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Introduction,reading and language points



apartment block

second floor


a five-storey building

a house which is two storeys hig


high-rise building

Where does he live? · in the south of China · in the city of Guangzhou · in a suburb · in the north east of the city · a small apartment on the third floor · a five-story apartment block

Zhang Hua

Where does she live?
· in the countryside · in southern Liaoning · about fifty miles away from the city of Dalian · a house which is two storeys high and is made of local stone Lin Xiaoyun

● Write three or four sentences describing your home. ● Compare your homes in groups

of four.


Look and guess

Which city do the pictures show

1. This city lies in the southeast of China; 2. It is a seaside city; 3. It has a famous Island -----GuLangyu Island.

Xia Men

Fast reading
choose the correct answers.
1. John Martin is visiting ___________. (a) Xiao Li’s hometown

(b) a town near where Xiao Li lives
(c) a shopping mall

2. Xiao Li lives _________. (a) on the island of Gulangyu (b) in Xiamen (c) in a town to the northwest of Xiamen 3. John and Xiao Li are _____. (a) at Xiao Li’s home (b) driving around the city in a car (c) on a train

Read the passage carefully and complete the chart below

The city
The people

attractive, lively and interesting

friendly 1._______
Wet in summer, cold in winter

Xiamen (Xiaoli’s Home -town)

climate 2. ______ business 3._______ district
Western district Gulangyu 4.______

Put up a lot of high -buildings and great shopping malls
there are some pretty parks gorgeous, with some interesting architecture

Language points

1. It’s been six years since we last saw each other. 自从我们上次见面已经有6年了。 ① It is /has been +一段时间+since 从句 (谓语动词为延续性动词的过去时态) 自从不做…至今已有多久了 ② It is /has been +一段时间+since 从句 (谓语动词为瞬间动词的过去时态 自从做…至今已有多久了

①It’s five years since Lucy lived in China. 路西有五年不住在中国了。 她父亲有10年不吸烟了 It’s ten years since her father smoked. ②It has been three years since my brother came back from America 我哥哥从美国回来已经三年了。 It’s two years since her husband died.


? ? ? ? ? ? ?

③since+过去的时间 since+时间+ago since+从句(从句常用一般过去时) 主句常用现在完成时 We have worked here since 2008. We have worked here since two years ago. I have been a panda lover since I was a child.

①As is reported, it is 100 years _____Tsinghua University was founded. A when B before C after D since ②-It’s a long time _____ I saw you last. - Yes ,and what a pity it is now that it will be a long time ___we see each other again. A before; since B since; when C since ; before D when; before

2. …this is the first time I’ve visited your hometown. 这是我第一次来你的家乡。 ★ 表示“这是某人第几次做某事” 常常用 “This /It is the first /second…/last time (that) …”这个句型。that 常省略。 主句用一般现在时, 从句用现在完成时; 主句用一般过去时 , 从句用过去完成时。 That was the first time I had been to a KTV.

? It is the first (序数词) time that 主语 +have/has +done ? It is the first time that I have spoken in public. ? It was the first (序数词)time that主语 +had +done ? It was the first time that I had spoken in public.

翻译下列句子: 1)-昨晚的电影怎么样? -噢,棒极了!这是我第一次看如此 有趣的电影。 -How do you find the film last night? -Oh, wonderful! It was the first time I had seen so interesting a film.

2) 这是这位教授最后一次给我们做报告。 This is the last time the professor has given us a talk.

? ①-Do you know our town at all? ? -No, this is the first time I ____here. ? A were B am C was D have been ? ②- Is this the first time you ___Chengdu? ? -No, But the first time I ____here ,the city wasn’t so beautiful. ? A visited; came ? B visited; have come ? C have visited; have come ? D have visited ; came

3. This is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to. 被形容词最高级所修饰的名词后的 定语从句中,一般用完成时态。 ★ This is the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. 这是我所吃过的最美味的食物。

★译: 她是我见过的最美丽的姑娘 She is the most beautiful girl I’ve seen.

4. Pretty hot and wet in the summer, but it can be quite cold in the winter. 夏天相当热,相当潮湿;冬天则非常冷。 ★ pretty 在此处是程度副词,意为“非常, 相当”。 ★ After a whole day’s hard work, I feel pretty tired. 辛苦工作了一整天我感到很累。

▲猜一猜: ★ The moment the king saw the pretty girl, he fell in love with her. (此处pretty为形容词,意为 “漂亮 的”。)

5. Now we’re leaving the business district and approaching the harbor. 现在, 我们正离开商业区向海港靠近。 ①approach v. 接近,靠近 ★ Our new teaching building is approaching completion. 我们的新教学楼就要完工了。
★ 译: 圣诞节就要到了。 Christmas Day is approaching.

★②approach:方法,靠近,通路 ,后接介 词to the approach to the study the approach to the airport At the meeting ,they discussed three different ____to the study of mathematics. A approaches B means C methods D ways

? ③be leaving 进行时表将来“即将离开” ? We are leaving for Shanghai to attend a meeting. ? ▲在英语中,表示趋向的位移动词 come ,go ,leave ,arrive ,die ,take off等, 其进行时表将来。 ? That old man is dying. ? I’m coming ? The plane is taking off.

? ?Unfortunately, when I arrived ,Doctor Li ______for Beijing to attend a meeting, so we only had time for a few words. ? A just left B has just left ? C is just leaving D was just leaving

6. So they tell me.
他们就是这样告诉我的。 1)“so +主语+助动词/系动词/情态动词”, 意为:某人/某物确实是…… ―I saw the movie.‖ ―So I did .‖ 2) ―so +助动词/系动词/情态动词+主语”, 意为: 某人/某物也是……

“I saw the movie.‖ ―So did he.‖

3) ―主语+动词+so‖, 意为某人这样做了
It’s one of the most interesting cities on

the coast, everyone says so.
4) ―neither /nor+助动词/系动词/情态动 词+主语”, 意为 某人/某物也不。 Bob wasn’t at school yesterday, neither/nor was Jack.

5) It is the same with sb./sth. 或So it is with sb./sth. 表示两种或两 种以上的情况也适用于……
? ①_Mary was born in Australia and she lived in the United States. _So it was with Jane./It was the same with Jane. ? ②_I like English but I can’t study it well. ? _So it is with my brother.

7. put up 建造, 搭起 1) 将在曾经有过一个古庙的地方建一 座新剧院。 A new theater will be put up where there used to be a temple. 2) 他们一到就搭起了帐篷。 They put up their tents as soon as they arrived.

另外, put up 还有其它意思: 3) He put up his hand to catch the teacher’s attention. 举起, 抬起 4) A new notice has been put up on the board. 张贴, 挂起 5) Will you put me up for the night? 住宿, 留宿 6) My landlord wanted to put up the rent by 10 pounds a week. 提高, 提升

? 拓展: put on 穿上,戴上 pot off 延期,推迟 put out 扑灭;出版;伸出;生产 put down 写下,记下;制止,镇压 put away 收拾好,储存 put forward 提出(建议) put up with 忍受 put aside 把……放在一边

8. be made of 由……制成(能看出原料) be made from由……制成( 看不出原料) be made up of 由...…组成 be made out of 由……制成 be made into 被制作成 be made in 在……制造 be made by 由……制造

1) 这张木头椅子看起来很硬, 但坐起来很 舒服。 The chair made of wood looks hard, but it is comfortable to sit on. 2) 纸是木头制成的, 也就是说, 木头可以用 来造纸。 Paper is made from wood. That is to say, wood can be made into paper.

3) 这台彩电由中国制造。 The color TV is made in China. 4) 大多数风筝由手工制成而不是机器。 Most of the kites are made by hand not by machine. 5) 一支球队由11名队员组成。 A football team is made up of 11 members.

9. What’s the climate like? What be +主语+ like? How be +主语? What do +主语+ like? How do you find…? How do you like…? What do you think of…? What do you think of China? How do you find the film last night?

? ①—How _____ the concert held yesterday? ? — I______ such an excellent one. ? A did you like ;never saw ? B did you like ;have never seen ? C have you liked ;never saw ? D have you liked ;have never seen

1. _______ my sister three times today but her line was always busy. A. I’d phoned B. I’ve been phoning C. I’ve phoned D. I was phoning 2. It is almost five years____ we worked together to fight against the criminals. A. before B. since C. after D. when

3. As I _____ the little house in the forest, my heart beat faster and faster. A. approached B. waved C. bothered D. heard

4. -Tom, the concert is beginning. Why do you look so angry? -______! I had my ticket stolen. A. Terrific B. What’s the trouble C. What fun D. What a nuisance 5. He has been studying French very hard so now he is able to read it _____ well. A. quietly B. pretty C. rather D. generally

6. --- Tom has grown taller than before

--- _____, and _____.
A. So he has, so have you

B. So he has, so you have
C. So has he, so have you D. So has he, so you have.

7 --- It was careless of you to have left your clothes outside. --- My God! _____. A. So did I B. So I did C. So were you D. So did you

? 8 This is one of the highest buildings that _____in our city recently. ? A has been built B build ? C have been built D have built ? 9 – Do you smoke ? ? -- ______ .It’s three years since I smoked. ? A Yes ,I do B No, I don’t ? C Not too much D A lot

Retell the Text:
Xiao li is showing John around his hometown---Xiamen in a car. has ____six been years _____ since they last saw each other. And this is It _____ ____ the first time John ____ has ______ visited Xiao li’s hometown. John ___ _______ beautiful has seen quite a lot of China and ___ has _______some visited but he believes this is one of the most _________places attractive cities,____ he living in the city____ ____ ____ ____. has been to Xiao li feels very fortunate _____ on the coast and he loves living by ___ the seaside. pretty hot and wet in the summer but it The climate ______ in Xiamen is ______ can be _____ quite cold in winter. district the Xiao li showed _____ John to an apartment block ______, a business _______, harbour and the ________ western district, and then they went to a _____ nice ____ _____ restaurant ____ little fish for lunch.

Give a description of your hometown, using the words and expressions given below. location and area population landscape and rivers climate nature and environment history language and religion economy life and culture specialty (特产) local flavor (风味小吃)

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