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Main products CAS 7440-36-0 Antimony ingots

Application: As the alloy hardener, it is used in metallurgy(冶金), accumulator(蓄电池), and war industry, chemical compounds(化合 物) such as rubber (橡胶) industry, accumulator grid (蓄电池栅) alloy , (合金) antimony bronze , (锑青铜) and so on. It is also the raw material of antimony oxide.

CAS 7440-31-5 Tin ingot(锡锭)

Tin ingot is widely used as a coating(涂层/料) material in High-precision(高精密的) electronic products, and other requirements of precision welding (焊接)products, welding products, general electronics, food industry packaging, automotive and electrical(汽车和 电器) industry, and high temperature resistant(抗/耐) products. Features(property 性质/特点): 1. High purity (纯度) (Sn99.99 Sn99.95 Sn99.90), excellent weld ability, good infiltration(浸润/渗透). 2. Clean, beautiful. After welding, insulation (绝缘) high resistance , (高 电阻/热阻/抗) low ionic contamination , (低离子污染) PCB board welding ,

residual(残留) minimal(非常少). 3. Good oxidation resistance 高抗氧化性) low tin slag ( , (低锡渣) and cost savings. 4. Solder(焊料) joint is bright, full and uniform.(焊接点光亮,焊接完 整充分) 5. Economical and can produce the lowest consumption of the solid solder joints.(最低的固体焊接消耗量) Purity( As %) 99.99 99.95 99.90 Fe Cu Sb Pb Cd Bi (锑 Zn (铅) (铋) (镉) ) Al Tot al

0.000 0.002 0.000 0.003 0.002 0.00 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.0 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 5 5 1 0.003 0.004 0.004 0.01 0.008 0.002 0.008 0.04 5 0.006 0.01 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.0 4 5 8 8 5 0.000 0.001 0.001 0.1 8

0.015 0.02

CAS 1303-96-4 Borax(硼砂)

Borax Physical and chemical properties Colorless translucent(半透明) crystals or white crystalline powder(粉 末). Odorless, taste salty. (无臭,味咸)Soluble in water, glycerol(甘 油), slightly(略) soluble in alcohol. Weakly alkaline solution(弱碱溶 液). Borax in the air can slowly weathering(缓慢风化). Melting(融化)

into a colorless glassy material. (熔成无色玻璃状物质) Use Mainly used in glass and enamel(搪瓷) industries. In the glass, can enhance(增强) UV transmission(紫外透谢) rate and improve the transparency(透明度) and heat resistance of glass. Products in the enamel, the enamel can not easily fall off and to make it shine(发光, 光亮).

CAS 1323-39-3 propylene glycol(丙二醇) (丙二醇)

Propylene Glycol is a colourless, viscous (粘稠) colorless liquid , (液体) . It is miscible (混溶) with water alcohol, and many solvents (溶剂) This . versatile(多用途的) PO (propylene oxide(环氧丙烷)) derivative(衍生) has wide range of applications including industrial solvents, paint(油 漆) and coating(涂料) solvents, polyester(聚酯) and alkyd(醇酸) resins (树酯) antifreeze , (防冻液) coolants (冷却剂) heat transfer fluids , (热传导液), deicing(除冰) fluids, plasticizers(增塑剂), detergents (洗涤剂) and surfactants (表面活性剂) and bactericide , (杀菌剂) USP . grade(美国药典级) is used in foods, pharmaceutical(药品), and personal care products (个人护理品) Propylene glycol monostearate . (单 硬脂酸酯) can be used as a lipophiic emulsifier(乳化剂) and emulsion stabilizer(稳定剂) in food.

Other products CAS 13463-67-7 Titanium dioxide

Properties: It has excellent optical property(光学性质) and pigment property(颜料性能), high purity(高纯度), good whiteness(白度好), strong hiding power(庶盖力强), Tinter reducing power (色母低功耗) and easy to disperse(分散), is General Purpose Titanium Dioxide(常 用的钛白粉) Can be widely used in coatings, printing ink , (油墨) rubber, , glass, leather(皮革), cosmetics(化妆品), soaps(肥皂), plastic(塑 料) and paper making etc.

Iron oxide

Iron Iron Iron Iron Iron

Oxide Red Y101/120/130/190 Oxide Yellow Y311/313 oxide blue F100 oxide Brown 610 oxide Black 772

Iron oxide green Application: 1. Coating, paint, scagliola(人造大理石), tinting of the wall, floor(墙壁 和地板的着色) 2. Pigment of watercolour(水彩颜料) and grease-paint 油酯漆 3. Tinting of the leather-colorant 皮革着色剂

CAS 57-11-4 Stearic acid(硬脂酸)

Stearic acid Product Feature: This product is non-toxic, mainly used as auxiliary raw materials and daily chemical products, raw materials,It used in cosmetics industry, Textile Industry ,Rubber, Plastics Industry, Pharmaceutical, , food industry ,Printing and dyeing(印染) industry.

CAS 8006-32-4 Lithopone(立德粉/锌钡白)

Lithopone is a white pigment composed of a mixture of barium sulfate (硫化钡) (28 - 30%) and zinc sulfide (硫酸锌)(68 - 70%) with trace amounts (微量的)of zinc oxide. It is produced by precipitation(沉淀) through filtering(过滤), heating (加热)and quenching(淬火) works. Lithopone Appearance 外观: White power. 白色粉末 Lithopone Stability 稳定性: Stable under ordinary conditions.一般情况下

稳定 Lithopone Application: As Iustrial material for paint, printing ink, rubber and plastic.

CAS 144-62-7 Oxalic acid(草酸/HOOC-COOH 乙二酸)

Oxalic acid Properties: Oxalic acid forms fine colourless crystals, readily soluble in water, with light nitrogen oxides-like odour. Application: Purifying ( 提 纯 剂 ) agent in pharmaceutical industry, special in antibiotic(抗生素) medication(药物), such as Oxytetracycline(土霉 素), Chloramphenicol(氯霉素), etc; Precipitating ( 沉 淀 剂 ) agent in Rare-earth mineral ( 稀 土 矿 物 ) processing(加工/处理); Bleaching(漂白剂) agent in the textile activities, wood pulp bleaching 纸浆的漂白; Rust-remover (除锈剂)for Metal treatment; Grinding(研磨) agent, such as Marble(大理石) polishing(抛光); Waste water treatment, removing calcium(钙) from water

CAS 64-18-6 Formic acid(甲酸 HCOOH)

Application: 1. Pharmaceutical industry(医药工业): Caffeine(咖啡因), Analgin 安 乃近, Aminopyrine(铵基比林), Vitamin B1, etc. 2. Pesticide industry(农药工业): Triazolone(三唑西酮), Disinfest(杀 虫剂), etc. 3. Chemical industry: Methane amide (甲烷酰胺), DMF (二甲基甲酰胺), Age resister(抗老化剂), etc. 4. Leather industry(皮革行业): Tanning(制革), etc. 5. Textile industry: Natural Rubber(天然橡胶). 6. Rubber industry: Coagulation(混凝), etc. 7. Steel industry(钢铁工业): Acid cleaning(酸洗) of steel production, etc. 8. Paper industry: Pulp manufacturing(纸浆制造), etc. 9. Food industry: Disinfectant(消毒剂), etc. 10. Poultry industry(家禽业): Silage(青贮), etc.

CAS 1317-36-8 Litharge(黄丹/一氧化铅/PbO)

HS Code: 28241000 Molecular Formula(分子式): PbO Character(性状/性质): Yellow heavy powder

Materialize (物化)character: Indissoluble in water and alcohol. Application: It mainly used in industries such as lead yellow pigment 铅 ( 黄颜料), lead salt(铅盐), ceramics(陶瓷), glass and rubber etc. Application: It mainly used in industries such as lead yellow pigment, lead salt, ceramics, glass and rubber etc. Item Item Specification Content of lead monoxide ( PbO ) Content of lead metal ( Pb ) Content of lead dioxide ( PbO 2 ) Undissolved in nitric acid Moisture(水分) Content of iron trioxide ( Fe 2 O 3 ) Content of copper oxide ( CuO ) Content of copper oxide ( CuO ) ≥ 99.3% ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.05% ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.2% ≤ 0.002% ≤ 0.001% ≤ 0.2%

CAS :1314-41-6 Red lead(红铅/红丹)

It mainly used in industries such as antirust (防锈) paint, optical glass (光学玻璃), ceramics and store battery(蓄电池) etc. It is leading manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals, Additives(添加剂), Stabilizers(添加剂) and catalysts(催化剂) used by Rubber, Glass, Polyester(聚酯), PVC(聚氯乙烯).

It is red anti-rust(防锈) pigment with excellent anticorrosion(防腐性) performance(性能), high dispersibility(分解性), high temperature resistance(耐高温) and high hiding powder(高藏粉末), insoluble in water(不溶于水). Used in flux (助熔剂) to reduce the melting point 熔点) surface tension ( , (面表张力) and viscosity of glaze(粘度用釉) in ceramic industry Item PbO2 Content,% ≥ Pb3O4 Content,%≥ Total Pb3O4 and PbO Content,%≥ Volatile Matter(挥发性物质) at 105 (%,m/m)≤ Soluble Matter(可溶性物质)In Water,%≤ Oil Absorption(吸油), g/100g≤ Residues(残留) On Sieve(63?m mesh sieve),%(m/m) ≤ Sedimentation Dimension(沉淀容积), mL≥ Nitric Acid Nonsoluble Matter(未溶硝酸),%≤ Fe2O3 Content, %≤ CuO, %≤ 2.0-1.7mm,% Particle sizes(粒度) 1.7-0.8mm,% <0.8mm,% Index 33.9 97.0 99 0.2 0.1 6.0 0.75 30 0.1 0.003 0.002 ≤2.0 ≥95.0 ≤3.0

CAS 1314-13-2 Zinc Oxide

Purity: 99.7%, 99.5%, 99% Usage: Rubber Industry, Paints Industry, Ceramics Industry, floor tile (地板瓷砖), glass, feed additive(饲料添加剂), etc. Product Name Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide 99% 99.5% Zinc Oxide 99.7%

Content (ZnO) % MnO % PbO % CuO % Heat Loss(热损) %

99 0.001 0.15 0.001 0.3

99.5 0.0005 0.05 0.0005 0.3 0.01 0.1 0.15

99.7 0.0004 0.037 0.0004 0.3 0.01 0.1 0.15

HCl Insoluble Matter(盐酸不 0.01 溶物) % Water Soluble Matter(水溶 物) % 45um Sieve Residue(筛余 物) % 0.1 0.15

CAS 1302-74-5 aluminium oxide(氧化铝)

Properties: White powder, does not dissolve in water, can dissolve and turn into the aluminium salt (铝盐)in the sour 酸)alkali ( (碱)dissolves 在 酸 碱 中 溶 解 成 铝 盐 。 Very steady ynder the normal atmospheric temperature in the air(在常温中非常稳定), while intensifying(加强/加 浓)(>300 ) or heat, the water of crystallization(水的结晶) is easy to resolve and dehydrate(脱水) to react, produce(生成) the alumina Application: It use in petroleum(石油) industry make and insulate(隔 离) against heat wear-resisting (耐磨) at oil refining devices (炼油装备) , able to bear the raw materials which corrode(腐蚀) the lining. Use as the additive of aluminium oxide composition (合成物) in the industry of the glass. The plastic and rubber goods cook and pack and hinder and fire the packing of usly. The resin of the mould for casting fires prevention to pack the pharmaceutical of usly

CAS 1310-73-2 Caustic soda(NaHO)

Caustic soda Purity: 96%, 98%, 99% Specification(规格): Industrial Grade(工业级) according to GB/T209-2006 Appearance(外观): White flakes with strong corrosion 白色片状腐蚀性 强 Application: Used as a raw material in the manufacture of soaps (肥皂) , detergents(洗涤剂), textiles and paper. And likewise (同样的), in water softening(水软化) and treatment, drilling mud in oil field(油田钻进泥 浆) refining petroleum products , (精炼石油) and washing beer and soft , drink bottles.(洗啤酒和软饮料瓶) In food and drug(药品) industry, it is used as acidity regulator(酸度调节), alkali, impregnates(富含) pigment.(色素) CAS 497-19-8 Sodium carbonate(Na2CO3)

Product Description (1)Characters pure anhydrous sodium carbonate(无水碳酸钠) is a white powder or fine. (2)Melting point 851 Degrees Celsius(摄氏) (3)The relative density(相对密度) of 2.532 (4)Solubility soluble in water, aqueous solution is strongly alkaline(水 溶液为强碱性). Slightly soluble in ethanol, not soluble in alcohol (5)Basic chemical raw material, widely used in medicine, paper making, metallurgy, glass, textiles, dyes(染料) and other industries, the food industry as fermentation agent(在食品工业中用作发酵剂) CAS 1333-86-4 Carbon black

Carbon black in carbon materials (mainly for oil) produced by incomplete combustion of superfine(超细的) powder. Appearance is pure black fine particle(微粒) or powder which. Color depth(色度), particle size of fineness(颗粒细度), proportion(比重), linearly with the materials and manufacturing methods will vary. Carbon black insoluble in water and acid, alkali, Can in air combustion into carbon dioxide(可在空气中燃烧生成 CO2). The main thing is carbon black carbon element, still contain a small amount of hydrogen(氢), oxygen (氧), sulfur(硫) and ash(灰分), tar(焦油) and moisture(水分). CAS 14639-88-4 White carbon black

Appearance: White (颗粒状), power Uses: It is mainly used in medicine, food additives(食品添加剂), feed additive(饲料添加剂), pesticide (农药) dry power fire extinguishing agent , (干粉灭火剂) and paintings, coatings etc. Also it applied in High-transparent rubber products and shoe soles.(也有在高透明橡胶制 品的应用和鞋底)

CAS 64-19-7 Glacial Acetic Acid(冰醋酸)

Property: Glacial Acetic Acid is Colorless transparent(透明的) liquid, free from suspended matter(悬浮物) and with pungent(刺激性) odor. Glacial Acetic Acid can be dissolved in water, ethanol, glycerol(甘油), and ethyl ether(二乙醚), but not in carbon disulfide(但不溶于二硫化 碳). Application: 1)Glacial Acetic Acid is Important organic(有机的) raw materials, mainly for the production of vinyl acetate (醋酸乙烯酯) acetic anhydride , (无水醋酸), double ethylene ketone(双乙烯酮), acetic ester(醋酸酯), cellulose acetate(纤维素乙酸乙酯) etc 2) Glacial Acetic Acid Materials for synthetic fiber(合成纤维), adhesive (胶粘剂), medicine(医药), pesticide(农药) and dyes(染料) the important raw materials, 3)Good organic solvent(良好的有机溶剂), widely used in the field(领域) of plastic, rubber, printing industry

CAS 10043-35-3 Boric Acid(硼酸)

Usage: 1. It can be widely used in glass manufactured industry. It can be used to improve the thermo stabilization(热稳定性), transparency and strength of the glass products. 用以改善玻璃制品的热稳定性,透明度和玻 璃制品的强度。 2. It can improve fastness(牢固) of the ceramics. 可以提高陶瓷的牢度 3. It may be used in medical industry. 4. It may be used in smelting(冶炼), metal welding, leather (皮革) and dye etc. 5. It can be used as antiseptics(防腐剂), such as preventing the wood septic.防止木材腐烂 6. It can be used as boric microelement manure (硼肥) and a insecticide (杀虫剂) too. 7. It can be as various borides(各种硼化物) widely applied in national defense(国防) and scientific research departments(科研部门).

CAS 7758-29-4 Sodium triphosphate(三聚磷酸钠)

Product name: Sodium Triphosphate ,Stpp,Tripolyphosphate,Sodium Triphosphate,Pentasodium Triphosphate Molecular formula(分子式): Na5P3O10 Usage: 1, It is used as one of the main auxiliaries agent for synthetic detergent (合成洗涤剂), synergist for soap(做肥皂的增效剂). 2, Tanning agent(鞣剂) for making leather. 3, Softener(软化剂) for water in industry. 4, An effective dispersion agent(分散剂) for suspension(悬浮) treatment of painting, kaolin(高岭土), magnesium oxide(氧化镁), calcium carbonate(碳酸钙) and drilling mud(钻进泥浆) etc. 5, Resistance agent of the oil contamination in paper production.(造纸 工业用防油污剂)

CAS 7778-54-3 calcium hypochlorite(次氯酸钙)

Synonyms(别名): Hypochlorous Acid(次氯酸), Calcium Salt(钙盐); Losantin; Calcium Hypochlorite; Chlorinated lime Hypochlorous Acid Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical compound with formula(化学式) Ca(ClO)2. It is widely used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent (bleaching powder (漂白粉) This chemical is considered to ). (被认为) be relatively stable(稳定的) and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach(漂白液)). Uses Calcium hypochlorite is used for the disinfection(消毒) of drinking water or swimming pool water. It is used as a sanitizer(消毒杀菌剂) in

outdoor swimming pools in combination with a cyanuric acid (三聚氰酸) stabilizer(稳定剂), which reduces the loss of chlorine(氯) due to ultraviolet radiation(从而减少因紫外线照射氯的损失). The calcium content hardens the water(钙的含量使水变硬) and tends to clog(阻塞) up some filters(过滤器); Hence(因此), some products containing calcium hypochlorite also contain anti-scaling agents.(防垢剂) Calcium hypochlorite is also an ingredient in bleaching powder 漂白粉) ( , used for bleaching cotton and linen (亚麻布) It is also used in bathroom . cleaners, household disinfectant sprays (消毒喷雾剂) moss , (苔藓) and algae(藻) removers, and weed killers. (除草剂) In addition(另外), calcium hypochlorite may be used to manufacture chloroform(氯仿). Bleaching powder is used also in sugar(糖) industry for bleaching sugar cane(甘蔗) juice before its crystallization(结晶).

CAS 61968-73-8 Fluorescent brightener(荧光增白剂)

Appearance: Bright yellow crystals powder(嫩黄晶体粉末) Purity: 98.5%Min Melting point: 355-360° C Solubility(溶解性): Insoluble in water, but soluble in high boiling point organic solvent(高沸点的有机溶剂) such as phenyl-chloride Properties: Does not dissolve in water, can dissolve in such high boiling point solvents as trichlorobenzene(三氯苯), diphenyl(二苯醚) ether, etc.; Because this product has high melting point(高熔点) and strong stability(稳定性强), so it has very good heat resistance; Because this product's hydrophobic nature(疏水性), so it has good light fastness(耐 光性); And for it has strong fluorescence(荧光), it can not only improve the whiteness 提高产品的白度)of the products but also can improve the (

brightness(亮度), so it can be used as disperse dyes(分散染料) in the chemical fibre(化学纤维), can be used like oil dissolving coloring agent in the plastics. Uses: 1. Suitable for(适用于) whitening chemical fibers(美白化学纤维), such as the polyester fibre 聚酯纤维) nylon fiber 尼龙纤维) polypropylene fiber ( , ( , (聚丙烯纤维)and so on. 2. Suitable for whitening and brightening polypropylene plastic(聚丙烯 塑料), hard PVC(硬聚氯乙烯), ABS. EVA(长荣), polystyrene(聚苯乙烯), polycarbonate(聚碳酸酯), etc. 3. Suitable to be added into the conventional polymerization(常规聚合) of polyester and nylon. 4. Especially suitable(特别适用) for whitening the plastics of elevated temperature compaction(高温压实). CAS 147-14-8 Phthalocyanine Blue(酞菁蓝)

Standard and brilliant shade(色泽鲜艳), high strength, good storage stablity Usage Plastics and rubber

CAS 1328-53-6 Phthalocyanine Green(酞菁绿)

Phthalocyanine Green The product as an important green orgnic pigment, is obtained when PCB-free copper phthalocyanine ( 无 铜 酞 菁 ) is chlorinated at high temperature by passing chlorine gas through mixture with a low melting point and then undergoes(经过) further treatment. The product has an appearance of dark green(深绿色)-colored unitorm powder. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents(有机溶剂), but soluble in strong sulfuric acid(浓硫酸) and chlorosulfonic acid(氯磺 酸). It remains stable to relative high temperature up to 150 degree C in the air and 250 drgree C in resin(松香), without sublimation(升华). The product is rated(定额) 8 in light fastness(耐光度), and also has good fastness to heat, acids and alkalis. However, it can be decolored more or less in contact with strong oxidizing agent in water.(在强氧化 剂中多少会脱色) Uses: Phthalocyanine Green G is widely used in printing ink, paint plastics(涂料塑料), rubber, coating and textile printing paste(纺织印花 色浆). CAS 25322-68-3 polyethylene glycol(聚乙二醇)

Technical Index: (技术指标) Model: PEG200, 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 3350, 4000, 6000, 10000, 20000 Application: PEG 200: Lubricant(润滑剂) diffusant(扩散剂) metal processing paint (金属加工涂料) PEG 400: Cosmetic additive(化妆品添加剂) medicine auxiliary(辅助药) lubricant(润滑剂) PEG 600: Finishing oil monomer(油剂单体), medicine auxiliary(医药辅 助) PEG 1000: Wetting agent(润湿剂) thickening agent(增稠剂) medicine auxiliary PEG 1500: Softening agent(柔软剂), diffusant, medicine auxiliary PEG 2000: Softening agent diffusant, medicine auxiliary PEG 4000: Wetting agent thickening agent medicine auxiliary PEG 6000: Wetting agent thickening agent medicine auxiliary PEG 8000: Wetting agent thickening agent medicine auxiliary PEG 10000: Wetting agent thickening agent medicine auxiliary PEG 20000: Wetting agent thickening agent medicine auxiliary

CAS 25322-69-4 Poly Propylene Glycol(聚丙二醇)

Poly Propylene Glycol mainly used to surfactant(表面活性剂), antifoamer 消泡剂) refrigerant 制冷剂) coolant 冷却剂) and viscosity ( , ( , ( (粘性) index improver (粘度指数改进)etc. Use: 1. PPG400 is used as emollient(润肤剂), softening agent (柔软剂)and lubricant(润滑剂) in cosmetic. 2. PPG are used as lubricant, antistatic agent(抗静电剂), plasticizer (增塑剂), defoaming agent(消泡剂) in perfume(香水), resin(松香), rubber and latex(乳胶) industry; Also used as demoulding agent(脱 模剂) and solubilizer(增溶剂). 3. Used as the intermediate(媒介) in esterification, etherification and polycondensation reaction. 用作酯化,醚化和缩聚反应的中间体 4. Used as antifoaming agent(消泡剂) for drilling fluid. Item specification(规格) test results Appearance: Colorless liquid conform Water: 0.08% max. 0.07% pH(10% solution in1: 10 water: Methanol(甲醇)) 7.5-9.0 8.0 Hydroxyl number(羟值): 26-30 27.4 Vitamin E: 130-230ppm 180ppm Color(PT-Co): 35 max. 25 Molecular weight(分子量): Appro. 4000 4096

CAS 141-53-7 Sodium formate(甲酸钠)

Specifications 1, High quality, competitive price. 2, Supply best service. 3, Short time for delivery 4, Popular in overseas.

Appearance: Whtie or light brown crystal(浅棕色结晶) Applications: A, used in leather(皮革) industry, serve as camouflage(伪装) salt in the chrome tanning(铬鞣) method. B, used in catalyst(催化剂) and stabilizer(稳定剂) compositions(组 成) and in the printing and dyeing (印染) textiles as a reducing agent , of (还原剂). C, use as the raw materical in the manufacturers of sodium hydrosulphite(亚硫酸氢钠), formic acid(甲酸) and oxalic acid(草酸). D, used as drilling fluid(钻井液) and completion fluid(完井液) in oil field. E, used as road antifreeze and cement(水泥) antifreeze(防冻剂).

CAS 584-08-7 Potassium carbonate(碳酸钾)

Potassium carbonate is an important basic inorganic chemicals(无机化 学), medicine, light industry raw material, mainly used in optical glass (光学玻璃), welding, tube(管), TV picture tubes(显像管), light bulbs (电灯泡), printing and dyeing(印花), dye(染色), ink, photographic drugs(摄影药物), sodium silicate(硅酸钠), polyester 聚酯, explosives (炸药), electroplating(电镀), leather, ceramics(陶瓷), building materials(建材), crystal(水晶), potassium soap(钾肥皂), and drug (毒品)production. Used as gas adsorbents(吸附剂), dry powder extinguishing agent (干粉灭火剂) rubber antioxidant , (防老剂) Synthetic . fertilizers(化肥) also used in the removal(祛除) of carbon dioxide gas. Can also be used potassium fertilizer(钾肥). Along with the continuous development of high-tech, potassium carbonate and monosodium glutamate(味精) in the detergent(洗涤剂), food, and other fields (领域) are also increasingly expanding(渐增). Glass is mainly used for manufacturing potassium potassium carbonate, potassium soap(钾肥

皂), and other inorganic chemicals(无机化学材料), industrial gases and for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, but also for welding, printing ink manufacturing, printing and dyeing industry, etc. 工业气体及硫化氢和二氧化碳清除,同时用于焊接,印刷油墨制造,印染等行业

CAS 544-17-2 calcium formate(甲酸钙)

Application: A kind of new feed additive which is used as feed acidification(饲料的 酸化) antifungal agent 抗菌剂) antibiosis agent to protect animals from , ( , diarrhea, dysentery(防止动物腹泻、痢疾的抗生素) and help them in digestion (消化) Solidifying agent for cement ; (水泥的凝固剂) Lubricating ; agent(润滑剂); Acidifying agent(酸化剂) instead of citric acid(柠檬 酸). And as anticorrosion agent(防腐剂)

CAS 98-01-1 Furfural(糠醛)

Furfural is used as a solvent(溶剂) in petrochemical(石油化学产品) refining ( 精 炼 ) to extract ( 提 取 ) dienes ( 二 烯 烃 ) from other hydrocarbons(烃类/碳氢化合物). Furfural, as well as its derivative(衍

生) furfuryl alcohol(糠醇), can be used either by themselves or in together with phenol(苯酚), acetone(丙酮), or urea(尿素) to make solid resins(固体树脂). Furfural is the aldehyde (醛) of pyromucic acid (糠酸) It has properties ; similar to those of benzaldehyde (苯甲醛) A derivative of furan 甲呋喃) . ( , it is prepared commercially by dehydration of pentose sugars obtained from cornstalks and corncobs, husks of oat and peanut, and other waste products. It is used in the manufacture of pesticides, phenol furfural resins, and tetrahydrofuran. Tetrahydrofuran is used as a commercial solvent and is converted in starting materials for the preparation of nylon. Furfural is used as a solvent in petrochemical refining to extract dienes (which are used to make synthetic rubber) from other hydrocarbons. Furfural, as well as its derivative furfuryl alcohol, can be used either by themselves or in together with phenol, acetone, or urea to make solid resins. Such resins are used in making fiberglass, some aircraft components, and automotive brakes. Furfural is also used as a chemical intermediate in the production of the solvents furan and tetrahydrofuran. Hydroxymethyl furfural has been identified in a wide variety of heat processed foods. It can be used lubricating oil refining, furfuryl alcohol production by hydrogenation, making several organic chemical products, such as medicine pesticide. It is utilized as a solvent in petroleum industry. It can be used to produce meleic andydride, tertahydrofuran, furan resin and furfuryl alcohol resin. It is also widely use in food spicery and dye as antiseptic, disinfector, insecticide and rust remover.

CAS 98-00-0 Furfuryl alcohol(糠醇)

Applications: Solvent for refining of lubricating oils, butadiene, rosin, and other chemicals(精练润滑油~等化学物的溶剂);Solvent for nitrocellulose(硝化 纤维), cellulose acetate(醋酸纤维素), shoe dyes(鞋染料);Intermediate for phenolic(酚) and furan resins(呋喃树脂), furfuryl alcohol and tetrahydrofuran(四氢呋喃);Weed killer(除草剂);Fungicide(杀菌 ;Adipic acid (己二酸) and adiponitrile (己二腈) ;Production of lysine 剂) (赖氨酸);Refining of rare earth(稀土);Flavoring(调味品).

CAS 10124-56-8 Sodium hexametaphosphate(六偏磷酸钠)

Properties: White powder crystal, Sg 2.484(20C), Melting point 616 C(decompound), good Moisture absorption(吸水性) It is a good water softener(水软化剂). Uses: Industrial grade(工业级) Sodium hexametaphosphate can be used as

water softener of boiler(锅炉) and printing and dyeing industry; Dispersant(分散剂) of papermaking, high temp. Adhesive(粘合剂), washing and soil analytic(洗涤及土壤分析) reagent(试剂). Food grade(食品级) Sodium hexametaphosphate can be used as food additive, quality improver(品质改良剂), regulator(调节器), metal ion (金属粒子)chelating agent(螯合剂), adhesive(粘合剂), and nourishment additive(营养添加剂).

CAS 75-20-7 Calcium carbide(电石)

Chemical Properties: Grey or black solid with a garlic-like odour(大蒜 样气味) It is very lively . (活泼性很强) at the appropriate temperature can , reaction with a lot of gas, solution(溶解). Touch with water drastic(剧 烈的) decompound (分解) and bring acetylene (产生乙炔) and calcium hydroxide(氢化钙), disengaging large numbers of heat(并放出大量的 热) Has drastic chemical reaction with chlorine . (氯) hydrogen chloride , (氯化氢), sulfur(硫磺), phosphorus(磷), alcohol etc. At high temperature. Use: (1) Reacting with water to bring about ethine(乙炔). (2) Reacting with nitrogen(氮) to product lime nitrogen(石灰氮). (3) The desulfurizer(脱硫剂) in steel industry.

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