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Unit13 People精教版同步训练(可作辅导讲义)

Unit 13 能评估检测 A卷 Ⅰ.单项填空 1. To the great ________ of the citizens, no one else was infected with H1N1 except the 12 confirmed cases. A. relaxation B. disappointment C. relief D. surprise 2. Th

e project alongside with the experiment we had once devoted so much time ________ perfectly. A. to work out B. to working out C. to worked out D. has worked out 3. ________ I saw him, I thought of his father, for they looked alike. A. For the first time B. Each time C. At the moment D. The first time 4. ________ with a tough job market, many fresh graduates are dreaming of running their own business instead. A. Facing B. Faced C. Face D. To face 5. In such a tense atmosphere, it is ________ that students feel afraid. A. no wonder B. bit wonder C. not wonder D. few wonder 6. The boy talked his mother ________ buying him a home computer. A. of B. over C. to D. into 7. We should be able to do the job for you quickly, ________ you give us all the necessary information. A. in case B. so long as C. if only D. as far as 8. An experiment on animals shows that changes in time ________ in light or dark environments influence eating habits. A. spending B. to be spent C. spent D. being spent 9. —I wonder why he has been acting so strangely these days. —Recent pressure at work may ________ his behaviour. A. account for B. make for C. change for D. stand for 10. Kelly gave me a vivid ________ of her trip to Mount Tai after her return. A. explanation B. account C. imagination D. idea 11. —Have you ________ some new ideas? —Yeah.I'll tell you later. A. come about B. come into C. come up with D. come out with 12. Please ________ a list of the guests for the dinner. A. draw up B. draw in C. draw back D. draw away 13. He is the most skilled worker in the factory, so there's no doubt ________ he'll get the highest pay. A. whether B. why C. how D. that 14. The proposal was narrowly passed at yesterday's meeting, but some members at the committee expressed their ________. A. competition B. authority C. associations D. reservations 15. —Do you think playing cards is beneficial to our study? —No, if ________, it can help us kill time when we have nothing to do. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything Ⅱ .阅读理解 A When 47year- volunteer Susan Boyle stepped onto the stage of Britain's Got Talent and announced she was old unemployed, had never been married and “never been kissed, actually”, few in the audience would have wondered why. This Ms Boyle, looking unfashionable, from a village in Scotland, shocked the three judges and the audience with the song I dreamed a dream from the musical Les Miserables on a show of Britain's Got Talent, one of the hottest reality shows in Britain. She couldn't hide the awkwardness when walking to the center of the stage in a housedress, and everyone — including the judges — seemed laughing at her when she said she wanted to be as successful as Elaine Paige. As soon as she began singing, however, everyone in the auditorium fell silent, then rose within seconds to applaud her incredible voice as the celebrity judges sat openmouthed, and remained standing to the end. After her performance, one of the judges Piers Morgan said, “Without doubt that was the biggest surprise I've had in three years of this show. When you stood there everyone was laughing at you.No one is laughing now. That was amazing.”Actress Amanda Holden followed, “I'm so thrilled because I know that we everybody were against you.I honestly think that we were all being very cynical (愤 嫉 的 and I think that's the biggest wake?up call ever.” 世 俗 ) Susan obviously won over the hearts of millions around the world with sensation spreading across the Atlantic. Hollywood actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore — who between them have nearly 1.5 million followers — speak highly of her. Kutcher posted a link to the video clip (片 ). The Scottish talent made her live American debut 段 via satellite connection on CBS's The Early Show, doing an interview and singing live from her room. And she

already accepted an invitation from talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey. Now Boyle has become one of the world's hottest celebrities. The video clip of her performance has been viewed more than 50 million times on Youtube, becoming a hit on the Internet. 1. We learn from the passage that Susan Boyle ________. A. rose from a low social class B. had an unhappy marriage C. lived with a dog alone on a farm D. won the championship in the Britain's Got Talent show 2. At the beginning of the show, almost everybody ________. A. looked forward to her wonderful performance B. was attracted by her beautiful dress C. looked down upon her D. placed great hope on her 3. We can infer that ________ contributed most to her global popularity. A. the judges B. the Internet C. the newspaper D. the advertisement 4. The 4th paragraph is intended to tell us ________. A. how Susan Boyle achieved her success B. the comment made by American actor Ashton Kutcher C. Susan Boyle's influence in the USA D. Oprah Winfrey's invitation to Susan Boyle B The class of eighth grade at a Los Angeles middle school tap their rulers and nod their head to the rhythm of the rap video shown on a sereen. Their algebra teacher, LaMar Queen, uses rhyme to help them memorize seemingly difficult items to improve their grades. Queen, 26, is now known at Los Angeles Academy Middle School as the rap teacher, but his fame has spread beyond the 2,200student school in this neighborhood. He's won a national award and shown teachers and parents how to use rap to teach children.“Math is a bad word for many students, but if we put it in a form that kids enjoy, they'll learn, ” Queen said. “Rap is what the kids respond to.They don't have a problem memorizing the songs at all.” Queen's math rap came about by chance. Two months after starting at LA Academy, he was frustrated when kids said his class was boring. They thought that he looked like the singer Kanye West, so they challenged him to rap. Queen has been rapping since the seventh grade. With his students' challenge on his mind, he pushed aside work on his lesson plans and wrote a rap song Slope Intercept. Word of his rapping soon reached the school's main office. Principal Maria Borges went to look into it, and came out smiling.“It interests the kids, ” she said.“Kids seem to know all the rap songs, and it's helpful for them to remember math rules.” “Some kids who aren't even in Mr.Queen's class go around singing his songs, ” said Kejon Closure, 13, who went from a Caverage to an A. In the raps, Queen defines a math concept and works through sample problems step by step. He keeps a relaxed manner when singing with his students. Queen also tries to inspire them. His lyrics tell students “to get As on your papers”, and “to be respectful and listen to your parents”. Sometimes the students appear in the videos as a reward for good grades and behavior. 5. According to the passage, LaMar Queen has been ________ since he began to teach students at Los Angeles Academy. A. a popular teacher B. a music teacher C. a mathematics teacher D. a famous singer 6. LaMar Queen has won a national award because ________. A. he is good at composing rap songs B. his new musical production was shown on TV C. he created a unique teaching method in math D. he gave students a lot of confidence 7. We can infer from the last paragraph but one that ________. A. Queen's teaching method has been well received by both the principal and the students B. Queen makes math easy and tries to inspire his students in the rap C. Queen is willing to help the students who are not good at math D. Principal Maria Borges doesn't think it a good way to teach math by rapping 8. This passage may be taken from China Daily in the column of ________. A. society B. education C. entertainment D. biography B卷 Ⅰ .完形填空 No matter where in the world the US President travels, if he travels by air, he flies on a plane called Air Force One. It is a wellknown__1__of the United States, particularly the US presidency. Air Force One, sometimes __2__as “the flying White House”, isn't __3__a plane. It's the radio call name for any US Air Force plane __4__the President of the United States. In practice, however, Air Force One is used to refer to one of two __5__customized Boeing 747- 200B series aircraft. __6__of refueling in midair, Air Force One has __7__range and can carry the President wherever he needs to travel. Inside, the President and his travel companions __8__4,000 square feet of floor space __9__three levels, including the President's onboard living quarters, with his own bedroom, bathroom, workout room and office space.

__10__Air Force One carries the President and some trips can be quite long, the plane has a number of special __11__, many of which are found on no commercial jetliner. Meals are prepared in two fullyequipped galleys (厨 ). A large amount of food is __12__in freezers in the 房 lower sections of the plane. The two galleys can __13__100 people at a time, and the storage area holds as __14__as 2,000 meals. The plane has a lot of technology in its onboard medical __15__. The medical room has an extensive pharmacy (配 室 loads of emergency room equipment and __16__an operating table. The plane also has a staff doctor, who 药 ), travels with the President __17__he goes. The onboard electronics are __18__to protect against electromagnetic pulse attacks, and Air Force One is equipped with advanced secure communications __19__, allowing the aircraft to function as a mobile command __20__in the event of an attack on the United States. 1. A.symbol B. signal C. session D. sense 2. A.applied to B. turned to C. referred to D. pointed to 3. A.smoothly B. basically C. practically D. technically 4. A.fetching B. carrying C. searching D. removing 5. A.generally B. commonly C. naturally D. highly 6. A.Careful B. Capable C. Aware D. Proud 7. A.unlimited B. unexpected C. unmanned D. unauthorized 8. A.survive B. escape C. enjoy D. experience 9. A.in B. on C. among D. under 10. A.Because B. Before C. Unless D. So 11. A.meanings B. services C. choices D. features 12. A.hidden B. earned C. stored D. saved 13. A.protect B. keep C. feed D. treat 14. A.much B. many C. little D. few 15. A.ward B. treatment C. facility D. association 16. A.just B. only C. still D. even 17. A.wherever B. whenever C. however D. whatever 18. A.shut B. strengthened C. opened D. cleaned 19. A.approach B. technology C. condition D. equipment 20. A.center B. window C. mode D. interpreter Ⅱ .阅读理解 Alone Together, an amazing description of our changing relationship with technology, is written by Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology. In the book's first half, devoted to robots, Turkle gives out toys like the Tamagotchi, Furby, and Zhu Zhu robotic hamster (仓 ), then explores children's deep attachments to the creatures and assessments of whether they 鼠 are alive. Such quasi- set the psychological stage for what Turkle is really worried about: robot lovers. One pets woman even says that if a robot acted like it cared, she'd trade in her boyfriend. The book's second half explores the “network” — instant messages, social networks, confessional websites, and the like — and how it reshapes the self. Fifteenyearolds send and receive close to 6,000 messages a month.“They communicate all day but are not sure if they have connected.They develop friendships on social networking sites and then wonder if they are among friends.” In texting, a typical question is“Where are you? ”, not an open?ended one like “How are you? Just as robots produce confusion about whether one is alone or with ” another, Turkle sighs, “We_are_connected_to_each_other,_but_strangely_more_alone.” “What can't be denied (否 ) is that technology, with all its faults, makes life a lot easier. It allows us to get in 认 touch with more people in less time; it can make conversation simple — no small talk required. But are any of those feelings equal to the kind we feel when engaged in a real, face- face setting? Online, you can ignore others' tofeelings. In a text message, you can avoid eye contact. A number of studies have found that this generation of teens is becoming unconcerned. That doesn't spell disaster, but it does mean we might want to start thinking about the way we want to live. We've gone through terribly rapid change, and some of these things just need a little sorting out.”Turkle says. This book is not to be missed and worthy of every dollar you spend. 1. In her book, Turkle worries that ________. A. the robotic creatures are not alive B. all women would fall in love with robots C. children are addicted to keeping animal pets D. more people are lost in the world of technology 2. What can be implied from the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3? A. Internet sets us apart from each other. B. Social network is not the real world. C. Internet brings us closer to each other. D. Messages are used a lot in people's daily life. 3. If a child keeps using messages a lot, he or she may ________.

A. get engaged in small talks B. care little for others' feelings C. get stuck in many disasters D. well sort out personal relationship 4. The purpose of writing this passage is to ________. A. recommend a good book to readers B. urge people to keep away from technology C. analyze the dangers of keeping robots as lovers D. explore the relationship between human and technology Ⅲ .选做题 任务型读写 Few Americans stay in one place for a lifetime. We move from the city to the suburbs (郊 ), from high school 区 to college in a different state, from a job in one area to a better job elsewhere, from the home where we raise our children to the home where we plan to live in retirement. With each move we are forever making new friends, who become part of our new life. For many of us the summer is a special time for forming new friendships. Today, millions of Americans go on vacation abroad, and we go not only to see new sights but also — in those places where we don't feel too strange — with the hope of meeting new people. No one really expects a vacation trip to produce a close friend, but the beginning of a friendship is possible. Surely in every country people value friendship. The word “friend” to American people can be applied to a wide range of relationships — to someone one has known for a few weeks in a new place, to a close business companion, to a childhood playmate, to a man or a woman, or to a trusted colleague. There are real differences among these relations for Americans — a friendship may be shallow, casual, situational or deep and lasting. But to a European, who sees only our surface behavior, the differences are not clear. As Europeans see it, all kinds of “friends” flow in and out of Americans' homes with little ceremony. They may be parents of the children' s friends, house guests of neighbors, members of a committee, business associates from another town or even another country. Coming as a guest into an American home, the European visitor finds no obvious landmarks. The atmosphere is relaxed. Most people, old and young, are called by first names. Americans' characteristic openness to different styles of relationship makes it possible for us to find new friends abroad with whom we feel at home. Title American Friendship

Chances for Americans to make friends

Most Americans(1) ________ from place to place. Many Americans go abroad on vacation for (2)________ or meeting new people. One (3)________ for a vacation is to begin a friendship.

Ways for Americans to (4)________ the word “friend” Europeans' understanding about American (7)________

American people use “friend ” (5)________ for different relationships. Americans know the (6)________ among relations clearly while Europeans can't. Friends flow in and out of Americans' homes (8)________. Being a guest in an American home, the European visitor feels (9)________. Due to their (10)________ characteristics, Americans find new friends all over the world.

短文填词 Friends, Welcome to China. I am very pleased to tell you what to do________ (在 ……的 候 your stay in Beijing. Our 时 ) headmaster is to meet you on Monday morning and i________ our school to you. You'll be________ around the lab building and the library in the afternoon. On ________(星 二 期 )morning the students of the two countries will visit the ________(著 的 名 )Great Wall, and Mr. Zhang will s________ as our guide. In the evening we're going to have a party in Room 408, w________ the Chinese students and the English students will give nice p________. You'll be free on Wednesday after ________ some photos with the Chinese students. And at 9: on Thursday morning you 40 will ________ for Quanzhou City by air. Thank you!

任务型阅读 What is your favourite colour? Do you like yellow, orange, red? __1__ Do you prefer greys and blues? Then you are probably quiet, shy, and you would rather follow than lead. You tend to be pessimist. At least, this is what psychologists tell us, and they should know, because they have been seriously studying the meaning of colour preference, as well as the effect that colours have on human beings.__2__ If you happen to love brown, you did so, as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly. __3__ A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day.__4__ A black bridge over the Thames River, near London, used to be the scene of more suicides (自 ) than any other bridge in the area — until it was repainted green. The 杀 number of suicide attempts immediately fell sharply. Perhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in pink or baby blue. __5__ It is an established fact that factory workers work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or grey. A. On the other hand, black is depressing. B. They tell us, among other facts, that we do not choose our favourite colour as grow up — we are born with our preference. C. The rooms are painted in different colours as you like. D. If you do, you must be an optimist, a leader, an active person who enjoys life, people and excitement. E. Light and bright colours make people not only happier but more active. F. Life is like a picture or a poem, full of different colours. G. Colours do influence our moods — there is no doubt about it.

Unit 13 能评估检测 A卷 Ⅰ .单项填空 1. 答案:C 解析:考查名词辨析。后半句提到除了已被证实的 12 个病例外, 没有其他人感染这种病毒, 这 显然是让人极其“宽慰(relief)”的事情。 2. 答案:C 解析:句意:我们花费如此多的时间进行的工程及相关的实验运行得很好。解答该题要注意 分清句子结构, “we had once devoted so much time to”为定语从句(省略了 that/which)修饰“the project”, “worked out”为本句的谓语动词。 3. 答案:D 解析:考查连词用法。句意:第一次见到他时, 我想起了他的父亲, 因为他们长得很像。the first time 为名词短语作连词引导时间状语从句, 表“第一次做……时”。故 D 项正确。 4. 答案:B 解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:面对严峻的就业形势, 许多应届毕业生梦想着自己做生意。be faced with 是“面对, 面临”之意, 这里作状语, 主句的主语是人, 故省略系动词 be。 5. 答案:A 解析:句意:在这样一种紧张气氛下, 难怪学生们感到害怕。It is no wonder that ...“难 怪……”。 6. 答案:D 解析:句意:那男孩说服他妈妈给他买了一台家用电脑。talk sb. into doing sth.表示“说服某人 做某事”。 7. 答案:B 解析:句意:我们能够很快完成工作, 只要你给我们提供所有必需的信息。in case“万一”;so long as“只要”;if only“要是”;as far as“远到, 至于”。根据句意及两句的逻辑关系, 选 B。 8. 答案:C 解析:考查非谓语动词。spend 和 time 之间是动宾关系, 故用过去分词作定语, 修饰 time, C 项 正确。而不定式和现在分词的被动语态分别表示尚未发生和正在发生的动作, 均与语意不符。 9. 答案:A 解析:account for“作出解释”; make for“有助于”;change for, 无此搭配;stand for“代表, 赞 同”。答句句意:最近工作中的压力也许可以解释他的行为。 10. 答案:B 解析:根据语意可知, Kelly 旅行回来后向我描述旅行的情况。explanation 意为“解释”; imagination 意为“想象, 想象力”;idea 意为“主意, 念头”。account 一般表示“账目, 账号”, 但还可以表示 “记述, 描述”, 相当于 description。 11. 答案:C 解析:句意:“你想出好主意来了吗?”“噢, 我以后会告诉你的。”come about“发生”;come up with“想出”, 后跟计划、答案等名词作宾语, 符合句意。 12. 答案:A 解析:考查短语辨析。draw up“起草, 拟订, 使(车、马等)停住”;draw in“(车)到站;(白昼)渐 短”;draw back“拉起, 退后”;draw away“拉走, 离开”。句意:请起草一份赴宴人员名单。所以 A 项符合 语境。 13. 答案:D 解析:考查连接词用法。doubt 的否定式后接从句时要用 that 引导。there's no doubt that 为固 定搭配, 意为“毫无疑问, 毋庸置疑”。 14. 答案:D 解析:考查名词辨析。句意:该提议勉强被通过, 委员会的有些成员表达了他们的保留意 见。这里用 reservation 表示“保留意见, 疑惑”。 15. 答案:B 解析:考查词义辨析。句意:“你认为打牌对我们的学习有益处吗?”“没有。如果有帮助的话,

当我们无事可做时, 它可以帮助我们消磨时间。”something 多用于肯定陈述句;anything 多用于疑问句、 否定句、条件句;nothing 不合句意;everything“所有一切”, 不合句意, 故 B 项正确。 Ⅱ .阅读理解 A 语篇解读:正如一位哲人所说, “小人物也有大梦想”。在英国, 47 岁的妇女 Susan Boyle 也有自己的追 求和梦想。那么她来到“英国达人秀”会有怎样的经历呢?她最终会成功吗? 1. 答案:A 解析:推理判断题。从文章第一段中的“she was unemployed, had never been married and ?never been kissed, actually?”和“from a village in Scotland”这些信息可推知, Susan Boyle 来自社会的底层, 所以选 A 项。 2. 答案:C 解析:细节理解题。从文章第二段中的“everyone—including the judges—seemed laughing at her” 可知, 人们最初都嘲笑她, 看不起她。答案选 C 项。 3. 答案:B 解析:推理判断题。从文章最后一段的内容可推知, 她红遍全球要归功于互联网的传播, 答案 选 B 项。 4. 答案:C 解析:段落大意题。通读文章第四段的内容可推知, 该段主要讲述 Susan Boyle 在美国的影响, 据此选 C 项。 B 语篇解读:美国洛杉矶的一位数学老师把复杂难懂的数学概念变成了说唱乐, 从而让学生们如痴如醉地在 数学公式里遨游。 5. 答案:C 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第二、三段可知 LaMar Queen 在从教之初并不受学生欢迎, 他用说唱的方式 授课后才出名的, 可排除 A 项。根据文章第一段 Their algebra teacher(他们的代数老师)以及后文多次提到 的“math”可知答案为 C 项。 6. 答案:C 解析:推理判断题。根据全文尤其是第一、二段内容可知 LaMar Queen 教数学的方式与众不同, 正因为他 独特的教学方法使他获奖, 故选 C 项。 7. 答案:A 解析:推理判断题。题干中 the last paragraph but one 是“倒数第二段”的意思, 注意审题。从校长调查到学 生说的话可知 LaMar Queen 的教学被校长和学生认可。故选 A 项。 8. 答案:B 解析:推理判断题。全文介绍 LaMar Queen 用说唱的方法教授数学, 属于教育类文章。故选 B 项。 B卷 Ⅰ .完形填空 语篇解读:这是一篇说明文。号称“世界上最安全飞机”的美国总统专机“空军一号”对我们来说很神秘, 那 么它与普通飞机相比有什么特别之处呢? 1. 答案:A 解析:a symbol of the United States“美国的象征”。signal“信号, 暗号”;session“一场, 一节”; sense“感觉, 意识”。 2. 答案:C 解析:“空军一号”有时被称为“飞行中的白宫”。refer to sth.“提到, 谈到”, 符合语意。apply to“应用于”;turn to“求助于”;point to“指向, 暗示”。 3. 答案:D 解析:根据下一句“?空军一号?是无线电呼叫名称”可知, 严格来讲, “空军一号”不是一架飞机。 technically“严格来讲”;smoothly“顺畅地, 流利地”;basically“基本地”;practically“从实际出发”。 4. 答案:B 解析:“空军一号”是对运送美国总统的任何一架美国空军飞机的无线电呼叫名称。carry 表示 “运送, 输送”。fetch“拿来”;search“搜索”;remove“移开”。 5. 答案:D 解析:事实上, “空军一号”指的是两架高度定制的波音 747-200B 系列飞机中的一架。 highly“高度地, 高水平地”;generally“普通地, 通常”;commonly“通常情况下”;naturally“自然而然地”。 6. 答案:B 解析:此处是形容词短语作状语, 相当于状语从句 Because it is capable of refueling in midair, 意 为:由于在空中能够加油。be capable of“能够, 有能力干”。 7. 答案:A 解析:由于在空中能够加油, “空军一号”不会受到飞行范围的限制。unlimited“无限制的”; unexpected“出乎意料的”;unmanned“无人驾驶的”;unauthorized“未经授权的”。 8. 答案:C 解析:在机舱里面, 总统和他的随从人员享受三个等级的 4 000 平方英尺的底层空间。enjoy“享 受, 享有”;survive“幸存”;escape“逃避”;experience“经历”。 9. 答案:B 解析:on three levels“有三个等级”, 为常用搭配。 10. 答案:A 解析:根据上下文可知, 此处表原因, 意思是:因为“空军一号”运送的是总统, 而且有的行程 比较长……before 表时间;unless 表条件;so 表结果。 11. 答案:D 解析:因为“空军一号”运送的是总统, 而且某些旅程比较长, 所以这种飞机具有很多商务飞机 没有的特点。feature 指“特征, 特点”。 12. 答案:C 解析:冰柜里储存着大量的食物。store“储存”;hide“隐藏”;earn“赚得”;save“节省”。 13. 答案:C 解析:这两个厨房可以同时供 100 人就餐。feed 指“喂养, 供应, 满足”。B 项有较大干扰性, keep 表示“饲养”, 多指饲养家畜、家禽, 因此不合题意。 14. 答案:B 解析:存储室里的食物够做多达 2,000 顿饭。根据后面的名词 meals 可知, 此处应用 many。

15. 答案:C 解析:根据下文内容可知, 这架飞机的医疗设施有很高的技术含量。下文的 equipment 也有提 示。 16. 答案:D 解析:医疗间有个宽敞的配药室, 大量的急诊设备, 甚至还有一个手术台。even“甚至”, 在这 里起加强语气的作用。 17. 答案:A 解析:飞机上配备了医生, 无论总统到哪里, 他都跟着。此处有“无论哪里”之意。 18. 答案:B 解析:为防止电磁脉冲攻击, 机上的电子设备都特别加强了。strengthen“加强”;shut“关闭”; open“打开”;clean“清扫”。 19. 答案:D 解析:根据句中的“is equipped with”可知, “空军一号”安装了先进的安全通信设备。equipment 表示“设备, 设施”。approach“方法, 途径”;technology“技术”;condition“环境, 条件”。 20. 答案:A 解析:根据上文“飞机上安装了先进的安全通信设备”可知, 它可以起到指挥中心的作用。 command center“ 指 挥 中 心 ” ; command window“ 命 令 视 窗 ” ; command mode“ 命 令 模 式 ” ; command interpreter“命令解译器”。 Ⅱ .阅读理解 语篇解读:科技的发展给人们生活带来了种种便利, 但我们又从中失去了什么呢?在作者推荐的这本书中, 我们或许能找到些答案。 1. 答案:D 解析:推理判断题。通读全文可知, Sherry Turkle 担心人们迷失在现代科技世界中, 故答案选 D 项。 2. 答案:A 解析:句意理解题。从第三段的内容可知, 虽然互联网把我们联系在一起, 但它却隔离着我们, 我们都是 孤独的个体, 故选 A。 3. 答案:B 解 析 : 细 节 理 解 题 。 从 倒 数 第 二 段 的 “In a text message, you can avoid eye contact...is becoming unconcerned.”可知, 如果孩子经常用短信交流, 则他/她会很少关注他人的感受, 答案选 B 项。 4. 答案:A 解析:写作意图题。从文章最后一段“This book is not to be missed and worthy of every dollar you spend.”可 知, 写作本文主要是为了推荐 Sherry Turkle 写的书, 所以 A 项正确。 Ⅲ .选做题 任务型读写 答 案 : 1.move 2.sightseeing 3.possibility 4.understand/apply 5.widely 6.difference(s) 7.friendship 8.casually 9. comfortable/relaxed 10.open 短文填词 答 案 : 1.during 2.introduce 3.shown 4.Tuesday 5.famous 6.serve 7.where 8.performances 9.taking 10.leave 任务型阅读 答案:1~ DBGAE 5


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