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人教版新课标Book8 Unit1A Land of Diversity单元课前预习+知识梳理导学案

寿光中学 11 级 Book8 Unit1A Land of Diversity 导学案
编制人:聂雪云 第二课时 知识梳理 I. Words 1.课本原句:California is the third largest state in the USA but has the___________________(最 多的人口). population n.人口 ①形

容人口数的多少,通常用 large, small, huge, high 等。 ②询问某地的人口数,通常用疑问词 how large 或 what。How large/ What the population of this city? ③表示某地拥有多少人口,通常用 have a population of+基数词。It has a population of 5 million. ④表示某一国家或地区的所有人,谓语用单数;表示某一国家或地区的部分人,谓语用复数。 The population of the city is very large. 这个城市人口很多。 One third of population here___________ farmers. 这里三分之一的人口是农民。 2.课本原句:However, some_______________________(经历这些恐怖时期而活下来了), and today there are more Native Americans _______________(居住)California than in any other state. survive vi. 幸免; 幸存; 生还 vt. ①________________ ②________________________ She survived her husband by ten years. survival n. 幸存;残存;生存 生还者,幸存者;残存物 n.__________ 3.课本原句: Of the first Spanish ______________________(在首批移居加州的西班牙人中), the majority were religious men, _________(引导词) ministry was to teach the Catholic religion to the natives. ⑴ majority n. 大多数;大半 ①单独用作主语,谓语用单数或复数均可;但若其后的表语是复数,则谓语也通常用复数。 The majority were (was) against the plan. 大多数人反对这个计划。 The majority___________ students. 大多数是学生。 ②“the majority of+复数名词”用作主语,其谓语动词要用复数 “the majority of+单数名词”用作主语,其谓语动词通常要用单数 The majority of damage is easy to repair. 这次的损害大部分容易补救。 ③majority 可以和 a 连用,谓语动词通常要用单数 联系:major n. 主修的专业 adj. (较)重要的; (较)大的;主要的 vi. 主修(in) ⑵当名词前有形容词的最高级/序数词/the only 等修饰时,并且名词与不定式有主谓关系时,常用不定 式作定语。 ---The last to arrive pays the meal. ---Agreed! 4.课本原句:Today, Chinese-Americans live in all parts of California, although ___________________ ______(尽管很大比例选择)stay in the “Chinatown” of Los Angeles and San Francisco. percentage n. “百分数, 百分率” , 其前不能是一个具体的数字, 只能被 high, low 等形容词修饰。 percent n. 百分之??,其前是具体的数字。 --- What percentage of babies died of this disease last year? --- About two percent. 5.课本原句:It didn’t occur to me that…… 我没想到?? occur vi. ①被想到

常用句型: 某人想到……, (某想法)出现在脑海中 ;被想到 Sth occurred to/ hit/ struck sb. It occurred to sb. to do sth. /that 从句 A good idea occurred to/ hit/ struck me all at once. 我突然间想到一个好主意。 It occurred to her that she might adopt a homeless child. (翻译)______________________________________________________ ②发生;出现 辨析: occur, happen, take place, break out,come about 这五个表示“发生”的词语,都是_________动词,都不能用于被动语态。 occur 较正式,指偶然发生的或未按计划发生的事情。 happen 发生, 碰巧, 指偶然事件的发生, 后可接不定式和介词 to,也常用在“It happened/happens that…” “There happens/ happened to be… 碰巧有……”等结构。 take place 发生,举行,主要用来指预先计划好的事情。 Great changes have taken place in my hometown. 我的家乡发生了巨大的变化。 break out 突然发生,尤指战争,火灾等。 come about 发生,造成 常用句型:_________________________________ / _____________________________ ……是怎么发生的? II. Phrases: 1.课文原句:Scientists believe that these settlers crossed the Bering Strait in the Arctic to America _________________(用---方法;借助---)a land bridge which existed in prehistoric times. means(单复数同形):方式;方法;手段。{单复数同形的词会让你联想到:______________} All possible means have been tried (Every possible means has been tried). (翻译)________________________________________________________. 联系:by all means ①一定;务必②(表示答应)好的;当然可以 by no means 绝不 (in no way; at no time; in/ under no circumstances; in no case)位于句首时, 句子 用_________________. by this means 通过这种方式(in this way, with this method) by some means or other 想尽办法;无论如何总得 2.课本原句:In 1911 immigrants from Denmark established a town of their own, _______today still keeps up their Danish culture. keep up ①坚持;维持;沿袭(风俗、传统等) ②(斗志,价格等)不低落;使不低落 keep it up ________________________ keep up courage 保持勇气 keep up your spirits 打起精神 ③ 使不倒下;不下沉 5. live on ①______________ ② 以??为主食;靠某种经济来源生活 联系:feed on 以??为主食 live up to one’s name 名符其实 live through 经历??而幸存

寿光中学 11 级 Book8 Unit1A Land of Diversity 导学案
编制人:聂雪云 第三课时

I. Read the text and choose the best answer.

1. The main purpose of George’s arrival is to _______. A. write a report on the touring spots B. go on holiday there C. take photos of different spots D. take care of Peter and Terri 2. On Tuesday George did all the following things except _______. A. touring around the city in a car B. taking photographs at the touring spots C. visiting art galleries and the museum in Chinatown D. enjoying a good meal in Chinatown 3. George joined a couple and hired a car with them possibly because ______. A. the couple were familiar with the place B. they were friends and came together C. he didn’t know how to drive a car D. they wanted to save money and keep company with one another II. Read the passage and find out the following phrases from page8. 1. 看到??的景象_________________ 2. 乘坐去??的火车________________ 3. 与??合作或一起工作______________ 4. 划线;标出??界线______________ 5. 包括;吸收_______________ 6. 许多;很多_________________ 7. 申请;请示得到_______________ 8. 做出评论 ________________ 9. 欣赏城市美景 ___________________ 10.抓住??的机会 _____________________ III. Analyze and translate the sentences into Chinese and try to memorize them. 1. _______ (build)in 1873, the cable car system was invented by Andrew Hallidie, _______wanted to find a better form of transport than horse-drawn trams. 2. Apparently he’d been shocked when he saw a terrible accident ________ _________(关系词) a tram’s brakes failed, the conductor could not __________ _________ _________ (控制局面)and the tram _______ ______ the hill_________ the horses with it.(车子和马一起从山上滑了下去) 3. It has blue and white signs ________ _________ ________ ________ ________ ________ _______ ________to go.(上面有海鸥以表示要去的路线) 4. ________ _________ ________ ________ ________ ________ _______(当轮到你讲话时), you can ________ _________(表示敬意 )by making sure the listener understands what you are saying and is interested.(P9)

1.课本原句: It’s a 79km round-trip that______________________________(涵盖所有的著名的旅游景点). take sth. in①包括;吸收②领会,理解 take sb. in ①欺骗 ②留宿,收留 The students find it easy to take in what you teach. (翻译)_________________________________. 2.课本原句:From 1882 to 1940 Angel Island was a famous immigration station where many Chinese people_____________________________(申请美国居住权) USA. apply vt. ①涂;敷;搽 ②应用;运用 ③使(自己)致力于;使专注于 (1) apply 作为上述意思讲时,通常与 to 连用。apply---to--apply a theory to practice ________________________ (2)apply oneself/one’s mind to sth./to doing sth. _______________________ We applied our minds to .我们绞尽脑汁寻求解决问题的办法。 vi. 申请;请求;使用;有效 apply (to sb.) for sth. (向??)申请?? apply to do sth. 申请做某事 What I said only applies to some of you. ___________________________________________ 联系:application n. 申请;申请书;申请表 applicant n.申请人;应征者

1. largest population; are 2. survived these terrible times ; living in; ①幸存;幸免于难②比??活得时间长 survivor; 3. to go to California;whose ;are 4. a large percentage have chosen to 5. 她想收养一个无家可归的孩子。 不及物 How does/ did sth. come about?/ How does/ did it come about that 从句? II. Phrases: 1. by means of …;species; series; works; 一切可能的办法都试过了。部分倒装 2. which; 保持优秀成绩;继续干下去 3. 继续存在;继续生存 第三课时 I. BCD II. 1. have/ get a?view of? 2. catch/ take the ferry to? 3. team up with 4. mark out 5. take in 6. a great/ good many 7. apply for 8. make comments on/ about 9. admire the view of the city 10.grasp the opportunity of ? III. 1.Built, who 2. in which, control the situation, slipped down, dragging 3. with seagulls on them to show the way 4. When it is your turn to talk, show respect IV. 1. takes in all the famous tourist spots; 学生发现你教的课很容易理解。 2. applied for right to live in; 把理论应用于实践; 致力于??,专心于??; finding a solution to our problem; apply (to sb.) for sth. 我刚才说的话只适用于你们当中几个人。

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