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高中英语选修七 Unit3 Under the sea 检测题及答案

霍市三中 高中英语选修七 Unit 3 Under the sea

Unit 3 Under the sea 学案七(复习课)
日期__________________________学案数______________________ 课时__________________________课型________________________ 三维目标:1 Use the passive-ing form. 2 Review the words and phrases that have learnt in the reading passage. 3 Use the passive-ing form to express your personal feelings. 学习重点:How to do the exercises correctly with passive-ing form. 教学难点:How to understand the passive-ing form better. 学习过程:

1.每年的;年刊__________________________ 2.目击;目击者________________________ 3.在…对面;相对的;相反的______________ 4.住宿,住所_________________________ 5.逃离;逃跑___________________________ 6.深度;深处_________________________ 7.催促_________________________________ 8.放弃;遗弃_________________________ 9.(血缘)关系;交往___________________ 10.保护;保存_________________________ 11.目标;靶____________________________ 12.锐利的;敏捷的____________________ 13.意识到…____________________________ 14.上下翻转__________________________ 15.被吓死了_____________________________ 16. 回忆…思考….;反省…______________ 17.帮助(某人)摆脱困难或危难________________________ 18.把….分类_________________________ 19.在此期间;与此同时_________________ 20.举起_____________________________

1. The past 20 years has w__________ great changes in Shenzhen. 2. I will do my utmost to help you find________(住处) . 3. In his early days he ______ (放弃) medicine for literature. 4. Hearing that the famous star was about to appear, the fans y__________ and cheered. 5. We hope to have an income of an average _________(每年的) growth rate of 10%. 6. The escaped prisoner was _____________ (拉) out of the cave. 7. Though I can speak English, Chinese is my mother t___________ (语言). 8. He told us some amusing _________ (轶事) of the President's childhood. 9. They had an ____________ (令人敬畏的) task ahead. 10. Human brains contain more than 100 million __________ (细胞) per cubic (立方) centimeter. 11. The width of this river is 50 meters and its average d___________ is four meters. 12. Mount Tai is well worth visiting. I was completely struck by its b___________. 13. The water here is very s_________, while the water there is rather deep. 14. He broke the law and ____________ (逃离)from his hometown. 15. The teacher has a very good ____________ (关系)with his students. 16. He gave us a ___________(生动的)description of the event. 17. The mountains are r____ (反射,倒影) in the clear water, forming a pleasant picture. 18. The shears aren’t sharp enough to cut the grass. They need _____________ (磨快,使锋 利). 19. The cakes are __________ (可口) sell well. 20. He live on a ______________(退休金).

三、完成句子 1. I hope to go to medical college. ________ ________ ___________(与此同时), I am going to study chemistry. 2. He ________ ________ ___________(意识到) his shallow English suddenly. 3. We are likely to finish the task ________ ________ ___________(提前) . 4. ________ ________ ___________ (纯粹是偶然机会) he found the rare book he needed in a little shop. 5. The burglars had ________the house________ ___________(翻得乱七八糟). 6. Many newspapers ________ ________ ___________ ________ ___________ (反映了儿 童们的看法). 四、语法填空(2014 年广东高考语法填空) Last year, my brother and I went to Miami for a vacation. Some of my friends who had been there before said_16_____ was a wonderful holiday destination. Before we went, we had planned for months. When the day came, we were ready. After our plane landed, we went to the hotel. We had made our reservation six months__17____ (early), but the man at the front desk said there had been a mistake. We 18_____ (tell) that our rooms hadn’t been reserved for that week, 19_____ for the week after. I didn’t understand 20____ this would happen and my credit card had already been charged 21______ the reservation. What’s worse, the hotel had been fully booked. When we were wondering what to do, the manager came out. She was 22_______(surprise)helpful. She apologized for the mistake and gave us a spare VIP room on 23_______ top floor. We had never stayed in such an amazing room, and we weren’t charged extra. The next day, my brother and I went to the beach 24______ we watched some people play volleyball. We got a little 25________(sunburn) ,but the day had been so relaxing that we didn’t mind.

霍市三中 高中英语选修七 Unit 3 Under the sea

五、阅读理解 (2014 年重庆高考阅读 A 篇) I was never very neat, while my roommate Kate was extremely organized. Each of her objects had its place, but mine always hid somewhere. She even labeled ( 贴标签 ) everything. I always looked for everything. Over time, Kate got nearer and I got messier. She would push my dirty clothing over, and I would lay my books on her tidy desk. We both got tired of each other. War broke out one evening. Kate came into the room. ,Soon, I heard her screaming, "Take your shoes away! Why under my bed!" Deafened, I saw my shoes flying at me. I jumped to my feet and started yelling. She yelled back louder. The room was filled with anger. We could not have stayed together for a single minute but for a phone call. Kate answered it. From her end of the conversation, I could tell right away her grandma was seriously ill. When she hung up, she quickly crawled (爬 ) under her covers, sobbing. Obviously, that was something she should not go through phone. All of a sudden, a warm feeling sympathy rose up in my heart, Slowly, I collected the pencils, took back the books, made my bed, cleaned the socks and swept the floor, even on her side. I got so into my work that I even didn't noticed Kate had sat up. She was watching, her tears dried and her expression one of disbelief. Then, she reached out her hands to grasp mine. I looked up into her eyes. She smiled at me. "Thanks." Kate and I stayed roommates for the rest of the year. We didn't always agree, but we learned the key to living together: giving in. cleaning up and holding on. 1. What made Kate angry one evening? A. She couldn't find her books. B. She heard the author shouting loud. C, She got the news that her grandma was ill. D. She saw the author's shoes beneath her bed. 2. The author tidied up the room most probably because___. A. she was scared by Kate's anger B. she hated herself for being so messy C. she wanted to show her care D. she was asked by Kate to do so 3. How is Paragraph I mainly developed? A. By analyzing causes. B. By showing differences. C. By describing a process. D. By following time order.

4. What might be the best title for the story? A. My Friend Kate B. Hard Work Pays Off C. How to Be Organized D. Learning to Be Roommates Key: 一、1. witnessed 2. accommodation 3 . abandoned 4. yelled 5. annual 6. dragged 7. tongue 8. anecdotes 9. awesome 10. cells 11. depth 12. beauty 13. shallow 14. fled 15. relationship 16. vivid 17. reflected 18. sharpening 19. tasty 20. pension 三、1.I hope to go to medical college. In the meantime, I am going to study chemistry. 2. He was aware of his shallow English suddenly . 3. We are likely to finish the task ahead of time. 4. By pure chance he found the rare book he needed in a little shop. 5. The burglars had turned the house upside down. 6. Many newspapers reflect the opinions of children.
四、语法填空 16. it 考代词。 17. earlier 考形容词比较级。 18. were told 考谓语动词根据时态语态以及主谓一致规则的变化。 19. but 并列连词。 20. why 宾语从句的连接词。 21. for 考介词。 22. surprisingly 词性转换。 23. the 考冠词。 24. where 定语从句连接词。 25. sunburned/ sunburnt 考动词变为非谓语动词。

36. D 37. C 38. B 39.D

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