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2015年高中英语 Unit1 Cultural relics单元测试2 新人教版必修2


Unit 1《Cultural relics》单元测试 2

I. 单项选择 21. — How was the car crash? — Terrible. There were no survivors ______. A. survived B. escaped C. left D. lived 22.

My mother always asks me to do something _____ I don’t like. A. in which B. whose C. that D. which 23. — Whose Chinese vase is it? — I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it _______ the old lady. A. doesn’t belong to B. belongs to C. isn’t belonging to D. belonged to 24. — What do you think of that dress? — Well. _______, it really isn’t your type. A. In my opinion B. I think C. I believe D. I suppose 25. _______ is no doubt that the Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world. A. There B. It C. This D. That 26. — Our parents have done so much for us. We should do something in return now. — ________________ A. It’s fine today, isn’t it? B. What a big pity! C. It’s a pleasure. D. I can’t agree more. 27. The man ___________ you talked on the street the day before yesterday is my uncle. A. to whom B. to who C. who D. that 28. Why are you dressed like that? It’s just a(n) ___________ party. A. informal B. formal C. complicated D. well-known 29. This is the house ___________ I spent my childhood. A. where B. which C. that D. / 30. The old man, ___________ dog died yesterday is very sad now. A. which B. his C. whose D. who 31. — Look at the palace over there. How beautiful it is! — Yes. ___________ . A. It looks amazing B. It looks so old C. It is full of dust D. It’s really horrible 32. It’s cloudy, but I’m not sure ____ it will rain ___________ tonight. A. if; / B. whether; or not C. whether; / D. all A, B, C 33. In order to catch the movie, Mary finished her supper in ___________ ten minutes. A. less than B. more than C. less D. more

34. The princess’s hat was really fancy, which ___________ with gold and jewels. A. decorated B. decorates C. was decorated D. was decorating 35. Would you consider ___________ your homework first before you go to the cinema? A. finishing B. to finish C. being finished D. finish II 完形填空 The first event of my life to be printed into my memory occurred when I was three. My mother stands, working in the 36 and then glances at me with a 37 smile. Two feet down the table, I knock on a chair with a bowl and a spoon, 38 my own invisible ( 无形的 ) powder. We wear 39 dresses, mine the leftover 40 from hers, sky blue — mommy’s favorite color. I am her shadow. However, by 14 I could not 41 my moth er. All that I heard every day was NO. I wanted to dye my hair and she said no. I wanted to 42 late with my friends and she said no. I didn’t understand why she said no. She was trying to 43 me from aches and pains and mistakes 44 in her teens. Several years later, I finally understood her, but it was too late. She became ill. I cried and 45 , “Don’t take her, God, please! She is my mother, my mommy, ma, the woman who gave me life. All my years, 46 the hard times and the good, she has been there, 47 to me forever by an invisible umbilical cord (脐带) that lasts longer after birth.” But this cord, this love could do nothing to stop the cancer from 48 . A few years later 49 I myself lay in the hospital bed, my newly born daughter was 50 in my arms. I cried and smiled and prayed. Please help me to 51 her into a wonderful girl. And looking down 52 her eyes, I could see the message they held, “Your 53 would be proud.” I stand in the kitchen now, and these thoughts flashed through my mind. I glance at my young daughter. A 54 feeling rushes through my soul as I take in the familiar 55 . I am my mother’s shadow. 36. A. kitchen B. dining room C. sitting room D. garden 37. A. lovely B. lively C. loving D. horrible 38. A. preparing B. mixed C. mixing D. prepared 39. A. same B. similar C. different D. matching 40. A. material B. clothes C. dress D. clothing 41. A. stand B. agree C. know D. realize 42. A. keep up B. keep on C. stay up D. stay out 43. A. save B. warn C. help D. stop 44. A. watched B. liked C. heard D. experienced 45. A. screamed B. said C. shouted D. prayed 46. A. through B. in C. on D. within 47. A. connected B. shared C. concernedD. joined 48. A. spreading B. growing C. escaping D. moving

49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55.

A. A. A. A. A. A. A.

when placed change for daughter warm saying

B. B. B. B.

before C. given C. support C. through C. B. mother B. strange C. B. scene C.

since D. then thrown D. taken bring D. raise up D. into C. children D. friends painful D. exciting drawing D. paint

第三部分 阅读理解 A The Winter Palace was built between 1754 and 1762 for Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great. Unfortunately, Elizabeth died before the palace was completed and only Catherine the Great and her successors were able to enjoy the great interior (内部) of Elizabeth’s home. Many parts of the palace’s impressive interior have been remodeled since then, particularly after 1837, when a huge fire destroyed most of the building. Today the Winter Palace, together with four more buildings arranged side by side along the river embankment, houses the extensive collections of the Hermitage. The Hermitage Museum is the largest art gallery in Russia and is among the largest and most respected art museums in the world. The museum was founded in 1764 when Catherine the Great bought a collection of 255 paintings from the German city of Berlin. Today, the Hermitage boasts over 2.7 million exhibits and displays, a diverse range of art and artifacts (手工艺品) from all over the world and throughout history (from Ancient Egypt to the early 20th century Europe). The Hermitage’s collections include works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian, a collection of Rembrandts and Rubens, many French Impressionist works by Renoir, Cezanne, Monet and Pissarro, and several works by Rodin. The collection is really worth a stop for all those interested in art and history. The experts say that if you were to spend a minute looking at each exhibit on show in the Hermitage, you would need 11 years before you’d seen them all. However, we suggest you choose a guided tour instead! Location: Dvortsovaia Naberezhnaia, 32-38. Open: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday till 5 pm. Closed: Mondays. Ticket-office closes 1 hour before closing time. 56. According to the passage, the Winter Palace was built for ______. A. Catherine the Great B. Empress Eliza beth C. Peter the Great D. Empress Elizabeth’s successors 57. What’s the main reason why many parts of the palace’s impressive interior were remodeled? A. Catherine the Great and her successors didn’t like the design. B. Empress Elizabeth wanted to remodel the palace. C. A huge fire destroyed most of the building in 1837.

D. The building became old itself. 58. According to the passage, which of the following is CORRECT? A. The Winter Palace was built between 1753 and 1761. B. The Hermitage’s collections don’t include works by Monet. C. The Hermitage Museum is the largest art gallery in Russia. D. The Hermitage Museum was founded in 1764 when Empress Elizabeth bought a collection of 255 paintings from Berlin. 59. If you want to visit the museum, when can you go? A. At 10:30 am on Monday. B. At 10:00 am on Tuesday. C. At 11:00 am on Sunday. D. None of the above. B It was warm for a Sunday afternoon in early January. Kevin loved being outdoors among the wild rosebushes in front of his house with a view of distant mountains. It had been a good day for his wife, Sharon, too. They spent the morning in fron t of the house, talking and drinking tea. Sharon felt strong and tried her best to cook, starting a pot of homemade soup — a task that would have been nothing a few years ago, but is a little hard for her now. Her illness had left her weak, often puzzled. Sharon was the take-charge person in the family. She was seldom sick until 1997, when she began suffering from terrible headaches. One day at work, colleagues said she didn’t look right and urged her to go to the hospital. She rose from her chair and fell over. She could hear voices, but couldn’t speak. It looked as if she’d had a stroke. Other stroke-like symptoms (症状) followed. She had difficulty walking. She ran a fever all the time. The headaches never stopped. She and Kevin spent all their savings seeing doctors and on medical tests. In 2000, physicians said Sharon had brain damage that left her with symptoms resembling dementia (痴呆症 ). Once, she visited a familiar store and couldn’ t remember where the exit was. Another time, she was making spaghetti, but didn’t know what to do after the water boiled. After seeing specialists, Kevin and Sharon came to believe that exposure (暴 露) to mold had caused Sharon’s condition. Her world was certainly getting worse. At times she needed a wheelchair. The woman who never liked asking for help had to stay at home and rely on her husband. 60. Why is it hard for Sharon to cook now? A. She got seriously ill. B. She became old. C. She couldn’t speak. D. She has not cooked for a long time. 61. The underlined word “resembling” means “______”. A. like B. as C. equal to D. representing

62. According to the passage, what is the cause of Sharon’s illness? A. Working too hard. B. Exposure to the sun. C. Exposure to mold. D. Cooking too much. 63. After reading the passage, we can infer that Shar on was a(n) ______ woman before she became ill. A. independent B. clever D. kind D. forgetful C Pavarotti, one of the most famous tenors in the world, died in Italy on September 5, 2007. He died after a yearlong fight with cancer. He was 71 years old when he died. During his lifetime, his recordings sold more than 100 million albums (专辑), and his voice was popular everywhere. When he was working last month, he was sent to hospital. He thought the important thing was to sing very well until the audience sang and always had a fresh voice as his father did. Even during his most recent hospitalization (住院治疗), Pavarotti’s wife said that he would sing again. Pavarotti was born in Modena, Italy on Oct. 12, 1935. His father was a great tenor too. He followed his father’s footsteps and made a whole new path. In the beginning, he was an elementary school teacher. The turning point came when he was 25 on April 21, 1961. He won an important competition, and sang the first time as a singer on the Italian stage in a production of La Boheme. From there, Pavarotti started a career that made him the world’s most famous opera singer. He was able to draw the attention of 500,000 in New York’s Central Park and was also able to invite stars such as James Brown, Sting and Bono to sing in his “Pavarotti & Friends” benefit concert, which was held every year. Pavarotti was a different kind of star. He was overweight, wearing a tux and sang in tongues foreign to most common Saturday Night Live viewers. Despite this, his fame transcended (超越) the opera house. Pavarotti won five Grammys all his life, earned a night at the Kennedy Center Honors with those well-known people like Jack Nicholson, Julie Andrews and Quincy Jones and played in his own Hollywood movie, the 1982 romantic comedy Yes?熏 Giorgio, which was a failure. Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras are known as “The Three Tenors.” 64. About Pavarotti, the following statements are true EXCEPT that ______. A. he once played in a Hollywood film B. he once performed in New York’s Central Park C. his father could sing very well D. his own Hollywood movie won him great fame 65. What is this passage mainly about? A. Pavarotti died in Italy, on September 5, 2007. B. Pavarotti has a different singing style. C. Brief introduction of the newly dead famous tenor Pavarotti. D. Pavarotti had more than 100 million albums sold in his life. 66. In which way was Pavarotti different from other singers?

A. He always wore suits. B. He was very thin. C. He sang in a strange dialect. D. He held a conce rt at the Kennedy Center. 67. When was Pavarotti sent to hospital? A. When he was having a party. B. When he was taking a walk with his wife. C. When he was seeing a movie. D. When he was working. 68. The underlined part “his fame transcended the opera house” means “______”. A. he was only famous in the opera house B. he was famous out of the opera house C. he was famous in and out of the opera house D. he played in the opera house D Only one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World still survives, which is the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. The other six Ancient Wonders of the World are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Now a new list of seven has been chosen from 21 locations shortlisted for the worldwide vote by history lovers. An original list of nearly 200 sites picked out by the public was narrowed to 21 by the organizers and experts, including the former director general of Unesco Professor Federico Mayor. Among the 21 locations were the Stonehenge (巨石阵) in Britain, Acropolis in Athens, the Statue of Liberty in New York, Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall in China. The only standard for the new list was that the landmarks were built or discovered before 2000. The vote was organized by a non-profit Swiss foundation called New7Wonders specializing in the protection, rebuilding and mending of historical relics. The result was announced in Lisbon, on July 7, 2007. Here is the complete list of the new seven wonders: the Great Wall of China, Petra, Chichén Itzá?熏 the Statue of Christ Redeemer, the Colosseum, Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal. For more information, please click www.new7wonders.com. 69. Which of the following can be the best title of this passage? A. Voting for the New Seven Wonders. B. Disappearance of the Ancient Seven Wonders. C. Stonehenge in Britain. D. The New Seven Wonders of the World. 70. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? A. All of the Ancient Seven Wonders disappeared. B. The Great Wall is one of the New Seven Wonders. C. The New Seven Wonders were chosen by voting. D. The Taj Mahal is also one of the New Seven Wonders.

71. What’s the main task of New7Wonders? A. To build up new wonders. B. To announce the voting results. C. To protect and restore ancient sites. D. To vote for the New Seven Wonders. 72. From this passage, those that can be selected as a wonder A. must look beautiful and wonderful B. must be built or discovered before 2000 C. must be in the West D. must have a history of at least 2000 years old


E All-Star Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets missed his first game of the season and the third of his NBA career Sunday night because of right big-toe pains. “It’s not a one-game thing,” head coach Jeff Van Gundy said before the Rockets met the Los Angeles Lakers in the finale of a six-game road trip (客场). “It will probably be a multiplegame thing. We’ll know more after he sees the doctor. He doesn’t miss much, so when he misses, he’s hurt.” Yao returned home before Sunday night’s game. He has had a problem with his right big toe for some time, missing two preseason games because it was troubling him. The 25-year-old center has played in 266 regular-season games since joining the Rockets in 2002. “We can still win,” Van Gundy said. “Certainly, your chances are better when you have your better players.” “We just have to go about business as usual,” Rockets guard David Wesley said. “It’s unfortunate. We’ve got to find a way to win despite that. It won’t be easy.” Van Gundy said Dikembe Mutombo would take the place of Yao. Mutombo was averaging 10.9 minutes, 1.7 points and 3.3 rebounds (篮板) in 20 games. “I’m ready to go, and there’s no question about that,” the 39-year-old center said. “You don’t know when your name is going to be called.” Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson said Yao’s absence was “a disappointment for our fans”. When Lakers’ forward Lamar Odom was told that Yao wouldn’t be playing, he replied, “Good. This is sports, right?” 73. From the passage it can be inferred that ______. A. Yao Ming missed his first game of his NBA career B. Yao Ming has played in 266 regular-season games this year C. Yao couldn’t play in the game against the Lakers and it would be hard for the Rockets to win the game D. Mutombo was a better center than Yao Ming 74. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? A. Yao is a very good center of the Houston Rockets.

B. Yao joined the Houston Rockets in 2002. C. Yao has had a problem with his right big toe for some time. D. Van Gundy, Mutombo and David Wesley are all players of the Houston Rockets. 75. Who thought Yao’s absence was a good thing? A. Lamar Odom. B. Van Gundy. C. Phil Jackson. D. Dikembe Mutombo. 第四部分 写作 第一节 短文改错 Dear Li Ming, It’s three months after you left for Australia. 76.__________ I felt very happy to got your letter yesterday. 77.__________ In your letter you told me something what you 78.__________ had seen and heard there, but I also wanted to know 79.__________ which school you are in, and you have any trouble 80.__________ understanding them and make yourself understood. 81.__________ Since English is spoken there, do you often miss 82.__________ your old friends? By the way, will you so kind as to 83.__________ send me one of your latest photo, and send me some 84.__________ English readings? I look forward to hear from you soon. 85.__________

第二节 书面表达 你是一名导游,陪同某外国旅游团参观八达岭长城。车抵达长城脚下,下车前你对大家 作必要的介绍和交代。主要包括: 1. 简单介绍八达岭长城(万里长城已被评选为世界新七大奇迹之一,八达岭长城是万里 长城最著名的一段,已接待中外游人逾亿。 ) ; 2. 在长城逗留两个半小时,17:50离开; 3. 车在长城脚下等候,记住车号,准时 返回; 4. 贵重物品随身携带,下车前关上车窗; 5. 祝大家玩得愉快。 注意: 1. 必须包括以上所有的内容要点,但不要逐句翻译; 2. 词数:100左右。

参考答案 1-5 BACAC 6-10 BCAAC 11-15 BACBB 16-20 CCCAC 听力填空题(选做) (18-20 One possible version) 18. 4:33 am 19. with the help 20. good condition 21-25 CCAAA 26-30 DAAAC 31-35 ADACA 36-40 ACCDA 41-45 ADADD 46-50 AAAAA 51-55 DDBAB 56-60 BCCCA 61-65 ACADC 66-70 CDCDA 71-75 CBCDA 短文改错(One possible version) 76. after→since 77. got→get 78. what→that 79. wanted→want 80. and 后加 if 81. make→making 82.√ 83. so 前加 be 84. photo→photos 85. hear→hearing 书面表达(One possible version) Here is the Great Wall. As is known to us, Badaling is the most famous part of the Great Wall, which has become one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. So far, the Great Wall at Badaling has received more than one hundred million visitors. We’ll stay here for two hours and a half. That is to say, we’ll leave at 17:50. The bus will be waiting for us here. Please remember our bus number and be back on time. Please take your valuable things with you and close all the windows before getting off. Have a good time! 重点解析 22. C。在定语从句中,当先行词为 anything、something、nothing 等不定代词时,关系代词用 that, 不用 which。23. A。belong to 属 于。根据语境,回答者不知道花瓶是谁的,排除肯定项 B, D。belong to 没有进行时,排除 C。32. D。I’m not sure 后面是 whether 引导的从句。whether 与 or not 搭配,if 后不能接 or not,在没有 or not 的情况下,if 和 whether 可互换。 37. C。a loving smile 指充满爱意的微笑,符合语境。lovely 可爱的;lively 生动 的;horrible 恐怖的,都与语境不符。41. A。stand 指忍受。作者的妈妈不允许她做 这做那,作者无法忍受妈妈的这种行为。46. A。through the bad times and the good 指经历生活的风雨。53. B。在此指作者的妈妈。整篇文章是讲作者在回忆自己的母亲。 作者通过女儿的眼睛想到了自己的母亲。63. A。The woman who never liked asking for help had to stay at home and rely on her husband.从这句可知 Sharon 生病前不喜欢寻 求别人的帮助;Sharon was the take-charge person in the family.可知她以前是家里管 家的。 从这两处可以推断出 Sharon 生病前很独立。 65. C。 虽然文章一开始说 Pavarotti 去世了,但主要是对他一生的简介。69. D。本文主要是讲新七大奇迹已经通过投票产 生。重点不是在投票上,而是投票产生的结果。所以选 D。

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