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外研英语必修三module1 language points


Module 1 Europe
Language Points

1. It has four countries with one government with 短语做伴随状语 如:中国是一个有着悠久历史的国家。 China is a country with a long history. 2.Fra

nce is Europe’s third largest country and faces the United King across the English Channel. =France is the third largest country in Europe…

3. It looks like a boot. look like 看起来像,在此处相当于be like 如: (1) 他像他的父亲。 He is like his father. He looks like his father. (2) 她长得一点也不像她母亲。 She looks nothing like her mother. 除此之外,be like 还可以用来征求意见。如:

(1) 在西班牙念书怎么样?
What’s like studying in Spain?

(2)昆明的天气怎么样? What’s the weather like in Kunming? (3)他的新朋友怎么样?(此处指人品、性格) What’s his new friend like? 4. Twenty percent of the country is covered by islands. 分数、百分数、the rest作主语谓语动词的形式 要根据分数、百分数所指代的名词来确定。

如(1)这项工作的三分之二已经完成了,剩下 的我们正在着手做。 Two thirds of the work has been finished and the rest is being done.
(2)到目前为止,百分之八十的学生已经写完了 他们的功课。 So far 80% of the students have finished their homework.


80% of the population in China _______ farmers. are 5. Paris is the capital and the largest city of France situated on the River Seine. 巴黎是法国的首都,也是法国最大的城市, 坐落在塞纳河畔。 Situated on the river seine是过去分词作定语, 修饰 Paris。本句中on the river seine的意思是 “在塞纳河畔”

表达“位于??”,“坐落于??” 可以用用 以 下两个词组: be situated in /on/ from… be located in /on/ from… 如(1)我的卧室位于房子的顶层。 My bedroom was situated on the top floor of the house. (2)办公室距离火车站步行只需几分钟。 The offices are located just a few minutes’ walk from the train station.

6. The city is also famous for it’s restaurant

café s and theatres.

be famous for = be known for be famous as = be known as be known to


Jinan is famous/known for the Baotu Spring.

She is more famous/better known as a

writter than as a singer.

As a writer, Hemingway is well-known to the

7. Barcelona is the second largest city of


the second largest city 第二大城市
“第几大(小、长、短)”等的表达为:the + 序数词+形容词最高级。

The Yellow River is the second longest river

in China.

8. Gaudi worked on the project from 1882

until his death in 1926.

work on 不断工作,从事某工作。 如:他正在写一本新的小说。 He is working on a new novel.

【拓展】 其他关于 work 的短语: work hard at 努力学习/工作

work out 算出,制定出
work to sth 根据??行事

work towards sth努力达到,设法达成
work up to do 逐步发展到/逐步达到

例句 (1)他正在努力的学习数学。
He is working hard at math. (2 )对一个十岁的孩子来说,这个问题太难 解决了。 This problem is too difficult to work out for a

ten year-old boy.

We’re working to a very tight deadline. (4)我们正在努力地达成协议。 We’re working hard towards an agreement. (5)我开始在公园里慢跑,后来逐渐增加到一天 跑5英里。 I began by jogging in the park and worked up to

running 5 miles a day.

9. During the Renaissance, some of the greatest painters of all time lived and work in Florence. 在文艺复兴时期,历史上一些最伟大的画家 在佛罗伦萨生活和工作。 of all time 有史以来 如:谁是中国有史以来的最伟大的作家? Who is the greatest writer in China of all time?

关于 time 的短语还有: at any time at no time sometime some time 在任何时候 决不、在任何时候都不 一段时间


at a time
ahead of time


We will give up at no time.

We will not give up at any time.

I’ll come to see you sometime next week.

I’ll have to stay at the hotel for some time.

例句(4)我们得逐一去见校长。 We had to go and see the principle one at a time. (5)他们提前三天完成了他们的工作。 They finished their work three days ahead of time.

10. Their work has influenced other writers
ever since.

influence vt 对??有影响。


My teacher influenced my decision to study

【拓展】 to have influence on / upon sth / sb对某人或 某事产生影响。 如:他的话对他女儿产生了强烈的影响。 His words had a strong influence on his daughter.

(2) ever since (…) 从那时起;从??以后。
如:① 我曾经被狗咬过,从那以后我一直都很

I was bitten by a dog once and I’ve been afraid

of them ever since.
② 他自从18岁起就有车了。

He’s had a car ever since he was 18.

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语提示写出该单词的正确形式。 1. The g_____ allery is having a show of French oil paintings. 2. The white bird pigeon is a s_____ ymbolof peace and freedom.

3. We were impressed by the ruins of the
a_____ ncientbuilding, which was built many years ago. 4. Tom, who designed the great building, is considered to be a good a________. rchitect

5. The w_____ riter of the book lived in the
eighteenth century.

6. This _____ (项目)seems to be very project attractive.

sculpture (雕刻品)of 7. We saw __________
ancient Roman gods yesterday. birthplace (发 8. Philadelphia is the __________ 源地)of the United States.

9. That tall building is seen as a(n) landmark (标志性建筑) in this ___________

civilization (文明) is one of 10. Chinese __________ the oldest in the world.

II. 用适当的介词或副词填空。 1. He is considered to be the most famous of all time. play writer _____ 2. It was because _____ of the bad weather that the football match had to be put _____. off in the heart of 3. The school is situated _____ the city.

4. “Fe” is the chemical symbol _____ for iron. of the land in that district 5. Two fifth _____ by / with trees and grass. is covered __________ 6. The Chinese Communist Party was

in the 1920s. founded _____

1. Revise what you have learnt during this period of class. 2. Get ready for Grammar.

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