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湖南省冷水江市第一中学2016届高考英语三轮冲刺 真题周周练(四)

阅读理解 A Last week my youngest son and I visited my father at his new home in Tucson, Arizona. He moved there a few years ago, and I was eager to see his new place and meet his

friends. My earliest memories of my father are a tall, handsome, successful man devoted to his work and family, but uncomfortable with his children. As a child I loved him; as a school girl and young adult I feared him and felt bitter about him. He seemed unhappy with me unless I got straight A's and unhappy with my boyfriends if their fathers were not as “successful” as he was. Whenever I went out with him on weekends, I used to struggle to think up things to say, feeling on guard. On the first day of my visit, we went out with one of my father's friends for lunch at an outdoor café. We talked along that afternoon, did some shopping, ate on the street table, and laughed over my son's funny facial expressions. Gone was my father's critical (挑剔的) air and strict rules. Who was this person I knew as my father, who seemed so friendly and interesting to be around? What had held him back before? The next day my dad pulled out his childhood pictures and told me quite a few stories about his own childhood. Although our times together became easier over the years, I never felt closer to him at that moment. After so many years, I'm at last seeing another side of my father. And in so doing, I'm delighted with my new friend. My dad, in his new home in Arizona, is back to me from where he was. 21. Why did the author feel bitter about her father as a young adult? A. He was silent most of the time. B. He was too proud of himself. C. He did not love his children. D. He expected too much of h er. 22. When the author went out with her father o n weekends, she would feel __ ____. A. nervous B. sorry C. tired D. safe 23. What does the author think of her father after her visit to Tucson? A. More critical. C. Gentle and friendly. A. the author's son B. More talkative. D. Strict and hard-working. B. the author 's father D. the café owner

24. The underlined words “my new friend” in the last paragraph refer to ______. C. the friend of the author's father

B More than 10 years ago, it was difficult to buy a tasty pineapple (菠萝). The fruits that made it to the UK were green on the outside and, more often than not, hard with an unpleasant taste within. Then in 1966, the Del Monte Gold pineapple produced in Hawaii first hit our shelves.

The new type of pineapple looked more yellowy-gold than green. It was slightly so fter on the outside and had a lot of juice inside. But the most important thing about this new type of pineapple was that it was twice as sweet as the hit-and-miss pineapples we had known. In no time, the Del Monte Gold took the market by storm, rapidly becoming the world's best-selling pineapple variety, and delivering natural levels of sweetness in the mouth, up until then only found in tinned pineapple. In nutrition (营养) it was all good news too. This nice-tasting pineapple contained four times more vitamin C (维生素 C) than the old green variety. Nutritionists said that it was not only full of vitamins, but also good against some diseases. People were understandably eager to be able to buy this wonderful fruit. The new type of pineapple was selling fast, and the Del Monte Gold pineapple rapidly became a fixture in the shopping basket of the healthy eater. Seeing the growing market for its winning pineapple, Del Monte tried to keep the market to itself. But other fruit companies developed similar pineapples. Del Monte turned to law for help, but fail ed. Those companies argued successfully that Del Monte's attempts to keep the golden pineapple for itself were just a way to knock them out of the market. 25. We learn from the text that the new type of pineapple is ______. A. green outside and sweet inside B. good-looking outside and soft inside C. yellowy-gold outside and hard inside D. a little soft outside and sweet ins ide 26. Why was the new type of pineapple sel ling well? A. It was rich in nutrition and tasted nice. B. It was less sweet and good for health. C. It was developed by Del Monte. D. It was used as medicine. 27. The underlined word “fixture” in Paragraph 3 probably refers to something ______. A. that people enjoy eating B. that is always present C. that is difficult to get D. that people use as a gift 28. We learn from the last paragraph that Del Monte ______. A. allowed other companies to develop pineapples B. succee ded in keeping the pineapple for itself C. tried hard to control the pineapple market D. planned to help the other companies 完形填空 From the time each of my children started school, I packed their lunches. And in each lunch, I 41 a note. Oft en written on a napkin (餐巾), it might be a thank-you for a 43 42 moment, a reminder of something we were happily expecting, or a bit of sporting event. In early grade school the y self-conscious (有自我意识的), and me he no longer 46 I still needed to write them, I 48 44 45 their notes. But as children grow older they become he reached high school, my older son, Marc, informed 47 them but until the day he graduated.

for the coming test or

my daily notes. Telling him that he no longer needed to

Six years after high school graduation, Marc called and asked if he could move a couple of months. He had spent those years well, graduating from college, (实习) in Washington, D.C., and for college, I was brother, I son, 57 55 53 51 50


for 52

two internships

, becoming a technical assistant in Sacramento. 54

short vacation visits, however, he had lived away from home. With his younger sister leaving happy to have Marc back. Since I was 56 making lunch for his younger one for Marc, too. Imagine my 58 when I got a call from my 24-yere-old 59 , Mom?” were just a few of the

his lunch. ? Don't you love me 60 asked him what was wrong. B. found B. special C. included D. held C. comfortable B. improvement B. answered B. by the way B. understood B. read B. gave up B. home B. planning B. finally B. Instead of B. immediately B. again B. fetched B. surprise B. funny B. enough C. wrote C. enjoyed C. take D. separate C. explanation

“Did I do something

questions he threw at me as I 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 语法填空

“My note, Mom,” he answered. “Where's my note?” A. carried A. difficult A. congratulation D. encouragement A. loved A. lately A. received A. copy A. held up A. out A. organizing A. hopefully A. Because of A. especially A. once A. packed A. fear A. waiting for A. wrong A. any more D. examined D. gradually D. collected D. send D. to Sacramento C. by the time

C. followed D. continued C. to college C. comparing D. completing C. particularly D. certainly C. Except for C. equally C. still C. bought C. anger D. As for D. generally D. even D. filled D. disappointment D. asking about

B. worrying about C. car ing for

C. strange D. smart C. once more D. better C. politely D. laughingly

A. interestingly B. bitterly

Direc tions: After reading the passage below, fill in the blanks to make the passage coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. Ask Helpful Hannah Dear Helpful Hannah, I've got a problem with my husband, Sam. He bought a smartphone a couple of months ago, and he took it on our recent ski vacation to Colorado. It was a great trip except for one problem. He has a constant urge (61)______ (check) for text messages; he checks his phone every five minutes! He's so addicted to it that he just can't stand the idea (62)______ there may be an important text. He can't help checking even at inappropriate times like when we are eating in a restaurant and I am talking to him! He behaves (63)______ ______ any small amount of boredom can make him feel the need to check his phone even when he knows he shouldn't. The temptation to see (64)______

is contacting him is just too great. When I ask him to please put down the phone and stop (65)______ (ignore) me, he says, “In a minute,” but still che cks to see if (66)______ has posted something new on the Internet. Our life (67)______ (interrupt). If we go somewhere and I ask him to leave the phone at home, he suffers from withdrawal symptoms. Maybe this dependency on his smartphone has become more than an everyday problem . I recently read an article about “nomophobia”, (68)______ is a real illness people can suffer from: the fear of being without your phone! I am worried that Sam may be suffering from this illness because he feels anxious if he doesn't have his phone with him, even for a short time. Who would have thought that little devices like these could have broug ht so much trouble! Sick and Tired Sadie 短文改错 Dear J eremy and Alice, Although we've been delighted to have you as neighbors, we're hoping to settle something that bothers to us. In a word, your dog — Cleo. We've called several time about Cleo's e arly morning barking. It is difficult to understanding why she barks every minute she's outside. The early morning barking have been disturbing us as we are often up all night with the baby. Beside, Cleo tends to bark a average of six hours a day. This morning she starts barking even before 5 o'clock. That is too much for us, consi dering how closely the houses are. We appreciate our apologies and goodwill, but we hope that you can figure a good way of settling the matter. Sincerely, Jack and Rose 高考真题周周练(4) Keys 21-24: DACB 25-28: DABC 41-60: CBDAC; CBDBD; BCACA; BDAAD 61. to check 62. that 63. as if / as though 64. who 65. ignoring 66. someone / somebody 67. is interrupted / has been interrupted / is being interrupted 68. which 短文改错 Dear Jeremy and Alice, Although we've been delighted to have you as neighbors, we're hoping to settle something that bothers to (去 to) us. In a word, your dog — Cleo. We've called several time (改 times) about Cleo's early morning barking. It is difficult to

understanding (改 understand) why she barks every minute she's outside. The early morning barking have (改 has) been disturbing us as we are often up all night with the baby. Beside (改 Besides), Cleo tends to bark a (改 an) average of six hours a day. This morning she starts (改 started) barking even before 5 o'clock. That is too much for us, considering how closely (改 close) the houses are. We appreciate our (改 your) apologies and goodwi ll, but we hope that you can figure (加 out) a good way of settling the matter. Sincerely, Jack and Rose


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