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HULL CONSTRUCTION PART第1节-船体结构部分 ................................................1

GENERAL总述 ..................................................................................................................................... 1 MAIN HULL 主船体 ........................................................................................................................... 3 MAIN HULL MISCELLANEOUS主船体其它 ....................................................................................... 10 SUPERSTRUCTURE AND DECK HOUSES, CRANE HOUSES上层建筑和甲板室 ................................. 13 FUNNEL烟囱 ..................................................................................................................................... 14 BOTTOM PLUGS船底放水塞 ............................................................................................................. 14


PAINTING CORROSION第2节-表面预处理和油漆...............................................16

GENERAL总述 ................................................................................................................................... 16 SURFACE PREPARATION表面处理 ................................................................................................... 17 APPLICATION OF PAINTING油漆的使用 ....................................................................................... 19 FILM THICKNESS干膜厚度 ............................................................................................................. 21 INSPECTION检验 ............................................................................................................................. 21 PAINTING SCHEDULE油漆配套表 ................................................................................................... 21 Painting schedule of wooden surface木料表面的油漆配套表 ........................................... 25 Cathodic protection阴极保护 ................................................................................................... 26 MGPS防海生物 ................................................................................................................................. 26 Galvanizing镀锌 ........................................................................................................................... 26




1-1 GENERAL总述 1-1.1 Material and scantling材料和构件尺度 Steels for hull construction to be of normal quality mild steel and high 2 strength steel (yield stress 314 N/mm ) approved by the Classification Society, and steel including casting and forging to be of qualities as complying with the requirement and test of the Classification Society. 用于船体结构的钢材应为经过船级社认可且标准质量的低碳钢和高强度钢(屈服应力为 2 314N/mm ),并且包括钢和锻钢在内的钢件应按照船级社的要求进行试验。 High strength steel (yield stress 314 N/mm ) used in the hull construction to be abt. 40% of total hull steel weight. 2 船体结构中使用的高强度钢(屈服应力314 N/mm )应不超过钢材重量的40%。 Steel material not specified by the Classification Society to be in compliance with Chinese Industrial Standard and in accordance to the Builder's practice. 对于船级社未作规定的钢材应满足中国工业标准和船厂的惯例。 Application of steel grade to be in accordance with the requirement of the Classification Society. 所使用钢料的等级应符合船级社的要求。 Scantling to be based on ship ’ s scantling draft (mld.) of 10.40 m and according to the Class Rules. 船材尺度应基于该船10.40米(型深)的结构吃水以及船级社的规范。 Structural detail to be in accordance with the Builder's practice. 结构的详细情况应按照船厂的惯例。 Scantling of cargo hold structure members to be compliance with IACS unified requirements for new building double skin bulk carriers. 货舱结构件的尺度应满足IACS对新造双层船壳散货船的统一要求。 Scantlings, not specified by the Classification Society, to be in compliance with Builder's practice. 对于船级社未作规定的船材尺度应满足船厂的惯例。 If extra thickness or over scantling which are above Rule requirement except specially mentioned in the Specification are required by the Owner, they shall be accepted by the Builder subject to price and deadweight adjustment, so far as the works do not disturb the Builder's working schedule. 除非规格书中提及,否则对于船东要求的超过规范要求的额外厚度或构件尺度,在对价格和 载重吨进行调整的情况下船厂应予以接受,并且这些工作不影响船厂的施工计划。


1.1.2 Workmanship工艺


Works to be executed in accordance with the Builder’s construction practice and under the survey of the Classification Society and the Owner supervisor. 应按照船厂的建造惯例并在船级社和船东监造人员检查的情况下进行建造施工。 Chinese Shipbuilding Quality Standard and Builder ’ s and Maker ’ s Quality Standard to be applied for workmanship of hull construction and outfitting. 船体结构和舾装工艺中可以采用中国船舶建造质量标准和/或船厂和生产商的质量标准 Temporary access openings may be provided on shells, bulkheads, decks, walls, etc. for convenience of works and to be closed in place by welding and inspected. But temporary access openings to be provided as few as possible and not permitted on sheer strake and stringer strake. 可以在船壳板、舱壁、甲板、墙壁等上开临时出入孔以便施工,应通过焊接对其进行适当的 封闭并对其进行检验。应尽可能少地开临时出入孔并且禁止在舷顶列板和甲板边板上开孔。 1.1.3 Welding焊接

The hull is to be of all welded construction. 船体应为全焊接结构。 Welding to be executed in accordance with the Builder's practice and under the approval of the Classification Society except unimportant or attachment weld which to be carried out as per Builder's practice. 除了不重要的或附件的焊接按船厂惯例进行外,其余的焊接应按照船厂惯例并经过船级社认 可。 Manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding methods including one side welding shall be applied as per Builder's practice. 应按照船厂的惯例采用包括单面焊在内的手工焊、半自动焊和自动焊。 All welding for the main hull and superstructure exposed to weather or wet space to be of double continuous fillet welding for stiffening webs, stiffeners, frames. Intermittent welding to be used for internal structure of superstructure for ordinary beams, frames and stiffeners in dry space. 对于主船体和露天的上层建筑或潮湿区域的加强腹板、扶强材、构架应采取双面连续角焊缝 焊接,对于上层建筑中的内部结构如普通横梁、构架和加强材应采取间断焊。 Clamps, dogs and other suitable devices to the Builder's practice to be applied for execution of welding so as to place the material into adequate position. 在焊接过程中可按照船厂惯例采用压马、夹板和其它适当的装臵以确保材料放臵于适当的位 臵。 Dogs, eye plates and clamps etc. used for the erection to be cut and grind smooth. Any under cut found in way to be built up with welding. 应割除用于分段合拢的压马、眼板和夹板并打磨光滑,任何底切应被扩大并进行焊接。 Where exposed to view, the temporary filling used for erection to be neatly removed, damages to the base material to be repaired by welding and grinding.




对那些可见部分用于分段合拢的临时填充应整洁地将其去除,损坏的母材应通过焊接和打磨 进行修复。 In order to ascertain the soundness of welding, suitable number of X-ray photograph to be taken for the important members according to the Rule requirement. 为了确定焊接的合格性,对于重要构件应按照规范要求拍适当数量的X光片。 All such X-ray photographs to be presented and checked by the Classification surveyor. 所有的X光片应提交给船级社验船师检查。 X-ray photographs to be also checked by Owner. X光片同时也应经过船东检查。 1-1.4 Slot, scallops and hole槽、扇形孔和孔 Slots, scallops, air holes and drain holes to be provided where necessary in accordance with Builder's practice as shown on approved plans. 按照船厂惯例在必要处应 提供槽、扇形孔、透气孔和排水孔,如认可图所示。 In ballast and oil tanks, particular care to be given to provide good drainage in order to get good efficient pump operation. Suitable drain holes and air holes to be provided on transverse structural members. The scallops in bottom area to be not less than 100mm radius. 在压载舱和油舱中尤其应注意确保好的泄放性能,从而使泵能够有效地运行。在横向构件上 应提供适当的排放孔和透气孔,底部区域的扇形孔的半径应不小于100mm。 Lightening holes at platform (in horizontal position) in peak tanks to be grating type. 艏尖舱中平台(水平位臵)上的减轻孔应为格栅型。 1.1.5 Structure and Tightness Test:结构和气密试验 Structural and tightness tests to be carried out in accordance with the Builder's practice which is line with the requirement of Classification Society and in the presence of Owner's supervisor. 结构和气密试验应按照船厂惯例在船东监造人员在场的情况下进行,并且应符合船级社的要 求。 1-2 MAIN HULL 主船体 1-2.1 General总述 The scantling, construction and materials of hull within a range of midship part to be as shown on the Midship Section. 船舯部分船体的构件尺度、结构和材料如舯剖面图所示。 The vessel to be of all welded steel construction. 该船应为全焊式钢结构。




The structural work shall executed in accordance with the Builder's standard practice. 应按照船厂的标准惯例进行钢结构的施工。 All connections of frames, beams, bulkhead stiffeners, etc. to brackets to be carefully managed to keep continuous welding around ends of brackets. 所有构架、横梁、扶强材等与肘板应被小心地连接,并且确保肘板四周的端部采用连续 焊。 Reinforcement for docking to be carried out to Classification requirement. 按照船级社要求进行进坞加强。 Opening in the shell plating, deck plating etc. to be rounded and reinforced where necessary. 船壳板、甲板等处必要的开孔应圆滑并进行加强。 Decks under machinery, bollards, boat davit and other heavy concentrated loads to be reinforced by carling or welded doubler where necessary as approved by Class. 机械装臵、带缆桩、艇吊和其它重型负载集中区域下方的甲板应采用短纵桁或复板进行加 强,具体应经过船级社认可。 1-2.2 Plate keel平板龙骨 The plate keel to be connected firmly with stem and stern frame. 平板龙骨应与艏柱和艉框架牢固地连接。 1-2.3 Stem, stern frame and rudder horn艏柱、艉框架和挂舵臂 Stem together with bulbous bow to be of fabricated welded steel construction throughout with well rounded forward edge, carefully formed to obtain fair connections to the hull lines, and welded to the shell and keel plate. 艏柱应为与球鼻艏一起应为由钢板焊接制作形成圆形前端的结构,与船体线形光顺地过 渡,并且与船壳板和平板龙骨焊接连接。 Stern form to be of mariner type having an adequate propeller aperture. Stern frame to be of fabricated steel plate welded construction with the propeller boss of cast steel and the rudder horn fabricated with cast steel and steel plate. Stern frame to be welded to shell and keel. 艉部应带有1只具有足够尺寸的艉轴孔,艉框架应由带螺旋桨毂和挂舵臂(由铸钢以及钢板 制成)钢板焊接式结构,并且艉框架应与船壳板和龙骨进行焊接。 Low hydrogen electrode to be used for welding thick steel plate to casting and high tensile plates. 应采用低氢焊条焊接厚钢板与铸钢件和高强度板间的连接。 Stern tube to be of fabricated steel plate welded construction and welded firmly between shaft boss and bulkhead of aft peak. 艉管应由钢板制成的焊接式结构,并且与轴包毂和艉尖舱舱壁被牢固地焊接。


1-2.4 Shell plating船壳板


All plates for shell and decks throughout to be arranged longitudinally. 用于船壳板和甲板的所有板应纵向布臵。 Thickness of shell plate to be approved by Class. 船壳板的厚度应经过船级社认可。 Stringer plates and sheer strake to be connected welded "T" type corner fillet as shown on the Midship Section. Welding quality and inspection to be in accordance with the requirements of the Rules. 舷列板和舷顶列板应通过如舯剖面图中所示的“T”形圆角嵌条焊接连接,焊接的质量及检 验应按照规范要求进行。 Transverse framing system to be adopted for side frames in cargo hold. 货舱中的侧板应采用无宽肋骨的横向框架系统。 Anchors to be stowed with no “ frog eyes ” as far as possible. If not possible, anchors to be stowed against a “ frog eye ” construction to ensure that anchor drops clear of bulbous bow. 锚应尽可能地采用无“蛙眼”形结构进行堆放,如果不可能的情况下,则锚应被堆放在“蛙 眼”形结构中以确保在抛锚时与球鼻艏间有一定间隙。 Simi-round bar to be welded on transom edge adjacent to shell plate. Chafing bars to provided on outer shell IWO mooring ropes 在靠近船壳板的尾板边缘应焊接有半圆钢,在船外板上应安装有用于系泊缆绳的防摩板。 Extra thickness and stiffeners undersides to be provided by inserted thicker plates in way of hawse pipe, around sea chest openings and deck on hatch coaming corners. Openings in shell plating to be well rounded and reinforced by inserted thicker plates. Doubling plates or substructures to be provided under supports, columns, legs etc. 在锚链筒区域、海水箱开口四周以及舱口围角隅的甲板下端应布臵有嵌入式厚板和加强材, 船壳板上的开孔应具有很好的圆度且采用嵌入式厚板进行加强,在支架、柱子和支柱等的下 方应安装有复板或结构。 Tug push marks to be marked on the shell plating, the structure in thrusting position to be strengthened and stiffened. 6 Tug push spots to be provided at bulkhead 3/4 P&S when 1 tug; 1/2 and 4/5 P&S when 2 tugs. 在船外板上应标记好推轮顶推点的标记,顶推部位的结构应被加强。共布臵有6个顶推点, 在No.3和No.4货舱间横向舱壁的左、右舷各布臵有1个顶推点用于1艘顶推轮进行顶推,当采 用 2 艘拖轮进行顶推时,作用点分别位于 No.1/No.2 以及 No.4/No.5 货舱间的横舱壁左、右 舷。 The lifting rings to be provided for propeller and rudder installation. 应提供用于螺旋桨和舵叶的起吊眼板。 1-2.5 Bottom construction双层底结构 Cellular double bottom to be constructed under cargo holds and engine room. 货舱和机舱下面应建造成区划式双层底。




The hull bottom constructions to be provided longitudinal framing system for cargo space, and transverse or longitudinal framing system for engine room space and fore and aft peak tanks. Attention to be paid to the members for the transition region of the longitudinal and transverse framing. 货舱区船底结构以及斜边舱应采用纵骨架式,艏尖舱和艉尖舱以及机舱区采用横向或纵向构 架系统,对于横向和纵向构架系统过渡区的构件应加以注意。 Substantial scarping arrangements to be fitted at transition from longitudinal to transverse system and at engine room/fore peak bulkhead. 在从纵向向横向构架系统过渡区以及机舱/艏尖舱舱壁处应采用结实的斜坡型布臵。 The uniform load for tank top to be 20 t/m in holds. 2 货舱舱底的均布载荷为20 t/m 。 The inner bottom in the cargo holds to be horizontal with hopper-shaped sides 0 having inclination of about 45 to the horizontal. 0 货舱的内底板应为平面型并带有与水平成45 斜边舱。 The thickness of inner bottom plating in cargo holds to be increased according to the requirement of the Class Rules for grab discharge. The maximum unladed grab weight to be about 15 tons. 货舱中的内底板应按照规范要求加厚以适合于抓斗进行卸货操作,最大的卸载抓斗的重量约 15吨。 Inner bottom and bottom structured to be reinforced for the carriage of two tiers of 25 tons steel coils in 1.2m long. 内底板以及底部结构应被加强以适合装载2层重量为25吨且长度为1.2米的钢卷板。 The bottom forward to be strengthened and designed in accordance with the requirement of the Classification Society. 上层底的前端应按照船级社要求进行加强和设计。 Pipe duct to be provided for the double bottom in No.2 to No.5 cargo holds and for C/H No.1 to be decided by detailed design. Pipe duct to have access in E/R 在No.2货舱与No.5货舱间的双层底中应布臵有管弄,在详细设计过程中确定No.1货舱是否布 臵有管弄,并且管弄具有从机舱的入口。 Pipe duct to have access also at forward end and engine room. The access in engine room to be fitted above engine room granting floor and to be watertight closed by manhole cover. Bottom structure in way of duct keel to be adequate for docking with centerline keel blocks. 在管弄前端和机舱中也应布臵有管弄入口,机舱中的入口应位于机舱花钢板上方且带有水密 的人孔盖,.箱形龙骨区的底部结构应具有足够强度以适合中心的龙骨墩。 In double bottoms, solid floors to be fitted for every three (3) frame spaces, and watertight floors to be fitted at watertight bulkheads, bottom and inner bottom longitudinal as well as side girders to be fitted. 在双层底中每间隔3个肋位安装有实肋板,水密舱壁处应安装有水密肋板,并且在底部和内 底板安装有纵向构件以及旁桁材。




Solid floors to be fitted at every frame in engine room. In double bottom side girders to be arranged in suitable positions to suit the seating of the main engine. 机舱中每个肋位上均安装有实肋板,在双层底的适当位臵应安装有旁桁材以适合主机的基 座。 Manholes for double bottom tanks and other tanks to be fitted at suitable positions. Two (2) manholes for each ballast tank and fuel oil tank IWO cargo holds to be provided. 双层底舱和其它舱应安装有人孔并且布臵在适当位臵,货舱中的每只压载舱和燃油舱应布臵 有2只人孔。 Two (2) bilge wells to be provided in the aft part of every cargo hold and so designed as to prevent choking of suction pipe when grain loading. Bilge well plate to be 5mm thicker over Rule requirement. Bilge well to be divided into two parts, one as settling and one as suction. 在每只货舱后部应安装有 2 只污水阱,并且应被设计成防止在装载谷物时管路的吸口被堵 塞。污水阱应被分隔成2个部分,一部分为沉淀部分,另一部分为吸口部分。 Bilge well covers to be flush with tanks top. 污水阱盖应与舱顶齐平。 Wells for sounder transmitter and log in double bottom to be provided. 在双层底中应测深传感器和计程仪的的围井。 Suitable drain holes to be arranged in double bottom tanks so as to be able to discharge/drain easily. 在双层底舱中应布臵有适当的流水孔。 1-2.6 Side Structure (including hopper tank) 舷侧结构(包括漏斗形舱) Web frames to be fitted in double skin, spaced in general not more than six frame spaces apart, and to be firmly connected to the structure of topside tank and hopper tank. 在双层船壳板中应安装有强肋骨,间距一般不超过6个肋间距,并且与顶边舱和漏斗形舱进 行牢固地连接。 The structure in hopper tank to be longitudinal framing system with nonwatertight transverses, spaced every three (3) frame spaces apart. 漏斗形舱中的结构应为带非水密横梁的纵向构架系统,相互间的间距为3个肋间距。 Web frames to be fitted in engine room, spaced in general not more than six (6) frame spaces apart. 机舱中强肋骨的间距一般不超过6个肋间距。 Frame spacing to be shown as the General Arrangement Plan and for longitudinal spacing as Midship Section. 肋骨的间距如总布臵图所示,纵向间距如舯剖面图所示。


1-2.7 Top side tank顶边舱


The topside tank to be arranged at shoulder part of cargo holds and to be used as water ballast tanks. Tank 5 P&S separated to adopt as temporary slop tank. Watertight duct for cables, pipes, under main deck IWO top side tanks to be provided on both sides. 顶边舱将被布臵在货舱的肩部用作压载水舱,No.5货舱左右的顶边舱将用作临时污油舱,在 主甲板下两舷的顶边舱中应布臵有用于电缆、管路的水密通道。 The top side tanks to have a slope of about 30 to the horizontal. 顶边舱的斜舱壁应具有与水平成30°角斜度。 The structure in topside tanks to be longitudinal framing system with nonwatertight transverses, and longitudinal framing to be continuous through watertight partitions. 顶边舱中的结构应为带非水密横向构件的纵向构件系统,并且纵向构件应连续地穿过水密舱 壁。 1-2.8 Decks甲板 The design load for upper deck to be in compliance with the requirement of Rule. 上甲板的设计负载应符合规范的要求。 Upper deck to be strength deck, longitudinal framing system outside line of openings and transverse framing inside line of openings. Upper deck to be fitted with girders, longitudinal stiffeners, and transverses spaced not more than six (6) frame spaces apart, others parts of upper deck to be transverse framing system. 上甲板应为在货舱开口外侧为纵向构架系统和开口内侧为横向构架的强甲板,且上甲板安装 有纵桁、纵向防挠材和间距不超过6个肋位的横向构件。上甲板的其它部分应为横向构件系 统。 Web beams to be fitted in line with web frames. 强横梁应与强肋骨安装在一条直线上。 A thicker insert plate to be used at the hatch corner and the form of the hatch corner to be elliptical in accordance with the Class Rules. Flush up type of main hole covers on main deck to be provided. 在舱口角隅应采用较厚的嵌入板,并且角隅应按照船级社规范要求采用椭圆形,并且在主甲 板上应采用嵌入式人孔盖。 Structure to be suitably strengthened under cranes, etc. 吊机等下方的结构应被适当地加强。 Girders, short beam and/or post to be provided under deck having concentrate loading, such as deck machinery, bitt, bollards and boat davits etc. Girders under grabs when stowing to be provided. Girders under spare anchor to be provided. 在有集中负载的甲板下方(如甲板机、系缆桩、带缆桩和艇吊等)应布臵有纵梁、短横梁和 /或柱子,并且在抓斗和备用锚堆放处的下方应布臵有纵梁




Deck plating under all machinery such as cranes, windlass, mooring winches and boat davits to have increased plating thickness. 在所有机械,如吊机、锚机、系泊绞车和艇吊下方甲板的厚度应增厚。 Platform deck to be provided in engine room, and suited to main engine as far as possible. Platform for the generators to be reinforced necessarily. 机舱中应布臵有平台,并且尽可能地适合于主机,发电机组的平台也应进行必要的加强。 1-2.9 Pillars支柱 H-type Pillars to be provided under both side girders of engine room opening to prevent vibration. 在机舱开口两侧桁材下方应布臵有H型支柱。 Structure in way of engine side supports to be adequately strengthened. 机舱两侧的结构应被充分地加强。 Supports for main engine shall suit to the both sides construction of the engine room opening. 主机的支架应适合机舱开口两侧的结构。 Adequate number of pillars to be provided under the superstructure decks or deck house walls under concentrated loading. 上层建筑甲板或甲板室墙壁下方应提供足够数量的支柱用于承受集中负载。 No pillar to be arranged in the cargo holds. 在货舱中应无支柱。 1-2.10 Bulkhead舱壁 Watertight transverse bulkhead to be extended to the upper deck as shown on the General Arrangement Plan. 如总布臵图所示,水密横舱壁将被延伸至上甲板。 The forward collision bulkhead and the forward and aft bulkhead of engine room to be of plain type with vertical stiffeners supported by horizontal girders where necessary. The stiffeners of the bulkheads at fore peak tank, engine room, aft peak tank to be arrange inside the compartment. 艏部的防撞舱壁以及机舱的前后舱壁应为带垂直扶强材的平板型,并且在必需的部位应采用 水平桁进行支撑,艏尖舱、机舱以及艉尖舱舱壁上的扶强材应安装在舱室的内部。 The bulkhead between No.5 cargo hold and engine room to be A60 class. No.5货舱以及机舱的舱壁应具有A60防火等级。 Transverse bulkheads between cargo holds to be vertically corrugated bulkheads. Bulkhead to be fitted with upper and lower stools. Plate between stools to increase 1mm above Class rules and to be indicated in the drawings. 货舱中的横舱壁应为垂直的波纹形舱壁,并且舱壁上应安装有高、低位墩子。墩子间板的厚 度应比船级社要求厚度增加1mm,并且应在图纸上加以表明。




Corrugated bulkheads to be mounted on lower stools and slant cover plates to be fitted at the lower ends of the corrugations to avoid accumulation of bulk cargo. 在低位墩子应安装有波纹舱壁且在波纹舱壁底端安装有斜盖板,从而避免货物堆积在货舱 中。 Transverse bulkheads in No.3 cargo hold which are designed for dual purpose as cargo hold and fully loaded ballast tank to be constructed of vertical corrugation with upper and lower end stool. No.3货舱的横舱壁将按照用作货舱和满载压载水的双用途进行设计,应此其将被建造成带高 低位墩子的垂直波纹舱壁。 Other bulk head in the main hull may be of flat plating type with vertical stiffeners and suitable numbers of horizontal girders or vertical webs. 主船体中其它舱壁应为带垂直扶强材和适当数量水平桁或垂直腹板的平板型。 Boundary steel walls to be built for the carpenter's work room, stores, control rooms and other necessary space. 在木工间、储藏室、控制室以及其它必需的处所应布臵有钢质舱壁。 1-2.11 Peak tanks尖舱 Fore and aft peak tanks to be reinforced with side transverses, side stringers or non-watertight opening platform and to be used for water ballast tanks. Aft peak tank to be able to suctioning by fire main. 艏尖舱和艉尖舱应采用侧横梁、舷侧纵桁或非水密的开口式平台进行加强,用作压载水舱, 并且艉尖舱将可通过消防总管进行泵吸。 Lightening holes at platform (in horizontal position) in peak tanks to be grating-type. 尖舱中平台上的减轻孔(水平位臵)应为格栅型。 Fore peak and fore area to be reinforced for panting and slamming. 艏尖舱和艏部区域应按照承受波动和砰击的情况进行加强。 1-3 MAIN HULL MISCELLANEOUS主船体其它 1-3.1 Foundation基座 Girders under main engine to be extended as for forward and aft as possible. 主机下的桁材应尽可能地向艏、艉延伸。 Foundation for the main engine to be welded structures as a part of the double bottom construction of the engine room. The scantlings of foundation to be in accordance with the recommendation of main engine maker. Foundation for generators and the boiler to have adequate strength and rigidity. 主机的基座应为全焊接结构且为机舱双层底结构的一部分,基座构件的尺度应符合主机生产 商的推荐。发电机组和锅炉的基座应具有足够强度和刚度。 Foundation for generator engines to be as per maker recommendation. 发电机组发动机的基座按照生产商的推荐。




Deck machinery and equipment as well as auxiliary machinery in engine room to be generally provided with foundation of steel welded construction with suitable re-inforcement under if required. 甲板机械以及机舱中的辅助机械一般应提供有钢质焊接结构式基座,并且应按要求进行必需 的加强。 1-3.2 Hatch coaming 舱口围 The coamings for cargo hatches to be fitted with horizontal stiffened surface plating and half round wear bar 60x30mm on the top and T type stay and horizontal stiffeners to increase coaming stability on plate of T type stay attached a horizontal flat bar at midheight. 货舱的舱口围应安装有水平的加强面板,在其顶部布臵有尺寸为60x30mm的半圆耐磨钢,T形 支柱和水平扶强材用于增加舱口围的稳性,在T形支柱面板的中部应安装有水平的扁钢。 Foot steps to be provided at suitable position on hatch corners. 4 STANDING PLATFORMS for hatch operator on each hold: for/aft, 在舱口角隅的适当位臵应布臵有踏步,每只货舱前、后端共布臵 4只用于舱口操作人员的站 台。 1-3.3 Chain Locker锚链舱 Two (2) self-stowing chain lockers to be arranged in the fore peak tank and Bosun store, and to have ample capacity and height for stowage of chain cables. 在艏尖舱和水手长储藏室布臵有2只圆形锚链舱,并且具有足够容量和高度以存放锚链。 600 x 1000 mm watertight steel cover to be provided on each chain locker wall. No lining in this wall of chain lockers. Access to space under grating to be provided to remove mud & etc. Minimum height between lower edge of chain pipe bell mouth and loosely stowed chain to be not less than 1500 mm. 在每只锚链舱的壁上应布臵有600 x 1000 mm水密钢盖,对该舱的舱壁无需进行包扎。应提 供进入格栅下方的入口以去除泥等,锚链筒钟形吸口底端与松散堆放的锚链间应至少有 1500mm的间隙。 A suitable designed steel grating of partly removable type to be provided about 0.8m from the bottom of the chain locker adequately supported to take the weight of the chain cables. 在距锚链舱底部约0.8m的位臵应布臵有适当设计的部分可拆型钢格栅,并且对其进行足够地 支撑以承受锚链的重量. The end of the chain cables to be secured on upper level in chain locker so that managing the cable releaser by hands on the upper deck to release chains easily. 锚链的末端应固定在锚链舱的上部,从而可以确保可以在上甲板易于手动操作锚链释放装 臵。 Cable release to be quick release type. 锚链释放装臵应为快速释放型。 Perforated plates 600mm above bottom to be fitted. 在距底部600mm的上方应布臵有多孔板。


Bottom plating thickness 4mm above Class Requirements. 底板的厚度应比船级社要求的厚度厚4mm。 1-3.4 Bilge Keel舭龙骨


Bilge keels to be arranged on the both sides of the vessel with 400mm depth, and to be built up with flat bar and bulb plate. The length of Bilge keel to be decided by tank model test. 在该船舯部两侧应安装有长度约为30%两柱间长、深度为400mm且由扁钢和球扁钢制成的舭龙 骨,舭龙骨的长度根据船模试验的结果进行确定。 Bilge keel to be fitted by welding on flat bar which welded on shell plate. Bilge keels not to be intermittent at erection block joints. 舭龙骨应通过焊接安装在焊接于船壳板扁钢上,舭龙骨不应在分段合龙接头处中断。 Bilge keel ends to be fairly tapered without special reinforcement and ended at frames of the hull. 舭龙骨端部应适当锥度地过渡至端部并且无特别地加强,并且终止于船壳板的肋骨框架处。 The butt seams on the bilge keel flat bars and shell plates to be staggered each other as per the Rule. 舭龙骨扁钢与船壳板的对接焊缝应按规范要求相互交叉地排列。 Transverse welds intersecting shell plating to be scalloped. 船壳板上交叉的横向焊缝应为椭圆形。 1-3.5 Sea Chest海水箱 One (1) high sea chest and one (1) low sea chest to be provided. The clear area of sea chest opening to be at least 2 times of main pipe suction. 应布臵有1只高位海水箱和1只低位海水箱,海水箱净开口的面积应至少为主管吸口面积的 2 倍。 Separate sea chest to be provided for emergency fire pump. 应急消防泵应提供独立的海水箱。 The sea chests to be built welded by steel plate, and provided with vent-pipes, steam pipes or compressed air pipes in it. The drain holes and the air holes to be arranged in the shell plates in lower and upper parts of the high sea chests. Chest openings to be shaped so as to avoid stress concentration of shell plating and fitted with thicker insert plates. 海水箱应由钢板焊接成,并且其上布臵有透气管、蒸汽管或压缩空气管。在高位海水箱底部 的船壳板和上部应分别布臵有泄放孔和透气孔,海水箱的开口应具有一定形状以免船壳板应 力集中,并安装有加厚的嵌入补板。 The hinged strainer plate welded by the galvanized steel plates to be provided for each sea chest with stainless steel bolts and nuts. 每只海水箱应安装有由镀锌钢板焊接成的铰链式滤板,并且采用不锈钢螺栓和螺母进行连 接。 Cathodic protection to be provided for the sea chest. 海水箱应布臵有阴极保护。




1-3.6 Bulwark 舷墙 Steel plate bulwarks to be fitted on forecastle deck, fore and side of bridge wings, with top rail of plate for reinforcing and stays for adequate frame spaces, and checkered steel step plates for forecastle bulwark forward so as to watch releasing and hoisting anchor. 在艏楼甲板和驾驶室翼桥前端及侧面安装有钢板制成的舷墙,并且顶部带有用于加强的板式 扶手和确保足够肋间距的支柱,并且在艏楼前端应安装有花纹板钢质踏步以便观察对锚的 起、放操作。 Bulwark to be of 1100 mm in height. 舷墙的高度为1100mm。 Opening for fairleader on bulwark to be well-rounded and reinforced with halfround bar. 舷墙上导缆孔的开口应圆滑并且焊接有半圆钢。 Top hand rail to be fitted on the front bulwark of the navigation deck. 在驾驶甲板前端的舷墙上应安装有顶部扶手。 Wind deflector, height 1400 mm, at house side and 1300 mm at out side of steel venturi type to be provided on the front bulwark of the bridge wings. 在驾驶室两翼前端的舷墙上,在内侧1400mm高度以及外侧1300mm高度分别安装有扩散管型钢 质挡风板。 Hard-wood top rail to be fitted at front bulwark of bridge winds. 在驾驶室翼桥前端舷墙应安装有硬木制成的顶部扶手。 Foundation for Suez Canal projector to provide 安装有用于苏伊士运河探照灯的基座。 1-4 SUPERSTRUCTURE AND DECK HOUSES, CRANE HOUSES上层建筑和甲板室 The vessel to have (5) tiers of deckhouse. The front wall of wheelhouse to be inclined forward. 该船应布臵有6层甲板室和艏楼,驾驶室的前壁应为前倾型。 The structure of superstructure and deck house to be transverse framing system. 艉部甲板室结构应采用横向构架系统。 Outside wall of superstructure and deck house to be of flat type with vertical stiffeners and welded on deck plates. Walls of superstructure and deck house to be watertight or non-watertight according to their respective characters. 上层建筑以及甲板室的外部舱壁应为带垂直扶强材的平板型且焊接在甲板上,并且上层建筑 和甲板室的墙壁应为水密或非水密型,具体按照各自的特性。 The bridge wings to be extended to the exterior breadth of the vessel. 驾驶室的翼桥应延伸至船的外部宽度。




Stiffening of house to be specially considered and care to be taken to obtain a well designed superstructure to reduce vibrations. Plate thickness to be in accordance with the Rules. 尤其应考虑对甲板室的加强并小心设计上层建筑以减小振动,板厚按规范要求。 Strength bulkheads to be carried through at all deck levels for strength against vibration. 所有甲板层的舱壁应具有一定强度以减小振动。 Compass deck in way of magnetic compass to be of stainless steel. 磁罗经区的罗经甲板应采用不锈钢材料。 Effective drainage from all decks and top of the wheelhouse to be arranged. Drainage pipes to be as straight as possible. 在驾驶室顶部以及所有甲板上应布臵有效的排水设施,排水管应尽可能地直。 For crane house, combination framing system to be built and formed a entirety with the crane post as shown on General Arrangement Plan. 吊机驾驶室应与吊机支柱构成一个完全的构架系统,具体如总布臵图所示。 1-5 FUNNEL烟囱 The rectangular funnel to be welded construction with vertical stiffeners and horizontal stringers, and with closed top plate, , and a steel door on it. No eye plates for stage on top and rail only. 矩形烟囱应为焊接式结构,带有垂直扶强材和水平加强肋,并且安装有钢门,在顶部无眼板 而仅布臵有扶手。 Louver to be provided on back of funnel for engine room ventilation. 在烟囱后侧应安装有用于机舱通风的百叶窗。 Funnel structure to be strengthened at supports for exhaust pipes etc. Eyes or rail for painting stage to be provided outside. 烟囱结构应被加强以便支撑排气管等,在其外部应提供用于油漆阶段的眼板和扶手。 Company’s emblem to be of steel plate fully welded construction. 公司的徽标应为钢板制成的全焊接式结构。 1-6 BOTTOM PLUGS船底放水塞 Material: 材料 Boss: 螺纹座 Plug: 旋塞 Mild steel 低碳钢 Stainless steel 不锈钢

Location: bottom 安装位臵:

All ballast, fuel, fresh water tanks and cofferdams, etc. in the shell, sludge tanks, etc. 双层底中的所有压载舱、燃油舱、淡水舱和隔离空舱和油渣舱等 Different key for water and oil tank to be provided.


应提供用于水舱和油舱泄放塞的不同工具。 Scantling: ?42mm. 尺寸: Suitable number of spare bottom plugs to be supplied as follows: 应提供适当数量如下所述的备用船底放水塞。 Varied oil tanks: 各种油舱 Ballast tanks: 压载舱 Two (2) pieces 2只 Five (5) pieces 5只







2-1 GENERAL总述 The painting works including surface preparation to be executed in accordance with Builder ’ s practice. Coating manual to be prepared as per Paint Manufacturers recommendations for Owner ’ s reference. The surface preparation grades to be as per Swedish standards SIS. Surface preparation and painting to be inspected by yard Q.C., paint maker’s inspector at all stages including shop priming. Owner ’ s representative to be advised of all inspection and shall attend inspection as requested. 油漆施工和表面处理应按照船厂惯例进行,按照油漆生产商的推荐准备油漆手册提供给船东 参考,表面预处理的等级应按瑞典标准SIS。包括车间底漆在内的各阶段油漆以及表面处理 应经过船厂质检部门、油漆生产商检查人员进行检验,应将所有检验情况告知船东,并且船 东将参加被要求情况下的检验。 Painting scheme to be submitted to Owner for approval, colors of finish paint to be as per Owner ’ s color scheme. Each coat of anti-corrosive paint to be different color for easy identification. 应将油漆配套表提交给船东认可,并且面漆的颜色应按照船东的颜色配套表,每层防腐漆应 采用不同的颜色从而便于区分。 Copper, copper alloy, aluminum, alloy and stainless steel not to be painted in general unless otherwise specified. 除非另有特别说明,否则铜、铜合金、铝合金以及不锈钢一般不进行油漆。 Steel outfitting manufactured by sub-contractors to be coated as per specification or with equivalent type of paint to that specified but coatings applied to be compatible with the adjacent structure's coating system for ease of subsequent maintenance. 由分包商生产的钢质舾装件应按照规格书或与周围结构油漆体系相协调的油漆型号进行油 漆,并且便于以后的维护。 Time schedule for painting of each coat to be decided according to the Builders construction schedule but to be governed by re-coating intervals recommended by the paint maker. 每层油漆的时间表应根据船厂施工计划表来确定,但每次油漆间隔的时间应按照油漆生产商 的推荐。 Painting for the parts or spaces not specially specified to be similar to the surrounding space or comparable space. 对于为特别规定的部件或舱室的油漆,应采用与周围舱室或类似舱室相同的油漆。 Coating of machinery, electrical equipment, outfitting, valves, navigation equipment, deck machinery, furniture etc. to be done by the makers ’ standard unless otherwise specified. When paint damage occurs before or after installation on board the damaged parts to be repaired with equivalent paint to




original and in case of extensive damage a full coat to be applied after repairs. 除非有其它规定,否则机械、电气设备、舾装件、阀件、航行设备、甲板机械、家具等的油 漆应按照生产商的标准。当上船安装前或后出现油漆被损坏的部分应采用相等的油漆进行修 复,如果出现大面积的损坏,则应对其修复后全部油漆。 All free cutting edges and holes etc. to be ground smooth by two cut grinding for water ballast and freshwater tank. 在压载水舱和淡水舱中,对于所有的切割自由边和小孔的边应双面打磨圆滑。 Cleanness-any areas of grease to be detergent washed prior to HPFW washing. Solvent washing is acceptable method of removing traces of oil and grease from painted surface. Care must be taken to avoid spreading the oil/grease 在进行HPFW清洗前应采用清洁剂清除任何表面的油脂,可以采用溶剂去除油漆面的油迹或油 脂迹,并且应小心防止油/油脂污染面扩大。 -Coat thickness- thickness- gauge to be zeroed and calibrated on smooth steel. Calibration shim to reflect the thickness being measured .This effect of ballast profile to be subtracted from the value determined after coating 涂层厚度:厚度检测仪表应调零并在光滑的钢板上进行校准,校准片反映了被测量的厚度, 在油漆后测定的值中减去断面的影响。 Ventilation-a reasonable estimation of ventilation rate/hour can be made from the product of ventilation required to dilute the vapours from 1 l of paint to 10% of L.E.L (see relevant Marine Safety Data Sheet) and rate of application (usually abt 100 ltrs /hr) 通风:对每小时通风量的合理估算可以根据对1升油漆产生的蒸汽进行稀释至10%所需要通风 量进行计算(参见有关的船舶安全参数表)以及采用的换气率(通常约为100升/小时)。 Whole painting works inside tanks in B/B zone of the vessel should be completed before launching. 应在下水前完成双层底压载舱内部的整个油漆施工。 Owners ’ Representative should be advised of all inspection at least 24 hrs in writing and shall attend inspection as requested. 对于需船东参加的检验,应在检验之前24小时书面告知船东代表。 Grounding of sharp edges generally should be done during assembling of blocks. Grounding to extend for whole steel construction 在分段组装过程中一般应将尖边打磨圆滑,并且应对整个钢结构进行打磨。 2-2 SURFACE PREPARATION表面处理 2-2.1 Primary surface preparation表面预处理 Generally the hull structural and sections of 6 mm thickness and above to be shot blast cleaned on both sides to SIS SA 2.5. Grit or sand blasting to SIS SA 2.5 or pickling may be applied instead of shot blasting when shot blasting is considered impractical. The hull structural and sections below 6 mm to be treated to grade ST3 by pickling or power tool as shipyard ’ s usual prasctice, it can hardly achieve the grade Sa 2.5.Oily spots should be cleaned before shot blasting.




通常情况下,对于板厚为6mm及以上的船体结构和分段应对其两面通过喷丸处理至SIS SA2.5 标准,当喷丸处理不能实行的情况下可以采用打磨或喷砂处理至 SIS SA2.5 或酸洗进行替 代。对于厚度小于6mm的船体结构钢料,应通过打磨或喷砂处理至SIS SA2.5。 2-2.2 Shop priming车间底漆 Just after primary surface preparation one coat of 15 microns zinc silicate or epoxy zinc type shop primer to be applied. The shop primer to have good compatibility with the succeeding coats. Different color shop primer to be used for mild and high tensile steel plates and sections. Zinc silicate 15 mic priming accepted just after primary surface preparation 在表面预处理完成后,应立即喷涂一层厚度约为15微米的硅酸锌或环氧锌型车间底漆,该车 间底漆应与其稍后使用的油漆具有好的兼容性,对于低碳钢和高强度钢以及分段应分别使用 不同颜色的车间底漆,在表面预处理后应立即涂刷15微米厚的硅酸锌底漆。 2-2.3 Secondary surface preparation表面二次处理 Before the first coat is applied, the damages on shop primer by welding, burning, rubbing, etc., and the rusted steel surface to be prepared in accordance with the following table. 在第一度油漆施工前,对于因焊接、灼烧、刮擦等导致车间底漆被损坏从而造成钢料表面生 锈,则应对其按照下述表格的要求进行处理:


In block stage, In pre-erection, dock & quay stage在分段阶段、分段合拢前以及在 船台&码头阶段

Bottom tanktop and hopper底部和干 舷以下以及漏斗形舱 Topsides顶边舱 Weather deck露天甲板 Deckhouse exterior甲板室外部 Deckhouse interior甲板室内部 E/R interior机舱内部 Water ballast tanks压载水舱 Cargo holds货舱 Fresh water tank淡水舱 Tanks other than F.O., D.O. tanks 除燃油舱、柴油舱以外的其它舱柜 Others其它 F.O., D.O. tank燃油、柴油舱 Hatch coaming exterior舱口围外部

ST/PT 3.0 ST/PT 3.0 ST/PT 3.0 ST/PT 3.0 ST 2.0 ST 2.0 ST 3.0 ST/PT 2.0 ST 3.0 ST 2.5 ST 2.0 Dry and cleaning干燥且清洁 ST/PT 3.0


Hatch cover exterior舱口盖外部 Hatch cover interior舱口盖内部

ST/PT 3.0 ST/PT 2.0

Before the first coat is applied, power tooling to be used for non-damages on the shop primed area. 在第一度油漆施工前,应采用动力工具将非损坏区的车间底漆去除。 The secondary surface preparation for F.O., D.O. tanks not to be treated on the shop primed area as per the Builder's practice except the rusty area and welding line treated to SIS ST2 using power tooling. Oily spots should be cleaned before surface secondary preparation. FW, distillate water tanks to be shot blasted to remove zinc primer before application Sa 2.5. 按照船厂惯例,对于燃油舱和柴油舱不应对涂有车间底漆的表面进行二次表面处理,除了生 锈区和焊缝采用动力工具打磨至SIS ST2,在二次表面处理前应将油污点清洁干净。对于淡 水舱和蒸馏水舱,应在打磨至Sa 2.5前通过喷丸处理去除富锌底漆。 2-2.4 Surface cleaning before overcoating油漆前的表面清洁 The surfaces to be cleaned of oil, moisture, dust, and other foreign materials with degreaser, fresh water, wire brush, or compressed air and vacuum cleaners prior to coating. 在油漆前,应采用稀释剂、淡水、钢丝刷或压缩空气和真空吸尘器清除表面的油、潮气、灰 尘和其它的杂质。 Whatever the method is used to remove contamination on the steel surface, it should not degrade the surface quality. 无论采用什么样的方式去除钢材表面的污染物,其表面的质量都不应被降低。 2-3 APPLICATION OF PAINTING油漆的使用 The painting to be carried out by airless spray, in general. Where the spraying is impractical, the brush or roller to be used. 一般情况下,油漆应采用无气喷涂。在局部使用油漆的情况下,应采用刷子或辊子进行油 漆。 Mixing and thinning of the paint material and interval of painting to be in accordance with the maker's recommendation. 油漆原料的混合和稀释以及油漆时间间隔应按照油漆生产尚的推荐。 The painting schedule specified hereunder may have alteration in number of coats and the dry film thickness in accordance with standard specification of the paint maker selected subject to Owner's approval. 下文中规定的油漆配套表可以按照所选定并经船东认可的油漆商的标准对油漆层的度数以及 干膜厚度进行变更。 In the edges of small holes such as slots, scallops, drain holes, etc. and corners of flame burnt free edge of structural members, the dry film thickness may not always be specified. But have two additional stripe coatings to be applied, one before and one in between full coatings, to welding seams, fillet welds, stiffener F.B edges, openings and scallops.




对于如细长孔、扇形孔、排水孔等小孔的内边以及结构件被火焰灼烧自由边的角,其油漆干 膜的厚度一般不作指定,但对于焊缝、角焊缝、扶强材的扁钢边、圆孔和扇形孔应补涂刷2 度油漆,其中一度在全面油漆前。另一度在全面油漆过程中。 The painting of the exposed structural steel surface such as outsides of shell, deckhouse, funnel, etc., and of living space and passages in living quarters to be free from sags and runs. 对于如船外板、甲板室、烟囱等以及居住区居住舱室和走道的暴露结构件,其表面的油漆应 无流挂。 After the specified coating is applied, the damages in paint film to be repaired at proper time. When the damage reaches the steel surface and rust occurs, the surface to be cleaned by the power tooling and/or disc sander and to be coated as originally specified. 在完成规定的油漆后,对于损坏的油漆膜应在适当的时候对其进行修复。当发生油漆层的损 坏到达钢料表面时,应采用钢丝刷和/或砂轮盘对其表面进行清洁并按原先规定的油漆要求 进行油漆。 When the damage does not reach the steel surface, the surface to be touched up to the specified film thickness. 当损坏的油漆层未到达钢料表面时,应对其表面补涂至规定的油漆膜厚度。 The steel structure surfaces including all welded beads to be painted before the leak test, in general. However, fillet welding joint and erection butt joint forming tank boundary to be painted after joint has been examined either by compressed air test, vacuum test or tank air test as appropriate. 一般情况下,应在密性试验前对包括焊缝在内的钢结构表面进行油漆。然而,对于角焊缝接 头和对接焊接头构成的舱边应在油漆前通过压缩空气检验、抽真空检验或适当的密性试验进 行检验。 Pre-erection joint of hull block which is erected at any location, to be painted before leak test and not to be considered as block erection joint. 对于船体分段小合龙的接头,不论其位臵均应在密性试验前进行油漆,而无需考虑分段大合 拢接头。 The adhesive tape may be used to protect the fillet joint and erection butt joint waiting for leak test from contamination by surrounding painting. 应采用胶带保护等待密性试验的角焊缝接头和合拢对接接头,以防周围进行油漆时被污染。 No application in air temperature below minus 在环境温度低于-5℃时不可进行任何油漆施工。 -5 0 C.

Stripping: first between full coatings, second after final coating. Always different tint in ref. to surface. Stripping-by brush and/or roller to welds, cut outs, grind spots, edges of holes, scallops, rat holes, edges of girders, frames, brackets etc. 补涂:第1度在全面油漆过程中,第2度在完工油漆后。对于焊缝、切口、打磨点、孔边、扇 形孔、老鼠孔、梁和构架以及肘板的边等。 Anodes in tanks and on hull should be cleaned St 3.0 after final coat application and degreased.


舱柜和船体中的阳极应在完工漆后清洁至St 3.0,并且应清除油脂。


Cargo holds, fresh water tanks should be written certified odour free at moment of delivery the vessel to Owners. 在将该船交付给船东时,应有书面证明货舱、淡水舱无异味。 Paint application of names, signs, etc final coat. 名称、标记等使用的油漆应与面漆种类相同。 2-4 FILM THICKNESS干膜厚度 The dry film thickness to be measured after completion of anticorrosive coating or final coating in accordance with the Builder’s practice under manufacturer’ s acceptance. . Under water hull paint thickness to be checked before and after application of anti-fouling paint and recorded. The number of points of thickness measurement to be adequate to get a fair idea of the paint thickness on covered areas. 在完成防污涂层或面漆后应按照船厂惯例对干膜厚度进行测量并由油漆生产商进行验收,对 于水下船体部分的油漆应在涂刷防污漆后对油漆干膜厚度进行检查并记录。膜厚测量点的数 量应确保其足以反应所代表油漆面漆膜厚度。 The dry film thickness specified in the painting schedule to be attained on at least 85% of the measuring points and may nor be achieved on the remaining 15% measuring points, but at least 85% thickness of the specified one to be attained on remaining 15% measuring points. And at least 90% thickness for ballast tank, fresh water tank, boiler water tank, sewage tank and oily bilge water tank to be attained on remaining 10% measuring points. 对于油漆配套表中规定的漆膜厚度,应确保 85%的测量点达到厚度要求,并且对于其余15% 的测量点应确保其膜厚达到规定膜厚的85%,但对于压载舱、淡水舱、锅炉水舱、污水舱以 及污油水舱,在其余10%的测量点应确保其膜厚达到规定膜厚的90%。 2-5 INSPECTION检验 The inspection of coatings to be done at all stages of coating for outside shell, the checking of paint dry film thickness to be carried out by Builder and maker's representative, and spot check to be conducted in the presence of Owner's representative. 对于船外板应在整个油漆阶段加以检验,油漆干膜厚度应由船厂和油漆商代表进行检验,在 对干膜厚度进行抽查时船东代表应参加。 2-6 PAINTING SCHEDULE油漆配套表 Painting schedule to be in accordance with the below specification and detail specification regarding surface preparation, application, inspection to be prepared later. 油漆配套表应按下述规定,关于表面预处理、油漆施工以及检验参见稍后的详细规格书。 Painting schedule for the parts and spaces which are not specified herein to be similar to surrounding space or comparable spaces. 对于未作规定的部件和舱室的油漆,应按照周围的舱室或类似舱室进行油漆。 should be the same kind of paint as




Painting schedule to be changeable according to paint maker's recommendation of Owner's approval. 该油漆配套表可以按照经船东认可的油漆商的推荐进行修改。 In painting schedule name of paint and total D.F.T. to be in accordance with maker's recommendation. D.F.T recommended by Manufactures should be approved by Owners. 在油漆配套表中,油漆的名称以及总干膜的厚度应按照油漆生产商的推荐,油漆商推荐的干 膜厚度应经过船东认可。 Self-polishing paint (paint free of rosin, co-polymer) under waterline to have five (5) year guarantee. Paint in ballast tanks also to have five (5) year guarantee. 水线以下的自抛光油漆的质保期为5年,并且压载舱中的油漆质保期也应为5年。 Painting schedule: 油漆配套表 No. 序号 1.0 1.1 Painting space进行油漆的部位 Type of paint油漆的 型号 2- Tar Free Epoxy 无 沥 青 环氧 1-VT 3-SPC 2-ME 1-AC DFT 干膜厚度 (μm) 125+125 50 50+100+100 Remarks备注


Shell plating船外板 Bottom (including bilge keel, sea chest & rudder outside) 船 底板(包括舭龙骨、海水箱&舵叶外 表面) Tanktop 内底板 Topside干舷

Per maker ’ s recommendatio n 按生产商推荐 Subject to maker ’ s approval 经 生 产商认可 Subject to maker ’ s approval 经 生 产商认可 Subject to maker ’ s approval 经 生 产商认可

150+100 100

2.0 3.0

Rudder inside舵叶内部 Weather deck露天甲板

1-B 2-ME 1-AC

Filling 150+100 100

4.0 4.1

Superstructure上层建筑 Deck house exterior & under 2-ME surface of overhang deck 甲 板 室 1-AC 外部&顶部甲板的下表面 Steel surface covered with lining & insulation 包 扎 有 衬 板 & 绝缘层的钢表面 Ceiling & wall steel surface 天 花板&墙壁钢表面 Floor steel surface地板的钢表面 2-ALP

150+100 100



4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6


40 40+40 40+40 40+40 No painting无 油漆 and

Floor covered with deck covering覆有甲板敷料的地板 Ceiling, wall & floor of Ceiling


battery room 天 花 蓄电池室的天花 wall: 天 花 板 板、墙壁&地板 和墙壁 2-ALP 2-ALF Floor:地板 2-ME Ref. Provision chamber steel 2-ME surface under insulation 绝 缘 包 扎层下冷藏柜的钢表面 Engine room机舱 Ceiling & wall steel surface, 2-ALP under surface of partial deck & 2-ALF floor plate 天 花 板 & 墙 壁 的 钢 表 面、局部甲板&地板的下表面 Upper surface of partial deck & 2-ALP floor plate 2-ALD 局部甲板&地板的上表面 Steel surface behind insulation 2-ALP 绝缘层后的钢表面 Tank top内底板 2-ME Exhaust pipe排气管 Funnel 烟囱 Outside 外部


40+40 40+40 125+75



5.0 5.1

40+40 40+40


40+40 40+40 40+40 150+100 No painting无 油漆 150+100 100 Subject to maker ’ s approval 经 生 产商认可

5.3 5.4 5.5 6.0 6.1

2-ME 1-AC

6.2 7.0 7.1 7.2 8.0


2-ALP 2-HP

40+40 25+25

Cargo hold 1,2,4,5 No.1 、 2 、 4、5货舱 Ceiling & wall天花板&墙壁 3-ME Tank top of cargo hold 货 舱 内 底 板 Outside surface of hatch coaming & hatch cover, outside surface of bulwark 舱口围 & 舱口盖的外表面、舷墙的外 表面 Inside surface of hatch coaming 舱口围的内表面 Water ballast tank, boiler water tank, bilge water tank 压 载水舱、锅炉水舱、舱底水舱 void spaces & pipe tunnel 空 舱 & 管弄 Fresh water tank, distill tank 淡水舱、蒸馏水舱 F.O. tank, D.O. tank 燃油舱、柴 3-ME 2-ME 1-AC

100+100+10 0 100+100+10 0 150+100 100

Subject to maker ’ s approval 经 生 产商认可

9.0 10.0

2-ME 3-ME


3X100 2-ME 2-E CKO 2X125 125+125 rust 25

10.1 11.0 12.0


油舱 13.0 14.0 15.0 L.O. sump tank滑油循环舱 Chain locker锚链舱 Echo sounder compartment, cofferdam & void space 回 声 测 深 舱、隔离空舱&空舱 Emer. Fire pump room & electromagnetic log 应急消防泵舱 & 电磁式 计程仪 Anchor & mooring system 锚 泊 & 系 泊系统 Anchor, chain cable, chain pipe etc.锚、锚链和锚链管等 1-TE 2-ME 200 125+125 inhibitive oil防锈油


No painting无 油漆



40+40 40+40

17.0 17.1



Chain cable is the dip. Painting 对 锚 链进行酸洗油 漆


18.0 18.1

18.2 19.0 19.1

19.2 19.3

Bitts, cleats, fair leaders etc. 双系柱、系索羊角、导缆滚筒 等 Post & radar mast etc. 柱子 & 雷达 桅等 Post outside & radar mast & cargo crane & davit outside etc. 柱子外侧 & 雷达桅 & 货吊&吊杆外 侧等 Post inside & radar mast inside etc.柱子外侧&雷达桅内侧等 Machinery beds基座 Main machinery beds (deck machinery, main engine, G/E, F.W. generator) 主要机械装臵的座子(甲板机械、 主机、发电机组、淡水发生装臵) Electrical equipment bed 电 动 设 备基座 Bed supplied by the maker 生产商 供给的基座 Other beds 其它基座 Pipes on exposed deck & in accommodation & passage way 露天 甲板&居住舱室&走道中的管路 Invisible part & pipes in tanks 舱柜中不可见的部件& 管路 Visible part (galvanized) 可见的 部分(镀锌) Visible part (non galvanized)

2-ME 1-AC

125+75 50

2-ME 1-AC

125+75 100

Subject to maker ’ s approval 经 生 产商认可 No painting无 油漆




40+40 40 Maker ’ s standard 按 生 产商标准

19.4 20.0


40+40 40

20.1 20.2 20.3

Same as surrounding 1- WP 20 2- ALF 40+40 2-ALP 40+40


可见的部分(不镀锌) 1-ALF Other interior fittings exclude pipes除管路外的其它内部附件 Galvanized fitting for visible 1- WP part可见部分中的镀锌附件 2- ALF Invisible part不可见部分 Non galvanized fittings 无 镀 锌 层的附件 Other exterior fittings exclude pipes除管路外的其它外部附件 Galvanized fittings for visible part可见部分中的镀锌附件 Invisible part 不可见部分 2-ALP 2-ALF 40


21.0 21.1 21.2 21.3 22.0 22.1 22.2 22.3 23.0

20 40+40 No painting无 油漆 40+40 40+40

1- WP 2- ALF

20 40+40 No painting无 油漆 40+40 40+40 Maker ’ s standard 按 生 产商标准

Non galvanized fittings 无镀锌层 2-ALP 的附件 2-ALF Outfitting for example deck machinery, main engine, generator, electric equipment, life boat etc. to degrease ,wash, repaint final 舾装件(如甲板机械)、主机、发 电机、电动设备、救生艇等应进行 除脂、清洗和修补面漆

Hot well, oily bilge tank & swage tank to be painted following maker ’ s specification. Ventilation duct inside to be painted as far as possible by the kind of paint recommendation by the maker. 热井、污油水舱&污水舱应按照下述生产商的说明进行油漆,并且风管内侧应尽可能地采用 生产商推荐的油漆进行油漆。 Type of paint: 油漆型号: TE Tar epoxy paint沥青环氧漆 VT – Vinyl tar paint乙烯基沥青漆 SPC Self-polishing anti-fouling paint tin free 自抛光防污漆 ME Modified epoxy paint改性环氧漆 B Bituminous paint沥青漆 ALP Alkyd resin primer paint醇酸树脂底漆 ALF Alkyd resin finish paint醇酸树脂面漆 ALD Alkyd resin deck paint醇酸树脂甲板漆 HP – Aluminum heat resisting含铝耐热漆 PE – Pure epoxy-aluminium pigmented纯环氧-铝色漆 WP – Wash primer磷化底漆 AC – Acrylic paint 丙烯酸漆 E – Phenolic epoxy酚醛环氧树脂 2-7 PAINTING SCHEDULE OF WOODEN SURFACE木料表面的油漆配套表




Walls and ceilings in accommodation space not covered with plastic overlay of decorative wood to have: 对于居住舱室中的墙壁和天花板,其上未覆盖有塑料片的装潢木料应进行: 1 coat of wood primer paint 1度木料底漆 2 coats of white of tint color paint 2度淡白色面漆 Wooden furniture to have: 木质家具应进行: 1 coat of wood sealer 1度木木材填孔剂 2 coats of clear resin 2度光亮的树脂 2-8 CATHODIC PROTECTION阴极保护 Aluminum alloy anodes to be fitted in whole hull including sea chest. The aluminum anodes to have a life of five (5) years. 包括海水箱在内的整个船体应安装有铝合金电极,并且铝电极应具有5年的使用寿命。 2-9 MGPS防海生物 MGPS shall be provided for all sea chests for anti-fouling and anti-corrosion for three (3) years. 所有海水箱应安装有防海生物装臵以防污和防腐蚀,并且具有3年使用寿命。 2-10 GALVANIZING镀锌 Following outfits to be galvanized: 下述附件应进行镀锌处理: Handrail top rails, Ladders and steps exposed to weather 露天的扶手顶部的栏杆、梯子和踏步。 Boat lashings 艇绑扎件 Ventilator ducts (2.3 mm and below) 通风管(厚度在2.3mm及以下) Small chains (12mm dia. and below) 小链子(直径在φ12mm及以下) Hinges, small bolts and nuts under 12mm dia. exposed to weather 露天的铰链、直径在φ12mm以下的小螺栓和螺母 Vent heads for tanks, hold (only No.3), blocks, sheaves, cleats, shackles, flag post, wire ropes to be also galvanized. And cargo holds, vent pipe for fot-stub piece to be minimum Sch. 120. 舱柜和货舱(仅 No.4 )的通风头、滑轮、滚轮、夹具、卸扣、旗杆、钢丝绳应进行镀锌处 理,货舱透气管的壁厚至少为Sch. 120。


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