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模块2.2 Wish you were here(测)-2016年高考英语一轮复习讲练测(译林牛津版)(解析版)

1. People held their breath when they were waiting for the ___________ __(annouce) of the winner. 2. The aim of China in carrying out necessary and limited nuclear tests is entirety for d________(defend). 3. This law provides ____________(protect) for threatened animals and plants. 4. Finally, they came to a lake with trees _____________(surround) it. 5. I couldn’t sleep because the bed was so _____________(comfortable). 6. We decided to _ ____________(arrangement) a party in celebration of his being promoted. 7. Our idea of ____________(beautiful) changes depending on how we want women to be. 8. He claims to have planned an entire wedding during a ________(fly). 9. _________(tourist)is very important for the Spanish economy. 10. We set out on this voyage of_________(explore) with an open mind.

1. We must try to live in peace and ___________(和谐) with ourselves and those around us. 【答案】harmony 【解析】live in harmony with 与??和谐共处(协调一致) 2. The task requires (非凡的)patience and endurance...

3.It is Parents’ duty to __________(供给) their children with food and clothing.

4. The figure mentioned at the meeting is a very ___________ (粗略的)estimate. 【答案】rough 【解析】会上所提到的数据只是一个粗略的估计。

5. Bored with his plain life, he wanted to seek excitement and ________(冒险). 【答案】adventure 【解析】寻求刺激和冒险。 6. As early as Tang Dy nasty, China ruled the island ___________(官方) .

7. Farmers are d__________ their fields and coming here looking for jobs.

8. They experienced untold difficulties and dangers before they reached their d________.

9. B

the old world and build a new one

【答案】Bury 【解析】埋葬一个旧世界建设一个新世界。 10. The writer had his first novel p_____________ in his early twenties. 【答案】published 【解析】出版小说。

1.(湖北省八校 2015 届高三第二次联考)Busy with their business, they had no time to ______ their wedding, so they had it organized by a company. A. accelerate B. arrange C. approve D. acknowledge

2.(2013 高考课标卷 II)8. The watch was very good, and he A. paid B. cost C. bought

20 percent down for it. D. spent

3.(2015 高考湖北卷)This meeting room is a non-smoking area. I would like to warn you ______ that if you smoked here you would be fined. A. in advance 【答案】A 【解析】句意:这个会议室是无烟区。我想提前警告你:如果你在这里吸烟,会被罚款的。in advance 提 前;in detail 详细地;in total 总共,总计;in general 大体上,笼统地。故选 A 项。 4.(2013 高考浙江卷)As the world’s population continues to grow, the ______ of food becomes more and more of a concern. A. worth B. supply C. package D. list B. in detail C. in total D. in general

5.(网络资源) China’s top sports official said to the press that more favorable policies and financial suppor t, in 2013, will be A. provided for the development of football by the government. B. supplied C. offered D. applied

6.(学科网组卷网)The explorers had to make a fire at the edge of the forest to ________ wild animals at night. A. scare up 【答案】B 【解析】句意:晚上探险者们不得不在森林边点火以吓走野兽。scare away“把??吓跑”,符合句意。 7.(湖北省八市 2015 届高三 3 月联考)Final ly, I made the choice to withdraw from college to care for my grandma B. scare away C. scare out D. scare in

__________ the fact that she had developed cancer. A. In favor of B. in possession of C. in view of D. in charge of

8.(2015 届浙江省严州中学高三 3 月阶段测试)When I got into the office, I found Mr. Green ____ in his work, without noticing my arrival. A. buried B. burying C. to bury D. to be buried

9.(网络资源) As we know, Britain, America, New Zealand and Canada share a ________ language. A. usual 【答案】C 【解析】题意为“正如我们知道的,英国、美国、新西兰和加拿大使用的是共同语言” ,很明显 common “公有的,共有的,共同的”符合句意。 10.(2015 届福建清流第一中学高三上第一次阶段英语试卷) She bought the same skirt at a lower price at the same shop where I bought mine because she was a ________ customer. A. common B. usual C. normal D. regular B. general C. common D. popular

11.(学科网组卷网)At the 2013 press conference the Chinese foreign minister _______that China was strongly against the terrorism. A. decl ared 【答案】A 【解析】句意:在 2013 年新闻发 布会上中国外交部长宣布中国强烈反对恐怖主义。declare 的意思是正式 宣布,一般指官方的正式宣布;announce 也有“宣布”的意思,它一般指宣布或预告大家关心的 问题;tell 告诉;show 表现。 B. announced C. told D. showed

12.(2010 高考湖北卷) Just as the clothes a person wears, the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house A. resembles his personality. B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes

13.(改编)—What do you


—Well, he is good, warm-hearted, hard-working and intelligent; in a word, I can’t speak too highly of him. A. think of B. think over C. think out D. think about
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14.(学科网组卷网)When Tom knocked at the door, I was busy ________ my homework and my brother was busy ________ a model plane. A. to do; with 【答案】B 【解析】be busy with one's homework 忙于做作业;be bu sy making a model plane 忙于做飞机模型。 15.(2015 届浙江浙江大学附属中学高三高考全真模拟)— Why was our foreign teacher unhappy yesterday? — News about the tsunami striking her country ______ an attack of homesickness. A. set for B. set out C. set about D. set off B. doing; with doing C. with; making D. with; to make

16.(2009 高考湖南卷)Every evening after dinner, if not ________ from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. A. being tired 【答案】C 【解析】if not tired from work 是 if I'm not tired from work 的省略形式。在条件、时 间等状语从句中, 如果从句的主语与主句的主语相同且含有系动词 be, 可把从句中的主语和系动词 be 省略。 故选 B. tiring C. tired D. to be tired



17.(学科网组卷网)Ms Liu saw a fashion dress in a shop which set her heart racing. However, its price was far beyond her _______. A. range B. certainty C. reach D. contact

18.(2015 高考福建卷)Human life is regarded as part of nature and, as such, the only way for us to survive is to live ______ nature. A. in view of B. in need of C. in touch with D. in harmony with

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学科网 ZXXK]

19.(2015 高考天津卷)I wish I ______ at my sister’s wedding last Tuesday, but I was on a business t rip in New York then. A. will be B. would be C. have been D. had been

20.(2013 高考湖南卷)You must learn to consult your feelings and y our reason ________ you reach any decision. A. although B. before C. because D. unless

21.(2014 高考安徽卷)What we expect from you is working hard A. less than B. rather than C. as well as

hardly working. D. as much as


It is the first time that he ______ here and now it is high time that he ______ around. B. has come; was shown D. has come; be shown

A. come; should be shown C. came; was shown

23.(2010 高考全国卷 II ) Tom was about to close the windows_______ his attention was caught by a bird. A. when 【答案】A 【解析】be about to d o sth. when...结构, “正要做??这 时??”的意思。句意:汤姆正要关窗,这时(忽 然)一只鸟吸引了他的注意力。 24.(2014 高考山东卷)They made up their mind that they______ a new house once Larry changed jobs. A. bou ght B. would buy C. have bought D. had bought B. if C. and D. till

25.(2015 高考天津卷)Jane can’t attend the meeting at 3 o’clock this afternoon because she ______ a class at that time. A. will teach B. would teach C. has taught D. will be teaching

26.(2015 高考陕西卷)At college, Barack Obama didn’t know that he United States of America.

the first black president of the

A. was to become 【答案】A

B. becomes

C. is to become

D. became

【解析】句意:在大学的时候,巴拉克· 奥巴马那里知道他将成为美国第一个黑人总统。用过去将来时表 示过去某个时间将要发生的事情,所以选 A。 27.(湖南省长沙市长郡中学等十三校 2015 届高三第二次联考)—Do I have to bring my camera tomorrow afternoon? —I think so. We A. are visiting the Botanical Garden then. B. will be visiting C. have visited D. visit

28.(浙江省重点中学协作体 2015 届高三上学期第二次适应性测试)—Don’t you feel surprised to see Bruce at the meeting? —Yes, I really didn’t think ______ here. A. he has been B. he had been C. he would be D. he would have

29.(2015 届 湖南省长沙市高考模拟)—Are you free tomorrow evening? —Sorry, I’m afraid I ______a friend off then. A. was seeing B. will have seen C. will be seeing D. have seen

30.(2015 届乐清市第二中学高三上 10 月月考)—Could you meet me at the airport? —I'd like to, but I'm afraid I ______ a very important meeting when you return. A. am attending B. was attending C. will be attending D. will have attended

(湖北省八校 2015 届高三第二次联考)In my class, there was a really weak-looking guy. I don’t 1 his name was Vit or Wit. I will looked weak, the way he 3 2 know if

him as Wit in this story of mine. He was a pale, thin guy. Not only his build

was also weak. He walked slowly but he tried to s tay off of everyone’s way. The 4 him. Truth to be told, I 5 them as well. We did things like

friends in my class, Jean and Ingrid, would

taking his stuff, like his pens and penci ls, and 6 Wit was also really 7 would run around, trying to

them somewhere in the school.

of insects, even butterfly. Jean, Ingrid, and I often put beetle on his clothes and he 8 it off. There were many beetles in the school so that was the 9 insect we used

to scare him with. Other insects such as butterfly were hard to

10 so we pretty much gave up on it. We would 12 it was on him, he would run around

often take the 11 when Wit was off-guard and put the insects on him. or jump about. He was too scared to Suddenly one day, we were 13 it and pull it off.

14 by the school. When I walked into the room, Wit’s mother, as well as 15 in the room silently. Wit’s mother said that Wit went home and

Ingrid’s mother, Jean’s father, and mine were

16 the sandbag shouting “Jean!!! Ingrid!!! Archer!!!” 17 every day. I wanted to laugh but didn’t with all the

18 she was putting on us .She asked many things, including things I had no idea about such as “Who put Wit’s bag in the girl toilet?” Apparently, it was Jean who did it. Jea n seemed to have bullied Wit quite a lot and got quite a(n) 19 from W it’s and her own mother. I think it should have been quite guilty for 20 stop bullying Wit and be friendly to him. 语篇解读∶本文是一篇记叙文。作者叙述了自己和朋友们欺负身体有些残障的 Wit 的故事,经过各自母 亲的教诲不再欺负 Wit 了。 1. A. briefly 【答案】C 【解析】根据空后的 Vit or Wit 说明作者真地不知道他的名字。故选 C。句意:事实上,我不知道他名字 B. abruptly C. actually D. constantly to see us scolded by the parents. However, we decided to

是叫 Vit 还是叫 Wit。A. briefly 简要地;B. abruptly 突然地;C. actually 事实上;D. constantly 不断地 。故选 C。 2. A. think of B. focus on C. laugh at D. refer to

3. A. acted 【答案】A

B. operated

C. attacked

D. responded

【解析】与前文的 thin,build 对应应是行动的方式。句意:他行动的方式也很虚弱。A. acted 行动;B. operated 操作;C. attacked 袭击;D. responded 回应。故选 A。 4. A. get close to B. look up to C. get tired of D. make fun of

5. A. betrayed 【答案】B

B. joined

C. teased

D. rejected

【解析】 根据空后的 as well, 应是作者也加入他们, 和他们一样取笑他。 故选 B。 A. betrayed 背叛; B. joined 加入;C. teased 取笑;D. rejected 排斥。 6. A. hid B. distributed C. threw D. preserved

7. A. fond

B. scared

C. cautious

D. ashamed

8. A. see

B. set

C. shake

D. take

【答案】C 【解析】根据前文把甲壳虫放在他的衣服上,他转圈跑,尽力抖掉它。故选 C。A. see 看见 置; C. shake 抖落;D. take 拿走。 9. A. only B. acute C. main D. rare ;B. set 设

10. A. find 【答案】D

B. rec ognize

C. raise

D. capture

【解析】根据前文提到的 butterfly 应是难以捕获。故选 D 。句意:像蝴蝶那样的昆虫很难抓,我们就放 弃了。A. find 发现; B. recognize 认出,承认;C. raise 提高;D. capture 抓住。 11. A. chance B. risk C. trouble D . order

12. A. While 【答案】C

B. Though

C. Once

D. Unless

【解析】句意:一旦昆虫放在他身上,他就是乱跑乱蹦。 。A. While 然而;B. Though 尽管;C. Once 一旦; D. Unless 除非。故选 C。 13. A. attach B. touch C. sniff D. defend

14.A. picked out 【答案】B

B. called in

C. spied on

D. kicked off

【解析】根据下文应是被学校召集起来。故选 B。句意:突然有一天,我们几个被一起叫到一个房间。 A. picked out 点饰;B. called in 召集;C. spied on 侦查;D. kicked off 踢开。故选 B。 15. A. staring 【答案】C B. sighing C. sitting D. weeping

16. A. carried 【答案】D

B. threw

C. filled

D. hit

【解析】此处是 Wit 的母亲在叙说孩子的愤怒,就是打沙袋。故选 D。A. carried 带来;B. threw 扔掉; C. filled 装满;D. hit 打,击打。故选 D。 17.A. nearly 【答案】A

B. hardl y

C. merely

D. approximately

【解析】every day 由词义辨析得,他几乎每天打沙包。A. nearly 几乎;B. hardly 几乎不;C. merely 很少; D. approximately 大约。故选 A。 18. A. burden B. pressure C. duty D. doubt

19. A. forgiving 【答案】D

B. understanding

C. praising

D. scolding

【解析】因为前文提到的是 Jean 欺负 Wit 的事情,Jean 得到来自 Wit 和她自己的母亲的责备。故选 D。
[来源 :Zxxk.Com]

A. forgiving 原谅;B. understanding 理解;C. praising 赞扬;D. scolding 责骂。 20.A. Ingrid B. Jean C. Wit D. Mother

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