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必修四 Module4 单词 1.leading adj.主要的,领先的 归纳拓展 (1)play a leading role/part in sth.在某事中起主导作用 (2)lead v.领导,带领 lead to 通向,通往,导致 lead a...life 过……的生活 (3)leader n.领袖,领导 例句:The company is the leading so

ftware provider in the PC markets. 这家公司是电脑市场上主要的软件供应商。 The bank has offered a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the men. 银行悬赏情报,以便将这些人绳之以法。 We are leading a happy life now. 我们现在过着幸福的生活。 【链接训练】 One needs to work hard to realize his or her dream,as the saying goes “Hard work ________success”. A.lies in C.leads to B.results from D.begins with 是 the proposal,与 support 为动宾关系,故用被动语态,答案为 A。B、C 项属错误用法。 【答案】 归纳拓展 (1)in quantity 大量地 a large/fair quantity of 大量的 large quantities of 大量的;许多的 (2)a quantity of 后面跟可数名词复数,谓语动词用复数;后面跟 不可数名词,谓语动词用单数。 large quantities of+可数名词复数/不可数名词,谓语动词用复 数。 例句:Your work has improved in quantity and quality this term. 本学期你的作业在数量和质量上都有提高。 It’s a lot cheaper if you buy it in quantity. 如果你大批量购买要便宜得多。 A quantity of money has been spent in bringing up his children. =Quantities of money have been spent in bringing up his children. 他在教育孩子方面花了许多钱。 【链接训练】 As a result of destroying the forests,a large ________ of desert ________ covered the land. A.number;has C.number;have B.quantity;has D.quantity;have A

3.quantity n.量;数量

【解析】 考查动词短语辨析。lie in“在于” ;result from“起因 于??” ,后面跟原因;lead to“导致;通往” ;begin with“首 先,起初” 。句意为:一个人需要努力工作来实现他/她的梦想, 正如谚语所说的那样“努力工作通往成功” 。根据题意,选 C。 【答案】 归纳拓展 (1)support sb.in sth.在……方面支持某人 support on 靠??支撑 (2)in support 后备的,准备给予支援的 in support of sb./sth.支持或支援某人/某事物 come to one’s support 援助某人 例句:We support the police wholeheartedly in their work against crime.我们全力支持警方打击犯罪活动。 She needs a high income to support such a large family.她需要一 份高收入来养活这么一大家子。 Thank you for all your support at this difficult time.谢谢你们在这 个困难时刻所给予的一切帮助。 Mr Wang spoke in support of the proposal. 王先生发言支持该项提议。 【链接训练】 The proposal ________ by a large majority of the teachers. A.was supported C.was in favour of 【解析】 B.was for D.supported C n.支持,支援;给予帮助

【解析】 a large number of 后接复数名词,不能选为答案,故 排除 A、C 项;a large quantity of 可修饰可数名词复数或不可数 名词,desert 是不可数名词,谓语动词要填 has。综上,选 B。 【答案】 归纳拓展 (1)escape (doing) sth.逃脱做某事 escape from/out of...从……逃离;逃走 (2)make one's escape 逃跑 have a narrow escape 九死一生 a fire escape 紧急出口;安全门 例句: The fire spread quickly but luckily all the people managed to escape from the burning house. 火势蔓延得很快,但幸运的是所有的人都设法从着火的房子里 逃出来了。 She was lucky to escape being punished. 她逃脱了惩罚真是幸运。 The party was boring.We couldn’t wait to make our escape.聚会很 无聊,我们迫不及待地要溜走。 【链接训练】 The burglar________the prison and ________being sentenced. A.escaped;escaped 1 B

2.support v.支持;支撑,供养

4.escape v.&n.逃脱;被遗忘;未被注意


必修四 Module4 B.escaped from;escaped C.escaped;escaped from D.escaped from;escaped away 【解析】 【答案】 归纳拓展 (1)graduate from 从??毕业 graduate in 毕业于(某专业) graduate (from sth.)to...从(某处)升级到?? (2)graduate school 研究生院,研究生时期 (3)graduation n.毕业 例句:He is a history graduate. 他是一个历史专业的大学毕业生。 Mitch graduated from Stanford with a degree in Law.米奇从斯坦 福大学毕业,获得法学学位。 After graduation he went abroad for further education. 毕业后他出国进修。 【链接训练】 He graduated ________ M.D.at Edinburgh in 1807. A.for B.as C.in D.from 【解析】 句意为:他作为医学博士生于 1807 年毕业于爱丁堡 大学。graduate as“作为??毕业” ,符合题意。graduate in“毕 业于(某专业)” ;graduate from“从??毕业” 。 【答案】 B vt.扫除;清除;放晴 escape from 意为“从??中逃出来” ;escape doing 意为“避免做??,逃避做??” 。根据题意,选 B。 B v.(使)(大学)毕业 B.it will clear up C.it to be cleared up D.it to be cleaned up 【解析】 句意为:接连下了三天的雨了。我希望天能很快放 晴。clear up“天放晴” ,符合题意。C 项表达错误;clean up“打 扫干净” ,与题意不符。 【答案】 短语 1.earn one’s living 谋生 归纳拓展 earn a fortune 挣大钱 make a/one’s living 谋生 earn sb.praise/a reputation 为某人赢得赞扬/名声 例句:He earned his living by singing on the street and got the money from the passing people. 他靠在街上唱歌从路过的人那里得到一些钱。 The girl earned her living by writing to magazines.那个女孩靠给 杂志写稿子谋生。 Her perfectionism earned her a reputation as a difficult star. 她力求完美的劲头给她带来了“难缠”明星的名声。 【链接训练】 When Mark Twain was young,he did____he could____. A.all;earn his living B.what;earn his living C.all;to earn his living D.what;earning his living 【解析】 【答案】 归纳拓展 in/within one’s power 为某人力所能及 beyond/out of one's power 不能胜任;力所不能及 in power 当权的;掌权的 seize power 夺取政权 take power 取得政权 put...into power 使执政,使上台 例句:De Gaulle came to power in 1958. 戴高乐是 1958 年开始执政的。 The dictator had been in power for seven years. 那个独裁者已执政 7 年了。 It's beyond my power to help you. 我没有能力帮助你。 【链接训练】 Soon after Hitler ________ power in Germany,Einstein was ________ in his life. 2 考查 earn one’s living“谋生”的用法。此处用不定式 作目的状语,故排除 A、B、D 三项,答案为 C。 C B

5.graduate n.(大学)毕业生;研究生

6.clear adj.清楚的;显然的;明白的 adv.清楚地;清晰地;完全地 归纳拓展 (1)make...clear 讲清楚,弄明白 keep clear of 不接触,避开 (2)clear away 把……清除掉,收拾 clear off 离去;迅速地离开某地 clear out 除掉;整理 clear up 解释;整理;(天)放晴

2.come to/into power(开始)掌权,上台

例句:I made it clear to him that I rejected his proposal.我清楚地 告诉他我拒绝了他的建议。 Before you start your work you’d better clear up your desk,and this will make you work effectively. 在你开始工作以前你最好把桌子收拾干净这样会使你工作有效 率。 The father told his son to clear away the earth in the garden.父亲告 诉儿子把花园里的土运走。 【链接训练】 It has been raining for three days.I hope ________. A.it will clean up

必修四 Module4 A.came to the;in the trouble B.came to;in trouble C.came to the;in trouble D.took;in troubles 【解析】 come to power“上台,执掌大权” ;in trouble“处于 困境中” 。句意为:希特勒在德国上台后不久,爱因斯坦的生活 就陷入了困境。 【答案】 归纳拓展 bring along 随身携带 bring on 导致;促成;使……发展/进步 bring forth 生产,产生 bring out 使罢工,使显现;阐明;出版 例句:Researchers were brought in from all over China to develop the new system. 全国各地的研究者们被召集在一起开发新的水稻品种。 Farmers in the south have also brought in good crops.南方的农民 也获得好收成。 The fine weather is bringing the crops on nicely. 这样的好天气使庄稼更加茁壮成长。 【链接训练】 Advanced ways of management must be________to make things better. A.brought down C.brought on 【解析】 B.brought in D.brought up 将 来 过 去 将 来 例句:English is taught in most schools in China. 中国大多数学校都教英语。(一般现在时) They were given a warm sendoff. 他们受到热烈的欢送。(一般过去时) I’m afraid I am being followed. 恐怕我被人跟踪了。(现在进行时) The case has recently been tried. 案子最近已经审过了。(现在完成时) Their wedding will be held in the church. 他们的婚礼将在教堂里举行。(一般将来时) All the tickets had been sold out when they arrived. 他们到达时,所有的票已经售完了。(过去完成时) (2)使用被动语态时值得注意的几个问题 ①表示某处有某人或某物的 there be 结构、主系表结构及不及 物动词充当句子的谓语动词时,不能变被动语态。 例句:We study hard.我们努力学习。 ②动词 have 不论表示“有” ,还是表示其他动作,虽是及物动 词,用于主动语态时可以带宾语,但不可变为被动语态。 例句:We have three meals a day.我们一天吃三餐。 ③有些及物动词表示某种情况或状态,而不表示动作,如 become,comprise,contain,equal,fit,hold,join,lack,mean, resemble,suit 等。与此相似的 look like,consist of,become of, belong to 等不可变为被动语态。 例句:I think it’ll fit me quite well before long. 3 Shall/will+be+ 过去分词 Should/would+b e+过去分词 过 去 Was/were +过去 分词 现 在 B 3.bring in 招来,引进,请进;赚钱;收割庄稼 After several years' research,scientists now have a________better understanding of the HIV. A.very 【解析】 【答案】 语法 1.复习被动语态 (1)各种时态的被动语态的构成 一般时态 Am/is/are+ 过 去 分词 过去时态 Am/is/are+ being+ 过 去 分 词 Was/were +being+ 过 去 分词 Shall/will+have been+ 过去分词 Should/would+have been+过去分词 had+been+过去分词 完成时态 Have/has+been+ 过 去 分词 B.far C.fairly D.quite 从句子结构可看出使用了比较级,而四个选项中只

有 far 能修饰比较级,故答案为 B。 B


方式使事情变得更好。 bring in 意为 “引进” 与题意相符。 , bring down“倒下,使落下” ;bring on“导致,促成” ;bring up“培 养,教育” 。 【答案】 句型 Its yield is much greater than the yield of other types of rice grown in Pakistan. 它的产量比巴基斯坦所种植的其他品种的水稻产量都要高得 多。 归纳拓展 much 修饰比较级,意为“……得多” 。 常见的修饰比较级的词还有: little, bit, lot, a a a rather, far, by far,even,still,any 等。 例句:She speaks English far better than her classmates.她讲英语 比她的同学好得多。 After the first failure,he studies even harder now.第一次失败后, 他学习更加努力了。 I did rather worse this time.这次我做得相当糟。 【链接训练】 B

必修四 Module4 我想它很快就会适合我。 ④短语动词的被动语态:有些短语动词在意义上相当于及物动 词,所以也有被动语态。短语动词在主动结构中是一个不可分 割的词组,在被动结构中也是如此,不可去掉后面的介词或副 词。 例句:That old man was often laughed at. 那位老人常受人嘲笑。 ⑤情态动词的被动语态:情态动词+be+动词的过去分词。 例句:The plan ought to be put into practice as soon as possible.计 划必须尽快执行。 ⑥带双宾语的动词的被动语态:由其中一个宾语作主语,常为 表示人的间接宾语。 例句:He was given some books. Some books were given (to) him. 有人给了他一些书。 ⑦带宾语补足语的动词的被动语态:由宾语作主语,原来的宾 语补足语变为主语补足语。 例句:We elected him our monitor.我们选他当我们的班长。 He was elected our monitor by us.他被我们选为班长。 ⑧不定式的被动语态 主动句中的宾语如果是不带 to 的不定式,在变成被动句中的主 语补足语时,to 不能省去。 例句:She heard him sing a song just now. He was heard to sing a song just now.她听到他刚才唱了一首歌。 ⑨被动语态和“连系动词 be+表语(过去分词)”的区别 被动语态表示动作,而“连系动词 be+表语(过去分词)”表示 状态。 例句:The door was locked by the monitor. 门是班长锁的。(被动语态) The door was locked.门锁着。(连系动词+表语) 【链接训练】 ①Many new opportunities and challenges ________ in the future for those with a university education. A.are open C.are open up 【解析】 B.have been opened D.will be opened up ③If Newton lived today,he would be surprised by what ________ in science and technology. A.had discovered C.has discovered 【解析】 B.had been discovered D.has been discovered


他一定会对现在科学技术领域的新发现大吃一惊的。表示“迄 今为止”的发现,应用现在完成时。又 discover 与 what 之间为 被动关系,故选 D。 【答案】 D 2.by+v.ing 形式 by 表示行为的主语,表示方法、手段或所用的工具,后面接动 名词作宾语,构成 by+v.ing 的形式。表示以某种方式来实现某 种目标。 例句:He makes a living by begging from door to door. 他靠挨家挨户乞讨为生。 拓展: ①不涉及交通工具的名词时用 by,名词前不带冠词,如 by sea, by water,by land,by rail,by air 等。 ②涉及交通工具的名词时用 by,但名词须用单数,其前面不加 冠词或任何修饰语,如 by bike,by taxi 等。 ③by 与 the 连用,表示时间或度量单位。 例如:rent a car by the day (the week/the month) 按日(周、月)租用汽车 sell sth.by the dozen (the yard)成打(码)卖?? pay sb.by the day/hour...按天/小时付款给某人 ④by weight 按重量计算 ⑤表示程度或数量 例如:lose the match by one goal 以一分之差输掉了比赛 ⑥表示尺寸 例句:This room is forty feet by twenty. 这个房间长 40 英尺,宽 20 英尺。 【链接训练】 ①He had planned to go there ________ 9:00 a.m.,but the train is ________ time. A.on;on C.by;on 【解析】 B.by;behind D.on;ahead by 置于具体时间前面,是“不迟于,在??之前”


机会和挑战是很多的。这是“动词+副词”结构,根据句意, 应该用将来时的被动语态,故选 D。 【答案】 D ②Thirty percent of Jane's income ________ on clothing every year. A.is spent C.is being spent 【解析】 B.had been spent D.has been spent 句意为:简每年收入的百分之三十都花在衣服上。

的意思;behind time“延迟,迟到” ,是固定短语。 【答案】 B ②Only by ________ science and technology can we make our country stronger. A.rely on C.depend on 【解析】 B.relying on D.depending by+v.ing 表示“以某种方式” ,故排除 A、C 项;D

Jane's income 与 spend 之间是被动关系;注意时间状语 every year,所以用一般现在时的被动语态。 【答案】 A 4

项若 depending 后加上 on 也正确。rely on“依靠,依赖” ,符合 题意。 【答案】 B

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