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四川省成都市2016高考英语二轮复习 阅读理解选练(3)

阅读理解。阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 What does it mean to say that we live in a world of persuasion? It means that we live among competing interests. Your roommate’s nee

d to study for an exam may take priority (优先) over pizza. Your instructor may have good reasons not to change your grade. And the object of your romantic/interest may have other choices. In such a world, persuasion is the art of getting others to give fair and favorable consideration to our points of view. When we persuade, we want to influence how others believe and behave. We may not always prevail — other points of view may be more persuasive, depending on the listener, the situation, and the merit of the case. But when we practice the art of persuasion, we try to ensure that our position receives the attention it deserves. Some people, however, object to the very idea of persuasion. They may regard it as an unwelcome interruption into their lives. Just the opposite, we believe that persuasion is unavoidable — to live is to persuade. Persuasion may be ethical (合 乎道义的) or unethical, selfless or selfish, inspiring or degrading. Persuaders may enlighten our mind or prey on our vulnerability. Ethical persuasion, however, calls on sound reasoning and is sensitive to the feelings and needs of listeners. Such persuasion can help us apply the wisdom of the past to the decisions we now must make. Therefore, the most basic part of education is learning to resist the one kind of persuasion and to encourage and practice the other. Beyond its personal importance to us, persuasion is necessary to society. The right to persuade and be persuaded is the bedrock of the American political system, guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution (美国宪法). 1. According to the passage, persuasion means ________. A. changing others’ points of view B. exercising power over other people C. getting other people to consider your point of view D. getting people to agree with you and do what you want


2. The underlined word in the second paragraph “prevail” means________. A. win B. fail C. speak D. listen

3. The passage states that some people object to persuasion because they think it is ________. A. a danger to society C. unwelcome behavior B. difficult to do well D. never successful

4. The passage mainly discusses ________. A. how people persuade B. why people persuade C. that persuasion is both good and bad D. that persuasion is important and it is all around us

【答案与解析】 1. C 细节题。将第二段中 persuasion is the art of getting others to give fair and favorable consideration to our points of view 与各选项进行比较可知。 2. A 词义题。由破折号后面的句子 other points of view may be more persuasive 可知, 我们不一定占上风,故选 A。 3. C 细节题。由第三段中第一二句 Some people?into their lives 可知。 4. D 主旨题。根据第一段对 we live in a world of persuasion 的理解,第三段中 we believe that persuasion is unavoidable-to live is to persuade 及最后一段中 persuasion is necessary to society 与各选项进行比较可确定选 D。

阅读理解练习 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 “Mom, I have cancer.”These four words catapulted my son and me on a journey that lasted two years. On that dat I felt a wave of paralyzing fear. Scott was the oldest of my four children. He was 33 years old and a successful assistant principal at SamRayburn Hifht School in Pasadena, Texas. He and his wife Carolyn were busy raising four active children. Scott was 6’2’’, weighed 200 pounds and had never


been sick a day in his life. A few month earlier a mole(痣)on his neck had changed color. “Dr.Warner called,” Scott said that spring morning. “It’s melanoma.(黑素瘤)” I tried to comfort him, naming all the people I knew who had survived skin cancer. Yet, I felt small tentacles of fear begin to wrap around my chest. Our next stop was MDAnderson, the famous cancer hospital in Houston. Scott had surgery at the end of May and was scheduled for radiation treatments over the summmer recess. “There is an 80 percent chance it won’t reoccur,” the doctors said. At the end of summer, all his tests came back negative and Scott was back at school in the fall. However, in December, Scott discovered a lump on his neck. It was examined and the result came back “malignant.(恶性的)” We now relized that Scott fell into the 20 percent category. I could feel the tentacles tightening around my chest. He entered the hospital for an aggressive treatment, a combination of interferon and interleukin. After five months of treatment, he had radical surgery on his neck. The test results were encourging, only three of the 33 lymph nodes(淋巴结) removed were malignant. We were very hopefull. For the next six months, Scott’s follow-up visits went well. Then in October, X-ray revealed a spot on his lung. The spot was removed during surgery and the doctors tried to be optimistic. It was a daily battle to control the fear and panic each setback brought. In January, he was diagnosed as having had a “disease explosion.” The cancer had spread to his lungs, spine and liver and he was given three to six months to live. There were times during this period when I felt like I was having a heart attack. The bands constricting my chest made breathing diffi cult. When you watch your child battle cancer, you experience a roller coaster of emotions. There are moments of hope and optimism but a bad test result or even an unusual pain can bring on dread and panic. Scott was readmitted to the hospital for one last try with chemotherapy. He died, quite suddenly, just six weeks after his last diagnosis. I was completely destroyed. I had


counted on those last few months. The next morning I was busy notifying people and making funeral arrangements. I remember having this nagging feeling that something was physically wrong with me. It took a moment to realize that the crushing sensation in my chest was gone. The thing every parent fears the most had happened. My son was gone. Of course, the fear had been replaced by unbearable sorr ow. After you lose a child, it is so difficult to go on. The most minimal tasks, combing your hair or taking a shower, becoming monumental. For months I just sat and stared into space. That spring, the trees began to bloom; flowers began to pop up in my garden. Friendswood was coming back to life but I was dead inside. During those last weeks, Scott and I often spoke about life and death. Fragments of those conversations kept playing over and over in my mind. “Don’t let this ruin your life, Mom.” “Make sure Dad re models his workshop.” “Please, take care of my family.” I remember wishing I could have just one more conversation with him. I knew what I would say, but what would Scott say? “I know how much you love me, Mom. So just sit on the couch and cry.” No, I knew him better than that. Scott loved life and knew how precious it is. I could almost hear his voice saying, “Get up Mom, Get on with your life. It’s too valuable to waste.” That was the day I began to move forward. I signed up for a cake decorating class. Soon I was making cakes for holidays and birthdays. My daughter-in-law told me about a writing class in Houston. I hadn’t written in years, but since I was retired I decided it be time to start again. The local college advertised a Life Story Writing class that I joined. There I met women who had also lost their children. The Poet Laureate of Texas was scheduled to speak at our local Barnes and Noble. I attended and joined our local poetry society. I never dreamed that writing essays and poems about Scott could be so therapeutic. Several of those poems have ever been published. In addition, each group brought more and more people into my life..


I don’t believe you ever recover from the loss of a child. Scott is in my heart and mind every day. However, I do believe you can survive. Scott fought so bravery to live and he never gave up. He taught me that life is a gift that should be cherished, not wasted. It has taken years to become the person I am today. The journey has been a difficult , painful process but certainly worth the effort and I know that my son would be proud. 55.What might be the best title of the passage ? A.Life is valuable C.Love and sorrow B.Grieving and Recovery D.Alive or dead

56.How old was Scott probably when he died? A.33 B.35 C.37 D.40

57.What does the underlined sentence “ The bands constricting my chest made breathing difficult” probably imply? A.It implies that Scott’s mother was likely to have a heart attack. B.It implies that there was something wrong with Scott’s mother’s chest. C.It implies that Scott’s mother was very upset and panic because of Scott’s severe illness. D.It implies that the cancer had spread to her chest just like her son. 58.Which of the following statements best shows the author’s feeling about Scott’s dath? A.It was a daily battle to control the fear and panic each setback brought. B.She felt a wave of fear. C.She felt a feeling of fear begin to wrap around her chest. D.The fear had been replaced by unbearable sorrow. 59.From Scott and his mother’s conversation, we can know that Scott is ________. A.considerable B.humorous C.determined D.sensitive

60.The author intends to tell us that___________. A.it takes a long time to make a person recover from the shock of losing a child B.Scott is proud of his mother


C.life is full of happiness and sorrow. D.We’d better make our life count instead of counting your days.

【答案】 题号 答案 题号 答案 41 A 51 D 42 D 52 C 43 B 53 B 44 B 54 D 45 B 55 B 66 A 56 B 47 D 57 C 48 D 58 D 49 A 59 A 50 A 60 D

阅读理解练习 【广东省 2012 届高三考前冲刺卷(六)】 By analyzing the DNA of the world’s oldest people,Boston University scientists said they have discovered a genetic signature(特征)of longevity.They expect soon to offer a test that could let people learn whether they can live to a very old age. The researchers said they had no plans to patent the technique or profit from it.Instead,they expect to make a free test available on the Internet later this month to promote longevity research. The test might show something that people wouldn’t like to know,the BU scientists warned.Genetic testing often reveals attractive but incomplete information,and it is sometimes difficult to know how to respond.People with genes for extreme longevity could face a series of difficult decisions about their careers,retirement savings, insurance coverage,medical treatments and marriages in old age. Scientists have long sought to crack the genetic code of healthy aging.On average, people in developed countries can expect to live between 80 and 85 years,largely as a result of improvements in diet and public health.But the oldest of the old—the “wellderly”—live two to three decades longer,often free of mental and physical diseases. The free test will be available through a public website maintained by the New England


Centenarian Study.But to take the test,people will have to provide their own complete genome—which currently can cost thousands of dollars from gene?sequencing companies. 36.What’s the best title of the text? A.New Discovery of Long Life B.New Functions of DNA on Long Life C.Scientists Invented Genes For Longevity D.The Discovery of the Genetic Code of Healthy Aging 37.The scientists started the program to ________. A.make more money from it B.do research on long life C.become known all over the world D.find out the function of genes 38.People who live longer in developed countries ________. A.do not work very hard B.do much exercise every day C.have a balanced diet D.never need to take any medicine 39.If you hope to take the test,you ________. A.must be healthy enough B.will spend a lot of money C.will be charged by the website D.have to take a series of examinations 40.According to the text people living extremely long ________. A.will meet with many social problems B.must save enough money for future use C.will usually suffer from hunger D.will have to face many natural disasters 36.D [主旨大意题。波士顿大学的科学家们通过分析世界上一些长寿者的 DNA,发现了长寿 的基因标志。]

37.B [由短文的第二段可知“这些研究人员不计划给这项技术申请专利,也不想以它牟利。 他们想在互联网上推出一项免费的长寿基因检测服务,以推动长寿研究”。] 38.C [由短文的第四段可知,“发达国家的人平均预期寿命长,这很大程度上应归功于饮

食和公共卫生状况的改善。”] 39.B [由短文的最后一段可知,“要参加实验必须提供基因,而基因测定要花很多钱。”] 40.A [由第三段的最后可知,“拥有长寿基因的人有可能要面临一系列有关自己今后生涯


阅读理解练习 【广东省 2012 届高三考前冲刺卷(六)】 “I got married at 16,”says the smiling Mona Lisa,made famous in Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting.She breaks her silence to wave to the audience and answers their questions. Thanks to 3?D technology , holographic images( 全 息 影 像 )and voice recognition technologies , Mona Lisa can speak and move.It is the first time the advanced technologies have been fused together in one exhibition,which gives audiences the opportunity to experience the wonders of advanced technology. Three?dimensional,or 3?D, technology creates visual illusions( 错觉 )and enables people to see images in the round that are actually only two?dimensional. Although 3?D technology is a difficult scientific concept,it is already being widely used in people’s daily lives.With the development of new three?dimensional digital technologies,it has been changing people’s ways of communicating and working. Digital cameras that record in 3?D have been brought to market. Manufacturers have also launched 3?D digital photo frames,which can broadcast 3?D photos.Processing software allows flat photos in the frame to achieve 3?D visual effects that can be seen by users without wearing special glasses. After nine years of research,China took the lead to establish a 3?D Internet marketing platform.Internet users can go shopping in a 3?D environment just like in the real world by selecting goods,checking reviews and trying out recommended goods.

Web 3?D technology will be used in more fields such as automobiles and travel.In traveling,tourists can enjoy scenic spots,monuments and sites.They also can take to guides and other tourists,who are represented as 3?D virtual figures. In Suzhou,the first online 3?D police station in the world has been established.It has eight functions including various online businesses,public services,warning tips and communication between the police and the public. 1.Why can Mona Lisa speak and move? A.Because it is a robot. B.Because it can really speak and move. C.Because the original painting is three?dimensional. D.Because 3?D creates visual illusions. 2.The underlined word“fused”in Paragraph 2 can be replaced by “______”. A.combined C.applied B.focused D.developed

3.3?D technology is already being used in people’s lives in ______. A.shopping C.travel B.work D.communication

4.How can we appreciate 3?D photos? A.By taking photos with 3?D cameras. B.By wearing special glasses. C.By putting photos into 3?D digital photo frames. D.By installing a software into the photos. 5.We can learn from the last two paragraphs that ______. A.in 3?D travelling,we can only talk with the guide B.3?D travelling is no different from a traditional one C.the 3?D police station will replace the one in real life D.the 3?D police station is of great help 参考答案 1.D [根据第三段可判断 Mona Lisa 可以说话和活动是 3?D 制造出了一种视觉幻觉。] 2.A [根据“advanced technologies have been...together in one exhibition”,可判

断出 fuse 的意思是“结合起来”。] 3.A [根据倒数第三段可知正确答案为 A 项。] 4.C [第六段中提到,使照片具备 3?D 效果的是相框。] 5.D [根据最后两段的内容可知 3?D 警察局对人们生活帮助很大。]

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