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高二英语必修 5 第一单元测试题
班级__________姓名__________得分__________ I.单项填空 1. In some Muslin countries, women do not _______their faces in the public. A. reveal B. uncover C. expose D. disclose 2. If

I take this medicine twice a day, it should _____my cold. A. recover, B. hold C. restore D. cure 3. The boy is often found _____in reading books. A. absorbs B. is absorbed C. absorbing D. absorbed 4. My watch has stopped. Can you get it ______ for me? A. to go B. going C. go D. gone 5. With a lot of difficult problems_____, the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settling 6. After being ____,he was told he was suffering from cancer. A. checked B. tested C. examined D. treated 7. The way he suggests to us doesn’t make______ A. difference B. opinions C. use D. sense II.完形填空 A successful scientist is generally a good observer. He makes full 16 of the facts he observes. He doesn’t accept ideas which are not 17 on obvious facts, and therefore refuses to accept authority(权威) as the only 18 for truth. He always 19 ideas carefully and makes experiments to prove them. The rise of 20 science may perhaps be considered to 21 as far back as the 22 of Roger Bacon, the wonderful philosopher(哲学家) of Oxford, who live 23 the years 1214 and 1292. He was probably the first in the middle 24 to suggest that we must learn science 25 observing and experimenting on the things around us, and he himself 26 many important discoveries.
Galileo, however, who lived more than 300 years later (1564-1642), was the greatest of several great men,

27 in Italy, France, Germany, or England, began by 28 to show how many important 29 could be discovered by observation. Before Galileo, learned men believed that large bodies fell more 30 towards the earth than small ones, 31 Aristotle said so. But Galileo, going to the 32 of the leaning Tower of Pisa, let fall two 33 stones and proved Aristotle was wrong. It was Galileo’s 35 of going direct to Nature, and proving our 35 and theories by experiment, that has led to all the discoveries of modern science. 16. A. use B. time C. speed D. trust 17. A. worked B. based C. lived D. written 18. A. reason B. cause C. advice D. result 19. A. thinks B. checks C. has D. learn 20. A. natural B. physical C. ancient D. modern

21. A. date 22. A. study 23. A. both 24. A. schools 25. A. in 26. A. did 27. A. who 28. A. ways 29. A. truths 30. A. slowly 31. A. although 32. A. place 33. A. big 34. A. spirit 35. A. plans

B. keep B. time B. each B. ages B. with B. made B. when B. degrees B. problems B. rapidly B. because B. foot B. small B. skill B. opinions

C. look C. year C. between C. days C. on C. took C. that C. levels C. people C. lightly C. when C. top C. equal C. theory C. world

D. take D. birth D. among D. countries D. by D. gave D. where D. chance D. subjects D. heavily D. If D. ceiling D. unequal D. discovery D. Ability

III.单词拼写(根据句意及所给首字母写出正确的单词) 36. The bell rang, a________the end of the class. 37. The hurricane lasted a week,causing millions of d__________. 38. The new railway station under c___________will be completed by the end of the year. 39. It is Mary rather you who is to b_________for the accident. 40. Mary is advised to have her eyes e__________ without delay. 41. A_____________the conference is a great honour to him. 42. It took the firemen ten hours to bring the fire under c_____________. 43. You must be very careful to h____________ such a complex case. 44. It is said that the a___________people have been separated from others. 45. Tom is so c____________ a driver as never causes accidents.

单项选择答卡 ABCD ABCD ABCD 1○○○○ 6○○○○ 11○○○○ 2○○○○ 7○○○○ 12○○○○ 3○○○○ 8○○○○ 13○○○○ 4○○○○ 9○○○○ 14○○○○ 5○○○○ 10○○○○ 15○○○○ ABCD ABCD ABCD 21○○○○ 26○○○○ 31○○○○

ABCD 16○○○○ 17○○○○ 18○○○○ 19○○○○ 20○○○○ ABCD 36○○○○

22○○○○ 23○○○○ 24○○○○ 25○○○○

27○○○○ 28○○○○ 29○○○○ 30○○○○

32○○○○ 33○○○○ 34○○○○ 35○○○○

37○○○○ 38○○○○ 39○○○○ 40○○○○


1---5 CDDBA 6---10 DABAC 11---15 CCDDC 16. 选 A。Make use of 利用; 使用; make full use of 充分利用。 17. 选 B。Be based on/upon 以?为基础; 基于? 18. 选 A。Reason 能够对一个事物的发生或它的性质作出解释的东西;cause 是导致一个事物发生的条件或原因。根据句子意思,是指“不能接受某种 权威来说明真理的合法性” ,应用 reason. 19. 选 B。check. v. 证明无误, 核对无误。意思最恰当。 20. 选 D。根据下文的内容,modern science “现代科学”意思最恰当。 21. 选 A。Date back 词组,意为“回溯至” 。 22. 选 B。Time n. 这里指“时代,年代” 。 23. 选 C。between 与 and 连用,表示“在。。和。。之间” 。 。 。 24. 选 B。The Middle Ages n.中世纪;中古时代。 (文中没有大写,应该是编 辑错误。 ) 25. 选 B。[表示使用的工具, 手段]用 with。例如:defend the motherland with one's life 用生命保卫祖国 26. 选 B。Make, do 与名词有固定搭配关系: do :bedroom, one’s best, one’s duty, favour, harm, good, shopping, … make: discovery, appointment, arrangements, a bed, a change, a decision,… 27. 选 A。Who 引导了一个省略的定语从句修饰 great men。 完整的从句是 who lived/was in … 28. 选 B。by degrees 词组,相当于副词,意为:逐渐地。 29. 选 A。根据上文意思,应为:truths. 事实, 真理, 原理 30. 选 B。Rapidly. Adv. 快,迅速地。意思最恰当。 31. 选 B。根据句子意思,应为 because conj. 因为 32. 选 C。Top .n. 顶,顶端。 Leaning. adj. 倾斜的。 Tower. N. 塔, 城堡。 33. 选 D。Unequal. Adj. 不相等的;不对称的 34. 选 A。science spirit 科学精神;world spirit 时代精神, 世界潮流 35. 选 B。opinion 意为“观点” 。 单词拼写 36. announcing 37. deaths 38. construction 39. blame 40. examined 41. Attending 42. control 43 handle 44. affected 45. cautious 完成句子翻译。 46. retired, boiled 47. disappointed, planned 48. got, worried 49. paid, by 50. written, by 51. exposed, infected 52. defeated, buried (absorbed, lost) 53, examined, by 54. polluted, lying, terrible 55.Hearing, discovered, excited 行文要素演练 Your letter reached me yesterday. It said in your letter that you were punished for using cellphones, which puzzled you. There is no doubt that cellphones can bring us much convenience. We can keep in touch with friends and families wherever they are. Besides, the cellphone is a way to fun. However, there are some problems with using cellphones. The ring of phones can disturb teachers and students in the class. It has been proved that often using

cellphones does harm to health. Another problem is that some students can spend too much time and money on cellphones and sending messages, which will result in bad results in study. As a student, he should concentrate on study. It is right for school to prevent you from using cellphones lxvoip.


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