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1.(2010 课标全国 I 23) I'll spend half of my holiday practising English and ______half learning drawing. A.another B. the other C. other's D. other 25.(2010 课标全国 I 26) I have seldom seen

my mother ______ pleased with my progress as she is now. 13. so B. very C. too D. rather 3.(2010 山东 35) Mothers holding jobs outside the home should have ______ schedules to make it easier to care for their children. A. heavy B. smooth C. flexible D. complex 4.(2010 天津 5) People have always been _____ about exactly how life on earth began. A. curious B. excited C. anxious D. careful 5.(2010 上海, 26) It took us quite a long time to get to the amusement park. It was_____journey. A. three hour B. a three-hours C. a three-hour D. three hours 6.(2010 陕西 22) Studies show that people are more _____ to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A. likely B. possible C. probable D. sure 7. (2010 江西 22) Computers and mobile phones, though they are indeed making our life _______ and more ______, have reduced the need for face-to-face communications. A. easily;efficient B. easier; efficient C. easy; efficiently D. easily; efficiently 8. (2010 福建 23) —Volunteeang is becoming _____ popular in China. —Yeah, people are now aware that helping others is helping themselves. A.naturally B. successfully C. splendidly D. increasingly 9. (2010 浙江 6 ) I have been convinced that the print media are usually more _____ and more reliable than television. A.accurate B. ridiculous C. urgent D. shallow 10.(2010 浙江 11) Do you think shopping online will ______ take the place of shopping in stores? A.especially B. frequently C. merely D. finally 11.(2010 浙江 19) Playing on frozen sports field sounds like a lot of fun. Isn't it rather risky, ________? A.though B. also C. either D. too 12.(2010 安徽 31) ______, she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to people through her smile. A.shy and cautious B. sensitive and thoughtful C. honest and confident D. lighthearted and optimistic 13.(2010 辽宁 23) Jim went to answer the phone, _____ Harry started to prepare lunch. A.however B. nevertheless C. besides D. meanwhile 14.(2010 辽宁 27) Vile only had $100 and that was ______to buy a new computer. A.nowhere near enough B. near enough nowhere C. enough near nowhere D. near nowhere enough 15.(2010 全国 II 13) The island is _____attractive in spring and autumn because of the pleasant weather in both seasons. A.partly B. merely C. nearly D. equally 16.(2010 全国 II 20) Mr. Black is very happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been ______. A.popular B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular 17.(2010 湖南 22) Father_______ goes to the gym with us although he dislikes going there. A.hardly B. seldom C. sometimes D. never 18. (2010 湖北 23) In this lecture, I can only give you a purely ________view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future. A. private B. personal C. unique D. different 19. (2010 湖北 24) Mistakes don't just happen; they occur for a reason. Find out the reason, and then making the mistake becomes ______. A.favourable B. precious C. essential D. worthwhile 20.(2010 湖北 25) If I find someone who looks like the suspect, my ______reaction will be to tell the police. A.physical B. immediate C. sensitive D. sudden 21.(2010 湖北 26) I wasn't blaming anyone; I _______ said errors like this could be avoided. 162. merely B. mostly C. rarely D. nearly 22.(2010 四川 12)The school was moved out of downtown as the number of students had grown too_______. A.small B. few C. large D. many 23.(2009 山东 35)Mary and I see each other _______, but not as often as we used to. A.sooner or later B.once in a while C. in the end D. more or less 24. (2009 天津 12) It was a nice house, but ______ too small for a family of five. A.rarely B. fairly C. rather D. pretty 25.(2009 天津 13) I'm not surprised that he became a writer. Even as a child he had a ______imagination. A.clear B. cautious C. funny D. vivid 26. (2009 江西 24) According to statistics, a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer ______a woman.

2012 高中英语语法能力提升专项训练 4——形容词和副词

A.than B. such C. so D. as 27.(2009 全国 II 11) I'm sure that your letter will get _______attention. They know you're waiting for the reply. A.continued B. immediate C. careful D. general 28.(2009 全国 II 18 ) It's high time you had your hair cut; it's getting ______. A.too much long B. much too long C. long too much D. too long much 29.(2009 福建 30) It seems that living green is_____ easy and affordable. A small step makes a big difference. A.exactly B. fortunately C. surprisingly D. hardly 30.(2009 安徽 24) —Do you think it's a good idea to make friends with your students? —________, I do. I think it's a great idea. A.Really B. Obviously C. Actually D. Generally 31. (2009 浙江 10) It took _______building supplies to construct these energy-saving houses. It took brains, too. A.other than B. more than C. rather than D. less than 32. (2009 浙江 15) John is very _______ if he promises to do something he'll do it. A.independent B. confident C. reliable D. flexible 33.(2009 辽宁 33) Peter's jacket looked just the same as Jack's, but it cost ____his. A.as much twice as B. twice as much as C. much as twice as D. as twice much as 34. (2009 江苏 27) Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more _____to, and more easily troubled by, emotional and relationship problems. A.sceptical B. addicted C. available D. sensitive 35. (2009 湖北 27) As there is less and less coAl and oil, scientists are exploring new ways of making use of _______ energy, such as sunlight, wind and water for power and fuel. A.primary B. alternative C. instant D. unique 36. (2009 湖北 28) The questionnaire takes_____ ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview. A.mainly B. punctually C. approximately D. precisely 37. (2009 江西 32) Frank put the medicine in a top .drawer to make sure it would not be ______to the kids. A.accessible B. relative C. acceptable D. sensitive 38. (2008 山东 33) Would it be _______ for you to pick me up at four o'clock and take me to the airport? A.free B. vacant C. handy D. convenient 39.(2008 辽宁 30) It looks like the weather is changing for ______. Shall we stick to our plan? A. the worse B. worse C. the worst D. worst 40. (2008 浙江 12) There are plenty of jobs _____ in the western part of the country. 12. present B . available C. precious D. convenient 41. (2008 上海 27) In my view, London's not as expensive in price as Tokyo but Tokyo is_____in traffic. A. the most organized B. more organized C. so organized as D. as organized as 42. (2008 天津 2) My brother is really_____. He often works in his office far into the night. A.open-minded B. hard-working C. self-confident D. warm-hearted 43. (2008 北京 26) After the long journey, the three of them went back home, ______ . 2.hungry and tiredly B. hungry and tired C. hungrily and tiredly D. hungrily and tired 44. (2008 安徽 27)—Hi, Mark. How was the musical evening? —Excellent! Alex and Andy performed _______ and they won the first prize. 17. skillfully B. commonly C. willingly D. nervously 45. (2008 湖北 28) In those days, our ______ concern was to provide people who were stopped by the snowstorm with food and health care. A. normal B. constant C .permanent D. primary 46. (2008 江西 33) Jack is late again. It is _______ of him to keep others waiting. A. normal B. ordinary C. common D. typical 47. (2008 浙江 18) Running a company is not________a matter of hiring people—they also need to be trained. A. simply B. partly C. seriously D. equally 48. (2007 山东 31) It is not socially ______ for parents to leave children unattended at that age. 17.accessible B. adorable C. adaptable D. acceptable 49.(2007 天津 9) A new_____ bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago. A. normal B. usual C. regular D.common 50.(2007 天津 14 ) The final score of the basketball match was 93: 94. We were only_______ beaten. A. nearly B. slightly C. narrowly D. lightly 26. (2007 上海 42) Since Tom ____ downloaded a virus into his compuputer, he cannot open the file now. A. readily B. horribly C. accidentally D. irregularly 52.(2007 上海 44) John was dismissed last week because of his ___ attitude towards his job. A.informal B. casual C. deternmined D. earnest 53.(2007 湖北 25) She devoted herself _____to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field.

A. strongly B. extremely C. entirely D. freely 54. Water can absorb and give off a lot of heat without big changes in temperature, thus creating a_____environment. A. peaceful B. sensitive C. common D. stable 55.(2007 湖北 28) He began to take political science_____only when he left school. A. strictly B. truly C. carefully D. seriously 56.(2006 天津 13 ) Fitness is important in sport, but at least _____ importance are skills. A. fair B. reasonable C. equal D. proper 57.江苏 The committee is discussing the problem right now. It will __ have been solved by the end of next week. A. eagerly B. hopefully C. immediately D. gradually 58.(06 福建 26) Green products are becoming more and more popular because they are environmentally_______. A.friendly B.various C.common D.changeable 高考模拟: 59. (2010 北京海淀模拟)—Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. —Yes. No one could perform_______, I think. A.well B.better C. best D. the best 60. (2010 安徽江南十校模拟) How can you call it home? It's ___ a house. A.hardly B. rarely C. badly D. occasionally 61.(2010 云南模拟)—Mr. Wang was caught in a snowstorm yesterday. —I have known that, and ____ his new car was completely destroyed. A.hopefully B. fortunately C. thankfully D. unfortunately 62. (2010 湖北模拟) Every child is ______, with their own needs, preferences and talents. A.contradictory B. similar C. original D. unique 63. As their memories decline, some old people tend to be talkative because they____forget what has just been said. A.anxiously B. particularly C. easily D. hardly 64.(2010.山东青岛一模) His explanation was so clear that everyone could understand it with ________. A.possibly the least effort B. the least effort possibly C. the possible least effort D. the least possible effort 65. (2010 全国大联考) A new simplified desktop computer has been developed for people aged over 60 to make them _____with PC and the Internet. A. familiar B. aware C. popular D. conscious 66. (2010 湖南师大附中)—Believe it or not, I passed the driving test at the first attempt yesterday. —Great!But remember you can never be _____careful when driving a car in the street. A. enough B. rather C. quite D. too 67. (2009 北京崇文) It's too noisy here. Can we go somewhere_____? A. quietly B.more quietly C. much quiet D. quieter 68. (2009 山东外国语学校高三统练) To their delight, they ______ got what they had been looking forward to. A. normally B. eventually C. particularly D. originally 69. (2009 东北三省四市一联)—These oranges are only a dollar eighty-nine a pound. —Well, they are _____ than the others, but they don't look ____ good. A. prettier; very B. cheaper; as C. better; too D. more expensive; so 70. (2009 福建毕业班质检)—The result of the football match is really______. —I agree. Our team shouldn't have lost the two scores. A. pleasant B. cheerful C. relaxing D. annoying 71. (2009 湖南 12 所重点一联)—Have you finished reading the novel I lent you last week? —No. I've just gone______the second line on Page 55. A. as long as B. as much as C. as far as D. as many as 72.(2009 浙江金华+校 3 月)Tea is considered by some Europeans ____ popular drink,while coffee comes second. A. a most B. a more C. the most D. the more 73. (2009 山东潍坊一模) Rome was not built in a day. You should set _______goals and work hard to achieve them. A. alternative B. considerable C. subjective D. realistic 74.( 2009 山东押题卷)When 一 I saw mum nod____ to me, I calmed down and went on with my acting. A. encouragingly B. amazingly C .increasingly D. accordingly 75.(2009 山东实验中学模拟)He was very____ , which is his only shortcoming. A. precise B. passionate C. determined D. stubborn 76.(2009 山东青岛模拟)Look at that old woman! She is looking around for help. She must_____ be lost. A. socially B. accidentally C. desperately D. absolutely 77. This is only a solution that can be adopted to solve the problem______ , so you hate to find a better way. A. individually B. definitely C. temporarily D. continually 78.(2009 湖北八市调研)Parents must allow their children to receive ____ education by law. A. traditional B. primary C. compulsory D. cultural

79.(2009 山东临沂质检)The man moved ____forward and looked over the edge, shrinking his shoulders. A. accurately B. cautiously C. brilliantly D. disappointedly 80.(2009 重庆高三月考)—Can we have two rooms with garden view? —I'm afraid there is only one room _____. A. affordable B. available C. accessible D. adaptable 81.(2008 江苏 )After a month of training, he became____ to the work as a high-speed maglev train driver. A. addicted B. sensitive C. loyal D. equal 82.(2008 江南+校)There is not much time left, but____we must get there on time. A. somehow B. somewhat C. however D. anyway 83.(2008 天津十二区一联)—You don't go to that supermarket quite often, do you? —No, I only go there___ because it's too far away from my house. A. eventually B. constantly C. occasionally D. frequently 84.(2008 皖南八校联考)Tasting____, this kind of fried chicken sells _____ . A. well;good B. to be good; well C. good; well D. to be well; good 85. (2010 山东枣庄调研) Mr. Smith is one of the _____ customers to our restaurant. A. ordinary B. regular C. normal D. common 86. (2010 山东淄博模拟)—It's a long journey. My car couldn't make it. —You can drive my car. It's quite old, but it's still pretty_____. A. reliable B. convenient C. supportive D. available 87.(2010 太原五中模拟) A severe drought over the past months has left 7.5 million people without _____ drinking water in two southwestern Chinese provinces. A. frequent B. private C. permanent D. adequate 88.(2010 福州模拟)When you study the local map, you'll find this town is_____ . A. Twice the size of that one B. Twice as a large town as that C. Twice as larger as that one D. Twice as larger a town as that 89.(2010 山东预测卷)There is a____cup on the table. A. nice new big plastic B. new plastic big nice C. nice big new plastic D. new nice plastic big 90. (2010 浙江高考预测卷)If you sleep short of 7 hours, you are three times __________-to catch a cold. A. possible B. certainly C. probable D. likely 91.(2010 江苏苏锡常镇调研) —Do you think that the 11 th Chinese National Games were a success? —Yes, _____!It couldn't be_______. A. relatively;better B. approximately; worse C. absolutely;better D. fortunately; worse 92. (2009 安徽十校素质检测) What a wonder! They've finished ________half of the project in such a short time. A. no more than B. no less than C. not more than D. much less than 93.(2009 福建泉州质检) Most of the children can work out the problem, so it should be quite______to adults. A. patient B. plain C. familiar D. lucky 94.(2009 河北保定期末调研)You'd better go there by train. The train ticket is _____the plane ticket. A. as cheap three times as B. as three times cheap as C. three times cheaper than D. cheaper three times than 95. Reader's Digest is ____magazine in the world. It has a devoted following of 100 million readers across the globe. A. the most widely read B. read the most widely C. the mostly wide read D. the more widely read 96. (2009 河南六市一联)—What do you think of the furniture on sale ? —Pretty good. But ____ what you bought with the samples, I don't think it _____ the money. A. comparing; worth B. compared; worthwhile C. compare; worthy D. comparing; value 97.(2009 湖北黄冈 3 月质检) You may as well go outing all by yourself; _______ I may keep you company. A. differently B. alternatively C. accordingly D. automatically 98. (2009 山东潍坊模拟) This new machine is technically far________to the previous type. A. superior B. junior C. senior D. equal 99. (2009 湖北黄冈中学高三期末) When the post fell _____, Dennis Bass was appointed to fill it. A. empty B. vacant C. blank D. bare 100. (2009 湖北) By law,when one makes a large purchase,he should have ____ opportunities to change his mind. A.accurate B.annual C.actual D.adequate 101.(2008 山东潍坊高三质检)Put a tie on-it'll make you look more ____ . A. respected B. respective C. respectable D . respectful 102.(2008 东北三校一模)The global trend toward higher divorce rates has created _____ families with _____people. A. more; fewer B. fewer; more C. many; few D. few; many 103.(2008 福建质检 I )—Is it safe enough to stand here, Mom? —No, come a bit____to me, honey. A. close B. closely C. closer D. more closely 104.(2008 杭州一次质检)Americans eat_____vegetables per person today as they did in 1910. A. more than twice B. as twice as many C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many 105.(2008 山东滨州模拟) These issues are directly_____ to the need of slow learners.

A.consistent B.alergic C.sensitive D.relevant 106.(2008 杭州学军中学模拟)I haven't seen _____Maggie since I came here. A. As lovely a girl as B. So a lovely girl as C. Girl as lovely as D. as a lovely girl as 107.(2008 安徽)Personally, I prefer to stay up _____ at night, but not _____ I'll have to drive to work the next day. A. deeply; while B. deep; unless C. far; because D.late; when 108.(2008 江苏常州高三统考)—The cake is delicious. —Well, at least it is_____the one I baked last week. A. as bad as B. no worse than C. no better than D. not better than 109.(2008 福建 Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. _____, our minds are developed by learning. A. probably B. likely C. similarly D. generally 18. (2009 济南市高三 2 月统一考试 )This kind of food product is natural, with no_____flavors added. A. accurate B. regular C. sensitive D. artificial 19. (2009 济南市高三 5 月针对性训练)Andrea isn't lazy, she's just____She needs to work smarter, not harder. A. inefficient B.incapable C. independent D. intelligent 20. (2009 潍坊市高三 2 月教学质量检测) Susan managed to climb out of the car,______unhurt. A.regularly B. apparently C. extremely D. frequently 21. (2009 潍坊市高三 5 月教学质量检测)A machine needs fuel to run. _____ man needs food to live on. A. actually B. generally C. similarly D. naturally 22. (2009 临沂)The description was pretty____ , so the police couldn't figure out the portrait of the criminal. A. vague B. accurate C. particular D. vain 23. —We drove too fast in the street and____missed hitting the car in the other direction. —You're lucky but be careful next time. A. narrowly B. almost C. hardly D. namely 24. (2009 青岛) Calculations, which are astronomically exact, have been made____with the use of computers. A. possible B. it possible C. possibly D. to be possible 25. (2009 烟台市高三诊断性测试)Living in a highly____society, you definitely have to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. A. tolerant B.permanent C.favorable D.competitive 26. families once suffering poverty are now living in ___comfort and some of them are even very wealthy now. A. competitive B.conservative C. comparative D.comprehensive 27. (2009 泰安市高三 3 月模拟) —What do you think of John? —Well, _____ his homework is late; but on the whole, he's a good student. A.generally B.especially C. absolutely D.occasionalally 28. (2009 聊城市模拟) Those goods are_____for export, though a few of them may be sold on the home market. A. accurately B.eventually C. essentially D.merely 121.(高考预测题)You will be informed when the books become_____. A. available B. valuable C. comfortable D. useful 122.(高考预测题)—Do you think the weather is good enough for an outing? —Yes. You couldn't hope for______at the time of the year. A. the nicer day B. a nicer day C. the nicest day D. a nice day 123.(高考预测题)Forty people survived and some of them described the fight's final___moments as the plane attempted to land in driving wind and rain. A. terrifjring B. amusing C. amazing D. exciting 124.(高考预测题)Rich and famous as he is, he lives in a_____ house in the village. A. modest B.limited C. slight D. reserved 125.(高考预测题)Some people think that as more and more people have televisions in their homes, _______ people will buy books and newspapers. A. more and more B. any the less C. more or less D. fewer and fewer 126.(高考预测题)She's______borrowing money and forgetting to pay you back. A. sometimes B. always C. seldom D. hardly 127.(高考预测题)Their opinions were quite different, so he argued_____in favour of the proposal. A. severely B. heavily C. forcefully D. deeply 128.(高考预测题)If I had_____, I'd go to Africa alone, stopping at all the interesting places. A. an enough long holiday B. a long enough holiday C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday enough 129.(高考预测题)The reason why she adapted to the new situations quickly is that^she has a______attitude. A. changeable B. alternate C. movable D. flexible 130.(高考预测题) It turned out that his pulse beats at _______ mtervals. A. general B. usual C. regular D.common 131.—How about buying your father the watch for his birthday? —I'd love to, but I was $ 50____.

A. fewer B. less C. cheap D. short 132.(高考预测题)A bus which carries 60 people is______of fuel than 60 individual cars driving the same route. A. far more efficiently a use B. a far more efficient use C. far more an efficient use D. a use far more efficiently 133.Our_____resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages of developingtheir business. A. generous B. limited C. narrow D. abundant 134.(高考预测题)The handbook gives a(n)_____description on the functions of this machine. A. steady B.secure C. extreme D.precise 135.(高考预测题)Mr Smith used to smoke_____but he has given it up. A. seriously B. heavily C. badly D. hardly 136.(高考预测题)I'm afraid this painting is not by Picasso. It's only a copy and so it's______. A. priceless B.invaluable C. unworthy D. worthless 137.(高考预测题)If you let challenges stimulate______annoy you, it can be accomplished well. A. more than B. other than C.less than D. rather than 138.(高考预测题)I don't think maths is______as physics. A. asubject as difficult B. as a difficult subject C. a difficult subject as D. as difficult a subject 139.(高考预测题)—Jack is lucky enough to achieve his success. —But in my opinion, he is _____ than lucky. A.wiser B.more wise C. much wiser D. rather wise 140.(高考预测题)What a wonder! You've finished ______one-third of the task within two days. A. no more than B. no less than C. not more than D. much less than 141.(高考预测题)Miss Scott never talks much in class._____,ihe leaves us much time to practise by ourselves. A. therefore B. luckily C. furthermore D. instead 142.(高考预测题)Though he lived_____, he didn't feel_____because he had many friends. A. alone; alone B. lonely; alone C. lonely; lonely D. alone; lonely 143.(高考预测题)The spokesman of the government has announced that the UFO approaching the city has been____identified as being a satellite. A. violently B. definitely C. specially D. properly 144.(高考预测题)—The paint on the door____has to dry for another two days. —Yes. I doubt if the painters have read the directions____. A. also; still B. yet; already C. still; yet D. even; yet 145.(高考预测题)John seems a nice person._____, I don't trust him. A. even so B. besides C. therefore D. though 146.(高考预测题)_____, some famous scientists have the qualities of being both carecareful and careless. A.strangely enough B. enough strangely C. strange enough D. enough strange 147.(高考预测题)—Do you like this coat, madam? —Well, it's a bit too large. Do you have this coat of_____size? A. the smaller B. a smaller C. a smallest D. a small 148.(高考预测题)—Are you going to the concert? —No, the ticket is_____for me. A. too much high B. much too high C. far too expensive D. so much expensive 149.(高考预测题)After the Anti-terrorist War, the American soldiers returned home, _____. A. safe but tired B. safely but tired C. safe but tiring D. safely but tit tiring 150.(高考预测题)—Do you like dogs? —Of course. They are _____kind of pet. They can do much good to their masters. A. better than B. more than C. no more than D. not more than 151.(高考预测题)The girl dressed in the latest Paris fashion is____in her appearance but rude in_____her speech. A. evident B. considerate C. elegant D. innocent 152. I have got the most famous cook to do the cooking, so the dinner memenu is the _____ of my worries tonight. A. most B. least C. worse D. less 153.)Most kites are made of paper, but a kite made of silk will last_____in weather with rain and strong winds. A.longest B. longer C. the longest D. the longer 154.(高考预测题)Didn't you find that he looked____at the news? A. surprised B. surprising C. surprisingly D. surprisedly 155.(高考预测题)She looks more beautiful when she wears her____skirt. A. green new silk B. new green silk C. silk new green D. silk green new 156.(高考预测题)—How did you find your visit to the museum? —I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was______than I expected. A. far more interesting B. even much interesting C.so more interesting D. a lot much interesting 157.(高考预测题)The girl looked at me with a ____expressioa Maybe the problem was quite ______. A. puzzled; puzzling B. puzzling; puzzled C. puzzled; puzzled D. puzzling; puzzling 158.(高考预测题)We do meet now and then, but not____.

A .patiently B. naturally C. carefully D. regularly 159.(高考预测题)___, walking is perhaps the easiest form of exercise. A.convenient and simple B.convenient and simply C.convenience and simpleness D.convenience and simple 160.(高考预测题)_____parents may have a stronger desire to see their children step into the world of_____. A. Poor; rich B. The poor; rich C. Poor; the rich D. The poor; the rich 161.(高考预测题)_______and afraid, Tom rushed out of the house. A. Being surprised B. Surprised C. Surprising D. To be surprised 162.(高考预测题)The general died _______, leaving his son penniless. A. young B. youth C.to be young D. being young 163.(高考预测题)Come and see me whenevever ______. A. you are convenient B.you will be convenient C. it is convenient D. it will be convenient 164. (高考预测题)They said nothing, looking_____ at the headmaster. A. coldly B. sad C. worried D. excited 165.(高考预测题)Greenland, _____island in the world, covers over two million square kilometern, A. it is the largest B. that is the largest C. is the largest D. the largest 166—Jim has his wife do all the housework!Isn't he wise? —Not really. He is ______. A. more wise than lazy B. wiser than lazy C. more lazy than wise D. lazier than wise. 167. (高考预测题)As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn,______. A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life 168.(高考预测题) He said it was____ impossible to buy the novel which was ______worth reading: A. very ;very B. very ;quite C. much; much D. quite; well 169 —It's getting dark, but Mr Wang is still at his office. —No surprise. Who else can _____he does! A. be working harder than B. work as hard as C. do a harder work than D. be working as hard as 170.(高考预测题)—How did your interview go? —I couldn't feel ______about it! I seemed to find an answer for all of the questions. A. better B. worse C. best D. worst 171. (高考预测题)A cough is usually nothing to worry about unless it lasts for ten days ____. A. or more B. instead C. at most D. only 172.(高考预测题) That company was ____willing to provide us with what we needed, which made us excited. A. no more than B. more than C. no other than D. much too 173.(高考预测题)—Do you need any help, Lucy? —Yes,The job is______ I could do myself. A. less than B. more than C. no more than D. not more than 174. (高考预测题)The man was lying on the ground _____dead. A. as possible as B. as well as C.as soon as D. as good as 175.(高考预测题)—Peter, why didn't you go to -the flower show? —I think it's something_____pleasant. A. far more B. far less C. too much D. much too 176.(高考预测题) This magazine is very ______with young people, who like its content and style. A. familiar B. Popular C. similar D. particular 177. (高考预测题)Food safety is_____important, so the. Government spares no efforts to prevent food pollution. A. highly B.reasonably C. strongly D. naturally 178. (高考预测题)He spent seven days in the wind and snow, _____. A. coldly and hungri1y B. cold and hungry C. being cold and hungry D. in cold and hunger 179. The twins don't look at all______. A. alike B. like C. liked D. aliked 180. Fred is second to none in maths in our class, but believe it or not, he______passed to the last exam. A. easily B. hardly C. actually D. successfully


高中英语语法能力提升专项训练 4——形容词和副词 答案解析 32. B 句意:我准备把我假日时间的一半用来练习英语, 另一半时间学习绘画。根据句意可知, 假日的时间被分 成两半, 用(one)half……the other(half)表示“一半……另一半”。another 表示没有具体限定的“另一个”;C 项 的所有格使用不正确;other 另外的, 其他的。 33. A 句意:我很少见到我妈妈像现在这样对我的进步感到这么满意。 本题考查形容词的平级比较。 题干有 as she is now, 结合句意和选项看, 这里是形容词 pleased 的平级比较。.否定句中用 not/never/seldom/...so/as...as 结 构表示平级比较。本题看似考查副词辨析, 实际上考查形容词的比较结构。从句意判断 A 正确。 34. C 句意:在外上班的母亲的日程计划应具有弹性, 这样可使照看孩子更加容易。heavy 重的, 过度的;smooth 平滑的, 平稳的;flexible 灵活的, 可变动的;complex 复杂的。根据后文 to make it easier to care for their children 可知此题应选 C 项。 35. A 句意:人们一直对世界上的生命起源非常好奇。形容词短语搭配 be curious about 对……好奇;excited 兴奋 的;anxious 焦虑的;careful 认真的。 5.C 句意:去游乐园花了我们很长一段时间, 是 3 个小时的路程。 考查复合形容词。 一段 3 个小时的路程有两种 表达方式:a three-hour journey;a three hours'journey。类似的表达如:a one-week event/one week's event;a two-year project/two years'project。 6.人句意:研究表明如果总是长时间地坐在电脑屏幕前, 人们的背部很有可能会出现毛病。 本题考查表“可能性” 的三个形容词 possible, probable;likely 在搭配上的区别: 1)It is possible/probable/likely that 从句 2)It is possible for sb.to do sth.3)Sb. /Sth. is likely to do sth. 综上所述, 正确答案为 A 项。 7.B 句意:尽管计算机和手机确实使我们的生活变得更方便更有效率,但是却减少了面对面交流的需要。本题考 查形容词的比较级。两个空格处都需要形容词来作 our life 的宾补;又根据 and more 知道第一空格需要用比 较级, 所以 B 项正确。 8.D 句意:——在中国, 志愿者活动正越来越受到大家的欢迎。——是的, 现在人们意识到了助人即助己。本题 考查副词用法。 increasingly 逐渐地, 渐增地;naturally 自然地, 天生地;successfully 成功地;splendidly 甘丽地, 极好地。 9.A 句意:我一直都确信纸质媒体比电视要更加准确, 更加可靠。本题考查形容词辨瓣析。accurate 准确的, 精 确的;ridiculous 荒谬的, 可笑的;urgent 紧急的;shallow 浅的, 肤浅的, 根据句意可得知答案为 A 项。 10.D 句意:你认为网上购物最终会取代商店购物吗?本题考查副词狐。especially 尤其, 特别 frequendy 经 常;merely 仅仅, 只是;finally 最终, 最后。根据句意可知答案为 D 项。 11.A 句意:在结冰的体育场上玩耍听起来很有趣。但难道不是很危险吗?考查副词辨析。分析语境可知两个句 子之间是转折的关系, B,C,D 三项都没有此用法;though 有此用法, 但是表转折时要放在句尾, 通常用逗号 和前面的内容隔开。 12.D 句意:她无忧无虑、积极乐观, 是那种用微笑给别人带来快乐的人。本题考查形容词作伴随状语。shy and cautious 害羞的、小心的;sensitive and thoughtful 敏感的、多思的;honest and confident 诚实的、自信的。 13.D 句意:Jim 去接电话了。与此同时, Harry 开始做午饭。本题考查副词用法。A 然而;B 虽然如此;;C 除此之 外;D 与此同时。根据前后句逻辑关系, 应选择表示并列关系的 D。 14.A 句意:我们只有 100 美元, 离买台新电脑的钱还差得远呢。本题考查修饰词顺序。not anywhere near 或 nowhere near:far from,not at all 远非, 绝不是, 为固定短语。 15.D 句意:此岛屿春秋两季气候宜人, 因此, 这两个季节(对游客来说)同样有吸引力。 本题考查副词用法。 partly 部分地;merely 只是, 仅仅;nearly 几乎, 差不多;equally 同样地, 平等地, 根据题意选 D 项。 16.B 句意:布莱克先生很高兴, 因为他工厂生产的服装从没像现在这样受欢迎。本题考查形容词比较级。根据 题价 have never(从来没有)得知在文中隐含着与过去比较, 故答案选 B 项。 17.C 句意:虽然父亲不喜欢去体育馆, 但有时也陪我们一起去。 本题考查副词辨析。 hardly 几乎不;seldom 不常, 很少;sometime 有时候;never 从不。根据句意可知答案为 C 项。 18.B 句意:在本次讲座中, 本人只能就我们如何才能让自己的日子过得充实些给你们提供一些个人的观点, 并 就未来的发展提供一些建议。本题考查形容词辨析。从语境和四介选项的主要含义判断选 B 项。 personal:belonging or relating to one particular person,rather than to other people or to people in general 个人的, 私人的, 又如;personal belongings 私人财产。另外三个选项的主要含义:private 私有的, 私用的, 私人的, 秘 密的, 隐秘的, 其反义词是 public;unique 唯一的, 独一无二的, 独特的;different 不向的。 19.D 句意:错误不是偶然发生的, 它们的发生都是有原因的。如果能找出其中的原因, 犯个错误也是值得的。 本题考查形容词辨析。favourable 赞成的, 同意的, 倾向于支持某人/某事物的, 令人高兴的, 肯定 的 ;precious 宝 贵 的 , 珍 爱 的 , 过 于 精 致 的 ; 均 ;essential 必 要 的 , 本 质 的 , 重 要 的 ;worthwhile:iml important,in,interesting or rewarding enough to justify the time,money or effort that is spent 值得的、值得花时 间、金钱或精力的。从句意判断, 可知选 D。 20.B 句意:假如我发现某个人看上丢和这个嫌疑犯相像的话, 我的第一反应将是报告给警方。本题考查形容词 辨析。immediate 立即的, 即刻的, 直接的;;physical 身体的, 自然的;sensitive 敏感的, 神经过敏的, 易受伤 害的;sudden 突然的, 意外的。从语境判断选 B.immediate reaction 直接的反应。 21.答案:A 考点:考查副词词义辨析解析:这道题可能会让一部分同学郁闷一小下。形近词的辨析历来是备受 考试青睐的一种考法。乍一眼看上去, 这四个词都是以 ly 结尾, 又都是 6 个字母组成, 实在难以辨识。此 时的考生, 需要冷静下来。分析这里的每个副词分别是由哪个形容词变化而来, 而其形容词的含义实际上

和其副词的含义相差无几。“most”(大部分), 所以“mostly”(大部分地, 通常地);“near”(临近)“nearly”(几 乎)=almost;rare(稀有的)“rarely”(很少地, 几乎不);“mere”(仅仅, 只不过)“merely”(仅仅, 只不过)。全句意 思“我并没有责怪任何人, 我只是说类似这种错误是可以避免的”。 22.答案:C 考点:考查形容词的用法。the number of 意为“……的数量”, 其后的形容词应为大小, 不用多少。 又据句意学校被移出了市中心, 应该是学生的数量变得太大了, 故选 C。 23.B 句意:我和玛丽现在偶尔见面, 但不像过去那么频繁了。sooner or later 迟早, once in a while 偶尔;in the end 最后;more or less 差不多, 几乎, 大约。 24.C 句意:那是一套很不错的房子, 可是对一个五口之家来说太小了。四个选项中只有 rather 可以修饰 too, 其 他三个选项不能与 too 连用,全被排除。 25.D 句意:他成了作家我并不感到惊奇。 孩提时, 他的想象力就很丰富。 vivid 生动的, 逼真的, 栩栩如生的;clear 清晰的, 清楚的, 明白的;cautiou。小心的, 谨慎的, 慎重的;funny 滑稽的, 诙谐的。只有, vivid 可用来形容 想象力。 26.D 句意:据统计, 男子死于皮肤癌的几率是女子的两倍多。本题考查倍数的表示法, 核心结构为“...N times as likely to die of cancer as..., 只不过 N times 衍生成了 more than twice 两倍多, more than 大于, 多于。 27.B 句意:我肯定你的信会马上得到关注, 他们知道你在等待回复.根据 They know you're waiting for the reply. 提示可推断答案为 inunediate,immediate 立即的, 即刻的;continued 未完的, 连载的, 待续的;careful 谨慎的, 小心的;general 一般的, 综合的, 普通的。 28.B 句意:你该理发了, 头发太长了。much too long 太长。much too 太……, 后加形容词、副词;too much 太多, 后加不可数名词或单独使用。 29.C 句意:意:绿色生活方式似乎既简单又廉价, 这出乎人们的意料。人们一个小小的进步就会(对自然资源的 使用)有很大影响。 surprisingly-unusually or unexpectedly 不寻常地, 出乎意料地。 exactly 精确地, 确切地, 准 确地;fortunately 幸运地;hardly 几乎不。 30.C 句意:——你认为和你的学生交朋友是一个好主意吗?——其实真的认为那是个很不错的主意。You use actually to emphasize that it is true.actually"实际上”, 在句子中起加强语气的作用;realty 真正地;obviously 明 显地;generally 大体上。 31.B 句意:建造这些节能住宅不仅仅需要供给建筑材料, 还需要才智。more than 意为“不仅仅”。other than 常用 于否定句, 相当于 but;rather than 而不是;less than 少于。 32.C 根据下文:如果他答应做某事, 他就会去做。那就可得出他是个可信赖的人。故选择 C。A.独立的;B.有信 心的, 有把握的;D.易曲的, 柔软的, 灵活的。 33.B 句意:彼得的夹克衫看起来与杰克的一样, 但是却花费了他两衣两倍的价钱。 考查倍数句型“倍数+as+原级 +as..."。注意表达倍数常用的兰种句型 :①倍数十 as+原级十 as...;②倍数十比较级, than...;③倍数+the size/length/width/depth/...of...。 34.D 句意:和他的妹妹相比, Jerry 对情感方面和关系方面的问题更敏替, 更容易被困扰。sceptical 表示怀疑 的;addicted 沉迷的;available(指物)可用的或可得到的, (指人)可会见的, 可与之交谈的等;sensitive 敏感的, 神经过敏的, 易受伤害的。 35.B 句意:由于石油和煤炭越来越少, 所以科学家们正在探索新的方法利用可替代性能源, 如太阳能、风能和 水能等做动力和燃料。A.primary 主要的, 初期的, 根本的;B.alternative 可替代的, 两者择一的;C.instant 立 即的, 立刻的;D.unique 独特的, 唯一的。 本题从命题立意上来看并不难, 因为语境 such as sunlight,wind and water for power and fuel 就是关键的信息。 我们更应该注意 altemative 与 available 的区别。 Available 表示“可 用的,有效的”, 另外 altemativ 除了表示“可替代的, 两者择一的, 外, 还可表示“另一可选用的, 其他的”, 相 当于 another。 36.C 句意:问卷调查花大约 10 到 15 分钟可完成, 且可以和评估面试表一起使用。A.mainly 主要地, 大 概;B.punctually 按时地, 如期地;C.approximately 大概, 近乎;D.precisely 精确地, 准确地, 一丝不苟地, 清晰 地, 明确地。由语境中的信息 ten to fifteen minutes…可以得知, 这里应该是“大约”的意思。 37.A 句意:弗兰克把药放在一个顶部的抽屉里以确保孩子们够不到。accessible“易接近的, 易到手的”, 符合语 境。relative 有关系的, 相关的;acceptable 可接受的;sensitive 敏感的。后三项皆不合句意。 38.D 句意:你四点钟接我并把我送到机场方便吗?It is convenient for sb.to do sth.某人做某事很方便。 39.A 句意:看起来天气要变得更糟糕, 我们还要坚持计划吗?for the worse 固定搭配, “向着更糟的情况(变化), 更不好”, 故选 A。 40.B 句意:在那个国家的西部娜地圃区有许多工作供你选择。present 目前的, 现在的(作前置定语);出席的, 在 场的(作后置定语)。 available 可用的, 可得到的, 可达到的。 precious 宝贵的, 珍贵的。 convenient 方便的, 便 利的。 41.B 句意:我认为, 伦敦的物价不如东京高, 但在交通方面, 东京比它(伦敦)更井然有序。 42.B 我哥哥作很勤今他经常在办公室工作到深夜。根据句意可知此处应为 hard-working(勤, 勤勉的、努力 的);open-minded 思想开放的;self-confident 自信的;warm-hearted 热心的。 43.B 句意:经过长时间旅行后, 他们三个回到了家, 又饿又累。本题考查形容词作状语, 表示伴随。 44.句意:——喂!马克!音乐会怎么样啊?——好极了!亚历克初安迪的表演技巧娴熟, 获得了一等奖。 考查副词辨 析。skillfully 熟练地;commonly 通常, 常常;willingly 情愿地;nervously 紧张地。 45.D 句意当时我们关心的首要问题是给那些被暴风雪阻断的人们提供食物和医疗(服务)务)。normal 正常 的;constant 持续不断的, 经常发生的;permanent 长久的, 永久的;primary-most important olt or most basic 首要

的, 主要的。由句意可知 D 项正确。 46.D 句意:杰克又迟到了, 让别人等他是他的典型特点。Typical“典型的”, 符合句意。normal 正常的, 正规 的;ordinarynary 普通的, 平常的;common 共同的, 普及的。A,B,C 均不符合句意。 47.A 句意:经营一家公司不仅仅是雇用员工的问题—也需要培训员工。simply 仅仅, 简单地;partly 部分地, 局 部地;seriously 严肃地, 认真地;equally 相等地。 48.D 句意:在孩子这么小的时候, 父母就不再照管他们, 这一做法是社会所不允许的。 项意为“很容易达到的, A 易接近的”;B 项意为“可爱的, 值得爱慕的”;C 项意为“能适应的, 适应性强的”;D 项意, “可接受的, 可容忍 的”。 49.C 句意:一趟开往天津机场的新攀车两个月前开始运营。A.normal 正常的, 常态的, 正规的;B.usual 通常 的;C.regular 有规律畔的;D.common 常见的。依题意“开往机正机场的新班车, 运营”可知, 此车是按规定时 间运行的, 即“有规律的”。故选 C。 50.C 句意:这场篮球赛的最终比分为 93:94。我们只是以微弱的劣势落败。nearly-not quite or not completely“几 乎, 差不多, 将近”, 如用 nearly 则表示几乎被击败, 与题干中 93:94 不符, 故排除 A。slightly(轻微地)常用 以表程度;lightly(轻松, 不慎重)常表力度、 情绪。 只有 narrowly 勉强)可用以表裱双方比分主分接全接近, 故 遨选 C。 51.C 句意:由于汤姆不经意把一个病毒看毒下载到了他的计算机中, 所以现在他打不开这个文件了。readily 乐 意地, 便利地;horribly 可恶地, 恐怖地;accidentally 偶然地, 意外地;irregularly 无规律地。根据词义选 C。 52.B 句意:约翰上周因为对待工作漫不经心被解雇了。informal 非正式的;casual 不经意的, 漫不经心的, 马虎 的;determined 坚决的, 果断的;earnest 认真的, 真诚的。根据词义选 B。 53.C 句意:她全身心地致力于她的研究, 这在她所在的领域里为她赢得了良好声誉。 项 strongly 强烈地, 猛烈 A 地;B 项 extremely 极其地, 极端地;C 项 entirely 完全地;D 项 freely 自由地, 自如地。 根据语义应为“完全地, 全 部地”、故选 C。 54.D 句意:水既能吸收又能释放大量的热量而不会引起很大的温度变化, 这样, 就产生了一个稳定的环境。B 项 sensitive 敏感的;C 项 common 共同的, 普通的, 明显不符合题意;A 项 peaceful 意为“和平的、 安静的、 安 宁的”, 这里要表达的是一个变化不大的环境, 应用 stable, 故选 D。 55.D 句意:他中学毕业以后才开始重视政治学。take sth. seriously 意为“重视, 严肃对待某物”, 是固定结构, 故 选 D。 56.C 句意:虽然体能在运动中很重要, 但是技能至少与之同样重要。 考生首先要弄清 but 后的句子是倒装句, 正 常语序应为:Skills are of at least______importance.然后, 再搞清四个选雌项的意思, 根据句意, 做出正确选 择。Fair 意为“公平的, 公正的, 正直的”, reasonable 意为“(人或其行为)合情合理的”, equal:(of two or more) the.same(in size,number,value,rank,etc.)“(在大小、数量、价值、等级等方面)相同的, 同等的, 同样的”, proper 意为“合适的, 适当的, 恰当的”, 综上所述, C 为正确答案。 57.B 句意:委员会目前正在讨论这个问题。下周末问题有望得以解决。A.急切地;B.有希望地, 可以指望地;C. 立即;D.逐渐地。故选 B。 58.A 本题考查形容词的词意。friendly 友善的;关系融洽的。例如:This product is environmentally friendly.这种 产品对环境无害。 59.B 句意:一我们的女运动员在温哥华冬咚奥会上取得了巨大的成就。—是的。我想, 没人比她们表现更精彩 了。此处用“否定形式+比较级”表达“没人比……更……, 最……”之意。 60.A 句意:你怎么能称它为“家”呢?它连房子都算不上。 hardly 几乎不, 简孽;rarely 很少地, 表示频率;badly 不好 地, 修饰动作, occasionally 偶尔, 表示频率。 61.D 句意:—王先生昨天遇上了暴雨。—我知道了, 不幸的是, 他的新车完全被毁了。hopefully 有希望 地;fortunately 幸运地;thankfully 感谢地, 感激地;unfortunately 不幸地。故 D 项符合诊语境。 62.D 句意:每个孩子都是独特的, 他们有各自的需求、爱好以及天赋。unique 独一无二的, 独特的;contradictory 相互矛盾的, 对立的, 不一致的;similar 相似的;original 原来的, 起初的, 新颖的。只有 D 项符合句意。 63.C 句意:随着记忆力的下降, 一些老人变得话多了, 因为他们很容易忘记自己所说过的事情。easily 容易地, 轻易地;anxiously 急切地;particularly 尤其是, 特别是;hardly 几乎不。依句意选 C。 64.D 句意:他的解释如此清楚以至于每个人不费吹灰之力就明白了。 possible 用于形容词最高级后表示强调, 意 为“最好的(或最差的)”等, 故答案为 D。 65.A 句意:为了让 60 岁以上的人熟悉计算机和互联网, 一种新型简单化的台式电脑已经开开发出来了。Sb. be familiar with sth.某人熟悉某物, 固定词组;be aware of 明白, 了解;be popular with 受……欢迎;be conscious of 知道, 察觉到, 注意到。所以 A 项符合句意。 66.D 句意:——信不信由你, 昨天我一次就通过了驾照考试。——很棒, 但是记住:路上开车的时候再小心也不 为过。Never/not...too;never/not...enough 再……也不为过, 固定搭配。 67.D 句意:这里太吵了。 我们可以去较安静的地方吗?根据句意, 答案应该是是一个形容词比较级, 故答案为 D。 A,B 两项为副词, 副词是用来修饰动词的, 在本句中表示 go 的方式, 即“静静地去某地”, 很显然不合题意。 68.B 句意:让他们高兴的是他们终于得到了一直想要的东西。eventually 终于, 最后;normally 正常地, 通常 地;particularly 特别地;origlnally 最初, 原先。根据句意 B 项正确。 69.B 句意:—这些橘子一磅仅一美元八十九美分。—噢, 它们是比其他橘子便宜, 但看上去不如其他的好。根 据句意, 尤其是第一句中的 only 可知第一空应为 cheaper;第二空所在句子为一省略句, 补全后为:...but they don't look as good as the others.
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70.D 句意:一这场足球赛的结果真让人郁闷。—我同意。我们队不应该失去那两分。pleasant 使人愉快的, 可 喜的;cheerful 快乐的, 兴高采烈的;relaxing 令人放松的;annoying 令人烦恼的。 71..B 句意:—你读完我上周借给你的那部小说了吗?—还没呢, 我刚读到第 55 页第二行。 much as 和 as many as as 都表示“量”, 但 as much as 常表示不可数的量, 符合本题要求;A.as long as 和……一样长, 只要;C.as far as 远及……, 到……为止, 两项均不符合题意, 故被排除。 72.C 句意:一些欧洲人认为茶是最受欢迎的饮品而咖啡名列第二。 根据 comes second 可知本句是对饮品的受欢 迎程度进行排序, 故 C 为正确答案。 73.D 句意:伟业建成非一日之功。 你应该制定切合实际的目标并努力实现它们。 alternative 两者择一的, 可供选 择的;considerable 相当的;subjective 主观的;realistic 切合实际的。 74.A 句意:当我看见妈妈朝我点头鼓劲时, 我镇定下来继续表演。 B.amazingly 吃惊地;C.increasingly 逐渐地, 不 断增加地;D.accordingly 因此, 相应地。只有 A 项符合句意。 75.D 句意:他很固执, 这是他唯一的缺点。D.stubborn 倔强的, 固执的, 顽固的;A.precise 精确的, 精细 的;B.passionate 热情的, 热烈的;C.determined 果断的, 坚决的。根据 shortcoming 可知选 D。 76.D 句意:看那个老太太!她在四处张望求救。她绝对是迷路了。socially 社交上, 社会上;accidentally 偶然 地;desperately 绝望地, 拼命地;absolutely 绝对地。根据句意选 D。 77.C 句意:这只是一个临时解决这个问题的办法, 所以你得找出一个更好的方式。C.temporarily 暂时地, 临时 地;A.individually 个人地, 个别地, 单独地;B.definitely 明确地, 确切地, 肯定地;D.continually 连续不断地。 根据句意选 C。 78.C 句意:按照法律父母必须允许孩子接受义务教育。C.compulsory 义务的, 有责任的;A.traditional 传统 的;B.primary 初始的, 最早的, 开端的, 起步阶段的;D.cultural 文化的。只有 C 项符合题意。 79.B 句意 :那 个人 耸 着肩 小心 地 向前 移动 并 看着 边上 。 B.cautiously 慎 重 地 , 小 心 地 ;A.accurately 精 确 地;C.brilliantly 辉煌地, 灿烂地;D.disappointedly 失望地。只有 B 项符合题意。 80.B 句意:——我们能否有两个能看到花园的房间?——恐怕只有一个能行。B.available(指物)可用的或可得到 的;A.affordable 买得起的, 不太昂贵的;C.accessible 可接近的, 可进人的;D.adaptable 能适应的, 可修改的。 根据句意选 B。 81.D 句意:经过一个月的训练后, 他成为了一名合格的高速磁悬浮列车司机。D.equal 能胜任的, 有能力 的;A.addicted 上瘾的;B.sensitive 敏感的;C.loyal 忠诚的, 忠贞的。 82.D 句意:剩下的时间不多了, 但无论如何, 我们也必须按时到达那里。anyway 无论如何, 不管怎样;somehow 以某种方式, 通过某种途径;somewhat 达到某种程度, 颇为。根据题意选 D。 83..C 句意:——你不经常去那个超市, 是吗?——是的, 我只是偶尔去, 因为它离我家太远。occasionally 偶 尔;eventually 最后, 终于;constantly 不断地, 经常地;frequently 频繁地, 经常地。根据句意选 C。 84.C taste,sound,look,feel,smell 这几个表感觉的动词后跟形容词作表语, 而普通的动词要用副词来修饰。 85.B 句意:史密斯先生是我们饭店的常客之一。regular customer 常客, 老主顾, 固定用法。 86.A 句意:——这是个长途旅行, 我的车不行。——你可以用我的车, 它虽然很旧, 但性能可靠。reliable 可靠 的, 可信赖的;convenient 方便的, 便利的;supportive 支持的, 支援的;available 可利用的, 可得到的, 可获得 的。只有 A 项符合句意。 87.D 句意:过去的几个月里, 中国西南部两个省的严重干旱使 750 万人没有足够的饮用水。 adequate 足够的, 充 分的;frequent 频繁的;private 私人的, 私有的;permanent 永久的, 持久的。 88.A 句意:当你研究当地的地图时, 你会发现这座城镇是那个的两倍大。倍数的表达方式:A is+倍数+the+名词 (如 size/length)+of B;B 项中不定冠词位置错误;C,D 项中 as 后应用形容词原级。 89.C 当多个形容词修饰名词时的排列顺序:描绘性形容词、大小、新旧、材料, 即被修饰的名词前必须紧接质 地或性质的词。 90.D 句意:如果你睡眠不足 7 小时, 你得感冒的可能性就提高了三倍。be likely to...可能……;而 possible 和 probable 的主语不能是具体的人或物。B 项是副词, 不能放在 be 后面作表语, 故选 D。 91.C 句意:——你认为第 11 届全运会开得成功吗?——是的, 绝对成功!再好不过了。否定的比较级相当于最高 级。relatively 相对地;approximately 大约;absolutely 绝对地;fortunately 幸运地。 92.B 句意:真是一个奇迹!他们在这么短的时间内就完成了多达一半的工程。 是。 more than=only 仅仅;no less no than=as much as 不少于, 多达。not more than=less than 至多, 不多于;much less than 比……少得多。 93.B 句句意:君:大多数孩子能解决这个问题, 因此这个问题对成人来说应该很简单。patient 耐心的;plain 清楚 的, 明白的, 易懂的, 清晰的;familiar 熟悉的;lucky 幸运的。根据句意选 B。 94.C 句意:你最好乘火车去那里。火车票比飞机票便宜三倍。本题考查形容词比较等级的常用句型。平级比较 句型是:倍数+as+形容词/副词原级+as...;比较级常用句型是:倍数+形容词/副词比较级+than…故选 C。 95.A 句意:《读者文摘》是世界上被最广泛阅读的杂志, 它在全球有一亿的忠实读者。read 为过去分词作定语, widely 修饰过去分词 read 并置于分词前;由句意可知, 此处应用最高级。 96.A 句意:——你认为正在出售的这件家具怎么样?——很好。 但把你买的那件和这些样品相比较, 我认为这件 不值那么多钱。设空处所在句子, 既无并列连词又无从属连词, 由此可知第一空考查分词作状语, 排除 C 项;答句主语 I 与 compare 之间为逻辑上的主动关系, 排除 B 项;It is worth 后可跟 the money/the price/钱数, 故选 A 项。 97.B 句意:你不妨自己去郊游;要么我可以陪你去。alternatively 二者择一地, 另有选择地;differently 不同 地;accordingly 相应地;automatically 自动地。根据句意选 B。
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98.A 句意:这台新机器在技术性能上要比原来那种型号的好得多。be superior to 意为“比……优越/好”;junior 意 为“年少的, 资历较浅的”;senior 意为“地位高的, 年长的”;equal 意为, 同样的, 相等的”。根据句意选 A。 99.B 句意:当这个职位空着的时候, Dennis Bass 被指派就任。A.empty 空的;B.vacant 未占满的, 未占用的, 空着 的;C.blank 空白的, 无痕迹的;D.bare 裸露的, 缺少遮盖的, 没有保护的。 四个选项中只有 vacant 可以用来表 示“职位空缺”。 100.D 句意:按照法律, 当一个人购买大件物品时, 他应该有足够的机会改变主意。adequate 足够的, 充分 的;accurate 准确的, 精确的;annual 每年的;一年一次的;actual 实际的, 确实的。只有 D 项符合句意。 101.C 句意:打上领带, 它能使你看起来更值得尊重。respective 分别的, 各自的;respectable 可敬的, 有名望的, 值得尊敬的;respectful 有礼貌的。根据句意选 C。 102.A 句意:全球性逐年增高的离婚率已经导致家庭数量增多, 而(每个)家庭的人数却在减少。根据句意, 两个 空都需要用形容词比较级, 故选 A 项。 103.C 句意:——妈妈, 站在这里够安全吗?——不, 再向我这边靠一点, 宝贝。close 与 closely 的区别在于前者 表具体概念“靠近地”, 后者表抽象概念“剥地”。此外, 本句需要用比较级形式, 故 C 为正确答案。 104.D 句 意 : 现 在 美 国 人 均 蔬 菜 摄 人 量 是 1910 年 的 两 倍 多 。 根 据 题 干 中 的 as 可 判 断 本 句 应 该 用…times+as+adj./adv.原级(+名词)+、句型来表达倍数, 因此排除 A 项;倍数应放在第一个 as 前, 故排除 B 项;C 项多了一个 as, 也被排除;D 项中的 more than 相当于 over, 意为“多于”。 105.D consistent 一致的, 通常与 with 搭配;allergic 对……过敏;sensitive 对……敏感;relevant 与……有关/相应。 根据句意选 D。 106.A 句意:自从来到这里, 我还从未见过像 Maggie 这么可爱的女孩呢。“so/as/how/too+adj.+a/an+n.”或 “such+a/an+adj.+n.”为固定结构。 107.D 句意:就我个人而言, 我愿意熬夜到很晚, 但如果第二天开车上 班的话, 我就不熬夜了。late at night 意为“深夜”。but 后为一个省略句, 补全后为:I don't prefer to stay up late when I'll have to drive to work the next day. 108.B 句意:——蛋糕很好吃。 ——噢, 至少它和我上周烤的那个一样不错。 bad as 和……一样差;no worse than as 和……一样不错;no better than 和……一样不好;not better than 不比……好。No+比较级+than 和·· ·· ·一样 不……。 109.C 句意:我们的身体通过锻炼变得强壮。同样, 我们的思想通过学习得到发展。 110.D.句意为:这种食品是天然的, 没有添加人造香料。artificial 人造的;regular 有规律的;accurate 精确的; sensitive 敏感的。根据句意应选 D。 111.A.有下文的"she needs to work smarter not harder."可以看出她不是懒, 而是效率低(inefficient)。 112.B 句意“苏珊成功地从汽车中爬出来, 显然没有受伤”, regularly 表示“有规律地;extremely 表示“极其地”, frequently“经常地”, apparently“显然地”。 113.C similarly“类似地;同样地”。机器需要燃料就如同人需要食物一样。 114.A 考查形容词辨析。 由下半句结果状语“警察不能断定罪犯的肖像”可知, 对罪犯的描述是不清楚的(vague), 而不是精确的(accurate);particular 特别的;vain 无益的。 115.A 考查副词辨析。 根据答语, “我们”并没有与汽车相撞。 副词 narrowly 意思是“差一点没……, 刚好……, 勉 强地……”。故选 A。 116.A 本句意为:高度精确的计算通过计算机的应用而得以实现。Possible 在句中作主补。本句为被动语态, 我 们可将其换成主动语态 People have made calculations____with the use of computers.这样就会很容易找到答 案。 117.D 考查形容词。toleran, 意为“容忍的”, permanent 意为“持久的”, favorable 意为“称赞的、顺利的”, competitive 意为“竞争的, 比赛的”。 按语境, competitive 符合句意, 故选 D。 意思是“在一个高度竞争的社会 里你应该用尽可能多的知识武装自己。” 118.C 考查形容词辨析。 句意为:许多曾经贫穷的家庭现在都过上了相对舒适的生活, 有的甚至非常富裕了。 这 里是和过去的生活状况进行比较的结果, 所以用 comparative, 意思是“比较而言的, 相对的”。 119.C 考查形容词。句意为:孩子们通过模仿而习得, 所以需要与他们联络沟通, 使他们容易受到影响。 120.C 考查常用副词的基本含义。题干的句子的大意是:这些商品基本上是供出口的尽管其中有些可在国内市 场上买到。A.accurately 精确地;B.eventually 最终地;C.essentially 基本地;D.merely 仅仅地。 121.A 题 意 : 这 些 书 有 货 时 就 会 通 知 你 的 。 available“ 可 获 得 的 ”, 此 处 是 “ 有 货 ” 的 意 思 。 valuable“ 宝 贵 的”;comfortable“舒适的”;useful“有用的”。 122.B 题意:“你觉得天气好得可以外出吗?”“是的, 一年中的这个时候没有比现在的天气更好的了。”形容词的 比较级与否定词连用表示最高级意义, 此时被比较级修饰的名词前用不定冠词。一 123.A 题意:有四十个人幸存, 他们中的一些人描述了飞机试图在狂风暴雨中着陆时最后的可怕时刻。 terrifying"令人恐惧的”, 符合题意。 Amusing“有趣的, 引人发笑的”;amazing“令人惊异的”;exciting“令人兴奋 的”。 124.A 题意:虽然他很富有、 很出名, 但是他住在乡村一座很简朴的房子里。 modest“朴实的;谦逊的”, 符合题意。 limited“有限的”;slight“轻微的;脆弱的”;reserved 保留的。 125.D 题意:很多人都觉得因为越来越多的人都在家看电视, 所以越来越少的人会会去买书和报纸了。“比较级 +and+比较级”表示“越来越……”,fewer and fewer 与前面的 more and more 对应, 符合题意。more and more“越来越多”不符合语境;any the less“更少一些”;more or less“或多或少”。
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126.B 题意:她总是借钱并且总是忘了归还。 Always“总是”, 与进行时态连用, 带有一定的感情色彩, 表示赞许、 不快或厌恶等。sometimes“有时”;seldom“很少”hardly`“几乎不”。 127.C 题意:他们的观点差距很大, 所以他据理力争支持这个建议。 forcefully“强有力地”, 符合题意。 severely“严 重地”;heavily“沉重地”;deeply“深深地”。 128.B 题意:如果我有足够长的假期, 我会选择独自去非洲, 在任何有意思的地方停留。 enough 修饰名词的时候 位置可前可后, 但修饰形容词时必须后置。此处 enough 修饰 long, 然后 long enough 修饰名词 holiday。 129.D 题意:她能迅速适应新环境的原因是她有很灵活的态度。 flexible“灵活的, 变通的”, 符合题意。 changeable“可变的, 易变的”;alternate“轮流的”;movaovable“变的, 可动的”。 130.C 题意:结果证明他的脉搏跳动是有规律的。regular“有规律的”, at regular lar in“每隔一定时间”, 符合题意。 general“一般的, 普通的”;usual“通常的”;common“常见的”。 131.题意:“买这只表给你父亲作为生日礼物怎么样?”“我很想, 但是我还差 50 美元。"short“短缺, 不足”, 常用 在所缺钱数的后面。fewer“较少”;less“较少”, cheap“便且的”。 132.B 题意:一辆运载 60 个人的公共汽车比 60 辆私人汽车行驶相同的路线更能充分有效地使用燃料。efficient 修饰名词 use, 其比较级在乏在前面加 more 构成, far 修饰比较级。 133.D 题意:我们充足的资源和稳定的政策为外国人发展贸易提供了优势。abundant“充足的, 富足的”, 修饰 resource 符合题意。Generous“慷慨的, 大方的”;limited“受限制的”;narrow“窄的”, 均不符合题意。 134.D 题意:这本手册对这部机器的功能给出了精确的描述。precise“精确的, 准确的”, 符合题意。steady"稳固 的;坚定的”;secure“完全可靠扉的;牢固固的”;extreme“尽头的;极端的”。 135.B 题意:史密斯先生过去抽烟很厉害, 但是现在已经戒了。heavily, “(吸烟、喝酒等)环烈地、大量地”, 符合 题意。seriously“严肃地;认真地;严重地”;badly“糟糕地;差劲地”;hardly“几乎不”。 136.D 题意:恐怕这幅画不是毕加索画的, 它只是一个临摹品, 是没有价值的。worthless“无价值的;无用的”。 priceless“贵重的;无法估价的”;invaluable“无法估价的;非常宝贵的”;unworthy“不值得的”。 137.D 题意:如果让挑战刺激你而不是使你恼怒, 那么就会完成得很好。rather than“而不是”。A,C 均为比较级 的形式;B 项意为“除了”。 138.D 题意:我认为数学不如物理难。As...As 结构中的第一个 as 后的形容词作定语修饰名词 subject, 故冠词置 于形容词后, 用“as+adj.+a/an+n.+as"的形式。 139.B 题意:“杰克很幸运地取得了成功。”“但是我认为与其说他幸运不如说他聪明。"more...than...“与其说…… 倒不如说……”。 140.B 题意:真惊人, 你在两天内完成了工作的三分之一。由“What a wonder!”可知, 工作进度非常惊人, 故用 no less than“不少于, 多达”。no more than“仅仅”;not more than“至多, 不超过”;much less than“比……少得 多”。 141.D 题意:斯科特小姐在课上讲得很少 , 而是留给我们更多的时间来自己练习。 instead“相反的是”。 therefore“因此, 结果”;luckly“幸运地”;furthermore“而且, 此外”。 142.D 题意:尽管他过着独居的生活, 但他一点也不感到孤独, 因为他有好多朋友。alone 只表示客观状态“独自 地”, 没有感情色彩;lonely 表示人“孤独的;寂寞的”, 有感情色彩, 因此第一个空用 alone, 第二个空用 lonely. 143.B 题意:这位政府发言人声明, 接近这个城市的不明飞行物已经明确地被证实为舟颗卫星。definitely“明确 地, 毫无疑问地”。violently"猛力地;暴力地”;specially`?特别地;专门地”;properly“正确地”。 144..C 题意:“门上的油漆还需要两天才能干。”“是的。我怀疑油漆工是否读过说明。"still“还, 仍然”, 表示某 事尚在进行中, 常用于肯定句中;yet 作“已经”讲时, 通常与一般现在时或现在完成时连用, 常用在疑问句或 否定句中。 145.A 题意:约翰看起来是个好人。尽管如此, 我还是不信任他。even so"尽管如此”后面常有逗号与句子隔开, 表示前后相反的意义。besides“另外;此外”;therefore“所以”;though"尽管”, 作连词引导让步状语从句时后面 不用逗号;作副词时常位于句末, 前面用逗号隔开。 146.A 题意:令人奇怪的是, 一些著名科学家都同时具有仔细和粗心的特点。 Strangely"令人奇怪的是, ?, 作评注 性状语, 放在句首修饰整个句子;enough 修饰副词时要放在被修饰词之后。 147.B 题意:“夫人, 您喜欢这件外套吗?”“呢……, 稍微有一点大, 你还有小一点的吗?”根据题意应是小一点的, 用比较级, 且是泛指, 用 a, 故选 B。 148.C 题意:“你去听音乐会了吗?”“没有, 对我来说门票太贵了。”形容门票“贵”用 expensive, 形容价格高用 high;far too 表示程度, 意为“太……”, 修饰 expensive。too much 和 so much 修饰名词。 149..A 题意:在反恐战争后, 美国士兵既安全又疲劳地回到了家。此处是形容词作伴随状语。 150.B 题意:“你喜欢狗吗?”“当然喜欢了, 它们不仅仅是宠物, 而且对它们的主人有益。"more than“超过, 不仅 仅”, 符合题意。Better than“比……好”;no more than“仅仅, ';not more than“至多, 不比……更……”。 151.C 题意:那个穿着法国最新时装的女孩外表很优雅, 但是说话很粗鲁。elegant“优雅的”, 与 but 后的 rude 形 成对比。evident“明显的”;considerate“体贴的, 考虑周到的”;innocent“无辜的, 清白的”。 152.B 题意:我请了最有名的厨师做饭, 所以今天晚上晚宴的菜我最不担心。根据题意应是“不担心晚宴的菜”, 且有表示范围的 of, 所以用最高级 least. 153.B 题意:大多数的风筝都是用纸制成的, 但是用丝绸制成的风筝在大雨、 大风的天气里用的时间能更长。 本 题是“用丝绸制成的风筝”与“用纸制成的风筝”两者对比, 且作状语, 故选 B。 154.A 题意:你没有发现他听到这个消息时很吃惊吗?系动词 look 后跟形容词作表表语, surprised 是分词化的形 容词。介词短语 at the news 表示原因。
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155.B 题意:她穿着那件新的绿色的丝绸裙子时看起来更漂亮。多个形容词修饰名词时的顺序是“限定词十数量 词十描绘性形容词+大小、长短、高低等+新旧十颜色十国籍+材料”, 故选 B。 156.A 题意:“去博物馆的旅行怎么样?”“我很喜欢, 比我想象的要有趣的多。”由 than 可知用比较级, 形容词、 副词比较级前面可使用 far 等程度副词修饰。 157.A 题意:那个女孩带着困惑的表情看着我。可能那个问题让她特别困惑。一般情况下, puzzling(令人困惑的) 用于修饰物, puzzled(感到困惑的)用于修饰人;但当用于修饰人的表情、眼神等时, 用 puzzled. 158.D 题意:我们确实偶尔见面, 但不经常。 表示转折, 与 now and then 形成对比的只有 regularly“经常地, 定 but 期的”。patiently“耐心地”;naturally“自然地”;carefully`?仔细地”。 159.A 题意:散步方便、简单, 也许是最简易的运动形式。and 连接两个并列的形容词作原因状语, 说明主语的 情况, 常用逗号与句子其他部分隔开。 160.C 题意:贫困的父母可能会有强烈的愿望, 想看到他们的孩子进人富人的世界。 第一空修饰名词, 用形容词; 第二空为“the+形容词”表示一类人。 161.B surprised 是过去分词, 起形容词的作用, 在句子中作状语, 相当于原因状语从句, 它的主语是 Tom, =Because Tom was surprised and afraid,he rushed out of the house. 162.A young 形容词在句子中作状语。 163.C convenient 描述“方便于某人”, 其主语通常不是“人”, 往往用 it 作形式主语。whenever 引导时间状语从 句, 常用一般现在时表示将来。 164.A 句中 looking 不是系动词, 而是实义动词, 表示“看着……”, 所以应选 A(副词)。 165.D the largest island in the world 作 Greenland 的同位语。有些考生把这个句子理解成了定语从句, 误选了选 项 B。如果这是非限制性定语从句, 必须用关系代词 which 引导, 而不是 that。 166.C 句意:与其说他聪明, 不如说他懒惰。 167.B 从所提供的情境 the more you learn, 并结合所给的选项可以确定这是“the+形容词/副词的比较级+陈述句, the+形容词/副词的比较级+陈述句”的句型, 表示“越……越……”。句意:我认为, 教育是有关学习的事, 你 学得越多, 你对生活的准备就越充分。 168.D quite impossible 表示“完全不可能”, 不能用 very 修饰 impossible,,worth 和 impossible 一样也属于有较特 殊修饰语的形容词, 常用 well 修饰 worth, 意为“非常值得”, “很值得”故选 D。 169.B 句意:一点不惊奇, 还有谁会像他那样努力工作, 即他是工作最努力的。选项 D 时态不妥, 该句说的是平 常的情况, 不是单指此刻的情况。故选 B。 170.A 也后一句“似乎面试中的每个问题我都找到答案了”推知, 前一句应是指“非常好”或“没有比这更好的 了”。故 A 正确。 171.A 表示“咳嗽如果持续十天或者十天以上, 就要引起注意”。 172.B no more than“ 仅 仅 , 一 样 不 ”;more than“ 不 只 是 , 不 仅 仅 ”;no other than" 术 是 别 的 , 正 是 ”;much too“太...…”。More than willing to do?sth·意为“非常乐意做某事”, 所以选项 B 符合语境逻辑。 173.B more than one can 表示“非……所能, ……不能”。句意:这工作非我自己能做得了。 174.D as good as 意为“差不多, 几乎”, 符合句意。 175.B 根据题意, 答话人觉得花展没有什么乐趣, 所以没有去。less pleasant 作 something 的定语, far 用以加强 比较级。C 项 too much(太多)不能修饰形容词, A,D 两项不切题。 176.B be popular with/among sb.某物受某人欢迎。此题语意为:这本杂志深受年轻人欢迎, 年轻人喜欢它的内容 和风格。 177.A highly important 意 为 “ 非 常 重 要 , 很 重 要 ” 。 又 如 :highly significant.It is highly important that we(should)combine theory with practice.“对我们来说, 把理论和实践结合起来是很重要的。” 178.B 本题考查形容词短语作状语, 表状态。句意:他在风雪中呆了七天, 又冷又饿。 179.A look alike 看上去相像。 180.B Fred 的数学是我们班最好的, 但是信不信由你, 上次考试他差点没及格。second to none 第一, 最好的。 。

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高中英语语法总结大全之形容词和副词的比较级(1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。形容词与副词的比较级,最高级和原级的用法及练习 大多数形容词(性质形容词)和副词有比...
高中衔接英语语法专项练习:形容词和副词(含答)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。中学试卷 形容词和副词 1. Tony is going camping with ___boys. A. little two othe...
高中英语语法大全之形容词和副词_高三英语_英语_高中...4)high 与 highly high 表示空间高度;highly 表示...(有能力的) big(大的) hot (热的) 比较级 ...
高中语法形容词和副词专项练习_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。都是精简题目 ...a better voice 4. I’d be___, if you could give me an early reply...
高中英语语法复习专题讲解-形容词副词 一、考点聚焦 ...(4)副词 + 现在分 hard-working 勤劳的,fast-...as much an art as 解析:答案为 D。本题可从考...
...语法专题训练部分 专题4 形容词、副词 03综合演练
2016届高考英语一轮复习 语法专题训练部分 专题4 形容词副词 03综合演练_英语_高中教育_教育专区。综合演练 Some people think that they will get ill if ...
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