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新人教版必修二 Unit 5 Music单元同步测试

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Unit5 Music 单元同步测试
I. 选择填空 1. His generosity _______ him the reputation of “The most generous man” in his area. A. made B. earned C. achieved D. gave 2. The visitors said that they had never dreamed ______ such a beautiful scenery. A. there to be B. of there to be C. of there being D. of being 3. Her parents want her to ________ in a government office, saying that a _____ job means ______ income, but she thinks the other way around. A. employ; secure; secure B. be employed; certain; certain C. employ herself; sure; sure D. be employed; secure; secure 4. In big cities like London, Paris, New York, you can see street musicians _____ all kinds of music such as Rock’n’Roll, Jazz, the Blues in the streets. A. perform B. make C. act D. do 5. I’d like to have these documents _______ in a minute. A. sorting out B. sorted out C. to be sorted out D. sort out 6. ---How are you getting on with Mary, your girl friend? ---_______. A. Break up B. Broken up C. Break down D. Broken down 7. It is a pity that none of the ______ stopped ______ the poor man lying there, begging. A. passer-bys; to help B. passers-by; helping C. passer-bys; helping D. passers-by; to help 8. When she was asked how she had managed to live _______ with the man she hated so much, she didn’t ______ to the question. A. at peace; respond B. in peace; answer C. with peace; make an answer D. in peace; respond 9. Every time the father comes into his room, the boy pretends ______ earnestly. A. reading B. to be reading C. to be read D. to have read 10. Before agriculture ________, people made their living by hunting wild animals and their life was _______ of nature. A. came into being; at the mercy B. was born; in the mercy C. began to exist; in danger D. appeared; with the mercy 11. When the inspecting team said there was nothing illegal in the management of the company, the manager breathed deeply _______. A. with a relief B. at a relief C. in relief D. to his relief 12. It is not easy for musicians to _____ the ability to compose songs and music at the same time. A. get B. form C. make D. describe 13. The little girl is not quite confident ______ her ability to go to a key university and she is very sensitive _____ anything concerned with it. A. of; of B. in; to C. of; with D. about; about 14. They _____ on the little professor, but it led to his fierce criticism on us.
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A. played a joke B. made fun C. had fun D. performed a joke The picture in the advertisement showed an attractive actress playing _____, with her blouse hanging loosely to the floor. A. a musical instrument B. a musical equipment C. musical instruments D. musical instrument Besides our group, we need some 20 extra workers _____ to get the work finished in time. A. around B. about C. or so D. X “ You have to trust in god, _______ friends and bank on education,” the teacher said in an honest voice. A. live on B. rely on C. keep on D. insist on _______honest, my father never tells lies but ______honest, I don’t think it a good way to live. A. To be; to be B. Being; being C. Being; to be D. To be; being If you receive a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day, Do you know what hidden meaning is _______ to it? A. put B. introduced C. attached D. tied The girl was most _______ when the young man offered to suck the poison out of the snake bite in her leg and ______ that he was a reliable man to marry. A. moved; determined B. affected; decided C. touched; made up her mind D. moved; was determined Some football fans, _____money was a big problem, could not afford to go the football court to see their star play. A. for whose B. for whom C. with whom D. with whose Could you tell me if there are any restaurants ______ we can have our lunch? A. around which B. from which C. around where D. from where We can hear sound because our earth is surrounded by thick air _____ sound can travel A. in that B. by which C. with which D. through which He arrived on the day ______ there happened to be no plane tickets left for Shanghai. A. on which B. for which C. with which D. by which The hiding man made a hole in the wall ______ he could observe the outside. A. in which B. by which C. through which D. with which


16. 17.





22. 23. 24. 25.

II. 完形填空: The story tell us about the British writer, Richard Savage. He was once living in London with 26 money in his pockets. In order to get some food and clothes he wrote the story of his life and managed to have it 27 .But not many copies of his books were 28 in the shops, and he was still living a hard life. Because of anxiety and malnutrition, he became very weak and before long fell 29 ,and a doctor was sent for. The doctor was not rich enough, but 30 literature. He tried his best to cure Savage of his illness and a week later Savage was out of 31 When he finally recovered his 32 ,the doctor sent a bill to Savage for his 33 ,but poor Savage had no money to 34 it. The doctor waited for a month and sent another bill. 35 no money again, the doctor went to Savage himself. “You know you 36 your life to me,” said the doctor, “and I should 37 some thankfulness from you.”
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“I 38 ,” said the writer, “ you’ve done a great favour for me and to 39 that I’m not ungrateful for your kindness, I’ll 40 my life to you.” With these 41 he handed the doctor two copies of The Life of Richard Savage. The doctor took the books home and began to 42 them carefully. “I see I’ve 43 the life of a great writer,” the doctor said to himself with a sense of pride. “Maybe this is the only thing I could be really 44 in my life.” Five years later Savage called on the doctor to pay his bill, only to find that the doctor had already 45 . 26.A.much B. a little C. little D. enough 27.A.published B. found C. encourage D. protected 28.A.bought B. sold C. printed D. showed 29.A.weak B. anxious C. frightened D. ill 30.A. was interested in B. was familiar with C. was popular with D. struggled against 31.A.safety B. power C. danger D. injury 32.A.sight B. health C. movement D. action 33.A.care B. aid C. attention D. treatment 34.A.pay B. supply C. afford D. allow 35.A.Receiving B. Received C. Keeping D. Kept 36.A.promise B. return C. lend D. owe 37.A.wish B. choose C. get D. master 38.A.refuse B. agree C. warn D. suppose 39.A.explain B. prove C. describe D. plan 40.A.offer B. contribute C. give D. damage 41.A.words B. drills C. compositions D. collections 42.A.write B. correct C. improve D. read 43.A.made B. saved C. trained D. taught 44.A.fond of B. famous for C. proud of D. worried about 45.A.passed away B. escaped C. hurried off D. run away III 阅读理解 A Why are so many people so afraid of failure? Quite simply, because no one tells us how to fail so that failure becomes an experience that will lead to growth. We forget that failure is part of the human condition and that every person had the right to fail. Most parents work hard at preventing failure or protecting their children from the knowledge that they have failed. One way is to lower standards. A mother describes her child’s hastily made table as “perfect” even though it doesn’t stand still. Another way is to shift blame. If John fails science, his teacher is unfair or stupid. The trouble with failure-prevention devices is that they leave a child unequipped for life in the real world. The young need to learn that no one can be best at everything. No one can win all the time---and that it’s possible to enjoy a game even when you don’t win. A child who’s not invited to a birthday party, who doesn’t make the honor list on the baseball team, feels terrible, of course, but parents should not offer a quick consolation prize(安慰奖) or say, “It doesn’t matter.”
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Because it does. The young should be allowed to experience disappointment---and be helped to master it. Failure is never pleasurable. It hurts grown-ups and children alike. But it can make a positive contribution to your life once you learn to use it. Step one is to ask “why did I fail?” Don’t blame someone else. Ask yourself what you did wrong, how you can improve. If someone else can help, don’t be shy about inquiring. Success, which encourages repetition of old behavior, is not nearly as good a teacher as failure. You can learn from a bad party how to give a second one, from an ill—chosen first house what to look for in a second. Even a failure that seems definitive can prompt(激起) fresh thinking, a change of direction. After 12 years of studying ballet a friend of mine auditioned(面试) for a professional company. She was turned down. “would further training help?” she asked. The ballet master shook his head. “You will never be a dancer,” he said, “you haven’t the body for it.” In such cases, the way to use failure is to take stock(鉴定) bravely and ask, “What have I left? What else can I do?” My friend put away her shoes and moved into dance treatment center, a field where she’s both able and useful. Failure frees one to take risks because there’s less to lose. Often there is recovery of energy—a way to find new possibilities. 46. The first paragraph tells us _______. A. the reason why so many people are afraid of failure B. the reason why we don’t know how to fail C. failure is very natural for every person D. one should be ready to face failure at any time. 47. The second paragraph tells us___________. A. how a mother praised her children B. two ways of failure prevention most parents use when their children fail C. how to shift blame D. parents should blame their children at the proper time 48. According to the author, what should a child know in the real world? A. Ways to avoid failure. B. No one can be best all the time at everything. C. No parents should offer quick consolation. D. He can get pleasure from failure as well as success. 49. What can make a positive contribution to one’s life once he learns to use it? A. Success B. Disappointment C. Failure D. Value. B Was he dreaming? David Ewart saw a red ball of fire. He shot out of a deep sleep and heard his ten-year-old daughter, Heather, screaming. Ewart jumped out of bed on the second floor of his home. Downstairs he heard loud popping noises, glass bulbs, furniture, appliances exploding as fire consumed them. Three hundred and fifty people, including friends and family members, had attended Ewart’s annual Christmas party at his home in Valencia, California. David was a giver. They all enjoyed themselves. After the party, he and his 77-year-old mother, Esther, put out the candles—all but one, missed and left burning on a holiday paper tablecloth. Now, as Ewart started down the hall to alert his parents and three children, he said a silent prayer: God, if it is your will, save us. The heat was hellish(地狱般的). But then he felt a hand on
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his shoulder—and something that was not quite a voice guiding him, giving him the direction: the bedroom window. He kicked out the window screen and told Heather to jump onto the patio(院子) cover, crawl to the edge and drop to the ground, the feet below. Next he headed for his two sons, Jonathan, 13, and Michael, 15, who were screaming with pain. David led Jonathan to the window. He returned for Michael, who was now helping his grandparents, trapped in their room behind a jammed door. Michael threw himself against it and finally burst through. David guided his mother, then Michael, to safety. Only his father remained. The 81-year-old’s face was badly burned. He lost his footing and fell. David took his hand and helped him to the window. Too weak to hold on, his father rolled off the patio cover to the ground. Finally,David escaped. Second later, the second floor exploded, yet all the while, he felt he was being led, under protection. The family survived and firefighters said they were mystified(迷 惑) as to how the family survived. David Ewart was not. 50. Why did the fire take place? A. Three hundred and fifty friends were at their home. B. David and his mother put out all the candles but one left burning. C. Someone set fire to their house. D. David Ewart saw a red ball of fire. 51. Which is the following is Not true? A. Michael helped his parents escape from the fire. B. David Ewart helped heather jumped out of the burning room from the bedroom window. C. David’s father was too weak to hold on , at last he was dead. D. David’s mother was saved out earlier than his father. 52. How many years older was David’s father than his mother? A. 2 B.15 C. 4 D. the same age 53. How many people were trapped when the fire broke out? A. 350 B. 6 C. 5 D. 356 54. What does the writer want to tell us from the story? A. Everyone should be aware of the danger of fire B. People shouldn’t hold big parties at home C. United, we stand, Divided, we fall. D. When in danger, we should keep calm. C Room for Revolution: George Washington and His Philadelphia Friends March 16,2007 August 30,2007 Charles Wilson Peale’s George Washington at Princeton is on view(展览) at the museum which was lent from a private collection. This visually striking and finely made life-size portrait( 肖 像 )records Washington’s 6-foot-2-inch figure in a pose highlighting strength, composure(沉着), and elegance(高雅). It is put up in a room neighboring to the Powel House parlor(客厅), a period room from one of Philadelphia’s greatest eighteenth-century private homes, where Washington was frequently entertained by his friends, Samuel and Elizabeth Powel. Both spaces contain important examples of furniture by Philadelphia’s finest craftsmen, such as Thomas
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Affleck and Aitken. Among these is a side chair specially ordered by the Washingtons when living in Philadelphia. Painted in Philadelphia in 1779, Peal’s painting was immediately sent to Europe to promote Washington’s reputation as a leader and the cause of the American Revolution, then in progress. Later , during Europe’s Napoleonic Wars, a Spanish duke(公爵) with strong sympathies with American Revolution owned the picture. At that time he added the complicated carved caption(标 题) to it, which describes Washington as “ a liberator of his country who abandoned absolute power.” Curators 馆长,监护人 American Art Department Staff, website commentary by Carol Soltis Location 位子 Galleries 286 and 287, second floor 55. This passage is mainly about_____. A. the information of a portrait on view B. the cause of the American Revolution C. the friendship between Washington and his friends D. the description of the life of George Washington 56. what is the name of the portrait? A. Charles Wilson Peale. B. Room for Revolution. C. George Washington and His Philadelphia friends. D. George Washington at Princeton 57. what happened in the Powel House parlor? A. Washington entertained his friends. B. Washington made a chair on his own. C. Charles Wilson Peale finished the portrait. D. Samuel and Elizabeth Powel met Washington a lot. 58. according to the passage, Washington______. A. lived between 1741 and 1827 B. ordered the portrait painted in 1779 C. was sympathized by a Spanish duke D. was a great man not greedy for power 59. The passage tell us that _____. A. when the portrait was finished, America was at war B. the portrait was originally hanging in Samuel’s room C. the portrait was sent to Europe to gain support from Napoleon D. the caption of the portrait was carved by Philadelphia’s finest craftsmen. IV 短文改错 Are the years you spent at school best years of you life? Personally, I found most lesson rather uninteresting. We had to sit at our desks in silence and paid attention to what the teachers were saying. They were used to write on the blackboard and ask us difficult questions. We also had to do plenty of homework, and hand it on time. We had to wear school uniforms and obey lots of rules. I left school as soon as I can and started work. I read books
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60. __________ 61. ___________ 62. ___________ 63. ___________ 64. ___________ 65. ____________ 66. ____________

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at the public library, and late I decided to attend college. Now I really enjoy study because I’m growing old and know what I Want it. When I was at school. I was just the wrong age! 67. ____________ 68. ____________ 69. ___________

V 书面表达 你所在的班级将要举办一次主题为“What Can We Do for Our School?”的英语演讲比赛。请写 一篇英语演讲稿,要求从以下四方面中任选一至二个进行阐述,并举例加以说明。 1.关心他人; 2.美化校园; 3.受护学校设施; 4.营造良好的学习氛围。 注意: 1.不要在书面表达中出现所在学校的校名和本人姓名,否则本节判为零分; 2.词数:100 左右; 3.参考词汇: 爱心——love and care;校园——campus; 设施——facilities; 氛围——environment 4.开头和结尾已经写好,且不记入词数。 Hello, everyone. It’s nice to speak about what we can do for our school, and I think each of us can do something. Thank you for listening! _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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Unit five 答案 I 单项选择: 1-5BCDBB 6-10BDDBA 11-15CBBAA 16-20CBCCB 21-25BCDAC II. 完形填空: 26-30CABDA 31-35CBDAA 36-40DCBBC 41-45ADBCA III. 阅读理解: 46-49 ABBC 50-54 BCCBD 55-59 ADDDA IV. 改错 60. the 61. lessons 62. pay 63. were 64. √ 65. in 66. could 67. later 68. studying 69 . it V. 书面表达 One Possible Version Hello, everyone. It’s nice to speak about what we can do for our school, and I think each of us can do something. The first thing we can do is to make our campus more beautiful. Every one of us may plant a tree in the school, or organize a thorough cleaning on the campus. We can also form a good habit of putting the rubbish in the trashcan. The second thing we can do is to protect the facilities in our school. When we leave the classroom, we should never forget to turn off the light or close the door. We should not leave the tap water running or waste any materials in the laboratory class. If everyone does one thing for our school, I believe we will turn our school into a better place to study and live in. Thank you for listening!

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