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高一英语课件:Unit4 A visit to the moon

1. Who is the first Chinese astronaut to go into space? Yang Liwei 2. What was the date when he circled the earth in space? A A. November 15, 2003 B. October 15, 2003 C. September 17, 2004 D.

December 17,2004 3. Which country first sent people up to space?

The Soviet Union

4. So far, how many countries have succeeded in sending people up to space? Three 5. Who is the first man landing on the moon?

Armstrong (America, 1969)



? 1. Who had a chance to travel to the moon? ? 2.How did they travel to the moon? ? 3.Was there anything changed on their journey?

? 4. How many times would the force of gravity change on their journey? When? Which change would be the most powerful? What about his weight?

The change of gravity
Leave the earth

Very strong

In space


On the moon

Very light

Read the passage and fill in the form.
On the In space earth He had no The He weight became weight and could float changed very heavy. weightlessly around in their spaceship. On the moon He was about onesixth of his weight on the earth.

?5. what happened to him when he tried to step forward? ?6. why was returning to the earth very frightening? ?7. How did he feel?

Fill in the blanks
Last month I visited the moon with my friend. gravity Before we left, I was told the force of g_____ would change three times on our journey. Then we took heavy off. As we left the earth, I became very h_______. Gradually the weight l_______. When I was in lessened space, it d__________. We f_______ weightlessly in disappeared floated the cabin and I cheered___. When I was on the c_____ up moon, I was surprised to find out even walking needs lots of practice n__ ____ gravity changed. now that frightening The returning of the earth was very f_________. We were amazed to watch fire b____ out on the break ____ outside of the ship.

? If you want to visit the moon,

what things you must prepare and what kinds of qualities you should have?

Language points
1. Last month I was lucky enough to

have a chance to make a trip into
space with my friend Li Yanping, an astronomer.
上个月我有幸得到一个机会同我的朋友, 一位宇航员李彦平一道去太空旅行。

enough的用法: 1)形容词作定语:enough用在名词前、后都可以。 I have enough time to do the work. / I have time enough to do the work. 我有足够的时间做此项工作。

2)用作副词修饰形容词或副词表示程度: enough一般放在形容词或副
词的后边。 long enough, fast enough, quickly enough等。

但一般不说:enough long, enough fast, enough quickly.
The boy is old enough to go to school. 这孩子到上学的年龄了。 3)用作副词修饰动词时也需放在动词之后。 The meat is not cooked enough. 肉炖得不够熟。 If I had _____________________ (足够长的假期), I’d visit Europe, a long enough holiday

stopping at all the small interesting places.

2. Then we were off.

be off = set off 出发;动身
I am off today.

We are off today.


see...off 送行

get off 下车 take off 脱下 turn off 关闭

jump off 跳下
give off 散发

show off 炫耀

pay off 付清;还清

3. When we get closer to the moon, we shall feel its gravity pulling us but it will not be as strong a pull as the earth’s. 当我们更接近月 球时,就会感到月球的引力在拉我们。但 是,月球的引力不像地球的引力那么大。 get close to 靠近,接近,指动态变化 be close to 距......近,指状态 The school is close to the post office.

4.cheer up : 欢呼,喝彩,感到高兴, 使高兴。

The crowd cheered up _____________________ when they saw the team arrive. 他带她去听音乐会来使她高兴。 to the concert He took her _____________ to cheer her up ____________.

5. But when I tried to step forward I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over.
1). “A + be + 倍数 + as +形容词原级 + as + B”. This tree is three times as tall as that one. His father is twice as old as he.

2). “A + be + 倍数 +形容词比较级 + than + B ”

The Yangtze River is almost twice longer than the Pearl River.

The number of students in our school is three times larger than that in theirs.

3). “A + be + 倍数 + the +名词 (size,
length, amount) + of + B”

The newly broadened square is four
times the size of the previous one.

经过实验,这种细胞已经变得有那种细胞的三倍大了. 1. After the experiment, this cell has become three times as large as that one. 2. After the experiment, this cell has become twice larger than that one. 3. After the experiment, this cell has become three times the size of that one.

6. ... “walking does need a bit of practice now that gravity has changed.”
......既然引力改变了,走路也的确需要 练一练了。

now that同since相似,语气较弱,强

1. 既然你忙, 就让我给你做吧。

Now that you are busy, let me do it for you.
2. 既然人都齐了, 咱们开始干吧。

Now that everyone is here ,let’s start work.

7.We watched, amazed as fire broke out on the outside of the spaceship as the earth’s gravity increased.

amazed 是过去分词,此处做状语用 他进来的时候没有人注意到. He came in unnoticed . _________
break out (战争,争吵,疾病等)爆发
它与happen, take place, come out等词的用法一样,

1) 战争爆发

The American Civil War broke out in 1861.
美国内战爆发于1861年。 2) 发生争吵

A quarrel broke out between them.

3) (火灾)发生 A fire broke out in his house last night.


break down
打破; 毁掉; 破除; 坍塌; 坏掉

break in
破门而入; 打断

break away from
脱离政党; 打破陈规

break through
突围; 突破

break up
打碎; 拆散; 分裂; 分解

break one's word/promise
食言; 说话不算数

solar system 1.太阳系 _____________ in time 2.及时,总有一天 _____________ prevent from 3.阻止,制止 ______________ depend on 4.依靠,信赖 ______________ cheer up 5.感到高兴 ______________ now that 6.既然,由于 ______________ spread 7.蔓延 ______________ 8.一般而言 ______________ generally speaking as well as 9.除了---之外还 ______________ make a trip into 10. 作一次太空旅行______________ space

get the hang of 11.熟悉,掌握 _____________ break out 12.突发,爆发 _____________ multiply 13.增多,使繁殖 _____________ atmosphere 14.大气层,气氛 _____________ As time went/goes by 15.随着时间的流逝____________ be different from 16.与…不同 ______________ cool down 17.冷却 _______________ weightlessly 18.失重地 ________________ global warming 19.全球变暖 ________________ gravity 20.地心引力 ________________

lay eggs 21.产卵 _____________ on its surface 22.在表面上 _____________ twice as far as 23.两倍远 _____________ lucky enough 24.非常幸运 _____________ explain to sb 25.向某人解释 ____________ get close to 26.靠近,接近 ______________ be off 27.出发,动身 _______________ encourage the development 28.促进---的发展________________ of--from within their body 29.从他们的体内________________ methods of doing sth 30.做某事的方法________________


Collect passages about gravity. Prepare for speaking.

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