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必修一Unit 2课文知识点详解

Unit 2. English around the world 课堂讲解 一、知识讲授 1、more than (1)、more than + 数字,意为“超过,多于” ,相 当于 over。 eg:I’ve known David for more than 20 years. 我认识戴维二十多年了 (2)、more than one + n.(单数)意为“不止一 个??”

,在语意上虽为复数,但作主语时, 谓语动词用单数形式。 eg:More than one girl holds such a view in this school. (3)、more than +n.,意为“不只是,不仅仅”; “ more than +形容词”相当于“很,非常” ; “not more than 意为“最多” “至多” ,相当 于 at the most;No more than 意为“仅仅” “只 有” ,相当于 only; eg:Her speech was more than good. It was perfect. 注:more than 修饰名词、数词、动词,还 是修饰形容词、副词、分词以及整个句子, 都要放在被修饰成分的前面。

【拓展】 no more ...than 和...一样不(两者都否定) not more...than 不如...(前者不如后者) more ? than ?比 ? 更 ?;与其说 ? 倒 不如说 ? 2. In some important ways they are very differe nt from one another。在一些重要方面,他们彼 此差别很大。 way n 路线;方法;途径 way 是可数名词,单数形式可加 a 或其它跟定 词, 亦可以用复数形式,表示 “在?方面; 以? 方式” ,常用介词 in。 ① only in this way can you work out the proble m。 只有使用这种方法你才能解决问题。 归纳总结 in the way 挡道 in a way 某种程度上 in no way 绝不 by way of 途径 by the way 顺带一提 way 后接定语时有 3 种方式: 1、 way to do sth 2、 way of doing sth 3、 way+that/in which/省略+从句 小试牛刀:

② __________________ ( 顺 便 问 一 下 ), where has he gone? ③ I will buy some bread___________________ (在回家的路上) 。 3.Why not go by underground? 为什么不坐 地铁去呢? Why not do ?是个常用句型,用来提建议,意 为 ―为什么不?‖ 思考: what about?和 how about?也用于提建 议,它之后的动词是什么形式? 小试牛刀: How about ____________?我们去游泳怎样? 4. the road to ?通向??之路 5. at the end of 在??末端,在??尽头, by the end 最后(=finally) 6.Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don ’ t speak the same kind of English. 以英语作为母语的人,即使他们所讲的语言不 尽相同,也可以相互理解。 native English speakers 以英语作为母语的人 even if 是个连词短语,引导让步状语从句,含 义是“即使,尽管” 。让步状语从句的动词用一 般 现 在 时 表 示 将 来 假 设 。 Even if 相 当 于

even though。 潜心辨析:even if/though 与 as if/though 前者引导让步状语从句, 意为 “即使” , “尽管” ; 后者引导方式状语从句, 意为 “仿佛” “好像” 。 I can still remember_______________it was so long ago. It seems____________our team is going to win. 7.For example,India has a very large number of fluent English speakers. China may have the largest number of English learners 潜心辨析:a number of/the number of 小试牛刀: 1、a number of 意为“一些,若干” ,后接复数 名词或代词, 作主语时谓语动词须用复数形式。 Number 前可用 large,great 等词修饰。 2 、 the number of 意为“~的数量”中心词是 number,作主语时谓语动词须用单数形式。 二、语法讲解 (一) 祈使句变间接引语 直接引语是祈使句,变为间接引语时,要变成 ask/tell/order sb. (not) to do sth.的句式。 人称、

时间状语、地点状语按要求作相应变化。 “ Please don’t disturb me,” he said to the boy. →He asked the boy not to disturb him. “Stay here until tomorrow,” said my mother. →My mother told me to stay there until the following day. (二) 直接引语变间接引语时事态不变的几 种情况 1、 当直接引语阐述的是一成不变的科学真理、 习惯性动作、客观事实、格言、谚语等时,变 为间接引语时其时态不变 He said,” Nothing is too difficult if we put our heart into it.” →He said that nothing is too difficult if we put our heart into it. My teacher said to us, “ The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.” →My teacher told us that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 2、当直接引语中有明确的过去时间状语,变 为间接引语时,时态不变 “When did finish your homework last

night?” Jim said to Anne. → Jim asked Anne when she finished her homework the day before. 3、当直接引语中主句是一般现在时,变为间 接引语时,其时态不变 He says, “I have accepted her suggestion.” →He says that he has accepted her suggestion. 4、如果直接引语中从句是虚拟语气,变为 间接引语时,时态不变。 “I insist that you give up smoking,” said the doctor. →The doctor insisted that I give up smoking. 5、有些情态动词没有过去式,当直接引语变 为间接引语时,可以用原来的形式,也可以用 其他形式表达 “You mustn’t cross the road against the red light,” said the policemen. →The policemen said that I mustn’t cross the road against the red light. 课堂训练 一、根据句意以及首字母提示完成单词 1、Mr. Wu doesn't like the W ______-way of life, so he came back to our hometown last year.

2、She has a very large v____________ and she can read English novels now. 3、His n___________ language is not Chinese but he can speak it fluently. 4、Judging from his a_______, he must be from North East of China next to each other. 5、What the British call “petrol” the Americans call “g____________”. 6、The UN is an i__________ organization that tries to solve problems between countries 7、In this part of the city, you can see ancient and m_______ buildings next to each other. 8、It is the duty of a g_______________ to provide education for the children of its countries. 9、I love working abroad and meeting people from different c__________. 10、We are concerned about the p__________ situation in the Middle East. 11、A_________, I’ve known Barbara for years since we were babies. 12、 Jet Li has played lots of leading r_______ in Kong Fu films. 13、Though I hadn’t seen Lily for ten years, I

r_______ her voice immediately I picked up the phone. 二、单项选择 1、 Many of them turned a deaf ear to his advice, ______they knew it to be valuable. A.as if B.now that C even though D.so that 2、Mr. Huang will ________ in the movement. A. play a leading part B. take parts C. play leading part D. take a part 3 、 We discussed where to go for a whole morning, but we decided to stay at home_____. A. at the end B. by the end C. in the end D. on end 4、_____ of the students who took part in the military training is 450. A. A number B. A lot C. Lots D. The number 5 、 Sometimes ________ English is quite different from _______ English in many ways. A. speaking, writing B. spoken, written C. speaking, written D. spoken,

writing 6、Can you tell me if you have found the key ________ your car. A. for B. to C. about D. by 7、When we visited Zhou Zhuang again ten years later, we found it changed so much that we could hardly ________ it. A. remember B. think about C. believe D. recognize 8、It is so nice to hear from her, _______, we last met more than 30 years ago. A. what’s more B. that’s to say C. in other words D. believe it or not 9、They lived a hard life and were often made _______ for over ten hours a day. A. work B. to work C. to working D. worked 10、Do you have any difficulty ________ A. on listening B. to listening C. for listening D. in listening 11 、 Please tell me the way you thought of _______ the garden.

A. take care of B. to take care of C. taking care of D. to take care 12、Can you explain how it _______ that you missed the morning classes A. came across B. came to C. came up D. came about 13、China Daily is ____ a newspaper, for it can also serve as a useful textbook for English study. A. more than B. more or less C. less than D. more and more 14、The leader of the factory told us that very little _______ was made of the waste material in the past. A. cost B. value C. use D. matter 15、The reason_____ being late for the meeting was ____ his little son fell ill this morning. A. for, that B. why, that C. for, because D. why, because 16 、 You made the same mistake for _____ second time, dropping____ “n” in the word “government”. A. a, the B.a , a C. the, an D.

a, an 17、 The president, together with his bodyguards, _____ to the nuclear station_____ there was an accident 20 minutes ago. A. have come, which B. came, in which C. has come, where D. came, in where 18、“Not all of the dinosaurs were dangerous”. This sentence means____ . A. none of the dinosaurs were dangerous. B. all of the dinosaurs were not dangerous. C. few of the dinosaurs were dangerous. D. no dinosaurs were dangerous 19、-He asked Tom, “Have you finished your homework?” -He asked Tom______ . A. if had he finished his homework. B. whether he had finished his homework. C. if he had finished homework.

D. if you had finished your homework. 20、He realized she was crying ________ what he had sad. A. because B. because of C. as D. since

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