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2014届高三英语语法知识 专题四 介词和介词短语

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1. The train leaves at 6: pm.So I have to be at the station ________ 5: pm at the latest. 00 40 A.until C.by B.after D.around

解析:句意:火车将在下午六点出发。因此,我最迟应该在下午 5:40 前到达车站。根 据语意可知,本题应填介词 by 意为“不迟于,在(某时)之前”。until 意为“直到”;after 意为 “在……之后”;around 表示“大概,大约”都不符合题意。 答案:C 2.—Do you go there ________ bus? —No, we go there ________ a train. A.in;on C.by;in B.on;on D.by;with

解析 介词与表示乘坐交通工具的名词连用时,若交通工具名词前无冠词,用介词 by; 若有冠词、物主代词修饰交通工具名词时,则用介词 in 或 on。句意:——你们乘公共汽车 去那里吗?——不,我们乘火车去。 答案:C 3. good advertisement often uses words ________ which people attach positive meaning to A attract people to buy a product or service. A.to C.for B.of D.with

解析:“________ which people attach positive meaning”可理解为“people attach positive meaning to which”。attach...to...意为“把……附在……上” attract people to buy a product or ;to service 作目的状语。 答案:A 4. ________ your timely help, I couldn't have finished the work on time. I can't thank you too much. A.Rauter than C.In addition to B.Except for D.But for

解析:考查介词词组。语意:要不是你及时的帮助,我就不能按时完成这项工作。我对 你感激不尽。根据语意可知 but for “要不是”正确,经常用在含有虚拟语气的含蓄条件句 中。前三项分别意为“而不是” “除……之外” “除……之外还” 。 答案:D 5.How dangerous it is to put the poisons ___the reach of young children! A.by C.beyond B.upon D.within

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解析:考查介词用法。语意:把有毒的东西放在小孩够得着的地方多危险啊!within the reach of sb.=within one's reach “某人力所能及(够得着、承受得了等)” ,是固定用法,符合 语意。 答案:A 6.Our teacher keeps _____ touch _____ telephone _____ us students. A.in;with;with C.on;by;with B.in;by;with D.on;with;by

解析:考查介词词组。语意:我们老师通过电话和我们保持联系。本题考查了词组 keep in touch with “与……保持联系”和 by telephone “通过电话” 。 答案:B 7.My sister was against my suggestion while my brother was ________ it. A.in favour of C.in honour of B.in memory of D.in search of

解析 句意:我的姐姐反对我的建议,然而我哥哥却赞成。in favour of 意为“同意,赞 成”;in memory of 意为“为纪念……”;in honour of 意为“为纪念……”;in search of 意为“寻 找”。根据句意可知,选 A 项。 答案 A 8.A grand ceremony was held ________ the queen's birthday. A.by means of C.together with B.in honour of D.in need of

解析: 考查介词词组。 语意: 为了庆祝女王的生日人们举行了一次盛大的庆典。 honour in of “向??表示敬意” ,符合语意。by means of “借助于” ;together with “连同” need ;in of “需要” 。 答案:B 9.We felt greatly sorry ____ those who died or got injured in the accident that occurred near the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang when bullet train D301 rearended D3115. A.at C.for B.with D.in

解析: 考查介词用法。 语意: 我们对那些在发生在浙江温州的动车 D301 次列车与 D3115 次列车追尾事故中死亡或者受伤的人们深表同情。feel sorry for “为??感到可惜,对?? 表示同情” ,是固定短语,符合语意。 答案:C 10.People's attitude ________ life varies widely. Some are positive and some are negative. A.about C.towards B.of D.on

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解析:考查介词用法。语意:人们对待生活的态度大不相同。有些人的态度是积极的, 有些人的态度是消极的。attitude towards... “对待??的态度” ,故 C 项正确。 答案:C 11. the sun sank in late afternoon, the mountain looked magnificent ________ the color of As the sky. A.in C.beside B.below D.against

解析:考查介词用法。语意:夕阳西下,在天空的衬托下,这座山显得雄伟壮丽。本题 考查 against 的特殊用法,against 有“以??为背景;衬托”之意。 答案:D 12.You can't expect to succeed if you attempt tasks ________ your ability. A.above C.in B.below D.out

解析: 考查介词。 语意: 如果你要做自身能力达不到的事, 就别指望成功。 above 有 “超 过,在??之上”之意,符合语意。 答案:A 13.Because of her teaching experience, she had a big advantage ________ the other applicants for the job. A.over C.against B.above D.beyond

解析: 考查介词用法。 语意: 她的教学经验使她比其他求职者更有优势。 have an advantage over “比……有优势” ,是固定短语。 答案:A 14.Located ________ the eastern coast of the sea, the village is fairly new ________ only a small population of less than 3,000. A.on;with C.in;of B.off;with D.on;in

解析:句意:这个村庄位于东海岸,人口不足 3 000,是个相当新的村庄。表示“在河流 或道路等的一边”用 on,例如:a house on the river,而 off 则表示“距……不远处”,例如: an island off the coast of France,所以第一个空填介词 on。第二个空填介词 with,表示“具有, 带有”。 答案:A 15.The coat was made ________ hand, not ________ a machine. A.in;in C.with;by B.by;with D.by;in

解析:第一个空表示用于无形的工具或方式手段之前,故用固定短语 by hand;第二个

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空用于表示有形的工具之前,故填介词 with。句意:这件外套是用手工做的,而不是用机器 制作的。 答案:B

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