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Ⅰ.你负责你班的英语墙报工作,请结合下面的一组图画发表你的感想,写一篇 100 词左右的英语短文。

【参考范文】 The boy gets good scores in all his exams.But on the bus,he is unwilling to give up his seat to the old man standing near him.It is bad manners to show no concern for others. Some parents only care about their children's scores.They think the children's main task is to study,so they seldom teach them how to respect others and help others.That is why many children are too selfish nowadays.It is our tradition to respect the old.We should keep the old tradition alive by offering others a hand.Good manners are more important than good scores.

Ⅱ.2012 年 1 月 29 日中午 12 时,记者来到重庆 綦江区康居雅苑 2 号楼 B 幢 5 楼,一个头发 斑白的老人蜷缩在地铺上,瑟瑟发抖,一股 寒风透过楼道上的窗户吹进来,老人半眯着 双眼,双手颤抖地拉了拉身上的被子,试图 将脸埋进被窝获取温暖。因赡养出现分歧,6 个子女均未探望照料,老人被冻 4 天 3 夜已病倒住院。几个子女都不愿意去 接母亲回家。 请你根据以上材料,简要分析以上事件并谈谈自己的看法和建议。 注意:词数 100 左右。 参考词汇:孝顺父母 filial piety the parents 地铺 shakedown

【参考范文】 On January 29,2012,a reporter came to a building of Chongqing,finding a sick old woman lying in the shakedown,trembling with cold.It was said that the old woman had slept in her daughter's corridor for four days during the Spring Festival.Her six children were not willing to go to visit or care for her because of the disagreement on supporting their old mother. “Of all the virtues,filial piety comes first.”In my opinion,her children should not have done such an unfilial thing.Parents give us life,feed us grow and teach us to understand knowledge and learn skills so that we know a lot of truth in life.There is no friendship,no love,like that of the parents for the child.It is the greatest thing in the world,the most unselfish love. As a Senior 3 student,I am against the bad behavior.I will follow the correct guidance of parents and understand the difficulty of parents and family,not to make any impossible requests.At the same time , I should keep the close relationship with parents and help parents do housework when necessary.

Ⅲ.某英文报近期举办以“感恩与我同行”为主题的 英语征文大赛。请你根据右图及提示的内容写一篇 感恩老师的英文短文参赛。 写作要点: (1)感谢老师的关心鼓励; (2)感谢老师的辛勤劳动; (3)感谢老师的谆谆教诲; (4)?? 注意:短文须围绕“感恩与我同行”的主题。词数 100 左右。 Thanks to You,My Teacher

【参考范文】 Thanks to You,My Teacher I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me.You are very friendly to everyone in our class.You always get on very well with us students. What impresses me most is that you are not only our teacher but also our friend.You are always so patient whenever we ask you questions.We are all moved when you listen carefully and explain everything so thoroughly.You show us different ways to learn English.We feel so encouraged and become more comfortable in your class.You make your class so lively and interesting that every one of us is always eager to participate and practice.Our English has improved so much. You teach us not only how to learn English well but also how to be good

citizens.We owe much to you,my teacher. Ⅳ.假设你叫李明,下面是你的一位外国笔友 Kristie 给你写的电子邮件,询问有 关小悦悦事件的情况。 Dear Li Ming, I learned from a news flash that a two?year?old baby girl was ignored by more than a dozen passers?by after being run over twice in a South China town.I'm very shocked.I used to think the Chinese were hardworking and kindhearted,and they really were when I was on a visit in China two years ago.So I doubt whether it was true news.Can you tell me what you learned about this incident? Sincerely yours, Kristie 请你给她回一封邮件,要点如下: 1.社会陷入自责和反思; 2.某些路人的冷漠或另有原因,可最终还是有一名拾荒婆婆出手相救; 3.单个事件不能代表中国,助人为乐一直是中国人民的传统美德。 注意: 1.不能照抄原信件语句; 2.可自由发挥添加细节; 3.词数 100 左右; 4.回信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:伦理道德 ethical and moral (adj.);美德 virtue(n.) Dear Kristie, I was in very low spirits

Believe me,Kristie,and believe in the Chinese people! Sincerely yours, Li Ming 【参考范文】 Dear_Kristie, I_was_in_very_low_spirits when hearing this shocking news,and so was the whole nation.All the people have been undertaking a thoughtful review of the ethical and moral challenges we are faced with. While we blame those hard?hearted passers?by,there might be deep reasons behind the scenes.For various reasons there is a growing tendency for people to keep away from being involved in such accidents.However,on no account shall we tolerate this heartless behavior. Luckily in the story you mentioned,an old lady,who earned her life by collecting rubbish,came to the little girl's aid and helped rush her to hospital.So we have every reason to believe that the Chinese traditional virtues of being ready to help others will remain forever. Believe_me,Kristie,and_believe_in_the_Chinese_people! Sincerely_yours, Li_Ming Ⅴ.2012 年是雷锋同志逝世 50 周年。2012 年 3 月 5 日,也是毛泽东主席题词号召“向雷锋 同志学习”49 周年。 在雷锋故乡——湖南长 沙街头随处可见“向雷锋同志学习”的横 幅。但做好事有时却陷入尴尬:有时,你帮 人拿行李,人家怕你顺手牵羊;你扶起倒地 老太太,人家反指你撞倒老人。要是雷锋活到现在,一定会很困惑。在当前

社会发展新时期,特别是信任感普遍缺失的情况下,如何让雷锋精神得以传 承, 突出市场经济下的时代特点和价值观?在雷锋同志逝世 50 周年之际,这 个话题很可能成为一个热门话题。 请根据有关“活雷锋”(Living Lei Feng)的漫画所反应的现象和问题,写一篇 短文。你的短文应该包含: 1.漫画描述和反映的问题是什么? 2.面对这样的问题,你有什么样的想法? 3.在我们的日常生活中应该怎样做才有助于改变这种尴尬情形? 注意: 1.可参照图及所给提示,作必要的发挥和想象; 2.词数 100 左右。

写作指导:根据写作要求,考生需要分析漫画的内容及其所反映的问题。首 先,简要介绍漫画中的人物、事件和原因,然后谈谈自己的看法,最后,列 出几点建议。由此可见,文章可分为三段,第一段讲述漫画内容,第二段谈 原因和看法,第三段提建议。文章可采用一般现在时态。 【参考范文】 Depicted by the cartoon is an ironic scenario that an old man who was carrying a heavy box on the road and refused a young man's help,fearing getting into trouble and running away,avoiding being cheated.It is obvious that the kind young man was regarded as a bad man. There are many reasons responsible for this instance,and the following are the typical ones.For one thing,as the pace of modern life continues to quicken,

people care more about themselves than others.In addition, fewer and fewer people are ready to do good things,so doing good things is often regarded as bad motives.The main reason is that the whole society lacks of true care,and doing good things stays in form only. How to step out of the shadow?In my opinion,we should encourage all people to offer help sincerely,learn from role models reported by the media.What's more, applicable and urgent approach is to rebuild the social trust system.If we all an take actions together and we will build a new harmonious society.Lei Feng's spirit will live in our hearts forever.

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