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第一部分:完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The power of encouragement is great. You may draw some inspiration from the following story. Dante Gabriel Rossetti,a famous 19thcentury poet and artist,was once__36__by an elderly man. The old man had some sketches (素描) and drawings that he__37__Rossetti to look at and tell him if they were any good,or if they at least showed__38__talent. Rossetti looked them__39__carefully.After the first few, knew that they were worthless, he showing not the least__40__of artistic talent. But Rossetti was a__41__man,and he told the elderly man as gently as possible that the pictures were of little__42__and showed little talent. He was sorry,but he could not__43__to the man. The visitor was__44__ , but seemed to expect Rossetti’s__45__.He then apologized for__46__Rossetti’s time,but would he just__47__a few more drawings—these done by a(n)__48__art student ? Rossetti looked over the__49__batch ( 一 批 ) of sketches and immediately became enthusiastic over the talent they__50__.“These,” he said,“oh,these are good. This young student has great talent. He should be given every__51__and encouragement in his career as an artist. He has a__52__future if he will work and stick to it.” Rossetti could see that the old man was__53__moved.“Who is this fine young artist?” he asked. “Your son?”“No,” said the old man sadly. “It was I who painted the pictures 40 years ago.__54__I had heard your praise then! you see, got discouraged and__55__drawing—too For I soon.” 36.A. abandoned B.approached C.inspected D.requested 37.A. hoped B.made C.had D.wanted 38.A. potential B.commercial C.official D.spiritual 39.A. up B.on C.over D.down 40.A. sign B.mark C.chance D.view 41.A. rude B.kind C.talented D.creative 42.A. help B.price C.value D.quality 43.A. speak B.apologize C.listen D.lie 44.A. disappointed B.annoyed C.delighted D.puzzled 45.A. achievement B.adjustment C.statement D.judgment 46.A. taking up B.turning up C.making up D.looking up 47.A. aim at B.glare at C.look at D.stare at 48.A. old B.young C.famous D.talented 49.A. first B.second C.third D.last 50.A. reviewed B.exposed C.revealed D.rejected 51.A. help B.time C.chance D.work 52.A. charming B.booming C.promising D.touching 53.A. slightly B.smoothly C.barely D.deeply 54.A. If only B.Only if C.Now that D.As long as 55.A. insisted on B.gave up C.headed to D.led to

第二部分:阅读理解 (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Once many years ago, I pulled a family out of a burning car somewhere in Wyoming. Last week I received a telephone call from a woman who could not stop crying as she told me that one of my stories had saved her son from committing suicide. In closing she called me a hero. That got me thinking about what a hero is. Was I a hero because I pulled a family from a burning car? If so, how could I be a hero just because I wrote a story that saved someone’s life? Today I decided to look up the word “hero” in the dictionary to see exactly what it meant. It read “a person who does something brave”. As I read on, it also said “a person who is good and noble.” That statement impressed me more than the part about being brave. So I thought about something very important. Say I was walking into the local Wal-Mart Store and I happened to open, and hold the door for someone as a courtesy. As they passed by, I say, “How are you today?” Most of the time that would be no big deal, but this time let’s say it was for someone who was deeply depressed and near the end of the rope. That may have very well been the only kindness or courtesy shown to them in a very long time. Having been near “the end of my rope”, after my marriage of twenty years ended, I was in such a condition. I was within hours trying to get up enough courage to end the pain and misery. When I returned home, someone had sent me a card in the mail which told me how much they would appreciate me as a friend. That wonderful card probably saved my life. That person, without even knowing it, saved a life and became a hero. The many stories I kept writing in the following years saved the life of a teenage boy. In turn that makes the person who sent me the card a double hero. I suppose that is why I fight so hard to help the children now living in orphanages(孤儿院). Most children come out of these institutions with a very hard and bitter attitude against the world. The gifts we send them let them know that they have not been forgotten. Hopefully, most of them will never hurt anyone because of the ki ndness shown to them by those of us who cared. If it works, we will also become “heroes”. Gee, who would have ever thought that anyone can become a hero, and possibly save a life, just by being kind and courteous to others? The best part of all is that becoming a hero is free to all who wish to wear such an honor. 56. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage? A. Why Should You Be A Hero? B. What Exactly Is A Hero? C. I Am A Hero D. Everyone Is A Hero 57. The underlined word “courtesy” in Paragraph 4 means the behavior that is _______. A. both polite and respectful B. both brave and fearless C. both polite and brave D. both quick-minded and kind


58. The underlined word “it” in the last sentence of Paragraph 5 refers to _________. A. the wonderful card the writer received B. the action of sending the card C. the fact that the sender saved the writer D. the fact that the sender was a true friend B “REMOVE from friends.” This is no ordinary button. One click and I have the power to erase a person from my life. In late fall, I had around 400 friends on Facebook. Today, I have 134. Click. Make that 133. When Facebook first entered my life in 2005, I panicked that my friend count was too low. If I wasn’t properly connected, how would anyone see my clever quote(引语)? Who would wish me a happy birthday? I accepted and sent out friend requests without a second thought and soon accumulated 391 friends. There is an appeal to being able to communicate with someone or just “thumbs(拨动手指) up” a photo rather than make real conversation. “It’s comforting and it’s easy,” said Larry Rosen, a psychology professor at California State University, who studies the way people communicate online.” There’s a sense of belonging in it. It’s a sense of community in a generation where community has sort of (有点)disappeared.” However, I don’t talk to half of these people in the online community. There are some I would avoid if I met them on the street. Click. 132. I decided to rid my account of any “friend” that…well, wasn’t. Sound easy? You try it. Look at who you’re dealing with: family, friends, classmates, crushes(爱恋的对象), acquaintances… With every click of the “Remove from friends” button, you risk burning a bridge, losing a contact and missing an opportunity. So every time I go to click the button, my heart hurts. However, I’m not the only one who has experienced a Faceboook friend refreshing. The New Oxford American Dictionary announces its “Word of the Year” each year, and last year, “unfriend” made the cut (入围) (though I’ll still stick with “defriend”). When I started my mission(任务), a few friends joined. Most were surprised by how easily they could cut hundreds of connections without thinking twice. “Oh my God, I defriended like 600 people today. I feel so good!” my friend Sarah messaged. Dana, a close friend from high school, and I battled it out to see who could get our counts lower. She wins at 123. To some, it’s poor “netiquette(网络礼仪)” to defriend. But to me, it’s the stage of life when we hold onto the people who count, the people who impact you. 59. According to the article, what happens when you click the “Remove form friends” button? A. A message is sent out to your online friends. B. You accept someone as your online friend.

C. The number of your online friends is reduced. D. You send out a friend request to people. 60. The writer worried about her friend count in 2005 because ______. A. no one would wish her a happy birthday B .it was the first time she had made friends online C. she had only 391 online friends at that time D. she was eager to make connections 61. What is Larry Rosen’s opinion? A. People living in the same area are closely connected in everyday life. B. Communication online helps people feel they are members of a group. C. It’s easy for people to make and break new friendships online. D. Today’s young people spend nearly all their time communicating online. 62. Which of the following is the best description of the underlined sentence? A. I made new friends online while I removed some old ones. B. Some friends cut the number of their online friends just like I did. C. We competed to see who could remove the most online friends. D. When someone removed me from a friends’ list, I removed him/her. C Bears and humans often meet in National Parks. Although campers and hikers are warned not to feed the bears, many people ignore these warnings and feed the beasts anyway. When bears are used to people’s food, problems soon arise. Bears like to eat a large variety of things, both meat and vegetable. Without human assistance, bears live nicely on roots, twigs, leaves of trees, insects and small animals. With people around, the bears’ tastes quickly expand to include sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, and anything else they can temp humans into giving up. Bears often develop clever strategies for getting people to let go their food supplies. More often than not, an unsuspecting hiker has taken off his or her pack for a rest only to have a bear charge out of the woods, grab the pack and quickly disappear into the underbrush with it. Hanging the pack on a tree branch won’t help. Bears have been known to climb up, jump off, and catch the pack on the way down. One mother bear stretched up with her baby on her shoulders to reach a pack stored on a pole. Many bears threaten people into giving up their supplies. Although a bear is unlikely to attack a person and would probably run away if screamed at, few people are willing to do so. Most people drop the pack and run the other way. This, of course, delights the bear. In some places, the Park Service installed some metal barrels with lids to help campers keep their supplies safe from bears. Although the bears were unable to open these containers, the effort was less than successful. Most campers, unable to tell the metal drums from rubbish cans, never used them for the intended purpose. 63. Feeding bears on people’s food . A.brings the people a lot of fun B.can cause problems

C.often causes injuries and deaths D.helps bears survive 64. If people had never fed bears, the bears . A.might be satisfied with what they had originally B.would have starved long before C.wouldn’t have enough food supply D.would have hunted for other kind of food 65. Which of the following is TRUE? A.If fed on sandwiches and hot dogs, the bears would no longer eat roots, twigs and insects . B.It’s likely that bears would hurt people if the people didn’t give up their food. C.Most people would frighten away the bears that would temp their food. D.Seeing a pack, the bear would quickly snatch it and run away with it. 66. Bear-proof containers didn’t work because . A.bears were clever enough to get the food in them B.they were left open in the open air C.people were not sure of their use D.they were once used as rubbish cans D You feel happiest when you create a healthy balance between giving and receiving. If you give and give without making time to fill your own needs, then it’s likely you will burn out, or feel upset. When you take and take without giving anything back, you never feel fulfilled, so you are always searching for ways to fill the void in your life. The way to create a healthy balance between giving and receiving is to know and then live by your values. I break values up into two groups which I call being and having values. Your being values are the personalities of the ideal person you would like to be. I suggest to my clients that they choose three being values that they are willing to make a promise to live by. An example of some being values are: kind, loving, generous, peaceful, wise and even powerful. By acting on these values you give to others through your actions and you inspire others by being a positive role model. Mastering being these personalities becomes your life purpose. Your having values are the feelings you need to create in order to be happy. These could be companionship, achievement, support, being valued or financial security. This is what you receive. You take responsibility for filling your own needs by taking steps to create these feelings and conditions in your life. When you make a promise to live by your being values, it becomes easier to make conscious(慎重的) choices rather than reactionary(反动的) ones. If your usual pattern is to talk about your problems, you could choose to think and act like a calm person. A calm person might go for a walk, or set a time limit before responding. If your usual pattern is to worry, you could choose to act like a responsible or wise person. In other words, you would act like the person you choose to be—this is the key to personal power.

When you choose to act on your values, you not only feel good about yourself, you strengthen your chosen beliefs. Over time acting in this way changes how you see the world, and in turn the way other people think of you. 67.The main purpose of this passage is to . A.persuade the readers to make a promise B.explain to the readers what personal values are C.inform the readers how to be truly happy D.instruct the readers how to make wise choices 68.According to the text, living by your being values, you would . A.gain a lot of power B.form positive personality C.seek all human virtues D.fill your own needs 69.The underlined word “void” in Paragraph 1 means . A.a feeling of emptiness B.an absence of one’s mind C.a break of continuity D.a state of confusion 70.What can be inferred from the text? A.Having values are better than being values. B.A calm person does not choose to complain. C.The way other people think of you decides who you are. D.A responsible person does not care about financial security.


完形填空 36-55 BDACA BCDAD ACBBC ACDAB 阅读理解 56-58 BAC 59-62 CDBB 63-66 BADC 67-70 CBAB


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