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必修 1-Module3--My First Ride on a Train
section 1 Introduction and reading and vocabulary ≥≥≥自主学习
一. 词汇知识 (一)根据解释写出相应的单词 1. ______ space between two points or places 2. ______ natural surrounding especially in the beautiful and open country 3. ______ the top covering of the earth in which plants grow 4. ______ an animal which is good at traveling in deserts. 5. ______ to leave completely and forever 6. ______ to teach a person or an animal the skills for a particular job or activity (二)根据提示写出相应的单词形式 7. ________(n.)距离,远方? ________(adj.) 遥远的 8. ________(v.) 抛弃,离弃? ________(adj.)被遗弃的 9. ________(n.) 产品?________(v.) 生产?________(n.) 生产 10. ________(n.)风景,景色?________(n.) 自然风光 11. ________(n.) 火车?train(v.)________ 12. shot (v.)(过去式)射杀?________(过去分词)? ________(动词原形)? ________(现在分词) 二. 重点短语 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. __________上(车、船等) __________下(车、船等) ,出发,动身 __________(飞机)起飞,脱下 __________是…的简称,缩写 __________提到,涉及 __________不再 __________向…外看 __________看上去像 28. Winning the Nobel Prize was a great ______ in the scientist’s life. 29. My neighbor will move into his new ________ in the centre of the city next month. 30. My aunt bought some ______ for us when she visited the West Lake. 二. 用适当的介词填空 31. The letters UFO are short ________ unidentified Flying Object. 32. The hunter shot _______ a bird, but he missed it. 33. The car is running ________ a speed of 120 km/h. 34. There is no time. We must take a taxi ________ the airport. 35. Seeing the thief get ________ a bus, he stopped a taxi and got ________ it. 36. Some teenagers don’t agree with their parents. They think their idea has gone ________ ________ date. 37. Don’t put your hands or head ________ ________ the window of the bus. 38. His plane took ________ in Beijing and landed ______ 10 o’clock sharp in Shanghai. 三. 同义句转换 39. Reading in English is one of the fastest ways of improving your English.. ?Reading in English is one of the fastest ways ________ ________ your English. 40. We ate great meals cooked by experts. ?We ate great meals ________ ________ cooked by experts. 41. Do you mind if I smoke? ?Would you mind ________ ________ 42. He had a train ride for the first time when he was about 10 years old. ?He had ________ ________ ________ on a train when he was about 10 years old. 43. The sun shone, there was no wind and there were no clouds in the sky. ?The sun shone, and ________ wind ________ clouds were in the sky. 44. It’s strange that he should eat the raw food instead of the food that has been cooked. ?It’s strange that he should eat the raw food instead of the ________ food. 45. I met him by accident in the street 10 years ago and we have never met each other ever since. ?________ ________ 10 years ________ we last saw each other. 46. The American visited the Summer Palace for the first time, which made him very happy.

一. 请用方框内所给单词的适当形式填空 interview distance abandoned shoot train frighten exhausted event track souvenir journey apartment 21. The reporter asked for a face-to-face ________ with the manager. 22. You’d better keep a ________ from that fellow. 23. When they climbed to the top of Mount Tai, they were all ________. 24. The ghost story ________ the girl. 25. It used to be a three-day ________ on a train from Jinan to Harbin. 26. John______ two goals in the game. as a result, his team won. 27. The company __________ the workers to be more efficient.

必修 1-Module3--My First Ride on a Train
?________ ________ the first time ________ the American had visited the Summer Palace, which made him very happy. 47. The bridge which will be built next year will cost $100,000. ?The bridge ________ ________ ________ next year will cost $100,000. 48. We used to visit our parents once a month. ?We used to pay ________ ________ ________ our parents once a month. 四. 单句改错 49. Today I visited the Smiths – my first time visit to an American family. _______________________________________________ 50. If you don’t know a word, you can refer a dictionary. _______________________________________________ 51. Camels are much more better than horses for traveling a long distance. _______________________________________________ 52. I started playing with the children and soon stopped to feel nervous. _______________________________________________ 53. He shot a bird, but missed it. _______________________________________________ 五. 根据汉语翻译句子 54. 我们吃的美味饭菜是由烹饪大师们做的。 _______________________________________________ 55. 他是一位训虎专家。 _______________________________________________ 56. 小明听从了老师的建议,不再去网吧了。 _______________________________________________ 57. 当公共汽车停下时,一些乘客从前门上车,一些从 后门下车。 _______________________________________________ 58. 总统在演讲中几次提到油价问题 _______________________________________________ 六. 单项选择 59. A 60. A C 61. Her shoes ____ her dress, they look very together. suit B fit C compare D match All possible means ____ to save the patient. have tried B have been tried has tried D has been tried The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ______ his notes. A bringing up B referring to C looking for D trying on 62. –Do you need any help, Lucy? --Yes. The job is ____ I could do myself. A less than B more than C no more than D not more than 63. –What your new teacher like? --____. A She likes playing games B She works hard C She just graduated D She is tall and pretty 64. ____ interesting role she played in the film! No wonder she has won an Oscar. A How B How an C what D What an 65. After the explosion, the factory was a ____ of total confusion. A scene B situation C view D stage 66. –Why didn’t you buy the camera you had longed for? --I had planned to, lbut I was $50 ____. A fewer B less C cheap D short 67. They will ____ food and clothing ____ the homeless people. A offer, with B supply, to C supplied, for D provided, that 68. Most air pollution is caused by the burning of ____ like coal, gas and oil. A fuels B articles C goods D products 69. Usually I don’t allow ____ in my office, but yesterday I allowed him ____ here. A smoking, to smoke B smoking, smoking C to smoke, smoking D to smoke, to smoke 70.

section 2 Grammar, Listening and Speaking ≥≥≥自主学习
一. 根据英语写出相应的单词 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ________ a group of people and animals traveling around to perform skill tricks as entertainment ________ a building for sports ________ to fill (sb.) with fear ________ a school for young children of 2-5 years old. ________a set of rooms within a large building ________ a short film made by photographing a series of drawings

二. 重点短语 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ 过时的,不用的 第一次(作状语) 第一次(作连词) 我第一次参观 在空中 吓得某人某人做某事 和…一起玩

三. 观察下列句子中过去分词(短语)作什么成分,其 位置有何不同?

必修 1-Module3--My First Ride on a Train
14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. He is a respected leader. The steamed bread is delicious. After a long running, the tired people fell asleep. The little boy didn’t eat food cooked by the others. She is reading a letter written in ink. The farmers forced to work in the fields will be back at midnight. (make) in Hollywood. It was quite late when they ____51____ (come) out of the cinema. So they ____52____ (call) a taxi. On the way home, they ____53____ (talk) with the driver about the ____54____ (pollute) environment in Paris. Kate and Mattthew were ____55____ (exhaust) when they arrived at their house. What a ____56____ (tire) day! They wanted ____57____ (spend) a wonderful evening. 三. 完成句子 58. 我们看见一些被遗弃的农场。 59. 新建的宾馆在火灾中被烧毁了。 60. 我只剩下 10 元钱了。 61. 一个小时前我看见他正在河边玩。 62. 还是孩子的时候我经常在街上踢足球。 63. 你介意我把窗子开大一点吗? 64. 自从上次我们见面后我就一直忙着。 65. 他是一位受学生尊敬的老师。 四. 单句改错 66. The workers came until 8:00 a.m. 67. He tried passing the message to his boss, but failed. 68. The little girl was so frightening that we could still see her frightened look on her face. 69. Would you mind to giving me a glass of water? 70. WWW is short of the World Wide Web. 71. How clean and tidy rooms they are! 72. When we reached to the station, it began to rain. 73. We ate great meals cooking by experts. 74. The way of life will change a great deal in recent years. 75. This farm supplies the city fresh vegetables. 五. 单项选择 76. –I have some big news for you. You’ve been accepted as a member of our club. --____ That’s great! A Have I ? B Pardon? C Congratulations! D Good idea! 77. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was ____. A out of sight B out of reach C out of order D out of place 78. –Do you mind if I record your lecture? --____. Go ahead. A Never mind B No way C Not at all D No. You’d better not 79. Last Sunday, we paid a visit ____ the zoo. A to B for C on D in 80. –When shall we meet, at 6:00 or at 6:30? --____. A At any time B You make the time C Well, either time will do D Any time is OK.

四. 比较下列短语,过去分词作定语与-ing 形式作定语 有何不同? 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. the risen sun the rising sun fallen leaves falling leaves boiled water boiling water developed countries developing countries

五. 下列句子有什么特点?说明了什么?
28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. Is there anything planned for tonight? Is there anything that has been planned for night? That is something unheard of in history. That is something that was unheard of in history. Suddenly there appeared a young girl dressed in white Suddenly there appeared a young girl who was dressed in white. We were given some printed question papers. We were given some question papers that had been printed. Polluted air and water are harmful to people’s health. Air and water which have been polluted are harmful to people’s health.

一. 根据词性和汉语意思写出单词,并适当拓展 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. __________ (n.)海滨 __________ (n.)运动场,体育馆 __________ (n.)幼儿园 __________ (n.)公寓 __________ (n.)漫画,卡通 __________ (vt.)使吃惊?________(adj.)受惊的,害 怕的?________(adj.)令人害怕的,可怕的

二. 语法填空:用所给词的适当形式填空 Kate and Matthew ____44____ (be) on a trip to Paris. They went to a museum first and ____45____ (see) some paintings there. After that, the ____46____ (have) a delicious meal ____47____ (cook) by experts in a restaurant. In the afternoon, they ____48____ (go) to a circus and watched the ____49____ (train) animals performing. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they watched a film ____50____

Section 3 Everyday English and function and Cultural Corner

必修 1-Module3--My First Ride on a Train
一. 词汇知识 (一)根据解释写出相应的单词 1. ______ a person who conducts an interview 2. ______ important things that happen 3. ______ very tired 4. ______ business centre of a town or city 5. ______ space that is completely empty of all gas 6. ______ an object that you keep to remind yourself of sth. (二)根据提示写出相应的单词形式 7. ________(v&n.) 面试,面谈?_______(n.) 主考官,面 试者? ________(n.) 参加面试者,接收采访者 8.________ (adj.) 疲惫不堪的? ________(v.)用尽,取出 二. 重点短语 9. __________拍电影 10. __________坐飞机旅行 11. __________过…样的生活 12. __________以…的速度 13. __________参加…的开幕仪式 14. __________打破记录 33. 他的农场延伸到河边 ________________________________________________ 五. 单项选择 34. Peter received a letter just now ____ his grandma would come to see him soon. A said B says C saying D to say 35. The Russian and Chinese governments are asked to ____ the peace talks. A play part in B take part in C take a part in D play role in

Section 4 Writing ≥≥≥自主学习
一. 写出下列单词与短语 1.早早地出发 ____________ 2.长距离的旅行 ____________ 3. 参观____________ 4. 感到快乐____________ 5. 玩得高兴____________ 6. 在度假___________ 7. 乘船____________ 8. 用了大量的时间做某事 二. 翻译下列句子 1. 他用了一生的时间来写这部小说 ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 2. 到了山顶后我感到筋疲力尽。 ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 3. 那个姑娘站在那儿看着,直到火车消失在远处。 ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 4. 下午游客们有机会去放松一下或去欣赏一下风景。 ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ 5. 五点的那班飞机已经起飞了,你不得不坐下一班。 ________________________________________________

一. 根据汉语意思或首字母填空 19. When we arrived at the stadium, the opening ______ (仪式) had begun. 20. The train jumped the ________(轨道), we needed some time to repair it. 21. You should create v________ conditions if you want to do this experiment. 22. Every tourist would like to buy some s________ in the local shop when they travel. 23. Nowadays many old people don’t like living d______, for it is very noisy there. 二. 用适当的介词填空 24. You can see the picture more clearly _____ a distance. 25. This school trains students _____ electronic engineers. 26. His mother told me that he would be back ____ one year. 27. It’s enjoyable to go for a walk ____ such a sunny morning. 28. He really wants to keep the secret ___ Molly and him. 三.根据汉语意思翻译句子 29. 校运会开幕式将于周四上午 8 点举行。 ________________________________________________ 30. 声音以每秒 340 米的速度传播。 ________________________________________________ 31. 你介意我用一下你的随身听吗? ________________________________________________ 32. 经过一天令人疲惫的工作,我感到筋疲力尽了。 ________________________________________________

你能说出下列句式的含义吗? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. She is an expert on…___________________________ The city is two hours’ journey by car from here. _____ It took/takes sb. some time to do sth. _____________ What do you think of…? ________________________ How do you feel..? ____________________________ I really enjoyed the trip to…_____________________ The trip to… impressed me greatly. _______________ What a…+n! _________________________________ How +adj…__________________________________ It is +adj. to do sth…. _________________________

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