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新人教版英语必修二单元检测题 Unit 1 Cultural relics 第 I 卷 选择题 Part one: Multiple choice 1. We give dogs time, space and love we can spare, and ______, dogs give us their all. A. in all B. in fact C. in short D. in return 2. A new law has been passed, forbidding the killing of ______animals A. former B. rare C. generous D. legal 3. The other day he bought me a ______diamond ring as a birthday present. A. valuable B. reliable C. frequent D. grateful 4. “I wouldn’t tell lies to you; that’s not my ________,”said the man to his wife. A. vase B. trial C. style D. dynasty 5. They ______their rooms with flowers and balloons to welcome the New Year. A. selected B. removed C. decorated D. debated 6. Jim had an enthusiastic ______when he returned home after 10 years’ stay in Asia. A. reception B. escape C. guidance D. insurance 7. Actually I find the ______news more interesting than national or international news. A. active B. fluent C. informal D. local 8. In legend stories young princes usually live in large and beautiful _________. A. troops B. leagues C. castles D. temples 9. We sat in the bomb shelter listening to the enemy shells _________. A. sinking B. exploding C. designing D. ruining 10. Medical ________shows that men are more likely to have heart attacks than women. A. evidence B. entrance C. identity D. reception 11. It was reported that of the six people injured in the crash, only two _______. A. ignored B. recognized C. buried D. survived 12.______letting go of a good chance like that, the silly girl. A. Fancy B. Suspect C. Suppose D. Wonder 13. As your instructor advised, you ought to spend your time on something ______researching into. A. precious B. worth C. worthy D. valuable 14. The captain and his crew set out for an unknown island in ______of buried treasure. A. notice B. hunt C. search D. watch 15. They have always treated us with open hands and we must be generous _______. A. in return B. in addition C. in vain D. in case 16. The little boy, out of curiosity, _______the toy to see how it worked, but couldn’t put it together. A. took apart B. broken down C. burst into D. knocked off 17. Usually John would be late for meetings .But this time, ________to my surprise, he arrived on time. A. little B. much C. ever D. even 18. The three sisters decided to hold a family party to _______their parents’ silver wedding. A. celebrate B. memorize C. congratulate D. welcome 19. People try to avoid public transportation delays by suing their own cars, and this ______creates further problem. A. in short B. in case C. in doubt D. in turn 20. As a result of the report many villagers rushed to the mountain ________ gold. A. in search of B. in the search of C. to search D. searching 21. In the paper factory, trees are cut into pieces and pulped, then the pulp is _______ paper. A. made of B. made from C. made into D. made up of

22. What he did ______ what he said moved us. A. more than B. rather than C. less than D. no more than 23. I’m afraid that I don’t what you said. A. agree to B. agree on C. agree with D. agree about 24. When I left, he _____ me that I should take my recorder to his birthday party. A. remembered B. reminded C. was remained D. asked 25. ______ his wife, his daughter also went to see him. A. Besides B. Beside C. Except D. Except for 26. A working party has been set up to ______ this matter. A. look up B. look for C. look into D. look through 27. That dress is such a good _____ that it will be fashionable for years. A. manner B. style C. sort D. model 28. This photo _____ me __________ my childhood. A. reminded; of B. remembered; in C. recalled; in D. remained; into 28. A year later, his friend was appointed as a sales manager, but he _____ a salesman. A. reminded B. still C. worked D. remained 30. As I felt so much better, my doctor ______ me to take a holiday by the sea. A. suggested B. advised C. considered D. insisted 31. ______ decision is made, you must ______ . A. Once; carry it out B. when; carry out it C. As soon as; work out it D. After; carry it on 32. I am very grateful for your assistance, and hope that one day I may be able to do something for you ______ . A. in turns B. in case C. in return D. in use 33. When you are in ______ about the meaning of the word, you can look it up in a dictionary. A. idea B. talk C. wonder D. doubt 34. I’ve ______ invitation, but I don’t think I’ll______ it. A. accepted; received B. received; receive C. taken; accept D. received; accept Part two :Cloze The heaviest snow in a hundred years hit the south of China. It snowed 1_____for half a month. Many people were 2____in railway stations, bus stations and airports. People did everything they could to fight the 3____; nobody was killed from cold and 4_____. Gradually ,the trapped people all went back home5_____. While fighting the snow, people6____ their animal friends until a moving story of a swallow couple appeared on the Internet. The couple hadn’t eaten anything for several days 7______ the snow. They tried to fly into people’s home to warm themselves, but every house was 8_____tightly. They got to a side of a balcony ( 阳台 ) where wind couldn’t reach. They jumped and flapped (拍打) their wings to9_____the attention of the people inside the house, who were10_____their own things. The wife’s body was 11_____. She couldn’t move any longer. The husband came near and 12_____her with his wings. The husband lost his heat soon because of his opened wings. The next morning, the housemaster went to the balcony to 13____ his flowers and saw a dead swallow outside. 14____ it, he found they were two embracing(拥抱) together. Thinking of the 15_____the snow had brought to people, he was moved to tears . He took them in for giving them some16_____they couldn’t feel any longer. He found a small box, 17___ it with some hay (干草)and lay the couple in . He 18_____ them in the garden of the community. In my hometown in the countryside, a swallow family live in the roof of my house . They 19____every spring to have babies. Then in autumn, when babies have 20____, they fly to the south, I wonder if they will come back this spring as they did. 1. A. beautifully B. directly C. gently D. continuously 2. A. forbidden B. rescued C. trapped D. covered 3. A. disaster B. war C. campaign D. disease

4. A. anger B. 5. A. sadly B. 6. A. treasured B. 7. A. because of B. 8. A. controlled B. 9. A. admit B. 10. A. busy with B. 11. A. burnt B. 12. A. supplied B. 13. A. buy B. 14. A. Feeding B. 15. A. hardship B. 16. A. clothes B. 17. A. made B. 18. A. buried B. 19. A. put away B. 20. A. dropped out B. Part Three :Reading

heat safely invited in case of fixed attract born with watched wrapped send Leaving childhood warmness played showed come back died out

C. hunger C. nervously C. accepted C. in spite of C., stretched C. turn C. good for C. frozen C. folded C. sell C. Touching C. cooperation C. flowers C. associated C. fastened C. fly away C. grown up

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

poverty curiously forgot instead of closed escape famous for found sorted check Greeting lesson tension filled enjoyed hold back stood up

A South Asia heat wave kills nearly 100 DHAKA - A heat wave sweeping India, Bangladesh(孟加拉国) and Nepal has killed nearly 100 people over the past two weeks, officials said on June 3, 2005. A third of the people died in northern Bangladesh, mostly women and children from dehydration(脱水), heat stroke and diarrhea(腹泻). "We are getting reports of several deaths due to heat wave and related diseases almost every day," an official said, as temperatures touched 43degC . The weather office in Dhaka said the hot weather will persist for another week until the monsoon(季风) rains which are normally due by the middle of June. Severe heat conditions in the southern Indian have killed at least 55 people, officials in the two states said. While temperatures have fallen from a high of 45degC in Andhra Pradesh to around 40degC, giving a respite to people, they are still on the rise in Orissa with Talcher town registering 48.5deg C, a weather official said. At least five people have died in Nepal from extreme heat, the government said. 1. We can infer that the heat wave can cause ______. A. heat stoke B. dehydration C. diarrhea D. all above 2. When the monsoon rains come, the temperature will _______. A. remain the same B. go on to rise sharply C. begin to drop obviously D. rise a little 3. Which place is the hottest in the early June, 2005? A. Dhaka B. Talcher C. Andhra Pradesh D. Nepal B篇 Cara Lang is 13. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, in me U. S. Last Thursday, she didn't go to school. She went to work with her father instead. Every year, on the fourth Thursday in April, millions of young girls go work. This is Take Our Daughters to Work Day. The girls are between me ages of 9 and 15. They spend the day at work with an adult, usually a mother, father, aunt, or uncle. They go to offices, police stations, laboratories, and other places where their parents or other family members work. Next year, the day will include sons, too. The Ms. Foundation, an organization for women, started the program about ten years ago. In the U. S., many women work outside the home. The Ms. Foundation wanted girls to find out about many different kinds of jobs. Then, when the girls grow up, they can choose a job they like.

Cara's father is a film director. Cara says, “It was very exciting for me to go to the studio with my dad. I saw a lot of people doing different jobs.” Many businesses have special activities for girls on this day. Last year, Cara went to work with her aunt at the University of Massachusetts. In the engineering department, the girls learned to build a bridge with toothpicks and Candy. In the chemistry department, they learned to use scales. They learned about many other kinds of jobs, too. Right now, Cara does not know what job she will have when she grows up. But because of Take Our Daughters to Work Day, she knows she has many choices. 4. What is Cara's father? A. An engineer. B. An official. C. A moviemaker. D. A professor. 5. According to the passage, Take our Daughters to work Day is ______. A. on every Thursday in April B. a holiday for girls of all ages C. a day for girls to know about jobs D. a day for girls to get a job easily 6. On this special day, Cara has done all the following EXCEPT that ____. A. she learned to use scales B. she worked as an actress C. she went to work with her aunt D. she used toothpicks and Candy to build a bridge 7. What is probably the best title for the passage? A. Cara Lang, a Fortunate Girl B. Take Our Daughters to Work Day C. Children's Day and Work Day D. Ms. Foundation, an Organization for Women 第 II 卷 非选择题 一、 单词拼写 1. These small animals must store plenty of food if they are to s_________ the winter. 2. There is a beautiful garden over there. Do you know whom it b__________ to? 3. She took a l________ candle into the room, and the dark room lit up at once. 4. This coat is of the latest s________. 5. In my o_________, he is not the right person for the job. 6. Do you have enough e_________ to prove that you are right? 7. Don’t p_________ not to know me, actually you know me very well. 8. We couldn’t go for a walk because I have no time, b_________, it rains heavily. 9. He s___________ all the street, but could not find his dear parents. 10. As is known, the Great wall is one of the w___________ of the world. 11. In the accident, only two people s__________ at last. 12. The building is specially d__________ for the homeless people. 13. Tom has bought a new house, he needs to buy some f___________ before he moves into it. 14. His father works on a ship, he is a s________. 15. This is a r_______ coin, so it’s very valuable. 16. By definition the capital is the political and c_______ center of a country. 17. Though he recovered from his illness, he r__________ weak. 18. The house b_________ to the old man was built hundreds of years ago. 19. Heavily as it rained, we were still out in s________ of the missing boy. 20. The school building was d_________ by a famous professor in Beijing, whose s_________ many people prefer. 21. I sent her a bike as his birthday g________, and she gave me an mp3 in r_________. 22. She stared at herself in the m________ and lost in thought. 23. They are twins. No w________ I can not tell them apart. 24. He was c_________ to be honest. In fact, the e_________he gave p______ to be false. 25. We mustn't p_____ to know what we don't know. Please raise your questions if any. 二、翻译下列单词或短语 1. 作为对……的报答 2. 处理

3. 充当,担任 4. 与……处于战争状态 5. 寻找 6. 属于 7. 调查,朝……里面看 8. 而不是,而非 9. 迷路,丢失 10. 同意(某人的看法) 11. 高度评价 12. 拆开 13. 毫无疑问 14. 问题的答案 三、定语从句专练习: 用恰当的关系词填空。 1. Do you know the place __________ he borrowed the book? 2. He talked about the teachers and schools ________ he had visited. 3. Some of the roads were flooded, ________ made our journey more difficult. 4. The novel ________ you’re interested was written by Mark Twain. 5. _________ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. 6. Hangzhou is a beautiful city, ________is often called the Heaven of the Earth. 7. Yesterday I met an old friend, ___________had a gift of music when he was young. 8. I will never forget those three years, during____________ time I learned a lot about life. 9. ____ is reported, Chinese team won the final. 10. I bought all the food in the shop, much of_______________ was given out to the poor. 11. I never forget this summer vacation, ___________I spent the happy days with my friends. 12. He is talking about the great woman; _________films have been on in many cities. 四、完成句子 1. Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future______________________________________. (belong) 威廉姆教授不停地告诫他的学生们未来是属于受过良好教育的人的。 2. The chemical, ______________________ biological organisms, are unsafe and often not specific in their targets. (design) 化学药品,旨在杀死生物有机体,是不安全的,而且往往没有具体的目标。 3. Fancy Williams ___________________________________________ such an easy question!( know) 真没想到威廉姆斯不知道如何回答这样一个简单的问题! 4. The chief editor ___________________________whether senior people would enjoy reading such magazines. (express) 主编表示怀疑是否老年人喜爱阅读这些杂志。 5. Wang Wei _______________________________________ for three years before he graduated from college. (serve) 王威大学毕业前担任过三年的志愿者。 6. There have been several new events __________________________________ for the Beijing Olympic Games. (add) 已经有几个新的项目添加到了北京奥运会活动中。 7. This book _______________________________________________ the students of English. (be) 这本书对学英语的学生将有很大的价值。 8. I don’t like the way _______________________________________. (speak) 我不喜欢你对她说话的方式。 9. As is known to us all is that America is a developed country_________________________________. (belong) 众所周知, 美国是一个发达国家,属于第一世界。 10. We don’t doubt t_________________________________________ of it. (job) 我们并不怀疑他能把这件事干的很好。 11. The woman, ____________________________________ how her husband was injured, began to cry. (when) 当被问到她的丈夫是如何受伤时,这个女人开始哭泣了。

12. ------ Tom is never late for work. Why is he absent today? -汤姆从不上班迟到。为什么今天他迟到了? ------ Something ____________________________________________ him.(happen) -那一定是发生了什么事。 13. Never in my life_____________________________________________ he gave me. ( forget) 我一辈子将不会忘记他给我的这个教训。 14. He _________________________ by his colleagues though he himself didn’t think he had done anything special.(think) 虽然他自己并没有认为他没有做什么特别的,但是他受到了他的同僚们的高度评价。 15. ----- What has Tom been doing recently? 汤姆最近一直在做什么? ------ I didn’t know, _______________________________________________ 我不知道也不在意。 (care).

16. The Great Wall is __________________________________ in the world. (wonder) 长城是世界一大奇迹。 17. Please ________________________________________. (consider) 请考虑一下我的建议。 18. Only a few soldiers____________________________________. (survive) 仅几名士兵没有战死。 19.I ______________________________________________ in the shop. (come) 我偶然在那书店里见到这本珍贵的书。 20. Some experts of the world __________________________________________his paintings.(think) 他的绘画受到世界上一些专家的好评。 21.He had given us so much help that I really wanted____________________________________. (return) 他给我们如此多的帮助我想为他做些事作为报答。 22. There are many people present at the meeting, ___________________________ the same school.(belong) 有很多人出席了这次会议,其中三分之二都是同一个学校的。 23.We consider __________________________________________unimportant. (what) 我们认为他说的不重要。 24.The boy went ________________________________________________. (search) 那些男孩去找吃的东西去了。 25.He is a student ________________________________________music.(gift) 他是个对音乐有天赋的学生。 26. They had a good preparation for the project, so they ________________________ all the work. (difficulty) 他们为这个项目做好了充分的准备,因此几乎不费吹灰之力地完成了所有的工作。 27. Since 1949, the people’s living standard _______________________, causing a big rise in population. (raise) 自从 1949 年以来人们的生活水平已经提高了,引发了人口的大量增长。


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