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(浙江专用)2014届高考英语一轮复习 课时作业(二) Unit 2 English around the world 新人教版必修1


[必修 1

Unit 2 English around the world]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our learning efficiency? —I

f you make________most of forty?five minutes' classes day after day,there will be________switch in grades. A./; / B.the; a C./; a D.the; / 2.The director will by no means turn the actress away ________ her qualification for the role. A.because of B.regardless of C.in spite of D.despite of 3.—It's many years since I saw you last time; I ________ you at all. —I wouldn't have, either, if someone ________ you by the name. A.didn't recognize; hadn't called B.didn't recognize; didn't call C.haven't recognized; didn't call D.recognized; had called 4.He tried to get his work ________ in the medical circles. A.to recognize B.recognizing C.being recognized D.recognized 5.Don't respond to any emails________personal information,no matter how official they look. A.searching B.asking C.requesting D.questioning 6.Safety? There is ________ thing as safety here now! A.not such B.no such C.not a such D.no such a 7.—Do you need any help, Lucy? —Yes. The job is ________ I could do myself. A.less than B.more than C.no more than D.not more than 8.It's always difficult being in a foreign country, ________ if you don't speak the language. A.extremely B.naturally C.basically D.especially 9.—Alvin, are you coming with us? —I'd love to, but something unexpected________. A.has come up B.was coming up C.had come up D.would come up 10.________ on a true story, the film is well worth ________.


A.To base;to see B.Based;seeing C.Basing;being seen D.Basing;seeing 11.Even if he has been a teacher for 20 years, Peter has a good and serious attitude towards his work, for which he gains a lot of ________. A.competence B.motivation C.expectation D.recognition 12.A lot of countries have gained great achievements in space technology, ________ China and India. A.for example B.that is C.such as D.in other words 13.When Mom looked back on the early days of their marriage,she wondered how they had managed with ________ money. A.so few B.such few C.so little D.such little 14.I am afraid he's more of a talker than a doer,which is________he never finishes anything. A.that B.when C.where D.why 15.—You smoke heavily, so I think it's hard for you to give up smoking. —________,I've made it. A.Never mind B.Take your time C.That's all right D.Believe it or not Ⅱ.阅读理解 My dad was never the kind to offer many words of love or encouragement. But we knew he loved us?He just had his own way of showing it.

When I was a teen, we were seasonal campers at a family campground almost an hour outside the city where we lived.Each family had their own campsite with water and electric,and you basically parked your camper there from May through October. Most “seasonals” visited them every weekend during those months, with the occasional week?long stay. There were plenty of other kids who camped seasonally each weekend, and they came to be some of my closest friends. Of course, many of them were boys. We kids paired up with our little boyfriends or girlfriends,and we'd hold hands as we walked around the campground. We'd play ping?pong, have some snacks, and sing songs. Most weekends were pretty similar, but the couples would change. You'd see so?and?so with a different so?and?so than they were with the weekend before. You know how it is when you're a teen—a three?week relationship is a really long time. So, needless to say, my teen years were spent with quite a few different boys. But every single one of them had something in common?They'd all received the Evil Eye.


The Evil Eye was a magical sort of thing. One simple look from my dad, and the boy immediately knew not to mess_with me.It was as if he could send his warnings through invisible laser(激光) beams that shot directly from his eyes to the boys' brains. “You will not put your hands on my daughter?You will not kiss my daughter?You will not even whisper sweet things into my daughter's ear.” I remember one night in particular walking with a boy around the campground after dark. We came from one direction, and my dad from the other. The boy and my dad locked eyes for a brief second, then the boy dropped my hand like a hot potato and turned away, giving me a quick “See you later.” Yes, that's the Evil Eye: best way ever to keep wandering teen boys' hands away from your daughter. 16.The Evil Eye in the passage implies that ________. A.Dad gets angry easily B.Dad's eyes are evil C.Dad's eyes are ugly?looking D.Dad's eyes are protective to his daughter 17.The underlined words “mess with” in Paragraph 5 most probably mean “________”. A.cause trouble for B.make untidy C.get married to D.talk to 18.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.As teenagers, we went camping every weekend. B.We made lots of friends during the seasonal camping. C.We had regular boyfriends or girlfriends and enjoyed ourselves. D.The boy dropped my hand and turned away because he loved the Evil Eye. 19.It can be inferred from the passage that the author ________. A.is a teenage girl who loves her father B.is a teenage boy who hates his father C.is now an adult who has come to understand her father's love D.used to be a naughty boy who changed girlfriends now and then Ⅲ.[2012·浙江卷] 任务型阅读 下面文章中有 5 处(第 20~24 题)需要添加小标题。请从以下选项(A、B、C、D、E 和 F)中 选出符合各段意思的小标题。选项中有一项是多余选项。 A.Slow Down Your Life B.Escape Now and Then C.Separate Your Actions D.Allow Yourself to Be Weak E.Relieve Pressure by Firmly Saying “No” F.Stop Expecting Everything to Be Perfect How to Simplify Your Life Less is more. This is why we say: reduce things by half instead of doubling them, get rid of junk instead of piling it up, relax instead of stressing, slow down instead of speeding up. Apply these principles in your everyday life in a conscious way. You will then find yourself well along on your journey to simplification. 20.________


When you concentrate on one task, you find you have energy that you didn't even know you had. Just imagine: you are at a fair and you have to carry two heavy pigs over 100 yards. If you keep grabbing one and then the other, it will take forever, because one of them will keep slipping out from under your arm and running off. But if you tie one pig in a place, pick up the other, gather all your strength and make a dash for the finish line, pause for a moment, run back and get the other one, and with great determination, carry the second pig to the finish line, then you can be sure of success. 21.________ The pressure at work is on the increase in all occupations. In the modern nuclear family, the expectations that formerly would have been shared among all the relatives are now concentrated on the individual partner. If you have the feeling that 24 hours per day are not enough for all the things you need to do, then it's not because the day has too few hours, but because you have too many activities. A simple fact that overloaded people often tend to forget. The solution is equally simple: refuse to accept so many work assignments in your private life or your working life. 22.________ “I can handle stress” is regarded as a positive statement in the world of work. People who can handle stress are given more and more to cope with—until one day they break. Pay careful attention to the signs that tell you that you are under more stress than you can cope with. These signals can come from various areas of life. You become ill, or your work efficiency decreases. If you have any of these symptoms, change your life goals and decrease your tolerance of stress. Say quite openly, “I can't manage that.” 23.________ “If only I were slimmer, more beautiful, richer, more clever, then I would be happier.” This is a dream that makes a lot of people ill, depressed, and unhappy. Life has its flaws, defects, corners, and edges. Only those who accept this reality can lead a really full life. Of course there are activities in which errors are dangerous:driving a car, crossing the road. But life doesn't consist entirely of these things. In among them there is a lot of room for small and large mistakes. 24.________ Successful people all have their own places where they can withdraw in order to work. Find out which places improve your creativity. For me it's the train. When I know that I'm going to be traveling for four hours without phone calls and people knocking on my door, I find my mind is free and I can read or write complex articles. There can be problems working on the train, of course: if the person sitting opposite you keeps talking away, or if train trips make you tired(some people fall asleep after a few miles).


课时作业(二) Ⅰ.1.B 考查冠词用法。make the most of 充分利用;第二个空表示“数量一”,用 a。 a switch 一个改变。 2.A 考查介词短语的含义。句意:导演绝不会拒绝那个演员,因为她适合这个角色。 3.A 考查动词的时态和虚拟语气。句意:——自从我上次见到你已经有好多年了;我刚 才根本没把你认出来。——如果没有人叫你名字,我也认不出你。第一空用一般过去时表示刚 才(过去)发生的事实;第二空根据主句“I wouldn't have(recognized)”可判断。 4.D 考查过去分词作宾补。recognize 与句子的宾语 his work 之间是动宾关系,所以 要用被动形式,据此可将 A 和 B 排除。答案选 D,“get+宾语+过去分词”使??被?? 5.C 考查动词辨析。request 意为“请求,恳求,恳请,要求,需要”,常用于委婉地 说明自己的需要,有礼貌地正式地向他人提出请求,语气比较委婉,往往用于恐怕对方不能答 应的场合。在该句中表示“不要回复任何索要个人信息的电子邮件”。search 意为“寻 找”;ask 意为“问”;question 意为“询问,讯问,审问”。 6.B 考查词序。no such+单数名词,意为“没有这样的??”,此处 such 指代“这样 的,那样的,下述一类的”。 7.B 考查固定短语。由答句中 yes 可知,后面指“这项工作我自己完不成”。故答案为 more than“多于,超过”。less than=no more than“小于,少于”;not more than“至 多”。 8.D 考查副词辨析。extremely 的意思是“极端地”;naturally 的意思是“自然 地”;basically 的意思是“基本上”;especially 的意思是“特别地”。从句意看出,应填 especially, 强调不会说那个国家的语言会感到更加困难。 9.A 考查动词时态(现在完成时)。句意:——艾琳,你要和我们一起去吗?——我想 去,但是发生了点意外。现在完成时表示过去发生的动作或事情对现在造成了一定的影响,符 合语境,故答案选 A。B 项表示过去某段时间正在进行的动作或所处的状态;C 项表示过去的 过去;D 项表示过去的将来要发生的事情,均不符合语境,故排除。 10.B 考查短语的搭配及非谓语动词的用法。句意:由于以真实的故事为根据,这部电 影很值得看。base on 以??为基础,base 与其逻辑主语 the film 之间为动宾关系,故用过 去分词形式作状语;be worth doing 值得做,doing 为主动形式表示被动含义。 11.D 考查名词词义辨析。句意:即使彼得当老师已经 20 年了,他对于自己的工作还是 抱着良好认真的态度,这为他赢得了广泛的认可。competence 意为“能力,胜任”; motivation 意为“动机,积极性”; expectation 意为“预料,期望”; recognition 意为 “承认,认出,赏识”。根据句意可知 D 项正确。 12.C 考查短语辨析。such as 用于部分列举,后紧跟例词。for example 后跟逗号隔 开;that is 相当于 in other words 意为“也就是说,换句话说”。 13.C 考查 so 和 such 的用法。根据语境可知,此处表示“如此少的钱”。few 修饰可 数名词,故首先排除 A、B 两项;当不可数名词前有 many,few,much,little 修饰时,只能 用 so 而不能用 such,这是一种固定用法。故此处 C 项正确。又如:so many books 这么多 书;so few people 这么少的人;so much money 那么多的钱;so little milk 那么少的牛 奶。 14.D 考查表语从句。很显然,前文所说的(他是一个空谈家而不是一个实干家)是下文 (他一事无成)的原因。由此可知应该选 why。 15.D 考查情景交际。句意:——你吸烟很严重,我认为你很难戒掉。——信不信由 你,我戒掉了。 Ⅱ.深沉的父爱不必用言语表达,那令人望而生畏的眼神诠释着父亲对女儿的挚爱。 16.D 推理判断题。结合文章最后三段的内容可推知父亲的眼神对女儿有保护作用。 17.A 词义猜测题。下一句提到作者父亲的目光是在警告男孩,由此可推测其含义是 “给??招惹麻烦”。


18.B 细节理解题。根据第二段最后两句的内容可知他们当时结交了很多朋友。由第二 段第三句可知他们并不是每周末都去野营,故 A 项错误;由第三段第三、四句话可知他们经常 更换朋友,故 C 项错误;由倒数第二段中的“dropped my hand like a hot potato”可知那 个男孩儿害怕 the Evil Eye,故 D 项错误。 19.C 推理判断题。根据第二段开头部分的时间状语 When I was a teen 可知本文是作 者对过去的回忆,再结合最后一段推知作者现在已经是成年人,已经开始理解父亲的爱。再由 第六段的内容可知作者当时是一个小女孩,故选 C 项。 Ⅲ.20~24 CEDFB


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