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外研版Book 2 Module 5复习课件

? Words(知道汉语意思并会写列出的单词) ? 掌握下面单词的用法: fit, anxious, injury, pain, ? Phrases: be connected with, be crazy about ? begin with ? Sentences: 1. see + 宾语+宾补/ without a jacket on 2. 祈使句+and/or +陈述句 3. the first/only/last/ very 形容词最高级+(名 词)+ to do(其中不定式作定语) Grammar: will/ be going to

Module One知识清单

? Words(知道汉语意思并会写列出的单词) ? 掌握下面单词的用法: addict, reduce, affect, recognize, likely ? Phrases: break into, belong to, give up ? Sentences: 1. I couldn’t agree more. 2. Whatever you’re doing when you want to-3. –ing形式作伴随状语 4. sb/sth be likely to do sth 有可能做…… Grammar: 不定式作目的、结果状语

Module Two知识清单

? Words(知道汉语意思并会写列出的单词) ? 掌握下面单词的用法: lose, influence, mix ? Phrases: change… into, go deaf, give up ? Sentences: 1. By the time+时间状语从句+主句 2. It is/was +被强调部分+that/who+其他 3. having done作状语 Grammar: 时间状语从句;过去完成时

Module Three知识清单

? Words(知道汉语意思并会写列出的单词) ? 掌握下面单词的用法: alive, observe, adopt, stand, destroy ? Phrases: put off , take turns ? Sentences: 1. consider+ sb./sth. +(to be) adj./n. 2. with + 宾语+ 宾语补足语 3. What do you make of…? Grammar: -ing形式和不定式

Module Four知识清单

? Words(知道汉语意思并会写列出的单词) ? 掌握下面单词的用法: congratulation, aboard, replace, delighted, welcome ? Phrases: in total, now that, believe in, ? Sentences: 1. when作并列连词,相当于and then或and at the same time 2. now that/since+原因状语从句+主句 Grammar: 时间状语从句;原因状语状语

Module Five知识清单

headline photograph economy politics universe sailor orbit flight congratulation aboard welcome historical achievement replace amateur astronomer delighted fan spaceship telescope actor part belief evidence cultural review found produce
celebrity photographer cosmonaut alien disbelief navigator taikonaut capsule royal autograph backstage politician financial


headline photograph economy politics replace universe sailor orbit flight congratulation aboard welcome historical achievement amateur astronomer delighted fan spaceship telescope actor part belief evidence cultural review found produce 标题 照片 经济 政治 代替 宇宙 船员 轨道 班机 祝贺 在船上 欢迎 历史性的 成就 业余的 高兴的 迷 宇宙飞船 望远镜 男演员 角色 信念 证据 文化的 评论 建立 创作

Ⅱ. 短语?双语互译 take off 1. 起飞 _______ 2. 总共; 合计 3. 既然 4. 相信 5. 集中注意力 6. in space 7. in the history of in total _______

now that ________
believe in _________ _____________ concentrate on 在太空 _______ 在??的历史上 _______________

8. take photographs of 拍摄??的照片 _______________ 加油; _________________ 得了吧; 赶快 9. come on

语境取词——选用上面的单词或短语填空 amateur photographer who can ①Tom is an ________ _______________________( take excellent photographs 拍极好的照片). He borrowed a telescope and used it to see the historical (历史性的) achievements _________ ____________ of the Chinese taikonaut walking in __ _____He space was________ delighted and proud.

②We were _______________our lessons when concentrating on the headmaster came in. He told us that our English teacher was ill and Mr. Green would replace _______her. We all stood up and clapped our welcome him. Mr. Green’s hands to ________ method _____________that of our former/ isn’t similar to believes in and previous English teacher. He _________us often encourages us to work harder.

Ⅲ. 句型?超级仿写 1. the+序数词+(n. )to do sth. 做某事的第几个人/ 物 China became ___________________________________ the third nation to send a man into space (第三个把人送入太空的国家). 【仿写】她是第一位赢得奥运会金牌的女士。 She was the first woman to win the gold medal _________________________________in the Olympic Games.

2. while引导时间状语从句 While he was travelling in space 当他在太空旅 ____________________________( 行的时候), Yang spoke to two astronauts aboard the International Space Station. . . 【仿写】我们正在说话时,老师进来了。 While we were talking ____________________, the teacher came in.

3. was/were doing sth. when. . . 正在做某事这 时?? Amateur astronomer David Bates was looking at the moon _____________________ through his telescope last night when 昨晚正 ________________________________( 用望远镜观察 月球这时)he got a big surprise. 【仿写】我们正在讨论那个问题,这时停电了。 _________________________________there We were discussing the problem when was a power failure.

4. “This is the+序数词+time+从句”这是第几次做 某事 Is this the first time 这是第一次吗) he’s seen _________________( aliens landing on the moon? 【仿写】这是他们第一次到这里,也会是最后一 次。 _______________________________________ This is the first time that they have been here and it’ll be the last.

2. aboard adv. 在船(飞机、火车、公共汽车)上 【填一填?激活思维】 ①It took two hours to load all the people _______. aboard 让所有的人都上船用了两个小时。 go/get aboard the ②They were the last two to _____________ ship. 他们是最后两位上船的。

*Ten people aboard the ship are going abroad to visit their family members, each having paid $ 1, 000 for boarding and lodging on the broad sea. 船上的10个人打算到国外看望他们的家人, 在辽阔的海上, 每人已付1 000美元的食宿费。

3. replace vt. 代替;取代;放回 【填一填?激活思维】 ①The factory replaced ________ most of its with robots. workers ____ 这家工厂用机器人代替了大部分工人。 on the shelf. replaced the book ___ ②He ________ 他把书放回书架上。

【悟一悟?参透误区】 replace是动词place(放置)加前缀re-构成 的动词,所以它有“放回”之意。常见的 加前缀re-的动词还有:remarry, replay, rebuild, rewrite, reappear等。

4. delighted adj. 高兴的;快乐的 【填一填?激活思维】 ①I ____ ________ ______ to was delighted__ to ___ be invited her party. 我很高兴被邀请参加她的聚会。 ②Tom ____ ________ was delighted at__ the good news. 汤姆听到这个好消息感到很高兴。

*When I heard of the delightful ______ news that my brother had passed the driving test, I felt very _______. delighted 当我听到我哥哥已经通过了驾驶 考试这个令人高兴的消息时,我感到很高兴。 to the delight of *She won the game easily, ______________ all her fans. 这场比赛她赢得很轻松,令她所有的崇拜者大为 高兴。

【填一填?激活思维】观察句子,写出黑体部分 的含义。 ①Zhang Yimou produced the film and asked Dou Xiao to star in it. ( 创作 ) ②The region produces some of the best wine in France. ( 生产 ) ③The drug produces a feeling of great happiness and excitement. ( 引起 ) ④Along the way, he buys produce from farmers and stays at campgrounds and hotels. ( 农产品 )

【核心短语】 5. in total总共;合计 【填一填?激活思维】一句多译。 参加这次会议的可能总共有30个人。 ①There were probably 30 people attending this in all conference __ ___. ②There were probably 30 people attending this conference __ ____. in total a____ total __ of 30 people ③There were probably __ attending this conference.

6. now that既然;由于 【填一填?激活思维】 ①You ought to have a good rest now that you’ve finished the work _____________________ 既然你已完成了工作,你就应该好好休息一下。 ②______________________, Now that dinner is ready wash your hands. 既然饭准备好了,洗手去吧。



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