie theater at home 表 情

at school 形 容

excited upset angry sleepy sad happy bored

形容词: enough not enough plenty of a lot of healthy unhealthy too much too many good for you 6 副词:slowly bad for you

loudly quickly quietly


7.动词: 1 ) 动 词 for ing 形 式 : wait-waiting for look--looking


cry--crying dig--digging clap--clapping do—doi

ng ride—riding eat—eating sweeping the floor cleaning the windows doing the dishes the bed folding the clothes furniture friend watering the plants making dusting the

washing the clothes playing video games visiting my listening to music watching TV making models reading

riding my scooter

playing cards

comic books studying English 2)动词过去式: (stay) stayed up late / (hear) heard a noise / ( get ) got a kitten / got a poor grade (watch) watched TV / (wake) woke up late / ( miss ) (forget) forgot my homework / (lose) lost my keys

missed the bus /

/ (win) won the game /

(have) had some cotton candy had fun with

friends / had too much cola / (catch) caught a cold / (hurt) hurt my knee (fail) failed the test / (happen) happened computer played ping-pong blew away used a

visited Grandma studied math/ English/

practiced the violin Chinese lose—lost push—pushed

cleaned the bathroom

find—found pull—pulled

carry—carried give—gave

drop—dropped get—got



tie—tied am/is—was eat—ate ride—rode blow—blew sweep—swept play—played

buy—bought are—were write—wrote sing—sang fall—fell come—came visit---visited practice—practiced

bring—brought have/has—had go—went have to / has to---had to read—read drink—drank break—broke sit—sat clean---cleaned talk—talked watched make—made see—saw take—took use—used


jump—jumped cook—cooked plant—planted watch— listen—listened help—helped


paint—painted 3)动词原形:get to / stay in a hotel / stay with relatives / go camping / go sightseeing / go hiking / go fishing / go dancing / go swimming / go ice-skating / go shopping / go running / go jogging / climb the mountain / go diving /go on a skateboard take a test go on vacation look after look at get a haircut look for shop for have a take some

see the doctor

clothes have a party write letters picnic photos visit relatives help Dad play with friends surf the net

meet some friends make models

read some books read comic dig a well play

books go to the park go to the beach do tai chi basketball eat fish see the dentist turn off the TV



turn on the light

put away your books

put on your coat take out the trash

clean up the room hang up your clothes

take out your notebook

4 )提建议: stay in bed careful

see the dentist

take some medicine


drink a lot of water / eat plenty of vegetables / get

plenty of exercise 8.患疾病: have ( has ) a headache / toothache / stomachache / fever / cold / sore throat 9 . 时 间 : tomorrow yesterday have (has) an earache today tonight tomorrow hurt my foot / knee the day after in the

the day before yesterday

morning / afternoon / evening now

at noon at night last night last Sunday after on

in a minute later last year/month

next week / month that before after

this morning/ week / month / year ( in ) winter holiday/ summer holiday

vacation 1 ) 星 期 几 (week) : (on )

Sunday(Sun.) Monday(Mon.) Tuesday(Tue.) Wendesday(Wed.) Thursd ay(Thu.) Friday(Fri.) Saturday(Sat.) 2 ) 月 份 (month) :

( in ) January February March April May June July Auguest Septem ber November December 3)季节(season):( in ) spring summer 10 . 国 家 名

fall :

winter ( in )

Thailand Canada China America India England 地区:Tibet 11.天气:( weather ) 1)气象名词:snow wind rain cloud the sun 2) 气 象 形 容 词

snowy windy rainy cloudy sunny cold hot cool warm dry wet 12 . 房 间 名 称 : apartment room bedroom kitchen living room study dining

garden balcony bathroom

13.乘坐交通工具: take the bus= (go) by bus take the subway = (go) by subway take the plane= (go) by plane ride the bike=(go) by bike drive the car=(go) by car 14.频率副词:never always usually often sometimes 15.数字:(numbers) 1)基数词:one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty=one twenty=two….thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety a hundred five hundred a thousand three thousand ever take the taxi= (go) by taxi / take the ship= (go) by ship take the train= (go) by train / walk= (go) on foot ]


2)序数词:the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st 3)次数: once twice three times once a day once a week once a month once a year

16.形容词: 1 ) spicy messy 2)原形---比较级----最高级 cheap----cheaper----cheapest expensive---more expensive small---smaller---smallest old---older---oldest young---younger----youngest cold---colder----coldest hot---hotter---hottest big---bigger---biggest expensive----most tasty-----yucky thirsty----hungry clean-----dirty tidy----

fast---faster----fastest slow----slower----slowest tall----taller---tallest long---longer---longest short---shorter----shortest good---better---best bad---worse---worst heavy---heavier---heaviest light---lighter---lightest

near---nearer---nearest far---further---furthest thick---thicker---thickest thin---thinner---thinnest

fun---more fun----most fun careful---more careful---most careful 17:太阳系(the solar system ) :stars 恒星: the sun 行 星 (planet) : Mercury Venus the

Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto 卫星: the moon 18. 动物名称: (a ) hippo / turtle / snail / puppy / kitten / snake /whale, ( an ) elephant / ant 19. 职 业 : farmer factory driver police

worker doctor nurse dentist firefighter teacher taxi officer office worker secretary magician student

20. 家 庭 成 员 / 身 份 : grandfather( grandpa ) grandmother (grandma) mother ( Mom ) father

(Dad) sister brother uncle aunt cousin parents 21. 学 习 用

baby friend boy girl 品 :

calendar dictionary diary glue tape staples stamps scissors (an) clips envelopes paper notebook postcards paper

stickers magazine newspaper plann

er ruler

stapler (an) eraser book pen pencil pencil- case juice rice porridge salt sugar cookies cake

22. 食 物 (food): food soup steak

meat tofu fruit cheese jelly bread

junk ice

cream salad soda milk water cola vegetables 23. 水 果 ( fruit

greens ) :

strawberries pears peaches pineapples 24. 餐 具

apples grapes cherries oranges mangoes

plates cups glass(es) forks

spoons chopsticks napkins tissues bowls 25 . 球 baseball 类 basketball 名 称 : dodge

soccer football

badminton tennis

ball volleyball ping-pong 26 品: slippers lamp light . towel door 生 handkerchief glasses wallet window 活 pillow 用 blanket mirror ta

closet sofa bookcase clock

ble desk chair bed 27 . 其 他 :

money yuan dollar(s) something anything anywhere some any 28 . underwear 服 skirt dress shirt 装 T-shirt pants

( clothes ) : pajamas shorts jeans trousers 29 .

blouse swimsuit 学

socks shoes jacket 科 ( subjects):

English Chinese math art science history P.E. music 30 . 颜 色


white black pink yellow brown gray purple orange red blue green 30. 其 他 :

money yuan dollar(s) something anything anywhere some any 31. 身 体 部 位 ( body ) :

shoulders tooth( teeth ) knees fingers toes face nose eye mouth ear hand leg foot ( feet) arms head 32.人称代词: 1)主格: 宾格: I me you you he she it it her hers we us its they them our their theirs hair

him her your his

2) 形容词性物主代词: my 名词性物主代词: mine

yours his

its urs

3) 名词所有格: 某人的 :Jenny’s / Tony’s / Gogo’s 两者共有的 : Jenny and Tony’s 两者各自拥有的:Jenny’s and Tony’s 33.代词 1) 指示代词: this that these those 2) 特 殊 疑 问 whose 代 how 词 :

what when where which who how many how much 34.音标词: Book 7

how often

air : chair stairs ear : ear near clear ir : girl T-shirt skirt

ear : bear pear eer : cheer beer ur : purse nurse k : kite keys

ere : where there

ear : pearl

c : color cups carrots cookies ph : elephant knife wife n : neck gh : cough

f : half calf

fe :

notebook nose napkin kn: knees know

l : leaves lion lamp living room lemon light s : six sister suuny seven sing salad g : give good gate get gift garage Book 8 cl : clown , clock , clothes gl :

glass, glue, gloves cr : cream, crab, crocodile pr : practice, presents, press dr : drum , dress, dring lk : milk, elk ld: hold, fold, cold sk: skirt, skate, skip bl: blow , blue, black gr : grass, grapes, grocery store br: bread , brother, break tr: trumpet , train , tree nk : sink wink nd: hand, stand, band st : stamp , stars, stones: pl : plant, plate, plane sk : mask, ask

r : rabbit, read, rope, ruler, run, radio


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