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苏州市 2014 高考英语阅读理解、完形填空及阅读类训练(18) (答案及解析)

Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing. Three years ago, few people would go swimming in the city waters. But now there is a Winter-swimming Enthusiasts’ Club(冬泳爱好者协会)and it has more than 2, 000 members. The oldest is 84 years of age and the youngest is only 7. The members are from all ways of life. They may be workers, peasants, soldiers, teachers, students.... Though it is now the coldest part of the season and the water temperature in the city’s lakes is around 0°C, many winter-swimmers still swim in the icy waters, even when it is snowing. They enjoy themselves in the lake, while the people by the side of the lake are wearing heavy clothes. Why are so many people interested in winter-swimming? Because winter-swimming can be good for one’s health. Bei Sha is a good example. He is 69 years old, and he once suffered from heart trouble for 26 years. After ten years of winter-swimming he is now in good health. Scientists are now studying the effects of winter-swimming on health. 1. Among the winter-swimmers the oldest man is ____ years older than the youngest one. A. 91 B. 84 C. 77 D. 7

2. Guess what “The members are from all ways of life” means. A. The members do different jobs at different places. B. They come from all parts of Beijing. C. They are persons of different ages. D. They are men and women, old and young. 3. Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing because _______. A. more and more people like to swim in winter B. it is more interesting than swimming in summer C. winter-swimmers are brave men D. winter-swimm ing does a lot of good to one’s health 4. The best title for this passage should be ______. A. People in Beijing Like Swimming in Winter B. Winter-swimming — A Craze(狂热) in Beijing C. People Benefit from Winter-swimming

D. Winter-swimmers Are Brave Men 【答案与解析】本文报道了北 京人流行冬泳的现象,并分析了其原因。 1. C。 细节题。 根据文章第 1 段倒数第 3 句 The oldest is 84 years of age and the youngest is only 7 可推知答案为 C。 2. A。 句子理解题。 根据其下文 They may be workers, peasants, soldiers, teachers, students....可推 知此题答案为 A。 3. D。细节题。根据文章第 3 段第 2 句 Because winter-swimming can be good for one’s health.可 推知此题答案为 D。 4. B。主旨题。根据文章第 1 句 Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing 及全文内容可推 知此题答案为 B。 ***********************************************************结束

Words:310 难度系数:★★★ 建议用时:8 分钟 I once had my Chinese MBA students brainstorming on “twohour business plans”.I separated them into six groups and gave them an example: a restaurant chain.The more original their idea, the better, I said.Finally, five of the six groups presented plans for restaurant chains.The sixth proposed a catering(餐饮) service.Though I admitted the time limit had been difficult, I expressed my disappointment. My students were middle managers, financial analysts and financiers from stateowned enterprises and global companies.They were not without talent or opinions, but they had been shaped by an educational system that rarely stressed or rewarded critical thinking or inventiveness.The scene I just described came in different forms during my two years’ teaching at the school.Papers were often copied from the Web and the Harvard Business Review.Case study debates were written up and just memorized.Students frequently said that copying is a superior business strategy, better than inventing and creating. In China, every product you can imagine has been made and sold.But so few welldeveloped marketing and management minds have been raised that it will be a long time before most people in the world can name a Chinese brand. With this problem in mind, partnerships with institutions like Yale and MIT have been established.And then there’s the “thousandtalent scheme”: this new government program is intended to improve technological modernization by attracting top foreigntrained scientists to the mainland with big money.But there are worries about China’s research environment.It’s hardly known for producing independent thinking and openness,and even big salary offers may not be attractive enough to overcome this. At last, for China, becoming a major world creator is not just about setting up partnerships with top

western universities.Nor is it about gathering a group of welleducated people and telling them to think creatively.It’s about establishing a rich learning environment for young minds.It’s not that simple. 【解题导语】 这是一篇教育类夹叙夹议文,讲述了作者通过教学发现教育中存在的问题。 5.Why does the author feel disappointed at his students? A.Because there is one group presenting a catering service. B.Because the six groups made projects for restaurant chains. C.Because all the students copied a case for the difficult topic. D.Because the students’ ideas were lacking in creativeness. 解析:选 D。推理判断题。根据第一段和第二段的信息可知,“我”对学生们缺乏创新意识和 批判性思维感到很失望。 6.Which of the following scenes is NOT considered as lack of creation? A.Papers were often downloaded from the Internet. B.Students often said that copy ing is a preferable business strategy. C.Students combine knowledge and critical thoughts to solve a problem. D.Case study debates were written up as well as recited. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。由第二段特别是最后三句可知,学生综合运用所学知识和批判性思 维来解决问题是创新。选 C 项。 7.The underlined word “scheme” in the fourth paragraph means ________. A.timetable B.theme C.project D.policy
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解析:选 C。词义猜测题。由第四段中的“this new government program”可知 scheme 表示“计 划,方案”,故选 C 项。 8.Which is the best title of the passage? A.Look for a new way of learning B.Reward creative thinking C.How to become a creator D.Establish a technical environment 解析:选 A。主旨大意题。整篇文章讲述中国教育中存在的问题并由此引发的思考——有了更为 自由宽松的学习环境,才能有创造性的研究。 *************************************************************结束

第二节:完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36---55 各题所给的四个选项 A﹑B﹑C﹑D 中,选出 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 It was Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate everything mothers are and everything we do. But I’ll ____36____ that Sunday in 2007 was bittersweet for me. As a single mother I tended to think of my 37 38 --- how many evenings I couldn’t spend with my children, and how many things I couldn’t my waitress’ salary to buy. 39 kids I had ! My daughter Maria was a senior in college and Denny was 40 impolite enough to

But what

home visiting from his freshman year at Harvard University. They were complain, but there was so much more I 42 . 43 41

I had done for them. I just hoped they

As I walked into the kitchen quietly to start breakfast, I was do zen red roses! When had Denny possibly 44

by a vase containing a

in to leave them ? But even their delicate of an

beauty was overshadowed by the note sitting beside them, in the quick, manly 45

eighteen –year-old boy. It was about a story that happened between Denny and me long ago. It read: She took a day off from her the 47 46 schedule to take the boy to see his hero in the flesh at 48 he could

. It took 3.5 hours just to get there, and they had to be there early 49

see his hero take batting practice. a ( an) 50

their arrival, she took her hard-earned money to buy

T-shirt on which was printed his hero making a diving catch. After the game, of 51 , so she stayed with the little boy 52 one in the

course he had to get his hero’s morning… It took me long enough to love you! And suddenly, it was a 36. A. admit 37. A. virtue s 38. A. spend 39. A. sensitive 40. A. merely 41. A. wished 55


it, but I finally know who the true


is. Mom, I

Mother’s Day, after all. C. advocate C. shortcomings C. bargain C. arbitrary C. never C. demanded D. permit D. advantages D. calculate D. troublesome D. always D. desired

B. indicate B. services B. spare B. considerate B. usually B. proposed

42. A. supported 43. A. welcomed 44. A. written

B. understood B. greeted B. settled

C. approved C. received C. wandered C. draft C. terrible C. stadium C. if only C. On C. ridiculous C. scene C. after C. realize C. hero C. apparent

D. honored D. met D. slipped D. attitude D. busy D. supermarket D. so that D. By D. overpriced D. signal D. since D. treasure D. politician D . happy

45. A. handwriting B. description 46. A. ease 47. A. studio 48. A. even if 49. A. At 50. A. oversized 51.A. signature 52. A. before 53. A. explore 54. A. friend 55. A. challenging B. comfortable B. hospital B. in case B. With B. normal B. sign B. until B. evaluate B. athlete B. bitter

***************************************************************结束 第四部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项.

(A) E-book is short for electronic( 电子的) book. It is usually read on personal computers. Some mobile phones can also be used to read e-books. Earlier e-books were written for a specific(专业) group of readers and were about only a few subjects. With the development of the Internet, knowledge and answers to a lot of questions mainly come from e-books. This is why the e-book business is increasing quickly. E-books have many advantages. First, they save time. We don’t need to go to a bookstore to buy books, besides, we can find the topic we want to know about on the Internet, and then we can quickly get many e-books on similar topics. Second, e-books save money. Some e-books cost a little money, and there are millions of e-books on the Internet that we can get for free. Third, more trees are saved because e-books don’t need to be printed(印刷) on paper. Fourth, e-books make reading more convenient. You can carry a whole library of hundreds of books with you in a small computer

or any e-book reader (电子阅读器) without worrying about their weight. But e-books have certain disadvantages. They need a personal computer or an e-book reader and the information can be lost if its file format (文件格式) is not supported (支持)or changed in the reader’s computer. However, e-books provide us with a new way of reading. That is good. 56. Why is the e-book business increasing quickly? Because _________. A. earlier e-books are about only a few subjects. B. people don ’t like to read any paper books any more. C. most e-books have been written for a specific group of readers. D. the development of the Internet makes e-books more useful. 57. How many advantages do e-boo ks have according to(根据) this article? A. Three B. Four C. Five D. Six

58. Which of the following is true according to this article? A. E-books can’t be read on mobile phones. B. All the e-books on the Internet cost lots of money. C. E-books can make reading more convenient. D. You can’t read e-books without a personal computer. 59. What is the disadvantage of the e-books?

A. You’ll lose the information if its file format is not supported. B. You can carry hundreds of books in an e-book reader. C. You can buy cheap e-books anywhere. D. You can read e-books at any time. 60. The author mainly tells us __________. A. you don’t need to buy paper books in a bookstore if you read e-books. B. the information can be lost if its file format is changed. C. the development of e-books can help save the environment. D. e-books provide us with a new way of reading.
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Ask a bachelor(单身汉) why he resists marriage even though he finds dating to be less and less satisfying. If he is honest he will tell you that he is afraid of making a commitment. For commitment is in fact quite painful. The single life is filled with fun, adventure, excitement. Marriage has such moments, but they are not its most distinguishing (显著的) features. Couples with infant children are lucky to get a whole night’s sleep or a three-day vacation. I don’t know any parent who would choose the word fun to describe raising children. But couples who decide not to have children never know the joys of watching a child grow up or of playing with a grandchild. Understanding and accepting that true happiness has nothing to do with fun is one of the most liberating realizations. It liberates (释放) time: now we can devote more hours to activities that can genuinely increase our happiness. It liberates money: buying that new car or those fancy clothes that will do nothing to increase our happiness now seems pointless. And it liberates us from envy: we now understand that all those who are always having so much fun actually may not be happy at all. 60. According to the author, a bachelor resists marriage chiefly because ________ . A. he is reluctant to take on family responsibilities B. he believes that life will be mor e cheerful if he remains single C. he finds more fun in dating than in marriage D. he fears it will put an end to all his fun adventure and excitement 61. Raising children, in the author’s opinion is ________ . A. a moral duty C. a rewarding task B. a thankless job D. a source of inevitable pain

62. From the last paragraph, we learn that envy sometimes stems from (起源于) ________ . A. hatred C. prejudice B. misunderstanding D. ignorance

63. To understand what true happiness is one must ________ . A. have as much fun as possible during one’s lifetime B. make every effort to liberate oneself from pain

C. put up with pain under all circumstances D. be able to distinguish happiness from fun

参考答案-------60-63 ACBD ********************************************************结束

It has been 100 years since the first modern summer Olympic Games were held. Do you know the dates and the places of all the summer Olympic Games, and also the total of gold medals the first three teams gained in each game? Date Place 1st 1 1896 Athens 2 1900 Paris 3 1904 St. Louis, USA 4 1908 London 5 1912 Stockholm 6 1916 Berlin 7 1920 Antwerp, Belgium 8 1924 Paris 9 1928 Amsterdam 10 1932 Los Angeles 11 1936 Berlin 12 1940 Helsinki 13 1944 London 14 1948 London 15 1952 Helsinki 16 1956 Melbourne 17 1960 Rome 18 1964 Tokyo 2nd Totals of Gold medals 3rd USA 11 France 27 USA 70 Greece 10 USA 19 Cuba 5 Germany 7 Britain 17 Germany Sweden 7 Britain 10

Britain 56 USA 23 Sweden 24 USA 23

Not held because of World War I USA 41 USA 45 USA 22 USA 41 Germany 33 Sweden 19 Finland 14 Germany 10 Italy 12 USA 24 Britain 15 France 13 Finland 8 France 10 Hungary 10

Not held beca use of World War II Not held because of World War II USA 38 USA 40 USSR 37 USSR 43 USA 36 Sweden 16 USSR 22 USA 32 USA 34 USSR 30 France 10 Hungary 10 Australia 13 Italy 13 Japan 16

19 1968 Mexico City 20 1972 Munich, W. G. 21 1976 Montreal 22 1980 Moscow 23 1984 Los Angeles 24 1988 Seoul, S. Korea 25 1992 Barcelona

USA 45 USSR 50 USSR 49 USSR 80 USA 83 USSR 55 CIS 45

USSR 30 USA 33 GDR 40 GDR 47 Romania 20 GDR 37 USA 37

Japan 11 GDR 20 USA 34 Bulgaria 8 W. G. 17 USA 36 Germany 33

Note: CIS = Commonwealth Independent States;GDR = E. Germany 1. By the year 1992, the modern summer Olympic Games had been held _______ times in U. S. A. A. four B. two C. one D. Three

2. How many gold medals had E. Germany won in the Summer Olympic Games? A. 124 B. 144 C. 198 D. 200

3. From the date(资料) we can arrive at a conclusion that _______. A. every country should hold the Olympic Games in turn B. any Olympic Games should not be called off for any reason C. no peace, no sports D. if there is a war anywhere, the Olympic Games mush be stopped 【答案解析】本文列举了从 1896 年到 1992 年期间夏奥会举办的时间、地点、及前 3 名金 牌数的有关情况。 1. D。细节题。根据 1904 St. Louis, USA,1932 Los Angeles 和 1984 Los Angeles 得知在美国共举 行了三次,故选 D。 2. B。细节题。 根据 1972 获 20 枚,1976 获 40 枚,1980 获 47 枚,1988 获 37 枚得知 GDR(=E. Germany)共获得 144 枚金牌,故选 B。 3. C。推断题。 根据 1916 Berlin,1940 Helsinki,1944 London 三年都因战争而没有举行夏奥会 可推知 C 为正确. ******************************************************结束

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