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Unit 3

A healthy life 基础落实

1.Those between 16 and 18 are adolescents (青少年). 2.The interview made me feel stressed (有压力的). 3.The company decided to reduce production (产量).

4.The problem isn’t stated (陈述) in the letter which I got.

5.This training can increase your

comprehension (理解) of Britain English.
6.You’ve put me in an awkward (尴尬的)

7.There is to be a total ban the office. on smoking in

8.It took him a while to accustom
the idea.

himself to

9.We decided it was time to quit the city. 10.It’s illegal to drive through a red light.

Ⅲ.重点短语再现 1. due to 2. addicted to 对?? 3. accustomed to 习惯于?? 4. decide on/upon 对?? 5. in spite of 6. feel like (doing) 想要(做)?? 7. take risks (a risk)

8. get into
9. stand for 10. be concerned with/in sth. 与某事物有关,

1.I do hope so because I want you to live as

long and healthy a life as I have.我的确希 望你把烟戒掉,因为我希望你能像我这样活得健
考点提炼 so表示“ 这样,如此 ”,可用来替代 整个句子或某一情况的全部。常与动词think, expect,hope,believe,suppose,imagine,guess等 及形容词afraid I suppose/think/imagine so等有两种否定形式: I don’t suppose/think/imagine so或I suppose/think/imagine not 但是,hope和afraid的否定形式通常只用I hope not或I’m afraid not。

2.It seems amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometres in an afternoon.在我这个年纪,依然很健康,能一下 考点提炼 It is+形容词+that从句,真正的主语 是 that从句 。常见的用it作形式主语的复合句结 It is a fact (a shame/a pity/no wonder...)that...

It is said
(reported/decided/suggested...)that... It seems (happened/doesn’t matter/has

turned out...) that...

3.You can have HIV in your blood for a long time,but eventually HIV will damage your immune system so much that your body can no

longer fight disease.你可以在血液里携带艾滋
病毒很长时间,但最终它会破坏你的人体免疫系 考点提炼

这是so...that...引导的 结果 状语从

句,意为“ 这么/那么??以致于?? ”,常用 句型为:so+adj./adv.+that;so+adj.+a/an+可数 名词单数形式+that从句; so+many/much/few/little+名词+that从句。

重点单词 1.stress
...drug abuse, stress (回归课本P17) 观察思考 Your headaches are because of stress. I can’t stress enough the need for


归纳总结 stress n. 压力;紧张;重点;重音; vt. 加压力

(1)under stress
under the stress of在?? in the stress of the moment stress sth. (2) lay/place/put stress on sth. (3)stressed adj. stressful adj.

即学即用 (1) Jane’s been under a lot of stress since her mother’s illness. (2) He stressed the importance of a good

(3) Stress should be put on diseases. the prevention of

This means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it. (回归课本P18) 观察思考 He has already been accustomed to the

tropical climate in the area since he has
stayed there for almost ten years. 他在这个地区生活了将近十年,所以已经习惯了 I’m not accustomed to getting up so early to do morning exercises.



accustomed adj. 习惯的;通常的
(1)be accustomed to become/get accustomed to习惯于(不延续的动作) unaccustomed adj. (2)accustom vt.(与介词to连用)使习惯于??;

accustom oneself/sb.to doing sth.使自己/某人 习惯于;养成??

即学即用 (1)我花了一段时间才逐渐适应了所有的新规章制度。 It took a while for me to accustom myself to

all the new rules and regulations.
(2) He took his accustomed seat by the fire.

You must accustom yourself to the new environment.

When I was young,I didn’t know much about the harmful effects of smoking. (回归课本P18 观察思考 He criticisms had the effect of

discouraging him completely.
I can certainly feel the effects of too

many late nights.
I tried to persuade him,but to no effect.


归纳总结 effect n.结果;影响;效力

(1)have an effect on
put/bring sth.into effect come into effect/take effect ( 法律、规则或制 度) to no effect in effect (2)effective adj.

即学即用 (1) Inflation is having a disastrous effect on the economy. (2) It won’t be easy to put the changes into effect . (3) The new tax rates come into effect from April.

If you weaken and have a cigarette,don’t feel ashamed. (回归课本P19) 观察思考 She was ashamed of having failed in the examination. She was ashamed to tell anyone that she had fallen in love with him. He is ashamed of his shameful conduct.


归纳总结 ashamed为 表语形容词 ,意为“感到惭愧或羞耻

(1)be ashamed of (doing) sth. 因(做了)某事而
be ashamed to do sth.耻于做??;因难为情而不

be ashamed that...对?? (2)shame n. shameful adj. shameless adj.

易混辨异 ashamed,shameful (1)ashamed指某人因某事而感到羞耻、惭愧、害臊 (2)shameful指事情或行为本身可耻、不道德。

即学即用 (1) I feel almost ashamed that I’ve been so lucky. (2) I cried at the end and I’m not ashamed to admit it. (3) I felt ashamed to ask for help. (4)

It is a shame that you can’t stay with us.

He felt he had to make up his mind on every step instead of taking risks .(回归课本P20) 观察思考 Fishermen face a lot of risks in their sea lives. I’m afraid I’m a poor risk for life insurance—my health is too bad. 我恐怕不是人寿保险的对象,因为我的健康很差。 The brave man risked his life in trying to save the boy. I couldn’t risk missing the train. 我不能冒误火车的危险。

归纳总结 risk n.危险;风险;v.使冒险;冒??的风险 (1)at risk

at the risk of...冒着??
at all risks face/run risks/a risk

take risks (a risk) to do sth. 冒险做??
(2)risk sth.以?? risk doing sth.冒险做?? risk one’s life to do sth.冒着生命危险做某事


The whole future of the company is at risk. (2) People with fair skins are more at risk
of skin cancer.

(3) We can’t run the risk of losing all the

重点短语与句型 6.due to
I think my long and active life must be due ___ to the healthy life I live.(回归课本P18) 观察思考 The accident happened due to the heavy fog. My toothache is due to too much sugar,for I have a sweet tooth. 牙痛是由于我吃了太多的糖,因为我喜欢吃甜食。

归纳总结 due to意为: 由于,因为;在句中可作 表 语、 状 语等,不可

be due to do sth.
be due to sth./doing sth./sb. 归因于某事/做某 事/某人;欠某人?? be due for sth.应有;应得到


due to,owing to,because of,thanks to
这四个介词短语都表示“由于,因为”,除due to外 Because of/Owing to/Thanks to his careless driving we had a bad accident. (1)due to可以引导形容词短语,在句中作表语或定

The accident was due to careless driving.
事故是驾驶不慎造成的。 (2)owing to引导的副词短语多用于修饰复合句,常与


的公告或公开的声明中;because of用来表原因,常 All flights into London Heathrow have been delayed owing to the thick fog. (3)thanks to表示由于某人或某事的原因,主句所述 事实才得以发生,一般表积极意义,但有时也有讽刺 Thanks to your help,we finished the task ahead of time. It was thanks to your stupidity that we lost the game. 我们输了,应归于您的愚蠢。

即学即用 (1) The team’s success was largely due to her efforts . (2) He arrived late due to the storm . (3) Most of the problems were due to human error .

(4) He came back late, owing to/because of the heavy rain . (5)他拒绝仅仅因为下雨就取消比赛。(修饰to call off He refused to call off the game simply because of the rain .

7.in spite of
In spite of all his efforts he failed. (回归课本P20)

We went out in spite of the rain. Kelly loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much. 虽然她丈夫酗酒,凯莉仍然爱着他。

归纳总结 in spite of意为: 尽管,虽然;不管,不顾 (1)out of spite in spite of oneself (2)in spite of+n.=despite (prep.)+n. =regardless of+n. (3)in spite of the fact that... (同位语从句) =(al)though+ 注意 in spite of为介词词组,与介词despite及

regardless of一样,其后可跟名词、动名词及其他
短语。意义基本相同,但regardless of只有“不 管,不顾”之意。though,although也有“虽然,尽


即学即用 (1) In spite of the bad things he has done (尽管他干了坏事),I still believe in his

essential goodness.
(2)He did very well at school in spite of having to do part time jobs every now and then (尽管他不时地干些兼职). (3) In spite of the bad weather(尽管天气恶 劣),he still insisted on going there on foot.

8.get into
Of course the best way to deal with these drugs is not to get into the habit in the

first place! (回归课本P20)
观察思考 I’m sorry I got you into trouble with the teacher. He got himself into the habit of smoking. 他染上了吸烟的习惯。

归纳总结 (1)get into作“陷入”讲时,指进入某种特殊状 态,如get into debt负债;get into trouble/a

rage/a temper惹上麻烦/发怒/
(2)get into作“养成做某事的习惯;学得做某事之 常规”讲时,常构成get into the way/habit/

routine of doing sth.结构,意为:学做某事的方
法/养成做某事的习惯/ (3)get into get (sth.) across (to sb.) (使某事为某人)理

get along/on with get around/about get away (from)

get back
get close to get down to

get over
get through get together

(1) He used to be afraid of heights but he has got over that now. (2)

The business went worse and worse soon he
got into debt .

(3)微笑可以帮助我们在一个到处是陌生人的世界里 A smile can help us get through difficult situations and find friends in a world of strangers. (4)

The professor often gets across the questions which are difficult to

9.As you know,if you do the same thing over and over again,you begin to do it automatically.你知道,如果你反反复复地做

典例体验 As we know ,smoking is harmful to one’s health.

The sun heats the earth, which is very important to us.

He opposed the idea, as could be expected. The weather turned out to be very good, which was more than we could expect . 超出我们的预料,天气结果非常地好。

归纳总结 as/which 由as,which引导的 非限制性定语从句 ,as和which

当于and this或and that。并且在定语从句中都可

(1)as引导的定语从句 可 置于句首,而 which
(2) as 代表前面的整个主句并在从句中作主语 时,从句中的谓语必须是系动词;若为行为动词, 则从句中的关系代词只能用 which


(1)“as+adj./adv.+as+主语+其他”或“not so/as+ adj./adv.+as+主语+其他”,意为:像/不像??那样。 (2)as引导状语从句,常可构成“as+主语+动词+其他” 的形式,意思是“当??时候;因为;按照;正如”。

(3)as常用于句首,用来构成倒装句型,构成“adj./ adv./v./n....+as+主语+其他”的结构形式,意为 “虽然??” (4)在被讲解句中as用作引导定语从句。as引导定语从

②当先行词被the same ③as指代前面或后面所提到的句子,通常as后面跟 know,expect,show,report,believe,announce,be known,be expected

即学即用 (1) Very much as he likes her ,he is shy of telling her. (2) She got a good mark, as was expected . (3) Do it as I told you . (4) As he said ,we could not finish the work. (5) She is not so clever as her sister (is clever).


These days my teeth give me much trouble ;if you never suffer from it you won’t feel it
troublesome .(trouble) 串联扩展 n.(v.)表坏的情绪 后缀 trouble忧虑;麻烦 -some 引起的, fear恐惧,畏惧 造成的 bother麻烦,不便 adj.派生形容词 troublesome带来麻烦的 fearsome 样子可怕的 bothersome 令人厌烦的

meddle管闲事 weary使人感到疲 倦 -some 引起的, 造成的

meddlesome 爱管闲事的 wearisome使人感到疲倦 的 worrisome 令人烦恼的 tiresome 令人讨厌的, 讨厌的

worry使人担心, 发愁
tire使??疲劳, 疲倦

2.利用合成法,品句选词 Mr.Wan is a brave comrade.Where

danger,he always comes to the
the workmates like him. A.fore B.there

B is A . C all


串联扩展 词① 词② fore向前的 合成词 therefore因此,为此 thereabout 大约;在附近 thereafter从而,因此

about大约;附近 there adv. (那里)(住 那里)

of表所属关系 to到??地方去 upon在??上

therein 在那里,在其中
________ thereof 在其中;由此 thereto随之,附之

thereupon 于是,因此, 随即

【例1】So sudden C time to escape. A.did the attack C.was the attack that the enemy had no (山东高考) B.the attack did D.the attack was



置于句首时,其所在句子的谓语应用部分倒装形 式,故选C项。 课文原文 It is not easy to stop smoking,but millions

have managed to quit and so can you .

【例2】—It’s the office!So you eating is not allowed here. —Oh,sorry.




C.may 解析



句子用来责备对方且带有命令的语气,所以空格 处应选择must。 课文原文 I think my long and active life must be due

to the healthy life I live.

【例3】 D

the project as planned,we’ll

have to work two more hours a day. A.Completing B.Complete


D.To complete



课文原文 It was impossible to see more than twenty yards ahead of you,so all the cars were travelling very slowly.

【例4】The weather was D A.really

cold that I

didn’t like to leave my room.(全国Ⅰ高考) B.such

解析 课文原文


He was so upset about himself that he felt like crying.

【例5】By the time he realizes he C

into a

trap,it’ll be too late for him to do
anything about it. A.walks C.has walked 解析 B.walked D.had walked (山东高考)

由句中realizes及it’ll be可知应用现在

的时态,故排除B、D两项,由句意可知空白处强 调已经完成的动作,故用现在完成时。

I have just returned from a long bike ride to an old castle.

1.I was ashamed of having lied to my teacher. 2.I always dream of having an a utomatic dishwasher,so I won’t wash dirty dishes myself. 3.I think the company places too much stress on cost and not enough on quality. 4.She was suffering from physical and m ental

5.His increasing financial difficulties forced him to take d esperate measures.

6.He felt they had abused (滥用,妄用) his trust by talking about him to the press. 7.He tried to dance,but he was too clumsy and awkward (笨拙的). 8.Her position in the Party has strengthened (加强) in recent weeks.

9.New controls will come into effect (生效) next month.
10.I was disappointed (失望) to see she wasn’t at the party.

at the risk of,be ashamed of,stand for, get into,feel like,in spite of,due to, addicted to,decide on,be accustomed to 1.She felt like a princess in that dress. 2.Have the things to be bought decided on? 3.He was accustomed to the life in the mountains since his childhood. 4.He saved my life at the risk of losing his own.

5.We got into an argument about politics then. 6.He became addicted to drugs. 7. In spite of his illness,he works hard. 8.WHO stands for the World Health Organization.

9.Most traffic accidents are due to careless driving.
10.I was ashamed of not having passed the driving test.

1.If I can help it ,I don’t like working late into the night.

2.I’d appreciate it if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.
3.Catherine bought a postcard of the place she was visiting,addressed it to herself and then posted it at the nearby post office. 4.My most famous relative of all,the one who really left his mark on America,was Reb

Sussel,my great-grandfather.

5.We’ve been looking at houses but haven’t found one we like yet.

6.I’m moving to the countryside because the
air there is much fresher than that in the city.

7.I prefer a flat in Inverness to one in
Perth,because I want to live near my Mom’s.

1. The waste water from the factory does great harm to the environment in the local area. 2. Whenever you feel like talking to me,you can do it. 3. It’s likely that he will take over the manager.

4.学习时,遇到不会的问题他总是请教那位教授。 He was always consulting the professor about the problem he didn’t understand when he was a schoolboy.

5. It was being laughed at by everyone that made him embarrassed.

6. In spite of the heavy rain (尽管下着大雨),
he managed to arrive at the party on time. 7.Though his family was very poor his parents managed to send him to the university (他父母还是把他送进了大学). 8.His book is due to be published in October (预定十月份出版).

1.—I hear Tom — D playing games recently. no wonder he is easy to feel sleepy

in the class. A.is addicted to;There is B.addicts;There is

C.addicts;It is
D.is addicted to;It is 解析 此题考查时态。be addicted to sth./

doing sth.沉溺于某事;It is no wonder
that...不足为奇,二者均为固定的表达形式。句 意为:——我听说近来汤姆迷上了打游戏。——


2.My sister,an inexperienced rider,was found sitting on the bicycle


to balance it.

A.having tried
C.to try 解析



补足语”结构的被动语态形式。由于try与find的 动作几乎同时发生,且try与主语之间为逻辑上的


3.Although many measures A.were taken

B ,the world’s economy is still going down. B.have been taken

C.will be taken

D.are taken




4.So much of interest A.offers Beijing

C that most visitors simply run out of time before seeing it all.

B.Beijing offers
C.does Beijing offer D.Beijing does offer




5. D the website of the Fire Department in your city,and you will learn a lot about firefighting.

A.Having searched
B.To search C.Searching

解析 祈使句+and+简单句相当于if引导的条件状 语从句。

6.This is a poem that perfectly readers the poet’s feelings.


to the

B.contributes C.contains D.conveys

7.To their delight,they A.normally


got what they

had been looking forward to.

C.particularly D.originally




8.The more English words you remember,the
easier you will find A articles. A.it C.this to read English

B.you D.that

9.Children who are the Internet.

A to computer games will waste a lot of time playing them on

C.familiar 解析


be addicted to...“沉溺于??”,为固


10.He was given a special medal,for he reached his goal in sports D his disability both in legs and in eyes.

A.in case of
C.apart from 解析

B.in terms of
D.in spite of

A项in case of“以防??”;B项in

terms of...“从??角度”;C项apart from
“除??之外”;D项in spite of“尽管,不顾”。 根据题意可知D项正确。

11.I feel like


a walk.Would you like to B.to take D.taken

go with me?
A.taking C.take 解析 (做)??”。

feel like要接doing或sth.,意为“想要

12.The English teacher laid particular A on the importance of reading aloud. A.stress B.focus




语lay/put stress on,意为“把重点放在??”。

13.He quitted


to have a good rest.

C.to writing 解析

D.to write


/doing sth.意为“停止做某事”。

14.Hearing that most of the members voted against her,our monitor A.wore B a smile. B.managed



manage 设法做到;勉强完成。manage a

smile 勉强一笑。wear a smile 面带笑容,与句 意不符。control vt. 控制。“他控制笑容”的正 确表达是:He controlled his smile.

15. B

your advice,I would have been caught

in the traffic and I wouldn’t have been there on time.

A.In spite of
B.But for C.Because of

D.As for
解析 句意为:要不是因为你的建议,我就会遇 到交通堵塞不会按时到那儿了。in spite of尽 管;because of因为;as for至于,关于。


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2014人教版高二英语选修6 Unit1--3单元测试题及答案下载_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2014人教版高二英语选修6 Unit1--3单元测试题及答案下载新...