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Practice makes perfect!!

1. A best friend is someone who can share happiness and sorrow with you. 2. I would be grateful if the two of you stopped fighting an

d tried to get along with each other. 3. This is the first time he has used e-mail to communicate with his pen pal. 4. A hobby is something that you never get tired of—the more time you devote to it, the more fun you have. 5. Computers make it possible for people to talk face to face even if they are in different parts of the world, which has entirely changed our life. 5. Because of the Internet it is now entirely possible for people to communicate face to face, even if they are in different parts of the world. 6. According to the news report, it was the weather that would determine the exact launch time of Shenzhou Seven.

1. At present, more than one million visitors travel to Guangzhou every year. 2. Their relationship was based upon years of open communication with each other. 3. The world’s fresh water resources are very limited so we must make good use of them. 4. I will gladly take part in any discussion that enriches my knowledge of the world. 5. Believe it or not, we have gradually become able to express ourselves fluently in English. 6. Actually, there are a number of simple ways to improve your English, such as watching English TV shows and chatting with foreign friends online. 7. Even if it takes me six weeks, I am determined to finish the job. 8. The government should come up with a better solution to the problems caused by the high price of petrol. 9. All students are requested to attend the meeting to be held tomorrow and to get there on time.

1. Jack gave me a determined look, which showed me that he would neither change his mind nor give in. 2. It took one week to transport the food, clothes and medicine to the disaster-hit area. 3. The old man was stubborn and refused to move in with his daughter after he became ill. 4. Please be patient. The train is arriving in ten minutes.

1. It seems that his career is at an end. 2. Sixty percent of the travelers prefer to live in the rooms whose windows face south. 3. The firefighters thought little of their personal safety and as usual rescued the people who were trapped in the fire. 4. On the east side of the village there is a small white house with a blue roof. 5. After hearing his words, the poor girl burst into tears and rushed from the room.

1. Some people managed to escape from the burning building by breaking down the doors. 2. After doing such a poor job in the last exam, the boy promised his parents he would study much harder in the future. 3. I knew him when we were in primary school- as a matter of fact we were in the same grade. 4. Mother Teresa has devoted all her life to caring for the poor. 5. There are several stores in which you can buy the items you want. 6. John wanted to give 100 yuan as a reward to the taxi driver who had found his wallet.

1. Unless we clean up our environment, human beings may not survive. 2. This is one of the best films that I have ever seen. 3. He has decided to go to Paris for his holiday rather than London. 4. The beautiful new car in front of my home belongs to my neighbour not me. 5. She gave us food and clothes and asked for nothing in return, which made us very grateful. 6. After speaking the boss so rudely it was no wonder that he was fired.

1. When the bell rang for lunch the students came out of classroom one after another. 2. He was left in charge of the shop while the manager was away. 3. He finally admitted to the police that he had taken part in the crime as well. 4. He’s been training for a long time, so he deserved to win the race. 5. In most western countries store prices are fixed and people cannot bargain

1. Although most people considered his goal to be unrealistic, he was sure that he could achieve it with hard work. 2. As a result of a fresh wave of selling, there was a further fall in the stock market. 3. New problems will inevitably arise as our society and economy develop. 4. She will be making a public appearance, signing copies of her latest novel. 5. The mother is watching over her sleeping child now.

1. Because of over-hunting by human beings, many animals have died out. 2. After the plane landed safely, some people burst into laughter while other cried in relief. 3. While driving, you should pay attention to the road signs. 4. It is a well known fact that cigarettes contain many chemicals that will affect your health. 5. The government has put forward a new policy aimed at preserving the city’s important historic sites. 6. According to the weather report, it will be sunny today.

1. I dream of traveling around the world one day in future. 2. To be honest, I’m too nervous to give a speech in public. 3. Sometimes he plays his guitar to passers-by in the street or subway so that he can earn some extra money. 4. I am independent and don’t like to rely on others for help. 5. Before I had the chance to get familiar with their music, the band broke up. 6. In addition to being confident, she is also attractive and sensitive. 7. I value your friendship above all else.

1. The hospital was built in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. 2. Children always look forward to Halloween because they can dress up and play tricks on each other. 3. He has promised to attend today’s meeting so I’m sure that he will come because he is a man who always keeps his word. 4. It was obvious to everyone that he was lying. 5. Her face reminded him of his dear mother, who had passed away many years earlier. 6. He held his breath and dived headlong into the river. 7. The farmers were gathering crops in the field when they heard the drowning girl calling for help. 8. If you want her to forgive you, you should sincerely apologize. 9. They set off for the disaster area as soon as they got the permission.

1. You will benefit greatly if you regularly consult with your teacher. 2. He thought he could get away with not studying for the exam, but in the end he failed. 3. Unless you keep a balanced diet, you will put on weight. 4. He was amazed at the great changes that had taken place in his hometown. 5. After making a wonderful speech, he was able to win back the support of his colleagues. 6. His ability to earn a good living is limited by his lack of education. 7. Before moving into the new house, he threw away the things he didn’t need. 8. His greatest strength is also his most serious weakness. 9. The sisters must have had an argument because they are no longer talking to each other.

1. This news report is based entirely on facts. 2. After his parents died, he was brought up by his elder sister. 3. What shall we do with the waste paper? 4. We will have a picnic in the woods, weather permitting. 5. When I arrived, I found the door closed. 6. Nobody could account for his absence from school. 7. I decided to play it safe rather than take a chance.

1. Now that you have passed the driving test, you can drive on your own. 2. What prevented him from attending our meeting still remains a mystery. 3. The atmosphere at the party yesterday was very joyful and everyone had a great time. 4. He finally cheered up when he realized he would arrive in time to catch the plane. 5. We were amazed to hear that she had given birth to such a large baby boy. 6. I often wonder why some parents allow their children to watch violent movies. 7. The collapse of America’s largest bank set off a chain reaction of bankruptcies and led to many people losing their homes.

1. With so much noise, I couldn’t settle down to study. 2. This 6-year-old boy has a gift for telling stories. 3. The well-behaved Beijing citizens and enthusiastic volunteers greatly impressed the foreign athletes who attended the Olympic Games. 4. He refused to confirm the rumor that they would hold the wedding ceremony next month. 5. This painting is a mixture of the traditional and the modern. 6. Standing at the top of the tower, I could see the mountains in the distance.

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