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陕西省汉中市洋县中学高二英语外研版选修六《book6 module3 introduction and reading》课件

Interpersonal Relationship
—— Friendship
[.int?`p?:snl] adj 人与人之间的, 人际的


? Just now, we enjoyed a wonderful song. ? Have you heard it? What is it?

1.What is good friends? 2.What qualities should a good friend has?

We can read activity 1 at first !

The qualities of a good friend

honest kind friendly genuine outgoing helpful brave patient humorous faithful share happiness and sorrow enthusiastic good-tempered(宽容的)

a. When I am in trouble, a good friend turns up immediately, trying his / her best to solve the problem for me. b. A good friend is a person who knows whatever you think in your mind and can help you ; share happiness and sorrow

Some mottos about friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

True friendship lasts forever.

A faithful[ `feiθful]friend is hard to find.



Introduction Match the words with their meanings.



lonely relationship shy


1 the way in which two or more people behave towards each other. relationship 2 nervous when with other people. shy 3 to believe that someone is good and honest. trust 4 a relationship between two people who are friends.

5 to talk in a friendly way, especially about unimportant chat things, 6 unhappy because you are alone or have no friends.



Match the words in Box A with the words in Box B.









to know


外研版 选修6 模块3 reading

Roy’s Story

Exercise 3:answer the questions about these words and phrases.
? 1. financial, note, wallet, make money, raise money ? 2. theft,thief ? 3. knock over ? 4. move house ? 5. make money ? 6. raise money ? 7. amount

Fast reading:
? Exercise2.Qs for fast-reading:

? 1. What was Roy like before his father died? ? 2. What kind of relationship did Roy and Daniel have? ? 3. How did Roy change? ? 4. What happened in the classroom that surprised Daniel? ? 5. What happened to the £500 ? ? 6. How did Daniel know who had stolen it?

1.What was Roy like before his father died? Outgoing, popular, and friendly 2. What kind of relationship did Roy and Daniel have?

A close relationship, where they trusted each other

3. How did Roy change? He became silent and moody, lost interest in his schoolwork, and lost friends. Because of his father’s death.
4. What happened in the classroom surprised Daniel? He saw Roy taking money from other boy’s pockets.

5. What happened to the £500 ? It was stolen from a box in a classroom.
6. How did Daniel know who had stolen it?

Daniel felt cold while waiting for Roy In his bedroom, so he put on Roy’s Jacket and found the money in the pocket.

Main idea of each para.
? Para 1: “I” had no friend when “I” came here. ? Para 2: Roy was kind to me and we became good friends. ? Para 3: Roy changed a lot, becoming silent and moody as his father died. ? Para 4: “I” saw Roy stealing others’ things.

Para 5: “I” was not sure whether Roy was a thief. Para 6: The £500 was stolen by someone. Para 7: “I” decided to ask Roy about the thief only to find the £500 was in his pocket. Para 8: A no-end story’s end; I didn’t know how to deal with the problem.

? 1. As his friend, what can you do for him at such a time? ? 2. If you were “I”, what would you do?

Exercise 4. find words in the passage
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. a charity 2. a cloakroom 3. to burst out laughing 4. a locker 5. to go bright red (blush) 6. moody 7. a fair

Exercise 5.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.(b) 2.(a) 3.(a) 4.(a) 5.(b) 6.(c) 7.(a) 8.(a) 9.(a)

? Please write your own endings to the story.

Module Three
Interpersonal Relationships--Friendship

Reading and Vocabulary Roy’s Story

Read the words and phrases loudly, and try to remember their meanings. Then we’ll start to compete in groups.

trust lose interest in

信赖,信任 对……失去兴趣

raise money close

筹款 亲密的,亲近的

raise chat

筹措(金钱) 闲谈,聊天

knock ... over knock down

撞倒;拆除;使降价 (带锁的)衣物柜

note fair

钞票,纸币 义卖会

from time to time burst out



financially theft

财政上地 n. 偷,盗窃

turn round
swing knock off

转过身来 v. (使)旋转, (使)摆动

1. I remember the first time I met Roy. (Para. 1)

句子分析:I met Roy 是 定语 从句,修饰 the first time that _____________,引导词________被省略。 在time 后的定语从句中引导词常被省略。 及时反馈--完成以下句子: That was the last time (that) I had seen him. 那是我最后一次见他。

拓展延伸: The first time I went to China, I visited Shanghai.

the first time还可用作连词,引导时间状语从句 the second time the last time every time
the first time可以用for the first time替换吗?

the first time与for the first time的区别

1. for the first time “首次; 第一次”, 在句中一般单独作状语

2. the first time “首次; 第一次”, 常引导时间状语从句。 3. 固定句型:This/It is the first time + 从句(has/have done) (was) (had done)

及时反馈: I saw the film for the first time . I saw the film, I loved it very much. The first time

2. Roy, who had always been very close to his father, changed completely, becoming silent and moody. 罗伊原来和他的父亲关系十分亲密,他彻底 地变了,变得沉默寡言,喜怒无常。
who引导 非限制性定语 从句,修饰 Roy 。

伴随状语 becoming silent and moody 作 changed 的____ ____.

3. Having left something in the cloakroom, I went inside to get it, and found Roy going through the pockets of people’s coats.
因为我把东西落在衣帽间了,我就进去取,我发现罗伊 正在翻别人的衣服口袋。

Having … cloakroom 为现在分词完成式作原因状语. 目的 to get it 为____ ___状语

find +宾语+宾语补足语 宾补可以由哪些词充当?

4. find + 宾语 + 宾语补足语 I found him a teacher. I find learning maths difficult. We went to visit her but we found her out. I found my purse stolen. I found my cat sleeping under a tree. She finds English to be difficult. When we arrived, we find him in bed. n. adj. adv. v-ed v-ing to do prep.

? ? ? ? A. burst out + doing “突然发作,突然…起来” B. burst into + n. “突然发作,突然…起来” C. broke out (战争,火灾等)突然发生,爆发 D. broke into 闯入; 突然发出

? ? ? ? knock on 敲击; 继续工作 knock down 撞倒;拆除;使降价 knock off 停止,中断 knock over (开车)撞伤,撞死

II. 改错: 1. The man forced the door opened, with a knife in his open hand. 2. Hearing the joke, we burst out laughter.

3. To our great surprised, he turned round and walked out of the classroom.

Enjoy some mottos about friendship:
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

True friendship lasts forever.

A faithful[ `feiθful]friend is hard to find.

Thank you!

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