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新BOOK 4-UNIT 4 globalization

Unit 4



?Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nati

ons, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.
? 全球化是一个过程,不同的国家, 国际贸易和投资驱动的过程,信息 技术辅助下的人,公司和政府之间 的互动和整合。



Economic globalization
? With the development of science and technology, the economic globalization had been born and now it is developing in a rapid speed.

The performances of the economic globalization

The globalization of production

The globalization of production

Globalization of capital

The globalization of trade

Some examples of economic globalization from daily life

Procter & Gamble (宝洁)

Unilever (联合利华)

Financial Crisis
? 1980-1982 the world economic crisis had sent ripples across many countries, such as Germany, America, Japan, Canada, Britain, causing huge economic losses.

The Asian financial turmoil
? The tidal wave that swept Asia has been devastating, and had serious impact over the global.

Economic organizations
? European Union ? North American Free Trade Area

Economic globalisation has resulted in many businesses setting up or buying operations in other countries. Companies that operate in several countries are called multinational corporations (MNCs) or Transnational corporations (TNCs).

Top 10 multinational companies
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Wal-Mart (沃尔玛) Exxon Mobil (埃克森美孚) Royal Dutch Shell (皇家壳牌石油) BP (英国石油) General Motors (通用汽车) Toyota Motor (丰田汽车) Chevron (雪佛兰) Daimler-Chrysler (戴姆勒克莱斯勒) ConocoPhillips (康菲) Total(道达尔)

The top-ten list of the most valuable brands in the world ? 1.Apple Inc.
? 2.Google ? 3.Microsoft ? 4.IBM ? 5.Wal-Mart Stores ? 6.Coca-Cola ? 7.Mcdonalds ? 8.Mercedes-Benz ? 9.GE ? 10.Amazon These are all global transnational corporations.

The impact of economic globalization

? Advantage : (1) Promote the development of the world economy (2) Favor of developing countries to compete in the world economy ? Disadvantage : (1) Some multinational companies have unfair practices (2) International economic risks further increase the impact on developing countries

2 The political globalization
?Political globalization is evident in the growing importance of international organization. These organizations are transnational and enable states to take concerted action without sacrificing national sovereignty.
– WTO – World Bank

– United Nations

Some political organizations
? World Government Organization Coordinating Council (WGOCC)世界政府组 织协调理事会 ? Arab Summit Conference 阿拉伯国家首 脑会议 ? Group of 77 七十七国集团 ? World Health Organization 世界卫生组织 ? Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)东南国家联盟

3 The cultural globalization

The cultural globalization
? Cultural globalization is the process where by information, commodities and images produced in one part of the world enter into a global flow that 'flattens out' cultural differences.

? McD- famous fast food chains(America)

? Starbucks (America)

? Lotus(Thailand泰国)

Globalization of “ star”
? Hallyu Stars ? Hallyu Stars refer to, not those highranking line stars in South Korea, but the certain popular singers conquering the entire Asian market, or even in the world.
? 韩流明星 ? 韩流明星,而不是那些高排名在韩国的一线明星 ,但某些较受欢迎的歌手征服了整个亚洲市场, 甚至在世界上。

From Korea

From America and Europe

From China

? In the age of globalization, you can’t deny star effect(明星效应) is not the production of this era. ? Or rather, it is the very fact of globalization that can put them on the edge of superstars.
? 或者更确切地说,它是非常全球化的事实,可以把它们放 在边缘的超级巨星。

? Language

? Movies

? Architecture


Other components of globalization ? ? ? ? ? Technology Rule of law Management Interpersonal relationship International relations

western culture in China
? One typical example is Christmas Day. ? What Chinese usually do during the festival?

? you know it


More and more young people choose to be romantic at 2.14 Valentine's Day. but more and more people forget the Tanabata festival on the seventh evening of the seventh moon in lunar calendar.


Globalization today ,western culture come into China ,and at the same time the Chinese are also infulencing today‘s world. More and more foreigners know about the Chinese and Chinese food.

More than 300 Confucius Institute all over the world

Chinese writting

Chinese Kangfu

Chinese Dressing

Cultural globalization

Advantages: ? Strenghten cultural communication ? Make progress in native culture ? Disadvantages: ? Create cultural homogenization(同 质化)


? More and more, national economies are now integrated into a single global marketplace through trade, finance, production, and a dense web of international treaties and institutions.

? Nevertheless, there are several negative aspects about globalization as well. ? In short, globalization influences everything in the world.

Unit 4
In Search of Davos Man

New Words

? globe地球、球体 ? global-----globalize-----globalization

sweep aside: clear away or get rid of suddenly or forcefully; refuse to pay attention to

例句:They swept all the objections aside.

sweep away sweep out sweep over sweep up

扫清,迅速消灭 扫掉, 清除 眺望,环视 打扫干净,收拾干净

? en-或-en表示“使------” ? 如:encourage ? enforce实施 ? soften ? sadden

asset: n. 1) (usu pl) money or property that a person or company owns 例句:Currently, they have $6,230,000 in assets. 2) an advantage or a resource A sense of humor is an important asset for any teacher.

词组: capital / fixed assets 资本/固定资产 cash assets net assets 现金资产 净资产

liquid/ circulating/ current assets 流动资产

? hesitate—hesitation----hesitant

? journal期刊、杂志 ? journalism新闻业 ? journalist记者


nanometer 纳米(十亿分之一 nano 纳,毫微 nanotechnology

? ?

? ? ?

consider considerate考虑周到的 considerable 相当大的、相 consideration


? ? ?

impede阻碍、妨碍 impeded被妨碍的 unimpeded不受阻碍的

? ? ? ? ?

inter--- 互相、在---之间 internet intercity international interconnect

advantageous: adj. helpful and likely to make you successful

? “advantageous” 的名词形式为 “advantage” 。 ? disadvantage---------disadvantageous不利的 ? 与其搭配常用的短语是: ? “have the advantage of” “有优势”; ? “take advantage of” “(以不正当手段)利用 ,占便宜

de-- 否定前缀
? nation----national----nationalize ? ----nationalization---denationalization
? decamp(撤营)decode(解码)deforest( 砍伐森林)decolonize(非殖民化) devaluation(贬值)

? ? ?

species物种 ecospecies生态物种(ecology) superspecies

vanish: vi. disappear suddenly, especially in a way that cannot be easily explained 例句:My keys were here a minute ago but now they’ve vanished.
? vanish, disappear, evaporate ? 这三个动词均有“消失”之意(下一页)

? vanish 语气强,指完全、往往是神秘 而突然的消失,不留任何蛛丝马迹。 ? disappear 普通用词,强调从视线或脑海 中消失。这消失可能是暂时的、突然的 或永久的. evaporate 指像水蒸发时那样悄然逝去,也 指某人悄悄地、突然退出或离去。

? ?

facility设施、设备 facilitate使容易、使便利

odds 可能性、机率
at odds with: in conflict with; disagreeing or quarrelling with 例句:The government decision to raise taxes was at odds with their policies on inflation.
Collocation: take odds 占优势 it makes no odds 没有关系 at odds 矛盾,不一致

? be committed to: promise to do (sth.); be devoted to A lot of money has been committed to this project. 中国承诺发展低碳经济。 China is committed to pursuing a low carbon economy.

? ? ?

vary 变化、不同 various variety

? endorse: vt. give support or approval to The Prime Minister is unlikely to endorse this view. I fully endorse the measures taken to improve

safety standards.
Collocation: endorse a proposal

/ an idea
/a candidate 赞成提议/想法/候选人

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

accelerate 加速 decelerate减速 acceleration deceleration

ascend 上升 descend 下降

? ? ?

economy economic economics经济学

? ?

demography 人口统计学 demographic

1.to go past a moving vehicle or person because you are going faster than they are He pulled out to overtake a truck. 他驶出车流,以超过一辆卡车。 2.to become greater in number, amount or importance than sth. else 我们决不能让竞争对手超过我们。 We mustn’t let ourselves be overtaken by our competitors.

1.to take the place of sb./sth. Gradually factory workers have been Displaced by machines 工厂的工人已逐渐被机器取代。 2.to force sb. to move away from their home to another place

let alone:

much less; not to mention 他连带领保龄球队的本事都没有,更别提领导 国家了。 He was incapable of leading a bowling team, let alone a country.(下一页)

let sb./sth. go 放开,松手;放弃,摒弃 let sb. down 不能帮助,不能支持,使失望 let sth down 放下,降低,降下 let sb. out 使某人解脱 let sth. out 发出(叫声等) let sb./sth. be 别打扰,不干预 let sth. drop / fall 无意中说出,不经意透露


contra- 相反、反对 contrary contrast对照,对比 contradict 发生矛盾

? ? ? ?

? ? ?

aspire 渴望 aspiration抱负、渴望 aspiring 有抱负的

strike a balance (between A and B)
to manage to find a way of being fair to two opposing things to find an acceptable position which is between two things (在对立二者之间)找到折中办法;平衡(对 立的双方)

? ? Strike a balance between study and social activities .

? Text A ? In Search of Davos Man ? Scan the text (within 15 minutes) ? and finish the following tasks.

Part Division of the Text
Part Para(s)
1 1~3

Main Ideas
Introduction to Davos Man and the World Economic Forum. Debate over the impact of globalization on current society and culture. History of globalization and its recent trends and future prospects. Globalization versus nationalism and the challenges it faces

2 3

4~5 6~8

Match the ideas
In the text, there are many names and ideas mentioned. Scan and match the idea presented in Column B with the person in Column A. There are more names listed.

Column A 1. John Chambers

2. Alex Mandl
3. Patrick Sayer 4. Klaus Schwab 5. Valerie Gooding

Column B A. There are still too many barriers to cross-border business in Europe, let alone the world. B. Manila woman are strongly patriotic. C. Cultural identity should be local and national in nature. D. U.S. and European companies are now facing high-quality, low-cost competition from overseas. E. I see myself as American without any hesitation.

True or False
1. People call William Browder an American, because he was born in Princeton, New Jersey, grew up in Chicago, and ( F) studied at Stanford University in California.

William Browder was born in Princeton, New Jersey, grew up in Chicago, and studied at Stanford University in California. But don’t call him an American.
2. Browder believes that national identity makes no difference ( T) for him.

3. Alex Mandl is also a fervent believer in globalization. He never views himself as an American. ( F) He sees himself as American without hesitation. 4. Davos man refer to the members of the international business é lite who trek each year to the Swiss Alpine town for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

( T)

5. At the World Economic Forum, the issues discussed include everything from post-election Iraq and HIV in Africa to the global supply of oil and the implications of nanotechnology. ( T)

6. Professor Samuel Huntington describes Davos Man as an emerging global superspecies and a threat. ( T)

The characteristics of Davos Man
? ?

Davos man spends a lot of time in places other than his native country. Davos Man sees their identity as a matter of personal choice, not an accident of birth.
Davos Man believes that globalization, the unimpeded flows of capital, labor and technology across national borders, is both welcome and unstoppable. Davos Man sees the world increasingly as one vast, interconnected market-place in which corporations search for the most advantageous locations to buy, produce and sell their goods and services.


Key to Exercises

Unit 4 Globalization

Integrated Course 4

Ⅰ. 1. 1) advantageous 2) let alone 3) witnessing 4) landmark 5) entitled 6) displace


7) Establishment
8) patriotic strengthen 9) contradictions

10) aspires
11) divorced 12) pendulums

? 2.

1) come to 2) dozed off 3) believed in 4) was set apart 5) take in 6) sucks in 7) clean up 8) turn away

Ⅱ. Word Formation
WTO World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织 GDP gross domestic product 国内生产总值 ATM automated teller machine 自动出纳机 VAT value-added tax 增值税 CAD computer-aided design 计算机辅助设计 IT information technology 信息技术 IDD international direct dialing 国际直拨电话 MTV music television 音乐电视 Radar radio detecting and ranging 雷达 IOC International Olympic Committee 国际奥委会 VIP very important person 贵宾,大人物 Laser light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation 激光 CPU central processing unit 中央处理器

Ⅱ. Translation

1. 1) Due to his pessimistic outlook on the European economy, John has moved his assets from Europe to elsewhere. 2) I like hiring young people. They are earnest learners and committed to work. 3) Unlike her girl friends who center their lives on their children, Mary cares more about her personal growth.

4) Why is it that a considerable number of colleagues are at odds with you? 5) The Chinese government has introduced a variety of policies to strengthen cooperation with developing countries.


Globalization has great implications for young Chinese. For example, young farmers are moving on a large scale to urban areas to look for jobs. And for those young people who aspire to study abroad or work in foreign-invested enterprises, English has become increasingly important.

At the same time, a considerable number of overseas Chinese students have returned home in recent years, for they hold an optimistic outlook for the long-term growth of the Chinese economy. The Internet has strengthened the links between Chinese young people and those elsewhere. They follow the latest trend and copy foreign fashions.

Some of them don’t seem to care for traditional Chinese virtues, let alone carry them forward, which has given rise to worries that the traditional Chinese culture might one day vanish.

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