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高二实验班 Book7Unit2 导学案 第一课时

Unit 2 一 第一组:1 navy 2 awful 3 pile 4 fiction 5 talents 6 affair 7 scanned 8 desire 9 chapters 10 firm 第二组: 11 fingernail 12 satisfaction 13 divorced 14 declared 15 absurd 16 alarmed 17 obey 18 victory 19 accompany 20 smoothed 第三组: 21 marriage 22 envy 23 curtains 24 embarrassed 25 biography 26 Paint 27 sympathy 28 explanation 29 carpets 30 junior 31 cushion 32 elegant 二 1 set aside 2 ring up 3 turned around 4 leave …alone 5 tested out

第三课时 Language Points
一.词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 1. satisfaction n.满意 2. alarmed adj.感到惊吓的 3.declare v.断言,宣称 satisfy v.使满意 satisfying adj.令人满足的 satisfied adj.感到满意的

alarm n.警报 vt. 恐吓, 警告 declaration n.宣布,宣言,声明

【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1) We had a ______ meal together last Sunday. All the guests are very ______.(satisfaction) 2) I was sleeping soundly in the early morning when a telephone _______ me awake. I was even ______to hear the ______ news that another bombing had hit London.(alarm) 3) What ______ the women most was that when they were talking about the _______ new about the girl, she became so _______ that she ran away as soon as she heard this.(embarrass) 4) The newly-elected president _______ his support for the terrorists. He must be responsible for his______. (declare) 5) He ______ to his friends why he was late but none of them thought his _______ believable.(explain) keys:1. satisfying; satisfied 2. alarmed; alarmed; alarming 3. embarrassed; embarrassing; embarrassed 4. declared; declaration 5. explained; explanation 二.重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. test out 考验;试验 [典例] 1) This model had been tested out before it was put into production.这个型号经过试验后才进行大批量生产。 2) Before the lecture, the professor is used to testing out the whole experiment.上课前,这个教授习惯先将整个实验试验一番。 [短语归纳] test on sb./sth.在……(身上)做实验/试验 have/take a test in 参加……考试 [练习] 汉译英 1) 成千上万的人们将参加这周日的公务员考试。 ___________________________________________________________________________________

2) 那个咨询顾问习惯先将新的政策在他自己的公司里进行实验。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) Tens of thousands of people will take an entrance test for government officers this Sunday. 2) The consultant would test the new policy on his own company first. 2. ring up 打电话给…… [短语归纳] ring back 回电话 ring off 挂断电话;停止讲话 ring a bell 唤醒经常是模糊的记忆 ring up the curtain 开始:开始一场演出,一个事件或一次行动 [典例] 1) I have to ring off now because my friend is waiting for me.我朋友在等我,我得挂电话了。 2) On arriving at the airport, he rang up his mother to say everything was ok.一到达机场,他就打电话给他母亲报平安。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 今早他刚起床就有人给他打电话了。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 见到老板进来,他赶紧挂断电话假装在工作。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) The moment he got up this morning , someone rang him up. 2) Seeing his boss coming, he hurried to ring off and pretended to be working. 3. turn around 转向 [典例] 1) He heard a voice but when he turned around, he saw nobody.他听到声音,但转身却没发现有人。 2) As he walked towards the hotel, he suddenly turned around and found an old lady following him.当他朝旅馆走去时,突然转 身发现一个老妇人跟着他。 [短语归纳] turn away 把(脸)转过去 turn against 背叛,反抗 turn on/off 打开/关掉 turn up 出现/调大(音量) turn down 拒绝,调小(音量) turn out 结果是;证明是; [练习] 汉译英 1) 那年轻的女士无法想象要是她的丈夫背叛她的话会是怎么样。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 虽然贫穷,但是女孩毅然地拒绝了别人的帮助。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) The young lady cannot imagine what if her husband turns against her. 2) Though poor, the girl turned down others’ help firmly. 4. leave…alone 不打扰 [短语归纳] leave behind 留下,遗留

leave aside(把某事)搁置一边 leave for 出发前往 leave out 省去,遗漏,不考虑 [典例] 1) Leave him alone and he will produce. 别打扰他,他会写出来的。 2) He was asked to leave for another city in 24 hours.他被要求 24 小时内离开到另一个城市去。 3) The teacher required us to leave out some unnecessary words in our essays.老师让我们将论文中不必要的词语省去。 4) You shouldn’t have left Andy alone in the mountains; it was very dangerous.你不该将 Andy 留在山上,因为那非常危险。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 老板捐款潜逃了,只留下一间空厂房。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 听到警报,警察丢下家人冲出去看发生了什么事。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) The boss escaped with all his fortune and left an empty factory behind. 2) Hearing the alarm, the policeman left his family behind and rushed out to see what happened. 5. set aside 将……放在一边;节省或保留(时间,金钱) [短语归纳] set down 写下,记下 set off 开始动身(for a place) set up 创立,建立,搭起 set out 出发,着手做某事(to do sth.) set about doing 着手做,开始做…… [典例] 1) Would you please set aside some time to listen to my real idea?你可以腾出点时间听听我的想法吗? 2) The department set aside the things they were doing and concentrated on a more urgent task.这个部门的成员放下手头的事情, 全力以赴一项更紧急的任务. [练习] 汉译英 1) 父亲放下报纸点了一支烟。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 他努力工作省下钱给他儿子上大学。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) Father set aside the newspaper and lit a cigarette. 2) He is working hard to set aside some money for his son to go to college. 6. be bound to 一定做…… [典例] 1) We missed the bus. We're bound to be late.我们错过了那趟车,我们肯定要迟到了。 2) She's bound to be mayor.她注定会成为市长。 [练习] 汉译英 1)他那么用功,一定会成功的。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2)这项新发现对于人类必定大有用处。 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) With much hard work, he is bound to succeed. 2) The new discovery is bound to be of great service to mankind.

三. 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. Claire didn’t want the robot in her house, especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks, but Larry persuaded her that the robot wouldn’t harm her or allow her to be harmed. 克莱尔并不想把机器人留在家里,特别是在她丈夫离加三周的这个期间。但是,克莱尔被拉里说服了。他说,机器人不 会伤害她,也不会让别人来伤害她。 [解释] to be harmed:动词不定式的被动语态。 [典例] 1) All these gifts must be mailed immediately so as to be received in time for Christmas.所有的这些礼物必须及时邮寄, 以便在 圣诞节及时收到。 2) It remains to be seen whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals.吉姆最后是否适合演出仍将拭目以待。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 小汤姆假装被射中了哭喊着要糖吃。2) 此药得一日三次,饭后服用。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1)Little Tom pretended to be shot and cried for a candy. 2) The medicine is required to be taken three times a day after meals. 2. As she turned around, there stood Gladys Claffern.当他转过身时, (她发现)Gladys 站在那儿。 [解释] there stood Gladys Claffern 倒装句。在谓语为动词 go, come, run, stand, live 等表示位置转移的动词及 be 动词的句子 中,为了强调句子中一些副词 there, here, up, down, in, out, away 等,可将副词置于句首,若这时主语是名词,句子用全倒 装;若是代词,则不用倒装。 [典例] 1) There comes the teacher and her students.老师和她的学生们来了。 2) Out rushed the boys.男孩们冲了出去。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 年轻的母亲抱着手里两个月大的婴儿跑开了。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 走进来了生气的老板和他的秘书。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) Away ran the mother with a two-month-old baby in her arms. 2) In came the angry boss and his secretary. 3. Asimov began having stories published in science fiction magazines in 1939.1939 年, 阿西莫夫开始在科幻杂志上发表文章。 [解释] have sth. done 表示“请某人做某事”,或“遭遇到某事”(宾语与宾补为被动关系) have sb. do 让某人做…… have sb./sth. doing 让……不停地做…… [典例] 1) We had our photo taken by a passer-by.我们请了个过路人给我们照相。 2) Be careful. It’s easy to have your pocket picked in a crowd like this.小心点,在这样的人群中容易被偷。 3) The coach has us doing the same thing all day. It’s boring.教练让我们整天做同样的事情,真乏味 4) As you have never been there before, I’ll have someone show you the way.既然你以前没去过,那我找人带你去。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 与对手角逐时,他大腿受伤了不得不放弃比赛。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 残忍的老板让他的工人们整天工作。 ___________________________________________________________________________________

3) 班主任让班长他不在时管理班级。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Keys: 1) When struggling with the competitor, he had his leg broken and had to give up the match. 2) The cruel boss had his employees working all the morning. 3) The head teacher had the monitor manage the whole class when he was absence. 四.课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1.【原句】He was tall and handsome with smooth hair and a deep voice although his facial expression never changed. 他虽然面部表情毫无变化, 但是个子高大、相貌英俊,头发平整,声音低沉浑厚。 [模仿要点] 描写人物时使用多种修饰语 【模仿 1】她是个善良可爱的小姑娘园园的脸,大大的眼睛,雪白的牙齿,留着波浪般的长发 ______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:She is a kind and lovely girl, with a round face, big eyes, white teeth and long waving hair. 【模仿 2】他是个长相很滑稽的男人,长长的胡须而没有头发 ______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:He is a funny-looking man, with a thick moustache but no hair left. 2.【原句】Also she felt her home wasn't elegant enough for someone like Larry who wanted to improve his social position. 还有 对于像拉里这样很想提高社会地位的人来说,她的家也不够高雅。 [模仿要点] A is +adj for someone like B who-从句 【模仿 1】对于像他的班长那样想考入名牌大学的人来说,Tom 觉得自己还不够勤奋。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Tom thinks he himself isn’t diligent enough for someone like his monitor who wishes to enter a famous university 2 years later. 【模仿 2】对于像他的哥哥那样想成为一名大作家的人来说,John 觉得自己还不够聪明。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:John felt he himself is not clever enough for someone like his brother who wants to be a famous writer. 3.【原句】 Isaac Asimov was American scientist and writer who wrote around 480 books that included mystery stories, science and history books, and even books about the Holy Bible and Shakespeare. 艾萨克· 阿西莫夫是美国的科学家兼作家,他写过 480 本书,包括怪诞小说,科学和历史方面的书,甚至还写过有关? 圣经 ? 和莎士比亚的书。 [模仿要点] 句子结构:一个复合句中含有两个定语从句 【模仿 1】卓别林是一位伟大的演员,他饰演了 70 多部电影,其中包括了无声电影和有声电影。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Chaplin is an outstanding actor who made more than 70 films that include silent films and sound films. 【模仿 2】在过去或将来,这本书都是我们心灵的礼物,它记载了带来欢笑的瞬间和许多催人泪下的瞬间。 ____________________________________________________________________ 答案:This book is a gift for our soul, which records both the moments that could bring joy and the moments that could bring tears, in the present and the past.

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